Epic Mountain Top Landing in Papua New Guinea

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Missionary Bush Pilot

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Whether you are a seasoned pilot, student pilot and wanting to learn to fly an airplane, or even an avid SIM pilot who just purchased Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 (FS2020) or X-Plane, I think you will enjoy this cockpit view flight vlog into some of the most dangerous airports in the world.

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darrell rolstone
darrell rolstone 27 gün önce
Wow....great landing!!! Thanks for sharing! D
Axion Token
Axion Token 28 gün önce
What a pro! :) Great flight show!
stefantwotimes 28 gün önce
Haha, piece of a cake:-)
Faustine Peter
Faustine Peter 28 gün önce
താങ്കളുടെ വീഡിയോ വളരെ നന്നായിട്ടുണ്ട് ക്യാമറകൾ ഉപയോഗിച്ച രീതി വളരെ നന്നായിട്ടുണ്ട്. അതിലുപരി താങ്കളുടെ വിവരണം ,online Support എല്ലാം , Great എല്ലാം ആസ്വദിച്ചു എന്നെങ്കിലും ഈ ഫ്ലൈറ്റിൽ സഞ്ചരിക്കുവാൻ സാധിക്കുമെന്ന് കരുതുന്നു'
Phil Kénobi
Phil Kénobi 29 gün önce
No Doubt ! The Force is with you! ^^
Rosemary 29 gün önce
Instead of flying this small prop, why not working on Qantas flying787 or 777?
Eric H
Eric H 29 gün önce
Dwight Turner
Dwight Turner 29 gün önce
Did I see some head hunting cannibals in the woods?
On the money
On the money Aylar önce
Nice plane great flying 👍
Peter Walker
Peter Walker Aylar önce
The are lot's of dead planes and pilots in PNG mountains.
MrVituspolikarpus Aylar önce
It's amazing to see the view of the hills from the plane with clear weather
handsome lover
handsome lover Aylar önce
what a beautiful day to fly and beautiful scenery.
jon Gason
jon Gason Aylar önce
Thank you
Gung Ho Adventures
Gung Ho Adventures Aylar önce
Awesome - Mark , Miami
longman wu
longman wu Aylar önce
Perfect landing
Anura Widana
Anura Widana Aylar önce
Thank you for sharing this video, full of excitement and joy. I have flown last year into several rural airstrips in rural PNG on a pilot project to rehabilitate airstrips in the country where there are about 600 airstrips, majority unusable. Rural airstrip is the life-blood for thousands of people in small villages sandwiched between high-forests or in thousands of islands. Food, essential medical and school supplies and of course the government and missionary staff are channeled to these tiny villages via airstrips. Airstrips and pilots are of critically importance in delivery of critically ill or mothers with complicated delivery from rural villages to the nearest medical facility in the provincial centre. Though tiny, an aircraft can carry up to 1,800 kg of fresh and organic produce from these villages to towns for marketing. Salute to brave pilots who are on these critical missions to deliver supplies and airbridge people who are in need.
TR6Telos Aylar önce
Stop playing with your phone and keep an eye on those mountains.
RAMBO Aylar önce
This guy is awesome. Knows his stuff.
John A
John A Aylar önce
I remember the very first bush landing I did back in the 80s before the ladies trimmed the bush
고마해 Aylar önce
아시키 말 존나만네 시끄러워 죽겠다 입 다물고 조종이나하자
HenriX 557
HenriX 557 Aylar önce
As a frustrated pilot, for me this is one of the best job in the world 🌎
Nathan Elcoate
Nathan Elcoate Aylar önce
Wonderful as always.
Alain D
Alain D Aylar önce
WOW! What a nice job, but it takes nerves of steel... I always wanted to fly, so much freedom and beautiful scenaries. One as to be responsible and careful, but still... WOW
Armed Prophet
Armed Prophet Aylar önce
How much does it suck that you can’t wear polarized sunglasses because your running glass instruments ??
Harry Mole
Harry Mole Aylar önce
Really professional stuff.. Passion for aviation coming through strong. Absolute confidence. Great videos.
大門武司 Aylar önce
Lee Charles
Lee Charles Aylar önce
No co-pilot or first officer?
