I Won't Feed If I Use This Hero With Anti-Feeding Ult, Right? I Won't Feed, Right? | Argus MLBB

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ShinmenTakezo YT

ShinmenTakezo YT

Yıl önce

I haven't won a match using Argus ever. This might be the day!
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@orochimaru3681 Yıl önce
Finally shin decided he's gonna become the protagonist
@minileo3107 Yıl önce
@redman4482 Yıl önce
Shin if you're tired of anti-feeding you can always start feeding with zhask since,
@levy1851 Yıl önce
"I'm pretty sure I'm not playing Faramis but why I am dying a lot"
@mayukhbandyopadhyay2261 Yıl önce
Argus while in ult : no one near
@blackdominican3173 Yıl önce
Shin's editing is so godlike that he can put a smile in heroes that doesn't show their mouths 😌
@asrieldreemurr1035 Yıl önce
No one's talking how usually in every thumbnail, The hero he uses has this photoshopped meme-esque smile, and here he just slapped a mouth on argus.
@hariku8325 Yıl önce
Argus having no face
@nawar9355 Yıl önce
Argus: has an ult that makes him emortal.
@saotami8362 Yıl önce
Watching shinmen play the hero that got me my first supreme title brings tears to my eyes
@fagg0t966 Yıl önce
From 3 matches 0% WR to 4 matches 25% WR
@comeandjoinusinthedollhous6260 Yıl önce
"If the hero doesnt have a face, add it by yourself"
@animevisualxrossing Yıl önce
this guy and his unique voice..gets us everytime
@husaini8009 Yıl önce
Sun's arrival on the base to extend the game by making the base immune to dmg is so creative
@nagaweeb6888 Yıl önce
Shin made every hero smile...
@cinnamonbread9656 Yıl önce
Argus is such a perv, He always finds a way to
@emanuelazote8988 Yıl önce
Pro tip for argus: if your team combination is good you can hyper. Otherwise use sprint or flicker and just wait for late game and don't die.
@ajunglkr.2006 Yıl önce
Never stop uploading shin. You always make my day better and i look forward to this everyday. 😭
@muhammadmahdin1934 Yıl önce
I feel like argus is just ok in the current meta. The problem is that he's waaay to squishy without his ult and his ult barely lasts a few seconds, so there's really no room for error with this hero. If you want to reduce his squishyness and build defense items he then again loses his damage and attack speed completely. He's probably the only hero in ml who would need a 7th item slot. Cuz ure either the most squishy hero in the team or you barely deal any damage without 1 item and still are relatively squishy. I wish they would fix that.
@constantine5707 Yıl önce
Even if shin won't play argus again, I'm still happy he did a video on argus
İçerisinden dolar çıkan sabun denedim #shorts
Haddi bee 😌 #nisanhakan #sedaözkan
Nisan Hakan
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Lol fanny easy for Cowsep Mobile Legends 😂.....
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