Race Highlights | 2021 British Grand Prix

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It's not over until it's over! Watch how an enthralling race played out at sunny Silverstone with action right until the last lap!

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Daniels P
Daniels P Yıl önce
My boy Leclerc pulled off such a fantasic race with a much slower car, lead for 49 laps. He's the real winner today.
Anurag Ghosh
Anurag Ghosh 5 saatler önce
Daniels P - are you then the father of C L ? Authorized or unauthorized mention that as well
nickname87 Aylar önce
Leclerc in 2022 😎
Vasillis Polizos
Vasillis Polizos 2 aylar önce
@James Enright i know I'm late. But finally i see a Lewis fan who doesn't say mAx fAkE cHaMpIoN. Respect 👊🙏
BIG DOGE 2 aylar önce
@Venton He had a 5 second time penalty.
Rice & Pizza
Rice & Pizza 4 aylar önce
i agree
CrashForce Aylar önce
3:06 Ah if only Charles knew what the following season would bring for him....
Justin M.
Justin M. 12 gün önce
@yvhuio nah
한준수 Aylar önce
Ferrari MasterBlan TM
Carlitox b
Carlitox b Aylar önce
Ferrari 🤡🤡🤡
Carlitox b
Carlitox b Aylar önce
Assoluta Aylar önce
We are checking
The F1 Hub
The F1 Hub Yıl önce
Everyone is talking about the crash, but why is no one talking about how epic that battle in the beginning was?!
Dominic Viner
Dominic Viner 7 gün önce
@81Brera lol tell us
Dominic Viner
Dominic Viner 7 gün önce
We were stolen of a great race
Caron Evans
Caron Evans 19 gün önce
@Rapture still crying months later?
Rapture 3 aylar önce
@Jolige Jorrie No such thing as the right champion. You clearly can't be fair and open minded. Also, don't forget how the "right champion" was decided. By Masi breaking rules to create fake drama.
Rapture 3 aylar önce
@burnzy1111 10 sec for causing a collision is a standard penalty. The impact/severity of the crash is not taken in to account. Otherwise every single crash would be punished differently and it'd bring in more inconsistency with it. Lewis made a mistake but Max didn't exactly help in that situation. He turned in knowing Lewis was there and invited more ridk than he needed to. If he'd have taken a wider line or backed off a little (something Lewis has had to do many times before in the lead) then the crash would never have happened.
Diether Santos
Diether Santos Yıl önce
Dang I've never heard that exciting commentary from Crofty in first lap
FireLynx Aylar önce
@Mr Storm Crofty has a better voice but Alex is better overall
minh hiep
minh hiep Aylar önce
@Florian Grägel Mario and Luigi clash and tangle on the opening lap, but this time it is ending in dramatic consequences for the championship leader.
Krish Aylar önce
Spa 2018
Michał Reska
Michał Reska 9 aylar önce
@Yiannis Gaming No this is better
GST_ Styler
GST_ Styler 9 aylar önce
@Afrobrit Racer monza 2018
David Kozlowski
David Kozlowski 10 aylar önce
Most insane sports moment I've seen live. The camera work of their battle was incredible not to mention the crash
Nazri Buang
Nazri Buang 4 aylar önce
Lies again? Wolves British German
Vladimir Lenin
Vladimir Lenin 5 aylar önce
@Dominic Legate lewis refused to yield despite it risking a collision, max refused to yield despite it risking a collision. shows the lengths these 2 would go to for that p1
Applesheep125 7 aylar önce
I'd know, because I was there sat in the very stand that it happened!
Dominic Legate
Dominic Legate 9 aylar önce
Their battle was brilliant and the crash just shows how much they want the championship
Manoj M Patil
Manoj M Patil 8 aylar önce
If the crash wouldn't have happened, we would've missed the Abu Dhabi drama lol
Popică 9 gün önce
@Petrol Weeb and Hungary And Baku And illegal engine change from Brazil onwards
Petrol Weeb
Petrol Weeb 18 gün önce
Yeah, gotta honest, The Abu Dhabi race was a karma for Mercedes and Hamilton for the British GP incident
Luuk Druiventak
Luuk Druiventak 19 gün önce
@Michael Fouladi Masi is fired.What could he have done wrong?Apperntly there are know-it-alls here who know the rules better than FIA.