Dick NieKamp
Dick NieKamp Aylar önce
My Sister-in-law deceased husband was a pilot for MAF in the 1960's and 70's.in that area. He had some REAL good stories of that area. This was fun to see. Thanks
Abdul Kahar Embi
Abdul Kahar Embi Aylar önce
Very cool
Tony Lynn
Tony Lynn Aylar önce
Bro Ryan your videos are so addicting lol & another awesome trip with you always.
giovane Gil da silva gil
giovane Gil da silva gil Aylar önce
Parabens piloto, você é muito bom.
thierry l'hérmite
thierry l'hérmite Aylar önce
Pourquoi (why ?) un pilote attache t-il sa ceinture alors qu'il sait très que cela ne sert strictement à rien en cas de Crash. Quelqu'un a t-il une idée ? (à la limite : l'écharpe blanche autour du cou : on peut comprendre pour repérer le corps dans un champs ...)
Abi TV CHANNEL Aylar önce
Good job Capt😍😍😍
Matt Drummond
Matt Drummond Aylar önce
God bless you sir. Thank you for spreading joy
doug selby
doug selby Aylar önce
Great pilot!
William Jordan
William Jordan Aylar önce
Exporting an ancient middle-eastern religion that will tell the natives they're all sinners and going to hell unless they do some things on a checklist. Classy.
David Renthlei
David Renthlei Aylar önce
I know n have been in that green grassy airstrip you're talking about, the one that goes up at an angle when we land.
David Renthlei
David Renthlei Aylar önce
U olsem wanem?
David Renthlei
David Renthlei Aylar önce
That was when we flew Talair though MAF was also there. Travel arrangements were not mine to make, mind you. Discovering your flying in the Highlands of PNG brings back such vivid memories of all those 4 times a year flights on single engined Cessnas my sister n I used to make between Tari n Wewak, ESP.
David Renthlei
David Renthlei Aylar önce
I've been to Goroka once, when dad took us all to a missionary refresher course in the mid 80s.
David Renthlei
David Renthlei Aylar önce
I need to see Tari, please. Thank you from Aizawl India. My father was stationed there in Hoyabia, about 15 minutes away from Tari on a very bad road n even worse bridge😅
shots2 Aylar önce
missionaries = people who think some myth gives them the right to stick their noses in someones life and force their religion onto others
msee Aylar önce
The link to this video look like a sleek jet - My brain just can't figure out any other way of seeing the image!
John Carter
John Carter Aylar önce
For 1000th Pilots this is a Crash Emergency landing. But for this pilot. is this just a day in his life
Aukrit Thongpoo
Aukrit Thongpoo Aylar önce
สนามบินลงยากจริๆครับปาปัวนิวกินีนักบินต้องมือแน่จริงๆนะครับ พอๆกับสนามบินของเนปาลเลยครับเครื่องบินตกมากชนภูเขารันเวย์สั้นอันตรายมาก
خالد بن حواش الغامدي
خالد بن حواش الغامدي Aylar önce
And people blame me if I tell them that I love the American people.. Thank you I enjoyed this trip with you guys 🌈🙆🏻‍♂️💐
tekwie moses
tekwie moses Aylar önce
Thanks for the beautiful flight videos. God bless you
AussieMaleTuber Aylar önce
Less flights now... less christian missioaries in New Guinea?
Larry Jones
Larry Jones Aylar önce
Great job, great pilot Going to repeat in MS2002 Pro LJ
Dr Gunsmith
Dr Gunsmith Aylar önce
His passengers are like……😳 who the hell is he talking too…has he lost the plot 😂
Alec Epting
Alec Epting Aylar önce
Stunning view at 21:05.
Sean Chambers
Sean Chambers Aylar önce
Really good flight
cheddar937 Aylar önce
Great flying! If you enjoyed this, watch some Worst Place to be a Pilot with Indopilot.
ScottNJ Aylar önce
Nice landing. That is not a field for night or bad weather landings. Thanks for sharing.
Tego Suwarto
Tego Suwarto Aylar önce
Mr West
Mr West Aylar önce
for me, difficult choice between mug and ball cap, both super cool.
Night Hiker
Night Hiker Aylar önce
This is where your job is fun and up to you.
s. mcchristy
s. mcchristy Aylar önce
A big dog or pig running across that dirt path could be trouble...
NotaVampyre 111
NotaVampyre 111 Aylar önce
Texting and flying?
Adi New
Adi New Aylar önce
Travis Robinson
Travis Robinson Aylar önce
Cool to watch you fly where my college roommate may have flown as well. He was a pilot for a Bible translation group for many years in PNG. He's still there but now in an administrative position instead of a pilot. God bless ALL those who help fulfill the Great Commission! God speed!
cb2000a Aylar önce
Pilot: This is nice. Haven't been here for a couple of years...hey there's a 7 eleven and a Kentucky Fried Chicken. Might check them out after I drop off these Amazon packages.
