Sonic and the Black Knight All Cutscenes (Game Movie) 1080p

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Sonic and the Black Knight All Cutscenes (Game Movie) 1080p
A wizard named Merlina, granddaughter of the original Merlin, summons Sonic the Hedgehog into the world of King Arthur. She explains that the King has been corrupted by the immortality granted by the scabbard of Excalibur, becoming a tyrannical ruler, and that Sonic must defeat him to restore peace to the kingdom. Sonic's speed alone is insufficient to defeat King Arthur, so he takes up the talking sword Caliburn to stand against the King.
We recorded this on the Dolphin emulator. As always we used relevant gameplay, important dialogue and all cutscenes to create a fluid cinematic experience. We hope you enjoy!
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Gamer's Little Playground
Gamer's Little Playground 4 yıl önce
The game actually looks really good on the emulator Check out more Sonic Game Movies from our Channel here.
Tiny Tatum
Tiny Tatum 6 saatler önce
Pia Zepeda
Pia Zepeda 20 gün önce
ahmed mohamed
ahmed mohamed 20 gün önce
Cartier Drumgoole
Cartier Drumgoole 27 gün önce
Cartier Drumgoole
Cartier Drumgoole 27 gün önce
Granny Mashabela
Granny Mashabela 11 saatler önce
Granny Mashabela
Granny Mashabela 11 saatler önce
Granny Mashabela
Granny Mashabela 11 saatler önce
Classic _Sans8
Classic _Sans8 3 gün önce
Does anyone else wish the sonic movie looked like this? It would’ve been amazing!
Maria Toribio
Maria Toribio 4 gün önce
Trechia Brown
Trechia Brown 5 gün önce
I play this game 🎮 and is cool lol
Yuri bautista
Yuri bautista 5 gün önce
I watched this in 2:20AM
Yuri bautista
Yuri bautista 5 gün önce
Awesome it's 3:18AM NOW
chromeboi 5 gün önce
1:37 When Sonic saves chilli dogs
Atom Gamer2020
Atom Gamer2020 5 gün önce
18:46 WELL WELL WELL Look who it is
Esraa Hemoni
Esraa Hemoni 6 gün önce
Morbid 6 gün önce
The game with the best and most coherent story in the franchise, Shiro Maekawa please comeback!
Victoria Leva Jesús
Victoria Leva Jesús 7 gün önce
¿Ay en español latino?
Berkay Yilmaz
Berkay Yilmaz 10 gün önce
Franchesca Galan santiago
Franchesca Galan santiago 11 gün önce
محمد احمد
محمد احمد 14 gün önce
хикматилло Домлочонов
хикматилло Домлочонов 16 gün önce
Kelly 17 gün önce
How the did sonic get a sword
Kelly 17 gün önce
Guys sonic was goin on a date with amy cuz hes bringin two chilidogs
Kasina Nyamai
Kasina Nyamai 18 gün önce
Ydhwiaho hswoqpeuvaoabaoeiqq wows w wowu w
Kasina Nyamai
Kasina Nyamai 18 gün önce
Kalio Diaz
Kalio Diaz 18 gün önce
Que bueno
Kalio Diaz
Kalio Diaz 18 gün önce
Que bueno
iq_Gum 19 gün önce
Why do they say YOU FOOL! FOOL! to sonic
João Almeida
João Almeida 19 gün önce
Splash the1
Splash the1 20 gün önce
I just came for the pre rendered cutscene .-.
Mikey Currin
Mikey Currin 20 gün önce
Sometimes I think that maybe there is a good reason swords don’t talk If you know what I mean
Joey S
Joey S 22 gün önce
Dallas Dexter
Dallas Dexter 22 gün önce
Sonic was eating a chili dog he was supposed to be fighting
Grzegorz Pokretowski
Grzegorz Pokretowski 22 gün önce
You answer it G-for Games answers about NHS covids in games
Icarus 23 gün önce
sonsic chili dog
Icarus 23 gün önce
Jonaki Prodhan
Jonaki Prodhan 24 gün önce
What a twist turns out Merlina was the bad guy. I really was surprised.