Phum Khmer TV
Phum Khmer TV Yıl önce
"This Sunday England did bring it home and it was on penalties" Legendary commentary
Roberto Marinelli
Roberto Marinelli Aylar önce
But Italy win at Wembley
Vladimir Lenin
Vladimir Lenin 5 aylar önce
@Ian Crossley try telling that to kimi raikkonen
Jοhnny 9 aylar önce
@Lewis Hamilton ....
@Achak Hakan so same thing to south africa .they are all blacks and no white people right??..and german car but most of the crews and engineers are the british and its team's hq in england..so yeah
This Doesn't Matter
This Doesn't Matter Aylar önce
I love to watch Hamilton and Verstappen go head to head. Mercedes needs to get their act together so we can see more of these exciting races
Frieza 223
Frieza 223 Aylar önce
Dr Fredostein
Dr Fredostein Aylar önce
@Fabrice Manzi true, but I think Leclerc has the ability to challenge Max if Ferrari could give him the tools and not shoot him in the foot. I agree though
Fabrice Manzi
Fabrice Manzi Aylar önce
@Dr Fredostein in F1 I have realized a combo of an experienced driver and a young driver work well, the got 2 unexperienced drivers, they can't handle the pressure, only LH can put real heat on Verstappen.
Dr Fredostein
Dr Fredostein Aylar önce
@Fabrice Manzi leclerc could potentially but Ferrari is an absolute joke of a team and they are holding him back
Fabrice Manzi
Fabrice Manzi Aylar önce
You are right, Ferrari is boring, both their drivers can't keep up with Max.
BeamerMW Yıl önce
I literally got chills watching that first lap battle between Verstappen and Hamilton
Jordan Hillard
Jordan Hillard 8 aylar önce
@GamingManiac The leading car gets to define the line, and as long as the LEAD driver gives enough room for the following driver, the following driver must use the room available to avoid the lead driver. You cant just shove the leader out of the way and then say "well he could've went wider!" No. The following car must turn tighter, use the space allotted, and avoid contact with the car that is ahead of him. If Verstappen would have cut off all track space then you would have an argument, but since there was enough space for Hamilton to slow down and take the turn tighter, this accident is 100% Hamilton's fault.
BananaBatsy 8 aylar önce
@GamingManiac What?
GamingManiac 8 aylar önce
it was clearly max fault. u saw that lewis was turning and left enough room and everything even if it meant max go off the track by an inch or two and u see max drive into him.
Irvin Koh
Irvin Koh 9 aylar önce
diana dobrin
diana dobrin Yıl önce
what a chase it would have been had they not crashed
C I Yıl önce
When Brundle said “its not over yet” i got some serious chills while watching live😂
Bruce Wayne#Tumbla
Bruce Wayne#Tumbla 9 aylar önce
You just knew something big was about to happen 😄🙌
Jοhnny 11 aylar önce
Sends@Ptao Tom on the wall. Rekt
Sebast 11 aylar önce
Sad that your comment was copied by a bot and got more likes w that, report it when you see dth like that
Cpr1234 Yıl önce
And the chills didn't get much time to go after what happened just 10 seconds later.
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom Yıl önce
sends Max off the track..oops
aswer huio
aswer huio Yıl önce
This is probably the best opening lap I’ve ever seen
Smaffles 2 aylar önce
On par with spa 2018
cloudify 5 aylar önce
@Kev Mehl oh so max did not break check Lewis in Saudi Arabia?
Kev Mehl
Kev Mehl 5 aylar önce
@cloudify Funny that after all the inconsistencies and mistakes that Michael Massi and the stewards made last year you would try to use them as an argument.
cloudify 5 aylar önce
@Kev Mehl funny cuz I believe Lewis got the penalty right?
vergoncio 10 aylar önce
@Karan Braria he just went off the track but he take the same line
Bobs2kCFC 8 aylar önce
Red Flag was Hamiltons F1 gods talking. The safety car at the last race was the gods for Red Bull what a season. And at 24 Max could possibly break every record if gets a car like Mercedes.
