31 Changes You Probably Missed in 1.18 Minecraft

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Skip the Tutorial

Skip the Tutorial

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31 Changes You Maybe Missed in 1.18 Minecraft Update! With Minecraft's recent update to version 1.18 in the Part II of the Caves and Cliffs Update, there are plenty of changes that people are talking about such as the new world generation, new world and build height, etc. Though, with all these new features and updates added in, there are plenty of tiny changes that go unnoticed. So, let's see what's changed in the new 1.18 Minecraft update in this Skip the Tutorial Minecraft list video!

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Edited by Brennan Moore
Footage recorded by Jordan Cross, Jaden Moore, Frankie Mundo, and Brennan Moore
The map used in parts of this video is a modified version of the world download in GeminiTay's survival let's play series, which you can watch from the beginning here: trshow.info/watch/cAvlj5jJlUg/video.html
Texture Pack: Vanilla Tweaks vanillatweaks.net/picker/reso...
Some music used in this video is courtesy of Mewmore. Make sure to follow their tracks at trshow.info
Portions of this video are copyrighted and owned by Nintendo, and their use is allowed by the Nintendo Game Content Guidelines for Online Video & Image Sharing Platforms ( www.nintendo.co.jp/networkser... ). All other original content, unless expressly noted otherwise, is ©2021, by the Skip the Tutorial creator, all rights reserved.

Skip the Tutorial
Skip the Tutorial Aylar önce
Subscribe, or the Warden gets delayed again
Ashim Dhungel
Ashim Dhungel 17 saatler önce
I need it I will sub
Ashim Dhungel
Ashim Dhungel 17 saatler önce
I saw hero brine on 3:52
wired mouse
wired mouse 5 gün önce
Not gonna sub, wardens are really scary...
Dexter Dabs
Dexter Dabs 5 gün önce
i found the eroded badlands in 1.17 bedroc
Sarah Gubler
Sarah Gubler 7 gün önce
Wow, that’s low. That hurt. Just a lil.
Quillbee Aylar önce
Shout-out to the maintainers of the Minecraft wiki who work silently behind the scenes to ensure all these little changes are documented.
lucutes 3 saatler önce
No one cares
The Amethyst Wolf
The Amethyst Wolf 6 gün önce
@Fizzel gaming 4045 oop
Nezuko-Chan 23 gün önce
@Smaze skill issue
wolfie RBLX
wolfie RBLX 23 gün önce
Aruemon Aylar önce
Have to agree! They’re pretty awesome and document weird facts that I would’ve never picked up!
Taha Fazlollahi
Taha Fazlollahi Aylar önce
Another change: The water in ice is actually a darker blue than normal good ol' water. Edit: Also Iron golems seem to have more light brown parts on their back.
deathfireball28 DB
deathfireball28 DB Aylar önce
@Aaron HD bruh wtf are you talking about they fixed a bunch of glitches and textures, your acting like they created the entire caves and cliffs update just to change one specific pixel on one specific block and then called it an update, when that's not even remotely true.
Aaron HD
Aaron HD Aylar önce
Thanks mojang. I didn't care about all the game breaking glitches they can wait. I just really needed 4 more pixels on some blocks
Sprite ScremEX
Sprite ScremEX Aylar önce
"Illagers now spare baby villagers" "You are a bad guy. But that doesnt mean you are a bad guy"
SniperOnSunday 27 gün önce
@Sprite ScremEX *Shoots crossbow directly at the camera*
Sprite ScremEX
Sprite ScremEX Aylar önce
@Ze ro "Be polite" "Be efficient" "And have plan to kill every non baby villager you meet"
Fiyah Quacker
Fiyah Quacker Aylar önce
It's like that Florida man that took a baby out of the car he stole. I remember a comment being "he's more responsible than the parents" or something like that.
butter boogieman
butter boogieman Aylar önce
first bad guy as in villain, second bad guy as in mean and stuff ect
Smaze Aylar önce
HEY I make compilations of me and my friends funny moments, they're short and funny so if you got time check me out, if not have a great rest of the day!!
