World War One (ALL PARTS)

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All 5 parts of Epic History TV's history of World War One in one place (re-edited in 2022). From the Schlieffen Plan to the Versailles Treaty, a global history of the entire conflict.
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Henry Gunther Memorial, Concord via Wikipedia Commons
Kevin MacLeod ( Faceoff; Interloper; Invariance; Oppressive Gloom; Stormfront; The Descent; Prelude & Action; All This;
'The Conspirators' by Haim Mazar; Audio Blocks
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@EpichistoryTv Yıl önce
I hope you enjoy our complete history of World War One - 'the war to end all wars'. This series - produced in 2015 - has been re-edited and re-released in 2022, as previous versions were age-restricted by TRshow (presumably because human remains were visible in a few photographs - though always in a clearly historical, non-sensationalist context. The precise reason is never given by TRshow. For those interested in what an 18+ history video looks like, you can watch the previous version here: Unpredictable decisions by TRshow can make life quite uncertain for military history creators, which is why we are so grateful to all our supporters at Patreon - please consider joining their ranks!
@KyrosGacha_YT389 Yıl önce
@ReconPro Yıl önce
Enjoy the work, keep it up 👍
@RS-gu3xk Yıl önce
Will you make a similar video on WW2
@jrluca0178 Yıl önce
I'm waiting for Ww2 Version
@HenhousetheRed Yıl önce
It's insane hearing the losses of individual battles. "60,000," "100,000," 'quarter of a million." Each of those people had families, passions, stories, dreams. Forever silenced by war.
@verginn Yıl önce
Tbf war is normal for the people 1950s and below, we're just Lucky the world is focusing more on economy now than expanding territories.
@anthonygreenfield123 Yıl önce
Especially the two million figure by austro hungary. Insane
@Gabriel-br4qe Yıl önce
@@verginn I'd say that nowadays proxy wars and unconventional warfare are much more viable, politically and economically
@roguered284 6 aylar önce
Germany was truly a force to be reckoned with. Just one nation giving multiple other nations a run for their money.
@SakuraWulf 6 aylar önce
I thought the same thing, imagine if Austria-Hungary wasn't holding them back?
@roguered284 6 aylar önce
@@SakuraWulf It really goes to show that if honour was still a thing during modern warfare, then we know who the clear victor would be. I’m not German, mind you, nor do I sympathise with anyone in this documentary. These are just observations of mine.
@rlgarcia4837 5 aylar önce
True what a force aye
@alexmercer8042 5 aylar önce
@@SakuraWulf If Italy didn't decide to sell out, the battlefield would've looked a lot different
@_.__.._4._ 5 aylar önce
still lost in the end
@futurespeak9648 3 aylar önce
Feel like I just learned more in one hour than I did during an entire course in school. Incredible video. What an amazing job you guys did here.
@jaymesnin 2 aylar önce
Yeah no same. I had absolutely no idea how many countries were involved and the mass casualty rates. It really was a world war
@xanderlalla3510 Aylar önce
Same I went from knowing nothing about ww1 to knowing everything and this video gave me the interest!
@tomslapar1209 Aylar önce
So, you didnt listen in school.. Shame on you!
@minnoumisao6132 Aylar önce
Absolutely true.
@liammiller1472 27 gün önce
Oh yeah, if you hope to learn history at all, just know it’s not through school The way school systems teach history is terrible
@julianxe Aylar önce
Incredible content, exceptional narrator, detailed animations and sound effects. Immersive music. Masterpiece of a documentary.
@alexbrands11 Aylar önce
Лучше бы ты мне десяточку скинул!! 🤣🌸🤣
@nthomas-vf6rj 6 aylar önce
As tragic as it may sound, this is one of my favourite videos on TRshow. Thank you so much for all this hard work to everyone involved!
@detroitdave9512 Aylar önce
Lest we forget
@WheatHead3000 27 gün önce
The way you put your videos together is SO well done. You are the history teacher we all need. Looking forward for a ww2 video and that is going to go very viral. Great Job Epic!
@moricaserreno2294 9 gün önce
Yas exactly
@DeShawn9333 8 aylar önce
I return to this masterpiece from time to time to remind myself of how lucky I am to live in this day and age. Best WW1 document ever
@orlandodanielgonzalezalcar3360 8 aylar önce
Try BF1
@theterrorvortex6415 7 aylar önce
There is a channel called the great war that breaks the war down week by week. Its a lovely channel.