Jonaki Prodhan
Jonaki Prodhan 24 gün önce
Sonic's name by the sword is "Knave The Hedgehog" it's so funny
Zenaida Pancito
Zenaida Pancito 24 gün önce
When will this become a game
DanZPX 25 gün önce
Is anyone gonna ignore how She was fast enough to stop sonic I'm surprised 2:52
Maria Rosa Benitez
Maria Rosa Benitez 25 gün önce
Fsogqitpjgatripwjfy648q0ustfññBghow0 pwjrpp oqj4u9t7😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
tài tài
tài tài 27 gün önce
I'm not in Sega
蕭朱英 27 gün önce
Day Sherly Albornoz Velez De Villa
Day Sherly Albornoz Velez De Villa 29 gün önce
Ya madre
Super Nintendo furry
Super Nintendo furry 29 gün önce
Suranga Dahampath
Suranga Dahampath Aylar önce
😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆 😆😆😆😆😆
Galaxy The Gamer
Galaxy The Gamer Aylar önce
Strange enough, I've unlocked Sir Lancelot on the mobile version of Sonic Forces, the day I watched these cut scenes.
Yuya Sakaki
Yuya Sakaki Aylar önce
38:24 Don’t mind me. Just putting up a time stamp.
Stefan Farkas
Stefan Farkas Aylar önce
i came here for childhood nostalgia and I don't regret it
Super8bitGamer 113
Super8bitGamer 113 Aylar önce
Where is dr eggman
Stella Ojeda
Stella Ojeda Aylar önce
lali smain
lali smain Aylar önce
Sonic Trial
Sonic Trial Aylar önce
Bruh he was just trying to eat a chili dog why are you just disturbing him
Nana Mohmed
Nana Mohmed Aylar önce
Jackson Platinum
Jackson Platinum Aylar önce
Holy shit I remembered this
Dominic Scoggins
Dominic Scoggins Aylar önce
I like it thank you
Infinite Octopaw
Infinite Octopaw Aylar önce
23:45: Knight of the Whim! XD
Cido Santana
Cido Santana Aylar önce
Jose Ivan Luna Sierra
Jose Ivan Luna Sierra Aylar önce
Dania Di se que esfeo
Betthy Pech
Betthy Pech Aylar önce
Al gien Abla español
Yasuri Cruz
Yasuri Cruz Aylar önce
Stephen Refuse
Stephen Refuse Aylar önce
Stephen Refuse
Stephen Refuse Aylar önce
aahilj Aylar önce
this game is canon. Just telling you
aahilj Aylar önce
This game is the 3rd best wii sonic game
Timeturner Aylar önce
That feeling when you accidently stumble into a different world and you help them with their problems, and then you kinda wanna go home but they just declare you their king without warning... 😂 Rip.
Tanya Aylar önce
All of the characters accept king Arthur and Merlina looks same as in the Sonic the hedgehog series.
Baron Cagalingan
Baron Cagalingan Aylar önce
Cool sonic
zenaida burgos echeverria
zenaida burgos echeverria Aylar önce
Como se llama sonic el caballero
Tina Campbell
Tina Campbell Aylar önce
Were is merlin????
Wael Bengrine
Wael Bengrine Aylar önce
Ricardo Aylar önce
Not going to lie when I was 11 I thought this game was in the same universe as Skyrim 😂
Setso Nkwana
Setso Nkwana Aylar önce
jassmilan sood
jassmilan sood Aylar önce
Um sonic dont you know did you for got somethimg
jassmilan sood
jassmilan sood 23 gün önce
@-NickMario1 - come on lets get you ready first ok
-NickMario1 -
-NickMario1 - 23 gün önce
@jassmilan sood oh
jassmilan sood
jassmilan sood 23 gün önce
@-NickMario1 - because you need by amy rose from u
-NickMario1 -
-NickMario1 - 23 gün önce
jassmilan sood
jassmilan sood Aylar önce
I told you about a date
danial mimo
danial mimo Aylar önce
Minecraft Madison
Minecraft Madison Aylar önce
Flash warning
Joel Lalog
Joel Lalog Aylar önce
i wish i download that gane but it’s nowhere in the app store 😕
aahilj Aylar önce
It's a wii game
Liam Mejias-James
Liam Mejias-James Aylar önce
So co [oooooooooooooool
Cři Aylar önce
Sonic got isekaid xd
Super8bitGamer 113
Super8bitGamer 113 Aylar önce
I'll miss you jason
Mike Fischer
Mike Fischer Aylar önce
My only issue with this game was it was on wii only. I could never figure out the damn controls. That and I don't have a wii.
