Tom Cruise's Top 5 Moments On The Graham Norton Show!

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The Graham Norton Show

The Graham Norton Show

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With the release of Top Gun Maverick, here are the top 5 Tom Cruise moments!
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@elvamclean7864 Yıl önce
I remember Graham saying that when Tom was a guest on his show the first time he introduced himself to all the crew, the next time he was on the show he remembered all the names of the crew he had met the first time. I also remember a waiter saying the same thing that Tom remembered his name when he came back months later. I love this guy.
@COEYRN Yıl önce
A simple good morning cheers people up, a "Good Morning", With a person's name attached does wonders. So these guys must have been beside themselves,who wouldn't.
@nakim4073 Yıl önce
@dextermoore278 Yıl önce
Tom is such a Class Act and a Gentleman. He treats people well and he appreciates his Fans.
@paul10gothicterrace Yıl önce
Years ago a friend of mine was supplying machines for a film Tom was on and they met in the canteen.Conversation started about family and my friend said that he has a son called Conor knowing that Tom also has a son called Conor.. That started a a good story time between them both.Lovely man he told me
@chocho8036 Yıl önce
he is extraordinarily intelligent and probably has an extraordinary memory as well as a desire to be sociable and engaging
@pleabargn Yıl önce
Graham Norton is far and away one of the top interviewers ever. He not only gets the best out of Tom Cruise, but also his castmates. Extraordinary gift.
@wallacewestmeath Yıl önce
of course he does . he's irish :)
@gleadhill79 Yıl önce
Incidentally, Tom Cruise was in a film called Far and Away.. remember?! 😉 I think Graham is quite respectful to his guests and that's why people are just comfortable with him. He's had an extraordinary life too, I so want a 'This is your life' kind of interview with him!
@kaiserkarl2 Yıl önce
Could not agree more!
@nikkibass29 Yıl önce
Completely agree! Love Graham!
@peejaythorniley9916 Yıl önce
@@gleadhill79 iihoihhoihihhoinihiuiuiu
@reneeroesler9944 8 aylar önce
No matter what you think of him personally Tom is without a doubt the best action star of our time. No one will ever replace him.
@yoyyoyturagsoy3513 8 aylar önce
spel A up to Z... n short...heheehehe
@yoyyoyturagsoy3513 8 aylar önce
dont focuse enough in professionalism and ask yourself Y
@HatakeHyei 7 aylar önce
I think Jackie Chan is in the top actually, followed by Tom.
@faithblack3851 6 aylar önce
He's also great drama actor. Extremely charismatic.
@eddieingalls534 Yıl önce
I get the impression Cruise feels most at ease when being 'interviewed' by Norton, as he knows Norton is not going to try to embarrass him and that Norton is probably the best ever host at helping guests along, ensuring that yes, they feel at ease.
@krisshorne8411 Yıl önce
I think it speaks to Nortons style and why his show is so good with a variety of guests, he approaches the conversations like he's talking to an actual person where as other mainstream will make them seem like mythic individuals. Norton is easily one of the best hosts in my opinion.
@sirloin8745 Yıl önce
Also they will have spent the day together, rehearsing what topics are open for discussion?
@scottiedog4236 Yıl önce
Just so relaxing Like you’re having a chat to real people in comfort
@lukebuchwald9252 Yıl önce
I think it all boils down to genuine vibes --- Jimmy Fallon is all about the fake laughing and Graham just wants a tea party with his friends!
@marybarry2230 Yıl önce
I'm laughing at Graham getting all wide-eyed and giggly and amazed that Tom Cruise is actually sitting on his couch!
@Rondo2ooo Yıl önce
Graham is definitely an excellent host. You really see how he makes guests feel totally comfortable.
@srt4b 11 aylar önce
My real estate agent does the same thing
@lynnie6120 11 aylar önce
Tom Cruise is a legend! I love the fact he simply wants to entertain the audience & not lecture us! There will never be another Tom Cruise!
@TomCruise-ul5cf 6 aylar önce
Wow, I love u too, Thanks for appreciating my works despite th ed fact that there are haters around my channel too
@bonjourjetsetter 9 aylar önce
I know this seems small, but Tom shakes the hands of the people who came up on stage to do "the stunt" and I think that is just a class act. Being appreciative and good humored is such a great part of who he is.
@bsasxoxo 4 aylar önce
It doesn't seem small at all. That's the thing I appreciated the most from this video.
