I spent a day with DEATH ROW SURVIVORS

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I spent a day with death row survivors who have been exonerated to learn what it’s like to experience the devastating reality of wrongful conviction.
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▸ witnesstoinnocence.org - dedicated to empowering exonerated death row survivors to be the most powerful and effective voice in the struggle to end the death penalty in the United States
▸ sunnycenter.org - a non-profit organization that helps people who have suffered the injustice of wrongful conviction.

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AnthonyPadilla 8 aylar önce
come back later this week for *I spent a day with NARCOLEPTIC PEOPLE*. -new episode of this series every week so consider 🔴subscribing. -ps: shoutout to everyone who has turned on notifications 🔔 and directly support me in continuing this series.
Katherine Melton
Katherine Melton 28 gün önce
Hey it's 7 months later but IF there is a man you want to talk to about this, it IS Damien Echols. It truly is.
noafroman1 Aylar önce
Maybe don't play the worlds most annoying sound to begin your video
IsaacTheHero113 2 aylar önce
go back to smosh
demi 3 aylar önce
@E_lizabethr ! holy shit
Kyoyas Girlfriend
Kyoyas Girlfriend 3 aylar önce
SOV JB 21 saatler önce
Such sorrow caused by a faulty system.
Mega Mommy Milky
Mega Mommy Milky 2 gün önce
Olivia Shaw
Olivia Shaw 2 gün önce
Why is no one talking about how well spoken Peter is ???
lana's loverrr
lana's loverrr 3 gün önce
I love how Derrick explains his emotions “It felt like the day before Christmas, when you know you’ve got a ton of presents”
TheGreyGhoul 3 gün önce
Man the legal system is way worse than I ever realized
Jennifer McMillan
Jennifer McMillan 3 gün önce
They should reinstate death for adultery … maybe more kids would grow up with fathers LOL 😂 jk
Kelsea Hinze
Kelsea Hinze 4 gün önce
my heart is breaking for everyone’s story but sunny’s really got to me. such strong people :(
The Spoiled Texan
The Spoiled Texan 5 gün önce
These stories are amazing. God bless these people and may He have mercy on those who put each of them in those situations that landed them on death row
Greidyswastaken 5 gün önce
0:34 dnF DEEZ NUTS NOT FOuNd💚💚💙💙
Greidyswastaken 5 gün önce
0:38 dnf
LynxBroughtHome 6 gün önce
did no one else realize his shirt changing throughout the thing;-;
Allyplayz 6 gün önce
karl jacobs birthday is in july 19
CUSTY CLIPS 5 gün önce
on* not in
CUSTY CLIPS 5 gün önce
@Allyplayz its not that big of a commitment to type out 3 words, i literally said no one cares especially cuz this video has nothing to do with karl jacobs
Allyplayz 5 gün önce
You cared enough to answer
CUSTY CLIPS 5 gün önce
no one cares
Silver Mirai
Silver Mirai 6 gün önce
The main reason why death penalty should be abolished, like the rest of the civilized countries.
Captain_ DeadpoolCx
Captain_ DeadpoolCx 6 gün önce
Deathrow survivors: I was innocent
Maylie Morgan
Maylie Morgan 7 gün önce
39:22 minecraft zombie
•aurora• 10 gün önce
this is horrible, i couldn’t imagine this. this is one of my biggest fear, being innocent and getting blamed on doing a crime…if you survive the death row i know that you’ll be scarred for life.
Morgan Wheeler
Morgan Wheeler 10 gün önce
death penalty is so inhumane. it’s needs to be illegal EVERYWHERE
Nicole Myers
Nicole Myers 10 gün önce
Regardless of opinion on the death penalty, the treatment in the prison systems is absolutely abhorrent, and nobody deserved to be treated like a thing rather than a person.
Smylie 11 gün önce
The worst part about the whole thing is, you just get let off like nothing happened and there no type of reimbursement or payment for the crimes or wrongful doing of the justice system
Smylie 11 gün önce
Just saying the electric chair malfunction was something done on purpose and was very common among corrupt police officers, specially if they thought you were a cop killer. My dad was a cop and it’s something I learned through him.
space queen
space queen 12 gün önce
"i wasnt afraid to die but i was afraid to die without my dignity and i wouldnt do let them do that." spoken like a true irishmen.
boeboe5115 13 gün önce
Most of these stories are evils committed by officers, and not an argument against the death penalty at all.
FreezingBreeze 14 gün önce
did anybody hear that moan at 30:53???
Chloe Taylor
Chloe Taylor 14 gün önce
can i just say, white hair is so beautiful. anyways.