Bien Alexander
Bien Alexander Aylar önce
Gav H
Gav H Aylar önce
Jerry Rivera-Mozqueda
Jerry Rivera-Mozqueda Aylar önce
18:52 Knuckles what did you just call Sonic
Nids Alkafinah
Nids Alkafinah Aylar önce
Celeste Hernandez
Celeste Hernandez Aylar önce
This is like super sonic but different.
April Wilson
April Wilson Aylar önce
Hope for a part 2😎😏
April Wilson
April Wilson Aylar önce
I remember watching this 4 years ago
Kian Bahoosh
Kian Bahoosh Aylar önce
عالی ترین فیلمه جهانه
Maldonado Condori Ademar Anghelo
Maldonado Condori Ademar Anghelo Aylar önce
Esta muy buena su video
Kate K
Kate K Aylar önce
Vggdgcbt yuhghhvghjhhhuujhgrtuyeqsdfrt
Lors Santos
Lors Santos 2 aylar önce
Damian Morgan
Damian Morgan 2 aylar önce
I miss this game.. Now its warzone lol, wow time flies.
Khayla Liana Nafisa
Khayla Liana Nafisa 2 aylar önce
❤️❤️❤️❤️ I ❤️ you sonic
Ciara The Youtubers Bird
Ciara The Youtubers Bird 2 aylar önce
This is a game!!!!!!!
ghost 2 aylar önce
I literally choked when Shadows theme started playing LMAOOO it doesn't fit the situation at all
Jennifer Hernández
Jennifer Hernández 2 aylar önce
hahahaha and Sonic eating sausages! 🤣😂😅
rheina pama
rheina pama 2 aylar önce
why shadow,knucklehead,and blaze are have fake names?
Ricardo Aylar önce
Because there named after the real knights of the round table
Sea of Purple
Sea of Purple 2 aylar önce
This game has my favorite Sonic story so far, and experiencing it again has made me wanna write something. This may seem weird, but I think it´ll be fun. This is my introduction to a Black Knight sequel... Wind blows the fragile leaves into a soft storm, the trees rustle as they´re yanked to the side, and the rain pummels into the soil as the blue figure dashes through the empty forest. The lanky, dark blue, golden armored hedgehog zooms towards the meeting point. ¨ I can´t believe I let myself become distracted again! I really am a bumbling doof. But no longer, I swear it! Things will change.¨ He skids to a halt as a group of other knights lurch out of the way. They all don gleaming sets of armor, only matched by the hedgehog´s own. The white hedgehog pulsates with blue psychokinetic energy, the purple chameleon is adorned with sharp ninja knives, the green crocodile is bursting with muscle, and the demented yellow doll floats in the air with a red aura. They all glare at the blue hedgehog. ¨Some timing you have, Cinos. Aren´t you supposed to be the fastest thing alive?¨ The crocodile says. ¨Yes, I am. If you throw more insults at me, any of you, then I´ll prove it again.¨ ¨There´s no need for pointless fighting!¨ The white hedgehog says. ¨We´re here for a purpose, and I didn´t travel through time just to waste it. Not again.¨ ¨Silver´s correct.¨ The purple chameleon says. ¨If our purpose is not served, then we have failed ourselves.¨ Everyone is silent. ¨ Well, where is it?¨Cinos stares untrustingly at the hovering doll. It´s eyes pierce into his soul. ¨The first key is located inside this very hill, as the legend tells it. All we must do is open the door, and find its location within the stronghold.¨ ¨ Sounds easy. Is there any special strategy to getting in?¨ Cinos asks. ¨ Of course, but you already have it.¨ Everyone looks at the blade hanging on Cinos´ back. A shining golden and crimson sword, the Lost Excaliburn. Cinos equips the weapon, allowing it to reflect the sun´s gentle glows. ¨With it, the door shall open.¨ Silver says. ¨Then let us get to it. It may take a while for the door to reawaken.¨ The chameleon says. ¨And I fear there will be guards.¨ ¨ You always worry about stuff, Espio.¨The crocodile says. ¨ You forget that we overtook an entire kingdom, and still rule it.¨ ¨ I am aware, Vector, and yet we are here alone.