@elginbolling337 Yıl önce
Tom actually enjoys being a movie star without being obnoxious about it he’s approachable personable engaging and humble you don’t find a quality in a lot of stars of his stature he’s one of Hollywood’s national treasures. I’d love to see him and Jackie Chan team up in a movie
@olliegueret2963 Yıl önce
Tom Cruise and Jackie Chan!!! I swear you read my mind. After having the same thought as yourself, I scrolled down to the comment's section, amazingly you happened to be the first comment/top comment. Love it!!!
@meloncollie8619 Yıl önce
I thought the same too For some odd reason they have the same energy. I can’t pinpoint what it is 😂
@larapalma3744 Yıl önce
He's ALWAYS obnoxious l LOL
@sartajsandhu2282 Yıl önce
That would actually be soooo lit
@mikewhite4560 Yıl önce
Tom saves being OBNOXIOUS for his Personal Life.....
@mitzipepall3075 2 aylar önce
This was wonderful. Entertaining. I love Tom and the excellent rapport with his co-stars. Graham keeps it all hopping.
@precinct1324 Yıl önce
I cant get enough of Tom elevating other people, the interest he shows in something that he can do better, but still he show respect... what an amazing dude. After Top Gun 2 he climbed right there with Keanu or even more.
@doctordoom4458 Yıl önce
Him and Keanu are the action movie Goats
@elianmustafa Yıl önce
Climb up where?He was always at the top.
@matthewmayer7550 Yıl önce
[The climbed up there] part is a little disconnected with reality. Weird. Like Tom Cruise carried the action movie and Hollywood on his back for nearly two decades. He's the GOAT of action movies. If anything, it's vise versa. I love Keanu so much and respect him, but he is the one who climbed up and still can't even see them equal. Tom Cruise is in the league of his own. lol.
@angc1456 Yıl önce
another Newbie, Tom Cruise is a STAR SINCE RAIN MAN ,check that movie !
@jasminnat Yıl önce
I always enjoy watching Tom Cruise on The Graham Norton Show. So much fun.
@guytansbariva2295 Yıl önce
No, he's just too sleazy, been so for decades
@strikerbowls791 Yıl önce
@@guytansbariva2295 🤡
@daphnecotterill5586 Yıl önce
He has it all...
@sanjalisnjic7271 Yıl önce
Yes,such a nice and interesting guy! And a great actor!!
@crystalk98 Yıl önce
@@guytansbariva2295 did he hit on you?
@maryv.5829 8 aylar önce
i CAN´T love more this man! He is a legend. People might love him or hate him. That's a fact. Because he is so damn good and a perfectionist he can cause many feelings, but nobody can deny he will be remmenbered always,
@lewishalmilton50 7 aylar önce
Thanks for your continuous love and support ❤❤ For how long have you been a fan of mine and how much are you interested in the upcoming season of mission impossible?
@NoRiceToEat 10 aylar önce
I love how he always interacts with the audience and includes them. Tom is just ❤
@tomcruise3703 10 aylar önce
Glad to hear from you. Thank you for your love and support. Where are you watching from?
@angelg2638 Yıl önce
Tom is just several levels above us mortals. Like Michael Jackson, demands the most out of himself. Gives 200, 300% of what's expected. And he gifts co-actors the one moment they will treasure from their careers in acting - the one or 2 times he taught them something unique, or that Tom Cruise anecdote of a lifetime. Thank you, Tom... for giving us your greatest gift - yourself.
@60asteroid Yıl önce
I hope putting his "soul into his work" doesn't destroy him in end like Jackson. His gift to cinema and audience is amazing.
@calibby85 Yıl önce
@kalmanta1824 Yıl önce
Beyoncé is another example for this commitment and at the same time dedication to give her team and those involved in her work their flowers.
@RedBear535 Yıl önce
My mom actually met him once as a charity tennis event. She said he was 'on' the whole time. Signed every piece of paper put in front of him, smiled for every photo and never wavered in the nice guy persona. I may not like some of his films but I can respect a decent human being.
@pinkandblue92511 5 aylar önce
Graham Norton is by far the best interviewer. All the guests are so comfortable. It’s like sitting in a living room and just talking amongst good friends.
@Random-Access Yıl önce
I'm never tired to watch Graham interviewing Tom. Two of the best in their jobs!!!