@aurorathekitty7854 7 aylar önce
If you like this you'll love WW1 week by week. It's the most complete and detailed documentary of WW1. They are in the middle of doing WW2 week by week. That's also a good one
@aurorathekitty7854 7 aylar önce
​@@theterrorvortex6415 I just read your comment as soon after I typed mine. I think they are the best documentary team so far
@jeremykiahsobyk102 6 aylar önce
When I was a boy, the men who fought in WWII were in their 50s and 60s, and I talked to several old men in their 70s and 80s who had fought in the "Great War." Some of them knew men in their youth who fought in the American Civil War. It's crazy to think that I "knew the men who knew the men" who encapsulate so much defining history of our nation. I watch this perspective ebbing away, everyone buried in the current petty age. Even if it dies with me, I'll carry it proudly to the end.
@nigerpropen 6 aylar önce
we forget so easily especially in our modern world
@shravan8848 4 aylar önce
war is nothing to be proud of
@d.r.v.r. 2 aylar önce
​@@shravan8848I don't think he was talking about the war itself, but the men who survived and managed to move forward after the horrific things they have seen during the war. These men deserve to be proud of.
@jeremyisjeremymartin 5 aylar önce
Back in mid 1990s, I’d spend my summers reading the encyclopedia about world wars, including ww1. I was engrossed with the story and the photos i would see in the pages of our two volumes of encyclopedias. After finishing the ww stories in one encyclopedia brand, I would go and read the other brand. People today are so blessed being able to watch such an amazing animated rendition of ww1. Thank you for this video! ❤
@MSHKYT 5 aylar önce
I think most of us could achieve rank up to Cadet Corporal just by memorising this video.
@wailingalen 2 aylar önce
Me too buddy! All we had were books. I remember as a boy going to the public library and reading about countries and their writing systems, the planets of the solar system, the ancient ruins. The pursuit of knowledge was something that had to be planned and executed. I like your statement about this day and age and how everything is just a click away! Like what I am watchi now
@checkonetwoss 26 gün önce
Go watch Europa the last battle
@jeremyisjeremymartin 25 gün önce
@@wailingalen i can imagine how you planned your library “excursions”. I was blessed with the fact that my mom was a fan of reading and bought us books, books with photos, books with just texts on them, small books, huge books, soft cover ones and hard laminated books. Books were the thing a few years back
@user-cp3hx6qy7w 2 aylar önce
All about this video is perfect: the script, the narration, the map and, undoubtedly, the soundtrack. It was so skillfully prepared that I have just found myself watching it for the fourth time in a year. It is not only the best documentary about the WW1 but also should be placed among the best documentaries of all time and topics. As a learner of English, I would like to express special gratitude to the magnificent narrator of this channel as he manages to keep a decent pace while enabling even non-natives to catch his every word.
@wailingalen 2 aylar önce
Your English looks pretty good to me sir
@TomBrody 6 aylar önce
Far more interesting than any history lesson at school.... Gives me goosebumps everytime I re-watch it...
@6Sparx9 3 aylar önce
especially the truce on the first Christmas in the trenches
@yungcris5211 Aylar önce
Got chills at the very beginning
@dragonsgreedgaming3500 4 aylar önce
Incredible production value! Learned only minor details about WW1 in school, but this video has really shown me how vast in scope it was. The number of casualties is absolutely staggering. Never knew how bad it really got.