Sam Aylar önce
Mojang is always going to make unnoticeable changes to texted but they’ll never fix the asymmetrical textures
Rajikaza Kyōdai
Rajikaza Kyōdai 29 gün önce
@Starmath redesigns exist
D Biz
D Biz Aylar önce
bricks be like
GT Gaming Virus
GT Gaming Virus Aylar önce
Heard about texture packs??
Starmath Aylar önce
Because it's pretty much impossible to fix the asymmetrical textures
Soren Skousen
Soren Skousen Aylar önce
@Lane Robertson oh ok thanks
Well, I had nice days in 1.18 minecraft, loving the scenery, I was exploring hard-core 1.18 update, I suddenly fell into deep cave system and found diamond ore just before died. That was cool though, it was different world under there....this update is awesome..
Tetrahedron Aylar önce
“Enchantment tabes emit a light level of 7” Rich people: use enchantment tables instead of torches
lucutes 3 saatler önce
D trump
Diogo Silva
Diogo Silva Aylar önce
Torches uses a light level of 14
HAWKEYE Gaming Aylar önce
YAA ! 😅😅
Zachary Birdsall
Zachary Birdsall Aylar önce
Dragon egg moment
Bee ツ
Bee ツ Aylar önce
Diamond Box
Diamond Box Aylar önce
5:26 They’re added in order to give you oxygen when exploring water caves
52flyingbicycles Aylar önce
#9 was one of the first things I noticed in 1.18! Now I can have my beacon effects without the weird “cannot see effects and crafting book simultaneously” thing
Gebackene Bananee
Gebackene Bananee Aylar önce
That chunks render in cylinder patterns now was the first thing I noticed it looks a LOT smoother
Leon Nguyen
Leon Nguyen Aylar önce
Some thing you probably didn’t know that when lava is in a caldron it lights the caldron up, but with water the caldron makes the water a darker color
Danny Monzon
Danny Monzon Aylar önce
I like how he says maybe instead of assuming you missed them.
Luli_ Bittily
Luli_ Bittily 16 gün önce
Makes you feel smarter :)
Alimbis 19 gün önce
@Skywalker John literally everyone does
mewhenthe Aylar önce
@Adam Jackal in your MOM 😂😂😭😂😭😂😭
Adam Jackal
Adam Jackal Aylar önce
@mewhenthe where. are the v bucks tell me
Shming Beefin'
Shming Beefin' Aylar önce
I like how he says changes instead of secrets, there was some TRshowr listing basic changes or bug fixes as "secrets".
✨Lemon_sparkle✨ Aylar önce
And also for those who don’t know, even the fully grown amethyst crystals emit light. But it isnt really bright.
RJ Doss
RJ Doss Aylar önce
I love watching Xisuma for the technical listing and Skip to show me more simply
dolimi jotoo
dolimi jotoo Aylar önce
Some thing you probably didn’t know that when lava is in a caldron it lights the caldron up, but with water the caldron makes the water a darker color
Kymer Aylar önce
#12 is good and all but there's actually a thing you can do in the settings that changes the height of the clouds. It can go until the build height limit
DenizWithZ Aylar önce
1:50 You can place one of them in boat and you sit with them. He will try to shot you, but with some type of glitch he can and after some time the crosbow will break.
Delta225 Aylar önce
I'm just wondering when they're gonna finally implement the combat test into the actual game.
Ancient Anims
Ancient Anims Aylar önce
Hey skip the tutorial did you know that in bedrock addition you can put a chest plate on your helmet part of your player and it will show on the chest part on your skin. So in bedrock addition you can we’re a netherite chest plate and elytra at the same time plus the chest plate will also give the same protection as it normally would.
sam Aylar önce
I just tested this out and it doesnt work
ampa -
ampa - Aylar önce
Bedrock has actually been decently forgiving for touching walls for a while now, but I'm happy they made that change to Java aswell.
Constance Jarman
Constance Jarman Aylar önce
I wish that finding axolotls was easier! I love the caves and cliffs update and can’t wait for the 1.19 wild update!
Dio Aylar önce
@TBH Andrew was that supposed to be an insult
mallory dagreatest
mallory dagreatest Aylar önce
ree Aylar önce
@DrakonRiot who?
