"Church" - Tom MacDonald & Brandon Hart ft. Nova Rockafeller

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Tom MacDonald

5 aylar önce

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WRITTEN BY Tom MacDonald, Nova Rockafeller & Brandon Hart

SHOT by Nova Rockafeller & Tom MacDonald

MIXED & MASTERED by Evan Morgan

Brian Farmer
Brian Farmer 3 saatler önce
Yep here’s another joker claiming to be standing on righteous hill?! Lol! Evil, demonic, flashing Symbol after symbol?! GO AWAY! Let’s see, I think he gotten all?!🤘🏿👌🏿🤘🏿🤝👅😝🤘🏿😈✌️👁🦠💉✡️⚛️☸️💮💢🔅🔆🔺🗯🏳️‍🌈🏁🇱🇷🇺🇸🏳️‍🌈🕕🕕🕕
It's Just Ryan
It's Just Ryan 6 saatler önce
I never saw Tom as a religious person. Or "spiritual" if you wanna be a baby and go that route. He speaks so much against the "system", but how can you side with most of what he says and not think that organized religion is a part of the system? It most definitely is. Preachers herd people better than the government does, that's for sure. Blindly believing in some god just because... Why? Because OTHER people do? Because you were raised that way? Because you went to some AA meeting and they convinced you that only god can cure your addiction? Lol give me a break. If you don't have anything else in life to hold on to and need the comfort of some lame words in an old book written by rich, powerful white men over the years, then fine... Go ahead and grab your god blanket and snuggle up. But I really hope more people start to open their eyes and realize there ARE people out there searching for answers. You can join them, or just fall in line with the rest and do what the masses do.
John Johnson
John Johnson 15 saatler önce
Underrated song. But what do expect in a world like this?
Tara Nicole Hopkins
Tara Nicole Hopkins 19 saatler önce
My 7 year old said to make sure I tell you that we would miss you very much... We love your music. God bless you Tom...
Nyctotheus 19 saatler önce
Hey man, i've been sober 5 months you got this.
World Peace
World Peace 21 saatler önce
ik me too, when i talk with god, he dosen't hear/listen to me.
Donna Wolf
Donna Wolf 22 saatler önce
God is listing but the devil is trying to get you to listen to him you got this
Well Dubs19
Well Dubs19 23 saatler önce
I’ve been really goin thru it with alcohol these days and this song truly puts me to my knees I cry and cry I wanna stop but I haven’t been to strong. This song has really impacted me cuz I listen to it so Much it makes me feel like someone truly understands.
Matt Stanicky
Matt Stanicky Gün önce
For anyone who thinks Jesus doesn't hear your prayers, believe me, He hears you and knows you. If you're suffering, then God is using it to make something so much better than you can imagine.
Hush 14
Hush 14 Gün önce
Kinda of waste of Brandon singing talet...
Andrea Glazik
Andrea Glazik Gün önce
You thought God didn't hear he knew what you're path was He directed it. You wouldn't be able to touch peoples hearts like you do if you had any other journey. Thank you for this one.
S True
S True Gün önce
Jesus loves you dude but this is war. He hears you…. Churches are void… even God doesnt want to go there anymore. You are still here shaking the world with truth. Proof that Jesus is clearly with you. One day when this war is over we will have peace, happiness, security, youth and love. Fight on…pass the test of this life… and benefit for eternity. Never ever ever give up…you will make it. I will pray for you. Armor up soldier
C Young
C Young Gün önce
Holy shit Batman! That tune is AWESOME! This Duo is in FIRE!
Ever Dave
Ever Dave Gün önce
My prayers are with you. May God bless you and lead you.
Name [redacted]
Name [redacted] Gün önce
He's always hearing, it's us thats not hearing him. Lean not on your understanding, rem that.
Jessica Snustad
Jessica Snustad Gün önce
This speaks to me on so many levels... I too have been battling with staying sober and mental health... This song hit so hard.... Thank you
Keri MacNeill
Keri MacNeill Gün önce
Tom you are a true visionary! You're going to lead so many lost to the light ❤️ keep the faith. "In this world you will have trouble but take heart, I have overcome the world" John 16:33
Jessica Lubien
Jessica Lubien Gün önce
Love your story telling and raw honesty. Unclmfortable but helpful. Ty!