@eddesgonzalez7585 Yıl önce
We can laugh at the dangerous stunts that Tom Cruise has performed so many times in his risky career but I truly believe that he’s very responsible and is very attentive to his actions and the actions of his action crew as well😊he’s very experienced and knowledgeable.❤
@curanderoverde Yıl önce
I love that Tom is simultaneously crazy and together all at once with an epic career...All around great actor
@hsandev8972 Yıl önce
Tom is just playing the big game, hardly a bad movie, does his stunts, always looks good, what more do you want from an actor in a 30yr span.
@CdnWolfe Yıl önce
just to correct ou there H...Tom has been acting for over 40 years now; Taps in 1981 as a supporting role would be his first supporting role.
@dextermoore278 Yıl önce
Tom Cruise is the last Great Hollywood Movie Star.
@Tridentus Yıl önce
He is the greatest movie star of all time. I don't have an opinion or a bias about it, I'm just speaking in numbers and facts. Hollywood legends aren't meant to last that long at the bleeding edge as he has, he's literally alone, and it's not even like he's one of those guys who is super selective and spaced out with his project choices, he's literally been working in his prime for most of that period.
@dodgyviper1496 Yıl önce
@eddesgonzalez7585 Yıl önce
Tom Cruise is definitely a serious actor of action films mostly and he’s done lots of emotional scenes and he’s made many sacrifices to become top actor! That’s really the secret to his success…he’s shown up with integrity and continuity unwavering his commitment to his work and craft. Consistency is a major key to success and he knows this!🎉
@twinEAH Yıl önce
I can't get enough of Tom Cruise right now. He inspired and empowers us. He shows what is possible in human form. I am 57 and following his lead that age does not have to mean decline. It is all in the mindset and attitude. 👍💯
@eily_b Yıl önce
No, it's not. People get sick and it's not their fault. If you are lucky though to stay healthy when you get old, go for it. But stop generalizing.
@kevindarkstar Yıl önce
And having multi millions kinda helps huh
@CrazyNikel Yıl önce
@@eily_b Hi, excuses calling. 😂
@rosehiver6262 Yıl önce
So, do you mean that you jump from building to building to stay in shape ? How many times a week do you recommend ? 😄
@wholiveswhere Yıl önce
@mylestaylor9770 11 aylar önce
He seems like such a down to earth guy. A lovely presence with him. He listens so eagerly to the other guests
@back2basics597 Yıl önce
Nobody, no actor comes within a mile of the professionalism, dedication and commitment of Tom Cruise.
@robmartin9782 Yıl önce
Jackie Chan probably does.
@AH-cl1gt Yıl önce
True facts
@AH-cl1gt Yıl önce
@@robmartin9782 who
@vic00715 Yıl önce
@@robmartin9782 jackie is no actor.
@cupo9524 Yıl önce
@@vic00715 What is he?
@bwandclsparks Yıl önce
Tom Cruise has the most wonderful smile and it's genuine! He's so respectful to his fans, as well! It's funny to me that the only movie of his I have never liked was Risky Business, and all time favorite movie is "Top Gun", of course! I've also loved all the Mission Impossible movies, cannot wait for the new one to come out! The husband and I saw "Top Gun: Maverick" a couple of weeks ago, SO, SO good! I also love the Jack Reacher movies! Best Actor in my lifetime, for sure!!!
@judistevenson5082 Yıl önce
Maverick was incredible!!!
@amypagekaviani5661 8 aylar önce
Wonder what happened with his three marriages and not seeing his daughter Suri....
@witchblade100377 5 aylar önce
Graham Norton just makes everyone feel so comfortable and lets them be themselves on his show, which is why he's so great at it.
@Mr.Tin_88 5 aylar önce
He must be the best TV Show Host today, by far.
@bellsca1917 Yıl önce
I think I had a cheshire cat smile throughout this whole video. Such a great interview/show. I needed that kind of happiness today and everyone on stage and audience participation, this was great and adorable
@rubenespiritu2228 8 aylar önce
Saaame hahaha
@amichaels8346 Yıl önce
I love & appreciate how both Tom & Graham ALWAYS includes EVERYBODY ELSE when sharing stories. 💙
@diegogarcia-ud7ii 9 aylar önce
Say what you will about Tom Cruise but no one can argue that he has one of the most impressive careers in Hollywood.
@amypagekaviani5661 8 aylar önce
Wonder what happens to his marriages...And no contact with his daughter Suri.
@bhavyamachineni34 6 aylar önce
Go and find out
@diegogarcia-ud7ii 6 aylar önce
@@bhavyamachineni34 Go and find out what? I already stated a fact.
@paulyp9853 29 gün önce
@@amypagekaviani5661 What happened no paid attention to you the first time you posted this. People like you get try to get involved in other peoples personal lives without the first clue. The media is what it is because of you congrats.
