Kodak Black - Maffioso [Official Music Video]

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Kodak Black

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Kodak Black - Maffioso
'Haitian Boy Kodak' OUT NOW!
Stream/Download: Kodak.lnk.to/HaitianBoyKodakID

Directed By: @KodakBlack
Co-Directed By: @Skinnywhiteboi & @cotto0verdidit

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Kdreon Bowman
Kdreon Bowman 22 saatler önce
"I was calling home from prison and they mama don't call em"🤧
John Conh
John Conh Gün önce
Bruuhhh ain’t no Boi
Yung Prendi
Yung Prendi 2 gün önce
Don't play with a Z
Yung Prendi
Yung Prendi 2 gün önce
LL WizDaWizard
Robert Miller
Robert Miller 2 gün önce
Well damm ! Lol
Robert Miller
Robert Miller 2 gün önce
He said mongoose characteristic dam I forgot that word existed! I see ya big Yak wit big words lol
Robert Miller
Robert Miller 2 gün önce
Yak attack!! Wasup yak ! Keep stompin on these cockroach hatin pricks big dawg south philly to south Florida ya herd me !
el pollo LOCO
el pollo LOCO 3 gün önce
Gudness gracious 🥴😳
paul humphrey
paul humphrey 3 gün önce
I can’t believe @kodakblack did that man lyk dat
GorgeouslyReal T.V.
GorgeouslyReal T.V. 3 gün önce
If only he knew...
Hood TravelTv
Hood TravelTv 4 gün önce
Damn it hit different seeing Wiz in this video
Guillermo Rosalez
Guillermo Rosalez 4 gün önce
Say Kodak say fucking with me is like you already dead Im on tht
YOU EH 4 gün önce
Rip Wiz 🕊
Ess See
Ess See 5 gün önce
This really was for jackboy but wiz ended up crossing him so same shit happen to him what he wanna do to jack
Ess See
Ess See 5 gün önce
Hotboii has something to do wit the setup too he been kicking wit wiz to back door him when he been cook wit yak
Ess See
Ess See 5 gün önce
Chopped his head off infront his house wiz body was infront his house
Christon Bethel
Christon Bethel 4 gün önce
Lmaoo stop believing what the internet said even Wam said wiz didn’t get chopped up he got shot but okay
Ess See
Ess See 5 gün önce
This video was for real a warning to wiz what gona happen if you break that loyalty straight mafioso shit and it also directed by yak himself
Troy Cote
Troy Cote 6 gün önce
This is some of the worst examples of hip hop I ever heard! from Naz, Wuhan, Biggie, Pac, NWA, to this?? really?? WTF is wrong with this?? Auto tune, can't keep a beat, lousy lyrics, and just no substance to the song whatsoever!! I truly feel neglected as a Rap fan in 2021. This dudes never getting out of Palm Bay!
KizzyTV 5 gün önce
U dumb , this whole song got substance it’s about disloyalty & mafia shit … You too slow to understand it , and Kodak been rich enough to get out the hood tf is you talkin bout goofy
Troy Cote
Troy Cote 6 gün önce
what did he say on that phone?
gentR 6 gün önce
maaaan this song is so underrated 🔥
Gartrell Hardemon
Gartrell Hardemon 2 gün önce
Troy Cote
Troy Cote 6 gün önce
Really?? Seriously??
you play you lay
you play you lay 6 gün önce
Years later 👌🏿
sonic the chili dog
sonic the chili dog 6 gün önce
When you realize this guy makes millions for speaking nothing
platinumwayz 6 gün önce
trshow.info/watch/x1N03GxskHQ/video.html 🔥🔥🔥💯🚬
Issac Hayes
Issac Hayes 7 gün önce
Yak is definitely devastated why bring him up if you weren’t. Gem vs Gem damn 🤦🏾‍♂️
Issac Hayes
Issac Hayes 7 gün önce
He’s a sick rapper.
Zoehkush 7 gün önce
Brooklyn Jones
Brooklyn Jones 7 gün önce
The more I listen to him the more I understand him. Real dude
Neena Sarafina
Neena Sarafina 7 gün önce
He talking to Wiz. 🥶
WOODS WORLD 7 gün önce
He said I can get bit by any snake and wake up getting money. What he meant literally was any snake that cross me (human) and betray me daily im still gone proposer. So you stop nothing. When u born in hell no hell can man bring on you. 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾
Your's Truly Tron
Your's Truly Tron 8 gün önce
Last meal vibes and Wiz looked uncomfortable...Kodak's eyes 👀
D 9 gün önce
Didn’t age well
Guybenson Jean
Guybenson Jean 9 gün önce
Kodak trippin
Kate Spade
Kate Spade 10 gün önce
Kodak look like a real Jew from parkland 😂
George Jackson
George Jackson 10 gün önce
He was talkin about jackboy he was hurt Jack left the team but Jack had to get his own money it's just the way he did it but they cool now
Mr. T/Kinky Tail Mapogo Lions
Mr. T/Kinky Tail Mapogo Lions 6 gün önce
Yak and that traitor will never be cool again!