@jacobalejandromurphy1376 6 aylar önce
You are what the History channel used to be. Thank you for the quality documentary
@ambition112 5 aylar önce
0:11: ⚔ The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand sparks a chain of events that leads to the outbreak of World War I. 6:27: 🌍 The first five months of World War I resulted in significant losses for both sides, with battles and conflicts occurring across Europe, Africa, and Asia. 13:07: ⚔ Germany launches strategic bombing campaign on Britain, British navy imposes a blockade on Germany, Germany declares waters around the British Isles as a war zone, Germany launches gas attack on the Western Front, Allies land troops at Gallipoli, Ottoman Empire begins systematic deportation and murder of Armenians, Lusitania is torpedoed by the German submarine, Fokker Eindecker gives Germany control of the air, Italy joins the Allies 19:48: 🌍 The war continues with heavy losses on both sides and no end in sight. 26:40: 💥 The Allies make significant gains on multiple fronts, but face devastating losses and challenges. 33:24: 💥 The year 1916 sees major offensives and battles on multiple fronts, with high casualties and little progress. 39:36: ⚔ The Zimmermann Telegram puts pressure on President Wilson to declare war on Germany, while Russia experiences riots and revolution. 46:44: 🌍 The year 1917 saw significant developments in the Middle East and Europe during World War I. 54:45: ✊ The Allies turn the tide and launch a counteroffensive, leading to the collapse of the Central Powers.1:02:02: 💥 The Treaty of Versailles and the aftermath of World War I reshaped Europe and the world. Recap by Tammy AI with useful time stamps
@KraljStefan-ey3bo 2 aylar önce
Why did Franz Ferdinand come to Bosnia? Austrians did not live in Bosnia. Franz Ferdinand in Bosnia was an occupier.
@kalaagius3948 Aylar önce
I just learned so much from this video...always disliked learning about history as a teen but now, as a 39yo, I am so enthralled by it all! This video truly captured my attention and I couldn't stop watching! Thank you! Excellent job! All I can think after watching this is...all those lives lost for what?! And the sentence..."the seed for future wars being planted" stood out as we watch what is happening in Israel. The amount of loss in so many countries is absolutely unbearable to fathom!
@helenzhao2926 6 aylar önce
It is absolutely insane to think that a single battle like Verdun caused almost as many casualties as the entire First and Third Punic Wars combined....
@hodgheg 5 aylar önce
Thank you for such a complete yet concise summary of WW1 together with its causes and effects. Both my grandfathers fought in the trenches of that vile war so I feel I should know as much about it as possible.
@skyereave9454 Yıl önce
What a shame that TRshow continues to mistreat creators like this channel. Thank you for continuing to provide us this wonderful content.
@chez372 Yıl önce
How's the channel being mistreated?
@yaasinm Yıl önce
​@@chez372 Censoring and demonetized his videos. In other words youtube is censoring history.
@eveei Yıl önce
say “Germany” demonetized lol
@Nycholas17 3 aylar önce
This video goes further than most other historical accounts on how global WWI - and all its epic madness- really was. 👍
@richcole99 4 aylar önce
To my discredit, I never knew much about WW I. But this utterly gripping documentary has helped to change that. It's an edge-of-your seat thriller accented by stunning casualty figures, perpetual Allied setbacks, and the pointlessness of it all. It gobsmacked me like little else I've learned about in history, Most of all, I was amazed at how truly 'world' this war was. Thank you, Epic History TV, for your substantial contribution to educating people like me about the true scope and cost of war, one whose wages are still being paid today.
@BirdWithAFinger 4 aylar önce
My great grandfather was a French soilder and he was captured as a war prisoner but the German family he was sold to were very nice, after the war he got released
@Klancykan 2 aylar önce
Holy shit people got SOLD?!
@shaolinhouzi2252 Aylar önce
By they I mean captured soldiers or civilians. and the west / russia also did the same
@stefancazacu4131 3 aylar önce
I'm a jeweler, I recently came across this channel, while I'm working I'm also learning history. Thanks so much for putting in the effort to create such educational content! watching this video makes me appreciate the world i live in!❤
@ranjittyagi9354 3 aylar önce
@lordlycan5035 Aylar önce
History is amazing, so glad l did it at uni.. 🙂
@ranjittyagi9354 Aylar önce
@@lordlycan5035 What uni did you go to? Did you pursue M.A. in History? What specialization, if any? Thank you!
@lordlycan5035 Aylar önce
@@ranjittyagi9354 Marjons in Plymouth, it was affiliated with Exeter back then, Renaissance and reformation, and the English revolution/war. (Depending on your views). Was going to carry on towards an ma. So did a couple of extra modules on the Ou. But it never materialised.
@Northman87 Aylar önce
This is a fantastic summary of a very complicated war. The animated map and timeline is perfect for someone trying to grasp the overall layout.
@Dez083 11 aylar önce
What a fantastic job they did with this presentation, I cannot wait for a WW2 version of this...
