Jimin: Like Crazy | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

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The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

2 aylar önce

Jimin performs "Like Crazy" for The Tonight Show.
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Jimin: Like Crazy | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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PLS DONATE 2 aylar önce
Who will always support Jimin forever raise their hand ✋✋✋
Allexxa 2 aylar önce
These comments are so disgustingly boring. Ya'll just saying this for damn likes why?
jaesunii 2 aylar önce
not only jimin but all bts member
october 2 aylar önce
@Allexxa stop being negative go stream face instead
Allexxa 2 aylar önce
@october yah are you insane? Every single person is commenting the same thing, "who will always support whoever blah blah raise their hand ". It's annoying because there isn't any comments anymore where people actually try to support them. And yk, I have a life, and I do not have the time to argue with you or to listen to the same song 2000 times right now.
Hi! 2 aylar önce
Stop with this spamming and stream the album
lululu nana
lululu nana 19 gün önce
Jimin's angelic voice is so magical that I can’t describe with words..
Daishiro 11 saatler önce
You know this is pre recorded
koreamom 16 gün önce
This man is just so expressive in his movements and singing. His dancing is subtle but says so much. His singing is exquisite to my ears and I'll never get enough of it!
Vanaleigh1013 Aylar önce
Jimin. You will always be the standard. I am so proud of you.
Vanaleigh1013 Aylar önce
How I wish the label sent this to US radio. This song is what you really want to hear on the Radio unlike the others. This is Radio material. Soundtrack Material and Driving song material. All of the above. Still proud of you Jimin.
pambaby912 20 gün önce
I don’t understand why it isn’t on the radio.
jhanesm24 19 gün önce
I agree this song is good
VIOLET 15 gün önce
Like Crazy is a radio friendly English song. In reality Radio Industry is never what is popular and how much fans requested this on polls DJ's gave. If you want your song to be played you need to follow the rules = PAYOLA. Labels will negotiate with radio heads to let their artist have a spin, it's all Abt 💸💸💸. We have done reaching out to radio stations, actively participating on their online polls, and sending flowers and gifts to them, hell even Albums but in return they throw the albums away and one even said we are trying to poison them. A DJ said that we are all annoying requesting the song all the time and that lead him to hate BTS and vowed to never play their songs. All in all we gave up. Good thing that TRshow is free.
VIOLET 15 gün önce
​@pambaby912 sadly and honorably BTS don't do Payola 😅. We've done our best to reach Radio stations. And their label Bighit will never do payola 😁
N-Silva BTS
N-Silva BTS 11 gün önce
As far as I know, radio doesn't play what is good or requested by the audience, but what they are paid for.
Amna JM
Amna JM Aylar önce
Jimin is the greatest singer, dancer and performer in the entire world.
Procrastinator Aylar önce
For his fans.
TÀI XỈU đại hiệp
TÀI XỈU đại hiệp 3 gün önce
Michael Jackson The greatest of all time, Jimin is great but nothing to MJ.
Zaheun TikTok
Zaheun TikTok 3 gün önce
He is ok but this is too much
Hrishitha💜 3 gün önce
@TÀI XỈU đại hiệp Yeah mj is unbeatable
Hrishitha💜 3 gün önce
He is great but not greatest
BTS BEING BTS 2 aylar önce
Who's Ready For This New Choreography?
Lavia Chauhan
Lavia Chauhan 2 aylar önce
Im not ready
A trUsFratEd ot7
A trUsFratEd ot7 2 aylar önce
vc2006 2 aylar önce
I love it so much! Especially the diversity of the background dancers!!!
Park 2 aylar önce
я не готова
Малейка Джаббарова
Малейка Джаббарова 2 aylar önce
@BAGTANSONYENDAN Bu sadece bir dans choreographisi ,neden sinir oldun ki?
