How to Generate 537 Buyer Leads a Week on Facebook

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Systems Saturday

Systems Saturday

9 yıl önce

In today's Systems Saturday Session John Cochran will walk you through exactly how he generates a minimum of 537 Buyer leads EVERY single week just from Facebook. This strategy is Extremely hidden and a goldmine when he shows you how to target all these fresh and eager Real Estate Buyer Leads.



Julie Berry
Julie Berry 7 yıl önce
System Saturdays videos are great! I am new to RE investing so getting ready to start getting buyers and sellers list. So your videos are very informative thank you
FancyDiva 8 yıl önce
Great video! Very informative. I am more confident about my generating leads to my business after watching this video!
Delbert Moore
Delbert Moore 7 yıl önce
Great information John! You explained it very well, Thanks a lot!
Timothy Morris
Timothy Morris 5 yıl önce
Great information! Just starting back out in my own painting business on less than a shoe-string budget. I've been using a service that has the same clientele as C.L. and paying between fifteen to thirty dollars per lead in which five other competitors are spending the same and biding against me. Crazy! I cannot see this failing for the life of me. Need more people out there like you that are not selling this info. Can't wait to try it! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
Ryan Bonn Duadua
Ryan Bonn Duadua 8 yıl önce
Nice John! I am also doing that system and now building my Contact Database. Now closing 3 condominium units every month. Thank you for sharing this video.
Ted Peterson
Ted Peterson 5 yıl önce
Great video. Great content. Thanks for putting this out there!
Ricornellia Battiest
Ricornellia Battiest 5 yıl önce
Excellent Video! Well done my friend. Finally a video that's the most informative, yet BS and gimmicky free. Your video actually provide's clear concise instructions that can be duplicated with in minutes of watching. Thanks! I've been deep diving for such a simple system for 7 days on YTU (TRshow University)!.
Tatjana Mendez
Tatjana Mendez 6 yıl önce
You are the best real estate teacher I've found. Will watch all of your videos.
FOXBIZ 3 yıl önce
Hi r u in real estate
Flexxable 3 yıl önce
Really like your content! It's really helpful and I am learning a lot bywatching your videos. We have a lead generation business as well, would you be interested in connecting or maybe doing an informational video together? Let me know if you are interested, keep up the good work!
Ron Dobrosielski
Ron Dobrosielski 7 yıl önce
Thank you for the step by step explanation. I look forward to making it a part of my business this year.
Janet Ammirati
Janet Ammirati 5 yıl önce
Thank you for this. I've bookmarked the video. I'm still taking my real estate course, but looking into how to generate leads.
Rebel  Sky
Rebel Sky 5 yıl önce
Awrey's Marketing Solutions I'm agent Williams here to help u
Ruffles Ribbons N' Bows
Ruffles Ribbons N' Bows 8 yıl önce
This was excellent!!! Thanks so much for the great tips. I am applying this to business. :-)
Gustavo Marchesini
Gustavo Marchesini 8 yıl önce
John! Great video! Without a doubt one of the best I've seen so far! I've never noticed, but do we still get ads on Facebook mobile? What do you think about it? With kore and more users using Facebook on their phones, do you think that affects negatively your ratio? Thanks!
Coach CJ Arete
Coach CJ Arete 5 yıl önce
Man that was incredible. I'm not even in the RE business but this was still helpful. As a home business - social media coach, my question is.. >Should I select a group to target in my city to rum MY ads too or should I leave that ata blank?
LosMunoz730 5 yıl önce
this was such an amazing insider. Im young independent agent finishing up my second year in the industry. can you make a new video on how to create ads to generate insurance leads? Thanks
Mary Stead
Mary Stead 9 yıl önce
Thank you so much, excellent presentation! No, I have not done a facebook ad, but will now that you showed me how.
Bloggin Brandi
Bloggin Brandi 4 yıl önce
This is a great new twist on boosting ads. I've been dibbling into Facebook ads, but still learning.
TLC Real Estate (Teri London Corcoran)
TLC Real Estate (Teri London Corcoran) 3 yıl önce
I have never done this before. Thank you so much for your advice! I am going to try this now=)
Leon Sivils
Leon Sivils 4 yıl önce
Excellent video, very encouraging as I have never done facebook ads but now I will!
Kevin Buckalew
Kevin Buckalew 8 yıl önce
Thanks for walking me through each step John!
Systems Saturday
Systems Saturday 8 yıl önce
No problem Kevin!
Tadd Bass
Tadd Bass 7 yıl önce
Great info! Looking forward to trying your technique
john curcio
john curcio 6 yıl önce
Very helpful, thank you for your time on sharing this tip.
SweetOnyx aka RareGem
SweetOnyx aka RareGem 7 yıl önce
