Recording, Editing, and Publishing Podcasts in the Anchor App (Tutorial)

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Explore the Anchor podcast app with Kyle as he figures out how to record, edit and publish a podcast all from the mobile app.

Podcasting Pre-Production Tutorial:
Podcasting From Home Tutorial:

Table Of Contents
00:00 Kicking it off
00:18 What is Anchor?
01:50 Opening the app and creating an account
04:31 Recording a Podcast
06:46 Anchor's walkthrough explanation and a warning about monetizing & CMAC
07:19 More recording
09:09 Trimming and Editing Audio
15:23 Reorganizing Audio
16:58 Adding Music and Sound Effects
18:07 Publishing an Episode
19:49 Creating the overall Podcast
22:14 Bye!


This video is from CMAC - the community media center for Fresno and Clovis, a non-profit organization whose mission is to empower voices in our community through media.

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Pumpkin Party
Pumpkin Party 5 gün önce
How do I merge them. I want the recording and music at the same time not one after the othee
Lidia Coronel
Lidia Coronel 9 gün önce
Lidia Coronel
Lidia Coronel 9 gün önce
Cool thanks
LaTavia Washington
LaTavia Washington 19 gün önce
This is really helpful but I’m so scared to launch my podcast 🥴🥴🥴🥴
Lisa Adams
Lisa Adams 19 gün önce
That was the best Anchor Tutorial I've watched. Thanks so much!
Happiness Between Tails by da-AL Video Channel
Happiness Between Tails by da-AL Video Channel Aylar önce
thank you - I'm trying to edit on my phone - but can't figure out how to delete a segment that I added within an episode - do you know how to do that?
La Diosa K
La Diosa K 2 aylar önce
Thank you! That was extremely valuable!
Gracepiration Motivations
Gracepiration Motivations 2 aylar önce
Thank you for the info I really appreciate it now I feel calm and optimistic about starting my podcast
Massacre Gaming
Massacre Gaming 2 aylar önce
Kyle just got him self a subscriber. Thank you for making this easy and simple for us!
Esther Ai
Esther Ai 2 aylar önce
Only halfway through and already so grateful for how great this is. You've totally demystified the whole process and it suddenly seems a lot less scary than it did before. If anchor isn't sponsoring you yet they really should be. Thanks so much Kyle!
Homeboy Reacts
Homeboy Reacts 3 aylar önce
why does his anchor look different from mine i have the app on my iPhone!
CMAC 2 aylar önce
This may look a little different because this tutorial is about a year old. Also, it was recorded on an iPad. All the functionality should still be in the iPhone app, though.
mbpm3 3 aylar önce
can someone explain 7:10 regarding CMAC? I do not understand what Kyle meant by this...
CMAC 2 aylar önce
CMAC is a community media center that can also distribute videos and podcasts, but we are unable to share commercial content.
Radical About Jesus Ministries
Radical About Jesus Ministries 3 aylar önce
Thanks for taking the time to do all of this and share it. It helped a lot.
Sanjeev -
Sanjeev - 3 aylar önce
Hi Kyle, can we pls have a quick call as I hv some questions on using anchor. You can email me on
The Auer Team
The Auer Team 3 aylar önce
great video. Hey where can I buy a fan hat like you are wearing in this vid bro? LOL
Henry Black
Henry Black 3 aylar önce
thank you for that tutorial. Very helpful. thank you Kyle
Brian Taylor
Brian Taylor 3 aylar önce
Listen my podcast!
Chelsy Tuplin
Chelsy Tuplin 4 aylar önce
so do you have to have the spotify account to use music for your podcast on Anchor?
Ujjwal Pratap Singh
Ujjwal Pratap Singh 4 aylar önce
This video was really helpful. 👍😊
Sreejit Dutta
Sreejit Dutta 5 aylar önce
Do we need to have an RSS login as a mandatory thing for making a podcast??
Egglife Enterprises
Egglife Enterprises 5 aylar önce
This was a good tutorial. Your pace was wonderful. I have episodes recorded, and need to figure out how to upload to anchor and add music. If you have a tutorial on that, that would be amazing. Enjoyed this.
Ali'cia B
Ali'cia B 5 aylar önce
Thank you so much! This was great and very informative tutorial I really appreciate it I just started my podcast last week and I am so nervous this made me feel much more confident 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
CMAC 4 aylar önce
Glad it was helpful!
Veaire Productions
Veaire Productions 5 aylar önce
I super duper appreciate this walkthrough it was amazing and just what I needed.