DrSeckzytime Aylar önce
Guy is crazy talented and has one of those unique voices that just stand out. And he's even wilder of a dancer. Guy's blessed for sure. Great artist. BTS is loaded with talent. Imagine getting that lucky to ensemble a group like this. Haven't seen that since the Backstreet Boys.
lea larsen
lea larsen 24 gün önce
true but BTS also write their own songs they also produce and jimin did both on this song along with other inhouse producers.
Thais Queiroz
Thais Queiroz 21 gün önce
It's true
/&:-*% 12 gün önce
never heard a voice like his
e0n Aylar önce
I really felt Jimin’s loneliness as he stumbled back to his drink at the end. He is just brilliantly expressive in this performance from start to finish, head to fingertips to toes. Brilliant 💜
HI P 22 gün önce
so impressive and good!! Jimin, I'm always rooting you
My World Sumellika ❤💖
My World Sumellika ❤💖 Aylar önce
A well deserved #1 on Billboard 100..... This song turns more addictive on each listen. It's been weeks but still there's no slightest point of getting bored. This guy is a total pop star with this performance tho..... He slayed with this choreo
Ayushman Chatterjee
Ayushman Chatterjee Aylar önce
Are you reading my mind?
My World Sumellika ❤💖
My World Sumellika ❤💖 Aylar önce
@Ayushman Chatterjee All the armies have same thoughts for this..... We all are thinking same sis 💞
Procrastinator Aylar önce
He's since fallen off that chart...
Speakup yt
Speakup yt 28 gün önce
Jimin’s “Like Crazy”'' Hits ''Gold Certificate'' from the US Recording Industry(RIAA), A new record for Kpop Solo Artist---5/2/2023 According to Chart Data, which reports real-time music market news worldwide, Jimin’s “Like Crazy” has surpassed 500,000 units sold in the United States alone. These awards have come to stand as a benchmark of success for any artist-whether they’ve just released their first song or greatest hits album.
Speakup yt
Speakup yt 28 gün önce
Jimin is the first Korean singer to be on OST for a Hollywood action blockbuster movie "Fast and Furious: Ride or Die "Angel Pt.1.--5/10/2023
ju_ ju
ju_ ju 28 gün önce
Jimin has his own talent that no one can imitate
Lizard King
Lizard King Aylar önce
This dude is the perfect pop star. Very impressive
Ana Caroline_
Ana Caroline_ Aylar önce
i agree, Jimin is the perfect pop star
K Azan
K Azan Aylar önce
Hey ARmy
lanadrswife Aylar önce
jimin is just perfect overall that's a fact
Uxlo Pzio
Uxlo Pzio Aylar önce
Jimin talented boy💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
Lilnav10 Aylar önce
veruzcagc 21 gün önce
You're such a superstar, Park Jimin! I'm in awe of you!
Ananya 22 gün önce
Must say the most attractive , full with charisma, talented idol.
Procrastinator 20 gün önce
For his fans.
Cristiane Soares
Cristiane Soares 11 gün önce
Mmmkkllllo 1:22
이klzm 6 gün önce
자랑스런 지민 언제나 응원합니다
theplanet7 22 gün önce
Perfect voice perfect dance perfect song perfect performance... thank you jimin to give us this great album!!!
Dokanyene Victory
Dokanyene Victory Aylar önce
Very proud of Jimin ❤💜💜💜💜👍
Pokemon1200 2 aylar önce
I'm not an army but I gotta admit that this song is a masterpiece. I'm playing it on repeat since yesterday. It's a BOP and the choreo is outstanding. Jimin is an amazing dancer
Jimina Diaz
Jimina Diaz 2 aylar önce
Y no solo bailarin excelente cantante tiene una hermosa voz y es hermosa persona 😊
Sinit Ghebrekidan
Sinit Ghebrekidan 2 aylar önce
Diana Bianca
Diana Bianca 2 aylar önce
Agree bro
Speakup yt
Speakup yt 2 aylar önce
This is addicting type of song that gives you butterflies and make you feel high, nostalgic and lonely at the same time. After years people will be writing comments how they wish to listen it again for the first time~ Jimin haunting vocal, dancing and lyrics, everything is SO alluring! --Fenrir Riddle
Lala Zee
Lala Zee Aylar önce
Can't stop admiring this masterpiece.
