ONE YEAR | Renovating Two Stone Cabins in the Italian Alps

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Martijn Doolaard

Martijn Doolaard

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I'm one year in building a homestead in these two stone barns at this plot of land in the mountains in Piedmont, Italy. The first months I focused on the electricity, water connection and creating comfortable space to live on the land, whilst I was waiting for the building permit.
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VRF7 7 aylar önce
This deserves to be in Netflix or even better... in the Movie Theatre! The quality, the detail, everything! Every single episode is so satisfying to watch.
Woop2 7 aylar önce
National Geographic 💯
Jay T
Jay T 7 aylar önce
What... sell his soul to the devils incarnate? Martijn deserves better than that!
Dingle Casil Dingle
Dingle Casil Dingle 7 aylar önce
You’ve got it right, so adorable and very educational, internationally.
Jon Dunn
Jon Dunn 7 aylar önce
Thank you Jay he has way too much class and soul to sell out to some film company
Parousia 7 aylar önce
why should he do that ?he dont have a say what will be filmed and how it will be filmed ,he will loos all control.
Maaks 4 aylar önce
A three hour meaningful, instructive and amazing meditation. Incredible job done on the cabins, the filming, storytelling and editing. Thank you!
Arlene Myers
Arlene Myers 3 aylar önce
I enjoyed this immensely . Thank you for sharing ❤❤❤
EshetChayil6010 2 aylar önce
Stunning. What you said about uncontrollable nature, “It gives and takes, but mostly gives.” No doubt of that by watching your video. How can anyone question the existence of an almighty God with the beauty that surrounds you? Thank you for sharing.
Lu Aylar önce
It looks so magnificent breathtaking, but am just a woman, my husband was also a builder, he passed away unexpectedly. He could convert anything into something beautiful, nature was his most entertaining challenge. His vision was not to distort, or dismantle but to add additional dressing to complete a parabola of a restorable vision no matter of the complexity situation it need ed. CONGRATS!!!
AirScholar 24 gün önce
Do not be so stingy with the drinks and food. For all that free labor, I would have at least a tub of ice with a variety of drinks and a fridge full of food.
Jan Mitchell
Jan Mitchell Aylar önce
The best 3 hours I’ve spent on TRshow. I’m truly in awe of the work you’ve done (cheers to all the young helpers!), and I haven’t been this relaxed in ages. Fabulous music, and I hope there’s more videos on the way.❤️🇨🇦
Denise Ranoisio
Denise Ranoisio 4 aylar önce
man you are just great. I'm actually from Italy (Liguria near Piedmont) and seeing a foreign guy putting so much effort and love to bring back to life two old stone cabins, "Teccio" as we call it, and choosing to live off grid here is simply so wonderful and you deserve all the Italians respect. Thanks for sharing your journey and your skills, amazing.
lorenzo sponcichetti
lorenzo sponcichetti 25 gün önce
Concordo appieno ✋
TheHoinoel 5 gün önce
This was beautiful. Not only the building, but the cinematography, the storytelling, the people coming over. Thank you :)
Deb Filler
Deb Filler 4 aylar önce
Loved this Martijn, it's got such a wonderful rhythm and you are a renaissance man! Engineer, architect, builder, baker, painter, gardener, designer, roofer (!) driver, hiker, biker, cook, friend, filmmaker, photographer, good son and brother, neighbour, musican (!??) meditation man, observer of life. So talented. Congratulations. It's all beautiful. You're to be greatly admired.
Rocky Balboa
Rocky Balboa 2 aylar önce
marder Aylar önce
@Rocky Balboa please don't scream like that
Rocky Balboa
Rocky Balboa Aylar önce
bing chilling
bing chilling 27 gün önce
@Rocky Balboa why do you have to do that though
bing chilling
bing chilling 27 gün önce
@Rocky Balboa your message isn't worth highlighting
Alex Minetto
Alex Minetto 6 aylar önce
I live few kilometers from that place! So close to my hometown! This is the point of view our valleys deserve to shine a bit more across the world! Thank you Martijn for your journey, thanks for you images and imaginations, too! Thank you all for watching and appreciating our astonishing nature. Greetings from Italy and from our northern valleys!
clercfred 6 aylar önce
Where is it? Would love to visit one day :)
Alex Minetto
Alex Minetto 6 aylar önce
​@clercfred I wouldn't disclose the exact place since Martijn didn't, but it's in Val Pellice (as reported in the opening of the video), not so far from the French border.
clercfred 6 aylar önce
Oh thank you! Yeah I am sure he does not want 300k folks to know that! I did not yet get to the opening video, believe it or not, so thanks for the info!