Romain M
Romain M 5 aylar önce
Great help, thanks !
Rafael Fernandes
Rafael Fernandes 5 aylar önce
Well since im here, here we go. I've just started Podcast with my friend Jovana in which we talk about relationships and would love if you guys give it a try and listen to us. i'm sure yall gonna enjoy it. its called "this was fun" we're on anchor itself, spotify, google podcasts, overcast and many more! be sure to check us out!
Hannah Mosley
Hannah Mosley 5 aylar önce
Is there any rules / regulations that I need to know about if I want to start a story telling podcast. For example if I go on google and find a real story and tell it on my podcast, will I get copyrighted or sued?
KendelLove Walker
KendelLove Walker 5 aylar önce
You are awesome Kyle! This video is a game changer for me and how I learn! Gratitude
LOAFYYWASCOOL 5 aylar önce
i saw on the computer version of ancher i cant record with other people
Really T V
Really T V 5 aylar önce
OMG! Awesome! I’m glad you put Funny in there, that way, please don’t take offense to this; which you shouldn’t I hope because the guy you sound like, is much loved by a lot of people.... you sound just like Dr. Demento! I use to listen to him in the 80s! This is an awesome Tutorial and Vid!
Laura Barahona
Laura Barahona 6 aylar önce
That was SO helpful. THANK YOU
Crochet 6 aylar önce
Sadgi Louis
Sadgi Louis 6 aylar önce
Very helpful tutorial, thanks so much!
scotchandfolk 6 aylar önce
This was great Kyle. It is going to be a great help. Just about to publish my own podcast
Preacher Juan Ligas
Preacher Juan Ligas 6 aylar önce
Thanks po
Life with Lex
Life with Lex 6 aylar önce
Really helpful Thanks 😊
Beverley Memmott
Beverley Memmott 6 aylar önce
Thanks. Very helpful.
Kiran Dutt
Kiran Dutt 6 aylar önce
*How did you get the option to 'record with friends'?* For me, it won't give me the option to do so on the website
Jéssica Vieira
Jéssica Vieira 6 aylar önce
Apostle Angela Gracey
Apostle Angela Gracey 6 aylar önce
Thank you for the tutorial, Kyle! That was very easy! What is CMAC? In the Anchor app it doesn’t mention it. Is it another platform that doesn’t accept podcasts with sponsors?
Paris 7 aylar önce
Just perfect
Seawoman Creative
Seawoman Creative 7 aylar önce
EXCELLENT step-by-step. Thanks so much! I'm just getting started with and this helped alot AND made me subscribe. Wish me luck!
AMN GLOBAL 7 aylar önce
Great presentation. You really pulled that together and made it easy to learn.
Alan Newson
Alan Newson 7 aylar önce
Great Video, clear and simple to follow :)
Jeremiah Jacksun
Jeremiah Jacksun 7 aylar önce
Great information brother... You really made this simple to understand for your viewers and aspiring podcasters such as myself.👍🏽
Rockstar Girl ⛧
Rockstar Girl ⛧ 7 aylar önce
Can text be included in making a podcast? Like subtitles.
Dacoda Maddalone
Dacoda Maddalone 7 aylar önce
Such a helpful tutorial!! Thank you, Kyle! Feeling ready to get started!
Toni Tonii
Toni Tonii 7 aylar önce
Anchor sucks. I just spent all day editing audio for Anchor to chop it and move segments around on its own. It's so frustrating. Can anyone recommend better software to use?
Paris Whitehead
Paris Whitehead 8 aylar önce
Thanks this helped
Hardik Shah
Hardik Shah 8 aylar önce
Thank you Kyle😊
Pure Spirit Channeler Vanessa Eans
Pure Spirit Channeler Vanessa Eans 8 aylar önce
Great tutorial! I love the exploration style & very thorough. Love it & will be checking out more! One question...what if you're wanting to utilize Anchor solely to record, edit, store podcast but then to only add siad podcast to a Membership level within your website? You mentioned that Anchor will share it out. 🤔 Is there an option to not?
CMAC 6 aylar önce
Hmm, you may want to check out an app like Ferrite just for editing if you don't want to share the podcast publicly on Anchor.
Shivani Gulati
Shivani Gulati 8 aylar önce
KYLE - You are a lifesaver!!
Emile Miller
Emile Miller 8 aylar önce
Really cool Kyle. Thanks man. 🙏🏽
Lee Wood
Lee Wood 8 aylar önce
Better information than a certain 'internet marketeers' Power-Up 799 dollar course (in my opinion)!
cafebooks hub
cafebooks hub 8 aylar önce
so this is their habit, to verify the email in 7-8 hrs.
