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Natural Log House

Natural Log House

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One Big Log Cabin Build on a Remote Location from Start to Finish
Welcome to our TRshow channel - Natural Log House. Our company is building log houses for more than a decade, this house is our 15th build. This client wanted us to build just the walls and he will finish the roof and the rest of the build.
We built a log of different log houses/wooden houses for our trusted clients, check them out on our website
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0:00 - Intro
0:47 - Building the 1st row
3:53 - Building the walls
12:00 - 1st Crane Problem
14:12 - Building the walls
15:57 - Connecting the crane engine
17:59 - Building the Ceiling Logs
25:08 - Building The 7 saddles and notches log
26:55 - Building the 1st-floor logs
28:58 - Measuring the height of the log cabin
29:46 - Building the purlins logs
29:56 - Impregnation and small fixes
33:20 - 2nd Crane Problem
35:42 - Insulation of the logs and preparation for transport
40:51 - Loading the logs on the trucks
43:46 - The final location / Assembling of the Walls
46:40 - 3rd Crane Problem
47:50 - The final location / Assembling of the Walls
48:55 - 4th Crane Problem
49:22 - The final location / Assembling of the Walls
49:54 - 5th Crane Problem
51:05 - The tools we use
52:06 - The final location / Assembling of the Ceiling logs
53:12 - The final location / Assembling of the Purlins logs
55:29 - Construction of the Ridge Log
58:45 - Crane Problem NO6
59:15 - Construction of the Ridge Log
1:00:58 - Installing the ridge log
1:04:14 - Cutting the whole for the windows
1:05:40 - What’s next?
Hey, you, hello. Welcome to the Natural log house channel.
Let me introduce myself to you. My name is Aleš and my mission is to build people a home, not just a house. I have been associated with wood and forests since I was a child. I promised myself that if I ever built a house, it would be wooden. My wife and I founded the company Natural log house with the help of my two assistants Andrija and Tilen. The vision of our company is to build a home for people, in which uniqueness and nature come together. A home that is built according to their wishes and desires, down to every detail. A home that is bright, warm, and inviting. A home where they will always feel like one with nature. On our channel, you can expect content that shows the construction of wooden houses from beginning to end, step by step, under the hard-working Slovenian hands.
V slovenščini:
Hej, ti, pozdravljen. Dobrodošel na kanalu Natural log house. Dovoli mi, naj se ti predstavim. Moje ime je Aleš in moje poslanstvo je ljudem zgraditi dom, ne le hiše. Že od malega sem povezan z lesom in gozdovi. Že v mladosti sem si obljubil, da če bom kdaj postavljal hišo, bo ta lesena.
Z ženo sva tako ustanovila podjetje Natural log house, del katerega sta tudi pomočnika Andrija in
Tilen. Vizija našega podjetja je ljudem zgraditi dom, v katerem se združita unikatnost in narava.
Dom, ki je narejen le za njih, po njihovih željah. Dom, ki je svetel, topel in vabeč. Dom, v katerem se bodo ves čas počutili kot eno z naravo. Na našem kanalu tako lahko pričakuješ vsebine, ki prikazujejo gradnjo lesenih hiš od začetka do konca, korak za korakom, izpod okrilja pridnih, delovnih slovenskih rok. Uživaj ob ogledu!

@denniscarreno5882 10 gün önce
You guys do perfect log cabins…..stay safe….
@user-je2sk9mx6j 26 gün önce
Мужики Вы просто лучшие!!!! Я всегда хотел научится так работать с деревом! И завидую по хорошему. тем людям которые умеют! Молодцы делаете вещи !!! Удачи вам ! И уважение !!!
@andersmoulin5065 Yıl önce
Great work and beautiful cabin. Thank you so much for taking us on your journey. You are an inspiration! I wish you and your family all the best. Love from Denmark :)
@TheShorebird Yıl önce
Very nice, it had to be stressful overcoming all those crane problems, but the end result is great. Such tight fits on all those joints.