Santa Coronado
Santa Coronado 6 aylar önce
@clercfred Visita trento en trentino...No hay nada más bello que la ciudad pintada donde nació mi padre, esta al norte en las faldas de los alpes, muy cerca de este lugar.....Saludos
Francesco 4 aylar önce
credimi meglio che certe cose non siano troppo conosciute )
Ralph Paez
Ralph Paez Aylar önce
You have done a phenomenal job not only on the two+ structures but also on the video. It's hard for me to comprehend how one man could have all of your many varied skills; a few worth noting: photojournalist, editing, sound, civil engineering, architect, construction worker, sociable, creativeness, and especially the manner in which you approached this project. You worked hard, but you recognize the important things in life: good food, cooking, hiking, enjoying the outdoors, and being with other people. Finally, thanks for not complaining about the loneliness and hard work like so many other TRshow creators!👍
Sue McKnight
Sue McKnight 3 aylar önce
This man’s dream & journey to accomplish it are mind boggling. And, beyond that…. I’m trying to imagine the hard-working hands of whomever built these cabins so very long ago. No power or power tools, finding & hauling all those stones & rocks…my mind cannot sometimes comprehend what determined human beings can do….❤
Pamela Repec
Pamela Repec 4 aylar önce
I live in a small town in Licking, Missouri, USA. I’ve always wanted to travel,especially to Italy. I’m disabled now so I don’t have any faith that will ever happen. But you & your videos are giving me the opportunity to still have a piece of my dream & I thank you for sharing. You have an amazing gift. You knowledge of both carpentry & ability to gain the natural power amazes me. Gods art is even more amazing. I hope you will continue to share your adventures.
Mule The Donkey
Mule The Donkey 3 aylar önce
who says you can't? an australian paraplegic trekked mount everest in a wheelchair. Martin Hibbert climbed Kilmanjaro in one too. I would not suggest climbing mount everest, but with the over 1 billion disabled people, they've certainly created pathways for disabled peopel to at least visit the country of italy. And italy itself isn't especially difficult, its just another modern country that's gonna have a lot of disabled accomodations. Do your dreams, be charitable, be kind. There is zero reason to regret when you can just try, taking risks for happiness :) edit: now ironically, nepal did have to ban blind/double amputee people from climbing. 300 people die on it a year, and its really just a very long line with a lot of trash and dead bodies thawing from snow melted due to climate change. Its high, but a mountain isn't high in comparison to other mountains, its high based on the spiritual experience you feel. So I would not recommend Everst to anyone. Nepal's probably incredible otherwise. Probably one of the more difficult places with a disability. Italy's just a fun, simple, good time.
Licking, right by Pleasures?
Thess OP
Thess OP Aylar önce
Dont give up Pamela, dont let go of your dream please
Domènec •
Domènec • 3 aylar önce
Just spent the whole Sunday afternoon watching this video with my dad. The shots, the colors, the scenery and the music is so spot on. Thanks for that and keep it up! Greetings from Benicàssim - Spain 🌿
Jillian Swaine
Jillian Swaine 4 aylar önce
I’m sitting here in a beautiful outdoor movie theatre surrounded by tall Norfolk Island pines at the University of Western Australia watching your videos on my tablet during lunch breaks. Your films transport me each and every time. Your silence within your projects, vistas, and explorations, combined, invite me to imagine being there. Imagination is everything. I live in a limestone cottage built in 1904 for dock workers at Fremantle port. It came with 2 friendly ghosts who had lived here at different times over its 120 year history. I am a scientist~turned~believer. Can’t help but wonder what your stone cottages hold? Thank you for sharing you and your adventures.
