Giannis drops 50 in GM 6 to win 2021 Championship for the Bucks - Skip & Shannon | NBA | UNDISPUTED

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Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

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The Milwaukee Bucks completed their comeback against the Phoenix Suns last night, winning their fourth in a row to win their second championship and first since 1971. After trailing by 5 at halftime, the Bucks outscored the Suns by 12 in the second half. Giannis Antetokounmpo took home the MVP after dropping 50 points, 14 rebounds and 5 blocks. Hear what Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe have to say about Giannis and the Milwaukee Bucks winning the 2021 NBA title.

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Giannis drops 50 in GM 6 to win 2021 Championship for the Bucks - Skip \u0026 Shannon | NBA | UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED 8 saatler önce
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Antonio Hamboney
Antonio Hamboney Saatler önce
It took the " Greek Freek" to finally dethrone the fake King.....thanks Giannis
Jannis Tsipouridis
Jannis Tsipouridis 2 saatler önce
@Keith Cousins å
Joe Medina
Joe Medina 3 saatler önce
@ Mo Smooth you know what I mean….
Mo Smooth
Mo Smooth 3 saatler önce
@Joe Medina Fam, I said the same thing! I could have sworn I seen 48 pts
Joe Medina
Joe Medina 3 saatler önce
The nba had a malfunction yesterday anybody who was watching the last minute of the game seen this malfunction where Gianis had 48 points and for some reason there were a few seconds left and Gianis had not attempted to score again and then the game was over and they (nba) boosted it to 50 points lmao… It was a malfunction no one caught that? Lol….The score went final and then across the screen it says Gianis scores 50points, wow… So yeah after shooting his last 2 free throws he actually scored a total of 48 points!
Madril S
Madril S 22 saniye önce
Westbrook has the reputation for playing hard but Giannis ACTUALLY plays hard ALL THE TIME. Russ will hustle on the offensive side of the ball but on defense he's kinda lazy.
zulutryb Dakika önce
Giannis had 17 of 19 free throws ...that means Suns tried in every way to contain Giannis they just could not....that's all no excuses....CP3 good but again in the playoffs as before not good enough....Booker great player but not quite there yet, close.....Bucks were better that's all...
#1Daddysgirl Dakika önce
Skip is a dork 🙄 I cringed as soon as his mouthed opened and my IBS began flaring up😳
Madril S
Madril S 2 dakika önce
Phoenix definitely didn't play with a sense of urgency last night. It showed in their rebounding. Suns sat back and waiting & hoping that the ball would come to them after misses, while the Bucks aggressively went after loose balls. I saw that play out all night and in the moment.
Eric Espinoza
Eric Espinoza 2 dakika önce
Giannis is marvelous but I’d still take Kd over him tbh
Simanta Pun Thapa
Simanta Pun Thapa 2 dakika önce
50 Points 14 Rebounds 5 Blocks 17-19 FTM (89%) Your 2021 Finals MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo
Homie G
Homie G 2 dakika önce
Skip on coke
Ralpp Martin Cobarde
Ralpp Martin Cobarde 3 dakika önce
Ayton went from coming Superstar to homecoming welcome rookie
zulutryb 4 dakika önce
Skip..."I have to undercut it"....why?....because you were wrong again, Skip....the Suns did and tried to "crash" on top of Giannis sometimes triple coverage under the basket but Giannis ran them all over .....Giannis attacked ...Suns could not stop please don't look for a narrative to "undercut" what the Bucks with Giannis leading them has accomplished...please be more conscientious....for the love of God...
nothing bt facts
nothing bt facts 4 dakika önce
If kd has middleton and holiday vs giannias with who kd played with... who wins?? Obviously kd...
dblaze10 5 dakika önce
The problem with building a wall this year was that his teammates are more confident. They may have had bad shooting nights but they weren’t scared. Plus they’re whole starting lineup are above average defenders
Ralpp Martin Cobarde
Ralpp Martin Cobarde 5 dakika önce
It baffled me they werent even trying to build a wall against Giannis
Romen Shelton
Romen Shelton 5 dakika önce
Giannis and Middleton went savage period together
Zuri 6 dakika önce
He is blaming the Suns playing Giannis in single coverage for Giannis's dominance, but where was that energy for KD? The bucks did the same thing, letting KD iso against PJ Tucker and Jrue Holiday with Brook Lopez playing drop coverage on top of it. They gave KD every opportunity to average 35, and we didn't try and downplay his stats. Shouldn't be any different here.
