GUESS THE MOM! *Emotional*

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Jordan Matter

Jordan Matter

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Today we reveal my wife for the first time EVER on camera! Can Brent Rivera pick my son and daughter's mom by watching 5 contestants go through a series of challenges with Salish? See Brent’s new video: • This Kid Has Super Hum...
See the video Hudson was filming the same day: • I Bought Everything In...
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Wow, if you're still reading you are awesome! BOOOMMMM!!

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@VKVK-ey2vp 6 aylar önce
I watch this with my mom and I cried I told her “even if I am growing you will always be my mother “ my mom started to cry Salish must have felt loved and known that her mom loves her so much!
@lindsayplays6335 6 aylar önce
@Joel-rv5bh 6 aylar önce
Respect VK VK
@pretzelzq 6 aylar önce
@gamergirl9260 6 aylar önce
The ending got me there🥺🩵
@naac 6 aylar önce
@Billie-eilish.. 6 aylar önce
I’m so proud of sailish’s mom. It’s so hard overcoming a fear, and she did it really really brave. Well done lauren
@cronancooper7417 6 aylar önce
Ikr I’m so happy we finally got to meet her
@Skydoesrandompost 6 aylar önce
@axeattacks1339 6 aylar önce
Ik it's so sweet
@lannascorner8290 6 aylar önce
Yayyyy ❤
@RayLefebvre-ex7ur 6 aylar önce
I think that number three is your mom
@jenniferlingard6670 5 aylar önce
I’m so proud of Lauren stepping out of her comport zone and showing us what she looks like, I’m so excited to start learning more about her!!!😄😃
@SaiVuthpala 4 aylar önce
@jonjonjon1279 Aylar önce
I no right like stepping out of her comfort zone like I'm really proud of her
@cambridgeoak 6 aylar önce
I could tell from the Matter family voice and can we all just appreciate how much work and effort Jordan & say say put into their videos to make people’s days become the best
@cambridgeoak 6 aylar önce
Love you
@shitalpatel6121 Aylar önce
Ok…am I the only one who thinks that “Good Luck say say” should actually be the perfect show!??and nidal would make the perrrfect best friend, but he already is! Also I love your vids! I wait every week just so that I can enjoy….and salish definitely gives you all the views Jordan 😂 no, but in all seriousness, I love you guys!
@sarah_rosecherryfan 4 aylar önce
Salish's mom is so sweet and kind. Though her name is nicknamed to a shy photo, you can still give her a credit. Thank you the Matters' family for posting this video. I promise to watch this entire episode on Mothers Day and take just a peek here. Remember, no matter what age you are, distance of your mother, near or far, the lovingly, beautiful, precious parenting care sent from her will always follow you wherever you do. Keep in mind parents' love is not fragile, and always stays strong till the heart is gone. No matter which parent you have lost, their sweet pocessions and love and care will always stay with you. It will be like a jewel in your finger, wrapped up.
@raghadzayer9396 4 aylar önce
@anayafraser8618 4 aylar önce
@@raghadzayer9396LMFAO LMFAO
@user-ji9bs5cs2z 4 aylar önce
@kopzoniang5505 wow 😢
@raghadzayer9396 4 aylar önce
@@anayafraser8618 yeah he kinda went to far😅
@lighttedjacahyono 2 aylar önce
Hi I'm big fan
@Shmitty_A 3 aylar önce
I love that I knew as soon as I saw her, they look exactly alike 😊 and then the hug challenge sealed it for me.
@blossomcotton6361 6 aylar önce
I teared up when Salish said "This is my real mom" with the biggest smile on her face. I'm just so glad that your family is surrounded by so much love and that is what made me tear up the most because you guys deserve so much love in the world and I always imagined that quote to mainly revolve around the internet, but you guys already had all the love in the world within your own home. I'm happy for you all!
@bandlfriedman7316 6 aylar önce
@@dontreadmyprofilepicture7323 OMG U ARE IN EVERY REPILY
@Duahussain514 6 aylar önce
@sensfreak09 6 aylar önce
yup same here hahaha tears came down
@Jacksochannel 6 aylar önce
@Kittycat-jr4uv 6 aylar önce
​@@dontreadmyprofilepicture7323 bot
@Neals_0609 6 aylar önce
It was amazing to finally see Salish’s mom on camera, and it’s incredibly sweet to watch them interact. All I’m saying is Salish is very pretty and I see where she gets it from
@kulwantkaur341 6 aylar önce
Yo sorry to spoil, but I saw Salish's mom before. In the video where salish gets new braces, we see her looking at them so, SORRY
@BrainTeaserQuizzward 6 aylar önce
I agree
@user-ch5bk8ko9n Aylar önce
Love you saIish,s❤
@moirajoycedavid4613 6 aylar önce
I never felt these emotional 😂❤love this ❤❤🎉 HAPPY MOTHERS DAY 🎉
@user-xv9rk8ej3g 3 aylar önce
seen this like 1000 times. it still makes me smile tho!!!!!!!