LindorPlays 14 gün önce
This can literally happen to anyone, and the crazy part is there is absolutely nothing you or anyone could do about it
Rexxy 14 gün önce
The only people I think that should be put to death are murderers,serial killers,etc. WITH much confirmed evidence against them
Rexxy 13 gün önce
@Fried Chicken ye that too
Fried Chicken
Fried Chicken 14 gün önce
Mckayla Bri
Mckayla Bri 15 gün önce
I hope they got their coins for being wrongfully incarcerated for THAT FREAKING LONG.
Soleris 15 gün önce
This video made me tear up
Cryton Roberts
Cryton Roberts 15 gün önce
I like how in this one he didn't have a single person actually come in. He afraidddddd🤣🤣🤣
Mason Sayre
Mason Sayre 15 gün önce
This is the source of police brutality, the system itself.
Lily Wendt
Lily Wendt 15 gün önce
Sunny Jacobs is in a play called the Exonerated! There’s some about her! Her story is crazy
Chocolatechip B!tch
Chocolatechip B!tch 15 gün önce
Life in prison is more punishment then death penalty since I see death penalty as an easy way out for the acc criminals on death row. Being in prison for the rest of ur life knowing u will never see the outside again is more painful then knowing u will be killed that’s just my opinion and it gives innocent people on death row more time to get their freedom
Hernie 19
Hernie 19 16 gün önce
The bass be kicking lol
Chicken Skit
Chicken Skit 16 gün önce
30:53 defuq was that moan
ShyShy 16 gün önce
These people are walking angels.
byJeess Perez
byJeess Perez 17 gün önce
The ending ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Dave Guy
Dave Guy 18 gün önce
To support the death penalty is to be ok with KNOWING that the state will execute at least some innocent people.
Fried Chicken
Fried Chicken 14 gün önce
Meh I’m okay with that
Hector Carrasco
Hector Carrasco 19 gün önce
This reminds me of the Brenan Dassey and Steven Avery case from NetFlix "Making a Murderer"!!
SuspiciousLookingBunny 19 gün önce
this video is legendary
Thunderbolts 20 gün önce
Am i the only idiot that really wants to see his roof 😂
Eliza 1000
Eliza 1000 21 gün önce
It's upsetting to see that they were falsely accused of what they didn't do but i still think that death penalty should not be put aside for real murderers out there i mean i feel like being locked up and simply breathing in there despite the crimes they did is cruel and they do deserve to be executed personally i don't believe any of them feel any sense of sadness or remorse or guilt so they will not suffer as the people prefering life sentence say
Eliza 1000
Eliza 1000 21 gün önce
These people are not survivors they are fighters it's admiring how they fought for themselves till the end to defend themselves and get out of their situation i think i would have been emotionally so exhausted and fed up that i would have just given up
Pulpin 21 gün önce
this video is depressing :((
Ayumi Castillo
Ayumi Castillo 21 gün önce
I will never not get tired of the way he introduces everyone 1:30
Melissa Q
Melissa Q 21 gün önce
I cant imagine being held hostage and because all the police want to be emotional they wont listen to your explanation. a bunch of the stories seem to have the same story where police are emotional and make decisions that let the real criminals go free
TrPc 21 gün önce
let me just put this straight. Nick nearly died because of a national holiday
Stephen Lyons
Stephen Lyons 22 gün önce
Joe Arridey , that's the saddest story about the death penalty and innocent person. It makes me tear up every time I watch anything about it
Jami Christine
Jami Christine 22 gün önce
The US doesn't deserve the death penalty. There's too much corruption in the judicial system to make sure that you're actually killing someone who deserves it
Astral Flux
Astral Flux 22 gün önce
Omg I can’t believe that plane crashed when they were on their way to visit her. 🤦‍♀️ Such sad luck. 😔
Alicia Free
Alicia Free 23 gün önce
Do you get compensation for all that prison time, the abuse you sustained in prison, and your life being ruined?
Jenny Jenga
Jenny Jenga 23 gün önce
Is that squeaky in the thumbnail? Oh aww it's not.
MsMaine86 25 gün önce
You’re such a great interviewer. You empathy and timing are impeccable.
RichardWesley681 25 gün önce
I hope they’re innocent otherwise this is extremely creepy,
Rambee 25 gün önce
what is the music anthony uses?
Alanna Carlson
Alanna Carlson 25 gün önce
I can't imagine being on death row for something I didn't do. I can hardly stand the fact I got fired for things I didn't do!
mushigadaikirai 25 gün önce
I’m happy that Sunny and Peter found each other.
