Duran Duran - Ordinary World (Official Music Video)

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Duran Duran

Duran Duran

4 yıl önce

The official Duran Duran video for "Ordinary World" from 1993's THE WEDDING ALBUM. Directed by Nick Egan..

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Came in from a rainy Thursday on the avenue
Thought I heard you talking softly
I turned on the lights, the TV, and the radio
Still I can't escape the ghost of you
What has happened to it all?
Crazy someone say
Where is the life that I recognize?
Gone away
But I won't cry for yesterday
There's an ordinary world
Somehow I have to find
And as I try to make my way
To the ordinary world
I will learn to survive
Passion or coincidence once prompted you to say
"Pride will tear us both apart"
Well now prides gone out the window
Cross the rooftops, run away
Left me in the vacuum of my heart
What is happening to me?
Crazy someone say
Where is my friend when I need you most?
Gone away
But I won't cry for yesterday
There's an ordinary world
Somehow I have to find
And as I try to make my way
To the ordinary world
I will learn to survive
Papers in the roadside tell of suffering and greed
Fear today, forgot tomorrow
Besides the news of holy war and holy need
Ours is just a little sorrowed talk
And I don't cry for yesterday
There's an ordinary world
Somehow I have to find
And as I try to make my way
To the ordinary world
I will learn to survive
Every world is my world
(I will learn to survive)
Any world is my world
(I will learn to survive)
Any world is my world

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Oxitocina Magazine
Oxitocina Magazine 10 aylar önce
Hermosura de canción
Johan Roque
Johan Roque Aylar önce
Opino que la mejor !!! La escuchaba en el 94
Hunter Vonnegut
Hunter Vonnegut Aylar önce
*Love Duran Duran and 80s music?..... Check out SOLAR KAMA SUTRA - the best underground band on Earth!*
marcio toné
marcio toné 2 aylar önce
Giovanni Russo
Giovanni Russo 2 aylar önce
@Иоанна Видова qq
Giovanni Russo
Giovanni Russo 2 aylar önce
Sabin411 15 gün önce
It’s 2022 and this song is timeless. One of the best ever. ❤
Dun Can
Dun Can 11 saatler önce
Less 2022, MORE 1992!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bur-D 6 gün önce
Agree. Along with Oasis' Wonderwall
Sparks 7 gün önce
@Mario Grechi I agree I’m 64 lol
Mario Grechi
Mario Grechi 11 gün önce
How old are you? 😁😀🤣
metis 3 gün önce
Самая лучшая песня о любви!!!!!!!!!
Laila Avelino
Laila Avelino 4 aylar önce
Simplesmente apaixonada nessa musica ! Tem alguém em 2022 ouvindo Também??
Felipe Souza
Felipe Souza 23 saatler önce
Eu aqui 🙏🙏🙏
Jeffery Comer
Jeffery Comer Gün önce
Yes, by the way,I love 💕 you
cleuma silva
cleuma silva Gün önce
Eu aqui 🙋, amooooooooo essa música 😍😍😍
Rogério Silva
Rogério Silva 5 gün önce
Top 🖤
Rodrigo Santi
Rodrigo Santi 6 gün önce
siim !
P Grace
P Grace 12 gün önce
This video looks as sleek and modern as it did almost 30 years ago. The song is timeless. Happy memories. Thank you.
Dun Can
Dun Can 11 saatler önce
It is 30. 1992
peccatumDei 3 yıl önce
This song was released while I was going through a divorce, and carried a lot of meaning for me. I moved forward, got remarried, and we're now coming up on our 24th wedding anniversary.
Nourdin RAMI
Nourdin RAMI Gün önce
The time passes away
ahmes ceanga
ahmes ceanga 2 gün önce
That is amazing ! I love happy stories :)
God Is Real
God Is Real 14 gün önce
Life is so sad at times...
Hunter Vonnegut
Hunter Vonnegut Aylar önce
*Love Duran Duran and 80s music?..... Check out SOLAR KAMA SUTRA - the best underground band on Earth!*
stephen shiller
stephen shiller 2 aylar önce
Thanks, gives me hope. Recently divorced after 30 years
karmafrog1 10 gün önce
This is just simply one of the finest records ever made by anyone, anywhere.
karmafrog1 19 saatler önce
@Paul Michael Freedman It's almost like people watch videos of songs they find extremely moving. Funny, that. As for the worthiness of this particular song, well, it baffles me that many would bother to challenge it...however, we do live in interesting times where many people seem confused or bored by anything with more than three chords, or any level of emotional subtlety.