@novemberxswiftie 6 aylar önce
Let’s just take a moment to appreciate how proud we are if Lauren aka Salish’s mom, of showing her face on camera! Also, she is rlly pretty! She was pretty tough to guess that it was her mom throughout the video as her mom is camera shy so I guessed a mom which was shy! But, we are proud of you Lauren
@kristalmcgaha6457 Aylar önce
Dear Jordan matter how to say, your TRshow channel is one of the best in the world. I have been watching over five years now I am obsessed with you and Salish and Hudson and Lauren guys are literally the best TRshowrs ever and Lauren I have to say good job overcoming your fear. You are literally a great mom. I would love to have you as my mother but I cannot because I already have my mom mom‘s best people in the world. Just love you mom be nice.
@kyliepetricca5304 6 aylar önce
Dear Lauren, I am so proud that you faced you fear of being on camera. I am camera shy myself and would of never done that if I had the chance to. I hope to see you in more videos, if not that’s ok. I am sure everyone appreciates this one video that you decided to do something that your uncomfortable of doing and understands that you want to be only in one video. Once again I appreciate you coming out of your comfort zone to make other people smile. ❤
@Bibble759 6 aylar önce
aw this is such a sweet comment. I would like to see Lauren in more vids tbh but thats her choice. I've did seen her in a few of salish's tik toks tho.
@abigailgaray7388 6 aylar önce
@miaplayz52 6 aylar önce
that was a really sweet comment
@lizgoodwin9690 6 aylar önce
Ya Ty!❤
@Jacksochannel 6 aylar önce
@jekrblx 6 aylar önce
I do really wanna say this, your mom is so beautiful and happy mother's day!
@peterwallwork7315 6 aylar önce
I was literally crying because it was so cute at the end. The good thing is I did know who the mum was so me and brent were right.
@forever5796 2 aylar önce
Aww how sweet Happy mother's day to you all 😊
@FREEPALESTINE8700 6 aylar önce
I am so happy to know who salish's mom is but it got emotional at the end it was so perfect and this was so timed because its mother's day This is the second time I watch this♥︎
@JennyMondiaTopo-hz6kc Aylar önce
That was really sweet my heart started melting
@Why_me_bro 6 aylar önce
I'm so glad Lauren faced her fear and let us meet her. I love how Salish had a huge smile on her face when she said it. Y'all are a lovely family
@ellasoderstrom5407 6 aylar önce
I'm so glad Lauren faced her fear and let us meet her. I love how Salish had a huge smile on her face when she said it. Y'all are a lovely family
@FW_Aztek 5 aylar önce
​​​@@ellasoderstrom5407why copy the original comment in replies?
@kannikas3288 5 aylar önce
@kailamar904 5 aylar önce
@@FW_Aztek yeah why
@taofiksanusi8473 5 aylar önce
True, u said it girl they are a lovely mother
@Bird_WCUE 5 aylar önce
I'M IN TEARS!!!! Also, Salish's mom is beautiful
@Tenko_ShimuraChannel 6 aylar önce
I'm literally crying because of the wholesomeness at the end rn 😭😭😭
@Hello_People163 2 aylar önce
I’m so glad we get to see Salish’s mom
@user-gb8yz6wg8h 6 aylar önce
Yay we finally get to meet Salish’s mom! ❤🎉🎉😊
@princessemma5201 2 gün önce
“We don’t walk away from things we’re scared of” had me rolling on my floor
@Lovesdrawing 6 aylar önce
Her mom looks so nice and kind! She is awesome because she decided to do a face reveal even when she is camera shy. Salish is lucky to have a mom like her 😊❤
@I_am_Soojin 6 aylar önce
@melinapowers1454 6 aylar önce
Only the real mom evoked an emotional response in me. My eyes welled up with tears when she spoke to her daughter towards the end. You could see that her dad was genuinely touched by those words too. She's the one I guessed.
@Rylee_Davies 6 aylar önce
Thank you so much for all your videos. I love watching them the next video you let Boomer to a dog store and let him pick out the toys and treats wants.