@Ms.Libbys.Channel Yıl önce
Absolutely brilliant to see such excellence in building this log house. Congratulations on a magnificent build. 👏🏻🇦🇺🌺🌴
@user-mz7oh3wd7e Yıl önce
Čestitke gospodje, čudovito delo! Congratulations gentlemen wonderful job!
@genepatterson4375 Yıl önce
Beautiful cabin, you gentlemen are artists in your building skills. Thank you so much for the construction comments, explaining different things and talking about your wood choice. You possess a huge amount of knowledge to build your great cabins.
@naturalloghouse Yıl önce
Thank you Gene. Your comment is really appreciated
@Andy-uy2ts Yıl önce
Absolutely fantastic work,it's really great to see craftsmanship like this 🇬🇧❤
@daviddariey9481 Yıl önce
Yeah like the pits in Monaco xD
@1957jmhiser1 Yıl önce
Love the build. Very good workmanship. It's hard work. Master craftsmen. I love the music, too.
@ehonterblanche8545 Yıl önce
I'm just in awe of your technical skills and admire the precision of your measurements. So beautiful to watch you guys working. The perfection of the job, speaks volumes. Great job.
@naturalloghouse Yıl önce
Thank you Ehon. Where are you watching from?
@davelarsen9847 Yıl önce
Fun to watch it all together. It makes a good enjoyable viewing experience. Can't wait to see your next project.
@naturalloghouse Yıl önce
Thank you. The next one is already in progress.
@jampasurprenant1794 9 aylar önce
I can't wait to see the completely finished so far looks absolutely amazing beautiful construction .
@naturalloghouse 8 aylar önce
Thank you!
@jampasurprenant1794 8 aylar önce
So far it looks great and looks beautiful I can't wait to see the whole thing is completely finished .
@huubushcraft5071 Yıl önce
Beautifully built houses👍
@michaelvollmer9491 10 aylar önce
@ Keith Sexton: The U - Shape is vor the insulation. This here is a test fit at the sawmill. Later when this house is build in its final place, insulation is fitted in the u-shape to make ist finally windproof. It also prevent the logs to slide against each other. The strength is not affected because the size of the logs is big enough to insert the u-shape without weakening its strength. There are no stupid questions. If you ask you can get valuable information and understand why there is a different technique like those used in the US or Canada. Stay healthy and safe 👍😎🇩🇪
@user-fj3tn7ic3i Yıl önce
Всегда очень любил дома из крупного сруба! Это всегда очень красиво) ребята работяги видно сразу)
@naturalloghouse Yıl önce
thank you
@moekaykhine4633 9 aylar önce
Beautiful home decoration, standard work.👌🏡
@naturalloghouse 8 aylar önce
Thank you so much 😊
@Brandon-so9fp Yıl önce
Those logs are so nice, imagine that house will be there for many years.
@user-gf8by2hx3c 11 aylar önce
Совершенно халтурно делают рубку в чашу. П треугольный продольный паз вообще отстой!
@user-ec7mm3mg6f Aylar önce
добре зроблено гарна робота +)
@JamesBond-jb2yi Aylar önce
I was wandering, when you cut the windows, are you using the piece to create something around the house 🏠? Like outside bench and table …..? Great video, thank you for sharing.
@RobertThz Yıl önce
Heh, I'm at 13:15, and while I was watching, I thought; oh well, power tools are all well and good, but the true productivity hero in all building projects must be the tower crane. It's magic, it lifts, moves and basically teleports all the heavy stuff that would be an absolute pain to move by ordinary human means. And of course it breaks down. 😁
@jewcyk8268 Aylar önce
I've never seen a concrete counter-weight on a crane before, that things ancient!
@dwolters_the_zombieman 11 gün önce
I just love seeing videos like this.
@josefphilips6637 Yıl önce
Great job 👍
@blair821 Saatler önce
Love it.
@denniscarreno5882 Yıl önce
Good to se Nik helping out!
@denniscarreno5882 Yıl önce
Stay safe n warm guys! Greetings from down under Australia 🇦🇺… the music! Very relaxing to watch….
@naturalloghouse Yıl önce
Thank you Dennis. We'll keep them coming.