Paul Michael Freedman
Paul Michael Freedman Gün önce
It's funny, I find this comment in one form or another under EVERY SINGLE MUSIC VIDEO ON YT
VideoNash 6 gün önce
@Mario Grechi A person has to have an ear for music / sound, along with appreciation for the writing, their many hours of work and dedication to the production and all that goes with it, in order to appreciate what is being heard. Do yourself a favor and consider going deeper. You may find out that you have a deeper appreciation and respect for music, you never even knew you had.
Mario Grechi
Mario Grechi 7 gün önce
Give me a break....
Mark Gibson-Penman
Mark Gibson-Penman Gün önce
This song was amazing at the Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022 opening ceremony! It never ages, I loved it in the 90’s and still love it now!
Yeison Galeano
Yeison Galeano 2 gün önce
12 Años Escuchando está Canción Ahora se porque le Gustaba a Mi Amigo que ya no está aquí 🥺. Ahora solo vive en los recuerdos
peter zetterman
peter zetterman 17 gün önce
Epic and timeless
** 2 yıl önce
I was 31 years of age when this song came out, and the same year my wife died. . . . "Where is my friend when I need you most" . . . I thought they wrote this song for me. . . . . . I had to learn to survive! Thank you Duran Duran.
Mr Nobody
Mr Nobody 14 gün önce
Sandra Helena
Sandra Helena 14 gün önce
R relembra e viiver
Eduardo Wagner
Eduardo Wagner 15 gün önce
Ironically I'm listening to this song after my wife died aswell... 9 months since she's been gone. I'm 38 atm.
Alvaro19721000 17 gün önce
Sorry for your loss, God bless you.
Violet 18 gün önce
katherine joseph
katherine joseph 8 gün önce
I prefer music like this instead of now- a- days crap... This is what you call great music....🙂🙂💜💜
Dewayne Boswell
Dewayne Boswell 22 gün önce
Memories rush through my mind when I hear this song. A feeling of happiness mixed with sadness. Music is the key to everything
Sid Pheasant
Sid Pheasant 18 gün önce
When you feel happiness mixed with sadness in music, it is what is in the music that is key, i.e. the ever-inspiring Holy Spirit. For Him, happy and sad are just two among the many aspects of love and truth that He actually is...
marcos santos de menezes
marcos santos de menezes 23 gün önce
Saudades do meu pai que gostava dessa música impossíveis NÃO ouvir e lembra dos MOMENTOS com ele
Joaquim Rodrigues
Joaquim Rodrigues 2 gün önce
A quanto tempo não ouvia um musica top de qualidade
Alexandra Sipiora
Alexandra Sipiora Yıl önce
Ordinary World is the most beautiful song that Duran Duran ever recorded!
John Roberts
John Roberts 8 gün önce
View to a kill
Miro Poljak
Miro Poljak 4 aylar önce
Olso Come Undone.
Zensi Zensur
Zensi Zensur 4 aylar önce
One of them 😉
BERNARD CASON 4 aylar önce
This and Save a Prayer 🙏🏽
saultube44🇺🇦 4 aylar önce
1 of the best songs ever written
Aqua Escape
Aqua Escape Aylar önce
Epic song.
Steve Doward
Steve Doward 7 gün önce
Just when you are absorbed and acknowledge this is a perfect record the guitar solo rips you into another dimension.
VideoNash 6 gün önce
As an "old school" studio engineer with a golden ear, I am drawn to the entire studio sound production, not just the lyrics of a song. This particular song is so powerful, it says so much. Everything about it's full sound goes "deep" into my soul... It brings me to a calm each time I listen, taking me away to a place I wish I could stay.
Aram Cartozian
Aram Cartozian 5 gün önce
Same here. There are times I think about setting up another studio just to do this full "wall of sound" sound. It's good for the soul.