RazTopics 8 aylar önce
I’m 25, getting into sports podcasts. I’m so happy I watched this video. Followed you on your platforms. Wishing you the best bro! (Ps) great voice man!
Beme uwish
Beme uwish 8 aylar önce
I started my Bemeisfightinganxiety podcast Jan 2020, this is my second year & I’m excited to get going this year!!
Nonchalant Navigator
Nonchalant Navigator 8 aylar önce
Really helpful video, cheers Kyle!
Lisa Brocadello
Lisa Brocadello 8 aylar önce
Why while recording a long 15 min section, do anchor split clips every few minutes?
Tjukkesnekkern Show
Tjukkesnekkern Show 8 aylar önce
It don’t work when you use ‘’record with friends’’ ..if you record with more than 3 persons the audio is out of sync..🤬
Matthew barton Gale
Matthew barton Gale 8 aylar önce
Thank you I just got the app and wondered how it even worked before I started I moved straight to you Thank you for helping me with its description
AnytimeAlterations 8 aylar önce
Thank you for your tutorial, it looks very simple. I was wondering about mentioning sponsors. Do I have to pay for it?
Recuperacion del Abuso Narcisista
Recuperacion del Abuso Narcisista 9 aylar önce
thanks lots for the great video, are you editing in the PC? or do we have to edit in the phone with anchor, I do no t see all the things you show in my app on the phone, thanks
Tania's Writing Realm
Tania's Writing Realm 9 aylar önce
Loved this thank you! I've been stressing and debating whether to move forward. It's great to know what anchor looks like and that it is free to use. I have been trying to find which software is best to use. I have a couple a friend gave me to try but I like this idea better.
Babs 9 aylar önce
The anchor app on iPad doesn’t support external mics when recording with friends if you’re also using a Bluetooth headpiece, because all Bluetooth headpieces nowadays have mics and anchor automatically switches the mic to the horrible headpiece mic instead of using the external one. I’ve tried using chrome app, safari etc on my iPad and it has not worked, it only works works with a laptop, and unfortunately where i am at have no access to one. Anchor really needs to find a solution to this, it’s such a silly problem.
dan coco90
dan coco90 9 aylar önce
Is there an easy way to add a soundboard while using Anchor????
CMAC 9 aylar önce
Oh! Haven't tried that! Let me know if you figure this out!
selen 9 aylar önce
This is really helpful, thank you! So, I don't need any other eqipment and the microphone of my Smartphone/Ipad is enough, right?
Nik Bailey
Nik Bailey 9 aylar önce
Super helpful thank you :0)
Nadine Poper
Nadine Poper 9 aylar önce
Great tutorial! Can I record with a Chromebook and have the episodes saved to my Google Drive?
CMAC 9 aylar önce
Hmm, I don't have a Chromebook to test this on, but it seems plausible!
Practical Bible Study
Practical Bible Study 9 aylar önce
I've been looking to start a podcast thanks for this show cause I felt overwhelmed with how to do it. This shows me it isn't as scary as I thought
B.M Srushti
B.M Srushti 9 aylar önce
Thank you so much Kyle. This really helped alot.
The Jimmy James Show A_Z
The Jimmy James Show A_Z 9 aylar önce
I talk a lot about that in most Eps. E-mail @ TheJimmyJamesShow@gmailmcom I started out having no experience with podcast and then anchor help me along. 'NOW Less then a year in' There is no easy or fast way to start a Podcast, it has to be on your time but for me personally which I talked about in many some eps. I made. It is that you can do a podcast and it can be very therapeutic and you will feel very relieved after Talkin about whatever your podcast is about. That could be a hobby or just anything. The Guy in this video made a great point and I was going to do this myself but now I will not because He nailed it. Please check out my podcast and follow me if you like. 👍 anybody who follows me I will follow them back and also would like to listen to your Podcast also new people making podcast. Well GOOD LUCK to all the newcomers.
Toni Calderon
Toni Calderon 9 aylar önce
this video is very helpful and Anchor is great for distributing and getting sponsored. However I find editing on the platform more complicated than helpful
CMAC 9 aylar önce
That's fair, you can totally edit your podcast in another app, then upload it to Anchor!
aboutbusiness Knowledge
aboutbusiness Knowledge 9 aylar önce
Thanks Kyle for this very useful and helpful video. I am planning to host multiple podcasts at the same time. So, I was wondering whether it is possible to host multiple podcasts on the anchor app? If it is, can you please, do a video showing us how to set it up?
