"If I Was Black" - Tom MacDonald

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Tom MacDonald

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MIXED & MASTERED by Evan Morgan

Special thanks to Ryan Lo
Lighting by Jason Waguespack

oozee 2 dakika önce
Fuckin lame
Brooke Crow
Brooke Crow 4 saatler önce
But his new music is all about how racism isn't real? Such a user, posing off of any click baits he can find.
Shadowninja Productions
Shadowninja Productions 20 saatler önce
i was raised to treat everyone the same regardless of pigment or financial status
TagusMan Gün önce
If he was black, he would have used the N word about a thousand times in the video and made way more money with it. Drake uses it all the time and look how much richer he is. Too bad you ain't black, eh Tom?
Matt Scarey
Matt Scarey Gün önce
Flip flop as fuck. Only goes towards the bigger following at the time. This didn't hit it big with the white ppl. So he started rapping about Trump and being a straight white mail. Like Calhoun said he is fake as fuck. Good music, but still don't like the fake shit he does.
Benedikt Herter
Benedikt Herter Gün önce
Tom MacDonald: You made gr34t songs aswell. But in this case its a bit to small minded. Look at american ghettos? Who sold the crack and made a ton of money? Yeah it were "your folks" and now you complain about what? The Gh3ttos in Amerika are pigment. The people who sould souls are the rich black people in the government, in the media, in the music, in movie, in sports->They have so much money and so much connections, but they cant help their own brothers and sisters and never mind their continent? The pigmented community got robbed because of gold, silver, diamonds etc.? And there are much pigmented with exact these robbed goods, !W4K3 UP! Pl34S3 Excuse my bad englisch but the english language has no priority 4 me. Have a nice day and keep on rolling
justice hunt
justice hunt Gün önce
Shit so corny bruh
Ashel Dover
Ashel Dover 2 gün önce
F30Dan 2 gün önce
Togetherness - true strength 🙏🏼💪🏽
Tyreese Lee
Tyreese Lee 2 gün önce
Lil ironic that he's talking about cultural appropriation and how white ppl are taking black ppls style but he's wearing tims and has braids.
Robert Janko
Robert Janko 2 gün önce
"divide et impere" works
Nor-Cal Transparency
Nor-Cal Transparency 2 gün önce
I don’t see color I see content (or lack thereof) of character.
andrew hinson
andrew hinson 3 gün önce
I mean, I'm white and I say "Fk the Klan."
Gallery cat studios
Gallery cat studios 3 gün önce
0:13 this is literally the same guy i saw in a Dhar Mann video 💀✋
Rex life Hacks
Rex life Hacks 4 gün önce
That's a BIAFRAN flag at the background 💪 Just without the rising sun
Hendo9XXX 4 gün önce
You hit the nail on the head my man! Your lyrics continue to speak facts about the truth that people just don’t want to hear…. #OnlyDarkSkinPeopleTrulyKnow
Kaelyn Beeding
Kaelyn Beeding 4 gün önce
Maturity is realizing he's not on anyone's side.
stewart smith
stewart smith 4 gün önce
well tom ...ive got nothing against black people at all.. ..in fact I like most of them as well as all races. I just wanted to inform you that my people from both sides of my family were also slaves. maybe not aslong as blacks. I dont know I wasnt born yet but its true that Itallian and irish people were brought here as slaves to. We just dont talk about it. in fact my father will deny it to this day... just like he will tell you that the mafia was just something made up for the movies....the irish had it real bad. they were hauled here on boats in those little cages like f****** dog kennel cages.. they were treated like s*** . they tryed to fit in the even joined the US Army to fight the Mexican War to try to show their patriotism .. still treated like s*** in the war ... they realized it was a very unjust war in that the United States was just going to Mexico and destroying people and stealing their land,so they decided f*** you and they joined the Mexican Army to fight against Americans ... and of course they lost because you know we have the Rothschilds in the f****** Illuminati all those m************ supporting the us... so basically most of them were killed alongside their Mexican friends . just trying to do the right thing .. just saying most people don't know that because these f****** commy's don't teach this s*** anymore .. they don't need to burn the books they just remove them .
