How Early Could Life Have Appeared In The Universe?

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History of the Universe

History of the Universe

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Written by @PaulMSutter
Check out his fantastic TRshow channel and podcast for more:
And his books which inspired this video:
Narrated by David Kelly
Edited by Manuel Rubio and David Kelly
Thumbnail art by Ettore Mazza: ettore.mazz...
Animations by the superb Jero Squartini using Manim - MIT License, (c) 2020-2023 3Blue1Brown LLC
Sound Editing by Craig Stevenson
Huge thanks to Bone Clones for footage of their fantastic skulls: (look out for much more of them at the end of the year...)
Galaxies, space videos from NASA, ESO, and ESA.
Music from Epidemic Sound, Artlist and Silver Maple.
Stock footage from Videoblocks, Artgrid and Shutterstock.
00:00 Introduction
05:23 What Is Life?
18:44 How To Make Life
31:30 The Earliest Possible Life
43:44 Where Is Everybody?

@HistoryoftheUniverse 4 aylar önce
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@gringo1723 4 aylar önce
Was partnered previously with a therapist, enjoyed a superior discount, yet as was shared long ago: " all love ends in loss"...
@danamulter 4 aylar önce
Mate I go back and check out your "String Theory" bits and you talk like they're fact. I don't think I'm gonna watch these anymore without some sources. You seem like you might be half full of it.
@goatlessboy8002 4 aylar önce
Please reconsider promoting betterhelp.
@gringo1723 4 aylar önce
@@danamulter String Theory was & is a dead end. Do realize that there are several authors whose information is presented here in HotU, an inquiry into the actual SOURCES of this presentation may give more insight as to the position of the essayist and other contributors.
@DonFervo 4 aylar önce
This series is better than 99% of pay-to-view content out there, for free. Thank you so much for your effort
@HistoryoftheUniverse 4 aylar önce
Thanks for the support!
@semicedevine6918 3 aylar önce
thanks for the PSA
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thanks for support.
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He makes enough from the views
@mgaesthetic 4 aylar önce
The quality of production for these videos is simply astounding, truly a gift on this platform. Your ability to breach into and enhance our imagination to explore these thought-provoking topics genuinely is deserving of great celebration!
@cgreenland05 4 aylar önce
Love this comment Mind blown by this video Its like a soccer match for me
@semicedevine6918 3 aylar önce
the dark matter research team almost made me cry
@titolino73 27 gün önce
What! You could just write..awsome content, thank you!
@artdonovandesign 4 aylar önce
It's an absolute JOY to see a new 'History of the Universe' episode appear. Thank you so much!
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@royalminstrel 4 aylar önce
Totally agree. I'm always happy when I get a notification for a new one.
@robinbriggs2 4 aylar önce
It really is wonderful
@wildfirex666 4 aylar önce
I know right!
@davidschilling2949 4 aylar önce
I took an astrobiology course in college and did a presentation on the meteor 'fossils' found discussed in this video. Microscopic balls of aligned iron were noticed, which are similar to Magnetotactic bacteria found on earth. Some organisms use magnetic material to orient and migrate along geomagnetic field lines. Using this mechanism they are able to find optimal oxygen gradients in the soil to thrive.
@jamiecurran3544 3 aylar önce
Practically everything uses magnetic energy to function whether on a microscopic scale or a huge cosmic scale!🤔👍
@layze1799 2 aylar önce
Very interesting
@JohnDoe-qz1ql 2 aylar önce
​@@jamiecurran3544So we live in an Electric universe??😜😅
@20chocsaday 2 aylar önce
What part does Entropy play in your calculations.
@JohnDoe-qz1ql 2 aylar önce
@@20chocsaday 🤣🤣🤣???
@laridd 4 aylar önce
This is great! Thank you. My students ask me sometimes, if I believe in aliens. I always say, "Yes. But I just don't think they've been here." I used to love Ancient Aliens, but then I became a historian and realized that we just don't give ancient cultures enough credit. I have often wondered, "What if we are just the first one that's risen? Or what if intelligence only arises once in a million years?" It's a little depressing and reminds me of the movie As Good As it Gets. What if we are as good as it gets? But then I think, we've only searched such a small portion of the sky. Once scientist I in an interview with Neil Degrasse Tyson, said that of the sky, we have only searched the equivalent of a glass of sea water. You can't look at a glass of sea water and say that fish don't exist. Definitely something to wonder about. And be hopeful about.
