Ridiculously Absurd 5-Minute Crafts “Health Hacks”

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Doctor Mike

Doctor Mike

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I was pretty harsh in my critique of Five Minute Crafts when I took a look at their first-aid hack earlier this year, but since then they’ve put our some new videos with new hacks on how to keep your body in fighting shape. So today I figured I’d see if they’ve improved their medical accuracy or not. We talk about bee stings, bandaids, blisters in your heels, doctor’s visits, getting kids to take medicine, teaching children to wash their hands, headache cures, treatment for heartburn, sleep tips, cleaning your ears, back pain, anxiety, cleaning out your eyes, drinking water, cleaning your pores, and so much more. Which clips did I miss? Let me know down below!

I LOVE reading your comments and take your suggestions seriously. If there’s a subject you want me to discuss or something you’d like for me to react to, leave a comment down below. Many of my videos have been born out of suggestions directly from you, so don’t hold back!
-Doctor Mike Varshavski

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Hailey Walton
Hailey Walton Aylar önce
I love that Dr. Mike was more concerned about the little girl swallowing a seed, but I’m more concerned about her psychological health bc she’s gonna think watermelon tastes like milk😂😂😂
Doge 17 saatler önce
what if she hates watermelon and likes milk
Gacha Melon
Gacha Melon 2 gün önce
It’s not even 5 min crafts, the whole thing was under a minute. If they wanna impress and actually make something that helps, work on it for a day or two
ItsallGood 12 gün önce
@Tonya Brookes That absolutely could be true. I personally never knew (I'm 57) anyone that had any issues from consuming dairy until later in life. I have one friend that became lactose intolerant in his 50s. It does make me wonder if something has been added or changed. It's hard to trust our food anymore. You never know what they are putting in food these days.
Tonya Brookes
Tonya Brookes 12 gün önce
@ItsallGood they probably didnt know either. They probably never connected their stomach/digestive issues with milk since it was promoted as a healthy drink
Preaplanes 13 gün önce
I just don't buy fooling anyone old enough to have developed objects permanence.
Mr Wilson 25
Mr Wilson 25 18 gün önce
"Why are they trying to KILL CHILDREN!?" That one finally broke me down.
Marii**1000 7 gün önce
if u didnt know @Mr Wilson 25 found that at 7:45. THE TERM "TO KILL CHILDREN " JUST KILLED MY SOUL
Dark 7 gün önce
yea lol
Cloud Doez stuff
Cloud Doez stuff 8 gün önce
I have see this too many times now
The Watcher
The Watcher 10 gün önce
DOMA 3 gün önce
thats the reason
AScarletLlama 17 gün önce
Hey Dr. Mike! I have dealt with chronic migraines my whole life, they started when I was 8 and I'm in my mid twenties now. I know the hair pulling for migraines seems counterintuitive, but it can help depending on the person! Light pulling can give a different sensation to focus on to distract from the migraine. When my medication doesn't work, having another sensory input to focus on is the only thing that can help combat the waves of pain. Definitely depends on the person, but it might help! 5 minute crafts was onto something, but it isn't nearly what they were describing.
Tap2Kpop 7 saatler önce
@Thomas Rocke yeah there's no real evidence, but hundreds seemed to have had felt better so I took her as a last hail mary since nothing else would hardly touch them and it worked thankfully ❤️. Maybe more can somehow get relief through whatever means
Thomas Rocke
Thomas Rocke 10 saatler önce
@Tap2Kpop I'm glad your grandmother's experienced relief, however from what I've seen online there's no real evidence that a daith piercing helps with migraines. I think she may be experiencing a placebo effect but if it helps her that's better than getting regular migraines so it's not a bad thing. Just didn't want people unnecessarily getting a piercing that could get infected or hoping it would be the cure to their migraines. It's really more of an aesthetic choice than a medical one
Tap2Kpop 2 gün önce
My grandmother had dealt with migraines for over 50 years and I had heard good reviews about daith piercings. Many sufferers had described the relief they'd felt, so I thought it'd be worth a shot. I took her to get it pierced and she hasn't had one in three years. Completely migraine free ❤️. When something is continually pushing against the pressure point, it relieves pain 👍 You might have heard of this already, but just thought I'd share 😊
Marzipancutter 3 gün önce
@AScarletLlama Absolutely fair. And it's more than a distraction too. We know very well how big of a role placebo and relaxation can play especially with chronic pain. So we're talking real effects here.
AScarletLlama 3 gün önce
@Marzipancutter You’re definitely right, that’s the whole point. For me when my medication doesn’t work, all you can do it try to distract yourself with things that are somewhat relaxing. Anything so you’re not hyper focused on the pain.