B-rek 903
B-rek 903 10 gün önce
Jack Cassel
Jack Cassel 10 gün önce
รค г๔ợ JTBZ/GENS
รค г๔ợ JTBZ/GENS 10 gün önce
ThePresident Gaming
ThePresident Gaming 11 gün önce
Alexis Spencer
Alexis Spencer 12 gün önce
Wizdawizard was killed Mafia style by that man in the video shit Brazy on hood ✌️👀 feds already know they probably tryna get more evidence
Gartrell Hardemon
Gartrell Hardemon 12 gün önce
This shit hard though, I don’t watched this shit about 30 times. 🤣🤦🏾‍♂️
Gartrell Hardemon
Gartrell Hardemon 12 gün önce
The first line explains who he’s talking about.
SSGG_6SP 12 gün önce
Bruh.. 🤔🤐👻👁️ I got the message enough said!Zoe or no life...for every nigga who ever try me..stay on that side...#nocrossova bih
Malcolm Toney
Malcolm Toney 12 gün önce
Look how yak look at wiz at the end of their shaking hands at the end
Deacon Suwolitch
Deacon Suwolitch 12 gün önce
Kodak really sacrificed wiz bro this shits wild the whole video about him
Fabio Vidal
Fabio Vidal 12 gün önce
Dammn!.... that's all I'm gonna say.
Diego Nuñez
Diego Nuñez 12 gün önce
drip lord
drip lord 13 gün önce
Jerry Stilts
Jerry Stilts 14 gün önce
Mann they crazy
dre smits
dre smits 14 gün önce
Why they still meek mill bike like dat doe
Therealtoyaaa 14 gün önce
Nash Coleon
Nash Coleon 15 gün önce
Cloned out
Malik Watson
Malik Watson 15 gün önce
" you was blinded by tom ford " they both have on tom ford 🤯🤯
Danny Gambino
Danny Gambino 15 gün önce
Look how yak look at bra after the song when they dap up nigga had that look i done seen that look before i done had that look before myself yeah i see it now
Daniel Hernandez
Daniel Hernandez 16 gün önce
This make it seem like he took wiz out
Mr. T/Kinky Tail Mapogo Lions
Mr. T/Kinky Tail Mapogo Lions 6 gün önce
So? Traitors diee, it's just the way it is.
337Boss 16 gün önce
Death befo dishonor 👌🏽💯🎭
don Well
don Well 17 gün önce
Respect bro 🔥💯
Erwan 1017
Erwan 1017 17 gün önce
Wiz.. 😞🕊
Josh Latson
Josh Latson 17 gün önce
Does anyone know what he said at 2:27 Ik he speakin creole but I can’t understand it
Jay 17 gün önce
damn yak 🦅⚔️
Titi Bwoy
Titi Bwoy 18 gün önce
West well wiz 🙏🙏🙏
Reggie C
Reggie C 18 gün önce
Wiz KNEW he was to LATE!
GoldWristss 18 gün önce
Pause it at 2:32
Joseph Lockett
Joseph Lockett 18 gün önce
Mafioso lit 🔥did that Kodak 💯💯
Jahvi Jah
Jahvi Jah 20 gün önce
👁️ Lucifer unseen presence 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Yahweh
Florida bound
Florida bound 20 gün önce
Death be dishonor
The MAN 20 gün önce
3:54 demon in his eyes if you can see it
DMB Fitness & Nutrition TV
DMB Fitness & Nutrition TV 18 gün önce
He squeezed his hand asf and look at him, wiz pulled his hand away
kanisha smith
kanisha smith 20 gün önce
Brodrick Hadnot
Brodrick Hadnot 20 gün önce
Damn I just caught on to wht happen 😩
rosay rosay
rosay rosay 21 gün önce
man the whole song/video was directed towards that boy wiz look at the end when kodak brags about the head being cut off. thats what happen to wiz. smh
Unreleased Music
Unreleased Music 20 gün önce
Wiz head ain't get cut off
Laquanta Haynes
Laquanta Haynes 21 gün önce
RIP but he say yolks dat boy ...allnpoints is final🥺
Mona Monae
Mona Monae 21 gün önce
I used to love this video. Now I can't bare to watch it. Such a quality classy mafia type video, yet it hurt's to see Kodak and Wiz relationship destroyed, never to rekindle their friendship. It's really sad.
pvilla01 21 gün önce
Did they really find wiz on two different streets?? Did they really leave him how they say ?