@HistoryoftheUniverse 4 aylar önce
A good summary!
@The_Maze_Is_Not_Meant_For_You 4 aylar önce
Don't be depressed. I think the coolest response to the failure to find intelligent life is found in the film "Ad Astra", when Brad Pitt's character offers a rejoinder to his father's lament.... ..."you didn't fail, Dad. You proved that we're all we've GOT." I actually think that is the opposite of depressing
@BillAnt 4 aylar önce
Unfortunately due to the unimaginably large distances in our Universe and its constant expansion, till we can achieve faster than light travel (FTL), we're going nowhere fast, and will be stuck here forever in our little solar system prison. It's sad but true. Trying to explore the Universe beyond our solar system using relatively primitive chemical rockets, is like the famous quote by Albert Einstein "The definition of insanity is keep doing the same thing over and over again, while expecting different results". 😆
@The_Maze_Is_Not_Meant_For_You 4 aylar önce
@@BillAnt That's why I think our first encounter might just be a radio signal of some kind. We might have very slow conversations over decades with another form of intelligent life. And it might be Generations before anything meaningful comes out of first Contact
@Naowakk 4 aylar önce
It's hard to explain how much I love this content, it's incredibly well made and well presented. Hard science with a kind of romantic touch just makes my day
@howardroark413 2 aylar önce
Are you living ina simulation or coming back from DMT?
@coytibbit6414 2 aylar önce
Hard science? Maybe notice things.
@dmitryshusterman9494 2 aylar önce
You are easily impressed
@carlosdacosta867 2 aylar önce
thanks for these videos. hope on future may talk about the new theories oi the subject...❤🇵🇹.
@christopherlawman9521 4 aylar önce
This TRshow channel is better than most of the stuff on mainstream channels like Discovery. Your voice, narration and scripts are absolutely spot on. The music is perfectly matched to the visuals and the information put forward is deeply interesting. Absolute bang up job. Thank you and please keep it coming. Liked and subscribed!
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Don't forget the writers. They put the words in a perfect format.
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Discovery Channel isn't what it used to be.😢
@BlueCourtingBooks 2 aylar önce
They don't even show things like this on the Discovery Channel anymore. It's all reality TV and Ancient Aliens nonsense. 🥲
@wessla Aylar önce
These videos with this voice is curing my depression. When I'm stressed out and have anxiety I used to pop pills not to get suicidal. Now I pop an episode of History of the Universe and my mind just instantly settles and my worries dissappear. I am truly greatful for this. I hope you the best. ❤️❤️🙏
@stanislavstoimenov1729 18 gün önce
yes, he's indeed a talented narrator.
@RT-tq4zr 13 gün önce
Keep it strong. You are not alone.
@wessla 13 gün önce
@@RT-tq4zr thank you my friend. It means a lot 💕💪🏼
@marpatnboots 4 aylar önce
Another banger of a video, David! This is by far, and away, my favorite channel on any form of media. Please never stop making these videos.
@HistoryoftheUniverse 4 aylar önce
Thanks! More to come. Got a list until 2026...
@poloska9471 4 aylar önce
@edvfya9922 4 aylar önce
@@HistoryoftheUniverse 👀
@atlasexists6924 4 aylar önce
I love this channel. Everything they talk about is so interesting and is written about clearly enough for the layman to understand. Mr Kelly speaks so clearly that I don’t even need subtitles, and the editing is awesome. A lot of work goes into HotU and it shows, and everyone on the team does a great job
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@@denethordahmer.90 Very sleek tangerines
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Cosmic and geological history are two subjects that I wish I could have learned more about back when I was still in school. Thank you for having two channels that go so far in depth while still keeping it in understandable terms
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I love this channel! Educational, relaxing, thought inspiring. I use these videos to sleep every night. Drift off pondering about the subject matter. Then go back the next night to make sure I don’t miss anything. Keep doing what you’re doing please and thank you
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I love this channel. Such interesting subject matter and it's presented in a way that even a smooth brain like myself can understand.
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A smooth brain is better than no brain 🧠 👍💯
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Not many people know what a smooth brain means, so you're probably not one (smooth brain).
