The Power of Good Questions {6 Powerful Types to Employ}

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Tom Adams

Tom Adams

Gün önce

▸▸ In this episode: Questions can be much more important than answers. We take an in-depth look at what kind of questions are important and how they can be used to your benefit.
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Content of this Video:
In this video, I emphasize the importance of asking great questions in order to be more valuable and helpful in relationships, work, and life. I discuss how some of the most brilliant minds, such as Einstein and Socrates, believed that the key to success is asking questions and how asking the right questions can bring value to a situation.
In order to help you understand and bring value in their own situations, I provide six specific types of questions to ask:
Situational questions: These are questions that help you understand the current situation, such as "What's going on?" and "What's happening?"
Clarifying questions: These are questions that help you better understand something that has been said or presented, such as "Why did you say that?" and "Where did that come from?"
Assumption-probing questions: These are questions that challenge assumptions and help you consider alternative viewpoints, such as "What could we assume instead?"
Reason and evidence-seeking questions: These are questions that help you understand the reasoning behind a statement or decision and ask for supporting evidence, such as "What led you to that conclusion?" and "Can you provide examples to support your point?"
Implication and consequence-exploring questions: These are questions that help you consider the potential outcomes or effects of a situation, such as "What are the potential consequences of this decision?" and "How might this affect other areas?"
Goal and objective-focused questions: These are questions that help you understand the goals and objectives of a situation, such as "What is the desired outcome?" and "What do you hope to achieve?"
I also emphasize the importance of listening and being present in the moment while asking these questions in order to truly understand and bring value to a situation.
EDIT: In the video I mistakenly credit the original quote "'It is easier to judge the mind of a man by his questions rather than his answers)." to Voltaire. Sam Sawmy (in the comments) correctly pointed out that it actually comes from Pierre-Marc-Gaston de Lévis writings.
00:00 Intro
00:24 The Power of Great Questions
02:56 Six Types of Questions
06:00 Conclusion
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@TomAdamsCoach 8 aylar önce
EDIT: In the video I mistakenly credit the original quote "'It is easier to judge the mind of a man by his questions rather than his answers)." to Voltaire. Sam Sawmy (in the comments) correctly pointed out that it actually comes from Pierre-Marc-Gaston de Lévis writings.
@Salort96 11 aylar önce
Great video, very pedagogic and connected to experience. I loved the mentions to Einstein and Socrates, the six questions methodology-structure applies to humankind and education. What matters is being empathetic and be polite. Thank you Mr Adams.
@TomAdamsCoach 11 aylar önce
Thanks for your kind words @salort96! I'm grateful that you watched the video and commented.
@24CarrotCake 2 yıl önce
I have been struggling with being a better questioner and your structure is a fabulous leap forward for me. Thank you for your insight and sharing! I have add 2 more important reminders for me, Incentives and Who benefits, although these could be considered a sub set of consequences. Much thanks!
@TomAdamsCoach 2 yıl önce
Really glad you have some extra questioning tools 24CarrotCake. I agree with your categorizations of Incentives and Who benefits. Thanks for commenting.
@ayatsuyuri 9 aylar önce
Ive been applying these videos about how to improve conversation and ask good questions but i always get dry or one liner replies from my friends. It feels like it always one sided and im the only one interested to keep the conversation going. After multiple attempts i believe the problem is not me but them. Anyway, thank you for this one! 🌸
@TomAdamsCoach 9 aylar önce
Sometimes you have to try small experiments with others not your current friends. They have developed a lot of historical patterns with you. Keep trying.
@martinnogales2259 2 yıl önce
Those kind of questions , we need for improve our knowledge , expanding thoughts and clarified point of views !! Those examples , patterns are gold , I apreciate your support and help , thanks from Bolivia
@TomAdamsCoach 2 yıl önce
Hi Martin! Hope all is well in Bolivia. Thanks for watching and commenting.
@veerashettar9008 2 yıl önce
I admire this work, Questions, Lead to a better work Culture & Better way of Life.... Thank you... I would Love to hear more from you Sir....
@TomAdamsCoach 2 yıl önce
Thanks Veera for taking the time to watch. I hope you can implement better questions into your work and life. I appreciate you commenting.
@nihatdemir2000 10 aylar önce
Today people start realising questions are always been more important. After Ai, our education system will be changed. We will need to learn how to ask better questions to thrive as civilizations. thank yo for your video which was 8 years ago. Amazing.
@TomAdamsCoach 10 aylar önce
Agreed @nihatdemir9641. Questions matter in a big way. Really appreciate you watching and commenting. Yes, 8 years ago but I'm still asking and I hope you do too.
@jeroenboogaard5820 Yıl önce
These questions will also effectively guide Software Engineers to find bugs! Thank you for sharing.
@TomAdamsCoach Yıl önce
You are most welcome Jeroen. Thanks for watching.
@treflatface 4 aylar önce