HotSauceOnMe! 2 aylar önce
Love Norfolk Pines they are all over my hometown of Whyalla. Really nice tree, can make a desert forest if you water them for a few years
Master Oogway
Master Oogway 5 aylar önce
I could honestly watch this as a show. It's so amazing how random people just join to help you out and how everyone is so friendly and you're so welcoming of everyone. So wholesome aswell as interesting
Em Ma
Em Ma 4 aylar önce
It's not so random it's WOOFING Working On Organic Farm - You work/ learn things they put you up and feed you 👍
Johnny Di
Johnny Di 3 aylar önce
...And yet. Italy is rapidly dying! It absolutely boggles my mind, and breaks my heart. Hope people wake up enough to change the current most probable outcome. 😔
Master Oogway
Master Oogway 3 aylar önce
@Johnny Di urm. Okay
Alice 25 gün önce
@Johnny Di Italy is dying?Are you crazy?
Janissima1 4 aylar önce
Martijn, I happened upon your video yesterday and initially thought - three hours? I watched half last night and thought about it all day, couldn't wait to finish work and get back to watching. You are an incredibly talented man, I am amazed at your design, carpentry, plumbing, masonry, electrical, baking, gardening, photography...and so much more, skills! How can one person know how to do so many things so well? The music you chose is devine, I've never been so relaxed, and it is a perfect match for the grandeur of your incredical home. Those mountains! Thank you for sharing your life with us, I cannot wait to see more. Bless you.
Eridu Life Off Grid
Eridu Life Off Grid 2 aylar önce
We started to follow Martijn on his stone house restoration journey over a year ago. We were so inspired by his content that we decided to start our own stone house restoration journey. In September 2022 we bought an abandoned land in Spain that has the stone house that will be restored soon. We started to share content in the hope to inspire others as Martijn inspired us. We are very grateful to Martjin for sharing his journey with us. Thank you
Sin Aylar önce
عندما انتهي من هذا الفيديو سأذهب للتحقق من محتواك ،مع كل الحب
MarketJunkiE 14 gün önce
Best of luck on your new journey. That place will turn out amazing, im 💯% sure of that. Excellent investment.
Russ Yusupoff
Russ Yusupoff 10 gün önce
Just subscribed to you…)), will see how are you doing)).
Simonsays 2 aylar önce
You did an amazing job but can we just appreciate how great those structures were built? I’m in awe of you’re work and the ones before you.
Ze-TopHat-Gamer 4 aylar önce
I don't know why, maybe its the music, maybe its the months of watching the property and channel grow but found myself damn near crying at the end of this video. Not out of sadness, not fully at least. I feel he captures the step by step process so well that it feels like a long journey coming to an end. Although it isn't ending and I look forward to a new video every week! Thank you Martjin!
Duncan Frere
Duncan Frere 7 aylar önce
Cinematography, editing, sound design, those epic drone shots, the satisfaction of watching a complex renovation done right! The natural beauty of your mountain homestead overlooking that incredible landscape is fully matched by the skills you're displaying in capturing it for us.This one-year compilation is just so satisfying to watch! Thanks for your channel.
William Burdon
William Burdon Aylar önce
IT's great to see so many young people out there exploring the world, I pray safe journeys for all of them ,
Sajid 3 aylar önce
An absolute masterpiece work of art. Whether it be the entire process of renovation work or the flawless way of making and editing the entire video. Martijn Doolaard is a champion at what he does.
Rev Melissa Kennedy
Rev Melissa Kennedy 4 aylar önce
This is epic! Thank You for creating content that is so ‘real’! My ancestry is half Italian decent so I felt such a connection to this place. Everything about how you created these chapters was so crisp, so fresh! Like the crunch of the artisan bread to the freshly picked produce. When you reached the top of that summit on your hike, it was as if I was standing right there with you! I could feel the breath of God up there on that mountain. 🙌🏻 I just can not say enough good about this vlog!! I have shared it with everyone I know!! Also, my Dad was a ‘Master Carpenter’, and as a young girl, I would build things with him, I dug holes, I hammered nails, this just brought me back to that time in my life. Wishing you well, Martijn. Thank You for sharing your ‘creation’ with the world! It is truly a gift. 😊
Samuel Pullen
Samuel Pullen Aylar önce
This has been one of the most amazing and meditative TRshow videos I have ever encountered. I appreciate your mindfulness in eating, forest gazing, building, troubleshooting, and transforming your homestead. Thanks for sharing!