@user-he1yb7pl1w 3 aylar önce
Love him or hate him, he has real passion for what he does. His dedication to making great movies is what every actor/actress should strive towards. Everyone that has done a movie with him has enjoyed the stunts and generally working with Tom. Tom has set the bar very high for everyone else.
@shilohivy4590 9 aylar önce
I feel his best work was in Magnolia. I was surprised that he didn’t win the Oscar for this stellar performance. He was nominated.
@marilynmccall2879 8 aylar önce
Cuz the Hollywooders don't like his religion. Oscars are nothing about being "BEST". That's why no one cares or watches them anymore.
@Linda-kj7pf Yıl önce
How can you not love this guy! One of the most generous stars around!
@Ballerkack Yıl önce
Because of one word of course: "Scientology". Even if you have no idea, what they are or do. "Scientology bad - Tom Cruise bad." I read that once and I believe it.
@mikewhite4560 Yıl önce
Correct. I love GRAHAM...
@eddesgonzalez7585 Yıl önce
I do love Graham! Quick on his feet and brilliant man! ❤
@DLFLux 11 aylar önce
Tell that to the daughter he doesn’t bother with.
@mrharry8466 Aylar önce
He just does not age. Kudos to him. What a career. I'm sure he's a good guy aswell. All the best to everyone
@marilyndonegan1483 Yıl önce
What can I say , he’s such amazing actor and brilliant stunts in every movies he made. I love his sense humour and I watched all his movies. Watching him also every time he was a guest at Graham Norton Show.
@tomcruise3497 Yıl önce
Thank you so much for the awesome compliment I appreciate your unending support
@wholiveswhere Yıl önce
Honestly - Tom Cruise is bigger than royalty. There is hardly anyone who can say a controversial thing about him - either you watch his movies or you don't. Tom Cruise has brought more to advancing film than most can claim. What a life to have lived and what a legacy - he's all about entertainment. In full admiration purely on the conviction he brings. If only we all had such conviction in our own pursuits of life - he'll be an icon in future generations.
@awesomegardening3949 Yıl önce
If he wasn't a scientologist he could easily be president
@thomasholland5487 Yıl önce
@@awesomegardening3949 imma be honest right now - why do people have an issue with his personal beliefs? Why is it such an issue?
@thomasholland5487 Yıl önce
@@tabbyrose73 is it really dangerous though? And it's less of a cult, more like a modern day religion.
@M00159 3 aylar önce
Tom is a class act. I love how he shakes the hand of the audience members after they did their stunt on stage. I’m sure he would have shaken the hand of the last audience member( the older lady) if she was close enough to him.
@sashawilliams6191 Yıl önce
Graham is such a lovely chap and is so good at making the show be informal and fun. Tom is great. He always seems to have time to shake hands with fans etc. He really does seem to be a genuine and sincere guy. I just hope that in real life, as it were, that he is. I can’t help but wonder what it was that made his marriages to Mimi, Nicole and Katie end. I know no one is perfect, obviously, but I just wonder.
@marybarry2230 Yıl önce
One word......... Scientology!
@AlexandraFurn Yıl önce
His Belief system effed up those relationships.
@joymcnally6781 Yıl önce
I tend to agree's the only possiblity really. If he ever gets married again ..perhaps he should treat his marriage as a collaboration..much like his movies !
@elivoytse Yıl önce
@@AlexandraFurn i don’t think that’s what “effed up” his relationship with mimi rogers since she was the one who introduced him to the religion lol…
@AlexandraFurn Yıl önce
@@elivoytse not her. But defo the others
@andrewmoores7166 Yıl önce
True movie star who cares about his craft. If you can set aside the crazy there is hardly anyone else like him.
@BOZ_11 Yıl önce
Yea he's in that very thin band at the top with Sam Jackson, Bruce Willis, Tom Hanks et al
@DJRevan Yıl önce
@@BOZ_11 Jackie Chan?
@philippawallace-dunlop5582 Yıl önce
I don’t believe the crazy anyway. We’re all individuals he knows how to keep his balance given everything, which is a true feat.
@stephen7865 Yıl önce
There’s no crazy there.
@BOZ_11 Yıl önce
@@stephen7865 scientologist
@nothipbuthipp7634 Yıl önce
From the 80s, Tom Cruise has been someone you want to see every time he hits the big screen. Such a pro! PS. Love these short moments clips Graham!