@johnnyhuguez6155 8 aylar önce
Yes these guy,s are awesome the way they all work together...🙏my best to all...
@naturalloghouse 8 aylar önce
Thank you very much!
@AllanFOOD Yıl önce
Absolutely beautiful work! But this video didn't need any music.
@user-yi9xt9jn6y Yıl önce
Вот это дом!!!
@rhondaclark716 Yıl önce
How come we didn’t get to see the finished part and the inside we want to know what it looks like you did a good job
@naturalloghouse Yıl önce
Hi Rhonda. In the end of the video we explain that the owner of the house will continue the work by him self. We know that you and our audience would love to see the finished product, but in this case it wasn't possible because our job was to build the outside walls. Actually today we are going to this house location to work on some details, and I'm curious as much as you are how the house looks right now.
@vidsiwantoc2459 Yıl önce
@Ocean Master Yes Shaun James of My Self Reliance is amazing. So are these guys. But this build is different in so many ways. Time taken, for one. If you want to compare Shaun to someone, compare him to Nik Rijavec. Both are one man (mostly) builders. I think I saw Nik in this video. Skills of everyone of these guys mentioned are over the top crazy good. Nik’s staircase is a beautiful piece of artwork. Of the 3 builders, Shaun is the only one that does not build homes for a living. And for a non professional, he is crazy crazy incredible, especially as he uses only hand tools.
@naturalloghouse Yıl önce
Nik is our friend, Shaun, we only know his work through TRshow. But as you said it's really different. We build for clients, Nik and Shaun for themselves. We use tools and have a lot of experience, while Nik and Shaun learn as they go, and they are amazing at it.
@B-leafer Yıl önce
Just came for the Cool video. Incredible, labor intensive. Nice house when finished.
@naturalloghouse Yıl önce
thank you Jim :) the house is not bad too :)
@AHeuvelman-su8ji 25 gün önce
what kind of wood is that? and what do you put on it for protection against weather and beetles?
@hamidr11 Yıl önce
Andrej, you're the man . Respect.
@Rareshiboby 4 aylar önce
How much did this cabin cost?
@HobbitHomes263 Yıl önce
Noy many folks building saddle-notch anymore. I enjoyed full scribe work more than anything else I ever did
@naturalloghouse Yıl önce
Thank You!
@AmberAmber36 Yıl önce
Очень похоже на наши Карпаты!!!
@doronamar8776 Yıl önce
very nice!!!!
@brianbowick4291 Yıl önce
Much respect and appreciation. I hate the crane too.
@AC-bm3dx Yıl önce
Hello from America! Great job guys!!
@naturalloghouse Yıl önce
Awesome! Thank you!
@patricksmith3135 Yıl önce
A big LIKE for Andrej for fixing crane (again).
@naturalloghouse Yıl önce
Thank you, but this time we called mechanics to fix the crane.
@Fischer135 Yıl önce
Andre is cute, beautiful cabin well built
@mustafasamir7030 Yıl önce
This is nice 👍🥰
@laticanthony2327 Yıl önce
New Scotland Ave that's a very beautiful home in that area upper St Anne's awesome stuff I really enjoyed seeing that build there for the truck to drop off parts of it was extraordinary New Scotland Ave fire department is billed was extraordinary
@user-qw8ib4uh9p 3 aylar önce
the best of the world cabin.
@kingstonrobin Yıl önce
Love your work. Ditch the music video filler. Serious detractor
@pamelaharrison3196 3 aylar önce
It was very nice to here you all to talk beatuful houses.
@michaelworley7517 Yıl önce
make sure to regrow the trees that got cut
@jerrellkull5347 Yıl önce
Y'all do amazing work, does Nik work with you guy's? Y'all take care....
@naturalloghouse Yıl önce
No, he is a friend.
@1957jmhiser1 Yıl önce
That was Nic. I'm one of his subscribers for years. Well now, I sub'd to your channel and will share.
@naturalloghouse Yıl önce
Yes, Nik is our friend. We are doing a challenge together and the videos will be out soon. Thank you for subscribing.