Chris Mintjes
Chris Mintjes 4 aylar önce
Those aerial shots every few minutes, they must take up so much time. Huge respect for the effort
Martyn Hicks
Martyn Hicks 7 aylar önce
The snow, the autumn leaves, the views, the crane, the bread, the tent, the cabin, the tent, the table, the roof, the spring, the summer, the friends...Thank you for the journey, its a joy to watch.
Judy Cline
Judy Cline 7 aylar önce
The bread! 👏👏👏
Massimiliano Scrofano
Massimiliano Scrofano 7 aylar önce
The peace
terrybriody 7 aylar önce
The cow bells and shepherd song.
Judy Schepp
Judy Schepp 7 aylar önce
You are soooo right👍😁
mr Igor
mr Igor 6 aylar önce
And don't forget to mention, the tent!
Denise Ward
Denise Ward 3 aylar önce
Luscious viewing. I never want it to end. Such quality workmanship, breathtakingly beautiful.
This is the kind of "influencer content" we need. What an amazing project, what a wholesome man. Congratulations!
GJ 4 aylar önce
this is like the most cinematic experience i've had while watching a renovation process.
Sehra Saed
Sehra Saed Aylar önce
The amount of efforts nd patience in this whole series is incredible amazing.... ❤
John Buell
John Buell 2 aylar önce
What a beautiful and meditative three hours. As a psychologist I encourage my clients to be "mindful." You embody that perfectly - taking in each moment, focusing on what you can do, accepting what is uncontrollable, and not letting your emotions get too high or too low. Thank you for sharing your life and project with us and capturing it so well.
Filobótica 7 aylar önce
Congrats!! 🎂It is a pleasure to have been able to witness this last year. Thanks Martijn for sharing and long life in the mountains!
Marci B
Marci B 3 aylar önce
There are so many moments that made me want to jump on a plane and come help out...and enjoy those incredible views. What a great process to watch; candy for the fundamentalist method builders out there. On top of all the hard labour, making sure to film all sorts of much work went into this. Fabulous to watch. Thanks Martijn.
James Gill
James Gill 2 aylar önce
Truly a beautiful work of art. We watched it fully through in one sitting - completely unexpected. It came up as a random play after that guy that goes through abandoned mansions. The story, pacing, visuals, music, and people are incredible. Well done. Have already found some new music favorites from this for background music at home. Grazie!
Ricki Aylar önce
I think u Are reffering to shiey as the other guy
Tanska 3 aylar önce
Thank you for taking us on this journey with you. ❤️ It was an honour to see your progress.
O wszystkim i o niczym
O wszystkim i o niczym Aylar önce
I can't stop watching, it's the best thing I've ever seen. I admire you for such hard work and for what kind of person you are ... something beautiful and worthy of imitation. Thank you.
djchamath 4 aylar önce
what a 360 man you have to be to do something like this, a videographer, photographer, editor, carpenter, electrician, hiker, environmentalist, you are an amazing person....
Frank Top
Frank Top 5 aylar önce
Probably one of the best things I've ever seen on TRshow. The amount of work that went into both the cabins and the video is astounding.
Sian Huertas
Sian Huertas 2 aylar önce
Totally agree.
Silvergirl7 2 aylar önce
I can’t imagine how hard this was for him to stop and film, edit and document at the same time he was building but I’m glad he did so we all can enjoy this incredible journey as it is the journey through life where living exists.
ItsManne 4 gün önce
I looked at it and thought: "Bruh, I'm not watching 3 hours". But I did and now I want more. Spectacular scenery, filming, storytelling and music. I am in awe of what you have created. Thank you.
SE1Deadaim Aylar önce
It took me half a day to change the hinges on my wardrobe last week. How you've done all this in a year is astounding. Good work and keep the videos coming!
Erica Wren
Erica Wren 4 aylar önce
I'm just starting to watch this long episode again - withdrawal symptoms! The first few shots just remind me of how much you have achieved - even the most avid 'fan' can't begrudge you a winter holiday...... Thank you for making the films - I'm looking forward to the new ones when you return and hope you are having a good time, wherever you are.
Marty Wanlass
Marty Wanlass 4 aylar önce
When a person works for themself, its pure joy. He does work hard, but then he can soak in the incredible beauty of this place.