Uywe Trews
Uywe Trews 3 aylar önce
@K cry cry lol the whole season Hamiltom benefited from small things like the limit track at Bahrain that max used after Hamilton used it for 25 laps straight and he got a penalty that cost him the race so cry cry cry
Archie Sutherland
Archie Sutherland 6 aylar önce
@Cosmo Gauner ,clown. 2020 had little competition but prime Lewis nobody would beat unless extremely unlucky anyway across a championship. Max had faster car for most of the season and max needs to be put in check with his unsafe over agressive driving
Zein Mets
Zein Mets 6 aylar önce
How can you call arguably the most unfair and fraudulent ending to a season in the history of F1 a "gift from the F1 gods"?
Heisenberg 6 aylar önce
@Vladimir Lenin All those years were due to having a superior car and having luck. ... Talk about watching the races.. you should go and rewatch.
Vladimir Lenin
Vladimir Lenin 6 aylar önce
@Heisenberg 2008, 2014, 2015, 2017, and 2018? No competition. You're one of thode that comments without watching the races
Ruman Ahmed
Ruman Ahmed Yıl önce
Lance's performance in a place where overtaking was extremely difficult, to go from 14th to 8th is 👏
Lawrence Stroll
Lawrence Stroll 3 aylar önce
@Joshu mone he hasn't helped himself after Australia
massimodotti__ 7 aylar önce
@Stepladder i dont think, his dad owns the team
Stepladder Yıl önce
@Joshu mone I think he’s no longer a pay-driver, Aston probably pays him now
Joshu mone
Joshu mone Yıl önce
Yeah he's criminally underrated just people give him unnecessary hate for being a pay driver
Chris7opher Yıl önce
So gutted for Leclerc, he had the pace but the car was just not with him!
Ice Angel
Ice Angel 28 gün önce
Losing in one lap after Lewis passed him 2,5 seconds is not just the car! Is Lewis s MEGA PACE also!
Lawrence Stroll
Lawrence Stroll 3 aylar önce
@James Enright this comment aged well
Vasillis Polizos
Vasillis Polizos 8 aylar önce
@Miz is Awesome keep crying Lewis Crymilton fans Lewis Crymilton lost the championship
Fraser Robertson
Fraser Robertson 9 aylar önce
@Miz is Awesome I remember seeing one of your comments on an F1 video after Hungary, and seeing that you'd made 136 comments on this channel. Now only a few months later, you've made 275 comments (most of which, I presume, are just you starting or getting involved in wars about Ham/Ver). Just get a life will you
Mov 911 f1
Mov 911 f1 10 aylar önce
@Keenan not true
Jerry Kreutzer
Jerry Kreutzer Yıl önce
It's a shame that it ended how it did but the Verstappen Hamilton duel during the first lap was some great racing.
Freddie Webber
Freddie Webber 7 aylar önce
That first minute where Lewis and Max were battling was the best piece of camerawork this season, the cars just looked 10× faster then most races
Logan M
Logan M Aylar önce
Real f1 fans come back to this video to prepare for this year
Savage Aylar önce
And once again on lap one there was a massive crash.
ItsFozzy 11 aylar önce
I keep coming back for the first lap commentary. Crofty and Martin absolutely nailed it, one of the best opening lap commentaries I've heard in years 👏
Kar Kule
Kar Kule 11 aylar önce
Martin Brundle is excellent.
T 11 aylar önce
exact same, camerawork is perfect too
Dave Legenda
Dave Legenda Yıl önce
Can't believe these highlights missed the best part Toto telling the race director to check his email
Aviators Planet
Aviators Planet Aylar önce
@devilz user00 He was told by the doctors it would be better to go
devilz user00
devilz user00 Aylar önce
@Aviators Planet That driver sent himself to the hoispital.. nice try to deform the reality.
Esdrass byJesus
Esdrass byJesus Aylar önce
Thats why Abudaby!!!! Thanks Lewis.
Dave Smith
Dave Smith 5 aylar önce
That part seems to get forgotten A Lot. Kinda puts a different perspective on the last race.
AdrielABGamer0 Aylar önce
A year passed, and we had as much drama as last year's race.