@Dock284 11 aylar önce
if they ever make one. We've been waiting for ages
@magtinfal7908 11 aylar önce
My guy, I've been watching this channel since 2016 when they first made the WW1 videos, we ain't getting one
@Dock284 11 aylar önce
@@magtinfal7908 thats what I said
@Dez083 11 aylar önce
@@magtinfal7908😥 well i should of said I HOPE they do lolz
@SitaDroowan 11 aylar önce
I don`t find it fantastic at all. It doesn't consider so many details we already know. Gerry Docherty & Jim Macgregors view on this war is quite the opposite of this version here. As long as the old story is told, nothing will change. The told story is: Germany starts the war. But it isn't that easy! Germany's not an actor, it is reacting. You might read a lot of books and listen to many historians, but to get a close look on historic truths, you must also read the inconveniant historians and and one must ask oneself whether these alternative views are not plausible. Without learning facts from books like "Hidden history", "Prolonging the agony" and "Wiederkehr der Hasardeure" (transl. return of the hasardeurs), you cannot break up encrusted victors' history and make the truths visible. The only way to prevent history from repeating is to understand the mechanisms that led to mobilisation and declaration of war. The back story is the linchpin.
@andyp621 6 aylar önce
I enjoyed that!! It really puts it into perspective how devisating WW1 was but also the dramatic change in geography around Europe at that time. Such a fascinating period to try and learn and understand and even though it was a little over a century ago now, not much has changed in preventing future wars around the world only the way in which we conduct and orchestrate them. Only Time will tell if a full-blown WW3 happens or not but the scary thing is it kind of feels like it's already started. Great video and keep up the good work. 👍
@alexandersedeke 6 aylar önce
Actually WW1 was already WW2 and WW2 was WW3. The first WW1 was the 30 year war started by the Germanics. At that time, the British, French and Netherlands were already colonial masters in most regions of the world. Thus, it was technically the First World War. All 3 major wars were started by the Germans and all 3 were lost.
@Inbal_Feuchtwanger 4 aylar önce
Thank you for this series! Id been trying to find a WW1 documentary that actually goes over all the major events including in Africa and the Middle east. So many documentaries are hyper focused on the theater between the western allies and Germany. The most popular ones seem to focus a lot on personalities and describing how how things were like in the trenches, and in doing this they dont have time to tell you about most of what happened in the war. Another type of documentary which I would love to find would be one that focuses on the technological advancements being made across the war, if anyone here has a suggestion on that it would be great.
@allthingsunrelated2919 4 aylar önce
This was awesome! I wanted a quick version but this was so well done, it kept my attention and I was hooked by the presentation and visuals. I hope there’s a World War 2 in the works! 😊
@theinevitable__ 4 aylar önce
they already have a ww2 video and its great as well
@allthingsunrelated2919 4 aylar önce
@@theinevitable__ what is the titled video?
@siebedegryse2885 4 aylar önce
​@@allthingsunrelated2919hes lying
@Robnas621 26 gün önce
Amazing video. I cannot fathom how many people died during this war. I often wonder why I’m so lucky to have been born in a time of relative peace far away from any conflict. I could easily have been one of these dead soldiers
@asullivan4047 2 aylar önce
Interesting and informative . Excellent photography job/pics/maps. Enabling viewers to better understand what/whom the orator was describing. Special thanks to veteran soldiers/sharing personal information/combat experiences. Enabling historians to replicate soldiers diaries/memoirs. For viewers to better appreciate the timely research project. A loud shout out to the often forgotten medical 🚑 personal. Medics/stretcher bearers risking life and limb. Tending to the wounded soldiers. Doctors/nurses/orderlies working tirelessly to save the wounded casualties.
@Clonetrooper17 Yıl önce
I know one day this Re-Edit will achieve the heights it's predecessor did. Shame on all the censors who flagged the 2021 version. Thank You, Toby. This is a masterpiece.
@mikecostanza303 Yıl önce
Why was the previous flagged?
@davidgodfrey9780 Yıl önce
@@mikecostanza303 because how dare you talk about the horrible things that happen during war.
@carnthecorby Yıl önce
@@davidgodfrey9780 Yeah TRshow censors are stupid. The world ain't all sunshines and rainbows.