Jason Kern
Jason Kern 7 dakika önce
Skip making fun of Ayton being scared and doing the 💁‍♂️ thing was hilarious😂
Leonard knight
Leonard knight 7 dakika önce
I love 💕 d , Booker NBA royalty !
Dan Moreta
Dan Moreta 7 dakika önce
When Shannon gave Giannis the "best player" crown, LeBron went into the LeGM mode😂😂😂
Judist Zoinkiski
Judist Zoinkiski 7 dakika önce
All im saying is that He had a superteam since ppl made a big deal about Blake who was "washed" and said he was an allstar like we talking about players who were allstar then Jrue join the buck to form an SUPERTEAM.
Evolve816 7 dakika önce
For everyone saying LeBron couldn't do this, they are lying to themselves. No hate on Giannis, I love his game, but I'm hearing a lot of people talking sideways. Another note about superteams, that's why Curry will never leave Golden State, he won his first ring without KD, they didn't need KD at all. Golden State was never considered a super team until KD arrived, the team was built from the ground up like the Bucks. LeBron jumps from team to team its true but it's different than how KD does it. LeBron is more of a tactical business man that we have never seen in the NBA which is why he's the wealthiest on and off the court. KD is really jumping to super teams. Congrats to the Bucks they definitely deserve this.
Jay Billa
Jay Billa 8 dakika önce
I'm listening to these so-called professional analyst talk about what a superstar is now I understand giannis is great but to say that Chris Middleton is not a superstar I don't agree with that I think he is very much so a superstar because he's done something that giannis doesn't do he finishes he completes and this is not to take anything away from giannis because when he's on fire he's on fire and he is that guy and honestly where would the devil team come from you can't afford to leave giannis by himself and you can't leave Chris Middleton by himself and if the help comes from under the basket who's going to guard Lopez I just think these so-called professional analysts that give people Superstar status or regular player status I just think they full of it
a00141799 8 dakika önce
Hey Skip: How about giving Giannis and the Bucks coaching staff some credit for developing Giannis' skillset and learning from the losses to Toronto and Miami. Did you really think that the same defenses that those teams threw at Giannis would continue to frustrate and stop him?? He'll never be the scorer Durant is but he brings a level of determination and fight that few players bring with those bright lights and pressure crush and intimidate so many others.
Tank Coffee
Tank Coffee 11 dakika önce
Giannis is baby shaq with handles
Tank Coffee
Tank Coffee 11 dakika önce
Lol skip said myyy god 😂
gutenbird 12 dakika önce
And Devin Booker refusing to take over game. Seriously. Guy refused to be the guy.
Virlos 12 dakika önce
I like how Shannon says giannis is the best because he kd was labeled the best before tonight’s performance so he gives it to giannis I mean yea Giannis deserves it now but we will see next post season when healthy vs healthy
Cheerioss -
Cheerioss - 12 dakika önce
After KD was cooking Giannis without any teammates i thought giannis just wasn’t on those elite guys levels like Harden, KD, Durant, Curry and Kawhi but bro Giannis really might be that guy. I gotta see how they respond next year but Giannis might be the best player in the world
Ghost23 14 dakika önce
Props to Giannis and the Bucks for winning it all right now and for not throwing away this opportunity (because I believe they will not go back to the Finals again). A lot of players in the Bucks team really deserve the ring because of their hardwork and grind. 👍
Reggie Turner
Reggie Turner 16 dakika önce
I saw a young kid freeze up! He 7 foot but not a man yet!
albertmolina36 matthew36matthew36
albertmolina36 matthew36matthew36 16 dakika önce
Shannon are you telling me if your boy AD AND LEBRON is healthy meet GIANIS in the finals, do you think GIANIS will have that 50pts performance vs AD? stop it.. HEALTHY AD will destroy him
Michael Davidson. Enriching Families
Michael Davidson. Enriching Families 17 dakika önce
Skip did it again... he showed how much he dislikes all sport team from Wisconsin. Can't wait until he retires or gets fired.