Monster21 Gün önce
i'll miss Hamilton a lot when he retires. What a hero!!!
Formula Juan
Formula Juan Aylar önce
Everybody talking about the crash, but I just love Max’s move at 0:32. The way he just throws the car ahead of Lewis was absolutely beautiful.
FRANKIEFREE 2 saatler önce
I guess Lewis got tired of always yielding when it comes to max, he decided to push this time.
Steve Flatman
Steve Flatman Aylar önce
@Leo Timtom And most importantly AHEAD on the track at the point they're discussing which means they have the right to their line. The car ahead doesn't yield to the one behind, that's a one way road to a crash.
Assoluta Aylar önce
Yep, reminded me of how Senna often did that move against Prost
Aahil Qureshi
Aahil Qureshi Aylar önce
@Leo Timtom as a max fan i wouldnt go that far i mean cars alone dont win championships but REALYYYY fast ones do and watching lewis struggle because his car wasnt a country mile ahead was awesome.
ahijah sellassie
ahijah sellassie 27 gün önce
One year anniversary of this beautiful British Grand Prix!
Catalin Rada
Catalin Rada Yıl önce
On a side note, imagine if Ferrari would have won here, Ferrari, from Italy, to win at silverstone, in England, after the EURO cup. One can dream right :D ?
Nightman 114
Nightman 114 Aylar önce
@Ernesto Salvato Nope Leclerc was on 3 lap fresher hards
Marshall horton
Marshall horton Yıl önce
Some of people hate England for no reason lol, like what have most of us done to you
CardinalHijack Yıl önce
@Giuseppe Maggiò Ok Guiseppe you hold onto that one team, who haven't won a drivers championship in over 10 years. And if you want to look at history: the UK dominates constructors wins throughout history as well as the licence location of almost all of the constructors companies throughout history. All of his while currently Alpine, Aston Martin, Hass, Mclaren, Mercedes, Redbull and WIlliams all choose to be based in the UK even though some aren't even British teams. I dont get why you EU people need to start this attack of the UK when we would support your wins lol... When Italy wins in Italy, British people celebrate it. When Britain wins in Britain, italians try to hate. Maybe its not that you guys hate British Success, maybe you're just jealous of it.
hkkfxsxs gdbff
hkkfxsxs gdbff Yıl önce
@Ernesto Salvato actually Lewis had tires that were one or two laps older but yeah, Charles lost a few seconds becousee of engine issues and maybe he could have won without them, who knows
Zac Dowdell
Zac Dowdell Yıl önce
Winning thanks to an English penalty…
Rookie0519 Yıl önce
Ferrari hasn’t got a podium in quite a long time. I’m a Mclaren fan but even then I got exited when I saw Charles in 1st 😭
Clutch 4 aylar önce
I know im late but I was there on that day and when Verstappen crashed and when Lewis and Max where fighting the cheering was very real and when the helicopter comes over you get serious goosebumps because you can hear alll the cars coming. Best experience of my life. Thanks f1
Franco Joeul M. Florin
Franco Joeul M. Florin 9 aylar önce
Looking at this after Brazil, this is a huge moment in F1 history
Stepladder 8 aylar önce
@Cattywampus Widdershins true
Cattywampus Widdershins
Cattywampus Widdershins 8 aylar önce
Alongside Baku and Hungary, yes.
LighT 7 aylar önce
Entire race aside, The battle between Stephan and Luis in the start was on another level. and That crazy commentary gives goosebumps
nTezzy Aylar önce
Crofty and Brundle's commentary made the first lap 10 times more intense 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Angoose02 8 aylar önce
Silverstone Karma came home to roost.
Kevin Antonio Ponce García
Kevin Antonio Ponce García 6 aylar önce
@Aidan magee What about Hungary?