Bee ツ
Bee ツ Aylar önce
Maybe find lots of caves that have lush caves, check if theres water too
Gab Aylar önce
@Sarah Hansford no
Chase FireStone
Chase FireStone Aylar önce
I noticed the potion effects, because I went into hypixel and saw I had the speed effect on the right side, and that my mouse was still in the middle of my inventory, and I like it
Pink Gold Peach
Pink Gold Peach Aylar önce
2:55 actually, the deep warm ocean was removed in one of the final snapshots, so normal warm ocean biomes can generate in deeper waters
Adri Musai
Adri Musai Aylar önce
Can't believe that Caves and Cliffs Part II is coming tomorrow! I'm so excited!
Jilted Predator
Jilted Predator Aylar önce
3:32 bedrock already has this feature of giving water breathing potions in buried treasure so they added that in java too
BigL Aylar önce
It's so sad that Mojang don't do opposite. I want java feature too. :(
Zingmo789 Aylar önce
There’s also a new achievement called Caves and Cliffs where you have to fall from the world height to the new lowest bedrock layer.
ShinyCat Aylar önce
Skip The Tutorial You Are One Of The TRshowrs I Watch All The Time Keep Up The Work!
Hoo Kang Zheng
Hoo Kang Zheng Aylar önce
Finally the Warden and the rest of 1.18 is HERE!! Edit: Actually the Warden isn't here because it has once again been delayed and is only coming out on 1.19 but rest assured, the rest of 1.18 is still here.
BFDI_2763 7 gün önce
3:43 Water Breathing potions have already been in treasure chests even before 1.18 in Bedrock Edition
Annie Aylar önce
Nice facts 😃 Can’t wait to play 1.18 ! Thanks for the tips Skip
Dar and Deg
Dar and Deg Aylar önce
lol ye, btw bruh normally don't do this but if you want to know who's the coolest person on earth... don't click my name :D xd
Smaze Aylar önce
HEY I make compilations of me and my friends funny moments, they're short and funny so if you got time check me out, if not have a great rest of the day!!
🎄Lumity is Life🌲
🎄Lumity is Life🌲 Aylar önce
@Chonk in Sweden Standard Time tho right?
verbosetiger Aylar önce
@don't worked imagine
Spacey King
Spacey King Aylar önce
É amanhã bro
Samantha Hardwick
Samantha Hardwick Aylar önce
It’s fun to see all this-your channel is amazing, by the way!
Andrew Mathewson
Andrew Mathewson Aylar önce
I was wondering why villages were so hard to find in my new 1.18 world!
Danish Alfarabi Vidiansyah
Danish Alfarabi Vidiansyah Aylar önce
I don't recommend speed run in version 1.18, there's a low chance of spawning a lava pool and that's really hard
Danish Alfarabi Vidiansyah
Danish Alfarabi Vidiansyah Aylar önce
I recommend version 1.16-1.16.5
สุวิทย์ แซ่หว้า
สุวิทย์ แซ่หว้า Aylar önce
Shout-out to the maintainers of the Minecraft wiki who work silently behind the scenes to ensure all these little changes are documented.
CVP Aylar önce
Can we appreciate how much editing goes into these videos! You always make them entertaining
Smaze Aylar önce
HEY I make compilations of me and my friends funny moments, they're short and funny so if you got time check me out, if not have a great rest of the day!!
CVP Aylar önce
@Pandanarian yeah im not saying him especially im just saying the editing is good
Pandanarian Aylar önce
What do u think, these type of ytbers especially ones with more than 1mil subs have a whole team and even if they didnt they have good editors
NotJelly Aylar önce
Couldnt agree more
Mike The Mcer
Mike The Mcer Aylar önce
Agreed! Not to mention the epic music in the intro from my favorite game super mario galaxy 2
StarViolet Warriors
StarViolet Warriors Aylar önce
I always find axolotls. And I always end up finding a blue one in every one of my worlds. I have two in my main world. I feel like they are less rare than they are said to be.
Anna Byrd
Anna Byrd Aylar önce
I love that you added the picture of Bo Burnham's Inside album in here. I LOVE IT
DarkPandaLord 20 gün önce
Am I the only weirdo who absolutely loves the small quality-of-life updates or extremely minuscule improvements that pretty much don't matter in gameplay just as much as the actual features themselves?