This really helped me alot...thanks again!
Loong91 6 yıl önce
incredibly informative!! thanks for the valuable infos.
ChampionResiduals 7 yıl önce
Thank you! Very valuable information.
Jayni P
Jayni P 8 yıl önce
Really great information. Thanks!
Tim WALLACE 7 yıl önce
Thank you for the insight sir. Much needed info.
Spook SEO
Spook SEO 9 yıl önce
Your video is very cool considering the fact that it definitely comes in a high definition. Another thing is that your voice is very clear for us to hear properly the words you are saying. Great! One more thing is that this video is very informative that it is impossible for me not to like this one. Great!
Dale Gwynn
Dale Gwynn 7 yıl önce
as usual awesome system professor.
Storytime W Kendra
Storytime W Kendra 5 yıl önce
Thanks for posting all of this info. It is really helpful and informative. While I quite enjoy the information and your presentation, the background music is seriously irritating. But, not enough for me to stop watching!
Doug G
Doug G 6 yıl önce
Thanks John! You're my Obi-One Kenobi. Definitely going to try this. Hope Facebook hasn't changed things up too much over the past 2 years.
Ronald M. Smith
Ronald M. Smith 7 yıl önce
Another good one. Thanks John!
john gleason
john gleason 7 yıl önce
Just watched your video, great stuff! I noticed you published it over 2 years ago - has there been any major changes to the system.
Viet Vu
Viet Vu 6 yıl önce
+Systems Saturday does suggestive bidding still works the same?
Systems Saturday
Systems Saturday 7 yıl önce
@john gleason we still use this system in our business today!
Glenroy Donaldson
Glenroy Donaldson 8 yıl önce
Great! I Really Love Your Expertise...
dolli999mixture 7 yıl önce
Thank you John - it's much appreciated! Am going to give this a try, but not sure how far I will get as We have a large property for sale here in Moray, Scotland [Postcode: AB556TE, 75 acres], so looking for tips for free advertising as costs are ridiculous here. If you have any more advice, I would love to hear them. Will keep you posted - Many thanks.
Systems Saturday
Systems Saturday 7 yıl önce
@dolli999mixture definitely keep us posted! It would be neat to compare the differences in our markets.
David Llewellyn
David Llewellyn 7 yıl önce
Great Video! I will start doing some advertising using your techniques.
Peter Callahan
Peter Callahan 7 yıl önce
I'm thinking this would work great for marketing a "Wholetail / Prehab " property to a new investors. We might enter "RE investing" in the interest section?
Tammy Magnuson
Tammy Magnuson 7 yıl önce
Thank you for the info!
Vixenthevoice 7 yıl önce
Great video, I never knew how to create the FB ads. Now I need to learn to make a squeeze page. Thanks
Greg Terrell
Greg Terrell 4 yıl önce
Great cant wait to build my first !!
Lisa Little
Lisa Little 9 yıl önce
I have never done a facebook ad, but after watching your presentation I am certainly going to give it a try.
7 yıl önce
I honestly cherished your video clip and got lots of significance from it. Go on with the good work!
Micka maillot
Micka maillot 5 yıl önce
Love your video mate! Just started in real estate as a sales representant for new houses! My goal is to become the best sales representant in australia. Thanks for the video, im sure it will make a difference! I would be hapy to get in touch with you. Micka.
Emily Alexander
Emily Alexander 4 yıl önce
Great Info, Thank you for sharing
Dr. Lise' Smith-Changing The Face of Leadership
Dr. Lise' Smith-Changing The Face of Leadership 5 yıl önce
thanks for the info... great video without a lot of fluff
Robert Smith
Robert Smith 6 yıl önce
Very helpful. I never thought it was that easy. I will give you a follow up.
Colby & Michele Myers
Colby & Michele Myers 7 yıl önce
Great video, Thanks for all the good info!
TMG* REGAL* 6 yıl önce
Andrii Smytsniuk
Andrii Smytsniuk 5 yıl önce
My company had used a lead generation software which gave us several thousands of leads in the industry we were targeting. Unfortunately, only 4 of them became our customers in the very end. But that still was a better result that SMM or ads were giving us. So now we just use 1000leads software with a bit of SMM.
Eddie Stevens
Eddie Stevens 5 yıl önce
Another fantastic Video! Thanks
Victor Moreno
Victor Moreno 8 yıl önce
wow!! this was great stuff man... thanks for sharing... didn't know this.
Thomas Brown
Thomas Brown 6 yıl önce
hello I do lease options, does this technique work for finding sellers? love all your work thanks for your help!
Steve Ahmed
Steve Ahmed 8 yıl önce
Thank you awesome video:)
Feed Ur Lawn Fertilizer Application Specialist
Feed Ur Lawn Fertilizer Application Specialist 4 yıl önce
Dude you're the best. Thanks!
clarityy 8 yıl önce
Great stuff. Thanks.
Bob McDermott
Bob McDermott 6 yıl önce
Aloha , Excellent Video. I learned a couple of very important things from this video. Regarding the audience selection in particular...good stuff. Worth the 20 minutes.
