Viral: The Origin of Covid 19 | Matt Ridley | EP 310

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Jordan B Peterson

Jordan B Peterson

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Dr Jordan B Peterson and Matt Ridley go in depth to explore the Covid 19 outbreak, scrutinizing the lack of criticism, the inherent red flags widely accepted as benign, the possible motive for a multi-government cover up, and ultimately the demise of the scientific enlightenment as it bends to a more fearsome pandemic: totalitarianism.
Matt Ridley is a British writer, journalist, and public speaker. His books collectively have sold over a million copies, and have been translated into 31 languages. His books include The Red Queen, The Origins of Virtue, Genome, Nature via Nurture, Francis Crick, The Rational Optimist, The Evolution of Everything, and How Innovation Works. He is also frequently published in the Wall Street Journal, and in the Times (London), as a columnist. As a speaker, Ridley has seen over two million views for his TED talk, “When Ideas Have Sex.” Ridley focuses on the area of science for his writings, and held the role of science editor at the Economist for nine years.
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- Chapters -
(0:00) Coming up
(1:31) Intro
(4:25) The origin of the Covid 19 outbreak
(7:39) Adapted for humans
(11:42) Immediate effectiveness
(13:50) Inserted genetic information
(16:29) Early concerns of engineering, the pangolin problem
(20:00) Reputation management, potential cover up
(25:00) The smoking gun, Project Defuse
(28:24) The impossibility of ethical science in a totalitarian country
(33:50) When presumptions don’t add up
(37:00) Framing the pandemic as political, a distraction
(45:16) 80,000 animals tested in Wuhan, 0 infected
(50:30) The lack of criticism for the Chinese government
(53:53) Potential darkness, spreading totalitarianism
(57:03) China envy, recalling the USSR
(1:01:23) Other possible motives
(1:05:24) The sad evolution of scientific inquiry
(1:09:30) The demise of the enlightenment
(1:17:15) The antagonism between religion and science
(1:22:07) Truth over consequence
(1:28:01) The conflation of religion as a faith and as an institution
(1:36:00) The spirit of inquiry
(1:38:37) Dawkins; not seeking the answer, following the questions
(1:43:20) The truth will set you free
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leonard peters
leonard peters 9 aylar önce
When an airplane crashes or a bridge collapses, there is a 2 year investigation to determine what lead to the catastrophe. The fact that there is not a full out investigation into something that killed 20 million people is beyond unacceptable and is only criminal.
Art of Taxidermy
Art of Taxidermy 3 aylar önce
We need more people like Jordan Peterson in our lives. His knowledge is feeding the truth to us on a daily basis.
N. C.
N. C. Aylar önce
I appreciate JP also but it is his guests that add to the knowledge. ❤
iAmNothingness Aylar önce
Be one
Meth Salad
Meth Salad 5 aylar önce
What a respectful and informative dialog between these two... the world needs more and more of this 👏🏻
Sneaky Press
Sneaky Press 3 aylar önce
Very good except the ‘post-modernism’ discussion. This has no bearing upon science, or discussions regarding the true origin of Covid-19. The same with politics and money, no relation to science or truth.
Peter Van Kas
Peter Van Kas 3 aylar önce
America 1961
Faysal El Addouti
Faysal El Addouti 3 aylar önce
Believing in contagion is a common superstition. There's no contagion. The first person who became sick didn't get sick by contagion. Allah created his disease. The second person that gets the same disease got it just like how the first person got it, so there's no contagion. The prophet Muhammad said that there's no contagion (contagion means "'Adwaa" in Arabic), and the prophet said to a bedouin, "Then who conveyed the disease to the first one?". (source: al-Bukhari, nr. 5717) This question was a rhetorical question of the prophet Muhammad. He meant thereby that since the first one didn't get the disease through contagion, then that's also the case with the second one who gets the disease. At-Tahawi (239 AH - 321 AH) said in his book "Sharh Ma'ani al-Athar" (شرح معاني الآثار), volume 4, page 310: "So the messenger of Allah - may Allah bless him and grant him peace - already denied contagion." Ibn Abi Ad-Dunya said in his book "Islahu-lmaal" (إصلاح المال لابن أبي الدنيا), number of the narration is 321: And through him Shu'bah informed us, from Habib bin Ash-Shahid, who said: I heard Ibn Buraydah who said: Salman used to work with his hand, then he would buy with it food, then he would invite lepers, then they would eat with him. (the chain of the narration is correct (sahih)) Salman in the narration is Salman al-Farisi (the Persian), who was the companion of the prophet Muhammad. Note: A leper is a person who has leprosy. Superstitious people consider leprosy to be a contagious disease. In the book "Sahih Ibn Hibban", number of the narration is 6087: Muhammad bin Ishaq bin Ibrahim Mawla Thaqif informed us who said: Mujahid bin Musa al-Mukharrimi narrated to us, who said: Yunus bin Muhammad narrated to us, who said: Mufadhil bin Fadhala narrated to us, from Habib bin Ash-Shahid, from Muhammad bin al-Minkadir, from Jabir bin 'Abdullah, who said: The prophet - may Allah bless him and grant him peace - took by the hand of a leper, then he brought it (the hand) in with him in the bowl and said: «Eat in the name of Allah, confidently in Allah and trusting in him». (Ibn Hibban considered the chain of the narration to be correct (sahih), hence why it's in his book "Sahih Ibn Hibban") Musannaf Ibn Abi Shaybah, number of the narration is 25011: Abu Bakr narrated to us who said: Waki' narrated to us about Sufyan about Abu Bukayr about 'Ikrimah who said: A leper sticked to Ibn 'Abbaas, so I said to him: You stick to a leper? He (Ibn 'Abbaas) said: Then go, then perhaps he's better than me and you. (the chain of the narration is authentic (sahih))
Paladin Painter
Paladin Painter 2 aylar önce
you know you need me in your life, man
Addie Coelman
Addie Coelman 16 gün önce
​@Faysal El Addouti your comment doesn't make sense.