Mario Thomas
Mario Thomas 12 gün önce
I have absolutely used the citrus essential oil trick on rubber hair bands! In super fine hair it can get incredibly tangled by the end of the day. There is enough acidity to break the rubber band and does nothing to the hair, an absolute game changer.
#Sydney Aylar önce
“Why don’t mommy put away her tik tok and pay attention” 😂😂 Dr Mike is a better parent than most people and he doesn’t even have a kid
Tasha 19 saatler önce
@Fisho D I use public transport and this is the scene you get straight after the parent has picked their kid up from 6+ hours of school. No interaction at all no how was school? What did you do etc? And no one is bonding with their child 24/7.
Finnix133 2 gün önce
@Don't read my profile pic your wish is my command
Quinn Wilster
Quinn Wilster 3 gün önce
True that
Jay Jones
Jay Jones 4 gün önce
@Fisho D ikr
Melissa Lang
Melissa Lang 17 gün önce
That was absolutely hilarious and a great way to end my day. I love your laugh Doctor Mike and your nephew’s response to it is a wet or dry campus. 😂😂
Delusional Lemon
Delusional Lemon 8 gün önce
Just for those who didn't know, putting a bandaid on your neck could be an extremely bad idea as it can have to potential to peel or rip off the skin on your neck. Sometimes it could be worse than others, depending on what brand you use
BumbleBee 4 gün önce
Amazing, we are thinking this at this point! Thank you Doctor Mike for being such an amazing inspiration to all off us! Even if its just Reacting to things you still try and make an Explanation! Keep up the amazing work!
TikTokExclusive 8 gün önce
By the way, the bacon one actually works. My great grandparents used to do this, and it works.
Beatriz Etchegaray
Beatriz Etchegaray 7 gün önce
bro. your not telling me that after all the "imagine all the bacteria that will grow" and the "going to work with a piece of bacon in you feet" you still think it is a good idea or solution.
Mary Richardson
Mary Richardson Aylar önce
If/when Dr. Mike ever has a daughter or a niece, he will learn very quickly that you NEVER use rubber bands on hair. It will knot the hair and they ARE impossible to get out without a lot of ripping, pulling and screaming.
scary stories
scary stories 17 gün önce
Imagine this mixed race girl with thick curly hair has pe at school they decide my hair needs to be tied up I don't have a hair bobble so they use a rubber band. Took them ages I mean ages to get the thing out my hair.
Rachel Talbot
Rachel Talbot 20 gün önce
Yeah. The girl is sleeping. It's not obvious to Dr Mike, but the trouble is that mom doesn't want to hurt her child or wake her up, both of which would happen if she tried to take then off her while she sleeps. My fix would actually be to leave them in and deal with it later.
Ts6451 21 gün önce
The lemon essential oil would be extracted from the skin/peel of the lemon, not the juice, it's mostly going to be limonene that breaks down the rubber.
JustZal 21 gün önce
i did that twice i managed to get it out but im definitely asking my mom to buy me hairbands instead of rubber bands XD
Harshita Joshi
Harshita Joshi 22 gün önce
They're perfect for braids though.
Alyza Holt
Alyza Holt 15 gün önce
man I was a complete masochist when it came to band aids, I didn't care how much it would hurt as long as it was the fabric band-aids. Just the idea of slowly ripping it off was so satisfying.
Mango Juice
Mango Juice 7 gün önce
5 minute crafts is a living “never let them know your next move”
Erik Warnes
Erik Warnes 13 gün önce
This was very educational and entertaining. Thank you Dr. Mike!
sirflimflam 13 gün önce
That hair combing one makes me laugh.. Since I was a kid, I ended up with an OCD habit of grabbing a chunk of hair and rubbing it across my thumb. I'm in my mid 30s and still to this day can't get through my day without doing it at bunch.
Civil Villain
Civil Villain Aylar önce
The first bandaid one: Offering a child a choice often gives them a feeling of control over the scary situation they're facing, and they're more likely to comply.
Tonya Brookes
Tonya Brookes 12 gün önce
That applies to a lot of things with kiddos. It really does help if they feel heard and included in stuff ❤
Mary Richardson
Mary Richardson 25 gün önce
My kids and grandkids go through bandaids like they are candy. They want one for EVERY scratch. The funniest time though was when my husband, a Lt. Col in the army had to go to work with a Ninja Turtle bandaid on his finger, because that is all we had at the time!
Sunny 26 gün önce
Never seen a kid refuse a bandaid. Instead they want it for the most ridiculous of "injuries" 😂
Shinobu Oshino
Shinobu Oshino Aylar önce
@Šimon Špaček Yes, I am lucky to have had both a father and a mother.