Smokey the Bear lewis
Smokey the Bear lewis Aylar önce
Alex Berkman
Alex Berkman Aylar önce
All the passengers are wearing masks, but the white Jesus-loving American pilot guy is not. Typical.
William Lie
William Lie Aylar önce
MadMax McInnes
MadMax McInnes Aylar önce
So ........ what's with the click-bait video title pic of a jet, when this guy was landing a prop aircraft????????
John Spooner
John Spooner Aylar önce
Takes a special kind of human to do what you do, KUDOS!
Doug O'Brien
Doug O'Brien Aylar önce
So much fun to watch, but a little discouraging in terms of everything you have to be on top of to handle the piloting!
MrRocknrolla4u Aylar önce
Great camera angles and editing! Understand what the viewer wants to see!
buhain Aylar önce
Bakit ayaw paapakan yang dolomite na yan sa Tao at may bantay na military bakit baka nakawin!!!!!!!!
Paul Larnce
Paul Larnce Aylar önce
Very impressive! That's what I call flying by the seat of your pants!
Hayden Rees
Hayden Rees Aylar önce
I had aspiration to be a pilot some 55 years ago, did car racing instead, but it begs the question as to why the forward vision seems so limited. If they put some instruments and switches above the windscreen, there would be better vision on such difficult landing strips.
Clarence Davis
Clarence Davis Aylar önce
I would love to fly
Javed Khan
Javed Khan Aylar önce
So a good video that I feel as if I am on board with you on this flight. Thank you.
chao tran
chao tran Aylar önce
The fat faulty ukraine macropharmacologically knock because geranium endogenously occur apropos a placid population. slim, tearful glider
El Toro
El Toro Aylar önce
wow... that was one really smooth landing, you're really cool and confident. You must have cut your teeth landing in all those outback landing strips in bush country Aus. great vid. thumbs up!!
Butch C
Butch C Aylar önce
Personally, I want my pilot focused on flying and not on his youtube video.
manic master of metal
manic master of metal Aylar önce
You have to remember that this person flying the plane is a professional with hundreds if not thousands of hours flying time. He does not want to hurt or kill anyone and his limbs are just as easy to break and his life is just as easy to snuff out as any of the passengers so he has a healthy respect for his position and wants to get back to his family and friends as much as anyone. He will not do anything stupid to endanger the plane so what he is doing is what he knows is all good. I would feel confident to get in that plane with him. He is confident but not over confident.
TEAMERICA Aylar önce
There is no better way to learn every detail about a subject or task than to teach it to others.
07 Michel
07 Michel Aylar önce
He focuses on explaining and video too much other than flying, and does not watch outside enough. I can not see he is using checklist at all, but he just says "checklist complete". I do not want fly his flight as passenger.
clavo Aylar önce
This is one well done, however dangerous, landing! I'm astonished that a better way to land a small plane hasn't been invented. If you have to take off on a runway that's fine; but, you shouldn't have to land that same way. Seems an auto-gyro system would be great for this kind of landing.
TEAMERICA Aylar önce
They have tried catching them in a net but that spinning thing in the front gets all bendy. Vertical impact landings are still being tried but the sudden stop at the bottom is still the issue. Some guy named Elon is working on Backing them Down so stay tuned. Bring a fork and some weenies and marshmallows.
steve shoemaker
steve shoemaker Aylar önce
Thanks from....LtShoe Axel out
Rick Larsen
Rick Larsen Aylar önce
Well done. Luxury plane, unlike the single engine Cessna craft we used in 1966/72.
santiago calzadillas
santiago calzadillas Aylar önce
INCREIBÑE, una tabla chueca, levanta una mole de cuatrocientos kilos acelerandola a trecientos kms, por hora, luego las turbo lnas, ochentantonelasas cuatro motores, chingao,lo bueno es que NO llega a la luna, sigue limpia, amen smc
Mike K.
Mike K. Aylar önce
Squirrel Aylar önce
Radio Operator here. VHF 30MHz to 136 Mhz. (Very High Frequency) HF 3MHz to 30Mhz (High Frequency). Basically you're right on. The lower the frequency the better chance of bouncing off the Ionoshpere, and the Higher for line of sight transmission. If farther you are or more obstructed the line of sight (trees, Mountains) to the receiving radio go to HF but usually VHF will work most of the time.