Arama Hamiora Davis
Arama Hamiora Davis 3 aylar önce
Six months overdue, but this was such a great verbal, intellectual, insightful discourse that ticks off many of the views that have sat in the core recess of my mind and now feeling rather liberated to some extent.. quite refreshing and super glad to have found this video. You are a treasure to us Mister Peterson. Thank you for sharing the light and Godspeed. 😎🤙
Inta Gansone Waylett
Inta Gansone Waylett 3 aylar önce
Years overdue
Ivonne Herrera
Ivonne Herrera 6 aylar önce
I'm so greatful to this conversation! Truth over "Polítical Correctness" should be an ethical path for the building of human knowledge, over all cience...Thank You both!
Paladin Painter
Paladin Painter 2 aylar önce
Ultra Top God Level
Iridescentsquids Aylar önce
Did you just say “truth” above science? Lol
Gilbert Lopez
Gilbert Lopez 7 gün önce
You can spell science without an s and it’s the same word
SYD NQV 5 aylar önce
I am so proud of Jordan Peterson, who was denied to be a professor, so he used that "set-back" and made himself available to lots of us, instead of being limited to a few students in one college. God bless him and people of his kind!! Love and respect you Mr. Peterson. I wish we could do more to support you.
Sherri Godbey
Sherri Godbey 3 aylar önce
I echo your opinion and truthful observation!
Iridescentsquids 3 aylar önce
He retired from his tenured position at Univ of Toronto. Please don’t evoke God and lie in the same breath.
Travis Dopler
Travis Dopler 3 aylar önce
It's exactly because of his persecution that he has spread to the world.!
Iridescentsquids 3 aylar önce
@Travis Dopler he wasn’t fired. He retired. There’s no need to exaggerate (or lie). It generally backfires.
MainstreamTRT 9 aylar önce
This video should have a 100 million views. Its insane how much faith people have in the media
Karen Kline
Karen Kline 9 aylar önce
Billion views
Mayan Boricua • 9y ago
Mayan Boricua • 9y ago 9 aylar önce
It's not faith. It's a cultivated apathy. Who wants to talk politics anyways?
Jordan Ellis
Jordan Ellis 9 aylar önce
Peterson is one of the most promoted and funded personalities on the internet
Benjamin Stewart
Benjamin Stewart 9 aylar önce
@Mayan Boricua • 9y ago Well said.
JD H 7 aylar önce
Thank you so much Dr. Peterson. I have followed your lectures for many years. I am an independent, critical thinker, and grateful for your work and how you have been able to get it out to the masses which has allowed me to review, research, think, and apply.
Cobar53 4 aylar önce
The fact that these two wonderful men have given us this discussion is s true gift
Travis Dopler
Travis Dopler 3 aylar önce
Agreed..simply fantastic!
Lara Palma
Lara Palma 3 aylar önce
Lol they're not
ivica 3 aylar önce
Michael Guitar
Michael Guitar 6 aylar önce
This was an amazing discussion of you two guys. While listening to Jordan's attempt to liken the spirit of religion to that of science, I had to think of Category Theory in mathematics. The attempt to map one object and it's properties of a given domain to another object with similar (but transformed) properties in another domain. Fascinating! I wonder how far one can spin this and where this might lead to. Thank you for sharing this with us!
Jiri Slavicek
Jiri Slavicek 7 aylar önce
I am personally convinced that the pandemic was a consequence of a lab leak. But even if that was not the case, the conduct of the government's and scientific community is appalling and deeply worrying.
Erik Burney
Erik Burney 15 saatler önce
I agree with your premise, however when Covid became a story it was quickly pressed into service as means to damage Trump, as Rahm Emmanuel famously quipped "Never let a crisis go to waste."
Javier Bradford
Javier Bradford 3 aylar önce
When I worked at the Dental Research Center. I was amazed by a book written by Matt Ritley, I consider him a true and honest author, my advice read it and you will learn a lot of truthful and easy-to-understand information, I congratulate Jordan Peterson for this wonderful interview. On a matter of extreme importante.
Jordan 2 aylar önce
Which book was it?
starksenterprises 9 aylar önce
Jordan Peterson truly is a treasure. He really believes in finding the truth, no matter the cost. God Bless this man.
PICK IT & IT'LL NEVER HEAL 9 aylar önce
Absolutely 💯 percent correct.
Tyler Rothmeyer
Tyler Rothmeyer 9 aylar önce
Yes. I would be pressed to find an example of someone who is willing to put nothing above the truth like JBP. This man is priceless.
Katrina King
Katrina King 9 aylar önce
One of the best intellectuals of our time! Love him!👍
PICK IT & IT'LL NEVER HEAL 9 aylar önce
@Tyler Rothmeyer Agree
Jon H
Jon H 9 aylar önce
Unless it requires criticism of gods chosen tribe.
Anh Tài
Anh Tài 2 aylar önce
I’m a non native English speaker, and I love this show so much, people are articulated
Kyle Riddle
Kyle Riddle 7 aylar önce
I truly belive Dr. Peterson has one of the greatest minds ever to be born on this earth.
george sibley
george sibley 5 aylar önce
but he knows nothing about viruses.
Kyle Riddle
Kyle Riddle 5 aylar önce
@george sibley What certifies you as a reliable judge of who does or doesn't know about viruses? Apparently no one had a clear understanding of viruses.
Susanna Bonke
Susanna Bonke 3 aylar önce
Surely better than Elon Musk's .
Dr.Rhy†hm 3 aylar önce
@george sibley That is why he invited someone that does, your point?
Susanna Bonke
Susanna Bonke 3 aylar önce
Always a pleasure to follow an intelligent discussion.