Валентина Сукач
Валентина Сукач 4 aylar önce
Эти ребята занимаются любимым и полезным делом, а ещё наслаждаются жизнью. Очень нравится Италия! Привет из Украины.
Owen Parry
Owen Parry 7 aylar önce
This will be the epic three hour episode. Buckle down folks we're in for a mega session. 👍🏼
Laura Kuley
Laura Kuley 2 aylar önce
This is one of the best and uplifting things I’ve ever watched. Thank you for making a hard day much better.
Chelsea Leonard
Chelsea Leonard 4 aylar önce
My new obsession. The work that is put into each video is astounding, and I am grateful for every second of this channel. Absolutely mind blowing !!!
RUBENSKI 2 aylar önce
The landscape is absolutely gorgeous, and the people so friendly!
Mr E
Mr E 2 aylar önce
Absolutely astounding, watching makes me want to be there and feel the gratification of a small nap on the grass, I want to feel strain of hefting a stove into the cabin, all the victories large and small. Bearing in mind not a one of us is a perfect human being. Taking the time and the effort to afford yourself the work to accomplish something as this man here has done, will however make you feel perfect. Live your lives 1 simple day, 1 simple moment at a time and thank our creator for the little bits of nature we've still got left to live and die within. Peace unto you all. 🤙
Wilber Jeffcoat
Wilber Jeffcoat Gün önce
Sir, you are a craftsman of the highest order. The meticulous care & attention to detail you put in this roof is beyond belief. Bravo!!!!!!! I’ve been lurking off and on, & today watched the full 3+ hours of year one, I’m truly impressed. Wilber, USA -South Carolina
Agata Lerch
Agata Lerch 7 aylar önce
It's been visual meditation for me. So soothing, pensive, and beautifully shot. A sheer pleasure to be a witness to this magic. Thank you so much, Martijn for enriching my life. Warmest regards from Canada.
tammy jarvis
tammy jarvis 7 aylar önce
Also watching from Canada!
Danielle Lana S.
Danielle Lana S. 7 aylar önce
Also watching From Canada!
Rita 7 aylar önce
Very well espressed! Martijn is touching so many lives. I feel people coming together and that is a very good feeling. Oh if we could come together in this world. 💚
Louise Gogel
Louise Gogel 7 aylar önce
@Rita We can and do, as we pursue our own lovely and wondrous dreams with peaceful passion and persistence. A river is made up of individual drops which were once widely scattered, but kept adding to each other until they began to flow smoothly and ever more powerfully together.
Rita 7 aylar önce
@Louise Gogel Beautifully said, and said expressing with nature. I relate to nature! 😊
doittoday1 4 aylar önce
Thank you for taking us along on your journey. This way of working and living I’m afraid is lost but every once in a while someone like you comes along and gives me a glimmer of hope that we might survive. The person that originally built those structures had nothing but the earth to work with and you bring them honor by beautifully restoring them. You are definitely a person My Wife and I would enjoy hanging out with , cooking over a fire and having a cold beverage .
Maggs Bufton
Maggs Bufton 3 aylar önce
Well the winds up there explain why people built their homes out of rocks…even the roofs, so they won’t blow away! What an amazing video, so much talent, hard work and such a beautiful place to live. I can hardly wait to see it complete.
ry500 4 aylar önce
An inspiration to everyone. Hard work and imagination can create something so beautiful 👌 All the best from Scotland 😁
TonettaLover Gün önce
So beautiful to see all kinds of different people coming across you and helping out. Living like this brings the best out of people.
Larisa Leon
Larisa Leon 25 gün önce
You made me feel like I am "reading" a movie. Some nights I "read" more, sometimes less. You did such a fantastic job! ❤❤❤❤❤❤ I've send it to my husband also and it's like we are "reading" the same book, and at the end, we will share thoughts and ideas about your adventures
nj l
nj l 7 aylar önce
Look how far you have come on life’s journey! Thanks for taking us all along! It’s inspiring and enviable; we must each participate in a dream venture, for ourselves. I’m always in awe how most of this has been just for you, alone but not lonely! To design, create, build and complete each step keeping with you the vision you set out to make a home, to have purpose and ownership. Thru the missteps, the lessons learned, and the skills you have gained. Pure bliss! Peace brother!!