Ghost23 17 dakika önce
Suns were just lucky every round facing injured teams. 🤣 They got cocky because they really believed they are that good. 🤣🤣🤣
Jettski 19 dakika önce
I’m convinced that skip is a agent of destruction he such a hater 🤦🏽‍♂️
kelly allen
kelly allen 19 dakika önce
When Shannon started off with his of the 450 players in the NBA I just watched the best one in the league, I was like dammmmmnnnn Bobby Portis has arrived!
Rolando Chavez
Rolando Chavez 20 dakika önce
Giannis almost ended his career floping! The last 4 games NO floping strait up and down, congratulations bucks
Mitchell Monroe
Mitchell Monroe 20 dakika önce
no one plays harder than westbrook but giannis is close
Bruno Begic
Bruno Begic 23 dakika önce
Giannis now joins Dirk as the only guy that could point his finger at another superstar champion and say:"my ring is worth more than yours"
The Fusion
The Fusion 24 dakika önce
Giannis had 5 blocks but are we gonna ignore the 2-3 goal tends they called on him aswell... It felt like this man was everywhere... he put his presence out there that game felt like a 10 block game to me
PREDATORRR1982 24 dakika önce
Gianni did what superstars do, he elevated his game, he put up a performance for the ages, regardless of what the other coach's plan was. Putting up a wall isnt going to cut it because he knows he can rely on his team mates, and you cant keep saying oh well it happened 2 years ago lets do it again. He has grown and become a smarter basketballer. He DOMINATES the paint like Shaq did, and reminded us that basketball is a tall mans sport.
Andrew Cook
Andrew Cook 25 dakika önce
Please take notes kids. Challenge on the defensive end. If a superstar ain't afraid to be put on a poster neither should you
uhohhhsteven 25 dakika önce
2011 Mavs was the last team to only have a solo superstar and win. Proves its equally important to build around what you have as it is to chase these big names
Jeremiah Hudson
Jeremiah Hudson 26 dakika önce
They broke it down perfectly Shannon and Skip the greek killed the sun had the crowd saying bucks in 6 when they was in game 4 the sun's came with a stupid defensive strategy it's that simple get the ball out of the greek hand by putting up a wall have Chris and holiday win it duhhhhh
Daniel Alverio
Daniel Alverio 28 dakika önce
2:18 Unc wit the struggle 😂😂😂😂😂
uhohhhsteven 28 dakika önce
Skip is so disrespectful. Expects everyone to listen to him but nods his head the entire time only waiting for his turn to speak
Jesika Vocisano
Jesika Vocisano 28 dakika önce
Skip and Harden was punching their doors when Giannis won lol
JayyJonesTv 28 dakika önce
Big Goat 🐐 Giannis that is
stardomee 29 dakika önce
What is that ring I keep reading about? Is it another name for the cup?
gsmith973 29 dakika önce
No Kyrie injury and the bucks would not have made the finals.
Jay Starling
Jay Starling 31 dakika önce
I was going for the suns but you have to give credit to giannis he played like he wanted it. He was unstoppable on both ends.
Matt Behling
Matt Behling 31 dakika önce
Ayton realized he has no talent and didn’t stand a chance
Tyler Ray
Tyler Ray 31 dakika önce
Ever since I saw Giannis exhausted and nearly faint at the end of a playoff elimination game in sum like 2018 when Jason Kidd was still the head coach I knew this man had wild heart and deserved to win one day.