@Minerva734 Yıl önce
We might have to move away from this platform. Things have just been getting worse and worse.
@FonicsSuck Yıl önce
@@Minerva734 it's one of those "the devil you know" type deals, I'm sure.
@user-hs5gx1bm8t 6 aylar önce
This is a fantastic, understandable, and graphically pleasing overview of WWI. WWI always seemed hard to follow because of all the moving parts.
@danutbranic6915 6 aylar önce
Mulțumim!All your effort to make this bazzing detailed video's deserves the best!!! 🇷🇴
@saikathbose8120 4 aylar önce
This is such an amazing detailed view of the war. Excellent content!
@shlaag234 6 aylar önce
This an incredibly succinct overview of the war with fascinating details thrown in. Hats off to you for a 10/10 job
@xohyuu 6 aylar önce
succinct [səkˈsɪŋkt簡潔[かんけつ]な·簡明[かんめい]な] | Cầu nguyện cho Үкраїна và hòa bình.
@MQN_123 3 aylar önce
Tsar Nicholas II of Russia ,King George V of UK, and Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany were all cousins , their grandmother were Queen Victoria. Kaiser Wilhelm II once said “If our grandmother, Queen Victoria was alive, she would have stopped us cousins from going into war”
@emmanuelchinedu9142 5 aylar önce
I'm so grateful for a video like this. This was so simplified and easy to understand. Thank you so so much. You definitely have a subscriber in me
@brandonwelch2729 6 aylar önce
This was a very excellent Program. Very well made and informative. I enjoyed the animations of flags over the map visually showing the progression and the back and forth movements of troops over the continents. I highly recommend this to anybody who is interested in war history and battle plans. The first I have learned about movements in WW1, we have all always seen a lot of history channel programming and Hollywood movies about WW2 but not often do we get the stories of WW1. Do give this video a watch and like if you enjoyedit.
@FaiqFurqonislamwayoflife 3 aylar önce
This is really epic history, as the name of this channel. It appears at my homepage...I have been looking for the complete history of WW for long. Then I found this wonderful one. Truly hard work man! Greeting from East Java, Indonesia❤
@sinoxolodlutu1949 6 aylar önce
As an aspiring scholar , this helps me a lot in acquisition of this massive knowledge ♥️ Thank you. Can't wait for world war 2 version
@eliasadam2345 4 aylar önce
Fantastic presentation. Learned a lot about WW1 on battles and strategies that I didn't know much about.
@StoicParadigm Yıl önce
Thank you for your work and dedication. We are all grateful for your content.
@EpichistoryTv Yıl önce
Thank you Murdock!
@t.n.h.ptheneohumanpatterna8334 Yıl önce
@@EpichistoryTv win ww2
@t.n.h.ptheneohumanpatterna8334 Yıl önce
@@EpichistoryTv when is ww2
@pakawatpoldetchmessi1901 Yıl önce
@@t.n.h.ptheneohumanpatterna8334 1939-1945
@t.n.h.ptheneohumanpatterna8334 Yıl önce
@@pakawatpoldetchmessi1901 I ment when will he make a video about it
@Kurt-rg8jq 6 aylar önce
I love this type of voice over. Need this guy to narrative my life when I procrastinate my deadlines and pull off the impossible to get a low quality work product just in time before the deadline hits.
@RafaelReyesJr 2 aylar önce
One of the best history lessons I’ve ever learned.
@sportacus4569 Aylar önce
fantastic! I hope you continue to do more of these on other wars!
@Joe1qz Aylar önce
Fantastic presentation! A well invested hour for me! Awesome work!
@jamesparatore4107 Yıl önce
I would love to see you guys do a ww2 version just like this
@carlosrazier433 Yıl önce
That'd be amazing.
@pablonush4261 Yıl önce
WW2 too complex for 1 hour video
@geechyguy3441 Yıl önce
@@pablonush4261 They spent hours detailing Napoleon, they could definitely do WW2, take it slow and smooth
@hkhanh1992 Yıl önce
Recomend: Oversimplified channel, you will have the same vibe as this channel, but more comical xD, both channel are great, in 1 hour they success what school failed in 6 years
@omartarek3706 Yıl önce
Definitly needed
@g4340 Aylar önce
Epic History TV: Thus ww1 documentary is phenomenal! In fact, I've been watching many of the vids again -Napoleao, ww1, etc. I was wondering is Epic History TV planning on a ww2 Documentary soon? If not, please think about it. You and StarMedia make THE best documentaries! Keep up the great battle layout scenes in your docs. It really adds flavor to see where the armies were placed, who commamded them, how many died, etc. Great work!!