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I love these videos, and my brain is smoother than the surface of a neutron star. 🪩
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What is this "brain" you are talking about....?🤨
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Smooth brain always can’t figure out whether it is it’s or its
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After watching one video, I was hooked. The series are well put together, meshing the history of quantum physics with new discoveries. Dont change anything and keep more videos coming!
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I've been listening to these entire series. Wonderful work, Folks. Each episode is incredibly well crafted and the narration is absolutely eloquent. Thank you for this!
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Such an inspiration this channel for ours! Among the few that live, breathe and prove quality > quantity 🏆. Always look forward to these videos - keep going and producing this magic 🧙🏻‍♂️ ✨.
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Ok, so I've been binge listening to the entire series. Wonderful work, Folks. Each episode is incredibly well crafted and the narration is eloquent to the point of poetic. Thank you for this!
@edvolve 4 aylar önce
Paul Sutter wrote this! Impressed! He has come a long way and has honed his craft well. Without knowing who wrote this, I was loving how sometimes the author would introduce a story line and not let the viewer know how it fit into the larger narrative. I’d be familiar with the example, but it’s like a twist in how that fit into the developing storyline. Great approach to use from time to time. Greatly appreciate this channel.
@kerrywalker2350 4 aylar önce
And I bet a lot of people will not appreciate your comment fully, I almost didn't as I nearly thought the episode was over before I could fully understand your comment
@chirantans2162 4 aylar önce
seems to have done this in a hurry, they really didn't have much to say i thought!!
@YogiMcCaw 4 aylar önce
Wow! The story-telling of Paul Sutter and the narration of Pete Kelly - what a winning combination!
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What did it win?
I would like to thank those responsible for putting these incredible videos together, definitely my favorite channel involving the universe and space, the quality of the videos and the information provided is beyond top notch.
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Thank you for the obvious care and quality of your videos. You truly have one of the best channels on TRshow.
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I know this isn't an "ASMR" channel, but your voice is incredibly soothing and the content is tier 1.
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You make incredible content and if it doesn’t put me to sleep it genuinely keeps me 100% engaged with the subject. I know that sounds contradictory, but I just don’t always have enough energy to be 100% engaged. I hope you enjoy making these beautifully crafted videos because they make me happy.
@carltimms3994 3 aylar önce
Love these videos - told with such clarity that an armchair science fan can easily follow the pretty massive concepts being shown. Great work! Hoping we're not alone and we just missed those radio signals somewhere...
@ConontheBinarian 3 aylar önce
I think they're not broadcasting signals because it's too dangerous.
@samaeldisharmony8028 4 aylar önce
I haven't gotten this excited over uploads since I was a kid. This channel has given me faith in the next generation of TRshow.
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The AI waffle needs a tag you half way in to one before realise its crap needs tagging especially for astronomy quantity its being rewarded over quality
@Y2BiT 4 aylar önce
Wow I am actually learning a few more different perspectives on universal theories, literally, and I've read some Max Tegmark books to show you where I'm coming from. But this, it's up to date science discoveries is what it is, and it rocks 🤘 This channel never seizes to amaze!
@patcheckert295 4 aylar önce
I adore your videos! They are the kind of science documentaries that have become too rare.
@longbottomleaf6918 3 aylar önce
This was absurdly fascinating. Never heard of this place before with the 10 000 year old monoliths.
@ched--- 4 aylar önce
Another beautifully written video. Amazing work, as always.
@LeeJamison100 3 aylar önce
Very, very good content. EVERY episode is a spur to deep thinking. I have to say, on the "hiding in plain sight" angle, the universe itself pretty obviously saves information, processes that information, evolves the use of that information, establishes environments, exploits those environments, and generally does all the things we say "life" must do. On top of that it has invented creatures, at least once, capable of wondering about what it is up to. Perhaps (without prejudicing whether life, and even intelligent life, does exist not-too-far away) it is important to that educational process that we not have know-it-alls from the stars dropping in on us to short-circuit our unguided wondering.
@nikhilpimpalkar423 4 aylar önce
I rarely comment on any kind of social media. But, I must admit .. I eagerly wait for your videos.. literally sometimes I go to your channel and try to refresh - thinking something will come up.. Kudos to you and your team! Keep it up 🙏🏼 Thanks
@ConontheBinarian 3 aylar önce
I use no social media but aren't you usually not anonymous on such sites? This comment section is completely anonymous, nobody knows who anyone else is or where they are. In my opinion that doesn't quality as social media.