¨ ¨ We will call for backup once the time is right.¨ Cinos says. ¨ For now, we know what we must do. Let´s get going. I´m getting bored.¨ The knights charge down to the green hill´s base, witnessing an ancient gate built within the stone. It is decayed yellow with blue cyborg-like stripes. There is a white pedestal in which to place a sword resting in its front. Cinos steps up and shoves Lost Excalibur inside, seeing the stone light up slowly. The sword is shot out of the mechanism as the rest of the door begins to glow. Cinos catches his weapon as rumbling sounds emerge behind the group. They turn to see red and brown robotic soldiers, all brandishing bows, axes, and swords. ¨These are the ones who challenge whoever dares to enter the keys´ temples. ¨ Espio says. ¨ Most never succeed in beating them.¨ ¨But we will.¨ Cinos says. The Exiled Chosen One raises his sword. ¨Ready, Guys? This´ll be a piece of cake.¨ They meet the enemies in battle. … The mad scientist yells out as his latest and greatest creation burns as it smashes into the ocean. He sits in his battered egg pod, glaring at his own failure, again. A blue figure jumps up and lands onto the pod, laying down behind the scientist´s head. ¨Ya know, Doc, you could try a new hobby. You might be more successful at it.¨ ¨ I will never give up you annoying pest! I have almost won countless times, and I will not let you beat me! I swear it!¨ Dr. Robotnik tries to grab Sonic the Hedgehog, but of course it´s a fruitless effort. The blue hero kicks the doctor´s in the face as he leaps off of the pod and drops down towards the Emerald Coast. ¨ I was kinda hoping you´d see my way, but really, I´m not surprised.¨ Sonic says. ¨Oh you will be.¨ The doctor unsheathes a brown cased book. It has the words ¨Arthurian Legends¨ inscribed on it. ¨What´s that?¨ Sonic looks up with confusion. ¨ The thing that will finally get you out of my hair forever!¨Robotnik flips to a certain page and smiles. ¨ You keep forgetting that you have no hair. What´re you talking about now?¨ Sonic prepares himself for another battle. ¨Calm yourself you insolent rat, there will be no more battling. Only the sweet silence of your absence!¨ ¨Can you stop the poetry and just tell me already?¨ ¨ All I need to say, are these words!: âsendan mîn hettend oð ðone as nîwian â!¨ Before Sonic can utter another word, a portal opens underneath him, dropping him into a new place. ¨Not this again!¨ Sonic yells as he careens downwards. Robotnik howls with laughter. ¨See you never, Sonic the Hedgehog!¨ The portal closes as Sonic collides with the ground. Sonic has seen many fields of green, but this one is totally different. The grass is grey and withered, the trees are dark and dead. There are only motionless bodies of woodland creatures scattered around. The wind flies but only so far. ¨ Man, this is upsetting. Did something happen again? But wait, how did Eggface even manage this? I thought only Merlina could do it...¨ Sonic´s wondering is cut off by the clashing of swords and the echoes of grunts. Sonic runs towards the noise, seeing a black armored hedgehog battling a mob of robotic warriors. Sonic is put-off by the new sight, but he knows what he wants to do. He zooms ahead and homing attacks the robots, cleaning them out as if they were just cardboard. As he lands back down, the black hedgehog gasps. ¨You can´t be. King Sonic?!¨ ¨Heh, it is you, Sir Lancelot.¨Sonic dusts himself off. ¨It´s been a while, hasn´t it? What´s been going on?¨ Sonic knows that if he wants to return home, he must solve this sudden problem first. And besides, he could never turn down a chance to help. The shadow colored knight sighs as his eyes face the decaying scenery. ¨ The kingdom you entrusted to Nimue was short- lived. Our democracy was the strongest government in the land, until new enemies arrived.