@isaacthomas6544 5 aylar önce
Wow, incredible summary. Thank you for this video! I'm so glad you actually covered things like the African theater that often get left out of the conversation.
@mikes4564 4 aylar önce
That was friggin excellent! I learned more in 1 hour than I did in decades. Well done.
@user-ds1kw4lg8x 6 aylar önce
Very insightful! The most complete and informative video I have seen on WW1. Thank you.
@ER-uy7ct Aylar önce
I have learned more in an hour than I did in concentrated classes in college. Love your channel.
@GeeZus8K Yıl önce
Thank you so much Epic History TV. Your content is incredible and you guys truly do the world a great service by making this available and free to the public. What a marvelous breakdown of WWI, couldn’t stop watching. Excited for the future.
@anju8530 10 aylar önce
@queensgaelsmenshockey 10 aylar önce
19th century style warfare meets 20th century technology
@lejenamure 10 aylar önce
Excited? I'm rather worried
@joeyj6526 9 aylar önce
@@Zeus-jv9ds But if America had done nothing in Ww2 like they wanted, they could never have defeated the combined efforts of the axis powers. They to would probably be speaking German. Especially with the deployment of nuclear weapons which Germany would of had at that point. America helped massively in bringing the war to a close but in combination with the efforts of the allies!
@sylvaindore3190 6 aylar önce
Brilliant video. So clever, interesting and frightening at the same time. Thank you for creating it.
@chrissetford1670 6 aylar önce
Brilliant. Fully understand WW2 but always struggled with WW1. Such a well made documentary video giving great clarity. Well done 👏👏👏
@Dom5451 2 aylar önce
Great video. I would absolutely love a similar video for WW2 - any plans for this?
@Flavas 6 aylar önce
the losses in these battles are bigger than what entire armies used to be in the past, when it got to Austria-Hungary losing 2 million and its only 15 min into the video... Absolutely insane.
@Bar-Del 5 aylar önce
It's crazy to think that this many individual people even existed with their own names, lives, families, friends, nicknames, inside jokes (idk if they understood the concept of an inside joke or if that term had been coined, but they had them surely), people they loved, pets, siblings, coworkers before war, hopes and dreams, etc. It's hard to believe that 300,000 Individuals existed let alone died in a single battle.
@brandje1181 Yıl önce
Epic History TV never disappoints
@Seeyou776 Yıl önce
@masonmoore3473 Yıl önce
@billsmith109 Yıl önce
epic but partly incorrect
@rshackleford4746 6 aylar önce
Great presentation, informative, and mostly unbiased!
@peterkruithoff8818 4 aylar önce
This is wonderfully put together and executed. Well done to the team who was involved in this. 👏👏👏
@nickos2079 5 aylar önce
This is one of the best history documentsties ive ever watched. Thanks for making this.
@JoebsonOSRS 6 aylar önce
As someone who didnt know much about ww1 this was a great video. Very informative
@MaxMax-dn2kk 2 aylar önce
Thank you for making this video. I'm studying MSc in Security and this is what taught me what happened in WW1.❤
@steel5791 10 aylar önce
I am simply amazed at how much detail of the flow of WW1 can be compressed into a two hour presentation, and still be crystal clear for understanding. This is easily one of the best histories I have ever seen.
@mikeherrera5302 4 aylar önce
The winner writes the history. There is much we don’t know
@OneBiteoftheCherry 4 aylar önce
@@mikeherrera5302 But in all honesty...would you really want to know it? It would only be MORE horror. We could never fully document everything that happens in conflict. Just take the Russia/Ukraine war as an example.
@KTM-1090 6 aylar önce
Brilliant video. By far the clearest explanation of the war I’ve seen.
@joeking433 6 aylar önce
Wow, this was really well done and so interesting!