@Mirrorgirl492 4 aylar önce
Another masterpiece of content making. Thank you so much for this wonderful channel.
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Your videos are somehow straight to the point and filled to the brim with information. I love it
@DriesduPreez 3 aylar önce
Thank you for this amazing video. It reflected many thoughts I've had to myself and it's vindicating to hear others speculate the same things regarding Dark Chemistry and Life
@user-fc3fd9jm4h 4 aylar önce
A fasciating insight into the many aspects of time travel, multi universes et al. I find such items another path by which man tries to show and/or prove that we are immortal in some way or other or that we are not just another 'insect' in a very small finite corner of the universe. I do look forward to more items as Colin Stuart puts the sunbject matter over so well.
@michaelking9818 2 aylar önce
Time travel and how does that working in an expanding universe
@abhinavmudugu9090 4 aylar önce
For anyone who is actually curious, one of the best explanations for the Fermi paradox is given by cixin liu in his sci fi novel the three body problem. The book is fascinating and definable worth a read for anyone Interested. Netflix is also making a show so u can wait for that aswell.
@wildfirex666 4 aylar önce
It is if you can handle the induced depression lol.
@swissolih 4 aylar önce
One of the greatest channels on TRshow! Hands down! Amazing work!
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This was worth the wait. Love your channel and always check to make sure I havent missed an episode
@titou1again 4 aylar önce
Your videos are exeptionally well made. Please make one about the whole nucleosynthesis ,specially the super nova part, and give us all the numbers : we love it!! . Keep up the good work.
@hekikuu 4 aylar önce
This stuff never seems to seize to amaze. Grand research and a grand presentation. Thank you!
@perniciouspete4986 4 aylar önce
"cease" why the unnecessary double negative?
@smeeself 3 aylar önce
@perniciouspete4986 True, although a necessary double negative seems unlikely.
@primeral 4 aylar önce
I absorbed everything, beginning to end, and loved every minute of it. Now I'll rewatch it to fall asleep to. Thank you for putting out a great video
@modestmousecoloredperson 4 aylar önce
when looking at what happened with life on our planet, i'd bet that we are quite rare, and even in a universe with billions of galaxies, if our rarity is normal, then any life like us that does exist would be spread so thin throughout the entire universe, that the likelihood of us finding it is absurdly small
@ConontheBinarian 3 aylar önce
Maybe life is possible in other ways that don't require our exact circumstances.
@coreywright6192 4 aylar önce
Absolutely nailed it this time for me. I've been curious to the point of sleepless nights thinking about concepts involved with consciousness/awareness & I always end up in the same place in mind, which is to say "frustrating"😅 but I do have some fun thoughts on this matter and I really appreciate u covering it😊
@damonciccozzi4764 4 aylar önce
One of your best, well done. This is the video to send to your family and friends for the all in one guide to life in this universe. :) Oh I have always been meaning to say.. give your script writer a raise.
@joshmedici 4 aylar önce
I've watched several of your videos many times over. Still fascinated by the vastness of our universe. Thanks for putting such wonderful information on TRshow.
@lukelilly1572 4 aylar önce
The quality of this channel and the fact that it’s free is absolutely astounding. It would rip us of this quality content but for yourself you really should think about signing a contract with a platform to have a paid version of this. It would upset me but it’s totally deserved. Idk how much TRshow pays you but discovery and various science channels should be giving you a blank check.
@stevepower6616 3 aylar önce
For approximately 6 months I have had all the HotU videos playing in a loop most of my non-working hours, including when I sleep. I have probably truly absorbed and understand about 30 to 40 percent of the content. I'll turn on something else when these videos become boring, but as of this writing I still find every video to be intriguing and thought-provoking.
@beaverkingO 4 aylar önce
Does it have to be a dichotomy between life and non-life? What if there are more, not less astonishing concepts in the universe like life, but not limited by any definitions. Really mind-blowing to think about it!