Joshuah Jones
Joshuah Jones 2 gün önce
Speaking as a former major alcoholic, this song brought a tear to my eyes...... I used to swim in the stuff...
Sarah's Randomness
Sarah's Randomness 2 gün önce
Just remember "When your taking a test the teacher doesn't talk"
CiaraBrooke08 2 gün önce
So many people get it wrong. The passage isn’t “God will never put more on you than you can handle.” It’s “God will never put more on you than HE can handle.” He needs you fully understand the need to completely depend on him. When you do magnificent things happen in our lives. He is working miracles through you right now! The way you are evangelizing and spreading the word. Your truth helping so many people. God has you always! And remember the Teacher is ALWAYS silent during a test! God Bless you and stay strong in your walk. ✝️
ChefKimm 2 gün önce
Beautiful video Nova ❤
ChefKimm 2 gün önce
Love it, love Brandon
Dani K
Dani K 2 gün önce
I may need church; but, I need healing! Lost loved ones from murder, overdoses and cancer!! Never mind my own battles...molestation, abuse one every level!! I NEED HEALING!!!
Anna Strong
Anna Strong 2 gün önce
You're such an inspiration to so many of us. Please don't ever give up!
Batrick Boung
Batrick Boung 2 gün önce
Definitely my favorite songs Tom has released. Tom has a real talent. I know I'm one of millions that can say I think these exact thoughts.
tooshay 2 gün önce
Every rehab center should have this & other Tom songs as staples
Kelly Johnson
Kelly Johnson 2 gün önce
Thank you for bringing voice to issues that need light!!! Jesus is Love!!!
Mark Templin
Mark Templin 2 gün önce
Brother ,, Tom,, brother,, thank you for bringing God back into the picture👍👍👍👍👍 is any one out there,, ,,, Pink Floyd your words,,,, rymes, lyrics,, what ever you call em,, your on a good path, and I think you know that😎😎 God works in mysterious ways👍👍👍
MrGreenstar2012 2 gün önce
I hear you
KIDD RENEGADE 2 gün önce
Fuckin dope
Becky Starr
Becky Starr 3 gün önce
This song is so beautiful, & uplifting for those of us who’ve been through those rough times & struggled with certain addictions in our lives. There’s always a light at the end of that ravenous tunnel! Thx so much again Tom, Nova & Brandon!! Much 💙&✊🏼
Trenton G
Trenton G 3 gün önce
Keep fighting those temptations. Just know God is with you. Jesus has given us the power over demons, to tread on snakes and scorpions. Do not be fearful but be believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ!! Be saved and go to Heaven!✝️
Samantha Harrison
Samantha Harrison 3 gün önce
We need to pray for these people in these positions that God will give them the strength, & challenges to strengthen them & to guid them & teach them & bring them closer to him for his Glory & Praise. God Will & Jesus's Way.
Jaleco Dominic
Jaleco Dominic 3 gün önce
MGK vibe🔥
Manuel Luna
Manuel Luna 3 gün önce
God is listening, take it from someone who had a 27 year crack addiction
Chris Wallace
Chris Wallace 3 gün önce
Tom. What's up man. I'm Chris, ans I've been an addict most of my life. I'm writing a book on the true definition of that word and where I ended up and what it took to get here and everything in between an anonymous bio to help people because no one helped me. Threw me away ETC I'd really like to bounce some of this off you if you could send an e mail or whatever works. Keep being the truth tom we need more people like us I hope to hear from u. Been everything you have gone through and persevered like u. Thanks Chris
hoseqt1 3 gün önce
I believe in God, but does God believe in me?? I'm a Soldier, I've done horrible things..... Somethings can't be forgiven.....
smart Trout
smart Trout 3 gün önce
All things are forgiven. God doesn't hold grudges. Forgive yourself, find help to learn how to forgive yourself.
TheBruceGday 3 gün önce
Tom’s political commentary songs got my attention on him. I still love his messages in those songs. The real payoff is getting to know his songs like this. His pain is raw and real. He sings what others crave to hear so they know they are not alone. This and Castles are truly is best and most important songs. God Bless you Tom!