Nanni's Notes
Nanni's Notes Aylar önce
Two things: this journey is inspiring - the presentation is exceptional. Congratulations and thank you for making this.
Brian Carey
Brian Carey 3 aylar önce
Someone has a poet's eye in putting this video together. Nicely done on your interesting journey!
AW 4 aylar önce
I am literally not even 3 minutes in and I'm already impressed with how much extra time and effort it must have taken to film it all so nicely, on top of the actual construction work. Respect! Now on to watching the video - I can feel myself relaxing already.
Sophie C.
Sophie C. 2 aylar önce
This is amazing, beyond words. Just spectacular, never stop doing things like this.
Emily Gasiewicz
Emily Gasiewicz 4 aylar önce
This was absolutely amazing, I want to rewatch the whole thing over again.
I U.
I U. 3 aylar önce
I’m watching It for the second time. It’s so beautiful and calming.
Lucas Cooley
Lucas Cooley 6 aylar önce
This deserves some kind of award. It inspires people in so many ways; filmography, carpentry, craftsmanship, naturalism. It's just so encouraging.
Emma Porsbjerg
Emma Porsbjerg 2 aylar önce
3 hours long and I still didn't want it to end. Major kudos, your work is amazing both craftmanship-wise and filmmaking-wise!
Michael Aylar önce
You are a true inspiration and a role model in so many ways. Thank you very much for this best night I have had since the plandemic started. This was deep therapy on a level that I cant explain. Artwork! Thank You!
Constance Walsh
Constance Walsh 4 aylar önce
Starting all over for the second time. Just to hear a man at work outside, with interludes of deep music and the sounds of ferocious winds, happy birds, or a crackling fire. And Martijn's good voice. It takes a certain kind of person to be with this, and here are more than three million of us!! There is hope.
Sunny Poon
Sunny Poon 26 gün önce
Your work is very inspirational, thanks for all the time and effort you’ve put into this for our enjoyment and to inspire the world!
xaneluu 4 aylar önce
It's 3 a.m. and I can't stop watching this video and I'm only half way through! So, so, so, amazing what you did there. Good luck!
MauiLoves 6 aylar önce
Accidentally and happily came across your channel and I enjoy EVERY SINGLE SECOND of it! There's something so uplifting seeing someone restoring a home that likely was once thriving & filled with happy people! Watching you do the work is equally as amazing. Thank you for including us on your journey.
Isabella Sorensen
Isabella Sorensen 6 aylar önce
Those were 2 stone barns, they were filled with sheep or hay for winter .. don't know how happy the sheep were tho
Alan Pope
Alan Pope 6 aylar önce
@Isabella Sorensen 🤣
Rogue Stitches
Rogue Stitches 2 aylar önce
This is beautiful! I could watch hours and hours of this. It's sort of a dream of mine to live like this. I couldn't imagine haveing people come from all over the world to help me with it though! It's just amazing.
Лейля Жаппуева
Лейля Жаппуева 3 aylar önce
Как же прекрасен человек который с таким уважением и аккуратностью трудится и живет! Браво. Мужчина строящий своими руками и созидающий прекрасен!
Sherry Rose
Sherry Rose 2 aylar önce
First I like to say you and all the people that came to help out was such an awesome thing to watch. We need more love like that in the world today. I'll admit I wasn't looking you up I just happen to have my TV on TRshow and feel asleep to something else but woke up to you and 4 other guys working some place absolutely breathtaking and you had me sucked in.😊 There was something that was puzzling me though and I have to ask, when you put the 'condensation paper' on the roof why did you roll it down like you did instead of across overlapping itself ? I'm thinking maybe because the way you did the roof it didn't matter.? (By the way it looked beautiful.) I just turned 55 but last year I built my own shed from the ground up (10x10x12 high) all by myself ,literally and made a second floor instead of a loft , no windows on the bottom but 2 on the top walls. I have no experience only Common sense and I have to say I did a ok. Anyway, I got to the top part and didn't finish the last 2 feet up on 3 walls and didn't get my roof on nor the siding , I have it all framed in and I had the beems up with the 10 ft. Metal sheets but didn't nail in any of the beems or sheets on to the beems and the wind blew all that off and the rain has been pounding on it so I screwed up.. I DID good though, it's built more like a house then a shed. Everything is level and square and I blew my friends away . It's hard work and I just wanted to say if I could of I would of come to help.🙂 I watched the rest of your video and you really did a fantastic job in a wonder land of stunning beauty. I will subscribe and keep watching.. Thank you ,
Heather Stock
Heather Stock 4 aylar önce
What a soul-enriching, inspiring, educational and beautiful journey you took us on. I watched this whole film last night, it helped me feel better after finding out my cat passed away tragically.