Aidan magee
Aidan magee 7 aylar önce
Why do max fans think silverstone was the only race to have happened? Genuine question
Yannick E
Yannick E 7 aylar önce
Karma came in Abu Dhabi
Dark 7 aylar önce
yep im glad max won the championship, karma came in the last lap
The Casual Gamer
The Casual Gamer 8 aylar önce
Max Verstappen World Champion! hunted down Lewis like a lion!! 🦁🏆
real life hack
real life hack 2 aylar önce
.Michael Masi's champ
Bob Marley
Bob Marley 5 aylar önce
@shrikanya sengupta except what I'm saying is a fact not an opinion
shrikanya sengupta
shrikanya sengupta 5 aylar önce
@Bob Marley everyone has their opinion so that's that, if that's what you think, it's ok
Bob Marley
Bob Marley 5 aylar önce
@shrikanya sengupta no he didn't. Max was better first half the season and Lewis was better the second half of the season And Lewis was about the title deciding race until Masi broke the rules so Lewis deserved it more by definition
shrikanya sengupta
shrikanya sengupta 5 aylar önce
@Bob Marley look at the whole season, Max deserved it more
Will Hom
Will Hom 8 aylar önce
First half of Lap 1 was some of the best announcing, camera choreography, and overall racing of the season
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker Yıl önce
Toto was actually serious when he said "Hamilton just ‘one Verstappen DNF’ away in title fight".
PauluzP 7 aylar önce
What goes around comes around Max champ now Karma for this and Hungary
F1 Data Box
F1 Data Box Yıl önce
@joao kiala in term of race, it was a tought race. also he knew that max was safe. so if something happen on the race you didnt allow someone to celebrate?
Manveer Ghuman
Manveer Ghuman Yıl önce
@Simon Jacob Agreed
Simon Jacob
Simon Jacob Yıl önce
@Manveer Ghuman if Landon got 2 penalty points for that Lewis deserves to get 6 points but the limit is 3 so he better get 3 points
Manveer Ghuman
Manveer Ghuman Yıl önce
@Simon Jacob It's crazy how Lando was closer to a race ban than Lewis and he's done the same thing twice on Albon. If he does it once more he should be given a race ban.
F1Onboards 4 aylar önce
Those first few corners were just superb wheel to wheel racing
Lakshmi's Kitchen
Lakshmi's Kitchen 10 aylar önce
crofty was just amazing on the first lap commentary. That was just fantastic he absolutely bossed it.
orbeenga apine
orbeenga apine 7 aylar önce
first i thought it was just lady luck stepping in to intervene for Max's cause....now watching this race again i would say not just the intervention of lady luck but also justice for bloated ego.
Pietro Pedrazzoli
Pietro Pedrazzoli 10 aylar önce
I just realized that Leclerc got a podium at Silverstone every time since he is with Ferrari… wow
Scott Andy
Scott Andy 5 aylar önce
poor Charles, pushed to the limit with that tractor.
Quân Hảo Dương
Quân Hảo Dương 5 aylar önce
Mate i've just realized that as well, glad there's somebody with me
Shawn 5 aylar önce
last year?
CoffeeForCorporateCounsel Yıl önce
“England did bring it home…and it was on penalties.” Commentary couldn’t resist 😂
Blueflag Alpha
Blueflag Alpha Yıl önce
its crying home for England
- Yıl önce
@Giovanni Fulco no they just strangle them off the pitch and only get a yellow card 😂😂
MrPrajitura Yıl önce
@James Andrew they’re all the same. you could have hamilton shoot a guy in the face, they’d still blame the guy getting shot
CF23Rhys 11 aylar önce
That was a proper race. None of that leader disappearing off into the distance like we have seen lately.
coenfuse 10 aylar önce
Wish I could go in the parallel universe where this crash didn't happen and we got to see a rock solid battle.
U N 10 aylar önce
If it didn’t happen at copse, it would’ve happened at Stowe or at turn 1, the collision was inevitable. Normally what we saw before silverstone was max being aggressive and Lewis taking the avoiding action, but here the aggression was reciprocated, since both were aggressive, the collision took place
Random videos
Random videos 3 aylar önce
Many months on, and I will always remember that this race triggered the internet war between the fanbases
Callum Grigg
Callum Grigg 9 aylar önce
Some of the best racing we have seen in F1 for a long time on that first lap
idk what to keep as my username xdd
idk what to keep as my username xdd 9 aylar önce
Reduce the sarcasm
Mark Furst
Mark Furst Yıl önce
"England brings it home .... on penalties" I see what he did there.
paper25 Yıl önce
@Kieron Johnson Can't agree more but I do not see BRM or McLaren logos on the nose of the car. I still see the Mercedes logo. It's like saying that a football team staffed only by Italians wins under the French flag. The Italians can cheer all they want but the French keep the trophie
Kieron Johnson
Kieron Johnson Yıl önce
@paper25 A German car developed and built in the UK with predominantly UK personnel. German money, British brains.