Šimon Špaček
Šimon Špaček Aylar önce
@Shinobu Oshino No? You are either lucky, or have bad memory. I admit that screaming and kicking is not normal reaction, but you want cooperation from the child. Sometimes pain takes over and the child just wants to keep the scratch away, that happens all the time.
CoolDoge 8 gün önce
Great Video! *This is extremely hilarious and informative, thanks*
EpicGamerGuy7492 10 gün önce
toddler: mommy dont stop. dr mike: how about mommy puts away her tiktok for a second and pas attention to her child. dr mike is such a good parent even though he doesnt even have a kid. 10/10 dr mike 👏👏👏👏👏👏
ΜΙΧΑΗΛ ΞΕΝΟΣ 15 gün önce
I actually learned something today, thanks for the tips, doc!
Svatopluk Čech
Svatopluk Čech 17 gün önce
Thank you for your suggestions for how should it be done correctly! Looking forward to another video
Gjest 1987
Gjest 1987 29 gün önce
god i love this doctor. he's not only sarcastic and has a sense of humor, he ACTUALLY has a sense of what happens in these videos.
𝑅𝑜𝑤𝑎𝑛 シ
𝑅𝑜𝑤𝑎𝑛 シ 18 gün önce
@Tony Hardy ah yes, I know a doctor when I see one, I can smell the fake doctor from a mile away
bikuch 20 gün önce
@Kevin Conboy cope+mald+ratio+L
SmoLz 20 gün önce
@Tony Hardy ok Mr " I know him he lives next to me "
Tony Hardy
Tony Hardy 20 gün önce
It's obvious hes not even a dr
BagelBurger 22 gün önce
Well I am pretty sure doctors are supposed to know about what happens
♡︎𝙜𝙤𝙡𝙙𝙞𝙚♡︎ 14 gün önce
Dr Mike is a good parent I have never seen anyone so funny 😂
J Green
J Green 14 gün önce
The heartburn one seriously works. I get it alot. and it can literally come on in seconds if I roll onto my right side. And disappear within minutes of rolling back onto my left
Larry Archer
Larry Archer 17 gün önce
The “oil” on the rubber band hair ties is more of a cosmetic hack. Definitely does not have to be essential oils, olive oil works great too.
GetuaJerriCurl 17 gün önce
Honestly during pregnancy the heartburn trick works. When I turn to the other side I burp & it definitely soothes my stomach A LOT more 😮‍💨💯
Matilda Aylar önce
As a person who suffers from violent migraines, the pulling of the hair actually gives temporary relief. Grab it by the scalp and apply pressure. I learned that from my father who also suffers fr migraines , Apparently an old trick to use
Bethany Platt
Bethany Platt 28 gün önce
A really good trick to help relieve migraines (as someone who suffered from them 6-8 times a month for years), if you put your feet in warm, almost hot water, and then put an ice pack on the back of your neck and then curl up with your legs to your chest, this helps immensely. Also, I would get nausea along with it, and a Dramamine worked wonders. Also peppermint essential oil in your diffuser helps with migraines too.
ElisabetK Aylar önce
Pressing up into the insides of your eyebrows with your fingertips along the brow bone also helps - I suspect it's because the skin tugs on the internal sinuses just a bit. Many migraine symptoms seem to be related to sensitivity or irritation of the trigeminal nerve which runs through there. Unfortunately it's a brief effect, like the hair pulling, but if you hurt like that you take anything you can get.
Lauren Aylar önce
@Matilda right, plus pharmaceutical medication should be avoided if possible. It is horrible for your liver and body and most pharmaceutical medications have horrible side effects many which include death. Whether rare or not, it's not good for your liver at all. Even OTC medication will mess up your liver. Everyone is so gung ho about getting prescribed medications without realizing they do damage to your body just like illegal drugs and alcohol. You want to avoid medications if possible, and any doctor not telling you that is not protecting your health. Of course medication is needed and helpful, but everyone just says, oh get medication for you doctor for this and that without trying remedies that are non invasive and may actually help.
Colin Caga
Colin Caga 12 gün önce
Road to 10M Dr. Mike!!! More power to your channel and we will push it to 10 this month!!