M K 12 gün önce
The song's good too 😏
Peach_19 11 gün önce
Rosana Fonseca sobreira
Rosana Fonseca sobreira 22 gün önce
Jimin perfeito como sempre
Jiminie te amo y estoy orgullosa de ti, muchísimo más de lo crees💖😏🇲🇽
Mariela Park
Mariela Park Aylar önce
This song fits Jimin so beautifully, I'm in love
Luis To
Luis To Aylar önce
i love this song! Jimin u are amazing!!
Yeono 2 aylar önce
It's no accident this song is a hit. I actually don't care for K pop, but this is a very soulful, beautiful song. Almost otherworldly.
‘Myrthe 2 aylar önce
BTS and Jimin are beyond k-pop, their discography is so diverse. It’s a shame they always get boxed into the k-pop label. They do pop, rock, hip-hop, r&b and much more
brey park
brey park 2 aylar önce
thank you
Rahil King
Rahil King 2 aylar önce
Well but BTS is not KPOP group anymore, They're Global Superstars.
Zuzanna Witkowicz
Zuzanna Witkowicz 2 aylar önce
slowand song
slowand song 23 gün önce
Jimin, you’re just like the star shining bright
FACE 0324
FACE 0324 Aylar önce
너무 잘한다 우리 지민이 👏👏👏
N Z-L-EVA Aylar önce
Jimin, this is an impossible beauty. I can't stop admiring you! Thank you for your talent and genius. I'm proud and love it! ..... and yeaaah! The dancers are great too! Bravo!
Sammie Overmyer
Sammie Overmyer 18 gün önce
Jimin is multi-talented. I appreciated how he has two versions of this song both are amazing to listen to.I also want to say that he shines the brightest when doing what he loves the most.
Manoj Kumar
Manoj Kumar 9 gün önce
Wonderful song amazing choreography well done jimin
Cande Copello
Cande Copello 2 aylar önce
Mejor bailarín y cantante de este mundo, bye 👋 ❤
ariya_27 12 gün önce
Jimin always makes the greatest music 🎶 Stay happy every moment of your life 💜💛
kx22i Aylar önce
this is a beautiful performance. jimin is one of the most elegant performers i've ever seen. we love you park jimin!
peach Aylar önce
Love his voice,dance,personality and everything ❤
mit mat
mit mat Aylar önce
Dancing king!! Saranghae Jimin!
Never Mind
Never Mind Aylar önce
This performance is so beautiful. I love Jimin!!!
Ip Pass
Ip Pass 2 aylar önce
listened this song a few times in the last two days and today I discovered the singer is a bts member. seriously no one ever told me bts has a voice like his. this song is so good. have it on my playlist
Crystal Snow11
Crystal Snow11 2 aylar önce
You should definitely check out more BTS songs and Jimin solo songs if you enjoyed this song.
Borntobereal 2004
Borntobereal 2004 Aylar önce
Its happened with me too.I always disliked them because l just took them as the usual pop boybands.But then l listened to some of their underrated songs and fell in love with their songs.They have many songs that are not publicized much,most people only know one or two of their songs(the ones in English which personally l don't like that much),but they have like 300 other songs that are so original and beautiful
jimin Christmas filter
jimin Christmas filter Aylar önce
Tnk u for loving his voice Me too he attract me on his unique voice❤
Peppermintpoot Aylar önce
It's such a fun rabbit-hole. BTS SLAPS
Jamila Worley
Jamila Worley Aylar önce
Omg me too! this song is so good
in kei
in kei Aylar önce
다시봐도 무대 좋다 지민이 like crazy 같은 노래 또 내 주길
kiaraa Aylar önce
Jimin mostrando su gran talento
HI P 25 gün önce
지민 무대는 항상 환상적임
Marina Vozmitel
Marina Vozmitel 12 gün önce
Ну какая же красота и услада для слуха и глаз - и музыка, и вокал Чимина, и хореография...