@CeciliaRoberts-oo5yz 13 gün önce
What a great way to spend Thanksgiving break watching a ww1 documentary and doing early homework breaks give me such urges to learn things😃😄🙂
@scatters47 6 aylar önce
It's amazing the alliances with countries in WW1 compared to WW2 Great video
@danieln6700 4 aylar önce
WW1 was brutal as hell. Yes ww2 lost more but it was just a step up of ww1. Ww1 was a big game changer that hadn't been done before. It really started global conflicts and kinda the first real showing of how weaponry evolved into mass destruction and death compared to how had been for most of human history. Also the destruction and death was insane for how long it lasted compared to previous wars over the centuries. Multiple countries fighting at once etc. Crazy really.
@FirstLast-di5sr Yıl önce
TRshow really needs to leave the history producers alone and stop changing their standards arbitrarily.. Thank you guys for not scrapping the old version of the video like some channels have a tendency to do. You guys truly are Epic! ❤
@elomial724 Yıl önce
Some alternatives must be found beacuse TRshow's censorship is getting worse. Awful
@jbllc6873 Yıl önce
What’s TRshow’s issue with the channel?
@richardnixon7248 Yıl önce
@@jbllc6873 they've just gone absolutely wild with censorship recently. Pro-Ukrainian channels covering the current war have also become demonetised and videos have been brought down. TRshow as we know it is dying, but unfortunately all the alternatives suck
@wechilders2887 Yıl önce
@@richardnixon7248 in
@yourpathmatters 6 aylar önce
I have watched a lot of documentaries and this is really impressive.
@conradpogorzelski2630 6 aylar önce
Thank you for the history. My uncle and grandfather fought in this world.
@user-kj5iu8bs1p 4 aylar önce
As a WW1 buff, I've seen a # of TRshow overviews. This is prob the most thorough WW1 overview I've ever seen. As an American, I always wish we'd get more abt the US Navy participating in Convoy ops against German Subs in 1917 (US Navy was ready for immediate action unlike the US Army). As an American, appreciated nods to US 1st & 2nd Divisions - hoped for a nod to the 3rd at the Marne. The US Army wasn't completely ready to counter the German Spring Offensive, but the Brits & French needed the US to attack. But, that's the American in me & does NOT take away from how much I enjoyed this video. GREAT job to the Producers!!!!!
@francescomordenti8080 6 aylar önce
Definitely one of the best videos on TRshow, the quality is amazing!
@piszee9733 4 aylar önce
2 000 000!!! Congratulations!!! It's a very hard work you accomplished. I wish you 'll have 3 000 000 soon!!!
@jarlprae9475 11 aylar önce
Big fan of this history, spent a winter reading the entire book by John Keegan on this subject and it was time well spent. Your progam is excellent, especially considering how much material you covered in the span of just over an hour. People tend to gloss over the Dardanelles and the Armenian tragedy, so that was much appreciated. Thank you for putting this all together in an easily digested format. I've subscribed to your channel and I'm enjoying your other content.
@EpichistoryTv 11 aylar önce
Very generous, thank you! I’m also a big Keegan fan.
@raymondduck6492 9 aylar önce
A Z Vimy was little more than a footnote in the grand scheme of the war.
@Football.Teachers2.0 7 aylar önce
@@EpichistoryTv Can you make a ww2 of this
@jurgenjung4302 6 aylar önce
@stephennicholls9875 5 aylar önce
What a great presentation of a very complicated war. Nice job!!.
@nexttytreporter2598 4 aylar önce
Are you guys doing one of these for other wars? Like WW2?? This was super informative, I never realized WW1 ignited so quickly.
@UserNameWasCensored 7 gün önce
Just a reminder: casualty does not mean dead. It means both dead and wounded. So 60,000 casualties might mean 5,000 or so dead... depending on the specific circumstances of the battle.
@damnedcarrot 6 aylar önce
Unlike WW2, the first instalment was so incredibly close all the way to the end. I hate to admit it but also unlike WW2, America saved the allies near the end. With Russia out, one side finally had a clear advantage over the other.Ludendorff would not of been forced to go all in on a high risk offensive and would of been able to gradually gain natural momentum
@denisalie1082 3 aylar önce
Très bien réalisé. Instructif et toujours pertinent. Merci.