¨ ¨ Huh? Who is it now?¨ Sonic asks. The knight hesitates. ¨ They´re nothing but an embarrassment to this kingdom. Exiled knights who should never have returned. It was foolish of us to think all would be peaceful...¨ ¨Exiled..? I never heard about any exiled people.¨ ¨ That´s because you only ever knew about this place, Avalon. There are many other kingdoms... It´s-¨ Lancelot grunts as he bends over, cupping a hand over a large wound. Sonic steps closer as he calls out his name worriedly. ¨ We gotta get you to a doctor! Or, whatever kind of medical person you have in this time!¨ ¨It´s fine. I am a knight, I can handle it.¨ ¨I thought we decided last time that being a knight is about more than just letting yourself die. You need help.¨ ¨ But these horrid things, they´re spreading throughout our kingdom, slaughtering all they see. We must regroup and stop them.¨ Lancelot glances at the robotic bodies. ¨Whadda mean ´ regroup´?¨ ¨The Knights of the Round Table disbanded once the new government was installed. I do not know where the others are. I am trying to find them.¨ ¨ Well, I can help with that! You got any leads?¨ ¨ The only thing I know is that Sir Gawain was last heard of in the ruins near here.¨ ¨ Alright. Is there a town nearby too?¨ ¨Yes. Why?¨ ¨ That´s where we´re going first.¨ ¨ King Sonic...¨ ¨I told you, I´m not your king! We need to get you healed up before we head into battle! It´s the right thing to do.¨ Lancelot is silent. ¨ Fine, but what about a weapon for you?¨ ¨If it´s gonna help that I have one again, what about Caliburn?¨ ¨That sword has been hidden for years. The only person who would know of its location is Madame Percival. She returned it.¨ ¨ Then we´ll ask her for directions. But for now, I think a simple blacksmith´s blade will do. Can you run still?¨ ¨ Of course.¨ Sir Lancelot stands. ¨ I shall tell you more of the Exiled Ones once we reach the town.¨ He steps ahead of Sonic. ¨ Let´s see if you can keep up.¨ ¨ Heh. Some things never change. You´re on!¨ The two hedgehogs dash off into the horizon. A field´s distance away, the sounds of sword fighting can be heard. Cinos turns and sees two figures blasting past in the distance. ¨ Interesting. I´m the only one who can match Sir Lancelot.¨ Vector cuts down the last robotic foe. ¨ Ya think it´s the one?¨ ¨ I have a feeling, and if I´m right, then this trip just became a lot more interesting.¨ Cinos steps away from the group. ¨ Where are you going?¨ Silver asks. ¨ To meet that blue figure. I must know.¨ ¨And what about the key?¨ ¨ You can get it. Meet me back at the castle once you´re done. This won´t take longer than a nanosecond.¨ Cinos blasts off towards the nearby town. The exiled group mutters to themselves as they approach the opening door.
Caliestha aprilia
Caliestha aprilia 2 aylar önce みゃあこさん!ฅ( • •̫ • ฅ)ニャン TANTA BEYEZAS QUE DIOS A HECHO EN ESTE MUNDO ASERE Y DISEN QUE DIOS ES MALO SI DIOS ES MALO NADIE ES BUENO ASERE MIL GRASIAS POR TANTA BEYESAS I loro stati di salute rispettivi prevenirli ライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!この日のライブ配信は、かならりやばかったですね!1万人を超える人が見ていたもんね(笑)やっぱり人参最高!まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした!今後は気を付けないとね12
Josef Ring
Josef Ring 2 aylar önce
Ghost afk
Ghost afk 2 aylar önce
is it just me or does shadow almost sounds like snake form metal gear solid
Doll’s world 2 CHAN
Doll’s world 2 CHAN 2 aylar önce
When it’s done?
Zilch -X
Zilch -X 2 aylar önce
I grew up with this game! I still love it!!!
Christian Rudder
Christian Rudder 2 aylar önce
damn its been so long
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