Kimberly 5 gün önce
Thank you Dr Jordan Peterson and Mr Matt Ridley for an outstanding discussion. I could have listened to you both for hours. Very informative and educational. Thank you again. Kimberly
Ella J
Ella J 3 aylar önce
I know this is a serious topic, but I love seeing Jordan laugh. ! Always a treat to see Such an adorable smile and giggle come out of a rational serious Scholar
Gary Michael Flanagan
Gary Michael Flanagan 9 aylar önce
This should be a 15 second podcast. It’s unfortunate that no one is held accountable for one of the worst acts of worldwide terrorism in the 21st century. I hope people who can dig in to this are paying attention.
5 O'clock Shadowbanned
5 O'clock Shadowbanned 9 aylar önce
That pea sea are thing maybe ?
Manusha 9 aylar önce
Exactly! The responsible people should be charged with crimes against humanity. Absolutely gutted the global economy not to mention the people who died 😢
El Evans
El Evans 9 aylar önce
If every church and every 'celibrity' would have used their power to tell people the truth, the media would not have been able to do what they did and still do. It looks to me that too many powerful people and organizations sold their soul to the devil long time ago. I channel my power to love so intensively that evil can not exist any more within all this love. Even so the majority of humans has been unknowingly programmed, conditioned and brain washed, LOVE IS STILL THE STRONGEST POWER THAT HOLDS US TOGETHER.
Bill Billson
Bill Billson 9 aylar önce
Yah. "The bio-weapon got out."
Gino mazzei
Gino mazzei 3 aylar önce
I love watching Peterson in a discussion with others. He actually presents a pertinent idea very germane but then immediately without missing a beat presents the original idea PLUS its response. Gemini is the ultimate master of dual mutability. Great fun to watch him dance.
The 11th Vault
The 11th Vault 7 aylar önce
A captivating discussion! The concept of the 'spreading' of indoctrinated thought patterns such as totalitarianism is becoming evident by the politicisation of science. Such a powerful manner of segregating and stultifying scientific discussion by individual perceptions of political ideology applied to the subject matter is one way of impeding the natural free-association nature of thought processes. One could also look to how the contemporary categorisation of almost any topic has moved from a gendered argument to one of bipolar politics: it has a greater potential of limiting the scope of each side's argument to the limited ideologies embraced by the political perspective.
lotte peniel
lotte peniel 3 aylar önce
Thank you for giving us a true snd lifegiving discussion and explanation for that terrible pandemic the world suffered under.
Kathy Evans
Kathy Evans 6 aylar önce
Thank you, Dr. Peterson, for your persistence in finding truth. You're intelligent conversations with highly-qualified professionals are much appreciated!
thomas lesc
thomas lesc 3 aylar önce
Merci! Pour mieux diffuser, il faudrait la possibilité d'un sous-titrage en différentes langues possibles. Pour ma part en français pour une plus large diffusion. C'est très important de diffuser largement la vérité cachée.
Candice Tenga
Candice Tenga 2 aylar önce
En effet!!! Les révélations faites sur ce dossier sont tellement pertinentes, et méritent d'être entendues par plusieurs audiences.
Nyanko 9 aylar önce
Dr Montagnier in France said from the beginning that the virus was not of natural origins and when he died, he wasn't paid a single homage by the state. He was utterly ostracized and forgotten for his denial of the BS the state had been telling people. He was a nobel prize winner and a great man. It pains me to this day to see how they treated him.
lp 9 aylar önce
let the record show that he also stated in an interview that aids may just be a"harmless passeger virus"
Dr. Tyler Durden
Dr. Tyler Durden 9 aylar önce
@lp it has been suggested that the AIDS virus shows up in individuals who are severely compromised and is not the cause but more than anything else, is opportunistic of an HIV infection. Please see and find interview from Kary Mullis and his talk about HIV and AIDS. More shenanigan's afoot here as well. Please dont discount Dr Montagnier, who knows this stuff inside and out, (viruses etc) without really doing very deep dive.
L Carter
L Carter 9 aylar önce
Kim Larso
Kim Larso 9 aylar önce
@lpyou were supposed to read between the lines…..harmless til it isn’t
Doudou WANG
Doudou WANG 7 aylar önce
Dear professor, I haven’t come to your channel for a while, because my VPN hasn‘t worked very well since last October. I now live in China, in Beijing. I just want to say that I like not only your points of view but also and even more, your way of thinking…and I am also a loyal reader to Dostoevsky. I have few people here to communicate with, which is sad but I fortunately got use to it. I would like to tell you and your audience that in this suffocating country, I still strive to maintain independent thinking, I do my best to get access to forbidden knowledges, I express my views bravely to the others( even if they don’t understand and have no will to do so) and I still believe in truth and justice. Maybe there are not many people like me, but after all, I’m still here. I don‘t think I can awaken others, my people live in misery but still they are grateful for all the government has done and all the lies been told. I am chained, just like everybody else in this country, but I know that deep inside my heart and mind are still free. And I shall never give it up to the totalitarians.
Largemollusk91 🏳️‍🌈⃠
Largemollusk91 🏳️‍🌈⃠ 4 aylar önce
Wow, i hope you get your vpn working good again!
Smokey the Wizard
Smokey the Wizard 4 aylar önce
I feel you and am going through it with you. We are not alone, we will beat this, especially with thinking like yours, because in the end nobody can really take our light because the moment they do they will come crumbling down because we are all one. Dive deep, soar high, become infinite! I love you!
lotte peniel
lotte peniel 3 aylar önce
You are not alone. God is watching over you, and He will make a way for you. Keep on going forward even if people around you don't understand. Many blessings
Stevie Docherty
Stevie Docherty 7 aylar önce
Brilliant conversation, or really 2 conversations, as the 2nd half developed into philosophical realms. Fascinating to hear that Matt Ridley, with decades of experience, has noticed that scientific literature has become politicised in the last 10 years. Plus great to hear the subject of scientific enlightenment discussed. A US commentator recently said we actually need a 2nd Enlightenment but an ARTISTIC enlightenment to destroy the dogmatic priesthood of Scientism. Glad they mentioned the gain of function inserts, especially the furin cleavage site. Although no mention of the patents. One huge clanger by Ridley on China and Wuhan "If this was in the west we would be all over this. The media would be all over this, demanding transparency" Sorry! Don't think so!!! But great conversation. This is why I don't watch TV. Cheers!!