THE BROWN RECLUSE Isaac V. Martinez 3 gün önce
This is one of the Ones that when you hear it.....It makes your lip Quiver and your chest Burn Because I've been there and Done it ALL!!!.....THIS SONG MAKES ME REMINESS ON ALL THE BATTLES LIFE HAS TO OFFER....IM STILL STANDING!!!!
Tristan Short
Tristan Short 3 gün önce
Sounding like blink 182 toward the end lolll
jamie loston
jamie loston 3 gün önce
Recovering addict off of the pills for over 7 years now. Honestly my kids are what keep me going everyday and not going back to my old ways. I thank God everyday for them. I would have been dead had it not have been for them but they are my reason for living.
hurry up and wait
hurry up and wait 3 gün önce
I promise Tom GOD hears you this world is just a test of faith my friend. God loves you but you have to be prepped for what he has prepared for you. Hang In there buddy
Steven Clark
Steven Clark 3 gün önce
We are Divine Beings ask of your higher self
Steven Clark
Steven Clark 3 gün önce
Ask within thats where GREAT SPIRIT IS.
Steven Clark
Steven Clark 3 gün önce
The real church is in the wildwoods,NATURE.
wide awake
wide awake 4 gün önce
Awe Struck. Life is a struggle for all of us and Toms music give inspiration and strength to break through those hard times.
Khukhupsamte TC
Khukhupsamte TC 4 gün önce
Medrick98 4 gün önce
I love your music man. I’m a little over 1 year clean from blow. Your music helps
Kelly O'Neill
Kelly O'Neill 4 gün önce
I love you both. We are friends. Come find me. I missed you. I am glad I remembered you. This is a trip!
Guy Incognito
Guy Incognito 4 gün önce
Praise Jesus
MILLROC 5 gün önce
Unique in its own way but sounds like Macklemore style
Fuck Google
Fuck Google 5 gün önce
I stoped drinking 8 years ago...if it was easy, everyone would do it..stay strong!
Caleb B.
Caleb B. 4 gün önce
Beautiful username!
Fuck Google
Fuck Google 5 gün önce
You're the greatest!
Jason me
Jason me 5 gün önce
Becky Strohl
Becky Strohl 5 gün önce
Aw, Tom, how do you think your voice of truth is skyrocketing today? Church is inside us and not over there.
Stephanie Bristol
Stephanie Bristol 6 gün önce
This song and video are brilliant. Hits me right in the feels every time.
amanda Dalton
amanda Dalton 6 gün önce
@tommacdonald I've always loved this song...but today it hit intense. I'm about to go search for a friend who threatened suicide and has been missing for over 24 hours. Thank you for ur music therapy. I need it
Bryan Dover
Bryan Dover 6 gün önce
Trust me, I am not a rap fan. I was turned on to Tom McDonald by Dan Bongino. I'm glad he mentioned him in his podcast.
Christina P
Christina P 6 gün önce
Look into Allen Carr books. They work. He (who you pray to) helps you. Just maybe not in the way you expect....
Kaylee Skye
Kaylee Skye 6 gün önce
Tom MacDonald , Church will not save you ! Jesus is not in her, as she is an adulteress women. He is on the out side walls of her as she have kicked Him Out ! seek Jesus for yourself.. Trust me Jesus Loves you so so much and im sure you have so manyquestiuons to ask Him.. please Know Jesus hates sin.. come clean before Him and Repent from all your Evil ways, truly He wants to come inside of you and wash you clean by His blood. stay away from the adulteress church and stay away from the Loveof m only and woman.. may Jesus bless you and have murk y on your soul.
Virgin Cosby
Virgin Cosby 6 gün önce
Hard to find music that actually helps like this thank you Tom
Elizabeth Finsand
Elizabeth Finsand 6 gün önce
Luke 5:31-32
formally known as JoJoe MC
formally known as JoJoe MC 6 gün önce
The reason people don't get saved is because they try and get saved. Our own efforts,, Apostle Paul referred to your own works as filthy rags. I approached God the same way until I was convinced there was nothing I could do. That's the moment I got born again. Salvation is a work Christ did for us. His blood and righteousness applied to our account. Hope this can help you Tom or anybody else that reads it.
Gaya A
Gaya A 6 gün önce
He’s so talented!!!