Surprise toy City
Surprise toy City Yıl önce
When you are three quarters alongside on the inside. It is your corner. Hamilton was right alongside.
MaTh Bag
MaTh Bag Yıl önce
Compare it with the Dutch Olav mol, these are just better
Samuel Carvalho
Samuel Carvalho Aylar önce
Who's here after Sainz's Victory lol
Axy 11 aylar önce
Every year, Silverstone is the race that I enjoy the most, no matter if it's the best or the worst race of the season.
Jonathan D
Jonathan D Yıl önce
At first i saw this as a racing incident, but the more i look at it the more i think it's lewis his fault. I don't think he deliberately ran max off, but he goes for a gap that isn't really there. As a racing driver and facing a deficit in the championship i understand that you go for it, you have to. But he completely misses the apex and as a result runs in to max. Now i think it is normal that these things happen, but it doesn't suit a 7 x worldchamp to not apologise for his mistakes, especially when as a result your rival ends up going to the hospital. Him celebrating like that disgusts me. Lost some respect for him today📉
Chivokroy Yıl önce
I watched the race on Sunday. I'm rewatching these highlights in the wee hours of Friday morning. It's still like I'm witnessing it live with no idea what's going to happen next. I love this so much.
Addin Naufal
Addin Naufal Yıl önce
Aside from the controversial crash, hats off to Charles trying to fix that broken ferrari engine at full speed while blocking hamilton & leading the race for that long, well deserved podium right there
Yūsuf 11 aylar önce
@Futre his 2019 season was unreal
Robinson Smith
Robinson Smith Yıl önce
@Arsh Kamboj No, I meant that if Hamilton drives this year's Ferrari, he would almost never finish in top 10!
Arsh Kamboj
Arsh Kamboj Yıl önce
@Robinson Smith It was in Baku 2021 he did not finish in the top 10 lol
Robinson Smith
Robinson Smith Yıl önce
Imagine Hamilton driving that car, he would not even finish top 10!
Arsh Kamboj
Arsh Kamboj Yıl önce
@Gonzalo Díaz Lol
Rohit Rajbanshi
Rohit Rajbanshi Aylar önce
Hamilton dived into Max and shamelessly celebrated despite he sent his main rival out of the race. The universe wanted Hamilton to lose his 8th championship
Ronny Ronny
Ronny Ronny 8 aylar önce
And now Max is the new WORLD CHAMPION 😂
Thomas 2 aylar önce
@Around The World Who is Michelle masi?
Rangoon 2 aylar önce
Human error champion*
Around The World
Around The World 3 aylar önce
Michael masi did it
F1 / sports enthusiast and chess lover
F1 / sports enthusiast and chess lover 8 aylar önce
Aah if only ferrari had their new engine in this race, leclerc could have won it . It was incredible how he was able to lead race almost till end with a slower car
Nightman 114
Nightman 114 Aylar önce
@Vasillis Polizos Yo that new engine was incredible.
Vasillis Polizos
Vasillis Polizos 8 aylar önce
@B Q true image and with the upgraded hybrid system Ferrari introduced he would have easily won it
B Q 8 aylar önce
If he didn't have the engine cuts he could have won it. So unfortunate.
My PS4 Vault Of Banter
My PS4 Vault Of Banter Yıl önce
"These are critical corners of this grand prix." Little did any of us know that it could be critical to the whole championship.
Michał Reska
Michał Reska 9 aylar önce
Famous last words before tragedy
nomnomNACHO Yıl önce
This was the literal “bad” ending for a race. Max knocked out, Perez zero points, Sainz and Norris pit buchered, Bottas team order, Leclerc loses lead 2 laps before end.