@fredadebie4097 Aylar önce
This video was the best video I have ever watched 😭. And it was very very adorable 😍
@janellegladding5715 6 aylar önce
I’m so happy to see Salish’s mom. It’s great 👍
@nualafoot5310 2 aylar önce
🎉 I am so happy for Salish mom 🎉great job lorin❤
@urazaria4life 6 aylar önce
I knew who Salishs mother was immediately, they have a similar voice and similar facial features. We are so grateful lauren has finally come out to rhe camera ❤❤
@shrinjanasikdar2369 5 aylar önce
@haddadzina2787 5 aylar önce
Ok but I Love you so much 💓
@oliver.right_here 4 aylar önce
Yeah same
@shrinjanasikdar2369 4 aylar önce
@AyalahZagey 6 aylar önce
I love this video so happy we get to see Salish's mom it is such a special gift to know that your mother love's you and your mother will always love you
@user-nm8vm1tc9o 2 gün önce
That was the cutest thing ever 🥰🥺 I love my mom ❤️
@RageFan-cl8uo 6 aylar önce
I am so glad to see salish's mom my brother said this to me ''when are we gonna see salish's mom'' he was so happy to see salish mom and i too. Exciting video to watch always.
@user-ih8pg8pe9w Aylar önce
I love salish's smile. It makes me happy. Can you do a video where SALISH AND NIDAL (NALISH) actually go on an actual date 6 aylar önce
It was so sweet when at the end, Salish first went to Fiona, but the hugged lauren. Salish and Jordan always make my day. I wake up on Saturday morning, to find a new amazing video posted on their channel. Y'all put so much effort and dedication into your videos to make them special, and they are!
@cute6701_abby 6 aylar önce
@notlennagaming3215 6 aylar önce
@@cute6701_abby bro..
@cute6701_abby 6 aylar önce
@@notlennagaming3215 hey he litteraly indirectly used reverse psychology to make u look at it
@notlennagaming3215 6 aylar önce
@@cute6701_abby i never looked at it bc icba 😌😌
@Jacksochannel 6 aylar önce
@dailyteen2219 6 aylar önce
This was fun salish’s mum is incredible and everyone did awesome 10/10 loved it
@melissawangchomchantra3302 6 aylar önce
I'm so happy I got to see salish's mom! I kinda knew it was her from the beginning.
@AyianasWorld Aylar önce
I love your videos, big fan of Salish ❤️
@randbotani2145 6 aylar önce
Salish was just like “you’re still doing the leprechaun dance” 😂
@mckenzienickel9271 2 aylar önce
I love my mom a lot even if I grow I'm still her baby!😊
@materialgirl6602 6 aylar önce
I am so glad we all just met Salish's mom i mean her mom's voice is so soft and calm and she seem's so so So nice. I am so glad Salish has a mom like her.
@andycraven5001 6 aylar önce
Ariabobahangout🍣🧋 stop being mean 😡
@andycraven5001 6 aylar önce
@andycraven5001 6 aylar önce
Keep it up material girl 😜
@star_girl1457 6 aylar önce
Music boy 3
@Dinosaur_Diamond 6 aylar önce
It’s just looks like salish
@jhoby8414 6 aylar önce
You and your mom look so cute. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY❤️
@rosaventura7115 5 aylar önce
I love that salish and her mom are cute to Hug each other!!
@HoneydewPaenga 2 gün önce
I started to cry when I saw this I was so happy to hear the words mother number 3 said.😄😄😄😄
@forhadpalash1396 6 aylar önce
actually salish's mom's voice reveal was done a long time ago so, it was so easy to guess because they talk lol btw she is so cute 💕
@yaretzilegotime1120 2 aylar önce
Salish’s mom I am so happy to finally see you I’ve been waiting almost all the videos
@brentrivera 6 aylar önce
this was so hard!!
@thisis_cookie 5 aylar önce
@dizerwastaken 3 aylar önce
@PainEditsG 2 aylar önce
Why is this 9 likes 2 comments
@evacoates6695 2 aylar önce
Brent just be with Pierson already
@corathewaterfairy 2 aylar önce
@nzdz9388 6 aylar önce
I knew Salish's mom from the first second she looks like her , they have the same smile ❤
@HouseofSelfCareandWellness 6 aylar önce
Enjoyed watching the video. Smiles during the entire video.
