How To IMPROVISE - Lesson 1

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SPRPhilly Aylar önce
This is so beautiful. Disrgard the guitar, the singing, the music and you still have an amazing demonstration of how to be a father. You two bring tears to this 54 year old's eyes. Please sir, guard this little girl's endeavors.
Elise J
Elise J 2 gün önce
I think what they didn’t plan here…giving some adult females in the audience a bit of emotional healing watching this 10-year-old be brave and authentic scat singing with her father. This is really powerful.
Kevin Banks
Kevin Banks 4 gün önce
I love this talented and happy. A joy to watch her interaction with her dad. Beautiful relationship.
Low Aylar önce
Excellent well said
Kotorman Istvan
Kotorman Istvan Aylar önce
Same here. Rarely seen good connection between father and daughter. A joy to see.
mikeh66 Aylar önce
Russel Harmon
Russel Harmon Aylar önce
Hovak is hands down a great father and teacher. Nothing but positive encouragement for Ellen. My two favorite things he says in this video: "Play what sounds good to YOUR ears" and "You killed it!" He laughed at that moment with the same joy that his talented daughter does.
devolve42 Aylar önce
Such an excellent teacher.
Roopesh Lloyd Pratap Yerraguntla
Roopesh Lloyd Pratap Yerraguntla Aylar önce
robert akerman
robert akerman Aylar önce
Excellent Father, but I believe She answered "improvising" perfectly.
alfonso Pina
alfonso Pina Aylar önce
Oh, and he has a great amount of patience.
alfonso Pina
alfonso Pina Aylar önce
I had a non musical father and a slightly musical mother, but if they were even slightly like Hovak I would be a much better greater musician today. However in a much different way (non musically) my dad was just like this. All of us kids are very good at the things we do. And it's because a man, just like Hovak, was a teacher, a father, a mentor, a very good leader. This is why Ellen loves to play and will be far greater than anyone twice, three times her age. Leadership is the key!!!
84Strat Aylar önce
I am 61 years old and have been playing guitar for 50 years. My dad was a classical guitarist, and got me started. I had LOTS of sessions like this with my dad so I can REALLY appreciate how important this is to Ellen's development. You are a GREAT dad!
chasp044 Aylar önce
Just amazing how she absorbs Hovack's teachings! Your sessions are such a joy to watch!
darshan taroch
darshan taroch Aylar önce
Excellent teaching 🎸🎸🎸🎸
Don Szymanski
Don Szymanski Aylar önce
They definitely work well together.
Ryan Kelly
Ryan Kelly Aylar önce
Me too. I thought the analogy between music and speech was utterly brilliant!
Kevin Bacon
Kevin Bacon Aylar önce
You are a talented teacher, Hovak! What a great lesson on improvisation.
Richard Rolen
Richard Rolen Aylar önce
I love watching Ellen grow and learn. Thanks for letting all of us who had music in us and never learned to get it out share this wonderful adventure with her. What a joy she is!
Karsten R.
Karsten R. Aylar önce
This is the improvisation lesson I never had and wish I'd had it decades ago. I just took my bass from the wall, and sang, and played - what a joy! Thanks for sharing this lesson, and this precious moment with Ellen. Truly wonderful to see. And yes, she definitely killed it!
Pat Netherlander
Pat Netherlander Aylar önce
The utter connection between Hovak & Ellen is soooooo great to see and seeing it settle in. Where Hovak’s a blessing for Ellen to have as a musical teaching father, Ellen is a gem to all of us in how she learns and how she get’s exited about new learned stuff. So incredibly valuable! And very cute to watch also. Very nice exercise this and she picked it up very fast. Probably one of the most important lessons in playing: play by ear-training. Everyone should learn this lesson over and over again. Hovak you’re a master-teacher!
Noorah101 Aylar önce
I love these "lessons" videos because it shows the process. I like how he says "nothing is wrong, just be free". I struggle with improvising, so this was very helpful to me. Thank you for sharing the insight!
phantumdrummer Aylar önce
Hovak you are a master instructor. You truly understand Ellen and how to best build her talent. The method of singing first not only built up her thought skills, but by having her sing louder built her self esteem and courage. Particularly in a public setting. This is something that is missing in sooo many young girls lives. Playing their instrument is only part of the experience. Having the confidence to play what they feel is as important as knowing how to play.
