We went to the homeland of San Sebastian Cheesecake!

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We went to the homeland of !
In this week's video; We will introduce you to the city of , located in the Basque region in the north of Spain, and its surroundings.

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Famous for its beaches, delicious food and international film and jazz festivals, San Sabastian is also the homeland of San Sebastian Cheeskake, which is very famous in our country.

San Sebastian is a very nice holiday destination where you can enjoy the sea, sand and sun during the summer months, and have a perfect feast with a wonderful variety of delicious food. There are accommodation and restaurants suitable for every budget in the city.

San Sebastian is also among the favorite addresses of surf enthusiasts. The fact that the city is on the coast of the Atlantic ocean and the location of the beaches is ideal for surfing. There are 3 big beaches in San Sebastian. La Concha beach is the most famous and crowded beach of the city. Wide beaches with very fine yellow sand bring thousands of sea lovers together in summer. Held towards the end of July, the International Jazz Festival brings many tourists to San Sebastian.

The San Sebastian Film Festival, which is held every September, hosts many world-famous directors and movie stars.

In San Sebastian, the reputation of the snacks called Pintxo, consisting of different kinds of appetizers placed on bread or fastened with toothpicks, has spread throughout the world. Especially in the summer months, there are an incredible number of tourists who come to San Sebastian to eat pintxo and it is almost impossible to find a place to sit in the pintxos bars on the streets.

For dinner, we made a reservation at the -Starred Mirador de Ulia restaurant, which is famous for its Fine Dining cuisine. Located on the hill overlooking Zurriola beach on the right side of San Sebastian, the restaurant had an excellent view.

For accommodation, we chose the Mercure Monte Igueldo Hotel, which has the most beautiful view of the city. This hotel, where you can have a bird's-eye view of the city and watch the Bay of Biscay from above, is among the best alternatives to stay in San Sebastian.

After breakfast, we decided to go to Zarautz, 20km away, and then Getaria, 25km away, to explore the San Sebastian surroundings. Zarautz is among the places visited by surfers. Getaria is a historical fishing town.

In Zarautz, which has a wide beach, you can take a walk along the beach, sit in the cafes overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, and drink your coffee while watching the ocean. Ocean waves have made this resort a preferred vacation destination for surfers.

Getaria is a historical fishing town with approximately 2,500 inhabitants and is famous for its fish restaurants. There are remains from the Roman period in the old town area.

The most famous fish of Getaria is the turbot fish caught from its ocean. We preferred the restaurant called Kaia Kaipe in Getaria. This restaurant is among the restaurants recommended by Michelin. While we were here, we wanted to taste the famous fish of Getaria. Fish is cooked on coal fire in the grill area just outside the restaurant. Turbot fish here are slightly different from those in Turkey. They are more meaty and thick, and have fewer bones. We left from Getaria to Bilboa, the most important city of the region. We left our travel notes about Bilboa to another video we will make in the future.

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