T Dioxin
T Dioxin 11 gün önce
The first time I ever heard this song I was shopping. It stopped me in my tracks and I couldn’t move. Not until it ended could I focus on what I was doing. I continued shopping with a lump in my throat. Some tunes mark you for life. This is one of them.
nicky 3 gün önce
were have you been
Chris 6 gün önce
@Sid Pheasant I believe some of the greatest hit songs were divinely inspired also. Sounds like something that will be perfect even 100s of years from now.
Sid Pheasant
Sid Pheasant 10 gün önce
Don't underestimate this. Britain is not an anti-spiritual country, not particularly angry or aggressive; but it has reached a stage (which it bizarrely considers desirable) in which spiritual and divine things don't even enter the reality of many people for days or weeks or months on end. In that situation, there is a challenge for the beloved Holy Spirit, and it seems He has responded by inspiring many, many British artists into transcending achievements of beauty. This is not so in fact new, as it began with people like the great composer Ralph Vaughan Williams, who wrote Church music and non-Church music of tremendous truth and power. But the Spirit has to work with popular music too, because He wants to reach more people with the meaning and the love and the truth. Like Simon le Bon, Vaughan Williams insisted he was an agnostic-atheist. Yet the divine power touched them both, and so what we have here is not just a fantastically, amazingly beautiful and meaningful song; it is God reaching out to us with love, truth and mercy. And that love and truth is in operation too as we post here, seeking to tell somebody else how we have been made to feel. Many do not have a name for it. Many decide that they are going to call it "nostalgia", because that is sad-happy too. For me, "Ordinary World" has always been beautiful, but since I was Born Again in Christ I see the joy much more... And now my task, given to me by the Holy Spirit, is to suggest to you what the truth source of inspiration is. Inspiration actually means "supplied with spirit". Whether Duran Duran were aware or not, "Ordinary World" includes a large number of religious-looking lyrics and that is not by chance. Nothing is... So, T Dioxin, go with that "lump in your throat", which is "the life that I recognise". God bless you.
Serap Dönmezkol
Serap Dönmezkol Aylar önce
one of the most beautiful songs in the world 🕺🏼
Nicholas Ross
Nicholas Ross 2 aylar önce
Still a banging number all the way in 🇮🇪 ireland Galway City,2022,June,4
Emma Rae
Emma Rae Aylar önce
Grieving for someone that gets you is hard, this song expresses that loss, like my mom.💙💙💙 Cancer sucks.
Paul Edney
Paul Edney 11 gün önce
This song reminds me so much of my father. I have been lost since he left me.
Herbert Mixco
Herbert Mixco 18 gün önce
I know, much love.
Violet 25 gün önce
So sorry 💔😔
John Stambaugh
John Stambaugh 2 yıl önce
In my opinion this is the best song Duran Duran ever did.
Alex Playin' Wit Methamphetamines
Alex Playin' Wit Methamphetamines 2 gün önce
MoodyBlue42 !!
MoodyBlue42 !! 2 gün önce
I so totally agree!! I never really cared for DD and this came out and I was freaking blown away!!
anttemo41 3 gün önce
@James Pace Save. A Prayer is one of those songs you play early in the morning while you're having breakfast on a porch on a Saturday near a beach
James Pace
James Pace 3 gün önce
Hard to disagree. I put Save a Prayer up there.
James Pace
James Pace 14 gün önce
Hard to argue.
Alfredo Armijos
Alfredo Armijos 3 aylar önce
Una canción tan poderosa, con la que aprendí por primera vez lo doloroso que es decirle ADIOS a una mujer que, por más que la ames, debes dejarla ir, para continuar por caminos distintos. Qué vivan los 90s!
Maria Eunice
Maria Eunice 11 gün önce
Essa música lembra da minha ex parabéns vcs são de mais parabéns
Andres Toledo
Andres Toledo 14 gün önce
¿Qué le ha pasado a todo? Loco, algunos dirían ¿Dónde está la vida que yo reconozco? Se fue Pero no lloraré por el ayer Hay un mundo común De alguna forma tengo que encontrar Y mientras intento hacer mi camino Al mundo común Aprenderé a sobrevivir..