Beat of Her Drum
Beat of Her Drum Aylar önce
I simply love you both ! So glad you are teaching her about improvising. She is such a great musician and she already has improvising skills.....Just adore her and her playing :-) She is blessed to have a dad like you 🙂
Eamonn Ryan
Eamonn Ryan Aylar önce
Awesome job hovak, she did a deadly job feeling it. Singing is the key to improvising and also she did better with her eyes closed. When she's not looking for validation she does better by not seeing you. Notice her shoulder was lifting when it felt good to her. Once she knocked off her sight she felt it more. Less conscious of your presence. She did awesome the more she does this the more she'll connect to the instrument
Randy Thomas
Randy Thomas Aylar önce
Amazing amount of knowledge Hovak has and is able to teach to Ellen. Then in less than 30 minutes Ellen is headed toward mastering this concept. Can't wait to see more of her improvisation journey.
Linden Johnson
Linden Johnson Aylar önce
Can we talk about the fact that I was apart of this lesson with Ellen!!?? I learned so much and was improvising along with her singing.. this is amazing and just unlocked so much for me. This little girl is gonna be a phenom in a Lil bit!.
Thickwrist McFist
Thickwrist McFist Aylar önce
Wow... She is so amazing... I feel as if i just watched her skill level increase by 2yrs just in this one video.... So proud of her!! Great Job, Dad!!!!
David M
David M Aylar önce
55 years young and I love this. Made me pick up the bass and play and sing, myself. Ellen is fantastic. Brilliant lesson Hovak 😊
Charlie Gerancher
Charlie Gerancher Aylar önce
Ellen does scat!! THIS is the perfect way to introduce improvisation. My guitar teacher would tell me to do this. Sing it first, then try to play it. Also, then try to sing and mimic an instrument. Keep rockin'!
AuralSonic Waves
AuralSonic Waves Aylar önce
So cool to watch someone so young learn how to improvise. I wish I had been exposed to this as a young musician. Great job Ellen and Hovak!
leonardo cartes
leonardo cartes Aylar önce
OMG! This brought tears to my eyes. I have three daughters, one of which is very good singer. I shared this with her.
Héctor Morales Moreno
Héctor Morales Moreno Aylar önce
Congratulations, Hovak! Great dad, great teacher, you are creating and molding a little and beautiful tiny monster. Ellen, in some point of your improvisation I discovered myself with a great-great emotion in my heart and soul. Thaks, and please, don't stop similing.
Jim Neumann
Jim Neumann Aylar önce
Her comment about improvising while talking not only surprised her dad, it was a brilliant (if unexpected) insight. ❤
cpunctn Aylar önce
Hovak is such a great teacher, she really let it loose at the end! ❤ Wow, what a beautiful voice! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🤩
pipeslide05 Aylar önce
Her grasp of music concept and construction is absolutely off the charts and it is because of the born genetic talent inside her and the incredible guidance from pop!! What a joy to watch her play and progress! We have a whole group of us here at work who are Ellen fans!! 😊
Christopher Amirian
Christopher Amirian Aylar önce
The last part was great! When Ellen closed her eyes it just fit all together. I didn't want the session to finish as I was enjoying so much ❤❤❤
The Fakers Critic
The Fakers Critic Aylar önce
I don't know if this will help. But I used to try and mimic the sounds of different instruments and then play what I envisioned their solos to sound like with my voice. It not only helped with playing, but made me a much better singer, helped with my timing, and pitch. The progression after that went to playing and singing the solos at the same time. Not everyone can do that. It is a great skill to have though. I started teaching myself to do this when I was around Ellen's age. I had no one to teach me. It just came to me one day. It became an invaluable skill set to teach others with. From that point forward I could practice in my head without the instrument being around. You are a great teacher Horvath. I wish I had someone like you when I was coming up. You go Ellen!