Pitched 17 gün önce
actually this leaning to the side worked one for me when i had really bad stomach ache... no clue why, but somehow switching side from time to time gave relief
FurryNemesis 6 gün önce
The stomach acid thing "makes sense" but for some reason switching sides makes it worse for me instead of making it better
Mario Zhong-Vorkapic
Mario Zhong-Vorkapic 10 gün önce
Knowing how worked up Dr. Mike gets when he sees q-tips being put in ears, he'll probably freak out when I say I once stuck an allen key into my ear. Basically, I was wearing earplugs and when I went to pull the earplug out of my ear, it ripped in half leaving half of it stuck in my ear canal. My solution was to stick an allen key into my ear to fish the earplug out. Yes I did it carefully lmao
Eric Maldonado
Eric Maldonado Aylar önce
I would love to see some kind of collab between Dr. Mike and Ann Reardon of "How to Cook That" (probably virtual, as she lives in Australia), as she does a lot of videos debunking hacks, especially from content farm sites like 5-Minute Crafts. You could even make it more "fun" by having Ann try to figure out what exactly is wrong on the medical hacks, and Dr. Mike try to figure out what's wrong with the baking/cooking hacks. She recently had TRshow take down her video warning people about the dangers of fractal wood burning, while leaving up the actual fractal wood burning videos she was warning about, so she could use a boost in viewership that could come from such a collab.
Bilinda Law-Morley
Bilinda Law-Morley 22 gün önce
I'm really happy to see her being recommended. That fractal wood burning episode was perhaps the most instantly fatal thing she's debunked but there's been several dangerous "hacks"
Bilinda Law-Morley
Bilinda Law-Morley 22 gün önce
Yep. Ann is terrific. Her debunks are legendary, but also she's shown how stupid, illogical, dangerous or even fatal some "hacks" are
Darlene Cane
Darlene Cane 25 gün önce
@TerraMations how?
Neveah Watson
Neveah Watson 25 gün önce
I would absolutely /love/ to see this collab happening... Like, /seriously/. Please, Dr. Mike....? 💙💜💗💕❤
TerraMations 26 gün önce
Awwastor 4 gün önce
I love the idea of a doctor being able to summon a regulator by just screaming their name. “FDA!” Boom a board of the FDA appears, ready to review whatever you want it to.
krishe 14 gün önce
tumeric actually lightens your skin but doesnt heal it(also i love the way mike said about the bacon "maybe you could cook it maybe you could eat it)
Dashmir Shatra
Dashmir Shatra 17 gün önce
Dr. Mike is the funniest doctor ever! 😂
Kenzie 6 gün önce
can we just take a moment to appreciate how funny he is
Jennifer Victoria
Jennifer Victoria Aylar önce
Hi Dr. Mike. I’m a teacher from Toronto, Canada. Would you ever consider doing a series on the American Sex Education curriculum across states? It seems like it varies so much and could be a great commentary coming from a doctor or multiple doctors and teachers who work in different states. Great video!
reality1701 Aylar önce
Mama Doctor Jones is the one who usually does those types of videos as she is an OBGYN and a parent
westzed23 Aylar önce
@Downhomesunset yes they had done so. I was referring to doing a video regarding sex Ed in the US.
Downhomesunset Aylar önce
@westzed23 they did a little bit ago!
Downhomesunset Aylar önce
@Iza Warszawska they did one a while back. But they should do one about the problems in the US sex education system.
ILikeTruckHorns 13 gün önce
My dad taught me this: when you get something in your eye just kinda find a way to make tears, works everytime 👌
Seven Ways From Sunday
Seven Ways From Sunday 4 gün önce
I totally understand the broom hack and I did it lol..... before having my L5 s1 fusion. It was literally the only way to play with my kids at that point in time. Now I am 100% good no broom needed.
Chad 18 gün önce
For the blisters on the back of the feat, I got them from zip up sandals in 3rd grade, I’m in 7th now and I still have the blisters- does that means it’s scarred or is it just taking longer to heal?
Awkwardly Cool
Awkwardly Cool 3 gün önce
When I watched this video I had a head ache at the time and the first craft I said to myself- oh why don’t I try this. So I did. And it worked! (For a few minutes) 😂
Renee Brutvan
Renee Brutvan Aylar önce
The one with the band-aid hearts isn't so much about making the band-aid pretty, but about giving the child several _options_ to choose from, which makes them feel some control over the situation. It's a tried and true way of getting obstinate kids to cooperate. It works with clothes, food, chores, etc.
Sam Daggett
Sam Daggett Aylar önce
when I was that age and got a cut I would quite literally use tape. oh wait I still do
Renee Brutvan
Renee Brutvan Aylar önce
@hamjudo lol. But that's the point, you're giving the child a reason to cooperate (some kids, or at some ages, are non-compliant). So, you can say, "do you want to hold my right hand or my left hand?" But we both know, Daddy is holding his kid's hand, mandatory.