@ranselcruzcolon5837 Yıl önce
@@naturalloghouse Super now you have wood for a fireplace
@keithsexton1034 11 aylar önce
This may be a stupid question but I was always told the stupid question is one that's never been asked so I'm asking. If you guys put that u-shaped out of there there's not much left of the log for strength? Did somebody could tell me the reason why it's done this way and that there is still the strength there to maintain the strength?
@ericwhitfield8475 8 aylar önce
That isn’t a dumb question I was thinking the same thing myself. Remove too much wood will weaken it
@colognelotion4260 3 aylar önce
The way their doing is more stronger than regular stacking....they are doing it for many reasons i think...(good proper insulation,that is way stronger than a concrete house when earthquake hits)...and thus it looks very good...
@andreykhalyapin204 Yıl önce
Нарушена технология укладки брёвен. У дерева есть Северная и Южная сторона. Они отличаются плотностью колец, т.е. на северной стороне кольца плотнее, а на южной между кольцами больше расстояние. Так вот бренка укладываются северной стороной наружу, т.к. более плотное дерево не промерзает
@invictusmaneo464 5 gün önce
Tak já začnu rodinným domem u Prahy a pak se zaměřím na chatu...
@veniaminpetrashishin9466 Yıl önce
Просто Класс
@whistledearth2835 10 aylar önce
what's the cost of this house? thank you
@user-ji9nq1bm6h Yıl önce
Лес отличный. Но по мне так,,пазы вдоль бревна вообще ни о чем.Зачем бревно на 50 если в месте где бревна ложатся друг на друга остается 10 см.Паз делается не менее 1/3 диаметра бревна
@alexandermatveev1705 9 aylar önce
С такими пазами на бревнах дом будет садиться всю свою жизнь. Надежда на угловые замки ? Но в прстенках между оконными и дверными приёмами и они не спасут .
@VG-kn4tn Yıl önce
Thanks for nici video
@abdelillahouldaissa1385 Yıl önce
🇩🇿 excellent work...meticulous... also excellent music...we would say lynnyrd can give me the name of the rock band ?
@naturalloghouse Yıl önce
Which song in particular do you like? And I'll give you the name. But I take it from epidemic sounds, not from TRshow.
@abdelillahouldaissa1385 Yıl önce
@@naturalloghouse Thank you sir for your generosity. the first song of the video until the 19th second. best wishes .
@xaloabe9779 Yıl önce
Wow das ist SÜPER WOW
@pavelnevoyt3451 Yıl önce
Пазы конечно лучшие))
@kudyurosales4086 3 aylar önce
Is that the voice of nick rijavec behind the camera ( narrating). We are waiting for your video.🙏💪
@alper_tunga1923 Yıl önce
Yazık oldu ağaç malzemeye
@user-tp8dm2nz6g 2 gün önce
Some of those corner notches are waaaay too big. No bigger than half the width of the log, boys!
@erichs.146 9 aylar önce
Warum wurde die Steinwolle oder was es auch sei, nicht gleich von Anfang an zwischen den Verbindungen mit eingearbeitet?
@user-or8ij9uy3k Yıl önce
太すぎる丸太ですね 立派な家が建つのでは
@sari166 3 aylar önce
Tomrukların arasına neden yün koyuyorsunuz ??
@johnnycomelately6341 Yıl önce
I put my gloves on just to watch this, from sunny Australia
@naturalloghouse Yıl önce
Thank you.
@roybenitez8894 Aylar önce
Next time show the finished product
@bacvu5938 Yıl önce
How much for 1 m3
@1957jmhiser1 Yıl önce
One of the workers looked like Nic Rejklavic
@naturalloghouse Yıl önce
It would be nice to have Nik in our team but he is not. We are friends but he is not working for us.
@deepakbisht1361 9 aylar önce
Build quality is good but too much wastage of wood...