Marat B
Marat B Aylar önce
Hovak, you are a brilliant teacher. I learned more about improvisation from this half hour than a year of music school. Ellen picks up on the whole concept very readily, which is truly fascinating to watch. Just amazing.
Ryan Kelly
Ryan Kelly Aylar önce
Improvisation -- a major step in the progression of any aspiring young musician. This excites me more than perhaps any of Ellen's other videos. Like a flower, she blooms -- musically.
Alvaro Osorio Reyes
Alvaro Osorio Reyes Aylar önce
EXCELLENT WORK...!!! Congratulations to both... Thank you very much for sharing...!!! It's exciting to see her grow as a musician... Seeing her eyes I have the feeling that I understand how she is thinking...!!! Long live your channel... Greetings from Uruguay...!!! PS: Excuse my Google-English...!!!
Bill Slike III
Bill Slike III Aylar önce
That was an amazing lesson. Great ideas for my own improvement as well as for teaching my own padawan (aka grandson). Ellen awesome job. Killed it - you did indeed (read that in yoda's voice).
JustJames Aylar önce
That was Great. I'd never thought of 'singing' over a backing track to create a lead or improvising. It seems so obvious once you are told. Thanks
Andrew Williamson
Andrew Williamson Aylar önce
What a lesson!! I've been taught to sing it before playing it, but never at the same time! What a great idea to connect the mind with the notes. And Ellen just soaked it up...
Dale Lemac
Dale Lemac Aylar önce
Amazing! I’ve also learned a lot on improv. Thank you guys 😄
Jorge Potente
Jorge Potente Aylar önce
Very, very nice work. It is a privilege to see how a musical talent is educated and formed. Applause from argentina!!!!!
Jordan Paulino
Jordan Paulino Aylar önce
I've never been able to "improvise"... I've been a bass players for years now... I've been learning by myself and the internet. I just want to say: this is the first time I actually feel like I can improvise. Thank you so much for this video. Such a good vibe and feeling.
Garet Konigsfeld
Garet Konigsfeld Aylar önce
I think my favorite part of watching you guys is how much she looks for your approval. That says alot about you as a father, teacher and mentor. Thanks for sharing 👍.
Life Environments
Life Environments Aylar önce
So many lessons being taught here - so many stories being told. Hovak has so many more students other than his daughter learning something beautiful right now. The world is a better place with both of you in it! Thank you for such a delightful distraction. 😋
Sahara Music
Sahara Music Aylar önce
Vous êtes vraiment un très bon formateur et la petite fille a une très belle voix! Bravo à vous deux. C’est magnifique
Headspace Aylar önce
Outstanding! Your teaching her but I’m learning as well. I’ve been playing bass for decades and still learning new things. You sir have been blessed to have this relationship with your daughter! 😊
Jim Philidor
Jim Philidor Aylar önce
Ellen is amazing! Such a great approach to learning improvisation.
tiburce lalou
tiburce lalou Aylar önce
Very impressive combination of talents : the teacher with the perfect approach and the talent as an open minded response .
The DDHunters
The DDHunters Aylar önce
One of my favorite channels to see when updated videos are available. I have 3 daughters of my own, and I just love my precious moments with them. I wish I could have captured all of them on video, but most of them are locked away in memories only. Seeing you get these once in a lifetime moments with Ellen is so fun and amazing to watch. Thanks for sharing them. Seeing you two interact is entertaining, but it's also just really neat to watch. We are watching her become a skilled player and learn the craft in real-time. So so cool. Love it!
Darren DeMarr
Darren DeMarr Aylar önce
I love watching you two interacting together, I've been playing for a long time and still find alot of value in your videos, I am constantly learning different things from you
Jack Orwosky
Jack Orwosky Aylar önce
This is so cool!! Your father is a great teacher and you are really good student Ellen
Franz Nicolay
Franz Nicolay Aylar önce
Great improv lesson. The next important step to recognize is that the mind has done the training well, and now the mind needs to be put in the background, to let the Heart take the lead in a Direct Link to the vocals and fingers. Intuition is led from the heart.