Tyrannical User
Tyrannical User 26 gün önce
This is so horrible but its important we hear stories (even though that doesn't even seem like the right word) so we can act against such atrocities for innocent life being killed and tortured isn't an justice system it's an injustice system
dogbog99 26 gün önce
Respect for activists
Sadie Creamer
Sadie Creamer 27 gün önce
My boyfriend and I were accused of planning to shoot up the school. We obviously never did that cause that's absolutely crazy. Someone who couldn't stand us and who harassed us had started a false rumor of it because we were going to go to the councilor about the way he had been treating us. The initial investigation lasted a week. We both went to hearings back to back and there were tons of parents calling the board of education because some other people who didn't know us or like us chose to believe it. They pretty much told the both of us that we were innocent which we already knew but they told my boyfriend that they were going to pin it on him because it had went too far. My boyfriend had never been in trouble before. I went to alternative school once in 6th grade. I don't know why they chose to pin it on him. He got put in alternative school for the last month that was left of school and the first half of this school year and he was put on probation. They let me off with nothing. They probably did it that way because of the fact that I had already been put in alternative school once and the first time you get in serious trouble it's not put on your record the times after that it is. My boyfriend is now being told that they might let him off of probation and alternative school early. At that time we had no idea people were saying things about us and was terrified when we were called up to the office. Our assistant principal didn't have tons of evidence against us but insisted on arresting my boyfriend. The guy that hates us wrote a falsely claimed report again my boyfriend. He was in there for 72 hours. He didn't eat the whole time he was there and my depression more more suicidal than usual. My boyfriend obviously had to go to court. They offered him a deal that he pretty much had to take. He had to make a false confession or he would be put in state prison for kids. Before the hearings and the court case my boyfriend and I made our own cases with our grandparents (we both live with our grandparents). Since he was in jail until the hearing I built the case with mine and his family and then briefed him on the proof I had found from different sources I knew before he went into the hearing. It didn't matter how good his case was the system was black mailing him. They did the same to me in 6th grade. I was guilty of party of the accusations in 6th grade. They added more things to me than I did and called what I did a class 3 violation. In alternative school I had to write the entire code of conduct. What I did was not a class 3 and they added more class violations that had nothing to do with me. My friends actually were involved in the 6th grade incident and they were all charged with a single charge. I had to stay in there for only a week longer than them but I swear all of the "justice" systems are corrupted.
Leopold Volniansky
Leopold Volniansky 20 gün önce
That sucks what also sucks is that only I Read this while everyone else in these comments wants the moral high ground saying how its so bad and stuff yet when it comes to it they don't take time to read someone experience So Sorry that happened to you Keep fighting God bless you
HMV Video Archive
HMV Video Archive 27 gün önce
I just want to get this out of the way Anthony: I am extremely pro death penalty. I believe it’s the only punishment acceptable for monsters like Blaine Milam, Kerry Allen, John Rubio, John Battaglia, Ronald Phillips, Sean Carter, Billy Irick, Bryan Jennings, Larry Bell, Richard Davis, Lawrence Bittaker, Gene McCurdy, Raymond Mata, Dylann Roof, Kaboni Savage, Joseph Duncan, Jimmy Gray, Clayton Lockett, Charles Warner, David Zink, Joseph Franklin, Henry Wallace, Earl Bramblett, The Briley Brothers, Virgil Presnell, Mark Goudeau, Christian Longo, Cal Brown and Michael Samra. People that are 💯 guilty and commit the most unforgivable murderous crimes. However I feel sick when I read about people who were railroaded because the justice system was too lazy to properly investigate. Sonia’s case really gets to me. She lost years of her life, her husband got a Green Mile death in the electric chair and the actual killer Rhodes gets spared. Just awful. If you ever do a part 2 you should talk to Anthony Graves. His case made me furious at that corrupt prosecutor
Roan ‘t Hart
Roan ‘t Hart 25 gün önce
a death penalty is nor worth it okay killing monsters is good but just this video alone should change your mind cause mistakes happen a lot in this world so innocent will and have been put to death and they dont have the change to prove themselfs innocent which innocent people who have life do.
Neku900 27 gün önce
Sunny is just the sweetest
Hanna Elise
Hanna Elise 28 gün önce
We have Max 21 years in prisson
LaNell Edwards
LaNell Edwards 29 gün önce
I like that this video include so many people from different walks of life and they all faced moments of police brutality, it is not just violence, it is wrongful conviction, and it is a lack of evidence. This doesn't end with police, it is the lawyers, it is the judges, and even the jury. We need a overhaul of the justice system.
abby evans
abby evans Aylar önce
people who were perfectly innocent are up for death row while a cannibal and murderer issei sagawa is walking free. the worst part about issei is that he said he did it and would do it again and hopes to. maniacs can walk free while completely innocent beings are murdered. issei's trial and stuff was in london but his dad bought him freedom. how does an economy take the money that lets go someone who could potentially take people's lives. its a terrible thing because the government is just thirsty for money.