Namegaming Aylar önce
5:55 The stonecutter is animated on the inventory
Tikka Slade
Tikka Slade Aylar önce
A nice feature is now the raid bar isn’t based off of mobs remaining, it’s their health so if you target a ravager and you can estimate the health of it in the bar you’ll know when your almost done
Just Meloms
Just Meloms Aylar önce
6:54 I think its also for observers
CutePupPlayz Aylar önce
Thanks Skip for all the good content
The Bohobemeister
The Bohobemeister Aylar önce
As always, wonderful video! It sucks that Villages are now rarer.
MiyuZuki Aylar önce
I’m so excited for 1.18 coming out tomorrow! I’m even more excited for 1.19!
verbosetiger Aylar önce
@le grass no
le grass
le grass Aylar önce
@verbosetiger so, your saying minecraft was created in *2003*
Broccoli2564 Aylar önce
@🎄Lumity is Life🌲 full version
Smaze Aylar önce
HEY I make compilations of me and my friends funny moments, they're short and funny so if you got time check me out, if not have a great rest of the day!!
Kayandra Blythe
Kayandra Blythe Aylar önce
Pink sloth { gacha }
Pink sloth { gacha } Aylar önce
7:11 you say you can’t find copper easily but from one big cave I got over 4 stacks of copper. I’m one bedrock. P.s I want the ability to create air pockets underwater.
Oliver Curtis
Oliver Curtis Aylar önce
Can we address the fact they changed the sprites of the signs to have their log base? This has been bugging me for years now and it's so good to see it finally fixed.
TheAdvertisement 18 gün önce
0:28 Glad to see Minecraft gives its Easter eggs some love too lol.
🎑lamori_lol🎑 Aylar önce
When i was playing the beta minecraft i was in creative mode and saw an ocean nearby and saw a ravine but not just any ravine i gigantic cave with glowing plants that made light and a bit of waterfalls and very deep and when you break the plants there is a chance that you will get a berry when you do break it
Jackko Tv
Jackko Tv Aylar önce
The fact that Skip continues to find minute details is insane
Smaze Aylar önce
HEY I make compilations of me and my friends funny moments, they're short and funny so if you got time check me out, if not have a great rest of the day!!
Ricky Smith
Ricky Smith Aylar önce
@Milone I saw that he copied every top post on detail craft subreddit for one of his building videos, I'm sure he gets the rest from similar sources
Iris Iris
Iris Iris Aylar önce
it's all written in minecraft 1.18 patch notes
CatFighterForce9 Aylar önce
these arent hard to know if youve been following stuff but go off
Milone Aylar önce
A bot copied your comment, lmao
Algari Rage
Algari Rage 3 gün önce
I noticed the clouds are now higher, but also snow turns to rain higher up too, meaning a snowy Santa's Grotto I built can no longer have falling snow 🙁
-Mð¢hå- 20 gün önce
I created a world and found 5 villages a bit close to each other (bedrock edition) Here’s the village coordinates: 1. -136, 130, 807 2. 753, 67, 807 3. 709, 63, 1193 4. 1125, 71, 1207 5. 1373, 78, 1895
Phu Mai
Phu Mai Aylar önce
Magma ravines are actually removed. Being replaced with the magma blobs
PinkestBiscuits Aylar önce
“Lightning flashes can be turned off” People with photosensitive epilepsy: Ah yes, at long last, I do not have to fear the storms
PPD 27
PPD 27 Aylar önce
I really didn’t like the village rarity change. Also I feel like lava pools are less common now on bedrock
MaybeSomeoneMaybeNot Aylar önce
I love this update so much and everthing looks insane! But I don't know if its just me or is it really anouying to find different biomes now? And everything is kinda awkward because its hazy. I dunno. But honestly mojang have outdone themselves. So what right do I have to complain XD
SethSMusic Aylar önce
Campfire was changed because it’s texture extended out of the hot bar slightly so they shortened to keep it in the hot bar
Micheal :THE EVIL HERO Aylar önce
I can finally say that caving is damn fun
AR Aylar önce
These new updates fix the tiniest of problems, but make the community happy finally!