TripleTriggers Band
TripleTriggers Band Aylar önce
We are very proud of you Ellen!! Listen closely to your Dad, he is pouring his live and talent into you. You are doing wonderful!!!!! Rock on!!
Michael WasHere
Michael WasHere Aylar önce
Ellen, that was impressive. I would say you aced that first lesson. Hovak, thank you for everything you do teaching her and sharing the videos for us to see. I sure wish I could be in Las Vegas on Oct 1st to see her play if that is still happening.
Reuben Kinsey
Reuben Kinsey Aylar önce
This is so awesome, a great teaching video, absolutely off the chain, she is such an inspiration to all of us , your a wonderful Dad with a beautiful and talented daughter, God bless you and your family 🙂✌️🎸
pavel kratochvíla
pavel kratochvíla Aylar önce
Improvisation expresses the artist´s current mood, well-being or unwellness, state of mind. You both do a great job, Ellen and Hovak 💞💞🤩🤩
Edgard Moreira
Edgard Moreira Aylar önce
Lindo demais ellen seu professor é incrivel, muito bom. Essa aula de impriviso acabei pegando meu violao e improvisei juntos com voces . amei a aula.
Mike Rudolph
Mike Rudolph Aylar önce
Ellen you did a fantastic job improvising. It sounded great. I could tell you had a lot of fun learning this with your Dad. And what a great lesson it is. You can take any key now have a riff in your head and play it. Very cool 😎 love watching you learn because I’m learning guitar 🎸 myself and practice right along with you and your Dad. Keep smiling having fun as you learn. Your a great inspiration to many. 😀
okarab Aylar önce
Awesome talented kid with guidance from a true professional. Ellen is destined to be an accomplished bass player and artist.
Tyger Eyes
Tyger Eyes Aylar önce
Ellen! Awesome job! You are an amazing young lady with so much joyful spirit and talent to share with the world. I am so happy for you *and* you have a lot of reasons to be proud of yourself. Hovak you do such a wonderful job with your daughter and are careful even in minor corrections to be positive and offer reasons “if you play it picks up bass not my voice” - thank you for sharing these lessons. It’s a positive example of good parenting, and a joy to watch Ellen and her spirit as she masters her instrument all the best.
Neal Armstrong
Neal Armstrong 6 gün önce
This is SO good! Not only is it a demonstration of a perfect introduction to the concept of improvisation, it is a demonstration of the perfect loving, encouraging dad-daughter relationship and my face is hurting from smiling so much!
tonemnster Aylar önce
She's got great talent and you're doing an incredible job directing and honing it as her teacher and mentor. Introduce her to the incredible *Esperanza Spalding,* a master at improvising bass and scat singing counterpoint lines against it, plus her voice is incredible (5x Grammy winner). I recommend *Emily's D+Evolution* and *Radio Music Society.*
rafael berastain
rafael berastain Aylar önce
Great video! Improvising is the most fun thing to do when playing an instrument. It's fun watching a great teacher teach an even better student. I feel like Ellen got the idea from the beginning and was just ready and waiting to rip on her bass. Great stuff! Edit: The singing and playing at the same time is gold. I still can't do that. Great, great lesson.
Dave Sharpe
Dave Sharpe Aylar önce
I was improvising right along with her. Great video. Helped me with my guitar playing. Thank you! ✌🎸🎶😊
John Clark
John Clark Aylar önce
Just to say how amazing Ellen is and what a talented young lady she is. The Love between a father and daughter is' too much for words. She is on the right track for a wonderful future.
Charles Magos
Charles Magos Aylar önce
I follow you on FB, I'm actually learning from watching your journey. I'm an average bassist for 43 yrs. Playing in various bands, playing almost all styles over the years. It's so cool to watch, what I could only wish I'd had to guide me. A dad who was a musician. I'm using some of what I'm seeing you learn to get better myself. You are going to be Amazing!!! Your Dad is an awesome teacher.
francisco antonio
francisco antonio Aylar önce
That was so freaking nice 😀👍 I would have loved being taught by a teacher like Hovak when I was a teenager, I used to have a teacher who only made me playing stuff written on the paper haha
A VH Aylar önce
It's great to see unbridled talent through the eyes of a child with no preconceived notions or biases! I hope she continues into adulthood unleashes all her potential in the instrument! AMAZING! Thank you! P.S. that pickguard and control cover plate on that bass is sick!!!!