Andry Romero
Andry Romero 24 gün önce
Los 80s❤️❤️❤️😎
En verdad la canción está basada en la muerte de un mejor amigo de Simón le bon La cual el se sintió culpable por no poderlo salvar
Hunter Vonnegut
Hunter Vonnegut Aylar önce
*Love Duran Duran and 80s music?..... Check out SOLAR KAMA SUTRA - the best underground band on Earth!*
Hem Tiwari
Hem Tiwari 3 aylar önce
"here beside the news of holy war and holy need ours is just a little sorrow" what an incredibly great song still so many years later
Harry V
Harry V 11 gün önce
This song never gets old. Fell in the love with this single and then the album when it came out. Played and re-played that cassette tape until it wore out. Good times.
darshan2good 15 saatler önce
its at least 25 years old
Anthony Bautista
Anthony Bautista 25 gün önce
I love Duran Duran songs lot of songs I like other than this one but I was fortunate to work for a professional drummer named chastity she showed me a picture of her and Simon le bond drinking alcohol or some drink I was so impressed I told her you're so lucky and we laughed
Actarus Fleed
Actarus Fleed 2 aylar önce
God Bless Duran Duran. Their music is timeless! Imagine the world without music. It would be a sad place to be. Thank God for the great artists that through their music have made our lives livable and enjoyable. Congratulations to Duran Duran for being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. You guys truly deserved it.
God Is Real
God Is Real 10 gün önce
@mchlbk I don't worship organized religions. God is everywhere the earth is his church.
mchlbk 12 gün önce
Which god would that be exactly. I mean, there are thousands, which one is your preferred deity and why?
Raffaella Galli
Raffaella Galli 14 gün önce
@greg ouellette che musica ami?E quali canzoni hai ascoltato per esprimere questo giudizio?
God Is Real
God Is Real 14 gün önce
I couldn't help but notice your name.
Nancy Coronel
Nancy Coronel 2 aylar önce
Beautiful song and excelent band... 2022!!🎸🎼🎵🎶🎸
Shaun Taylor
Shaun Taylor 4 aylar önce
This song reminds me of my times in the 90’s spent with my father who is no longer with us. Miss him loads but the song brings him back. Truly outstanding.
Hunter Vonnegut
Hunter Vonnegut Aylar önce
*Love Duran Duran and 80s music?..... Check out SOLAR KAMA SUTRA - the best underground band on Earth!*
TrickyJ 3 aylar önce
My father passed too in 1990 and this song help me through the loss...miss him
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia 3 aylar önce
Yes my uncle would listen to this as I watched himself destruct , after losing his family I used to wonder why he liked this as I was into hard rap ,now I understand ,RIP uncle Paul ,he also liked come undone
Mike Akers USMC
Mike Akers USMC 4 aylar önce
My pops is gone too
Red Skies
Red Skies 4 aylar önce
Hi I recommend a song called 'Looking Into The Mirror' By Robert Nix
Celio Oliveira
Celio Oliveira 20 saatler önce
Introdução desta music é surreal!😜👏👏👏
mike5556 3 aylar önce
Every once and a while, a song comes along that transcends music and evokes emotions that you did know you had. This is one of them.
Hunter Vonnegut
Hunter Vonnegut Aylar önce
*Love Duran Duran and 80s music?..... Check out SOLAR KAMA SUTRA - the best underground band on Earth!*
Gola Glanman
Gola Glanman 12 gün önce
Great record. Brings me back to Jakarta. Greetings from an Irishman in Cambodia.
La luna
La luna Gün önce
My favourite Duran Duran song. A timeless classic!!!!
Rogério Silva
Rogério Silva 5 gün önce
Não se faz mais músicas como antigamente, simplesmente TOP 🖤
ARACELI Gonzalez gomez
ARACELI Gonzalez gomez Aylar önce
Joyita de lux 👌👍✨✨✨🤩🎵🔊🔊🔊🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵
Kathy Dismuke
Kathy Dismuke 23 gün önce
Love it !
Martijn Janzen
Martijn Janzen 3 gün önce
Back then life looks simple, where is the life i recognized back then.......and where is my friend when i need u the most....i still try to make my way through the ordinary world, such strong lyrics and so true!............still an epic song, and the best of Duran Duran. I was 27years old then, now @ 57 i get goosebumps listen to this ordinary song!