Fuck Google
Fuck Google 5 gün önce
You're the greatest!
Zachariah Rial
Zachariah Rial 5 gün önce
If I was black the second best song by Tom
ID KY 5 gün önce
can this man make a good song?🔥🔥🔥
David Fifield
David Fifield 5 gün önce
Crazy..join a 🏷 naw this is 🎶 say what you want... 👏 👏
Tyrone Deas Brailsford
Tyrone Deas Brailsford 6 gün önce
You are a force for good! This one missed the mark!
Jaye Will
Jaye Will 6 gün önce
If u was black this would never have came out
pizzleuniverze 6 gün önce
this shit is ass 🔥🔥
Lenny 6 gün önce
A lot of Toms own fans are disliking this cus they don’t like it when he isn’t talking about white people
LAURENT PRO 6 gün önce
son de malade
YForever4400 6 gün önce
He literally transferring energy through his songs 🌍💪🏾
YForever4400 6 gün önce
So this guy just won't stop 🛑 killing it he the truth and he authentic
Kassie Stockwell
Kassie Stockwell 6 gün önce
I like him alotbut in the beginning he looked like madchild
David Bixler
David Bixler 6 gün önce
Amazing how much Tom's tone has changed over the years. He's on a very different vibe now.
Scotty Gladbach
Scotty Gladbach 7 gün önce
Hey I'm Native American can you create a cool song us. Meaning the natives. Oh and send a shot out to me scooter
Sirch T
Sirch T 5 gün önce
Shatta Vision
Shatta Vision 7 gün önce
Natalie Fant
Natalie Fant 7 gün önce
I cannot even convey with words how much Tom's music is appreciated and valued. People these days are carbon copies of one another, it's refreshing to see an artist who is willing to stand up against the industry and system, critically think, and genuinely invested in calling out injustices to (educate, empower and improve) the lives of others. The revolution will not be televised, but the people will rise.
barry Telesford
barry Telesford 8 gün önce
i think ive found my new favourite rapper.
Top Track Music
Top Track Music 9 gün önce
Alex 9 gün önce
What the hell
Jediunite76 10 gün önce
Based Effect
Based Effect 10 gün önce
Oh look, another liberal trying to make a profit off of the conservative movement. I guess I can't blame you, conservatives are gullible and naive these days. Just know that I see.
Zach Helm
Zach Helm 10 gün önce
remember "WHITEBOY" saying the literal opposite of this song lol, dudes such a troll, all his fans are brainless and he knows it
Zach Helm
Zach Helm 5 saatler önce
@Nate List you proved my point and are not too bright bud
Zach Helm
Zach Helm 7 saatler önce
@Nate List you literally said "his point remains" to the main commenter who said that. are you okay? and rereading you actually agreed with him and defended his argument about what perspective it was being rapped from.
Nate List
Nate List 8 saatler önce
@Zach Helm Of course he's speaking from a white person's perspective. He's white and he wrote the song. What a dumb argument.
Zach Helm
Zach Helm 8 saatler önce
@Nate List you proved my point, and good try on trying to make me look racist, it is the same as blacks and white privilege, you can only understand so much until you live it, white privilege is real but black people only understand what they see same with this, except my point wasn't about racism or anything, it was to prove that he is speaking from a whites perspective on whats its like to be black not a black person perspective. period.
Nate List
Nate List 8 saatler önce
@Zach Helm It's his perspective that's been developed after having conversations and friendships with black Americans. It's no different than black people talking about white privilege. Or are you saying that black people should just shut up about white privilege because they can't possibly understand?
The Sinister Minister
The Sinister Minister 11 gün önce
This is the only shit song Ive heard Tom do..........