Truly Human
Truly Human 7 gün önce
It’s never been about whether God hears us, it’s always been can we hear him… are we listening? Can’t hear him through the noise of technology, money, and our egos.
milliealan smythe
milliealan smythe 7 gün önce
Your at 6 million view he heard you bro. God blessed you
Alvin Marcus
Alvin Marcus 7 gün önce
I'm 66 and lived 50 years in addictive hell. Booze and pills, powders for my brain. God pulled me through. He will you too. Faith.
Iminocca Citizen
Iminocca Citizen 7 gün önce
I only recently started listening to Tom's music, "genius" doesn't quite do his talent justice. Listened to Church tonight for the first time tonight and it moved me in a way I didn't expect. I'm 65, sober 46 years...sobriety's been good for me for a long time. Church brought me back to 3 months clean and sober and how I felt...why I stay sober just for this day, this hour, this minute, this second, it's all I have. How many days I swore I would reward myself with a drink tomorrow, I just needed to get through today. The God I knew then was harsh and unforgiving, faith and prayer were difficult. I was fearful and skeptical at the same time, God wanted me to be obedient, not happy, dovetailed with my feelings of self hatred and worthlessness. Over time and staying sober today for a bunch of days in a row I came to believe in God...realizing first that it's not me. I don't need to understand God, how can I understand the being that created All That Is? No, I just need to know that God understands me. It's more important for me to reach out to God, my faith comes in believing that he's listening, that he cares, that I do for myself the things that are mine to do and my faith tells me God will take care of the things I can't control that enable me to live in His Grace. My Faith is that God is listening even when my fears tell me he's not. My Faith is: The Will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you...The Grace of God is the last defense against the first drink, those of us in recovery know what the first drink is...
420mundell 7 gün önce
I'm heartbroken... Just got the TMcD 6 pack and this song is not on any of them. Why Tom? Why? Love this song.
Wendi esel
Wendi esel 7 gün önce
Exodus shoulda showed the meek Christians that in order to live in gods law you had to eat manna from heaven and not what your liquor store got. Microdose for better brain better health better everything with practice. Be safe! Take it easy, but take it! Shrooms have always been here. They're waiting.
Jordan Bartow
Jordan Bartow 7 gün önce
He hears you.. he always hears us... Every single one of us. Thank you God. I love you. Thank you for everything you have granted me with. Just thank you for giving the ability to be with my babies while I could. And allowing me to know who they are thank you for giving them back to me lord. Ivy-Lee and savior. I love and miss y'all everyday
Daniele Jaclyn
Daniele Jaclyn 8 gün önce
How does this song not have more views?
John Rexroad
John Rexroad 8 gün önce
Loved it
Yvette Burleton
Yvette Burleton 8 gün önce
I started listening to you just a few weeks ago. Man you have so much of what your lyrics say is so true of this world. Love this song. Are you a believer of god. Do you think will things get better. I pray they do cause I have thoughts of not being here anymore but I have children and friends that do care about me. You keep your songs going and tell it how you feel. You rock Tom.
Max Igan
Max Igan 8 gün önce
David 8 gün önce
. . . .
R. Kilsby
R. Kilsby 8 gün önce
I have been in dark situations. I will say this, the prayers that were answered were the prayers that were my most honest, desperate, no holds barred everything on the table truth. It took time for things to unravel and become comprehensive but my prayers were heard and answered. In all honesty I had to hit rock bottom so all I could do was look up and get real with God. Did I think he heard me not really but he did. I was allowed to walk through some fire but in the end I was stronger and wiser, heat treated so to speak. Like Tom I have a father and mother who never stopped loving, praying and putting up with my stupidity. Hope this helps anyone with doubts about the Father, Son and Holy Spirit hearing honest truthful prayers. Hang in there HOG!