Ned Studios
Ned Studios Aylar önce
Do you make a lot of runs for the Miners out that way? My father, a consultant, took a trip to Tabubil, Papua New Guinea to the OK Tedi Mine recently. Wonder if you saw him. He jumps aboard guys like you all the time out there
Larion233 Aylar önce
Cool video. One question, and maybe an ignorant one, but isn't it quite dangerous flying a single-engine aircraft over such densely forested mountains? If your engine cuts out at any point, aren't you pretty much doomed? Whereas twin engine may be able to recover, no? I recall some years back seeing a pilot flying over terrain similar to this - though much lower to the ground (probably way too low) and their engine cut out, both occupants died in the crash because there was nothing they could do.
07 Michel
07 Michel Aylar önce
Generally, when pilot flying single engine aircraft, always look for the place suitable for forced landing in case of engine frailer. But he does not seems to doing so, and may be quite difficult to find good place in that mountainous area. So twin engine would be much better.
giovanni pistoia
giovanni pistoia Aylar önce
Mike Aylar önce
That's not a mountain top. It's just click bait bullshit. The kitfox guys do mountain top landings. You landed on a grass strip located in the mountains. Big difference.
Ulf Ulf
Ulf Ulf Aylar önce
PS: Anyone have a link to any video that covers April River by any chance? It's a long shot, I know.....
Ulf Ulf
Ulf Ulf Aylar önce
I flew with MAF in 1986, chartered flight for the four of us, from Tari to April River missionary outpost. Just a short grass landing strip. We bought a dugout canoe from the locals at the missionary station, and paddled down the April and mighty Sepik all the way to the coast. What an adventure that was. We slept in the MAF hangar in Tari, and there was a mob outside chasing a local MAF guy with us in the shed. Tribal issues. The MAF plane's windscreen was damaged from being smashed with a stone. We had breakfast with the pilot's family in Tari. Unforgettable.
Akidi Ado
Akidi Ado Aylar önce
Amazing job but not for the faint hearted. May the Lord continue to watch over you and grant you safe flight all the time in Jesus Christ mighty name, Amen!
Michael Clayton
Michael Clayton Aylar önce
NO WAY! NO WAY I would get in ANY airctaft with him!!!!!!!!!!
Robert V
Robert V Aylar önce
I never thought I would watch a video like this, but I couldn't stop watching. I've always wanted to be a pilot, even tried to join the air force, but because of asthma, they wouldn't accept me. Now I'm thinking about just getting the training and earn my pilot's license after watching this. What an "airport" that was! My god, could they put the landing strip any higher up a mountain?
07 Michel
07 Michel Aylar önce
Watch outside! Do not keep your head in cockpit. Looking iPad too long time, and no outside watch at all during that period also.
Michael Clayton
Michael Clayton Aylar önce
UMMMMMM! He tried selling sunglasses on his website! YOU REALLY want to fly with him?
07 Michel
07 Michel Aylar önce
Of course not. He selling T-shirts & etc. He will make accident someday.
Star Ali Mistriel
Star Ali Mistriel Aylar önce
New, just subbed. From Las Vegas, Nevada, USA and have an interest and enjoy riding along when flying rural areas as my God Son is a commercial and private pilot. Really am impressed with your style (I'm a school teacher here). I would encourage young people and others to view your channel to learn more. Thank you and GOD Bless.
Jacmac Aylar önce
VHF propagation is highly dependent on atmospheric conditions, you can get crazy differences when high pressure conditions are over the region.
Thomas Tipton
Thomas Tipton Aylar önce
I swear that was Sigourney Weaver's voice on the automatic warning system. "Warning Terrain!"
Ticotech Houston
Ticotech Houston Aylar önce
LOL . Pathetic click bait.
RiderRick Aylar önce
19:25 you can actually see the WaterFall (left side)! Amazing views!!! Just subbed! [Today I'll finally know if I can finally get my PPL course]
Fred Barendse
Fred Barendse Aylar önce
In ancient times New Guinea belongs to the Dutch. In 1938 the Dutch found copper and more stuff in that area. After WWII the US became the biggest miner of all times in NG. 10th of billion dollars was mined so far. NG belongs to Indonesia. Just find an important man, bribe him and you can mine what you want. And if they- Indonesia- do want more money, you make war. A proven drug for the US for the last 75 years, or not? (Ghadaffi,Sadam, Khomeini etc.etc.etc.etc.)
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