Wendy Kauffman
Wendy Kauffman 11 gün önce
But your not black you are Tom McDonald . You are the one everyone is looking to for answers now ..So just be you ..
miamibloo 11 gün önce
hell yeah!! you rap good homey!,ima sub like its going outta fashion
Unite and Create for Life
Unite and Create for Life 11 gün önce
oopi uon
oopi uon 12 gün önce
flip-floppy is what you are
Chris Whitton
Chris Whitton 12 gün önce
there simply is no side, unless you want there to be...keep it up tom and nova
Drilldude 12 gün önce
Well, I was a fan.
shenanigains 13 gün önce
Eric P.
Eric P. 13 gün önce
This community, his fan, his methods fucking weird. I can submit this is a better offering from Captain Cringe but yeah ..meh
tooshay 13 gün önce
He said "for the greater good" . . .before that became one of the cov-id slogans last year
stewart smith
stewart smith 13 gün önce
if I was black, my name ud still be Jack, but I sell crack to all the hoes in this town,.. Id talk smack and id pack a pistol and id chamber a round... every time Iz outside it would go click clack .... if I was black talking smack cops would always wana push me around .
Chris Campbell
Chris Campbell 14 gün önce
Why doesn’t ANTIfa protest or whatever you call it , at planned parenthood? They’ve taken more black lives than Chicago
Speed Bump
Speed Bump 14 gün önce
I'm going to listen to this song to make sure that I understand what's being said. When I was young I was told to be a Democrat. After Vietnam I had more questions that needed answering and started my quest for those answers. From 1971 up to today, I've learned a lot. In the mid 70's I got far away from the Democratic Party because they didn't represent my core values as a human. In some way the Republicans are no different. You can't complain too much about it because you make your money from the American Dream. Blacks, Whites, Browns, Asians do the same. "The strong give up and move on while the week give up and stay."
Ben_ marlor35
Ben_ marlor35 14 gün önce
Hayden Smids
Hayden Smids 10 gün önce
Add a hole to that you've got yourself
Grymey World
Grymey World 15 gün önce
Any black person listening to a white boy saying he’d get killed or go to jail if he was black you need help.. He’s telling black ppl to crash out and keep losing. Lol dude is funny. Y’all be like yeah it makes sense lol I’d do that too if I was black. This dude is getting rich off the pain of others.. something just isn’t right about his music..
Abe Dave
Abe Dave Gün önce
I’m middle eastern and yeah I noticed this, people are so naive man, I honestly think segregation is the only thing that would work, humans are tribal creatures and have been for decades
Marty Slone
Marty Slone 15 gün önce
go brotherman!!!!
ikpu ego
ikpu ego 16 gün önce
We love you 💓🤞
ikpu ego
ikpu ego 16 gün önce
We love you 💓🤞
need real hip hop back no bullshit trshow.info/watch/bB_Lfp41InM/video.html
Zu 16 gün önce
If I was Black, I would be a stereotypical _thug_ in a White rappers video.
Jacky G
Jacky G 16 gün önce
Why is Nova's last name Rockafeller though?
guillermo jaramillo
guillermo jaramillo 17 gün önce
This song is bullshit black people aren't oppressed or looked down at. They don't deserve reparations this is 2021 blacks can have black only colleges,college gunds,shows,groups.....get over it talk to your dads for leaving you and grow the fuck up and make something of yourselves instead of acting a fool and wondering why things happen to you
RigVertigo 17 gün önce
Tom 2 years ago: “Black people are obviously treated worse.” Tom now: “BLM is stupid, obviously we’re all treated the same.” That conservative bag is something else 💰
Abe Dave
Abe Dave Gün önce
@RigVertigo He’s a sell out for sure.
RigVertigo 16 gün önce
@states of The united I didn’t say he was conservative. Just that he panders to conservatives to make money. Which might be even worse.
states of The united
states of The united 16 gün önce
He's not conservative....
Jay Dee
Jay Dee 17 gün önce
If I was _________.... I’d still be me!!!
Orwell HATTERECHT 17 gün önce
Fuck the Media..greeting From Germany...same Shit from Elite "Golf Clubs"too.WE against the Hand full of .........