@Petey_Vee Yıl önce
Wow! Now THIS is superior content! I appreciate the production value and (clearly) hours of labor, love and effort that went into the making of this history program. Such a wonderful way to present one of the most instrumental events in modern history. This program should be taught in every High school curriculum! It engages people in a visually stunning way that “grab’s” one’s attention like none other! Fantastic job, Epic History TV!! So happy I found this channel today. You have made a subscriber for life on the first video I’ve ever watched on your channel! Thank you so much. This video will inspire and enlighten hundreds of thousands or, dare I say, millions of viewers over the years! Bravo!
@ajkool101 5 aylar önce
Fantastic history lesson. Thank you!
@cbonez2909 6 aylar önce
This was amazing!! Great job. Great work.
@trentwilliams6219 Aylar önce
Just wanna say this video I watched the other night it was very well done as my great great grandad was in the brittish infantry so thank u for this masterpiece of a video well done
@jinks908 6 aylar önce
Here's the thing. I try really hard not to watch your videos. I turn on Unhook, I close tabs, I keep my work in front of me. Because I don't think I have ever clicked on one of your videos and not watched the entire thing, no matter what time it is, how tired I am, how busy or behind I am. I mean I don't even like history! I was a freaking math major. That's how good this channel is. You hook me in the first 30 seconds. Well played, EHTV ... well played.
@zasufka4605 3 aylar önce
Briliant documentary, there's a chance that we'll see second part about WW2? I would love to see that.
@socrates6870 9 aylar önce
A great summary of World War I, when I learned it at school 20 years ago I found it complicated, this visualization helped me to understand better what the main phases were and what strategic concepts did both the Allies and the Central Powers pursue and why the war had such an important impact on modern Europe and today's politics...A big thank you to the whole team for this outstanding work!!! Best regards from Poland, one of the emerging states after the war :) We value the 2nd Republic, Marshal Pilsudski and commemorate it's creation each year on the 11th of November
@jurgenjung4302 6 aylar önce
@jamesbyrne8687 4 aylar önce
This was mazing thanks so much for making it! Are you thinking of making one for WW2? I really enjoy the format
@zheersalar3161 2 aylar önce
Well done, one of the best WW documentaries ❤
@benw5691 24 gün önce
Loved this video. Very well put together
@juansoto5460 6 aylar önce
Best WW1 presentation I've ever seen. This video should be in a curriculum.
@marc.ristau Aylar önce
Love how the video visualizes why this was called THE Great War and later on world war 1. It completely escalated in geopolitics, casualties but also technological advancements like tanks, fighter planes and chemical weapons. The number of life’s lost this short amount of time is mind boggling.
@abhishektodmal1914 Yıl önce
This was so incredibly well-put together - and I want to thank you so much for having done so. You really made History an affair of suspense and interest - the narration was impeccable, and so was the script and animation. Such a wonderful way to educate oneself - I look forward to watching more of your stuff! Once again, grateful 🙏 😃👋❤️
@pepsi_burqe_wali_sexy 11 aylar önce
94th liked🚬🗿
@chrisstrebor 11 aylar önce
Agreed amazing!!
@dyadace5093 11 aylar önce
This format was stolen even the music was stolen from oversimplified
@jackiecheng7209 10 aylar önce
@@dyadace5093 I am pretty sure they did it much better than oversimplified, they are much more detailed info about WW1, and the video for WW1 from oversimplified is kind of vague
@Tebbulator 6 aylar önce
One thing that boggles my mind is trying to imagine 100s of thousands of bodies lying lifeless within miles of each other. It's almost unfathomable
@lukedemler4421 5 aylar önce
that almost never happened in an area though, 10's of thousands for sure. 100? nah still unfathomable.
@MikeStrawMedia 6 aylar önce
This was incredible. Looking forward to hopefully seeing one for WW 2 one day
@xohyuu 6 aylar önce
The Ottoman Empire[c.¹³⁰⁰~¹⁹¹⁸] finally ruined. | Пeрeмога Үкраїнi!
@yishaicohen6823 5 aylar önce
Absolutely fascinating. beautifully made video thank you !
@nelson_sauvin 6 aylar önce
Superb. ¡Expecting the interwar period and second world war documentaries! Congratulations for this epic video and channel.
@richardstone3473 4 aylar önce
Superb presentation. I have read lots of books about WW1. The proverb about wood and trees is very apposite.
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