Pablo Quintero
Pablo Quintero 31 dakika önce
shannon sharpe is prime time. always entertaining in his analysis and knows the game better than any non former basketball player that I have heard. Only thing I don't agree on is GOAT. We all know that's MJ.
Robert Behncke
Robert Behncke 32 dakika önce
Sorry, Skip's analysis here is idiotic and ridiculous. Only meant for a counterpoint for the show.
Chenkov 32 dakika önce
Kawhi, giannis are really the only two superstars I like. They did it without some insane super team. Lebum never would have got those first rings with out wade, and def not the one with out kyrie.
J Zeke
J Zeke 33 dakika önce
Why the actual f#$@ is Shannon yelling throughout much of this? Is he hard of hearing?
Kingmanno Tech
Kingmanno Tech 34 dakika önce
Congratulations Giannis 👏 You won that NBA trophy 🏆
Jesus is the way Repent & sin no more
Jesus is the way Repent & sin no more 34 dakika önce
NBA playoffs and finals are rigged by the Illuminati satanic freemason religion
Black Jay
Black Jay 35 dakika önce
Skip is a big hater and don’t know what he talking about!! This always talk nonsense every time he open his mouth 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
thatone guy
thatone guy 36 dakika önce
I'm tired of all the talk of how poorly the Suns played, Maybe they were giving it their all, and Milwaukee was just that good as a team, with strategy and gameplan. Everyone keeps talking like Milwaukee is just a ok team, that got lucky with injuries and a Suns team that didn't want it.. Seems like they forget that the Bucks have had the best record in basketball over the last 3 seasons.
thatone guy
thatone guy 35 dakika önce
And they did it with the best defense in Basketball.
PowerPackers90 36 dakika önce
We are the Champions! We are the Champions! No time Skip's excuses, Cause we the Champions of the World!!!!
Vince Toney
Vince Toney 39 dakika önce
Shannon Sharpe u finally told the truth WHO is the best NBA PLAYER WOW TOOK LONG ENOUGH GOOD GAME BUCKS N I'M A 76' ERS FAN
Jeremiah Hudson
Jeremiah Hudson 40 dakika önce
PJ got a ring before paul and harden
Queen E
Queen E 40 dakika önce
Lebron went up against actual Superteams but Giannis beat a team where I could not tell you who there best 2nd player was some nights...this year’s playoffs was fun to watch but there were no really good teams this year
Joey Barner
Joey Barner 43 dakika önce
Skip is a hater still smh
Z D 43 dakika önce
Thought skip said suns would sweep after game 2 oh well he so hates to b wrong priceless
Nikhil Trivedi
Nikhil Trivedi 43 dakika önce
Giannis is more accomplished at age 26 than kd is at age 32, that’s crazy 😂
Samyar Saharnaz
Samyar Saharnaz 43 dakika önce
Giannis gonna flex his ring on harden 😤😤😤💯💯💥💥
d v
d v 43 dakika önce
Crowder too small 6'6 - 6'7 yea too small.
PackerManForLife 44 dakika önce
Brady throws 3 picks in the NFCCG and gets carried by the defense for the win Skip: GOAT!!!!! Giannis puts the team on his back and puts up half a hundo in the final game to bring his team to the win Skip: Meh
Jay Royalez King
Jay Royalez King 44 dakika önce
First Bron wins then Giannis back to back years Skip having the worst Post Co Vid Years
SuntanSuperman8 45 dakika önce
Skip Bayless just said Giannis isn’t a leader because he went and hugged his family after winning the chip. 🤡🤡🤡🤡 Edit: big surprise, Senile Skip brings up previous losses to diminish the guy who just won the NBA Finals.
Z D 45 dakika önce
Devin Booker never gonna win with that jinx Kardashian
bob bill
bob bill 46 dakika önce
Giannis can score 40+ on amazing efficiency but he still doesn’t get the credit that KD gets when he scores like that.