@desiderata8811 4 aylar önce
@ppike__ 4 aylar önce
Yeah I don't see why it gets treated as beyond arbitrary. Many features of 'life' can be found in fluid and gas dynamics or even geological errosion for example but not all at once. So really its just a sliding scale between what appears what better fits our defintion and what doesn't, when in fact they're just chunks within the same soup of energy and matter. If living organisms must exchange with their environment (consumption,excretion) , then they are effectively not separate and distinct, but instead could be descibed as a kind of complex in the environment through which energy travels in a highly evolved way.
@daisyviluck7932 3 aylar önce
FWIW, hospice nurses will tell you the line between “alive” and “dead” is much fuzzier than most people realize. Some people at end of life quietly fade away. It’s hard to describe, though. Time Of Death on death certificates is generally a rough estimation, as oppose to Time Of Birth, which is much more obvious.
@beaverkingO 3 aylar önce
@@daisyviluck7932 Yeah, when it comes to viruses it's also not too clear if they are alive or just bio bots. But I was thinking if the phenomenon of life could be not unique as we used to think about it. We search for life on the other planets, but what if instead there is no life there, but something as complex but not what we used to call "life"?
@justastudent1423 2 aylar önce
I think of it as a spectrum. We have things like viruses and arguably even prions which are more alive than a granite rock, but less alive than us. What I like to imagine is at what point, if any in particular, does conciousness arise, and if we are not at the extreme of the spectrum, what would something that is *more* alive than us be like?
@Bobby-fj8mk 4 aylar önce
Excellent video - nicely narrated and produced with top video content. Most of it was already covered by Carl Sagan back in the 1970s but it was a fresh look at the subject with some new ideas. I think there have been many civilisations in our galaxy but they are long gone - even billions of years ago. It may not be possible for advanced civilisations to thrive more than 100 or 200 years due to internal warfare with nuclear or biological weapons. We invented such weapons only about 60 years after discovering radio. So any advanced civilisations died out - became extinct and so existed for only a blink of the eye compared to the age of the universe. That would explain the Fermi paradox. Look at how stupid we are right now - we are threatened with global nuclear war over 4 small areas of land in Ukraine that 2 years ago no one had ever heard of and from Russia which is already the largest country in the world so has plenty of land - so much land that most of it has no one living there. So we fight over pure greed for more of what we already have in abundance. That shows little hope for our long term future.
@daisyviluck7932 3 aylar önce
I’m not sure we’re “stupid”, so much as “unwise”. We’re capable of Learning Many Things, we often fall short of synthesizing a workable philosophy around what we learned.
@daisyviluck7932 3 aylar önce
Or else we have a decent philosophy we then fail to follow because we want the short-term shiny prize 🤷🏻‍♀️
@FutureBoyWonder 4 aylar önce
All of your channels help transport me to another place and another time. Truly grateful
@ttully 4 aylar önce
What are the other ones? :) nvm I found :)
@NateGUYYY 4 aylar önce
@@ttullycool comment
@mattlennymoore282 4 aylar önce
I love these videos sooooo much, I watch and listen to them over and over again. Amazing channel dude. 👊
@josephmanktelow3560 4 aylar önce
Your videos are truly amazing thanks so much another really good episode 😊
@sagemagick 4 aylar önce
Hands down one of the best channels on TRshow the information and the way it's presented to the viewer is both captivating and entertaining I thank you greatly for your efforts and time in making such great content and for free a gift to all those with eyes to see and ears to hear please know your existence has greatly impacted and improved mine.
@db3536 4 aylar önce
you guys keep knocking it out of the park. thank you.❤
@oscopin74 4 aylar önce
Yay!! Thank you for what I'm sure will be another stellar, pun intended, episode. You're so great that these. Always fascinating to think about this stuff.
@STohme 4 aylar önce
Excellent video, very interesting with very relevant information and analysis included. Thank you very much also for the high quality of content in this video.
@foxbutterfly-eden8715 4 aylar önce
Regarding Gobekli Tepe, don’t forget that it may be dated at over 10,000 years old, but we don’t know how long ago it was actually built. The date we have for it is from carbon dating some material left at the site that long ago, but that doesn’t mean it was built then. The site could potentially be much older.
@Kimoto504 4 aylar önce
Yep, the Spninx is thousands of years older than most sites in Egypt and the Great Pyramids which came thousands of years later, predate the vast majority of what's popularly understood to be Egyptian civilizations. It's far, far older and changed dramatically over the thousands of years from what we popularly understand. No doubt Gobekli Tepe is no different, though we haven't corrupted the understanding of it with popular cultural and political associations and stories.