Edwin Nieto
Edwin Nieto 4 aylar önce
Dr Peterson, I just want to say how much I appreciate everything you do, I'm thankful for persons like you that make people think and are focused on truth.
Stefan Stojanovski
Stefan Stojanovski 6 gün önce
The more I watch Jordan the more I realize its not the psychology aspect of him that makes him stand out but his scientific approach of each topic. He is more of a scientist than a doctor. A doctor will see symptoms and give you something appropriately but he analyzes the subject deeper, trying to understand and prevent it. Most his interviews are analysis of given data this guy is always goes to the bottom line and produces result, like Elon Musk but in his respected field well done dude
Lower Austria
Lower Austria 6 aylar önce
This interview is a masterpiece,,,, respect for both gentlemen!!! The truth has and must prevail!!!!! 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Someone Else
Someone Else 9 aylar önce
The last three years did not teach us much about how viruses work and spread. They did however teach us a lot about how governments work, and how tyranny and authoritarianism spreads.
Badmansband 9 aylar önce
Firebird Stark
Firebird Stark 9 aylar önce
Really goes to show how Adolph was able to manage so well back in the day, doesn’t it? It’s like there’s a large group of people that have “I want to be controlled by an authoritarian to punish my enemies” in common
Franklin Fleming
Franklin Fleming 9 aylar önce
Same thing
Scott Maytham
Scott Maytham 6 aylar önce
Thank you Jordan and Matt for the most informative and valuable of information concerning the Virus's.
Kelly Kelly
Kelly Kelly 3 aylar önce
This video was such a wonderful conversation. Thank you!
wekesa leonard
wekesa leonard 6 aylar önce
Thanks for this discussion. Can we have a similar interview with regards to the origin of HIV? There has never been such a candid discussion to a similar virus whose origin remains a mystery. We only hear of relations with SIV, first detection among gay population and later global scale pandemic and that's all.
Terra B
Terra B 7 aylar önce
Amen Dr. Peterson. Thank you for your guidance over the last few years. 🙏
Mr. Obsidian
Mr. Obsidian 3 aylar önce
Jordan. Good job good sir. Your viewpoint is always a relief of logic delivered with an air of caring about you caring for logical conclusions of others its very refreshing.
Nick Klaus
Nick Klaus 9 aylar önce
I worked at Elsevier, home of the Lancet… thus I was very persistent in reading the latest materials surrounding COVID. By the end of April I was able to tell this was a fear campaign like we have never seen before. I tried sharing my findings with coworkers & family… ultimately to be be ostracized. This episode was like waking up to the smell and sound of crackling bacon🥓
philippe gillier
philippe gillier 9 aylar önce
All of us changed friends,,,, for good
Lana 9 aylar önce
@philippe gillier So true
mike m
mike m 9 aylar önce
This was about so much more than the leak .
AB Ringering
AB Ringering 9 aylar önce
We live in an Orwellian world today, where evil is good, and good and truth are actively attacked and marked for annihilation. I shudder for my children and grandchildren’s future…
Cheryl Cascone
Cheryl Cascone 18 gün önce
Fabulous! I could listen to these great minds converse and debate in truth and science is music to my ears. Genius! ❤️🤔❤️🤔❤️Restores my hope that humanity is not lost in our World. Love these conversations! (Truth matters more than consequence!) More, More, More!
paul wright
paul wright 7 aylar önce
I consider the out break of Covid19 a massive cover up , to what actually happened . As this says , the lab should be in the middle of nowhere , and the strongest bio security used on all stages . No one has been brought to task , lessons not learnt , we mess far too much on deadly things , and then wonder why millions die. I now have a massive distrust of governments using any bio security . THe documentary made me shiver ans so did this video "the Origin of Covid "
Jay Lindberg
Jay Lindberg 3 aylar önce
The real issue everyone is ignoring is "was this a bioweapons lab?"
Kyle Gillming
Kyle Gillming 6 aylar önce
Completely agree that having discussions to find the true answers is a lost characteristic of humanity.
Debra Davitt
Debra Davitt 4 aylar önce
I can listen to you talk for hours, always talking the real seen truth ,even in ourselves , ❤
Jigoku Shoujo
Jigoku Shoujo 3 aylar önce
I'm always late
Pat Scheible
Pat Scheible 9 aylar önce
Matt Ridley, shoving your expose into print despite the obstacles was a Nobel-worthy feat of journalism and a service to mankind. In a better world, your service would be written in the stars!
captainmaim 9 aylar önce
carved into a mountain, maybe.
Matt Retter
Matt Retter 9 aylar önce
Love this think-piece on common sense surprised TRshow didn’t strike it.
Relayzy 9 aylar önce
@Matt Retter not yet... we should save n share this.
Damien Mills
Damien Mills 9 aylar önce
He is the SECOND person to do this: Look for "What really happened in Wuhan" by Sharri Markson. Australia was sanctioned by China in 2020 for calling for an inquiry into the origins of Covid, Those significant economic sanctions remain to this day. Australians, at the highest level, were on to the Lab in mid 2020. China's response was seen as confirmatory here in Oz. Why the USA remained so far behind is a mystery here in Oz.
L E 9 aylar önce
In early 2020 MR, who I deeply respect, wrote an article dismissing lab leak over natural evolution. That was his contribution at the time when he was needed most. It fell to others to be courageous in the face of ridicule and digital banning.