Raymond Brown
Raymond Brown 47 dakika önce
👑 Giannis 👑 definitely had a better performance then any LeBron James performance😂ESPN aka LeBron network upset lefraud james might begg 👑 giannis 👑 to L.A😂
Esdras Doc
Esdras Doc 48 dakika önce
Devin Booker was scared to take the ball in & getting his shots blocked
LAR Rodriglu
LAR Rodriglu 49 dakika önce
He is the best player in the NBA to me
Shawn Wood
Shawn Wood 49 dakika önce
Giannis. If he keeps his cool . Will be the future goat of all time.
Villanes Civil
Villanes Civil 52 dakika önce
Am I know who's Thanos..
Slique100 100
Slique100 100 52 dakika önce
Giannis just shut all of his critics mouths last night, and if they still have something negative to say about him, its just personal, because the man put his team on his back and carried them to the trophy. So how can you deny or criticize that.
kariba25 53 dakika önce
What a reaction when he tells him that PJ played overseas!! Like he went on a concentration Camp 🤯🤯 That's the reason why he can play defense and is not be bothered playing on the road. He is used to it, playing in stadiums with crazy atmosphere! If the NBA teams where smart they would sent all this big talent college rookies for a year or two overseas! He played for my team ARIS Thessaloniki for a year back in 2010!
The1 53 dakika önce
“Crowder is just too small”..”He is just not big or long enough” 🤣🤣
Nikolas Reeder
Nikolas Reeder 53 dakika önce
What about that stutter tho 😂
Andrew Hill
Andrew Hill 57 dakika önce
I scrolled back to a comment I made 6 years ago when I said giannis will be the best player in the league. Man it's good being right.
Adidas 20zero
Adidas 20zero 57 dakika önce
Bucks defense as a whole was too much for Suns!!!
Joey Sanchez
Joey Sanchez 59 dakika önce
Giannis won without a super team. He is definitely a superstar and arguably the best basketball player in today’s game. He carried that team.
Hot Fire
Hot Fire 59 dakika önce
I’ll get rid of holiday he’s bad on the offensive end and terrible but he’s defense really did help!
Tj Singh
Tj Singh Saatler önce
Bruh Tucker played 36 minutes and took one shot, and missed
Ken Li
Ken Li Saatler önce
This was great conversation
A Sharkslayer Film
A Sharkslayer Film Saatler önce
lol Skip just be waitig on his turn lmao
Dre Saatler önce
Crowder shrunk as the crowd got louder .2 losses in a row oww
RW Martinez
RW Martinez Saatler önce
Bet money, if Kawhi did not get injured vs Jazz. We would talk about how he's the BEST PLAYER on the Planet again. Trust, Clippers would have beaten Bucks.
OG Huncho
OG Huncho Saatler önce
Crazy that it took the finals for people to realize how great he is.... dude is a BEAST
Matteo_CV Saatler önce
Let’s not forget Giannis came back from a scary knee injury. Buddy came into the finals like the Greek god Zeus
Dre Saatler önce
Cp3 took his eye off the ball after winning the west the celebrated too soon forgetting the ultimate goal
Steve Dudeman
Steve Dudeman Saatler önce
I just don't think Phoenix had the personnel to create an effective wall. Toronto had Kawhi, Ibaka, Siakam and Gasol. Giannis has improved his decision making since then as well. I know Skip prefers to blame the losers rather than credit the winners unless it's one of a select few he likes.
Tony The Tiger
Tony The Tiger Saatler önce
Giannis gets 1 ring and he’s the best player? Legend??!! Y’all high lol
Ken Li
Ken Li Saatler önce
Hahahahahaa get out of there alive
Christ Twitch
Christ Twitch Saatler önce
who would have taught. phoenix losing the first time they face a non injured team. defintitely not saying it since they faced lakers. who we kiddin they would have lost against every other play off team in the west if they was healty. lakers , clippers jazz denver portland. they wouldnt be able to pass the forst round. and people were so hype on them its crazy
bob bill
bob bill Saatler önce
It’s not like they didn’t try to build a wall, they just don’t have the size to do it!
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