Scott Brandon
Scott Brandon 4 gün önce
They still play this song live (2022) in concert. It is a great song in terms of both lyrics and music arrangement.
Sam Spade
Sam Spade 8 aylar önce
A masterpiece, outstanding lyrics & melody.
MegaBriarpatch 6 aylar önce
Best pop song of the 90s!
Sabrina Shaw
Sabrina Shaw 6 aylar önce
A Legend???????
I H 7 aylar önce
Yeah. Now it's just 24/7 autotune sing-the-same-note-over-and-over-again-in-a-wimpy-emo-voice crap.
Shanedangers 8 aylar önce
yeah! en El corazon, siempre
Gina Lombardo
Gina Lombardo Aylar önce
I started falling in love with Duran Duran when I was in 7th grade! I'm 50 now and still love them!
Jeremy Sears
Jeremy Sears Aylar önce
My sisters and Mtv always played them back in the day. I am the only one who kept buying their albums into the 90's and beyond. Im 46 now and a massive fan still
Red Skies
Red Skies Aylar önce
Hi I recommend a song called 'Looking Into The Mirror' By Robert Nix
Федор Двинятин
Федор Двинятин 2 aylar önce
Сильная вещь.на дискотеке в середине 90 х была мощным хитом.
Pasi Rämö
Pasi Rämö 10 gün önce
I was never much of a DD fan , but I really like this tune. Taste and liking can develop?
Sheila Cristina
Sheila Cristina 13 gün önce
Gosto 👏👏👏
Kathy Buffalo
Kathy Buffalo Yıl önce
I agree with the person who said that this is the best song that Duran Duran ever performed.
Clinton Beharry
Clinton Beharry 22 gün önce
Me 2
David Cisneros
David Cisneros 23 gün önce
Dave 24 gün önce
AlexL Aylar önce
Save a prayer actually
thomas Aylar önce
Josef Melech
Josef Melech 7 gün önce
Loved this song when it first came out. After my son was fought and his eventual loss to cancer it became a hymn
Celi Aparecida Silva
Celi Aparecida Silva 9 gün önce
Amo essa canção amo duran duran
Isabel Solano
Isabel Solano Aylar önce
La cancion que mas me gusta y donde John Taylor se ve muy bien.
José Lerma
José Lerma 2 aylar önce
Que hermosa rola un viaje ami adolescencia 🥰🥰🥰 te recuerdo siempre Claudia
[p]Rick 11 aylar önce
Who else is here because this song is awesome
Hunter Vonnegut
Hunter Vonnegut Aylar önce
*Love Duran Duran and 80s music?..... Check out SOLAR KAMA SUTRA - the best underground band on Earth!*
hugo jaramillo
hugo jaramillo Aylar önce
@Bernon Aarey i got you i do not belong here but i decided to experience all of this before i return where i belong , the great spirit. blessings ! for u
Bernon Aarey
Bernon Aarey Aylar önce
I'm not actually here.
hugo jaramillo
hugo jaramillo 2 aylar önce
mi men! you are awesome!
Katina Diep
Katina Diep 2 aylar önce
Yeah it's a wonderful song. I didn't think much of it at the time. I am rediscovering the sound of Duran Duran.
Daves Pereira
Daves Pereira 7 gün önce
Desde 1993 eu ouço e ouvirei até morrer...
Simon Young
Simon Young 11 gün önce
One of the greatest songs ever written. Sublime.
Patricia Boyington
Patricia Boyington 3 aylar önce
I'm so glad they got into Hall of Fame well deserved Congratulations Durran Durran !
lynda74 21 gün önce
@Handsome-brute, yes! Couldn't agree more.
Cedschooky Snodgrass
Cedschooky Snodgrass Aylar önce
@Patricia Boyington ,oops* Try to get it right at least once.
Hunter Vonnegut
Hunter Vonnegut Aylar önce
*Love Duran Duran and 80s music?..... Check out SOLAR KAMA SUTRA - the best underground band on Earth!*
Anton Boludo
Anton Boludo 2 aylar önce
@Gary Olson They have an unusual yet intriguing style of music.