@TomCruise-ul5cf 6 aylar önce
Thanks for appreciating my works despite there are still haters around my channel
@mycroft16 Yıl önce
Lot of great late night shows out there... no one comes even remotely close to Graham Norton. No one puts guests so at ease and manages to have just genuine fun with them. It doesn't feel forced in any way... everyone is always laughing and telling some of the most ridiculous stories. He has a true gift for just talking with people and getting them to talk.
@susanbailey2820 Yıl önce
Tom Cruise seems like a genuinely nice guy. He seems pretty down to earth and very easy going. I love this guy.
@tomcruise4771 11 aylar önce
Hello Susan are you also one of my lovely supporters out there?
@shirleyaparecidarodrigues8483 28 gün önce
Amo ver o Tom sorrindo 🤩
@allanwaters9782 Yıl önce
Tom is the real deal...jet pilot, stuntman, fine actor...the benchmark for actors!
@thistlegal2154 Yıl önce
Tom Cruise's dedication and work ethic is amazing. I still have nightmares of what my mother's broken and shattered ankle looked like. Just like in that screen shot of him, it's the letter 'L' . She broke it again and the other leg,ankle with compound fractures 6 months later.
@tomcruise3703 11 aylar önce
So sorry to hear that Glad to hear from you. Thank you for your love and support... Where are you watching from?
@jmblnh Yıl önce
he is still a heartthrob and identifiable. Love him
@larapalma3744 Yıl önce
Poo emoji
@mikewhite4560 Yıl önce
So you'd DO TOM?
@lynnmurrayactress Yıl önce
@@mikewhite4560 Yes. *Stares*
@Philmoscowitz Yıl önce
I'm so happy to see that Brits love Tom Cruise! I say this as an American, because more often than not, we haven't lived up to expectations. If we had such a thing in America, Tom Cruise would be a living national treasure.
@sithlordrj8883 11 aylar önce
Well Tom loves the UK too..he spends alot of time here and has many Brit friends.
@stevengreen198 9 aylar önce
He spends most his time here and has owned several properties here, but it's also because many of his films are shot in the UK.
@jimmy2k4o 4 aylar önce
@@stevengreen198recently, most of them. Live die repeat Mi 5+6 Mummy Eyes wide shut.
@jimmy2k4o 4 aylar önce
@@stevengreen198ofcourse he owns property here. He’s not British…….non Brits buying property in London is more common than breathing.
@candacekesting1786 Yıl önce
That was fun, so much fun ! Graham really knows how to keep it going.
@COEYRN Yıl önce
My father really enjoyed Tom Cruise movies. It's one of my fondess memories of my father. Plus dad, and I used to say the line, " I feel the Need, the need for Speed", and we'd slap hands like in the movie. I was always Goose, lol. Thanking Tom Cruise for my wonderful memories of my father who passed to soon.
@thistlegal2154 Yıl önce
So sorry for your loss. Keep watching them, he'll be there with you. I hope the two of you watched Taps, outstanding movie,cast and story. Jaws, Hunt For Red October and It's A Wonderful Life are my dad's faves.
@michaelgreene2920 Yıl önce
No matter how long you had your Dad, it's never long enough....never....
@COEYRN Yıl önce
@@thistlegal2154 oh my I missed this thank you for your kindness 💗 it's really appreciated. I started to cry when I saw the first line. I just read the rest, and I'm so touched by your words. Truly this is a moment I will not forget.
@COEYRN Yıl önce
@@michaelgreene2920 Again I missed this message, I'm so sorry. I wanna thank you as well for your kind words they really mean a lot. Especially today. My mom and I just broke down. Happens from time to time. I was so lucky!!! so so lucky to have a father who was freakishly kind.
@COEYRN Yıl önce
@@thistlegal2154 I would have been very young, but yes I did watch the movie Taps. Wholly I forgot all about it. I always wondered where these flashes of memory came from. Thanks for asking me if I'd seen it. Now that clears up one memory I could never grasp. I really liked the movie Collateral. Dad did as well. Hell!!! I like all of Tom Cruise movies. He can act the sh%t out of any role. He is the single best example of the saying, "There's no Such Thing as a Bad Script, Just Bad Actors". NO ONE !! can beat him at that, and he knows it, which I applaud. I mean his cameo in Tropic Thunder drove me insane. I remember watching the movie, and I couldn't get over how amazing this total random guy was. Odder still I think it actually took me a couple of days to find it on the Web. I was shocked when I found out it was Tom Cruise, and this only strengthened my conviction of what I stated above.