@ozgurakgun5108 2 aylar önce
Yanlış kütüğü çok incelttiler statik ve mukavemeti kaybetti
@serjidinvykidaneys8493 Yıl önce
Trees of this diameter grew 150-200 years. And for the sake of the ambitions of one freak with money who will not live even 70 years, they cut down such a beauty!!! One barrel is enough for his coffin!👎😔
@albertorozco5981 19 gün önce
The old log cabin builder had less modern tools then these guys and had better results. 😒
@user-xv4gg8jz9h Yıl önce
please tell me the size of the log house
@naturalloghouse Yıl önce
@hlopci_z_lisu 25 gün önce
Якось дуже на Карпати схоже
@albiorix9645 Aylar önce
is this Switzerland?
@sapiensrex5603 Yıl önce
Даже смотреть не стал. Изображение на видео: эти строители засунули балку над проемом входа... Без комментариев.
@mughalmehwish7183 9 aylar önce
Sarey thangu tiny house m k ja sakty hyn !?!
@cookiller8136 9 aylar önce
where the house?
@josephcormier7046 Yıl önce
@dietermuller8365 7 aylar önce
Erklärungen für den Aufbau wären wesentlich besser als die bescheuerte Hindergrundmusik
@vtecpower5701 8 aylar önce
Whats the price
@naturalloghouse 8 aylar önce
For the price, contact us at
@popovpopov9827 Yıl önce
Русские чтоли? Акцент похож
@LucasLima-ul9pr 7 aylar önce
Isso 👏😃👏😃😃👏👏👏👏 Isso 😸👏🐱😸😃👏 O Lucas tá bem aí kkkkkk o Lucas O Beto não 🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫 O que eu fiz ontem
@scriptorium-in-candelight Yıl önce
Small fixes--yet lolol its always a power struggle about the USA and rights..we dont really have log houses and i am not telling you how to build is scary enough...that sitting in a loghouse u built doesnt need to be lolol 1 of them...thats alli am saying
@poojainvestment3610 Yıl önce
तुम लोग पागल हो अक्ल नाम की चीज नहीं है तुम्हारे अंदर जो अपने फायदे के लिए इतनी सारी लकड़ियां और पेड़ काटकर बर्बाद कर रहे हो
@MQJ007 Yıl önce
Not really start to finish
@kevinallen206 Yıl önce
What the hell that was Nik
@naturalloghouse Yıl önce
@kevinallen206 Yıl önce
@@naturalloghouse I watch his channel too. With my son soon to be fully disabled I would do anything to build a log home. Only thing I've ever wanted! They are so beautiful and strong. You all are awesome! Keep up the great work :)
@sinisajakus3602 Yıl önce
šteta šta nikad nije relaksirajuča muzika,uvik nqporno i iritatno.bolje bez muzike ako več nemožete stavit nešto normalno,nevjerojatno daste stavili ono puknuto drvo
@naturalloghouse Yıl önce
Totalno dobivamo podvojena mišljenja u vezi glazbe. Ne znam, pokušati ću jednom staviti mirniju glazbu pa ćemo vidjeti.
@radbdr 3 aylar önce
loud music!!! We want to hear the sound of work and the hammer and the saw, this is a party not a workshop booofffff The music is available on TRshow
@sohailaslam7391 Yıl önce
Too much timber waste
@robbylopez2994 24 gün önce
Unfinished 😤😡😠
@TontosVotanPaSocialistas Yıl önce
Finished? I didn't see it. 👎👎👎
@naturalloghouse Yıl önce
Hi Max. We understand your frustration. As we said on the end of the video the client will continue this build, our part of the work is finished. But, please understand that because of this title the video reach more people that enjoy this kind of content. So it is a calculated risk let's say, I hope you understand.
@user-ds2cu9wt1i Yıl önce
Trash. Excellent building material, and specialists need to be driven out with a broom. They don't build like that, they don't chop down logs like that.
@onlyliberty2689 8 aylar önce
nice work but - dummest music at the background !!!
@matthiaskapeindl7596 6 aylar önce
Normalerweise schau ich mir sowas sehr gerne an. Aber bei der scheiss Musik vergehts mir!
@dominiccirino2069 Yıl önce
Pas de son
@cfiico5044 Yıl önce
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