D Mor
D Mor 7 aylar önce
I used to say "science is the new religion" because scientists were being blocked from doubting Einstein's work for example, by lowering them in the public's mind. But now i understand what is going on, there are bad actors trying to undermine the proper scientific process and the capacity to criticise everything
Common sense
Common sense 4 aylar önce
I hope I can't meet Mr.Peterson before I die. This man is truly fighting for us . He one of the last ones that means what he says I believe
P H 2 aylar önce
You will probably get your hope and dream. 99% sure
Philip Laurell
Philip Laurell 3 aylar önce
Truly wonderful conversation.
Frederick Leung
Frederick Leung 5 aylar önce
Thanks Matt, The truth is first most important not the consequences!
tubby1843 6 aylar önce
This man is a blessing.
Enigma Vids
Enigma Vids 9 aylar önce
Nice to see that we’re allowed to have this conversation now. Watching videos being taken down about this was maddening.
Nicholas Lowell
Nicholas Lowell 9 aylar önce
IFlipRizla 9 aylar önce
Is that just because of how large the audience is though, that there would be outrage at this being removed, it would then seem like someone had something to hide. Whereas if it was a small channel uploading the same information, I can still see it being taken down.
Brian Smith energy 2
Brian Smith energy 2 2 aylar önce
Waking up to corrupted officials not accountable. The law kept from the people. Thank you for helping and sharing
NEMO 6 aylar önce
The entire episode of the C2019, is best summed up in this way: Evil always places it’s emphasis on creating a group and controlling that group, mostly through fear. Then, this fearful group will gather energy from each other by being in sync with the same mind set( think Holocaust, think pandemic) and attack the smaller group (outsiders) to them. Remember this going forward! This is the true lesson of the pandemic. Stick to your group. Create safe places Gather forces Keep communications clear Fight for survival Stay one step ahead of the larger group Pray
Katie Kaboom
Katie Kaboom 5 aylar önce
With where tech is going are there really any safe places?
NEMO 5 aylar önce
@Katie Kaboom At the end no. But it’s difficult to accept that thought in the beginning of the battle. In the end most will succumb.
Smoothly Rough
Smoothly Rough 2 aylar önce
Stick with your group? That's asinine. Sounds like if someone had a change of mind, they shouldn't be allowed to change it. Also, people already sick to their group. It's why it's their group.
JMK 5 aylar önce
Thank You sir! For a great piece of information. Since 20s have learnt a lot about how worlds works!!!
Cgh R
Cgh R 7 aylar önce
Hat off to Dr. P for going where very few have dared. People need to open their eyes. Thank you for your courage.
Ketherwhale 3 aylar önce
Vernon Coleman stated in one of his reviews that they were about to declare or had for a day or two declared C-19 a downgraded, less threatening virus shortly after its emergence. But, abruptly made an about face and started the fear campaign and lockdowns. Back in March of 2020 in the UK. Why don’t you interview this controversial medical doctor- Vernon Coleman? I’d watch it hands down.
TuxedoBoy 9 aylar önce
We must never forget the pandemic we must all keep pushing in every way we can for a thorough investigation.
TuxedoBoy 9 aylar önce
@Louis Accardi Yes and you can bet those responsible will hide destroy or refuse to hand over evidence. We must insist they comply with the law.
Louis Accardi
Louis Accardi 9 aylar önce
@TuxedoBoy Yes indeed. They don't move on anything anymore unless enough people insist, or they are sued.
JustGaming! 9 aylar önce
@TuxedoBoy good luck with that
TuxedoBoy 9 aylar önce
Well defeating fascism wasn’t easy for the veterans of WW2 but they did we just have to stop enabling them and do likewise.
isabel savarain
isabel savarain 7 aylar önce
I follow you Peter Jordan because you always say the truth, not many people like you now at days. God bless you always and your beautiful family too♥️🙏
williamstdog9 2 aylar önce
You are a beautiful person .. ♥️ I love your comment and can tell you are caring, genuine, and sweet. I love Dr. Peterson so much too and listen to him all the time 👍 God bless you and your family today! ♥️☺️
Grant Andrews
Grant Andrews 7 aylar önce
I have studied Microbiology my life and after talking to doctors assumed our Government was ready for the next pandemic, wow, was I mislead. Working and creating labs, immediately realized it was a lab leak. My question was, why was it created? A pandemic will happen again, I hope we will be ready.
NEMO 6 aylar önce
@Grant 2025, brace yourself.
Paul Atreides
Paul Atreides 3 aylar önce
By design beast system incoming
Elias Phiniotis
Elias Phiniotis 2 aylar önce
Correct teaching is to help the student how to think and find the needed information and the answers to the problems !
Peterson is sooooo snooty.😂 This is an incredibly powerful video that must be seen by all! Extremely impressive interviewer. Matt is a true investigative journalist, a rare thoroughbred in these media times, such important findings, intellectually presented and professionally impartial. This is without doubt the most important video for the public since the outbreak.
Tamara 6 aylar önce
Just to note down that there's an identical lab in Fort Detrick and soldiers from there attended World army games in Wuhan in October 2019 from where soldiers/athletes went home all around the world. Plus, there is no lab (in 25 countries) USA has not financed. Plus, labs are the most needed institute for pharma giants.
Josh F
Josh F 9 aylar önce
At this point, the actual conspiracy theory is that covid came out of bat soup. It's amazing that people are still so resistant to accept what was actually going on in these labs.
Sweep Meister
Sweep Meister 9 aylar önce
'is' not 'was'. Sadly.
Greg Thomson
Greg Thomson 9 aylar önce
There are none so blind……
Stormbringer Seven
Stormbringer Seven 9 aylar önce
A lot of people should be doing hard time, including Fauci.
Zorton 5 aylar önce
If possibilities are something they ignore, the more they right in stone what they think they know for sure. ❤I Love this podcast❤
Mario Comeq
Mario Comeq 4 aylar önce
The more I listen this kind of inteiews the more I realized how clairvoyant was Prof. Didier Raoult , France. All was said from the beginning, but they close their ears.