Molly Molohon
Molly Molohon Aylar önce
I completely agree that giving the kid a choice makes most issues easier. Plus, kids are quite difficult to deal with anyway so you might as well make it easier with toys and treats,, ect. ❣️❣️ Who doesn't love a cute baby doll
hamjudo Aylar önce
We're about to cross the street. Do you want to hold Daddy's hand or have Daddy hold your hand?
TestiTickler100 18 gün önce
"It's like, when girls go to get a manicure, or guys for that matter." YES. YES MIKE YES.
The friends
The friends 13 gün önce
Thank you doctor mike Because you give us information every day
Vernon Matthews
Vernon Matthews 12 gün önce
I recently started watching your videos. And this episode is what I saw. It seriously reminded me of my Brother in law's wife. He spent several years teaching in China. And he married a typical Chinese woman. She was vastly different from the Chinese students he taught at the university. The Chinese social structure keeps the vast majority of citizens shunned from common sense thinking and promoting independent thought by letting them thrive in wives tales and superstition. They will die believing things we can only shake our heads in disbelief over... Instead of following the most obvious doctor recommendations. Recently he retired and they both now live in the States. They stayed several weeks with us, and we got to experience this over and over first hand. She's a very good person, but stuck in the deep, mystical, and irrational dark ages. They can visit anytime, but we do hope living in a much more advanced society will free her of some of her self-limiting, and sometimes dangerous beliefs.
Tom 12 gün önce
Angrynoodle Twenty Five
Angrynoodle Twenty Five 10 gün önce
I have actually found some success in laying on my right side when having heart burn instead of left... I don't know if it is medically accurate that is just my experience. the belief is that because it elevates your heart more than sleepin on the left, not as much acid reflux makes its way to the heart. but that is a case of lessening the symptoms rather than curing the cause, even if it is true.
Marjorie Etchevers
Marjorie Etchevers Aylar önce
About the lemon essential oil one: citrus essential oils contain limonene which dissolves rubbers and grease pretty well (was used to clean engines and bikes a while back). That’s why it pops the rubber bands. If you want to witness it you can peel an orange close to an inflated balloon it will pop if any of the oil gets in contact with the rubber! It’s pretty toxic and corrosive in large quantities or if it’s pure enough, like most essential oils though.
Jasmine Spencer
Jasmine Spencer 29 gün önce
@Sofihmm That's probably the better hack since those oils are already used in hair
Lilie Aylar önce
Sofi Aylar önce
So I'm pretty sure that olive and coconut oil don't fall into the category of citrus essential oils but they break rubber bands too, I put both of these oils in my hair from time to time in braids and I once secured them with rubber bands instead of hair ties and they wouldn't stop breaking until I realized it was the oil in my hair
Shiro_Kitten Aylar önce
I mean u can also use a seem ripper & it’s easier to snap the bands
Brett Aylar önce
Pretty fire hack actually
Prjndigo 13 gün önce
any ingredients in the jelly soap are likely to be harmed by re-heating it to the melting point again taught my son to use a stainless spoon to apply flat pressure beside the blackhead and wiggle it around a little... safer than even a loop tool blue scrubbing pads are excellent for regular defoliation of foot calluses, they're also great for waistband acne and palm edge calluses and very easy to use between the toes for cleaning the feet.
Paige T
Paige T 15 gün önce
I actually do the hair pulling one. It only reliefs my headaches for like 2 seconds though
TofuDaTurtle 8 gün önce
Not to mention the lemon oil DESTROYS the hair band making it unusable. :)
Joe Deer
Joe Deer 18 gün önce
As someone who genuinely never had it occur to them to use water to remove a band-aid I feel very stupid after this video.
Прогноза за времето
Прогноза за времето 4 gün önce
8:56 can we just talk about how those "blackheads" are clearly drawn on with probably just a washable marker?
eXistesTenT 18 gün önce
Those swings are actually in Germany and are really cool. I even fit on one with my 2 older sisters and it was awesome. The swings are found in parks, but I’ve only found them once but that is also because I have not gone to many parks or places. 3 weeks of German learning camp/school. And 1 week of traveling around Germany. It’s pretty fun and I definitely recommend it. Back to the swing thing, I don’t know if it is anywhere else other than Germany, but it is in fact real.
Agness 14 gün önce
They're also in Czech republic and yes, they're really good.
Mr L The Gamer
Mr L The Gamer 13 gün önce
Really nice information on this. Gotta love that sense of humour
楊秀玲 17 gün önce
Dr mike has a sense of humor and knows so much about being a good dr and even a parent , also why did the mom leave the water on for the soap thing?