@chocho8036 Yıl önce
how does graham manage to joke and tease his guests so much and never ever make them feel bad but not pander either ? It's genius ❤😂
@abbidolan2903 10 aylar önce
It's the Irish thing, we live to tease people but it doesn't come off as mean😂
@jerimiller5651 9 aylar önce
It's not what you say,... But how you say it. Plus,.. Add that mischeveous smile he delivers it with.
@PS_testing321... Yıl önce
I love "A Few Good Men" because it is a great movie, not necessarily for Cruise. My favorite scene is the one where he gets out his baseball bat and tells the others to sit down. Of course Nicholson sort of owned that movie, but Cruise, like in the movie, held his own.
@smellycunt1629 9 aylar önce
Nicholson is highly overrated. Always has been. Like Pacino. Difference is, Nicholson can act, Pacino can't.
@mookyyzed2216 Yıl önce
I'm a devout christian. And Tom Cruise may not share my beliefs in spiritual things, but he knows exactly what he's doing when making films. I am always thoroughly intrigued when I hear of an upcoming Tom Cruise film, because he does not ever fail to deliver.
@paulyp9853 29 gün önce
I am Catholic, but if you pull yourself out of it and look at religion as a whole at some point they can all sound ridiculous. So Scientology, Christianity, Judasim, .....etc etc...whoever believes in any of them that is their business.
@cindythomas5895 Yıl önce
I so love Tom Cruise... a true true movie star and a great man
@knarrie1966 Yıl önce
The down to earth interviewing style of Graham make even Hollywood stars lower their publicity mask.
@dorothyg3012 10 aylar önce
Tom Cruise expects excellence from himself and his movies. You are guaranteed a good movie if he is starring in it. He always gives 100% I've been a fan forever and his smile is extraordinary. Love, love, love him and his acting of course!❤. Graham Norton brings out the best in his guests and he doesn't disappoint interviewing this incredible star.
@runnerphile1997 Yıl önce
Tom Cruise is a workaholic in the best possible way...always carries himself with dignity wnd grace ❤️
@williamwright7892 3 aylar önce
The show with Tom, Rebecca, Henry, and Simon is my absolute favorite. Those 4 have such amazing chemistry, and as always, Graham has chemistry with them.
@retired5218 Yıl önce
Tom Cruise movies are the best. You know he's authentic and makes sure his movies meet his high standards. Great movie making!
@Julijana-rt7gy 5 aylar önce
Its incredible how much people love the created more than the CREATOR HIMSELF!!!
@shivamduttsharma1812 4 aylar önce
Tom's career was no less than a cruise. He wasn't himself aware the greats he will reach!!
@JustAboredZombie Yıl önce
Henry can actually fly, that was the best line😂
@susannalam5799 Yıl önce
@shoelessjoe1905 Yıl önce
How in the hell does this guy not have at least one Oscar by now?!? Rain Man, McGuire, Few good Men, Born on The Fourth of July!!! Etc. etc.
@joinjen3854 Yıl önce
Peers vote. The Academy. They are JEALOUS.
@jaimedornanlady7309 Yıl önce
I know, right?! He should seriously have at least a couple!
@everythingisawesome2903 9 aylar önce
Don't forget Magnolia, Jerry Maguire, Tropic Thunder etc.
@jimthar17 9 aylar önce
He was robbed in 88 for Rain Man. He should have gotten his first then but it was given to Kevin Kline for A Fish Called Wanda. Terrible movie. Even Dustin Hoffman called them out on it after winning his Best Actor for the same movie basically saying it was a sham Tom didn't win.
@everythingisawesome2903 9 aylar önce
@@jimthar17 is it true what they say that he's actually the main character in Rainman and Dustin Hoffman was supporting?
@nikkibass29 Yıl önce
Ugh, don’t you just love Graham? I mean Tom too but, Graham… He’s the man 😂 seriously though, I adore his show and it’s him and the way he interviews people is just one of a kind. No one does it better! 💜
@tabathaogost4982 Yıl önce
The ultimate professional, Tom Cruise! Look at him ensure he shakes the hands of the audience volunteers, he misses no details!
@Sunflo07H Yıl önce
I love Graham Norton ❤️ He's such an amazing host!!!
@xamurai00 Yıl önce
You can see Tom getting more and more confident been on the GN show for every appearance going forward.
@lindas.martin2806 Yıl önce
I just love when Graham gives the audience chances to participate and the actors get such a kick out of it! Super!