Blow-by-Blow Aylar önce
This was such a joy to watch. Fantastic introduction to improvisation. Ellen you are amazing!
Thank you for this video and your good vibrations, it makes me want to try. Greetings from France. :)
dcal0216 Aylar önce
Ellen, what a wonderful treasure you are for everyone. Have fun with improv. Its the ultimate musical expression. You have the heart to go beyond the galaxy, musically speaking of course. Thank you Hovak for being a gr8 dad and a most excellent teacher!!!!!!!
Bruce Edwards
Bruce Edwards Aylar önce
I love your teaching style. What a joy to watch.
Todd Lavigne
Todd Lavigne Aylar önce
To see a father so involved in his child's life is so heart warming. Ellen is so lucky to have a father like this, and he in turn was gifted with such a nice kid
Bill Bedford
Bill Bedford Aylar önce
What an incredible video!! Man, this was awesome!! I want to expand and improvise on my comment but that may become a “ramble”! Lol! Seriously great video in so many ways!!
Darrell Curry
Darrell Curry Aylar önce
You're an awesome learner, Ellen and that's good singing along with the track that your dad is playing and you have a nice voice!! Ellen, you're going to be the best in the future!! 🎵🎶❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😊
John Cougar
John Cougar Aylar önce
Love this ... I share my passion for music with my kids, and my son has gone next-level with drumming and song writing. Kids are awesome! ❤
Anzhela SH
Anzhela SH Aylar önce
Awesome! I'm gonna learn to improvise this way too.
Brad Mac Farlane
Brad Mac Farlane 5 gün önce
WOW! I've heard Jacob Collier teach the same lesson, but when you said "you don't worry about not knowing that notes to play;" it just made sense. Thank you for this great lesson. Can't wait to see the rest of the series.
EA - Guitar
EA - Guitar 12 gün önce
Great lesson ! As music and guitar teacher, I will use this method to work with my students ! Loved it. And congratulation to Ellen, her playing is very good and her music skills impressive for her age. Love her joyce too :) Keep playing girl.
Walter Zelinski
Walter Zelinski Aylar önce
You don't realize how good that was when you started with the singing improv. Amazing! A natural for sure.
Scott McGregor
Scott McGregor Aylar önce
This is an awesome example of the definition and example of improvisation. Hovac, you are a gifted teacher that knows how to "get the hay down from the loft so the cows can get to it" ( my grandpa's way of making something easy to understand). Many of my favorite bands from the past and currently"jam" and create some of their best music. I believe improvisation is where one can discover and develop a wider musical vocabulary. (authors are only as good as the words that they know and use).
tiefendrifter Aylar önce
shes totally in the mood of the track and wow she has soul and even if all notes were not quite right she sang incredible!!!! I play since about 40 years guitar and started playing when i was about 12 years old but she is far beyond me ... keep on ellen, you´re special *smile
John Burris
John Burris Aylar önce
Great job on teaching her to improvise she's got it already. You guys are awesome team
The Sound Test
The Sound Test Aylar önce
Wow! That singing along to the track before even playing was amazing! This girl has got ear and soul, and her father is really helping her channel it. Beautiful.
dodo13500 Aylar önce
OMG This is wonderful. A great teacher, a great student, a great father, a great daughter. This is love and talent, all the way around!
Fred Aldridge
Fred Aldridge Aylar önce
Ellen that was fantastic , I lived in England for 30 years before coming back to America about 4 years ago,I used to work with a Scottish fellow. He used to write music for documentaries for the BBC I used to watch him build a track from nothing to a fully working song in sometimes as little as ten minutes. Ellen the way you dad teaches is fascinating. At 10 years old you are truly an amazing talent 👏👏👏👏👍👍
David Jacobs
David Jacobs Aylar önce
OMG this is a great lesson for learning bass as an old guy! Love these two.