April A
April A Aylar önce
Dr. Mike, the passion about the potential choking hazard of the watermelon thing is warranted but can we acknowledge that milk and watermelon taste nothing alike? 😂
Kay Marrand
Kay Marrand 13 gün önce
@Downhomesunset You'd think so, but I've met too many people who lived their whole childhood being yelled at for their inconsiderate gassiness rather than the parents examining the cause and rearranging their diet.
Crow Demon - The Archives
Crow Demon - The Archives Aylar önce
@Downhomesunset and if they still dislike milk, just stop giving them milk?
Downhomesunset Aylar önce
@Kay Marrand I’m sure that the fact their kid gets sick every time they have milk products would clue them in to a milk allergy. Also most kids who have problems with milk allergies grow out of them by the time s/he turns five.
Nathaniel Shrock
Nathaniel Shrock 9 gün önce
Well, I've had acid refluc since probably high school. I've actually had more acid come up while laying on my right side than on my left. I suppose I could I have just convinced myself of that because I heard it before. However, when I wake up in the middle of the night with acid in the back of my throat, turn over and feel it fall back down I'm kinda convinced.
Agro 17 gün önce
The clip at 6:50 may seem good, however, it could be a huge problem if the child mistakes the soap for candy and eats the soap.
roofogato Gün önce
@Reynaldo Ponce there are logeo candy bricks!
Reynaldo Ponce
Reynaldo Ponce 5 gün önce
Yes also candy is shaped like a lego
LBTVGAMES 7 gün önce
Oh yes everybody keeps candy in The bathroom
AvatarOfBlues 14 gün önce
Really enjoy the Videos you are making Doctor Mike. And i agree on most of your arguments. I personally are suffering from diaphragmatic hernia resulting into a chronical inflamed esophagus (sorry if google translate messed things up there). So sleeping is a huuuge problem as you can expect - and yes i do sleep with my head high up using 3-4 pillows. But the interesting part is - that it also depends on what side i sleep on - interestinglich enough even though i should be laying on my left - sleeping on my ride side helps me more - maybe there is more space on the right side since my gallbladder was removed - so my stomach can slide down or not i don't know. Due to covid my operation was postponed - now i am facing the issue with fear for the operation since i had too much time to inform me the whole procedure and knowing alot of the risks - any tips on how to overcome that now?
ShadyWolf1491 3 gün önce
Imagine being that one Chad that actually puts bacon on their blisters because they watched five minuet crafts 😂😂
Tala_Kellie Aylar önce
I actually have one of those suction cups. Many people in my family are allergic to bees and it does work to remove bee stingers. Also great for if a venomous animal bites you. That being said if it's highly venomous... not helpful! Go to the doctor!
The Seleuf
The Seleuf 24 gün önce
@SilvaDreams I was surprised Mike didn't comment on all the tissue damage that kind of suction can do.
SilvaDreams 28 gün önce
Yeeeeaaaahhh.. No. Using one of those things might make removing the stinger easier but so will a pair of tweezers (or better yet use a knife or card to scrape it out) and they are the last thing you should use for anything venomous because the suction will simply cause more veins to burst allowing for more venom to enter the blood stream.
Michael Short
Michael Short 28 gün önce
@NewBurger yes I am :)
Alexis Harper
Alexis Harper 28 gün önce
@Sonic Cookie Once the venom has entered the bloodstream, it can’t be sucked out. It’s impossible to suck venom out once it’s been absorbed, so you’d basically need to do it immediately and even then it won’t do much.
E McCormack
E McCormack 15 gün önce
As for removing those elastic ponytail holders, they can get tangled and be painful to remove for little kids. Any kind of hair oil will cause them to break and be easy to remove.
Gail Asprey
Gail Asprey 15 gün önce
My mom uses cu tips in my ears and I haven’t had a single consequence for years. I think it’s alright.
Trains! Roblox Stepford County
Trains! Roblox Stepford County 6 gün önce
"What is this high end swing and where do these swings exist? That looks nice! Braided. High End." Doctor Mike 2022. Honestly there everywhere in Britain
Grayson! 15 gün önce
As a person who went to Russia regularly (stopped because Covid) those “high-end” wings are common there 🤩🤩
Allison Clowers
Allison Clowers Aylar önce
As someone who has GERD and Gastroparesis and has spent many hours with my gastroenterologist finding ways to alleviate symptoms, I have to say that laying on the left side vs the right side does make a big difference if symptoms are flaring up. I know it won’t cure heartburn but there is truth to that one.
JeanWritesMusic 16 gün önce
True, and I have had doctors advise lying on my left side among other things multiple times. It’s a shame he doesn’t realize he could help his patients with such a simple lifestyle change.