Joanne Santos
Joanne Santos 8 gün önce
I was raised as a very strong catholic. I know he listens to me. All through my nursing career he has guided me through. Where I can help patients in areas I have worked. Mostly ICU and surgery/Trauma 👍🏻
Adventure FPV
Adventure FPV 8 gün önce
Man I LOVE your content. THIS IS YOUR BEST TRACK AND VIDEO. thank you so so much
Mr. Strange
Mr. Strange 8 gün önce
So many people are blind to the hidden way of praying. Its not your fault people. The elites are trying to hold it from you. I will show you how: Instead of praying the traditional way (as in asking for healing of someone else or for good things to happen for you or someone), try this. For just a couple seconds. I want you to get rid of that whole process. Why? Well, don't you see? You are already saying to the universe that you lack something, and want to fill that "hole". The universe doesn't respond that way. It responds from abundance. Think as if you're in a drought my friends. Now that you're standing in that drought, think as if you are already going to get rain, or that rain is already there/coming. Now you have something of abundance that you can manifest with said thoughts. Caught up in drugs? Think as if you are going to push through all the addiction. Its just like counseling, but it teaches you how to properly pray. My brother did this same thing. We got rain that same day. No forecast that predicted rain was ever present. It was...empowering. Now that you know how to pray the REAL way, will you use it to improve your lives? It surely works for your mental state as well as manifesting your abundance. The key is abundance. If you think you lack, the universe looks at your thoughts with pity. If you think you have everything and are grateful of the things you have, the universe rewards you for such thinking, and your positive thoughts start to make your life better. This is why prayer doesn't work fellas. The traditional way of "praying everything away" doesn't work in the slightest and only puts you in a state of ignorance, frustration, and hopelessness. You all can walk away from this...empowered. "Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much."
Joseph Woodruff
Joseph Woodruff 8 gün önce
Thank you for this.
Calvin Winner
Calvin Winner 8 gün önce
You hit me in the feels.Not sure what to do with this but you're hitting harder than a preacher. God bless you Tom Macdonald
nothing 8 gün önce
Brooooooooo that dope
nothing 8 gün önce
Who come from fb vid
💄 O'Jerusalem ISA - Islamic State ARKanSAS
💄 O'Jerusalem ISA - Islamic State ARKanSAS 8 gün önce
🤱🥰 trshow.info/watch/aXo4H-XcrX8/video.html 💗🤝💗
Shawn Murphy
Shawn Murphy 9 gün önce
When the pain of anothers words brings tears do to a similar life
Kristin Wielgoz
Kristin Wielgoz 9 gün önce
Whiskey/Church won’t help or save you. We are the church, not a building. Reading the Bible every day & applying to your life will help. God answers his faithful. Don’t give up, God hears you ... Lucifer attacks harder when we don’t obey him by sinning. Pls repent . Your such a truthful good person Tom. Christ is real & coming soon.for Judgement. :(
Razzle Dazzle
Razzle Dazzle 9 gün önce
I literally prayed on my way to by my alcohol too. Sad but true ..this song is amazing. I will never blame my addiction on God . That is on me . God has already given me eternal life with no pain, sadness or addiction through his son Jesus Christ.... just eternal happiness and joy. .. not much more I can ask for . Jesus is using you TMac ... keep grinding brother
J S 9 gün önce
The battle is real. God is always with us we just have to look for the signs.
Papa Scripture Christian Rap
Papa Scripture Christian Rap 9 gün önce
Man I feel this so heavy. It speaks how I feel all the time I send up this praise daily and wonder if anyone is even listening. I love that your music is truth an life instead of destruction. Nouthing but respect 🙏
Travis Slaight
Travis Slaight 9 gün önce
Wonder how many people hear this on their way to the liquor store
Misty Adkisson
Misty Adkisson 9 gün önce
This is just beautiful Tom! Since I've discovered your music, that was it for me. If i was never to hear another song from anyone else and just u i would be perfectly fine with that! Your music speaks to me and the ones around me are just amazed! Thank u so much for telling your stories!!!!
Scott Duflo
Scott Duflo 9 gün önce
Keep at it Tom. I think you're on the right path.
Daryl Hakeem
Daryl Hakeem 9 gün önce
This is a masterpiece. Every genre it touches.
Joey Dee
Joey Dee 9 gün önce
God is always listening, my friend. Make no mistake. We are with you until the very end. God bless.
Nicholas Levingston
Nicholas Levingston 9 gün önce
I have to say this song has helped me pull myself out of the hole I was in
Patsy Hampton
Patsy Hampton 9 gün önce
I feel this song. I have PTSD.....
Andrea 9 gün önce
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