baby_j13.95 6 gün önce
Согласна могу только добавит что он само искусства как его музыка
정아 23 gün önce
지민아 사랑한다.💜💜💜
Jake Rohr
Jake Rohr 2 aylar önce
I was in a BTS music video and Jimin was super fun to work with. One memory I won’t forgot is when we where in the savanna for the video “ON” music video. The day was very hot and he had someone holding an umbrella to block the sun and instead he took the umbrella and covered the drummer boy who had no hair in 2:57 of the video. I have a feeling the fans would love this story. (I’m the dead soldier in the very beginning of the video to show proof)
Musicloverxs3 2 aylar önce
Aww you're so lucky
ʚ ᗢ
ʚ ᗢ 2 aylar önce
I'm glad you had an awesome experience with bts! 😊
Fenrir Riddle
Fenrir Riddle 2 aylar önce
That's so cool. I just played ON to spot you there. Nice story 💜
toqa toqa
toqa toqa 2 aylar önce
kanekii 2 aylar önce
I hope you get to work with them again all the best you got a bright future ahead 😊
Галина Михеева
Галина Михеева 23 gün önce
Когда все сошлось- и внешность, и голос, и невероятная пластичность
Jin Kyu Jang
Jin Kyu Jang Aylar önce
지민이 무대는 봐도 봐도 멋짐..
Bà dà lái xe tăng
Bà dà lái xe tăng Aylar önce
Giọng jimin thật sự rất hay
이klzm Aylar önce
굉장하다 노래좋고 안무 멋지고 최고다 지민👍
my decalcomaniaktv
my decalcomaniaktv 29 gün önce
Чимин, я невероятно горжусь тобой
cat mom
cat mom 2 aylar önce
Jimin is so charismatic. Can't take my eyes off of him. His dancing is so smooth and his voice is so mesmerizing. The backup dancers did a great job too.
BINGUI GUESSERE 2 aylar önce
he is a great performer
Alex bro
Alex bro 2 aylar önce
the girl who did the pair dance with him is so beautiful and amazing at dancing too!
zhrila 2 aylar önce
@Alex bro know her name?
himari riku
himari riku 2 aylar önce
Alex bro
Alex bro 2 aylar önce
@himari riku is that a manga? so random
naaz ☾
naaz ☾ Aylar önce
the choreography is so beautiful and the song is a masterpiece, im so proud of you my jimin, you did so well
Vicky♡ Aylar önce
Amo de paixão essa performace
Ilyuza Akhmetzyanova
Ilyuza Akhmetzyanova Aylar önce
My lovely Jiminie!
이지니 Aylar önce
지민의 재능을 온 세상 사람들이 알기를 바랍니다❤
Min Aylar önce
De todas las presentaciones que hizo Mimi esta es la que más me gusta. No sé, siento una química increíble con los bailarines, el ambiente, los colores y el vestuario, todo me encanta.
tiare 2 aylar önce
Jimin is the first South Korean soloist to score a No. 1 hit on the #Hot100 💛💛💛💛
Shining Flower
Shining Flower 2 aylar önce
Sapam Ornella Chanu
Sapam Ornella Chanu 2 aylar önce
Alexandra Giselle Chavez
Alexandra Giselle Chavez 2 aylar önce
😮😮😮wow .. increíble espectacular Jimmin
Taylor Lee
Taylor Lee 2 aylar önce
I’ve been listening to it non-stop 🫶
Maria Del Carmen Benavides Arévalo
Maria Del Carmen Benavides Arévalo Aylar önce
Disfrutando de esta hermosa canción todos los días... Jimin es tan sexy y su voz es única.. es un soplo de aire fresco en esta calor...