CodeBleu724 Aylar önce
I see where you're going with this! I need to show this to my 21 year old son who plays guitar and bass. This is the coolest lesson not only in improv, but for scales in general.
Darryl Allen
Darryl Allen Aylar önce
Hey, I want that backing track!!!! I was doing my own improvising and what a fun beat it has. Love it, and love following Ellen. She's amazingly talented.
Sidney Apolinario Gonçalves
Sidney Apolinario Gonçalves Aylar önce
Que lindesa, vejo os videos dela a tempos e acho uma fofura. Parabéns pelas aulas do mestre...
Andy Hinds
Andy Hinds Aylar önce
This is an absolutely amazing lesson! Your father is a fantastic teacher and a huge inspiration to me and I'm 55!
kellicos Aylar önce
Just amazing! You two inspire me and I’m sure many other musicians of all ages everywhere.
Jeff Malloy
Jeff Malloy Aylar önce
Sooo much admiration and respect for this man as a father and mentor and this brave uninhibited young woman. Someone must be slicing an onion because my eyes are watering. The trust and mutual respect between these two is palpable. Such an inspiration!
Jailton Medeiros
Jailton Medeiros 25 gün önce
Muito bom... lapidado para tonar uma jóia perfeita. Sou muito fã desse criaturinha.👏👏👏👏
Fedensio Bernal
Fedensio Bernal Aylar önce
Ellen is going to be an amazing artist as she learns more and expresses herself thru music I can't wait to hear more from her but her father also who I think is an awesome guitar player himself.
Scott Rowe
Scott Rowe Aylar önce
Ellen is not just a really talented musician; she's also a very cool kid. I'm older than Hovak and don't have any kids, but if I did I'd want them to be every bit as creative, and fun-loving, and imaginative as Ellen. I'm cheering for you, girl! Do as your dad says and play that funky bass!💯🤙
greer Aylar önce
Excellent teacher hovak. She is playing what she feels. You ask people to do that and you will get a different version for each person
Compete ToDefeat
Compete ToDefeat Aylar önce
Young lady is amazing, keep up the great work. Hope she still has videos coming out in the future, would love to see what she plays like years from now.
pflick13 Aylar önce
I always feel like I won't get some serious tone from my bass. Then I watch your channels and realize I can! Your channel is amazing! So much to be learned, so much practice to participate in!!Thanks for your efforts!
David Allette
David Allette Aylar önce
Great job! It's always a pleasure to see Ellen's progress. Keep up the great work!❤️
ADK Ed Aylar önce
Its amazing to see what you can do at such a young age...I cant wait to see what the next 10 years will bring you...🥰
Mark Jolley
Mark Jolley Aylar önce
3:02 "... because improvising isn't just in music, right now we're improvising talking." Absolutely spot on, what an amazing association.
Carl Silverman
Carl Silverman Aylar önce
It's so amazing how quickly she catches on! Well done! I would be totally lost.
Joseph Pierce
Joseph Pierce Aylar önce
You know I learn from both of you. You are amazing Ellen and Hovak.
Yves SALES Aylar önce
love this exercice and how dad pushes you to free yourself from unassurance and carcan ... love your way to seek approval in dad's eyes ... and how he guides you out of the frames ... you're both amazing guys !!
dohdje schwagneesh
dohdje schwagneesh Aylar önce
Man! What a great video! I learn so much from you! But it also so fun to watch you and Ellen! You are a great dad and clearly Ellen loves learning from you! Thank you, I love Ellen’s channel and congrats on her 100,000 subscribers!!!
Philip Dickey
Philip Dickey Aylar önce
You can improvise Ellen, just don’t compromise the music, and I agree your father is a great teacher, and he must be very proud of you.
CrispyRobot77 Aylar önce
A great lesson in improvisation for any age player. Definitely hearing some Average White Band influence in the improvs starting at 10:16 :)
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