@resourcesedu1055 Yıl önce
Tom Cruise is not only a great actor, but he is a real person. A good human.
@helRAEzzzer Yıl önce
Grahm really does have a talent for keeping a show going when someone is acting stupid.
@jobmeems365 Yıl önce
wait, who was acting stupid?
@pamnelson7296 Yıl önce
Yah, I agree 👍.
@pamjedlicka8451 Yıl önce
Tom Cruise is the ultimate movie star!!! Have always loved him!!!
@tomcruise4771 11 aylar önce
Hello Pam are you also one of my lovely supporters out there?
@sevgilim1308 Yıl önce
I saw Tom twice in London Heliport on a different times (i think the 2nd time was when he was here for promoting his movie TG Maverick) and i tell you what an increble individual? The energy totally changed as soon as he entered the room. Absolute nicest, humble and kind person.
@dianeyoung2914 Yıl önce
Love him on Graham Norton but one of my absolute favourite moments were when he got James Corden to skydive and then more recently took him out in a jet, just the funniest!
@63LindaLee Yıl önce
I agree! One of the funniest moments on T.V. Love Cruise and Corden.
@pabriny 8 aylar önce
Love the comment "They're not as nice as you" as Tom shakes everybody's hands and tries to introduce the cast as well, as they refuse to shake the audience's hands. Class act.
@venithomas201 Yıl önce
I loooove Graham Norton! He's indeed funny and relaxed!
@srivatsadamaraju1473 Yıl önce
While Tom is nerding out on how he does stunts and broke his ankle, Rebecca and Henry are in the back just having a little classroom romance. Love it!😂
@spud9192 Yıl önce
Best talk show ever it’s like the cameras are turned off on Graham’s show and the guests feel at home 💗
@marsmama3919 Yıl önce
Graham’s wit….what he does with one phrase sooooo funny I die laughing every time.
@mihaelfitz Yıl önce
Everyone jumping on Tom Cruise appreciation train...absolutely deserved, every ounce of it.
@TheBEATLEnumber5 Yıl önce
It’s finally socially acceptable now that he’s stopped talking about Scientology
@sithlordrj8883 11 aylar önce
@@TheBEATLEnumber5 Ppl made such a big deal when he jumped on the sofa talking to Oprah. I never saw it as such. Sometimes you do crazy things when in love.
@jamoe4802 4 aylar önce
Tom has to go back on! We want more!
@maganoiitula9552 Yıl önce
You can tell how much Tom loves his work.
@mcegri2 Yıl önce
Icon. Never miss his movies. Great interview with all the actors.
@ruthlester-scott7572 Yıl önce
Love love love Graham Norton.... he's a National Treasure ❤️
@addsquirrel2171 Yıl önce
The entire time they were talking about the underwater scenes I was having a full blown anxiety attack 🤣🤣 I love air so much right now
@cakgalkarlos 7 aylar önce
Tom Cruise what a gentlemen, he hand shakes who came in front of green screen. He is at an another level.
@BenOchart Yıl önce
So much fun and professionalism. Just amazing to witness.
@khinzakhan66 Yıl önce
Idc what people say he is such a nice guy! And such a great actor!! I mean how many nearly 60 year old are hanging off planes for the movies? Dedicated to the craft 💕
@thistlegal2154 Yıl önce
Check out James cordon and Tom cruise tandem skydive, it's hilarious. I did it, tons of things went wrong, but plan to do again lol.
@lilyignacio4862 Yıl önce
Can’t get enough of Tom cruise. Wow a good man
@JashShah 9 aylar önce
The fact that Tom Cruise is a year older than Graham Norton is crazy to me. He totally doesn't look that old.
@mariaquick7630 Yıl önce
She said he said in a Tom Cruise’ s way “ Welcome to the Mission”Tom said “know I didn’t that’s cheesy”then the other Actors (guys )said “yes He said it to all of us “ that was the best line 😂😂😂 in the whole interview
@tomcruise4771 11 aylar önce
Hello Maria are you also one of my lovely supporters out there?
@DanielGurney Yıl önce
Graham interviews his guests generously, cheekily and warmly. They’re his buddies and are not a show piece they’re there because we want a chat. Just a simple chat, and a laugh.
@amypagekaviani5661 8 aylar önce
I have often thought I would love to go to a party at Graham's house!
@mariacosta6588 4 aylar önce
Sucesso total😊
@dextermoore278 Yıl önce
I love Graham Norton. He has the most fun and entertaining Show and he brings out the best in his Guests.