Mina Yıl önce
It's not so bad for a lot of people, Stroll Ocon and Tsunoda all got points, Ricciardo was slowly getting back to form and scored points, and we got to see some sweet, sweet moves by Alonso. It just really depends on who you support tbh.
Staircase Mishap Aleks
Staircase Mishap Aleks Yıl önce
@Richard Hobbs He got obviously taken out with no regard for his safety at over 125mph but he didn't die so it's perfectly fine
Julio Hormaeche
Julio Hormaeche Yıl önce
It was beautiful.
Richard Hobbs
Richard Hobbs Yıl önce
@random anoymous he MIGHT have had a concussion Yes that’s not great, but it’s not like all his ribs cracked
Andy Bush
Andy Bush Yıl önce
This is the most disgusting F1 race in decades if not the worse ever. I detest the way that Mercedes behave. They are ruining F1.
Ryan Marion
Ryan Marion 11 aylar önce
This was one of the best battles aside from the crash I've ever seen
Neo Mashishi
Neo Mashishi 11 aylar önce
About 2 months later , these 2 collide yet again . What a season 👀🙌
Dimakatso Molepo
Dimakatso Molepo 6 aylar önce
The opening lap commentary 😂🔥
F1 Frenzy
F1 Frenzy Yıl önce
The end result falls a little short of being as dramatic as the real thing, but it’s a well-executed and welcome new way to play that joins the series’ wide array of existing modes and makes for another excellent package - albeit one that needs a bit of extra content to bring it in line with the real-life 2021 season.
Madalena Pisco
Madalena Pisco Yıl önce
The fact that Leclerc put HIS CAR at P1 for over 50 laps is amazing! So gutted fot him, he deserved this one
T K Yıl önce
Yeah he deserves respect but Hamilton didn't attack him lol
AAMIR KHAN 8 aylar önce
the first one minute of the video is the best! the energy, cheers, camera angles, and the battle! The crash literally is like a scripted peak to the opening lap (not that it was needed, obviously)
FractalBoy 9 aylar önce
I'm back here after months to watch the amazing battle in those first few corners.
nom nom
nom nom 8 aylar önce
You can literaly see that everyone is just giving up coming into Copse with Hamilton
NNA Logic
NNA Logic 2 aylar önce
Not bottas
F. M.
F. M. Yıl önce
Really beautiful racing from Leclerc last weekend.
Victoria Duffield
Victoria Duffield Yıl önce
Just sneaking in a comment about the great performances of Charles, Lando, Danny Ric and Fernando…
Chazman Yıl önce
Le Clerc deserved the win for his performance but that's what happens when a Merc is being driven by Hamilton. Lando staying strong as well, shame for the pit stop!
Die 0K Leitung
Die 0K Leitung Yıl önce
Just sneaking in for congratulating Max for his awsome win
csl Yıl önce
Brilliant sneak...
VernalOx Yıl önce
Thank you needed this, so much drama like come on it’s racing
Wahyu Dyatmika
Wahyu Dyatmika Yıl önce
Lando is 3rd in DC man couldnt be happier
Leo Timtom
Leo Timtom Aylar önce
It`s nice to watch this knowing that one knee sitter is now 98 points behind Max. ni...
Danaos Michalopoulos
Danaos Michalopoulos Aylar önce
Getting worried that Hamilton will try to do the same on someone in two weeks time...
Pietro Sal
Pietro Sal 11 aylar önce
Still a Great Podium for Ferrari ❤🇮🇹
niels 8 aylar önce
whos here after verstappen won the championship
richboy900 Aylar önce
Simply lovely
Dark 7 aylar önce
me, karma came to lewis in the last lap
martinezjuanbarrientos 7 aylar önce
And that race at Abu Dhabi was karma from Verstappen to Hamilton from the British Grand Prix
martinezjuanbarrientos 7 aylar önce
And that race at Abu Dhabi was karma from Verstappen to Hamilton from the British Grand Prix
martinezjuanbarrientos 7 aylar önce
I’m here
DarthRevan23 Yıl önce
Max’s team radio after the crash is scary… after this the rivalry will never be the same and can only grow into ever more dangerous actions.
ISing2Liv1142 Yıl önce
Where did you listen to the uncut radio?