NiteOwl 3 aylar önce
Arguably Duran Durans' best SWAN SONG. Lyrically and structurally a melodic MASTERPIECE.
darren strudwick
darren strudwick 9 aylar önce
Hard to believe there was a time where every week a song this good would be in in the charts.
Leafs Forever
Leafs Forever 10 gün önce
Yup … now the people of today like the likes of Billie Eilish etc …. Sickening
Andy 10 gün önce
@bassbytes Not necessarily. I'm 32, and I mainly listen to 80s and 90s music. New, unsigned rock bands are quite often very good, but chart music is just utterly terrible, and has been for about 15 years. I think its because all variations of rap noise have become the mainstream, sadly.
Hunter Vonnegut
Hunter Vonnegut Aylar önce
*Love Duran Duran and 80s music?..... Check out SOLAR KAMA SUTRA - the best underground band on Earth!*
Damien Whited
Damien Whited 2 aylar önce
@J 😅😅😅😅😅 Hopefully you're being sarcastic.
Chuck Masterson
Chuck Masterson 3 aylar önce
There is really good music out now. It's just harder to find. The good stuff doesn't climb to the charts and get played like it used to, but bands are still making it.
The Focus Mode
The Focus Mode Aylar önce
You got to hand it to Duran Duran for writing one of the most beautiful damn songs in the whole world!
Sid Pheasant
Sid Pheasant Aylar önce
One of the most beautiful blessed songs in the whole world. The bad one did not do this, the Holy Spirit did - the inspirer of transcending art that reaches us with truth, love and inisght...
lddea 4 gün önce
I remember that as a child I often went to the beach with my uncles and then I had lunch at their house; there was a program called linea blu, an italian summer program which had ordinary world as its final theme. this song reminds me of all those good times, those quiet summers and my childhood. I was about seven years old and a few years later I randomly found this song on youtube, because I was always ashamed to ask my uncles what it was called. now it's been eight years since I listened to it in my uncles' kitchen, while now I'm here, listening to duran duran's music with passion
Max Does Covers
Max Does Covers 4 aylar önce
La acabamos de bailar juntos con mi novia. HERMOSA CANCIÓN. Que vuelvan las baladas
Víctor Navarro
Víctor Navarro Gün önce
Lindo tema para escucharlo al anochecer en el sur de Chile
Kevin Hancock
Kevin Hancock 11 aylar önce
Not a big Duran Duran fan. However this song is absolutely brilliant. Great melody and fantastic lyrics.
JamieB Brnsde
JamieB Brnsde 4 aylar önce
I heard this song for the first time last week. I thought, “This isn’t Duran Duran, is it?” Then I looked, and it was.
gaywest4298 8 aylar önce
Me neither, but this song is great.
No Brakes
No Brakes 9 aylar önce
analia ortiz
analia ortiz 2 aylar önce
Increíble que es 2022 y aún está canción me puede parecer increíble!
Hunter Vonnegut
Hunter Vonnegut Aylar önce
*Love Duran Duran and 80s music?..... Check out SOLAR KAMA SUTRA - the best underground band on Earth!*
Rodrigo Santi
Rodrigo Santi 6 gün önce
Músicas da minha época ! rs Muto bom 👏👏👏
JuulCat420 2 aylar önce
song i can listen thousand and thousand times and not get tired of
La Oficina del  Piso 8
La Oficina del Piso 8 2 aylar önce
el gran regreso de Duran Duran....
Sara Richmond
Sara Richmond 5 aylar önce
I first heard this when it was playing in a store while I was shopping. I simply stopped in the.middle of the shop and stood there, stunned. A truly astounding song, so beautiful and a tremendous songwriting achievement. The emotional awareness and feeling are in another dimension.