@davidfiler7439 4 aylar önce
Of course it is, it was built by the baby jesus with his little Alien helpers. Praise the Lord, I red it in an old book of fairy stories and fables, so its gotta be troo.
@OoTZOMMMoO 4 aylar önce
or younger for that matter. The age of the material used to build things could have been around for much longer than the thing itself. Also humans were nomads and transported a lot of materials around.
@carlosandleon 3 aylar önce
On the contrary - it could be much younger. Especially if they used already old stones to build the settlement.
@carlosandleon 3 aylar önce
@@Kimoto504I too watch Ancient Architects and Bright Insight. But I urge you to see the archaeological monuments for yourself and you’ll find the exaggerated claims to be utter bullshit.
@Italianjedi7 4 aylar önce
Fantastic video. I am particularly intrigued by the concept of life arising during the initial seconds of the Big Bang. Since time does not exist, this whole civilization of potential life could "exist" for untold ages though to us only last a trillionth of a second? Tell me if I'm in the ballpark
@wigglenutz9060 3 aylar önce
I couldn't agree more! While I found that entire part so incredibly fascinating, it was the suggestion of what possible intelligent dark entities, both "unknown and unknowable" I believe were his words, could have come into existence and evolved from dark-matter and dark-energy and life created in/of and thrive in the early dense universe's plasma that truly sent every atom of my brain wheeling!
@trevorprice1867 4 aylar önce
This is one of my absolute favorite channels on TRshow. Just spectacular. Watched through the catalogue dozens of times. Thank you for all of your effort!
@charlie35a73 4 aylar önce
Amazing! Thank you for making these videos!
@chonex 4 aylar önce
Brilliant as always. Thanks so much for your great work.
@JayVeeDee 4 aylar önce
your videos are always amazing, can't stop watching them!
@paulcooper8818 4 aylar önce
Enjoyable, informative content, well produced.
@mickeyb492 4 aylar önce
Another masterpiece of a production. Thanks for the education, and for challenging my understanding of the universe.
@ianmatthewkline8279 4 aylar önce
This conversation gets interesting surrounding viruses. I’m a virologist currently finishing my doctorate in immunology and geek out over this stuff :)
@MrSebulpa 4 aylar önce
What do you think of the idea that a virus is just a spore. And the infected cell then becomes the "real" viral organism, therefore being alive?
@ianmatthewkline8279 3 aylar önce
@@MrSebulpa I appreciate your interest in the subject :) Unfortunately, I’m unsure of what you’re asking haha To biologists some words carry highly specific meanings and implications. For example, the simple use of the word “life”. Along with that comes the implication that the organism can carry out its own set of metabolic reactions, and replicate itself, along with many other things. Viruses cannot do this. Therefore we do not expressly include them as living organisms although I would argue that while in a cell which it’s hijacked it’s cellular machinery to replicate itself, it is indeed using the cell as a living extension of its genetic program which is perhaps what you were proposing. Keep in mind tho, that host cell is desperately fighting to get rid of the virus or to kill itself to prevent it from replicating. If you guessed viruses are really good at shutting down a cells ability to kill itself then you’d be right :) It goes from a simple piece of chemical genetic material to completely rewriting the metabolic programs of the cells they infect. Otherwise, viruses really are just physics, chemistry, and Darwinian evolution
@ryangoodwin3799 2 aylar önce
Would love to see life discovered traveling around the vacuum of space. How cool, yet terrifying would it be to discover huge silicone based jellyfish floating through the cosmos feeding off of light and radiation? 😂
@Bboreal88 Aylar önce
Such a great insightful video, thank you History of the Universe!
@robinbriggs2 4 aylar önce
Your videos are some of the best videos I've seen on the sciences. You should play the song in the beginning more often in the video. You did this in one of your early video on the universe and it was beautiful. The music is moving and matches the way you speak. Use it to make your speech and music crescendo into a piece of art and wonder. You've done it before. Regardless these videos are absolutely beautiful.
@Legio__X 4 aylar önce
Quickly becoming my favorite YT channel. Def my favorite science related channel. Keep up great work 👏🏻
@johnmackay3136 4 aylar önce
One of the best channels on TRshow without a doubt. Always great.