Cat Hep
Cat Hep Aylar önce
@Giulio17 well you aren't looking very hard. I've read at least 4 different ones with 20+ and 2 with 50+ participants And across the total studies (between the US and Europe etc) it is a total of 300+ people taking the studies that I have read alone That is apparently enough scientific rigour for multiple Drs to recommend it as a treatment plan to *help* manage a common issue
Giulio17 Aylar önce
@YetAnotherVegan I know that from an anatomical point of view it makes sense, but I'm not able to find any statistically relevant studies proving the theory behind your thought
Giulio17 Aylar önce
@Cat Hep I already checked all of them, they're not relevant sadly. At least the one I found. They were performed on a really small sample size (about 10 patients). They are not statistically relevant
YetAnotherVegan Aylar önce
@Giulio17 thanks for chiming in! There actually have been relevant studies done on left side vs right side sleeping and the alleviation of GER symptoms, including those related to pregnancy. The shape of the stomach and the relative position of the esophageal opening to the stomach actually prove a physical relationship to how (given anatomic normativity) this would work. The esophageal opening on the stomach is offset from the center. Offset to the right, by a significant amount actually. Because of this non-central entrance, the stomach is more prone to acid, food, and beverage leaks when lying on the right side versus the left side. Think tilting a beverage can to where the opening is down near your mouth. Pretty easy to get the liquid out in that position, yeah? Contrarily, sleeping on your left side brings the larger side of your stomach to the lower position and puts the esophageal opening towards the top. Like tilting that same beverage can so that the opening is up at your nose instead of by your mouth. Not so easy to get at it now, right? Not impossible, just not easy. It’s anatomically supported, as well as supported by proper medical studies (and of course anecdotal evidence). It’s not a cure, any more than eating a tums is a cure, but it certainly helps. Especially if you go to bed on a **mostly** empty stomach so there’s not so much splashing around and needing all that acid for digestion.
Shek1nah 14 gün önce
7:20 actually, that is a neat little effect. and also it doesn´t takes much to disintegrate natural rubber. even constant contact with water could do that. also natural rubber contains proteins and these can be disintegrate even by lemon essential oil. maybe even honey could do that. but putting honey into your daughters hair is kinda mean.
Auxvii 17 gün önce
That swing thing reminded me of the time my dad told me he would catch me if i fell (off the swinging monkey bars) and he sat down on his phone and I fractured my arm 😂
Zoe Fitzgerald
Zoe Fitzgerald 6 gün önce
This guy is freaking hilarious ,Gorgeous ,and a Medical Doc.....triple threat🤍🤍🤍🎀🎀🎀
Spooks 14 gün önce
Hey Doctor Mike! Got any real tips to cope with anxiety and depression?
Kate Aylar önce
after Anne Reardon (from HowToCookThat) did heaps and heaps about how not only wrong but sometimes highly dangerous these videos are (despite the newest one being banned 🙄), I completely avoid them - and love everyone who keeps debunking and making fun of this, so hopefully they do less harm over time.
Kate Aylar önce
@WritingIsHard same! that would be awesome.
WritingIsHard Aylar önce
I'd love to see Ann and Dr. Mike do a debunking collab
westzed23 Aylar önce
@leahisfab so true.
leahisfab Aylar önce
@westzed23 it's ridiculous honestly. Especially when they keep all the "how to" vids up
westzed23 Aylar önce
@leahisfab I heard that her video got back up. Apparently they didn't like her telling people that they could be killed.
Baby Kurama
Baby Kurama 12 gün önce
“Ya but check out my bandage with hearts five minute crafts edition.” Comedy gold.
Ash Titan
Ash Titan 11 gün önce
I always used to wet a bandaid when I took it off cause it made it hurt less! I’ve known that one for a long time people!
Gravy 16 gün önce
i love how you pretend that when you are trying to convince someone youre a doctor you dont instantly pull out a cheap plastic microscope, I don't believe that for a second.
Magnificent Midnight Fox
Magnificent Midnight Fox 11 gün önce
There was a time when I was young and I was in a sand box area I was looking at the ceiling because it had fish on it and the kid beside me grabbed a bucket of sand and poured it into my eyes I rand to my mom and she pored her water bottle in my eyes I came out with no eye damage 👍
Holly J
Holly J Aylar önce
Dr Mike, I get the impression that you think it’s easy to see a doctor any time you have an issue. I called in June to see a gastroenterologist in a huge multi-location medical group, and the first available appointment for any of their doctors is Nov 14th. I live in a suburb of a major city and have excellent health insurance. Chances are high that a person is going to start trying questionable online remedies when they have to wait 5 months to see a doctor.