flame Campbell
flame Campbell 5 yıl önce
this is great i'm going to give it a try.
Michael Chatfield
Michael Chatfield 6 yıl önce
Great video, thank you for sharing
Harvey Buchanan Jr
Harvey Buchanan Jr 5 yıl önce
Good Video. Thank you for sharing. Very helpful.
Jennifer Hokett
Jennifer Hokett 5 yıl önce
Thank you for sharing. I will be doing this and will let you know the results!! Great VIDEO
Carlton Watkins Sr.
Carlton Watkins Sr. 8 yıl önce
Thanks John, this is very helpful. And no I have never try this , Yet. I will be trying this and I will let you know if I can get this to work for me as it has for you! Thanks again for your video.
Patrick Thomas
Patrick Thomas 3 yıl önce
Great job Sir
Jeff Wiresinger
Jeff Wiresinger 8 yıl önce
My goodness this was great !!!
Jamal rockaway
Jamal rockaway 4 yıl önce
I don't want to watch anyone else. Glad I stumbled on to you..great info. And I am totally new. And have clients ready to pay but I've yet to structure and campaigns
Ken Michalek
Ken Michalek 5 yıl önce
Great system! I enjoy your hands on of your marketing strategy.
Stephanie Green
Stephanie Green 7 yıl önce
Great video, John!!
Mario Marrero
Mario Marrero 5 yıl önce
Hi John I've just watched your video I learned a lot thank you
James Perry
James Perry 7 yıl önce
good stuff thank you, do you have any advice for creating leads people interested in Home Based Businesses? I know that's a different market, but sifting through sales pitches on TRshow is tiring so I'm just asking, thanks. John
Mike Brown - Broker
Mike Brown - Broker 8 yıl önce
John, thanks for sharing this video. I have not done much on Craigslist or FB however, I am now going to try your system. Best Regards, Broker Mike
Benjie Devera REALTOR
Benjie Devera REALTOR 7 yıl önce
Have you tried it @Mike Brown ? How has it worked for you so far?
Systems Saturday
Systems Saturday 8 yıl önce
No problem, Mike. Let me know what results you get!
1,000 FRESH GLOBAL LEADS DAILY! 5 yıl önce
Thank you!
Keith King
Keith King 6 yıl önce
Thanks again John, I have never done ad on facebook or any other place as of yet.
K. Joe Hill
K. Joe Hill 8 yıl önce
I have never used these adds. I would like to see how you got the contacted information.
Ted Peterson
Ted Peterson 5 yıl önce
Quick Question...Do you have any video's with tips on setting up your fan page on fb?
F. D Hill
F. D Hill 7 yıl önce
hello and thank you for sharing. i just created my ad etc. today. i have it set to start march 1-15, i am excited. Thank you again, i will let you know how it goes.
Camara & Co. - Real Estate Group
Camara & Co. - Real Estate Group 6 yıl önce
+Emmanuel Jean Baptiste
Rodrelle DeAndrade
Rodrelle DeAndrade 7 yıl önce
@F. D Hill i will try looking up how to make a page and once i fugure that out will then proceed with this option. I hope you dont mind me falling back to you if i have questions.
F. D Hill
F. D Hill 7 yıl önce
Well u need a sqeeze page..or u n Columbus (
Rodrelle DeAndrade
Rodrelle DeAndrade 7 yıl önce
@F. D Hill i believe i will try this out. But i have no squeeze page. And dont know how that works
F. D Hill
F. D Hill 7 yıl önce
@Real Estate Rod I got hits..only a handful opted in..
Thakur Reality
Thakur Reality 7 yıl önce
Hi, It is Really Very Nice Advice from you. Thanks
Systems Saturday
Systems Saturday 7 yıl önce
Thank you @Ugan Thakur glad you liked it.
Manny Rendon
Manny Rendon 5 yıl önce
Hi, Is this bidding system still same as the time you posted this video? I'm going to post my 1st campaign with $ 10 bid and I just wanted to start with 100 bucks for trial and error. Anyways, I want your green light to proceed with this. I don't want end up having 10 people clicking on my link and 100 bucks fly away. Please advise Tnx
Frednel Jean-Joseph
Frednel Jean-Joseph 5 yıl önce
wow - this is impressive - I need to learn this.
Wood490 8 yıl önce
Awesome and useful information.
Moses Yoon
Moses Yoon 5 yıl önce
xD Click through rate (CTR) should be 10% or higher). My cost per click is closer to 2 - 12 cents per click (not per engagement). Anything higher and I just kill the ad. This is not how to do Facebook ads in 2016. Install the facebook pixel, build up the audience. Don't mention anything that infers someone's financial status e.g. bad credit. as those ads will get flagged and your ad account can potentially get shut down. Run ads in the Facebook power editor. Bidding above doesn't work anymore. Letting Facebook choose your bid is better. Oh boy
Kent Lum
Kent Lum 5 yıl önce
Yaletown Marketing totally agree with you This guy knows nothing about Facebook ads
We Buy Myrtle Beach SC Houses
We Buy Myrtle Beach SC Houses 7 yıl önce
Does it work the same way if I am just starting out and have no inventory but am looking for cash buyers to flip properties to as I acquire them?
WALT D3 7 yıl önce
@We Buy Myrtle Beach SC Houses yes i want to know that also.
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