@Msquared112 Yıl önce
Tom Cruise has the most spectacular smile in Hollywood. AND, he can act.
@vice.nor.virtue 11 aylar önce
His smile isn't symmetrical though. IF you draw a line down the middle of his face, the symmetry of his simile is slightly to the left, so the "middle" of his smile is actually his right front incisor.
@Msquared112 11 aylar önce
@@vice.nor.virtue No one's face or smile is symmetrical. His smile is off-center but is a blazing smile from either side, especially from his right side.
@louduva9849 11 aylar önce
@@vice.nor.virtue Who effin'' cares?
@tubingit1856 11 aylar önce
And he is creepy when not acting. His former wives and others are holding a lid on some pretty nasty stuff. Watch the interview with the Australian journalist Peter Overton to get an impression of who Cruise really is.
@delhowell4416 Yıl önce
Whatever anyone may say or think Tom is real and a fabulous actor I grew up watching him since risky business and I love him still………
@tomcruise4771 11 aylar önce
Hello Del are you also one of my lovely supporters out there?
@MoltenUprisingMK 9 aylar önce
I swear, I can't think of Tom Cruise without thinking of Top Gun. It's the one movie he'll always be associated with.
@ladylovebug007 Yıl önce
Ummm yeah that's why Tom is better than any 007 he is the greatest of all times. No one beats him he put blood sweat tears literally in all his movies. I love you Tom Cruise for every amazing on screen experience 😍 ❤️
@juliannatunde3756 10 aylar önce
Such fun interviews 🥰 if I ever met Tom Cruise I would be so star struck 😂😍 I’m from Hungary and a scientologist, so when I first traveled to the US and visited a major church where celebrities could also appear, I remember preparing myself how not to scream or faint if I happen to run into him 😂😂😂 Like a Hungarian guy I know was walking up the stairs talking to someone them kinda blocking the way, and a person jogging up the stairs lightly taped him on the shoulder to make way, and he turned and it was Tom, like I would have been so shocked 🥹😱
@juliannatunde3756 10 aylar önce
But at least i can say I’ve literally walked the stairs he did even if not at the same time😆 living in Hungary that’s a big thing to say, it’s not very likely run into A class Hollywood actors this side of the globe 😂
@haelous8910 Yıl önce
This is why Tom Cruise is my Fav actor haha, literally a beast of an actor and such a nice person.
@mikewhite4560 Yıl önce
Correction, Tommy's not an ACTOR. He's à MOVIE STAR......
@TomCruise-ul5cf 6 aylar önce
Thanks for the endless love and support you have shown me, I love you
@docsnh Yıl önce
I wish I could just stream Graham Norton shows everyday for the rest of my life, he's so fun and witty. Just love this man...and Tom Cruise isn't bad either. ;)
@mariusvranceanvirixDerTod Yıl önce
totally disagree ... cannot stand his laugh his jokes anything apart from his guests LOL
@tomcruise4771 11 aylar önce
@@mariusvranceanvirixDerTod Hello Marius are you also one of my lovely supporters out there?
@tomcruise4771 11 aylar önce
Hello Crazy Cat Queen are you also one of my lovely supporters out there?
@agxec2932 Yıl önce
My favorite actor of all time - Tom Cruise is the best of the best. He deserves Best Actor Oscar for Top Gun Maverick. 👍
@dianehayse8157 Yıl önce
Wow...he is really dedicated!!!! I'm no sure giving to the fans that much is worth it!!!! No wonder he is such a fabulous actor!!!!
@dianehayse8157 Yıl önce
@@thomascruise8683 welcome
@thomascruise8683 Yıl önce
@@dianehayse8157 Hi , pretty face, i know this is like a dream to you.Thank you for being a fan
@dianehayse8157 Yıl önce
@@thomascruise8683 I'm not Diane. I'm her childhood friend. Diane passed away just last night. Thet handed me her i am here looking at what she looked at.
@dianehayse8157 Yıl önce
@@thomascruise8683 I'm sorry but Diane passed away late last night. She was a big fan of yours!!! Hospital gave me her phone and her clothing. She didn't associate with family.
@dianehayse8157 Yıl önce
@@thomascruise8683 What??? Did you get my reply...come on man!!! Conversation Over!!!
@Popcornkulture Yıl önce
Graham is so good with guests. Tom looks so comfortable on the show.
@JerryFlowersIII Yıl önce
For the guy who is basically the dictionary example of a famous person Tom seems like such a nice guy.
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