Situation What's happening? Clarification Why did you say that? Probing assumptions What could we assume instead? Probing reasons and evidence What would be an example? Viewpoints and perspectives What's another way of looking at it? Implications and consequences How does .... impact..... Thank you, great breakdown. I find this useful in outlining essays as well. Making sure I covered all the points the reader might be interested in.
@TomAdamsCoach 3 aylar önce
Thanks for your comment @treflatface. Glad you found it useful, especially for essays.
@keepitsimple9595 23 gün önce
Be A Questioner Before You Are A Answer Just skeptic as F**** because everything and everyone is Sus ..😂 love it ❤
@royston1433 3 yıl önce
Great content loved it !
@TomAdamsCoach 3 yıl önce
Thanks Royston. I appreciate you watching.
@PaigeOutLoud 2 yıl önce
From your experience, how have you maintained a tone that doesn’t offend or challenge people when asking these questions?
@TomAdamsCoach 2 yıl önce
Hey Paige. Thanks for asking. I think the key is not to be clinical about asking questions. They are part of a conversation driven by your own curiosity, not trying to get through this list. Hope that helps.
@samsawmy2850 Yıl önce
The quote attributed to Voltaire , is in fact a version from Pierre Marc Gaston de Lévis, Duke of Lévis, 'Il est encore plus facile de juger de l'esprit d'un homme par ses questions que par ses réponses. (It is easier to judge the mind of a man by his questions rather than his answers)
@TomAdamsCoach Yıl önce
Hey Sam! Thanks for the clarification on the question from Pierre Marc Gaston de Lévis. After your post, I did some simple research to confirm. I'll note in my description. Much appreciated.
@chiquita683 Yıl önce
Still powerful 7 years later
@TomAdamsCoach Yıl önce
Thanks for watching. Glad it was powerful for you.
@Divan000 9 gün önce
Many kids dont ask questions at school to avoid being called stupid by their classroom teacher and peers.
@ElDuardo01 3 yıl önce
Great videos! I Hope you are doing well, 6 years after this video.
@TomAdamsCoach 3 yıl önce
Thanks. Still doing well. I appreciate you watching my video. I hope it was helpful.
@tubemate4899 2 yıl önce
Very insightful!
@TomAdamsCoach 2 yıl önce
Thanks TubeMate! Appreciate you watching and responding.
@manmohandhawan5779 3 yıl önce
Wow! Great explanation!
@TomAdamsCoach 3 yıl önce
Glad it was helpful! Thanks for watching.
@shohagmia3130 Yıl önce
It's helpful. A perfect question is half answer.
@TomAdamsCoach Yıl önce
Thanks Shohag! Working on the question certainly makes a difference.
@this-is-bioman 5 aylar önce
These are some concrete techniques that one can immediately apply not that standard internet trash eat healthy and sleep well
@TomAdamsCoach 5 aylar önce
Thanks @this-is-bioman. Much appreciated.
@theschoolofbodylanguage Yıl önce
@TomAdamsCoach Yıl önce
Thanks for watching and your compliment. Very much appreciated.
@amos7682 2 yıl önce
3:30 Ahí comienza
@hanimalihanim4439 3 yıl önce
Actually very important for human evolution if there time.
@TomAdamsCoach 3 yıl önce
Agreed. We need to ask great questions of each other.
@happy-zeller 2 yıl önce
I am researching this
@TomAdamsCoach 2 yıl önce
I hope it was helpful to your research.
@manmohandhawan5779 4 yıl önce
Can you please help me to tell, how to question, when some make you feel awkward to ask question?
@TomAdamsCoach 4 yıl önce
Good question. Can you give me an example of a time when you felt awkward asking a good question?
@danielbikas3341 3 yıl önce
@@TomAdamsCoach like when you got less negotiation power, like when someone trying to cheat you and etc.
@TomAdamsCoach 3 yıl önce
@@danielbikas3341 that's a tough one. Negotation and someone trying to cheat you may be two different things. For negotiation, you are trying to understamd the position of the other party. If someone's cheating you, questions may be irrelevant as they might be lying to you and not answering your questions. if possible, get ou of that situation.
@masumlambton 6 yıl önce
@tafara4854 2 yıl önce
Ask these questions to people and become their enemy kkkkkkkkkk
@TomAdamsCoach 2 yıl önce
hey Ex treme. Thanks for watching. These questions assume one is already in a trusting relationship and are in no way intended to be adversarial.
@zedekiahemanuel9322 Yıl önce
Have you considered how many questions and the type of questions the lord Jesus asked?
@TomAdamsCoach 8 aylar önce
It seemed to be a significant part of his method for teaching.
@bikashbehera5846 Yıl önce
Hey Tom.. why questioning is important for us????
@TomAdamsCoach Yıl önce
Hi Bikash. Can you clarify your question? I don't understand what you are asking.
@bikashbehera5846 Yıl önce
@@TomAdamsCoach why questioning is important, why we should question to everything.....
@TomAdamsCoach Yıl önce
@@bikashbehera5846 Thanks for clarifying. It seems that you have two distinct questions. For the first, in my life, questioning is important as it helps me to make sure I am not assuming anything, that I can make sense of what is happening, that I can understand at a deeper level. As for the second question, I'm not convinced I have to question everything. Just when I need to do what I mentioned above. There are times when a question is not appropriate. Hope that helps. And thanks for watching.
@bikashbehera5846 Yıl önce
@@TomAdamsCoach thanks for reply.. i want to contact with you....
@marketingmanagement8876 10 aylar önce
Why questions are the questions?
@TomAdamsCoach 10 aylar önce
@marketingmanagement8876 I'm not sure I understand your question. Please clarify for me. Thanks.
@lilvichyy5861 2 yıl önce
ola muñaño buenvidio
@TomAdamsCoach 2 yıl önce
Que tenga un buen día
@benjasoarratia6159 2 yıl önce
Hola miss Angelica
@lilvichyy5861 2 yıl önce
@diego__.7196 2 yıl önce
@darthnaxito1734 2 yıl önce
@joaxzz7203 2 yıl önce
wen do enstein born
@TomAdamsCoach 2 yıl önce
hey Joaxx - if you are asking for Einstein's birthday , it's March 14, 1879.
@StreetNickel 2 yıl önce
Wen do people google
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