Liz Angel
Liz Angel 3 aylar önce
is so good to watch these man talking about this now, finally out of the conspiracy and in the eye of real science. it was man made, and you know what, I think it was deliberately released
Weekend warrior garage? Do it yourself
Weekend warrior garage? Do it yourself 6 aylar önce
It’s crazy how joe Rogan gives people platforms and makes people rich, it feels like it was just yesterday that this great intellectual was only known in his Canadian university and thanks to joe rogan he is internationally recognized and respected, keep up the good work Peterson.
Beeff Critter
Beeff Critter 3 aylar önce
StewpiD nose BreetherS !
Jihed M
Jihed M 4 aylar önce
I really enjoyed the conversation. Thank you
MarkZart 9 aylar önce
Listening to this conversation has genuinely stretched my psyche, and at 67, sometimes makes me squint my eyes: neurons firing in an otherwise unexplored part of my brain. Many thanks to you both for an entertaining and enlightening evening.
River Song
River Song 7 aylar önce
I just wanted to add, when they were speaking of Peter Daszak from Eco-Health Alliance and Daszak approaching DARPA to carry out Gain of Function (GoF) and Gain of Threat (GoT) research/experiments (at the suggestion of Anthony Fauci), DARPA TURNED DOWN Peter Daszak, saying such this TYPE of GoF and GoT was TOO DANGEROUS. Daszak then peddled it to the Institute of Virology at Wuhan.
Farheen Shamsi
Farheen Shamsi 2 aylar önce
Apart from Jordan's brilliant intellect and articulation, I couldn't help but admire how incredibly gracefully he has aged ! Still as good-looking as ever.
Daniel Marsolais
Daniel Marsolais 3 aylar önce
Thank you for coming together and shedding light in these dark corners. Two scientists acting like scientists.
Countmiien 2 aylar önce
Such a great conversation
Paul Walker
Paul Walker 5 aylar önce
Great discussion, had to listen in a few sittings to really digest it all
Cathy Zimmerman
Cathy Zimmerman 9 aylar önce
I'm 68 and find it harder and harder to find honest, intelligent, educated people to learn from. I just assumed they would be everywhere but are getting harder to find. Thank you!! I also admire Dr. John Campbell, he is honest and not political (from UK)
Jack Inderbockz
Jack Inderbockz 9 aylar önce
I am in my high eighties and I once knew honest and intelligent people, but, now my heroes seem to be all dead.
Cam Bergerman
Cam Bergerman 9 aylar önce
Have you heard of Lex Fridman? He interviews some of the smartest and interesting people on the planet. He is truly a humble and unique human, and the world could benefit from a few more like him.
New Dawn For All
New Dawn For All 9 aylar önce
Agreed. Bret Weinstein is also interesting. Joe Rogan, though he is not an intelectual does have some interesting people on his show and asks some good questions. Mainly critical thought has been subjugated as reading has been replaced by fast scrolling videos. I am 50 so I am in the last generation that can remember life without cellphones
vuchaser99 9 aylar önce
I too find Campbell a true scientist. Follows the literature, faithful to science to a point but equally critical but most importantly accepting when he was wrong. His slow drip away from manipulation has been perhaps too slow... but give an honest man time, he is sorting it out. And bully for him to do so!
Lynda Yates
Lynda Yates 9 aylar önce
@vuchaser99 I do so agree. I watched him just prior to this. He admits when he's wrong and he's about the truth.
FlightSimDev 2 aylar önce
In Jan 2020, I was having a hard time breathing, at that time I thought it was just a bad asthma attack, (had these before) took my Ventolin as I normally did, but it just didn't do a thing, slowly I got worse and ended up calling an ambulance, I was told I passed out. I woke up in hospital 9 days later in intensive care, with many tubes down my throat, and a machine helping me breath, I was in hospital a full 3 weeks and then 2 weeks at home, my diagnosis at the time was bronchial pneumonia, I believe now it was early covid, most of the doctors said then, they never saw it not respond to the medication they gave me. Eventually it went away, but the cough lasted for months. At that time, I just wanted to die. I lost a friend who I infected or believed I did. We can't as a human race allow gain of function to continue, it angers me that they still practice these bad habits, If another virus escapes, it could be one that can kill everyone on earth.
Kelly Kelly
Kelly Kelly 3 aylar önce
Yes yes yes! Truth matters more than consequences! Brilliant.
whyeff21 6 aylar önce
Enlightening perspectives on science and truth.
Alan Watkins
Alan Watkins 7 aylar önce
I have poor intelligence compared to these two I too have come to conclusions outside of a gut feeling but difficult for me to explain in layman's terms my thinking is parallel to This podcast and has been from the start of covid correlating opinions and facts but not being a prisoner to anyone I have been lonely too my assumptions because of my lack of education my only defence is my tenacity to believe in my own judgement This podcast has been made fascinating if somewhat difficult to understand comfort a fascinating discussion highly entertaining thank you A. Watkins
Misi Fuz
Misi Fuz Aylar önce
1:11:15 strongly resonates, unsurprisingly there´s no scientific interest before there´s political consensus. We´re rarely presented with evidence based truths of pressing issues but rather with dumbed down narratives of generally trivial matters, it´s in the way masses vote. We´ll get the mass proof Covid19 memo in due course. Thank you for the interesting discussion.
Soul Sea Urchin
Soul Sea Urchin 9 aylar önce
I sincerely respect Jordan B. Peterson and all which he stands for. Thank you Mr. Peterson for being among those on my list of human beings working as beacons of light in this otherwise rapidly darkening world we live in. Full respect. ❣ **For those of you who have pointed out the spelling error to me, thank you very much, I have corrected that, and 'auto' has been scolded accordingly. In regards to those anxious about my use of Mr. over Dr., I use Mr. in this instance, as to me it speaks to his humanity, rather than the personification of the scholar. Which, I'm going to have to guess, is the reason he himself left out the Dr. designation on this, his very own channel. I hope that clears everything up for everyone, and the trolls alike. 😘
Franklin Fleming
Franklin Fleming 9 aylar önce
God keep our land glorious and free.