Nathaly Garcia
Nathaly Garcia 24 gün önce
Jimin es increíble como cantante y bailarín Dioooooos🤩 the best dancer💜💛
brey park
brey park Aylar önce
Mel ☆
Mel ☆ 28 gün önce
Sigo volviendo a este video. Lo fascinada que me tiene Jimin es insuperable ♡
Gustavo GY
Gustavo GY Aylar önce
Me encanta como bailas PARK JIMIN
Ampersand 2 aylar önce
This song is so addictive, I've been listening to it for 2 weeks now, since it came out, and I never get tired of it. Jimin what did you put to the song? it's so good.
이지니 2 aylar önce
M S 2 aylar önce
He put a spice called sexy spell.
Speakup yt
Speakup yt 2 aylar önce
@M S 😂😂😂
Pauline601 Aylar önce
Sophia Humphrey
Sophia Humphrey Aylar önce
@M S 🤣🤣🤣
Musa 25 gün önce
que hombre , que talento , que canción tan espectacular
Oilga Lili
Oilga Lili Aylar önce
Tesla blue
Tesla blue Aylar önce
The King JIMIN
Barbara Suarez
Barbara Suarez Aylar önce
He was born under a very special star that made him a awesome dancer singer and performer
Thuy Huong Vo Tran
Thuy Huong Vo Tran Aylar önce
His dancing lines are so beautiful! Very control!! And shout out to all the dancers!
Jenncysworld 2 aylar önce
Love the diversity of the Backup Dancers. He chose to perform with Dancers regardless of Gender, Race and Skin Color, which nowadays is still a rare occurence in Korean Music. Probs to Jimin for choosing to show diversity throughout his Dancers. Love this. 👏👏👏
Procrastinator 2 aylar önce
They were local dancers. There's really no diversity when he's in Korea.
Jenncysworld 2 aylar önce
@Procrastinator True, but he could have brought his own backup dancers with him from Korea, which they often do. So in that, I think he sets a good example.
Aemond Targaryen
Aemond Targaryen 2 aylar önce
​@Procrastinator 🤡
A 2 aylar önce
Nikki Kumari
Nikki Kumari 28 gün önce
Beautiful performance l love you jimin 💜💜💜
Marina Vozmitel
Marina Vozmitel Aylar önce
Выступление Чимина завораживает - глаз не отвести. Для меня Чимин - лучший танцор в k-pop
☀️ SunMoonDuo 🌙
☀️ SunMoonDuo 🌙 Aylar önce
Jimin you are absolutely amazing!
pancake Aylar önce
또보러옴.. 지민 무대중에 제일 감성적이고 아름다운거 같아요
💛 𝕄𝕠𝕔𝕙𝕚 ℙ𝕁𝕄 💛
💛 𝕄𝕠𝕔𝕙𝕚 ℙ𝕁𝕄 💛 29 gün önce
Es una coreografía genial y Jimin se ve increíble
하이소행복 2 aylar önce
멋찌다...울 지민이 최고다 최고👍
anurag sharma
anurag sharma 2 aylar önce
아니 ...우리 지민이 💜🙂 나 지민이 사랑하다❤️‍🩹💜
Inquisitve m
Inquisitve m 2 aylar önce
Korean Army?
Deidamia Avalos Flores
Deidamia Avalos Flores Aylar önce
Aun no puedo superar y mucho menos asimilar esta versión de Jimin, es muy perfecto 💗
Oilga Lili
Oilga Lili Aylar önce
Elizabeth Tarque
Elizabeth Tarque 24 gün önce
Te amo Jimin!!!!
Maria Candelária
Maria Candelária 27 gün önce
Jimin tem talento nato! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Ele deu vida ao BTS!