Jxbo Aylar önce
american moment
Jennifer Robertson
Jennifer Robertson Aylar önce
@Holly J Ditto except mine was a walking referral to see a therapist. Scheduled it in September, took until March to get in (while sitting on the cancellation list as well just in case). Even my primary doctor appointments have to be scheduled almost three weeks ahead of time.
Holly J
Holly J Aylar önce
@Brandon Kelley I have been seeing my family practice provider regularly and have had multiple series of blood tests as well as an ultrasound. She referred me to a gastroenterologist in her medical group. Even with her referral, 5 months was the earliest appointment available. I have been on a cancellation waiting list for a month already.
Dr. Arradia
Dr. Arradia Aylar önce
Because your talking about a specialist, he’s talking about a general medicine family doctor.
Emerald Unicorn
Emerald Unicorn Aylar önce
@Cinnamon I think you might have it backwards. Bigger cities make it harder to get in. Higher population = more people needing doctors. And there aren't usually a proportionally higher amount of doctors/specialists in those populated areas. I live in the suburbs 30-40 minutes away from the nearest city, and out here the longest anyone I've known has had to wait for a specialist appointment has been like 2 weeks.
5:40 This actually happened to a child in my hometown, but things doesn't ended in simple laughter.
⚡Denki Kaminari⚡
⚡Denki Kaminari⚡ 15 gün önce
wait... so you're telling me my sleeping with my head raised has actually been helping my acid reflux this whole time???
The Wanderer
The Wanderer 6 gün önce
Laying on your left side truly does help with heartburn, I couldn’t tell you why, but it has helped me for years, or you could just drink a glass of milk or take some pepto
Pinky Sista
Pinky Sista 11 gün önce
You can get dark armpits when have an allergic reaction to deodorant. I should know from experience. No doctor trip required. Researched online and found a natural deodorant that was aluminum and baking soda free. Less than 2 weeks, skin healing and not so irritated.
Robyn Wilson
Robyn Wilson Aylar önce
Thank you SO much for calling out the hair combing hack. I have OCD and there are SO many "hacks" like that exist claiming to manage anxiety and what they are really doing is causing a lot of harm. I literally carried a lollystick around for two YEARS to repeatedly stab myself with because it "made me feel better" when actually is was just placating me and bruising my hand. Never manage anxiety with rituals of any sort, its more trouble than its worth especially if you have a condition like OCD.
Downhomesunset Aylar önce
@SazRob Don’t let them talk you into shock therapy. I had it when I was 23 and it destroyed my long term memory. I also have ataxia (where you struggle to remember certain words; Bruce Willis just retired recently bc he has it!
SazRob Aylar önce
@Michael Palmer It does but for some not that well and not for long. Unfortunately OCD has a very high relapse percentage. I had CBT therapy for multiple weeks every year for 14 years. It did nothing. Mostly because PTSD was the thing that triggered the OCD in the first place but I wasn’t diagnosed with that until I was 29. Once I had therapy for that the ocd also got a little better with therapy but not by much. I want brain surgery but doctors says it’s too invasive and to keep trying therapy even thoug it and medication doesn’t help me at all.
Miss Coussin Rouge - 《TwoSet Encyclopedia》
Miss Coussin Rouge - 《TwoSet Encyclopedia》 Aylar önce
@Michael Palmer I don't have OCDs but suffer from phobias, and exposure therapy is really great. As you say, it's VERY hard when you start, but it gets easier with time. What a relief it is when you manage to get back some control over your life! 😀
Robyn Wilson
Robyn Wilson Aylar önce
@Michael Palmer oh yeah, I know ERP works lol, Ive been through therapy and am self guiding my recovery now too! Its so unbelievably hard to do at first but it gets just that little bit easier every time. Im taking a little break atm as im trying to move cross country and have had several involuntary HARD exposures in the last month so ive had to dial it back but ive already made plans for when i finally move! (Going to celebrate by doing a massive exposure -going to the pub i need to pass at LEAST 1 of 2 graveyards to get to- so my house will have been exposed from the get go in hopes i dont end up paralysed by fear of it becoming contaminated. I will still probably shower afterwards but will be resisting as many rituals as possible!)
Alice Aylar önce
I have this issue with minty lozenges. I've suffered from nausea for a good 10 years and was told that mint would work, and nowadays I get anxious af if I don't have minty lozenges with me somewhere. Does the mint actually help? Who tf knows because now I have anxiety induced nausea too haha. It's stupid and I would recommend no one to do this to themselves tbh.
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