JazzMan251 9 aylar önce
etansivad 9 aylar önce
He stands for selling you books that reinforce a narrow world view. It's all about the money.
Byzantiphile76 9 aylar önce
@etansivad Yes, because his message radically changed from his free lectures up for a decade on TRshow compared to the books. Good grief.
Fab Genco
Fab Genco 7 aylar önce
A very robust discussion on the origins of this plandemic . Dr Fauci is supposed to be brought to debate this case with scientific experts not taking questions from laymen.
Marie Dmitrieff
Marie Dmitrieff 7 aylar önce
The virus was already in Ottawa Ontario in November 2019. My 30 year old daughter was very sick in November 2019, with the virus and doctors did not know about what made her sick. Then later more and more people around her kept getting sick. What is interesting I was around in contact helping my daughter and never got sick. I am a senior citizen. I take vitamin D3 every day. I also use lots of fresh slices of ginger in my Lemon tea, and eat fresh garlic in most of my meals. I am still healthy now, and do not take flu shots. People I know take flu shots they still get very sick including my daughter she gets sick quite often.
Lorna Notaras
Lorna Notaras 7 aylar önce
A friend in Australia knows a pandemic scientist and she said to her right at the beginning it came from a lab. She thought it was an accident. However, she and other scientists would have known this early on because of the sequencing of the virus.
Lorna Notaras
Lorna Notaras 7 aylar önce
I haven't had Covid either and I am convinced it's because I take a strong combine vitamin D3, K2 and Magnesium tablet every day. A cafe I went into regularly where their staff got Covid in Nov before it was all in the press. The staff were all very ill within a month....but I didn't get it and was exposed to them.
Kitchen Sink
Kitchen Sink 6 aylar önce
My family got in I. December 2019. My wife and son had a cough for 3 months and I was just tired for 3 months. Remember China stopped domestic flights but allowed international flights to leave Wuhan. Ontario has over 1 million Chinese nationals who travel back and forth
Domina "Kreuz" Jazarah
Domina "Kreuz" Jazarah 3 aylar önce
You know the world effed-up when Truth became Crime
P 7 aylar önce
I remember saying during the pandemic that if the tyrannical madness continued, people were going to end up in camps and that this was the same mentality that caused the Jews to be exterminated. I got reamed by my 25 year old coworker about how that wasn't remotely the same thing and how i was exaggerating and was a conspiracy theorist, etc. She maintains her position today. Some people can't learn because they refuse to be wrong.
carlo vincetti
carlo vincetti 5 aylar önce
People who are put in a position of responsibility, are the key to any success in responding to a social pandemic.
Daniel Nassiri
Daniel Nassiri 9 aylar önce
3 bleeding years with no experts getting to the bottom of the Thing that has destroyed so many peoples lives that its incomprehensible! Finally someone who has the intellect and gall to do so! Thank you Dr. Peterson
Eva Carpenter
Eva Carpenter 9 aylar önce
The problem is that "they" already know what has caused this and willfully go along with the narrative to maintain their financial position.
Gabriel Caleb
Gabriel Caleb 9 aylar önce
It s so hard to believe that some people Can bé wicked enough to do such horrible things, that most people dismiss thé idea
Leon 9 aylar önce
are you sure? Look at what happend to the China Eastern crash in early 2022? Has China come back with the findings?
Random Reviews
Random Reviews 7 aylar önce
We are so privileged to be able to hear these two men speak on such deep topics.
Kerry Carter
Kerry Carter 5 aylar önce
“As a member of the human race I find this quite annoying” here, here. Astounding that the responsible are not charged and if convicted not jailed.
Noelyne Kalamba1
Noelyne Kalamba1 2 aylar önce
Jordan Peterson, the true voice of light to humanity. 😊
Alan Reynolds
Alan Reynolds 7 aylar önce
"It's just a mask." "It's just six feet." "It's just two weeks." "It's just non essential businesses."" It's just for the useless eaters" "It's just for non essential workers." "It's just for going into bars." "It's just for going to a restaurant" "It's just to keep from overwhelming the hospitals." "It's just to make the cases go down." "It's just to flatten the curve." "It's just a few inmates." "It's just to keep others from getting scared." "It's just for a few more weeks." "It's just a few more months" "It's just for a few more years" "It's just for going into church.” "It's just a small bracelet." "It's just a phone app." "It's just for tracing." It's just for tracking " " It's just more dying people " "It's just for the greater good" "It's just to let others know you're safe to be around." "It's just to let others know who you've been in contact with." "It's just a few more deaths." "It's just for large gatherings" "It's just a few violent protests." "It's just a vaccine." "It's just 2 vaccines" "It's just 3 vaccines" "It's just 4 vaccines" "It's just a little microchip." "It's just a blood test." "It's just a scam." "It's just for medical information." "It's just a vaccination certificate." "It's just like credit cards." "It's just a few places that don't take cash." "It's just so you can travel." "It's just so you can get your driver's license." "It's just so you can vote." "It's just 200,000 more cases" "It's just another 400,000 doses" " It's just more booster shots" "It's just another booster shot" "It's just more variants" " It's just another scientific study" "It's just another injection in your body" "It's just more studies" "It's just to not let people make their own decisions" "It's just for people with underlying causes" "It's just more lies from the CDC" "It's just more lies from the FDA" "It's just more vaccine mandates" "It's just Fauci lieing" "It's just about get the vaccination or lose your job" "It's just the Omicron BA2 variant" "It's just no scientific evidence to back this claim" "It's just until it doesn't become a threat" "it's just for the college students who refuse the booster will not be able to return for the spring semester" "It's just time to take out these Tyrannical dictators" "It's just (The New World Order.)
Remnant 3 aylar önce
Wow. You should publish this.