ScorpionP2C 17 gün önce
And then he woke up.
Anna lucia
Anna lucia 17 gün önce
I'm on the understanding side and I'm starting to get it.
M G 17 gün önce
Q: Who's side is he on? lol A: There are no sides. There nothing to your Left and nothing to your Right. Left, right, red, blue. All bullshit. There is only up and down. And if you are reading this, 99.99% of the chances are you are not from the top. The vast mass of mankind grinding through this life is just there to be stepped upon, used, abused, taken advantage of, to be chew up and spit out, by the self-anointed Gods among us. The Elites are your enemy. They have you convinced that they are smart, and special and beautiful, and cunning, and are in their position entirely because it is there destiny to rule over you. Life is short and then you die. In between, perhaps its a good idea to wake up and see behind the curtain. The fact is that there are no Gods among us. The rich make poor fight their wars, they keep the poor hating each other, they control your thoughts, your language, your identity. WHO are you? HOW do you define yourself?
Lori Gonzalez
Lori Gonzalez 17 gün önce
My husband sent me a text w a link to Dummies. That was 7 hours ago. I feel a bit like a stalker.
Peter J. Kurylowicz III
Peter J. Kurylowicz III 18 gün önce
Peter J. Kurylowicz III
Peter J. Kurylowicz III 18 gün önce
Robs Device Unknown
Robs Device Unknown 19 gün önce
Weird how, in 2 years you changed from this, to something a LOT better. and I don't mean musically. This song just perpetuates the stereotypes.
Zkittlez Tha Banditt
Zkittlez Tha Banditt 19 gün önce
There is only one race: the human race. Sure there's different nationalities and Ethnicities and skin pigments, but we really shouldn't let such pesky things divide us this much. We all have one thing in common: We are ALL homo-sapiens, the smartest, most powerful creatures ever to exist on the face of this planet. We can be quite dark and "animalistic", but we are also very caring and loving. We all have opinions and we all have similar bodies and all. It all comes down to us being humans.
Spiritual G
Spiritual G 19 gün önce
Powerful brother ❤️
A K 19 gün önce
Swing and a big miss.
bartjantijman 20 gün önce
Naild it 🥰
R B 20 gün önce
Glory of god understandle ill stand with mine brothers
Sanna Lys Semlan
Sanna Lys Semlan 20 gün önce
Why do you censor your songs?
Sanna Lys Semlan
Sanna Lys Semlan 15 gün önce
@KrippAnus He censors himself
KrippAnus 15 gün önce
even in a place as real as this, the liberals still censor him
Ricky Garza
Ricky Garza 20 gün önce
I like this guy but wow this song is so so so fuckin wack 😒 dame it 😒
tooshay 20 gün önce
The "Thugs" aren't who you think they are. . .they're the Rockefellers, Billionaire Billy, Fascist Fauci Klaus Schwab, Queenie, the Pope (hijacking God, our creator), the Osinis and dozen other families. . .and a lot of paid puppets.
The Scotch-Irish Viking
The Scotch-Irish Viking 20 gün önce
Set My People Free There's something I want to talk about... Who am I kidding, I have to rhyme. I want to go on a walk about, and try to reset my mind. Stuck in a rut, It's getting harder to stear. The salt in my cut, My bad luck made clear. Who gives a fukk, we know our ending is near. The mire and muck is the effect of our fear. Just like the theatre that went up in flames. Echoes of things said is all that remains. Look at all the walking dead, Their bloodlust sustains. Took a shot straight to the head, damaging their brains. I'm tired of people telling me, How to think, who's to say how to feel. The lies that they been sellin' me. The letters in ink are not even real. I'm spyed on by an enemy, that I never waged war with, to whom I appeal. 'Pharoah, set my people free!' 'Dont Tread On Me', I bear His seal. There's some kind of haunting cloud of doubt. Permeating into the heart of mankind. Keeping me in when I want out. God only knows what I'll find. A buck for some smut, your paycheck for pleasure. A shot in the butt, Gee, I hope you feel better. Who gives a fukk, we're all stuck in bad weather. I'm moving my rook, To this game, we are tethered. Where are the teachers, who preaches, who trains? Too many creatures, that feed on disdain. Get on with the feature or I'm gonna complain. I payed for this seat, but it's causing back pain. I'm sick of people judging me, This hypocrisy is always the same old spiel. Their disguises are all the same to me. Two fingers for peace, one ready to kill. I've tried to face my enemy. The weight of the world, trying to get me to kneel. Terror. Let my people be. Set my people free! Our Prophecy is real. Your error, is when you Tread On Me. Set my People Free! We bear His seal. Written by: Michael Taylor July 14th. 2021 ©
The Scotch-Irish Viking
The Scotch-Irish Viking 20 gün önce
Fukk yeah Tom. 💯💯👍👍🤟
Henry Ringuette
Henry Ringuette 20 gün önce
We collectively are Red, White, and Blue!