Hunter Vonnegut
Hunter Vonnegut Aylar önce
*Love Duran Duran and 80s music?..... Check out SOLAR KAMA SUTRA - the best underground band on Earth!*
steve1234 Aylar önce
Laurie Breen
Laurie Breen Aylar önce
Well Sara gets it . Song gives me the chills to this day
Kristen 1990
Kristen 1990 2 aylar önce
@Sara Richmond Life delivers some big curveballs for sure!!! I will always cherish the memories I had with them. ♡♡♡♡♡ Take care of yourself miss, and keep doing things that make you happy!! :333
Jaíne Araujo
Jaíne Araujo Aylar önce
Admito,NÃO é a primeira e nem a última vez que estou aqui...Quando a música é boa de verdade não há como cansar de ouvi-la.🖤👂
⭐ RibistaR ⭐
⭐ RibistaR ⭐ 23 gün önce
Nós da RibistaR, concordamos com vc !!! 😂
Alves Franca
Alves Franca 29 gün önce
Eu concordo com você
Barron Turner
Barron Turner 29 gün önce
I do not speak your language… but I agree…
roge lessa
roge lessa Aylar önce
Verdade 👍👍👍👍
Hunter Vonnegut
Hunter Vonnegut Aylar önce
*Love Duran Duran and 80s music?..... Check out SOLAR KAMA SUTRA - the best underground band on Earth!*
Jim Collins
Jim Collins Aylar önce
Don't worry & relax, you're not the only person still listening to this masterpiece in 2022
Jim Collins
Jim Collins Aylar önce
@Chip Winfrey I agree mate, those were the days! 👍
Chip Winfrey
Chip Winfrey Aylar önce
I remember sitting in Duddley's Draw, popular bar for students and locals across the street from Texas A&M, enjoying a 32oz Bud Light with some friends and this song was blasting through the speakers. I just thought, "Holy shit that's a good song."
Geno Kemp
Geno Kemp Aylar önce
@Jim Collins no chance ha
Geno Kemp
Geno Kemp Aylar önce
Jim ,if only you saw me back in the 80s ...laughable 🤦‍♂️Best time of my life😊
Geno Kemp
Geno Kemp Aylar önce
GeauxLSU#1 2 gün önce
when this song came out, there was no fear of nuclear war, no fear of 1 country distroying another, no fear of the atrocities going on today. when did this all change??i saw 3 young kids singing john lennon's "IMAGINE" on the voice russia a while back. How ironic is that....beautiful song by Duran Duran...Timeless and just amazing as it was back when!!!
Perfect Storm
Perfect Storm 12 gün önce
2022 still great jams 😊💃
fabian carrazan
fabian carrazan Yıl önce
if this song isn't played at my funeral i'm not going.
Nate Soat
Nate Soat 10 gün önce
@james ridley
David Bonilla Jr
David Bonilla Jr 21 gün önce
.. Déjà vu that was said in the comments on a Pink Floyd song learning to fly!..lol
armando0340 23 gün önce
Best comment I've ever read, for any song!
Evelyn Medina
Evelyn Medina 24 gün önce
Sergi Ngouson
Sergi Ngouson 12 gün önce
a classic
cdjruski 2 gün önce
The arrangement in the song is incredible
hunting fashion dolls
hunting fashion dolls 4 aylar önce
I just love everything about this song,the guitars in the begining, his unusual voice and the lyrics. It takes me back to the past like a magic portal
Krix 3 aylar önce
This might just be the best song ever written
SuperDarren1990 Yıl önce
This song was way ahead of it's time by decades and is highly under-rated. The tones and atmospheric vibes is unlike any song that competed with it back in the day. Absolutely amazing song.
Cathy Pullara
Cathy Pullara Yıl önce
So agree
BPJ 3 aylar önce
warren cucurillo deserves some credit for this guitar solo..it made the song stand out a lot more.
Fabiano Lopes Cavalcante
Fabiano Lopes Cavalcante Aylar önce
Música perfeita, escuto há mais de 20 anos e parece que estou escutando a primeira vez, incrível, perfeita
Hunter Vonnegut
Hunter Vonnegut Aylar önce
*Love Duran Duran and 80s music?..... Check out SOLAR KAMA SUTRA - the best underground band on Earth!*
Dolores Ramos
Dolores Ramos Aylar önce
Amo tanto esta canción, que linda epoca.... mi favorita de Duran Duran😍😍😍😍
Dolores Ramos
Dolores Ramos Aylar önce
@Hunter Vonnegut thank☺
Hunter Vonnegut
Hunter Vonnegut Aylar önce
*Love Duran Duran and 80s music?..... Check out SOLAR KAMA SUTRA - the best underground band on Earth!*
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