Jalapeño and Banana Productions
Jalapeño and Banana Productions Aylar önce
I played 1.18, I found the caves and almost crashed the game because of no optifine but it was kind of cool!
theNugget1227 Aylar önce
I found a HUGE glitch in 1.18. I went to a desert temple, and there was NO LOOT AT ALL.
Lily Monet
Lily Monet 11 gün önce
I think they should make things a bit more real and make it so that when you make a campfire and place it, its unlit and you need flint and steel to light it. To make the fire last perminatly you need wax from a beehive
Global Noob
Global Noob Aylar önce
Thanks man i've got a lot of tips and tricks 🤓
Sub for a sub back
Sub for a sub back Aylar önce
Can we just appreciate him for the effort he puts in his videos and the hard work he does in each of his videos to make them amazing. He is awesome.
Smaze Aylar önce
HEY I make compilations of me and my friends funny moments, they're short and funny so if you got time check me out, if not have a great rest of the day!!
denki supremacy
denki supremacy Aylar önce
@Some One I mean here, he did mention that they are trying to bring the editions 'closer'
Some One
Some One Aylar önce
Such as the fact that illagers don't attack baby villagers in Bedrock, or that horses, donkeys and mules are attracted to golden carrots and apples
Some One
Some One Aylar önce
He doesn't usually say which ones were already in Bedrock
Olivier Taylor
Olivier Taylor Aylar önce
Trainsgame Aylar önce
nice video the only thing other change i saw was that the composter x-ray glitch was also removed
Chronuz Aylar önce
I definitely missed that shears one. Now I don't have to use string anymore... Assuming it's also on bedrock edition.
Ainesh Kamasamudram
Ainesh Kamasamudram Aylar önce
I was so confused when I started a new world and found a drowned coming towards me in a cave. Now I know why.
James Way
James Way Aylar önce
Mojang: “let’s delay goat horns” Also Mojang: “ok but we should give the players something special so they won’t be mad” Mojang: “how about more useless copper”
Chase Laine
Chase Laine Aylar önce
In bedrock, we already had water breathing and regeneration in the treasure chests
NeoDystopia Aylar önce
"the chunks now render in a cylindrical pattern" Wadzee will be proud
No_ abe
No_ abe Aylar önce
The FOG comes in as a cylinder, did he confuse that with Chunk Loading?
I have the largest name on the entirety of youtube
I have the largest name on the entirety of youtube Aylar önce
Hey if you didn’t notice if your in creative and look at it you’ll see a water splash well it’s useless but it’s still a fun fact
DeiterYT Aylar önce
In 1.18 had mountain, other side music disc effect turns from left to right and new achievement
SemiHypercube Aylar önce
2:58 I think they actually removed it entirely a few snapshots after they could generate naturally
Fizzel gaming 4045
Fizzel gaming 4045 Aylar önce
Dark Ultima
Dark Ultima Aylar önce
Yes, they did. Deep warm oceans no longer exists in both the world and the code.
Creativeman_ 2020
Creativeman_ 2020 Aylar önce
R.I.P The Modified Jungle Edge(it is the rarest biome and since it’s a sub-biome it has been removed,I even checked skipthet ‘s list in 0.25x speed and saw it removed)
Super Nova
Super Nova Aylar önce
Fun fact the panorama background is the same seed as the OG version just loaded with the new world gen
Jade Dragon
Jade Dragon Aylar önce
Okay I just wanna say this somewhere even though I know it's most likely not to be seen by all to many people but today while K was playing with a friend in Minecraft and just exploring our server's world, we ran across a village that had a few chests in it. As my friend and I ran around looting the place suddenly my friend just yells and calls me over to look at something. When I came over there was around NINE IROM GOLEMS inside of a pen. And that's not to mention the like SIX other golems that were just wandering around. I- WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT GLITCH??! HOW?!?! XD
Randomizer903 Aylar önce
2:44 PauseUnpause can attest to being careful with a golden apple around a horse.