HI P 24 gün önce
Jimin's performance is always perfect.
Ille Girl
Ille Girl 2 aylar önce
Why is this song taking me back to the 80s when I was an adolescent? It’s so magical.
Tavikins Turner
Tavikins Turner Aylar önce
I was feeling the 80s hard. Time capsule nostalgic cloud 9 with this one. So smooth.
Mochi_Galletitas🍓🍪 Aylar önce
La presentación de PARK JIMIN merece más apoyo, vamos por los 20M!!! Y por más!!
Kroshka Aylar önce
I'm so obsessed with the song, performance and this man, total in love *_*
Marina Vozmitel
Marina Vozmitel 12 gün önce
Чимин занесен в Книгу рекордов Гиннеса как самый быстрый соло-исполнитель K-pop, набравший 1 миллиард прослушиваний в истории Spotify (393 дня). ПОЗДРАВЛЯЕМ, ЧИМИН!
Renata Itaparica
Renata Itaparica 28 gün önce
Perfeito, plástico, artístico demais! Jimin faz parecer simples! Ele é a própria dança!!!❤😍
Elina 9 gün önce
Jimin really puts sth in this song cuz it's just weird that the more I listen to it the more I get addicted , a true masterpiece
Nacelyia SAM JEY ⟭⟬ 💜
Nacelyia SAM JEY ⟭⟬ 💜 2 aylar önce
Gracias por la coreografía y la música de Jimin. ¡TÚ ERAS PERFECTO, RESPLANDECESTE EL ESCENARIO !
Marina Vozmitel
Marina Vozmitel Aylar önce
Твоё трудолюбие достойно уважения, твой талант достоин гордости, твоя красота достойна восхищения! Будь счастлив, успешен и здоров, дорогой наш Чимин!
Nor Hayati Abdullah
Nor Hayati Abdullah 26 gün önce
Jimin with Modern Contemporary Dance is Greatest Of All, Super Amazing!!!!!!!
Isabel Herrera Meléndez
Isabel Herrera Meléndez 18 gün önce
#Jimin es verdaderamente increíble.
Valerie Wright
Valerie Wright Aylar önce
I love watching Jimin. His moves are always classy.
Nina Aylar önce
I'm fascinated by the difference that the background dancers (and the bar prop) make in the song. The Korean background dancers are really good too - it's just cool to see which dance moves are accentuated (and how they're executed) based on the popular dancing style of the culture.
Ari 2112
Ari 2112 2 aylar önce
Wowwwwwwww jimin definitivamente siempre es 10/10 es un artista de talla mundial.
Alexa Gratecat
Alexa Gratecat Aylar önce
I could spend my life watching Jimin performances! Oh Jimin the amazing artist you are!
Juna Wells
Juna Wells 15 gün önce
Jimin is so awesome: great human being with a very humble attitude! And super talented artist !
Abril Lehmann
Abril Lehmann Aylar önce
Que cancion mas hermosa no me canso de oirla.
rina yoo
rina yoo Aylar önce
무대도 노래도 너무 좋아
Dian Valery
Dian Valery Aylar önce
Beautiful Jimin, beautiful song, beautiful voice; I’m obsessed with this song I just can’t stop to listen it 🫰🏼💜 (it deserves be number 1 on billboard)
Its J
Its J Aylar önce
It was number 1
Diksha singh
Diksha singh 2 aylar önce
The message he wanted to give from his choreography is just so beautiful. Can't wait for his performances at mcountdown and other music shows.
Yulisa 4 gün önce
Hatfa fontenele
Hatfa fontenele Aylar önce
O Jimin é incrível mesmo, cara. Entregou tudoooo
Ana Caroline
Ana Caroline 28 gün önce
siiiiim, como sempre né? Ele sempre entrega tudo no palco!!!
Фатима Расулова
Фатима Расулова Aylar önce
we love you JIMIN 💜
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