@JasonHowdenNZ 4 aylar önce
This channel is better than most studio documentaries, tv is dead.
@bluupadoop 4 aylar önce
I'd go so far as to say this is the best science documentary series bar none
@mitchbrook4112 4 aylar önce
so well done! this channel and the ones like it are the reason TV is dead. I would love to hear your input on the great filter, it would have fit nicely in this video
@anomaliesandtherealdeal 4 aylar önce
Loved it, grabbed my attention and didn't let go. Thanks for posting 🐄🛸
@mattjones5324 4 aylar önce
Hey keep the videos coming! You are very brilliant and I watch all your videos all the way through.
@felixfabio1473 4 aylar önce
This channel is a real hidden gem. Awesome work! Greetings from Germany!
@pantheis 4 aylar önce
These questions of "where is everyone" and "are we alone?" always lead me to the conclusion that we should treat the Earth as unique, life on it as one of kind, and do everything we can to protect it. That means becoming multiplanetary, and bringing as much life along with us as we can, and spread it as far as possible. We very well could be the only intelligent life in the entire galaxy and we're the only species on this planet that can leave it. We have a responsibility.
@jamesrussell7760 4 aylar önce
You are soooo right!
@sentientflower7891 4 aylar önce
Becoming multi-planet isn't an option. Life on the Earth can only live on the Earth.
@jamesrussell7760 4 aylar önce
@@sentientflower7891 Two things: Do not underestimate the adaptability of life, especially the lower forms of life. We know of extremophiles that can flourish in hot springs at or near boiling temps and other forms that can survive in space. Second, it is not possible to predict 1,000 - 2,000 years in the future. So, never say, "Never."
@BlackHearthguard 4 aylar önce
@@sentientflower7891 We already live above the earth, at least for short periods, in the ISS. The only thing that's needed to extend our lifespan in space is a gravity analog. Now that we've found water on the moon, it is likely there will be a colony built there at some point in our future, and once we've discovered ways of making the trips less dangerous and/or quicker, we'll likely see colonies on the moon. Don't underestimate humanity, we're a tenacious bunch.
@frederiklarsen1494 4 aylar önce
The cure for insomnia isn’t the story he’s telling, but probably just the calmness of his voice.
@yaheemi 4 aylar önce
morgan freeman got the best voice to fall asleep
@MRptwrench 3 aylar önce
As only sibling who doesn't practice family's religion I'm (too) often questioned "what do you believe in then?" This. And, due to what I understand about the current science, that every human is incredibly rare and significant. We are literally made of stars.
@atheistapostate7019 4 aylar önce
Dan Brown did a good novel on the meteor that is talked about in here. I’d love to see it as a movie
@ladymacbethofmtsensk 4 aylar önce
The idea of dark matter life forms has been explored somewhat in Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy, though it’s not really hard science fiction and he doesn’t go too much into how that life came about (he’s not a physicist). I love those books.
@Rawgangsta 4 aylar önce
Beautifully wrote and convayed. Well done. Very interesting.
@jccope3310 4 aylar önce
Fantastic. You produce some of the best videos on TRshow.
@steverabson4049 4 aylar önce
Super super super. How can a You tube content creator better any documentary channel I can think of? This way of course. The content is perfect, it's not tied up in knots and hyperbolae and it's not commercial. It is just perfect. Thank you
@YogSoth 4 aylar önce
Agree except for the not commercial part. It is a sponsored video.
@benothmansyrine7135 4 aylar önce
@@YogSoth he's talking about the content , not the sponsorship. You know the man has got to make a living right?? An unbelievable effort is put into these videos and it actually makes me happy whenever a video of this specific chanel is sponsored. If it international paiment was possible in my country I would've contributed as well. Let's not judge the guy for actually needing to sustain a living
@Ams11121 2 aylar önce
@@benothmansyrine7135I think the dude was just pointing it out. Yes there is commercial side and there should be? I dont get why you go at them for something they didnt actually say?
@rameenana 4 aylar önce
This was awesome mate. Appreciate your work.