SUPER 0_° XXX 21 gün önce
SUPER 0_° XXX 21 gün önce
John Hekel
John Hekel 22 gün önce
Tom is a crazy leftist, do not be fooled.
Benedikt Herter
Benedikt Herter 22 gün önce
a bit 2 racist dear Tom MacD0nald
Rebel Studio2
Rebel Studio2 23 gün önce
Pentigon says 4 times whites is killed by them than blacks.
Rebel Studio2
Rebel Studio2 19 gün önce
@A K I do not watch Q. Soon there will be no GOV. I heard Trump say on a recording that he hates GOV. But he cannot tell the voters and politicians that.
A K 19 gün önce
@Rebel Studio2 *bye bye (proof submitted) Maybe, read more English literature or text books. Too much time on that Q cult site.
Rebel Studio2
Rebel Studio2 19 gün önce
@A K You a troll. Your words mean nothing. You are working under estopple. Show me your real IDentity and proof of what you say to back you. Or by by. Troll.
A K 19 gün önce
@Rebel Studio2 did you get that pintygon info during a recent storming?
Rebel Studio2
Rebel Studio2 19 gün önce
@A K OOooooh a troll. Lets play. I love trolls.
John doe
John doe 23 gün önce
Democrats created the KKK Democrats created Jim Crow laws Democrats created Segregation Democrats did not want Blacks to be able to Vote.
A K 19 gün önce
@John doe *you're How ironic, huh?
John doe
John doe 19 gün önce
Your an idiot. Get your facts straight and stop trying to spread rumors to further try and divide this country
A K 19 gün önce
@John doe not even close. Proud bois is a virtually Aryan organization.
John doe
John doe 19 gün önce
Proud boys has lots of black,Mexican, and asian members and are conservatives. Opposite of KKK . The NRA was started so blacks could arm themselves from the Democrat KKK members.
A K 19 gün önce
These days, the KKK are trumpets like the proud bois.
The Vengeful Spirit
The Vengeful Spirit 23 gün önce
Nolandsman 24 gün önce
Absolute trash
Ethan Miller
Ethan Miller 24 gün önce
I'm lost... should I feel guilty because I'm white is that what he is saying? Maybe I missed something. I started to listen to your stuff last least. this song makes me wonder if I should or shouldn't listen to you
Ethan Miller
Ethan Miller 16 gün önce
@states of The united gotcha. I guess maybe I can see that now. I wasn't sure
Samantha Lacy
Samantha Lacy 24 gün önce
No color.....it's America, it's us you me and your kids and mine lives I fight for
Daysean 25 gün önce
This song made me shed a tear I love ur music Tom and I'm black
ccol009 25 gün önce
This is what the Illuminati DOES NOT WANT. So we should all unify together and do what Tom is showing us. 💡
Ken Cunningham
Ken Cunningham 25 gün önce
How does this guy do this so well
muheirwe 25 gün önce
Glad TM is impartial. No cap. Much as I would love unity of us all, I know it will remain a false dream, as Stockholm syndrome is at play.
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