@jadadowns 2 aylar önce
Aww Salish’s mom is so beautiful and sweet
@makenzigamer7020 6 aylar önce
I loved seeing Salish's mom i hope now you will be doing more videos with her your videos really entertain me keep doing awesome videos like this one 👍 ❤🎉
@allisonsantana8435 15 gün önce
Now I know where Salish gets her sweet voice
@cosycottage2875 6 aylar önce
Can we all appreciate how dedicated Salish and Jordan are just to make us happy
@Swifie4L 6 aylar önce
I love all your videos
@sarabjotkaur5987 6 aylar önce
@fatemaawad281 6 aylar önce
Sailsh’s mom is just so nice and so calm ❤ i was sure she was number 3! Ur such a beautiful mom 😊😊
@sarenamagett6388 6 aylar önce
@@dontreadmyprofilepicture5585 bro
@Janel247 6 aylar önce
Honestly I just knew from the start they looked really similar and then the way they acted together just proved it even more
@foreverpotter7011 6 aylar önce
So pleased that you overcame your fear Lauren❤ I think that unintentionally you were in the video where salish got her braces though
@Justarobloxgirl 3 aylar önce
AWWWWW ITS SO CUTE AT THE END (also happy Mother’s Day Lauren and Jordan!!!🎉
@user-gn2hk9vl6g 6 aylar önce
Really happy to finally see her mum❤❤❤
@priyankapranjali6273 2 aylar önce
Salish's mom's face was revealed during the guess the dad when she was revealing the answers to other contestant
@Hania.s0fia 6 aylar önce
I am so proud of Salish’s mom i love how supportive she is and I definitely know the feeling of being camera shy and doing what Salish’s mom did is so brave!!❤️
@cypresshummel8064 6 aylar önce
@Sport_production 6 aylar önce
@mizduv69 6 aylar önce
I agree
@thechocobluberry 6 aylar önce
“Oh my gosh MOMS” just killed me😂😂😂😂😂❤ How did Brent not notice number two called Jordan babe on the rollercoaster And wow I can’t believe we now know who Salish’s mom is!
@Blue_bunny14 4 aylar önce
This video is so wholesome I love it ❤️❤️❤️
@QMK410 2 aylar önce
Brent be like: phew, Pierson does not need to slime me.
@joedabate7431 6 aylar önce
I think number 3 is her mum SO JOYFUL to watch ❤❤❤ Brent be pointing out all the details
@user-ly1gg5mt3z 16 gün önce
I loved this video so Much!!!❤
@poojakasat9842 6 aylar önce
Hats off to Salish's mom for facing her fears just to entertain us.
@TheKidsChannel_YT 3 aylar önce
@brightonneiger9684 6 aylar önce
This was so sweet and fun I loved it!!!
@HeArt.138 6 aylar önce
Knew it from the 1st hug. It was just real! Happy Mothers Day!! I hope we get to see you some more. Sephora was funny b/c you were like "I like to shop for makeup with Salish. Then Say goes to foundation and you were like "oh no not those." Lol that was awesome!
@puffpat1937 2 aylar önce
The fact that Lauren had a face reveal in the video when Salish got braces😅❤❤ but I feel really proud that she stepped up
@sammygilroy Gün önce
Hello Salish , this is me Sarah . I am just telling you that your mum is perfect . No matter who she is on anything you are who you are . Tell your mum that love from Sarah
@lamarsroji3008 6 aylar önce
I'm sooo glad I finally met salish's mom, she is so sweet and generous. I really appreciate Lauren for being a great mother to Hudson and Salish. Love you all ❤️
@kaileyramirez949 6 aylar önce
It is 4
@PEKEBLUE4 6 aylar önce
@user-sw2xp8yc4h 6 aylar önce
@DarcyMcIntyre 6 aylar önce
@lindygale4475 6 aylar önce
Happy Mother’s Day how old are you Salish my name Aspen
@meredithleib699 5 aylar önce
I have always wanted to see her mom. She is really calm and really nice
@alainabarr-kz8hl 4 aylar önce
i love salishs mom she seems so sweer the vibe she gives off reminds me of my grandma and my grandmas like my favorite person
@yarisacummings8514 2 aylar önce
I knew Lauren was Lauren bc Salish is a little shy also and sometimes her voice is also as low as Lauren’s they’re adorable 😍
@Auttumns_Toca 6 aylar önce
This is amazing!!!❤💖😭A MASTERPIECE!!!🌼
@ameyahente244 Aylar önce
Dear lauren happy Mothers day i hope people found out who she is , lauren we love you😊 its 3 i seen her mom❤
@-jelly._.afton-3478 6 aylar önce
This made me tear up, as when I was growing up I didn’t have much of a loving mother as it was all, go do that, get higher grades, be a lady and all that. So it’s nice seeing these people and especially her mother have a good bond with Salish.