Tyson Messori
Tyson Messori 4 aylar önce
I love the story and cinematography - always giving the wide view following by the detailed shot of what you're doing. This must have taken ages to shoot and edit! Good job!
Bkip Me
Bkip Me 7 aylar önce
From the first camera image of the mountain vista, you understand that this will be something special. Your talent with construction is only exceeded by your ability to capture it all beautifully on video. The final product will be breath taking. Thank you for sharing the adventure with us all. Watching the progress has been great fun.
Agnieszka Ulatowska
Agnieszka Ulatowska 4 aylar önce
It's a great adventure. Full of unforgettable events, amazing views, making new acquaintances and friendships. The design itself and its execution are extraordinary. Thank you for the videos, thanks to which I could see how it is made :) That in itself certainly required a huge amount of work. Now these wonderful mountains are closer to me.
Nik Bress
Nik Bress 2 aylar önce
A video can be defined as beautiful when it captures your attention from the first to the last minute...and this is precisely the case... Congratulations for your masterpiece!!!!
A 4 aylar önce
Discrubri tu canal por casualidad y 😱😍😍😍.En lugar tan maravilloso ,todos tus días serán únicos,una forma de vivir super sana.Gracias por tu video.
K. The Indifferent
K. The Indifferent 6 gün önce
its absurd how amazing this video is, you deserve a film award in my book
Noah Wejgaard
Noah Wejgaard 4 aylar önce
That was so exciting, and beautifully made. Every shot seemed so well thought through. Just like the "2 years on a bike" series.... Outstanding
Janet Arnold
Janet Arnold 7 aylar önce
I’d forgotten he lived in the cabin last winter, except for the holiday trip to Holland. This winter will be more comfortable for him. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this channel. So impressed with how he preserves with doing what need to be done. Classic Zen of chop wood - carry water. Very inspiring. 👏
Corey Thatcher
Corey Thatcher 3 aylar önce
My partner and I watched the entirety of the video in a couple of days and we're absolutely blown away. This is a masterpiece and you're so talented in every facet. Amazing work man, looking forward to future updates 👌
Sasl42 3 gün önce
I never thought I'd watch the whole three hours. But I did and it was such a treat. Thanks for sharing your hard work and beautiful experiences!
Dirt Kongor
Dirt Kongor 4 aylar önce
I know that I have been immensely blessed by this video. I am in awe, not only in your determination, hard work, your patience and talent for every artistry but by your virtue and grace. I have been deeply impacted by your love for life. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Thank you to every one that lend a helping hand. May you be blessed with good health.
Elizabete Almeida
Elizabete Almeida 3 aylar önce
Este vídeo melhorou o meu dia. Abraços . 🇧🇷
Ocher Velvet
Ocher Velvet 3 aylar önce
The time lapse sequences at night, watching the stars wheel in the sky, were breathtaking. Thank you.
WhiteLotus 7 aylar önce
I had to stop watching this 8 min in as I’ve followed your journey each week from the very beginning on my iPad and realized I need to open this and watch it on my 55” TV because your filming is just absolutely beautiful, your hard work amazing and the scenery stunning. I also loved all your food prep, cooking and bread making over the months, now off to enjoy watching on my TV….thank you for letting us share this wonderful journey with you Martijn! ♥️🍁🍂
Jennifer Campbell
Jennifer Campbell 7 aylar önce
Yes I too switched to my tv! The video was worthy of the big screen!
Beth DRSRDP 2 aylar önce
I have been watching your videos since you started them with this project. They have been nothing but interesting, enlightening, and full of information. The fact that you haven’t had any serious injuries, absolutely baffles me. But then again, maybe you have and you’re not showing? I want to congratulate you on a years worth of entertainment on dreary days, an uplift in my soul, to get the job done, and an inspiration to be more motivated.
ana maria dias abdalah
ana maria dias abdalah Aylar önce
Sinto que você fez uma sábia escolha, que lugar lindo ❣👌👏🙏
Jennifer Peterson
Jennifer Peterson 4 aylar önce
I loved the video. It should be a movie for sure. I watched all three hours. So lovely! I hope you make more videos Martijn!