Blue Ghost
Blue Ghost Aylar önce
Murderers rapists and kidnappers deserve to die look at Ed Gein Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy I'm pretty sure the death penalty is keeping these monsters at Bay new monsters
Paul Aylar önce
I feel bad for them. Especially for Sunny. 😭
Peerzton Aylar önce
Death penalty is stupid in my opinion since the whole point of jail/prison is for people to have to suffer for the crimes they committed, worse crimes (usually and should) making it that they suffer longer, but the death penalty ends up making it a lot easier for them, they don't have to suffer and just go straight to death without suffering, unless you believe in hell in the afterlife (Which I don't I just think you die and that's it). TL;DR: Death penalty is a lot better than sentenced for life, so it shouldn't exist.
Coffee Breath
Coffee Breath Aylar önce
I'm impressed with how Anthony kept his cool during the interviews. I went back and forth between furious and bawling like a baby. Another great episode.
Butterfly Aylar önce
This is so powerful. Brings a tear to the eye.
Laisa hh
Laisa hh Aylar önce
Can't believe death row lasted this long
DD Cash
DD Cash Aylar önce
thought this was about the record label till i realized no one survives death row records
n3wttt_ Aylar önce
the only bird poo
the only bird poo Aylar önce
must be cold, the hole has to be repaired. i think i could maybe fix the roof
zoe woods
zoe woods Aylar önce
im so glad ireland has gotten rid of death penalty-
Wayvybaby Aylar önce
I’ve been watching your content for ages and I’m really convinced that schools should be showing your content to educate people. I’ve learned so much from your content about the world and even myself. Thankyou for taking your time to educate people all around the world!!!!❤️
Honey Biscuit
Honey Biscuit Aylar önce
Truly tragic stories, but.. Without these strong people who were chosen to be put up against the odds and experience these things, we wouldn't be sitting here now rethinking the death penalty or demanding more justice in the justice system. They are leaders who struggle so we don't have to and so we can push for change.
Pennartt L
Pennartt L Aylar önce
This really shows how the government and justice system is just a big joke. Nothing is there to protect the innocent.
Royal Rose
Royal Rose Aylar önce
I heard something a few years ago that made me completely disgusted by the death penalty: "Living under a government that can legally murder its citizens is the farthest thing from freedom."
Izzy Aylar önce
Do these poor people get any “compensation” for this?? Like, I know to them just being released is probably all they want but they’ve lost decades of their lives and have come out with nothing. It’s heartbreaking.
Britt C
Britt C Aylar önce
Sunny and Peter together 😭😭😭😭😭
Crim Aylar önce
sad how most of their life was taken away.
Lindsay Osterhoff
Lindsay Osterhoff Aylar önce
May every one of these people have nothing but beautiful, happy days in front of them. I cannot begin to imagine what they've been through. They deserved so much better. My heart breaks for them. I'm so glad they had the strength to tell their stories so the rest of us can learn from it and be inspired to help them make change.
nicoleu2007 Aylar önce
This feels like among us
☆  leah  thingz ?☆
☆ leah thingz ?☆ Aylar önce
Bruh police am I right ?
crinkle crackle
crinkle crackle Aylar önce
Once my dad was almost on a jury for someone who could've faced the death penalty. They asked him if he supported the death penalty, and he said no. They didn't pick him, and I can only assume that was why. The justice system needs a reformation.
Bropugfect Aylar önce
Mai Rowd
Mai Rowd Aylar önce
It gives me so much anger when they want someone to pay for the crime, without a care of who they put in jail, when the person is innocent, and they won't let them prove their innocence in any way..... Like "we need to put someone in jail now, unluckily is you, we want to finish our job and go home, cause we are lazy as Fk"
chel Blr
chel Blr Aylar önce
That tree perspective....😭
pocahontas the queen
pocahontas the queen Aylar önce
So if u kill an officer you get death penalty, but if you kill another person you get just a couple of years 🤚🏻😐
CAITLYN Mcginnis
CAITLYN Mcginnis Aylar önce
bruh i live in ohio...
Claire Annette
Claire Annette Aylar önce
Back to watch it a second time😂
Sauce giddy God
Sauce giddy God Aylar önce
That old Irish dude is awesome ☘️
Andrew Kelly
Andrew Kelly Aylar önce
Nurturing Compassion
Nurturing Compassion Aylar önce
I have always felt that even if Just ONE falsely accused person is executed via death penalty, it isn’t worth it.
ok Aylar önce
xxmaggiexx Aylar önce
best video you have ever released and idc if im late to the party. this video was absolutely outstanding.
Outside Our Cave
Outside Our Cave Aylar önce
0:22 It didn't say being murdered for cheating on a spouse but a woman cheating on her husband though
Ayden Is Online
Ayden Is Online Aylar önce
I am officially writing my speech for if/when I get executed for a crime i didn't commit in this comment section. "You may take my life, but you will not take my soul. I am innocent, and when you eventually find that out, you will be sorry. Now get it over with."
Harry’s Beaniess
Harry’s Beaniess Aylar önce
I feel so bad for the people who had to go through this 😔💔🖤
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