Paulina Romo
Paulina Romo 9 aylar önce
Great video! I'm starting a podcast with friends and this was really helpful, though I'm thinking maybe editing in a third party app/software then uploading it to Anchor might be more comfortable for people who are used to video editing and kinda want a similar workflow 😌 Thank you!
SHELLZ313rd 9 aylar önce
Thank you this is very informative!!!!
O. M
O. M 9 aylar önce
Like it
F D 9 aylar önce
That was awesome Kyle. During these times in which we spend a lot of time indoors, I need something to do and challenging so I have considered doing podcasting. After watching a couple of other videos I landed on yours and what a relief it was to watch it and learn step by step how to use Anchor. Thanks for teaching this old dude how to get started.
Emilio Exploring
Emilio Exploring 9 aylar önce
Any one know how to hear yourself in your headphones?
Dawg Boss
Dawg Boss 9 aylar önce
looking for an answer to this as well
Dannielle MacDonald
Dannielle MacDonald 9 aylar önce
Fantastic video!
Siera Trujillo
Siera Trujillo 9 aylar önce
This has been so helpful. Thanks for sharing!
Tonya Michele
Tonya Michele 9 aylar önce
Thank You Kyle you have been a great help. From start to finished. New subie
Vinit Srivastava
Vinit Srivastava 9 aylar önce
Best example of Learning by doing
Nustudios 10 aylar önce
awesome tutorial.. thank you.
The Heavy Truth
The Heavy Truth 10 aylar önce
What's the point in this though..I mean nobody wants to listen to me..I'm not a celeb..I'm no one. I don't get it. Am I going to podcast and thousands of people are going to listen to me on anchor? Can you actually get famous..
Veena Arun kumar
Veena Arun kumar Aylar önce
You have to try before deciding
Alice Knight-Hawk McGee
Alice Knight-Hawk McGee 10 aylar önce
Hi, I'm wondering if you could answer a specific question I have about editing? I do not have the same screen as your example. I'm trying to learn how to trim & split etc.
That Girl Danielle: Teacher Side Hustles
That Girl Danielle: Teacher Side Hustles 10 aylar önce
Can you upload your audio and edit/trim or is it only when you record directly?
57RickH 10 aylar önce
Great tutorial 👍🏻. I’ve been using Anchor as well to upload my music & movies podcasts to Spotify but I use the Garageband app for the recording of my dialogue and then import that into the Anchor app using my iPad. After watching your tutorial, I may try recording the spoken sections using Anchor next time and see if that is a simpler or quicker process. Here’s a link to one of my recent shows:
DMS5511 10 aylar önce
Hi There, Thanks for this vid, made much sense. Btw, are you able to earn money this way, using Anchor, and how would you be paid and by whom? Thanks in advance.
Shannon Faught
Shannon Faught 10 aylar önce
Omg. Thank you!
Saqer AlGhilani
Saqer AlGhilani 10 aylar önce
Great guide. Thanks a million.
Zanoubya Voice
Zanoubya Voice 11 aylar önce
How we can distributing on the others platforms?
Gerardo Amorin
Gerardo Amorin 11 aylar önce
Thank you so much Kyle!
DayBreak Music
DayBreak Music 11 aylar önce
What did you mean with the monetizing Cmac part, I didnt quite get it...
Eagle SG
Eagle SG 11 aylar önce
Kyle this was amazingly excellent and easy. I started watching this this week and I have now completed my trailer and it is set to be released at 12 tonight..thank you...I have easy to follow and clear..yes I have a brand new computer but recording was crackling so I used audacity and exported it into the programme and bingo. Thank you, looking forward to how to do remote interviews as that is my next episode. God bless you
Priscila Correa Leite
Priscila Correa Leite 11 aylar önce
is ti possible to post from anchor directly to youtube as Spreaker does?
LifeCoach Ivan
LifeCoach Ivan 11 aylar önce
This is great content. Thank you.
Iman Asim
Iman Asim 11 aylar önce
is it just me or who else couldn't find his podcast?
Digital Nomad On FIRE
Digital Nomad On FIRE 11 aylar önce
Your mic is way too far from your mouth.
lul p
lul p 11 aylar önce
On my android the trim option isn't even popping up, it just says edit audio?
Nikanor Thapa
Nikanor Thapa 11 aylar önce
Thank you Kyle for this video. I would be grateful if you will make a video on Podcast Trailer, Intro and outro
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