@robertlandrum1971 4 aylar önce
I think the Kardashev Scale should have a addendum for Type 0 planets. Type 0 planets 🪐 may come in four types: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta. Type 0 Delta contains either no life at all or only primitive life with no intelligent species. Type 0 Gamma are planets with intelligent species that lack signs of civilized activities. The intelligent species are hunter/gatherers with few tools and are generally nomadic. Type 0 Beta worlds have intelligent species that offer signs of civilization. These signs include permanent housing, trade, farming and animal husbandry, and complex social customs (including religious rituals). Type 0 Alpha civilizations are essentially Pre-Type 1 Civilizations. While they may not meet all the requirements for Type 1 status, there are strong indications of pre-Type 1 behavior. Type 0 Alpha civilizations not only show civilized behaviors, but technology is growing rapidly towards Type 1 status (such as space travel). I think most planets are probably Type 0 planets and most of them are Deltas or Gammas. But if we don’t destroy ourselves and we can break free and explore our galaxy, we may, from time to time, see the remnants and remains of Type 0 Alphas who almost made Type 1. However they couldn’t survive their own disagreements and conflicts.
@CaptainManic2010 3 aylar önce
Just FLUFFING beautiful work. So enjoyable to sit back and escape into this amazing oration. Thank you mate.
@xavierblaze2687 4 aylar önce
Love your videos. Could you maybe please make a video on galaxy formation?
@HistoryoftheUniverse 4 aylar önce
@LG-bi1sr 4 aylar önce
Would love for this show to also be in podcast form
@hrathweg 4 aylar önce
From what I read, recent archeological excavations (2021) have shown a water retention system and many several square shaped homes uncovered at gobekli tepe
@EchoLostAvakin 4 aylar önce
This is discussed in Graham Hancocks Netflix series, Ancient Apocalipse, when he visits the temple and speaks with another local guy where I think they had used radar or lidar to detect these rooms.
@MrEnjoivolcom1 4 aylar önce
Discoveries at Boncuklu Tarla in southeastern Mardin are around 1,000 years older than those in Gobekli Tepe, says professor. Dec 4, 2019
@joeydavis7455 4 aylar önce
They abandoned the site because they began practicing religion and decided it was changing them when they saw themselves worshipping idols. They decided they were the masters of their own destinies.
@pineapplepenumbra 4 aylar önce
@@joeydavis7455 I don't really understand what you're trying to say here. Are you suggesting that they decided that their own religion was wrong?
@joeydavis7455 4 aylar önce
@@pineapplepenumbra they had an epiphany
@RootsMj 4 aylar önce
The best feeling is when a new HOTU video shows up on my feed. Thank you for creating such awesome content!
@polfosol 4 aylar önce
God every time I watch your videos I get goosebumps. What a fascinating channel!
@jimseibyl5140 4 aylar önce
Wow! Another fantastic video from this channel…..really well done and written beautifully!
@bobbydelavega9425 3 aylar önce
Sheer class. Thank you for such amazing work.
@kairi 4 aylar önce
first a lemmino video and now a History of the universe upload, WHAT A BLESSING
@RSFoxGalassi 4 aylar önce
@creaniteyt7850 4 aylar önce
Wait he still exists?
@stephanieparker1250 4 aylar önce
Yep! 🎉
@kairi 4 aylar önce
@@creaniteyt7850 ofcourse, he just uploads once or twice a year 😭
@markedis5902 4 aylar önce
I have a feeling that any intelligent life will eventually destroy itself or the planet it lives on. I think that we need another Carrington event if we’re going to have a chance of surviving as a species.
@ConontheBinarian 3 aylar önce
Whew! I'm sure glad it's a feeling and you don't have any evidence for that!
@ex3c_ 4 aylar önce
don't take this the wrong way, but this is an amazing sleep track, making stories out of science with smooth naration, so calming yet insightful, keep it up
@VapidVulpes 4 aylar önce
Oh doooooddd!!! I've been meaning to watch miniminuteman's video about gobekli tepe! Stoked you guys came out with one too! Now I get videos from both my favorite earth history/archeology shenanigans on this boss subject!
@HistoryoftheUniverse 4 aylar önce
The biggest one is coming August 6th on History Time. Prepare to have your mind blown
@dogkiss_ 4 aylar önce
Best video from you yet! Outstanding content!!
@shassett79 4 aylar önce
I love this channel but it also pretty consistently gives me an existential crisis lol
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