Abbadon Aylar önce
There was also some changes to the wither in that players hold a higher priority in what it targets.
nene elene
nene elene Aylar önce
0:48 I don't know about y'all but in my game (still on 1.17) the enchanting table always used to light up (and it still does) and I'm not even playing java, I'm playing bedrock
MrScopes Aylar önce
I'd love to see deep and dark oceans with hostile mobs
Puro Legend
Puro Legend Aylar önce
I got an axolotl in a pond while its still 1.17 and i tried to get more but i saw none(at the surface) so thats why
Wivd Aylar önce
I love the old candyland game sound at the very end of the video. It brings back happy nostalgic memories of my first computer game. Thank you.
Fizzel gaming 4045
Fizzel gaming 4045 Aylar önce
NoName Aylar önce
Fun fact: (Pocket Edition)The ancient debris exist before netherite armors and tools are added but you can only get it using commands..
Dhvani Nischal
Dhvani Nischal Aylar önce
thanks so much for this vid ! btw what do you use to record because when you clicked ESC i saw the pause recording and resume recording options, pls tell :)
jeb_ Aylar önce
Fact: fortune pickaxe can make farm crops drop more except wheat
frid gy
frid gy Aylar önce
I have a question, and I don't know if anyone's experienced this yet but I was mining around y -35, and suddenly a bass boosted explosion sfx played (note that it is NOT the same as a creeper's or a TNT's sfx) but there was no explosion in sight. It happened a second time around 5 minutes later. Its my first time ever hearing it and it really spooked me, anyone know what it is??? At first I thought it was the Warden coming for me
Luke Miller
Luke Miller Aylar önce
I’m so excited for 1.18. Love your great work skip.
aFileNamedLance Aylar önce
funny how the enchantment table finally glows in java, but always has ben glowing in bedrock
Progamezia Aylar önce
fun fact : the buried treasure loot thing is actually added from bedrock edition
Owen Smith
Owen Smith Aylar önce
I loved the little Bo Burnham: Inside, Easter egg with the treasure chest
Fizzel gaming 4045
Fizzel gaming 4045 Aylar önce
Fizzel gaming 4045
Fizzel gaming 4045 Aylar önce
Void Biggoti
Void Biggoti Aylar önce
in optifine you can change the cloud height
Etha_M Aylar önce
The axolotl’s rarity is going to make it so hard to find the blue axolotl.
GogsIsPoggers Aylar önce
And the Lgbtq one too
Franklin Clinton
Franklin Clinton Aylar önce
I'm loving the update but the one thing i don't like is the generation of ores. It's annoying that you can't stripmine for everything at the same place but to be fair it is more interesting to cave
Gru Of Da Hood
Gru Of Da Hood Aylar önce
Bro most of these fixes already existed by default in bedrock.. Truly you were correct by java and bedrock being closer
VinceMatthy Aylar önce
Ya know, I hope the ally and Copper Golem get in🙏🥺
Palokyu Aylar önce
You can still break conduits with any tool, it’s just faster with a pickaxe
ZaidaniR GachaBlox
ZaidaniR GachaBlox Aylar önce
@Fendi yeah
Fendi Aylar önce
@Palokyu wooow so thats basiclly what you need to explore the ocean monuments under water??? I been avoiding ocean monuments since they came out because it was so hard but al you need is a conduit ??
Palokyu Aylar önce
@Fendi it’s powered by surrounding it with any form of prismarine while underwater. It grants “conduit’s power” when underwater near it and the more prismarine used to power it, the further it’s influence reaches. Conduit’s power gives…* *inhale* *…. faster water movement, faster mining in water, water breathing, enhanced water vision, damages nearby mobs in water, and…. wait…. that might be it…. Basically it the ultimate “I’m gonna build underwater” tool
Aryaan Basu
Aryaan Basu Aylar önce
@Fendi It's basically a beacon but underwater
Fendi Aylar önce
wtf is a conduit i been playing since 1.3
Patrick Gilmore
Patrick Gilmore Aylar önce
7:32, I am devastated you didn't say they added wall sprinting
Addictive Gaming
Addictive Gaming Aylar önce
Bedrock already had the lighting that enchanting table give
Kenque Gaming
Kenque Gaming Aylar önce
this is the best minecraft tips channel i ever saw,thanks for making my day
Rusty Valdez
Rusty Valdez Aylar önce
Well, I didn't know any of this because I took a break and didn't know that there even had an update, thanks a lot for this information!
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