Karen Hantsche
Karen Hantsche 4 aylar önce
You have given us such a gift with your patience, talents, and time. This is excellent. Thank you.
Nicky Perryman
Nicky Perryman 4 aylar önce
One of the best videos I’ve seen on TRshow in a long time! I enjoyed every single second of it. So beautifully shot and put together. So inspiring and I wish you every success. Happy New Year!
Paul van Buggenum
Paul van Buggenum 6 aylar önce
That was truly an awesome summary of your first year well done Martijn. Je mag trots zijn op wat je hebt geprestreed
Dave Peacock
Dave Peacock 2 aylar önce
This was such a good film and brought back so many memories. I was involved in a similar project over in Val Belluno forty odd years ago, renovating an old mill. Working much like you have here, living much like you have while getting the work done. I've appreciated every backbreaking joy you have gone through, the satisfaction when a task is done is enormous. I salute you.
I Am The Glitch / Rhani Green
I Am The Glitch / Rhani Green Aylar önce
Woweeee, I am impressed! Is there anything you can't do?! This has just been incredible to watch. Still going...
Reeve Meyer
Reeve Meyer 4 aylar önce
You’ve done so much digging on this project that you’re now qualified to be a miner
Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez 2 aylar önce
I don't have words... this is one of the most beautiful videos I have seen. It must be considered for a significant award, I mean, the cinematic, details, the editing, and all the hard work involved behind... simply stunning. Congratulations brother
sileni moreno
sileni moreno 4 aylar önce
Muy interesante! Gracias por su video! Especialmente la parte sobre la restauración del techo, muy instructiva. Una información muy valiosa, para mi, y muy dificil encontrar información sobre este tema! Le animo a compartir otros trabajos que haga en la casa. Una sugerencia, perdón por el atrevimiento, porque no cambia la posición de la puerta a la pared de la cumeeira(esta pared es más alta, y podrías poner una puerta donde pase ud con comodidad) ud no tendría que agacharse cada vez, al pasar por la puerta. La otra puerta la deja como una ventana, dejaría el interior más iluminado. Un saludo desde República Dominicana
Ajith Jayamohan
Ajith Jayamohan 7 aylar önce
Thoreau built a cabin and wrote Walden or Life in the Woods. Your adventure here in the Italian alps is as poetic and creative invoking the same ethos that all of us only need a few material things to live a meaningful life! Thank you from the Pacific Northwest.
7 aylar önce
Eugene, Oregon!
Jon Dunn
Jon Dunn 7 aylar önce
Well spoken
Linda Chenoweth
Linda Chenoweth 7 aylar önce
another PNW agrees with you!
Larry Legg
Larry Legg 7 aylar önce
From one spirit traveler in the Pacific Northwest to a fellow spirit traveler in the Italian alps, keep walking. I'm following your steps as you live your Italian Alps Adventure Martijn. Its beautiful, its wonderful. Shalom
Moon Toad
Moon Toad 6 aylar önce
Thoreau's "cabin in the woods" was actually a huge cleared tract of land. It was within view of a well used road, a half hour walk from Concord village and his mother helped with laundry and food and his family home was a 20 min walk away. The commuter train to Boston ran along the pond and it was a busy pond all year long. Swimming/picnicking/ice skating/ice cutting. He was finding wilderness in a suburban setting, not living in wilderness. So completely different from what this man did.
Serg Samonov
Serg Samonov 2 aylar önce
Це щось неймовірне! Це просто мрія! Чудове відео! Дякую, Мартін. Бажаю якомога швидше закінчити будівництво свого проєкту.
For Trips Sake
For Trips Sake 2 aylar önce
I don’t want this video to end. So beautiful!
Cory Carpenter
Cory Carpenter 2 aylar önce
Your own slice of heaven!! Incredible journey for you and it was a treat to watch you bring life to this amazing home. Kudos to you and thank you for sharing.
Sinistral Gün önce
A mesmerizing video; beautifully, thoughtfully filmed and edited. Sublime! Thank you Martijn.
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