H B Yıl önce
Either that, or Max learns to add discretion to his undoubted driving skills.
Cyggiwt Yıl önce
@duke man oh i did listen to it actually, it was so eerie cause he didnt respond for a moment
duke man
duke man Yıl önce
@Cyggiwt If you are afraid to watch racing, don't.
أبو عصفور
أبو عصفور Yıl önce
where can i listen to that?
Cody 3 aylar önce
0:51-1:20 this was literally a flawless call by Crofty
Manly Bob
Manly Bob 8 aylar önce
Best start of a race I've seen
Keñeth Yıl önce
Awesome wheel to wheel racing. Great win! More of this please!
H 7 aylar önce
Who else is rewatching since they're bored of no f1 for 90 days?
RoninKenshin Yıl önce
It's crazy how Lewis Hamilton gets so many accidental contacts to the rear right tire of his opponents
Jesús Alberto López
Jesús Alberto López 8 aylar önce
@Pizzaki Max couldn't handle the pressure and messed up. This is also not the first time LH gets the better of him because of that pressure. The only thing I haven't liked this season is the inconsistency of the stewards' decisions and the toxicity of fans from both sides. Ohh... and both Horner and Wolff being stupidly annoying and making the stewards' situation even worse.
Pizzaki 8 aylar önce
@Jesús Alberto López so, brazil thoughts?
Ray Chambers
Ray Chambers Yıl önce
Pitt manouver?
Дрезден Yıl önce
@Kevin Schart max clearly kept his line, lewis didn´t. I´m not a fanboy of any of them, I just can´t see how that one is on max. check the onboards if you don´t believe me
Дрезден Yıl önce
@Kevin Schart that´s not visible in the replays, I even checked the onboards on f1tv. there was no steering input visible from max that indicates that he was trying to do that at that moment mid corner. lewis had more than enough space
Joe Huang
Joe Huang 8 aylar önce
4 months later and it's still great to see it again
Gopi J
Gopi J 8 aylar önce
Today Max had his chance at luck!
Bimmer Online
Bimmer Online 3 gün önce
This was the best race of 2021 hands down. Epic.
Count Infinity
Count Infinity Yıl önce
Wellington straight wheel bumping into Brooklands, that was great. Max practically had his left front on the grass again, he did it in Imola too, crazy precision.
Thomas Carlyle
Thomas Carlyle Yıl önce
not so precise on some of the turn exits though lol
Smob Yıl önce
I was sitting there at copse when the crash happened, most people were just shocked but there were some fans who were just being completely disrespectful and cheering and clapping and it really was sad to see that some people would do that when someone could have been seriously hurt
XavierTheCarNerd 5 aylar önce
What’s wrong with you they literally clapped when max got out, are you blind
Mitchell Kirby
Mitchell Kirby Yıl önce
@Isa Tuck Fair comment, it was definitely a broad generalisation in my saying, but being an Aussie cricket fan I've experienced it time and time again. Undoubtedly, there are some great and respectable people to come out of sporting in England. As to Lando and George, not sure if the trait is strong within them, they appear to carry themselves quite well. I look forward to watching their career.
Isa Tuck
Isa Tuck Yıl önce
@Mitchell Kirby How about Russell? Norris? They’re English and are you saying they carry this “same trait”. Absolutely despicable and borderline racist (against British people).
Mitchell Kirby
Mitchell Kirby Yıl önce
@cursedkb it's truly disappointing people like that exist. I do wonder how prevalent that view actually is (by the numbers)? For me it's frustrating because those voices are louder than people with valid and constructive views.
zanderman2009 Yıl önce
Feels like hamiltons car should be given a name so we can give credit where its really due... Sir jackie stewart's a driver to respect... hamilton... meh
Caiden Paul Channel
Caiden Paul Channel 2 aylar önce
I loved how the cars went so fast at the start
Vick JR
Vick JR Aylar önce
Far much better than this season
Ashish Jain
Ashish Jain 6 aylar önce
Imagine if LeClerc had won. The British crowd and commentators along with Tom cruise would have been silenced
Nayan Kothary
Nayan Kothary 6 aylar önce
p2 would still be huge points
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