"Crazy" Girl- On Surviving and Thriving with Mental Illness | Kaitlyn (Kaity) Gee | TEDxHarkerSchool

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Kaity is seventeen, a writer, a daughter, friend, etc. Among other things, she is a survivor of mental illness. Listen to her talk about her experiences, the stigma surrounding the word "mental illness," and learning to live and rise above her disorders.
Kaity Gee is a writer, photographer, and artist from Bay Area, California. Kaity is in the process of writing a chapbook of poetry, Human Origami. She is also writing two YA novels- The Dotted Line, and [cat.] Details about the projects can be found on their respective pages here.
This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at ted.com/tedx

@meganwilson4406 7 yıl önce
I loved hearing your story. I am a high school teacher, and I plan on sharing your story with my health class. I hope they are as inspired as I am.
@lalaine1661 6 yıl önce
@glorydancer4804 6 yıl önce
Such a beautiful and articulate young lady with a powerful message! Thank you!
@billwong6077 6 yıl önce
great job... from a fellow TEDx Talker and soon to be 2-timer. I am also an occupational therapist by trade. You were very genuine in sharing your story. It's so important for you to stand up and help fight the stigma.
@ayyshivs5131 8 yıl önce
Kaity, you've so beautifully painted the stigma that surrounds mental illness. You've so realistically shown light on the very real problems people face, and I'm so glad that you've brought up this issue at Harker. I'm so grateful to you for having the strength to do this- I've never felt, until now, that I am not alone. You're a genuine, inspirational, and very real person. I wish you all the best, and you've always, always got a friend in me.
@generationx9294 5 yıl önce
Kaity is such an aware, well-spoken, articulate, brave and inspiring young lady. I appreciate how candid and brave she is for sharing her personal story. It's very admirable coming from such a young person. If she only knew how many people she's helped and inspired.. I'm quite certain sure she knows. 🙏✨ Thank you, Kaity 👊 ♡ 🕊👏👏✌
@liannemeadway67 3 yıl önce
You're an inspiration, Kaity! How confident and courageous you are speaking out about this, you should be very proud of yourself!
@laxman9695 7 yıl önce
Thank-you for sharing your story to us and giving us hope to live and enjoy the life we got. I have also a bipolar and I got it since I was teen now I am almost forty.🙏
@unbiased786 6 yıl önce
Whatever you went through, you're not alone. So many of these stories. Thank you for sharing it. Because more voices out there to connect to makes enduring life so much easier and the symptoms more tolerable for others
@megangardner_science_and_art 6 yıl önce
Your honesty and courage to overcome is very inspiring. Thank you for sharing.
@JustineMRC 8 yıl önce
Go Kaity!!!! You're the inspiration :')
@NK-gp2mn 8 yıl önce
@Ella-td7dh 6 yıl önce
Sophia Khuloud Get your thyroid checked, some persons with depression aniexty bipolar have an underlying thyroid issue
@yesvember11 6 yıl önce
So so so incredibly beautiful of her to share her story. Thank you for this.
@katieserra6492 6 yıl önce
Thank you for your courage in sharing your story. I have suffered with mental illness (anxiety, depression, and an eating disorder) I am doing well now. I wish I was as confident at your age. I wish continued health and peace.
@mattharris2398 5 yıl önce
This young lady has a very good understanding of what she went through and truly understands this awful condition.
@kassi4837 7 yıl önce
Love this!!!!!!!! The way you describe being on lithium is so accurate .
@renehenriksen1735 6 yıl önce
And I like you. May I "bully" you with my irrational desire? ;)
@Belinda99 3 yıl önce
i love how you explained it all .... I'm also bipolar and have had the highs and lows but am even now ...even though I've been having a slight episode .... i was told I'm supposed to stay on meds but for certain reasons I come off when I'm feeling well but there are always stressful triggers that end up triggering me ..... but I spot it quickly and go back on meds I find risperdone helps me ..... i just don't like the heartburn and fact it makes me gain weight ..... that really bothers me ...... and I also had my schooling effected and college life I was studying a levels at 18 but had a breakdown so had to miss college but its all a long time ago now but its been a struggle but I actually wouldn't change anything .... i appreciate having it coz its made me stronger ... and yes I hate the numbness the tablets bring I really do .... and also I write too !! i find its a great way to channel everything and daily journaling too helps just to check where your moods are at ...... i also like cats lol and kittens ha ha ...but yes other ppl if you're high or having a breakdown do not always understand but yr friends should've done but they're only young I guess and sometimes young ppl don't always understand ....and yes I do love the high and miss it omg its such a great feeling ...... and yes keep writing !! i write loads I have so many journals filled up with my stuff !!! sometimes the writing is your only friend when your low or depressed or high etc and I have found writing poetry helps channel my pain .... coz a lot of my breakdowns came about due to a guy I liked rejecting me and when I'm at my lowest or upset the poetry I write is really profound ....but you're great !! I've watched many ted talks vids and like you a lot !!
@TobyD34TH 6 yıl önce
This society teaches children how to produce and not how to manage their mind, oppresses and starves people while others die of diabetes 2 and says it's normal/expected to spend 1/3 of your life working for someone else. Yet if we disagree or can't cope with it we are "mentally ill"?! Don't let a sick society convince you you're the problem! Love yourself and your mind and thrive!
@kristopherh4754 5 yıl önce
I too suffer from mental illness. What she describes is correct for many of us. I admire her for her strength to tell her story.
@cynthiahawkins2389 5 yıl önce
Well, of course you really learn a lot about yourself, and who your real buds actually are when you are confronted by some kind of personal meltdown. I can relate. During mine..where I seriously considered ending my life..I learned that two people I did not know well, were in fact steadfast allies. And several 'friends' were really not so, at all. If you can somehow get through a time like this, to the other side, it can inspire enormous growth and change..all for the better. Go Kaity!! Be blest.
@charronfamilyconnect 4 yıl önce
Unfortunately, many anti-depressants can induce mania which does not necessarily mean you have any bipolar syndrome. my loved one had some anxiety, and took some Effexor which induced a manic episode, especially when the dose was increased, and then he went into have psychosis. So far he is off all meds(after going through so many crazy medications including anti-psychotics) for a month now, and has no episodes of mania or depression(which he only suffered when he was put on more powerful drugs. The moral of my story is don't go on anti-depressants if you simply have anxiety as anxiety is normal. Cognitive behavior therapy is usually far more effective than taking any psychotropic drugs.
@davidandersen9177 25 gün önce
It’s sad that getting counseling is so expensive. How many people in need have insurance, funds or the ability to advocate for themselves. I find it ironic that many people in the psychiatric community do so because they want to serve and help people. Yet they charge $250 For 50 minutes of counseling, even when it’s via the internet.
@justmadeit2 6 yıl önce
She's very confident, mature and well spoken for her age. Growing up and being a teenager is hard. If you can, try not to go down the route of medication. I'm 42 now and speaking from experience.
@lindsayturner8588 5 yıl önce
Unfortunately and statistically, those with bipolar cannot function well long term without meds
@lin0647 5 yıl önce
Thank you
@nightbot9159 4 yıl önce
Ssris never helped.
@nightbot9159 4 yıl önce
This is why youll say "im not crazy" to certain persons and "yah im crazy" to others. No one can call you crazy if you say it 1st.
@caseyjones9621 6 yıl önce
Lmfaao 'mudder' 'fahder' 'udder' 'nyeder' wow that's a good laugh man
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