Tanner Bryan
Tanner Bryan Aylar önce
It’s just spying on people, it’s just lying to people for years, it’s just stalking people, it’s just gaslighting, it’s just a human rights violation (don’t worry it’s for the greater good).
Monte George Jr
Monte George Jr 3 aylar önce
The pandemic began with simultaneous outbreaks in 7 cities in Weibei probvince in the 2nd/3rd weeks of 2020. Lockdowns were announced in all 7 cities in the space of 2 weeks. These cities (Except Chibi) are located in a straight line which spans a distance of 200 miles. The cities, as reported in the mainstream press at the time, are: Zhijiang, quianjiang, xiantao, Wuhan, Huanggang, Ezhou and Chibi. This does not look to me like a disease which started in a market and spread naturally in a typical radial pattern.
joan Neel
joan Neel 8 aylar önce
Thank you, Dr. Peterson for continuing to speak out on the most horrific crime ever ….
Isa H
Isa H 6 aylar önce
Not really but it makes a top 10 list maybe
The Neon Cicada
The Neon Cicada 5 aylar önce
...because it personally affected you?
brewermk Aylar önce
As an accomplished scientist who has worked in biomedical research for 12 years, my respect for JP completely plummeted when he said that "most scientists are not true scientists" and they are only concerned with advancing their own careers (33:30). In my experience, the vast majority of people working in science ARE scientists who love what they do, who are honest and rigorous and trying to do their best. Unfortunately, we live in a capitalistic society and biomedical science is not exactly a lucrative profession especially if you work in academia or government. So we have to also consider our careers so we can pay the bills and keep doing the jobs we love. Matt Ridley was far more reasonable in this interview than JP, who was unfairly accusatory towards scientists as a whole. I used to think JP was a careful thinker, now I just think he is a cranky and offensive old man.
Richard Bloomer
Richard Bloomer 3 aylar önce
Great conversation. I'd prefer the ads to be longer but less frequent - it interrupts the flow of conversation and focus for me. Thanks for your work regardless.
Cunny Funt
Cunny Funt 3 aylar önce
I feel the key difference between science & religion is that in science you look to disprove your theory whereas in religion you seek to find that which supports your theory.
Ivano Zamperla
Ivano Zamperla 2 aylar önce
“THIS” two Gentlemen’s insights is what we need our government !👏
Markusha 3 aylar önce
Very interesting exchange as long as they explore the origin of Covid. But when JP ventures into religion and ethics he comes across more like a high priest of a cult - for my taste. I totally agree that truth is more important than consequence, a point that Matt made if I recollect this correctly. With regard to Covid the truth must be found, no matter what the consequences are
batistuta002 9 aylar önce
I was born and raised in China but also spent 10 years living in Australia. I think I have a decent amount of understanding of the so called "Eastern" and "Western" culture and values. The introduction of this video hits me deeply, particularly when Dr. Peterson said the "West" immediately imitated the Chinese government's authoritarian lockdown policy, and that this is perhaps the bigger problem than the totalitarian approach itself. I hope we at least open up to the concept that democracy is not something that is to be taken for granted, and the freedom is actually not free. Often times, a form of right coextists with a responsibility and it needs to be defended,
Kars 9 aylar önce
Why do we have a Democracy? Because the owners think it benefits them the best. We need to make sure they keep thinking that way...
Anthony Sin
Anthony Sin 9 aylar önce
So good. At Last people are looking at it. Any possibility shall be carefully examined. Denying any possibility is not right.
Kenneth Cooley
Kenneth Cooley 9 aylar önce
Thank you
Gary B
Gary B 9 aylar önce
@Kars You think we have a democracy? Hilariously sad
Laurie Griffin
Laurie Griffin 9 aylar önce
I loved reading this. Thank you for reminding us of our responsibility
yetty 7 aylar önce
🙏🙏🙏👏👏👏👏 thank you gods . Still some people are there who does care about world and find out the reality and ugliness of our kind of people .thank you to all good educated human beings . We need in these times to know what is going wrong in our world 🌎 😪 😔
John Shen
John Shen 2 aylar önce
Every thinking human being should watch this !
imjanng Aylar önce
I love Jordan Peterson's videos. Maybe there is a lack of knowledge on Chinese history and culture. The lockdown isn't totalitarian from a historical point of view. Traditionally lockdowns have occurred in ancient times to stop the spread of plague (even in other civilizations). Even the forbidden palace in China has been locked down in the past before. Even the word for lockdown isn't a new word invented. It already exists in Chinese. It just hasn't been used for years. But if you hear the words, it really feels ancient. Lockdowns have been occurring throughout the thousands of years of Chinese history. When millions of lives are involved and you don't want a coup or starvation to occur, you do everything necessary within your power to stop it from descending into utter chaos. If it is mismanaged, historically, you can have a coup to overthrow the existing dynasties. With regards to the Uyghurs. I don't live in China and I can't comment. Americans had an illegal war with Iraq. It wasn't called a genocide. Americans call ISIS (radical Muslims) terrorists. Americans don't love the Chinese. Americans don't love Muslims. But suddenly they are so concerned about Chinese Muslims. Does two negatives make a positive? Are there Muslim terrorists in China as well? I am not so sure and some journalist needs to do the fact finding. Americans don't care about what's happening in Manipur. Do they care about Saudis getting along with the Pakistanis? News these days are highly distorted. They don't state all the facts. I read them in different languages and across different countries. I just caught one news article from Euronews not stating the full facts. Missing out information about how much trouble a British band The 1975 has caused. Inconveniencing other singers, organizers and concert goers. Blatant disrespect and disregard for the country. Being overly self-righteous. Inflicting financial losses was met with skeptism considering the author put apostrophes, to manipulate opinion that financial losses can't be real. My point here is, you just can't trust all news these days. Read widely and across languages. The American government also has an interest. It's called national interest. They also work for corporate America and rich private American citizens.
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