@teferieayalew8046 6 aylar önce
I har
@tonygentles5021 6 aylar önce
I love you 🎉 ❤
@CS_ChloeSamantha 6 aylar önce
Aww.... i can relate... its ok
@user-ou1cd6ey8i 6 aylar önce
@jeremiahstaropoli787 4 aylar önce
Thanks for the mom reveal❤ she looks so sweet.
@maiyagonsales4209 4 aylar önce
At the end it was so happy when she said it’s great to finally meet all of u, that almost made me cry
@BrigitteDuke 2 aylar önce
I knew number 3 was Salish’s mom from the start because I saw Salish with her when I was shopping for shoes! (To Salish) Hi Salish! I don’t think you remember me but I’m Brigitte!
@livvy5329 6 aylar önce
That is so cute and I'm really impressed and I really enjoy watching y'all ❤
@jessemccreery2662 Gün önce
I know what it feels like to pick a mom or dad or brother good luck brent rever
@tanishachoudhuri 6 aylar önce
It was wonderful to meet Salish's mom. She seems to be an amazing lady. And Jordan, can I just say, you are an amazing content creator, I had a smile throughout the video. This was so fun to watch!
@jessicagandi7893 6 aylar önce
I love that Salish's mom finally came 🎉
@joedabate7431 6 aylar önce
I’m so ashamed 😢 I didn’t watch this sooner btw I love your mum she looks so happy ❤
@divine_emiri 2 gün önce
The only way u can tell who's Salish's Mom is, is her face. As you can see, Salish looks absolutely like her Mom. And if you see carefully, you would see that her face is an absolute replica of her Mom.
@pink_flamingo8045 5 aylar önce
Literally I guessed her mom when I opened the video literally her talking style is like salish AND SALISH LOOKS LIKE HER MOM That was too easy 😂😂😂❤❤❤
@Skandle 2 aylar önce
Yes, finally get to meet your mom
@DebraRoberts-zb5gz 6 aylar önce
I kind of already knew it was one of the blond haired ones because of Salish’s gymnastics competition because it shows Lauren telling say say it was okay, she sounds like a very sweet mom❤️
@whydiditypedis8510 6 aylar önce
I knew it was 3 as soon as they first hugged, and then them shopping together just made me know for sure! Good way to finally show Salish's mom.
@Jordan_onTOP 6 aylar önce
Spoiler alert 😢
@Emsq_s1lly 6 aylar önce
pls say this is a spoiler alert
@shadowgameryt3547 5 aylar önce
@QuinnDestinyHrt 5 aylar önce
@@Emsq_s1llyit’s fine
@chibicharaters 2 aylar önce
I started crying so emotional 😭
@shivabhakth07 6 aylar önce
its great that Lauren's best friend came till the end because she knows Salish very well and loves her (can see that in her last conversation)
@AdamDuke-jm7sk 3 aylar önce
Can you make a video with Salish and Lauren go to Sephora?
@munirabuhejji4267 6 aylar önce
I have never seen Salish so emotional in a video before like omg this is so wholesomeand beautiful, so yeah and I want to say thank you salish's Mom for accepting Jordan or whoever convinced you to do the face reveal❤❤❤
@cozykitty6382 6 aylar önce
​@dontreadmyprofilepicture8300stfu this is a serious comment
@littlepinkpsgasis_littleda4734 6 aylar önce
I think number 3
@Jacksochannel 6 aylar önce
@awesomekids7228 6 aylar önce
@AyshaHaris-uy5of 6 aylar önce
I already knew it was number three cause Jordan showed Salish’s mom in a video where Salish was getting her braces😂❤
@muhammadawais4343 3 aylar önce
I loved watching and seeing Salish's mom after this video this is really relatable because my mom is also camera shy and after seeing this I said to my mom "even though I get more bigger no matter what I do you will always be my mom" and my mom started to cry
@AP-ky5ud 8 gün önce
I really like your videos keep the good work❤
@marlenyguzman524 6 aylar önce
Oh my god I am so happy I finally see Salish mom 😂 🎉❤
@The_Snezer 24 gün önce
Bro i thought he was going to say “if i don’t guess it right, Pierson is going to dump me.” 😮😂
GUESS THE DAD *Emotional*
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