KeyVS 21 gün önce
this video has sooooo much symbolism. From the black and white suits, the lyrics, the scenes in the video damn Yak really got this man wakked. At 3:42 he says their about to "celebrate" for gettin somebody wakked and collecting their head Notice wiz has on "Black" = Black sheep. Look at how kodak look at wiz when he said everything he looked like he was talking directly to em smh
KeyVS 21 gün önce
@Mona Monae because thats how Z's move. like the mafia
Mona Monae
Mona Monae 21 gün önce
No, It's just a depiction of mafia life. Probably wasn't even thinking about anything like killing off a person at that time.
Loofy 22 gün önce
Yall weird
Antonio Norris EL BEY
Antonio Norris EL BEY 22 gün önce
Brian Deriso
Brian Deriso 22 gün önce
Maybe wiz did know what was coming even while doing this video. Him tryin to buy out of the contract and saying how much he loves kodak sounds like a real cry for help from a real demon
Something KooL
Something KooL 7 gün önce
Faaaacts! 💯
Bank Otuch
Bank Otuch 16 gün önce
He look like he was under MK Ultra on here
GoldWristss 22 gün önce
Video so wicked he sacrificed him listen to him on the phone in the beginning
LORD FHARAOH 22 gün önce
He showed wiz what he was finna do to him before he did it
LORD FHARAOH 22 gün önce
Y'all know he did that to wiz
Nikki W
Nikki W 22 gün önce
Yo, Who the fuxxx is this Perpetrating to be Yak @ 3:53 ? Loook y’all , Pause it like people in the earlier comments said And just look 👀 Tell me I ain’t trippin.
last braincell
last braincell 23 gün önce
3:54 says it all.
Tory Porter
Tory Porter 23 gün önce
Wow . Wicked as can be I listen to real good 👍🏾 I’m just staying pray 🙏🏿 up watch over my 6 grandkids that what I’m doing. 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿Thank you Father God.
Timothy Williams
Timothy Williams 23 gün önce
It all makes since why Jackboy don’t want be around Kodak he’s sacrificing niggas for the fame respect to Jackboy smart guy💯💯
Time - A - Tell
Time - A - Tell 4 gün önce
Exactly it's funny Wiz in this then die the same way
Iyeae 11 gün önce
is it for fame or is he cleaning up loose ends
Shannon Clair
Shannon Clair 23 gün önce
Look at Yak face towards wiz after shaking him up. If thats yo homie you dont looks at him like that. Skip to 3:53 and pause it. Look at how yak lookin at him. if you think he ain't no hand in wiz sacrifice yall tweakin. This whole song about wiz and jackboy really. Kodack knows he going to to the same to wiz.
Nikki W
Nikki W 22 gün önce
@Shannon Clair I see another mans face Instead of Kodak s Face paused at the time stamp. It’s weird too the face and teeth don’t resemble Kodak black at all
Shannon Clair
Shannon Clair 22 gün önce
@Nikki W what do you mean
Nikki W
Nikki W 22 gün önce
I did this , I’m shook who is that?
Kathy Austin
Kathy Austin 23 gün önce
Kodak sacrifice wiz for his next elevate to the illumanati industry level. Smh.
3 2 Krazy Mane
3 2 Krazy Mane 23 gün önce
willie reid
willie reid 23 gün önce
willie reid
willie reid 23 gün önce
“A mongoose can get bite by any snake “
Bobby Roberson jr
Bobby Roberson jr 23 gün önce
Y'all stupid with this sacrifice shit lol
Niccolo B.
Niccolo B. 23 gün önce
Was that a message to Wiz a warning ⚠️ 🤔
Joey Toney Stark
Joey Toney Stark 23 gün önce
1:56 y they pan on wiz when he said that they got cuddy outta here
48 Laws of Youtube
48 Laws of Youtube 23 gün önce
*Imo it look like Wiz thought he knew what he was doin, but Kodak was like two or three steps ahead and moved a pawn.* #ChessNotCheckers
Something KooL
Something KooL 7 gün önce
Tre Jones
Tre Jones 17 gün önce
Thank yu ❗️
Fear CreativeYT
Fear CreativeYT 23 gün önce
Wiz looked confused this whole vid like he knew what was coming sad bro 🤐💯😔
sadi Noonsi
sadi Noonsi 23 gün önce
What happen to GLEE.....AND SNIPER GANG YO
Ali Murray
Ali Murray 24 gün önce
Innercity24 24 gün önce
OsO Trap BUNNKN 24 gün önce
June Seed
June Seed 24 gün önce
Voodoo for life . Got to love that song . Miafiaso Kodak black the mangose for real . Mangose well known for taking the head out any snakes. RIP to WizaWizard .
TheGeneral513 24 gün önce
Lol. Haaaaaa. Mafiaso. 💯🦾
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