Dortmund ● Road to the champions league final 2012/13

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Dortmund ● Road To The UCL Final 2012/13
This video is about borussia dortmund's road to the champions league final of 2018/19 season.
From the group stage to the final dortmund was an exciting young team that caught many big teams by surprise
by beating Manchester City and Real Madrid for example.
In that season,Jürgen Klopp have many good players like Mario Götze;Marco Reus and Robert Lewandowski.
Hope you enjoy this video and let me know what you think in the comments!

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rap_history_poland 21 gün önce
Paweł kw
Paweł kw Aylar önce
@Робия Одилжонова yh.dsqqr. Jo iof
😛 Aylar önce
0:00 What is "Dortunmd"?
Vincent Yang
Vincent Yang 4 aylar önce
@saul lozada vera pq
Danielc Encalada
Danielc Encalada 4 aylar önce
@Mr. Anonymous wkñ
Mr Ri
Mr Ri 2 gün önce
And BMunich buy most of them to reduce the possibility of be in second place next season in bundesliga
Giovanni Genovese
Giovanni Genovese 7 gün önce
The warlike tower singly untidy because bow quickly yawn besides a noiseless booklet. fallacious, super daisy
Jason 10
Jason 10 9 gün önce
El mejor Dormut q e visto. Lastima
Renan Barreto
Renan Barreto 10 gün önce
Dortmund, Ajax, real Madrid and M. city, this group is something...
Chí Minh Hồ
Chí Minh Hồ 10 gün önce
isco was phenonmenal
sheedo1999 15 gün önce
This Dortmund team was very similar to the current liverpool team in which they attack and overwhelm their opponents. All credit to Klopp. Wish he came to Man Utd after Dortmund.
Kamil Kamil
Kamil Kamil 18 gün önce
Ciągle boli ten finał ://
PozhiloyPulemet 22 gün önce
После этого видоса разучился видеть Лёву в футболке Баварии
Kevin Alejandro
Kevin Alejandro 23 gün önce
Merecían esa champions 😢😢
Fabio Neves
Fabio Neves 24 gün önce
It almost hurts to think that BVB didn't won that UCL. Such an amazing group, they were fantastic. It was a pleasure to watch them play
Luke K
Luke K 25 gün önce
Thumbnail is godly
No.10 player
No.10 player 25 gün önce
thank you
lilbrothaaa 26 gün önce
4:11 for a truly sick Blaszczikovsky assist.
qboT 26 gün önce
If on this era dortmund has better goalkeeper..
Vikash kumar dev
Vikash kumar dev 27 gün önce
Lewandowski is goal machine
Zupair Yare 3
Zupair Yare 3 28 gün önce
0:53 Best penalty kick taker ever #SMB45⭐🔥⚡
Joshboyes1 Aylar önce
One of my favorite teams to watch ever
No.10 player
No.10 player Aylar önce
me too.bro
Şamil Paşayev
Şamil Paşayev Aylar önce
10:29 👉 🇦🇿 👈 good luck Beşiktaş🤍🖤🦅
Ruslan Futbolist
Ruslan Futbolist Aylar önce
Бешеную банду тогда Клопп сколотил 🔝 Левандовски,Гюндоган,Хуммельс,Ройс…какая же это была машина👍🏻
Boilen Kipgen
Boilen Kipgen Aylar önce
Lewa scoring 4 goals against Real Madrid🤘😃
No.10 player
No.10 player Aylar önce
จา ไง
จา ไง Aylar önce
ดอทมุนตัวไหนเก่ง บาเหยินจัดหมด ชอบมากดอทมุนกะสเปอร์ เปนทีมสร้างนักเตะให้กบายระดับโลกได้ ชอบครับ สองทีมนี้
Aleksy Ojeda
Aleksy Ojeda Aylar önce
They played like MONSTERS against Real Madrid… just to play like bitches against Bayern 😂
No.10 player
No.10 player Aylar önce
haha, that's ture
Lavonne Yeager
Lavonne Yeager Aylar önce
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しぐなる Aylar önce
0:59めっちゃ前出てるw ライン踏むのって最近できたルールだっけ?
szlacha4 Aylar önce
They really missed Götze in this final.
jyl ghjz
jyl ghjz Aylar önce
I wasn’t happy when they lost the finals
No.10 player
No.10 player Aylar önce
me too
Keerth Davis
Keerth Davis Aylar önce
Lewan goal vs AJAX is offside ._. go VAR
SKS Aylar önce
lewa was a beast with bvb
Van Sephior
Van Sephior Aylar önce
7:30, peak of BvB those times.
Peace Aylar önce
I remember started watching bundesliga in 2012 , i already knew who bayern were since it was a huge club in europe but never heard of BVB and when i started watching them playing in the league i knew that they were gonna go big and thats exactly what happened the year after , there were something about their football that got me hooked it was different and great to watch, still love to watch them till this day.
No.10 player
No.10 player Aylar önce
Eris Shkembi
Eris Shkembi Aylar önce
How the hell malaga made to ucl qf
Alan Chamberlain
Alan Chamberlain Aylar önce
What a team, shame they didn't win the CL. Dortmund had comeback qualities like v Malaga, and they played with so much energy and intensity. Gundogan, prime Reus, Lewa, Hummels, Pisczek etc so many great players. German football dominated this year, these 2 were unstoppable in the CL, and then Germany won the WC in 2014 great era for football.
OffiCiaL PrOs
OffiCiaL PrOs Aylar önce
Jin Aylar önce
Weidenfeller absolutly overrated
I love haland
No.10 player
No.10 player Aylar önce
me too
Khaledbek Shadiyev
Khaledbek Shadiyev Aylar önce
Zor illər idi o, vaxtlar. Mən də Dortmund azarkeşi idim 2013de.🙁
Żubr Umarlak
Żubr Umarlak Aylar önce
polish dortmuns
Kingover Aylar önce
The worst edit I’ve ever seen on TRshow
Kingover Aylar önce
sad to see how Bayern ruined this team and any other potentials in bundesliga
No.10 player
No.10 player Aylar önce
yes.Bayren makes Bundesliga boring
Aaron Dyer
Aaron Dyer Aylar önce
Mr. Wembley!!!! Mia San mia
Uğur Bayramov
Uğur Bayramov Aylar önce
best Matches for football games
sarang santhosh
sarang santhosh Aylar önce
Reus 🔥🔥🔥
Markus P.
Markus P. Aylar önce
Malaga game was unbelievable
TheNizoubizou Aylar önce
Klopp’s Dortmund was a joy to watch.
No.10 player
No.10 player Aylar önce
Marwan Essaidi
Marwan Essaidi Aylar önce
My favorite club ever 💛🖤
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ORi ORiginaŁ
ORi ORiginaŁ Aylar önce
Polish trio
Robsen gr
Robsen gr Aylar önce
Always 11. 9. 10 is unstoppable
Reus Aylar önce
7. 35 world class pass from Reus❤️⚡
11A1_13_Lê Cao Quốc Huy
11A1_13_Lê Cao Quốc Huy Aylar önce
fifa new update, dortmund team color is now trash talk
Bayern Bayern
Bayern Bayern Aylar önce
Dortmund 👏👏👏🤝 Lewa 🔥
Prime Reus and Götze🤩
No.10 player
No.10 player Aylar önce
SSky06 Aylar önce
The most disgusting part of this run was Gotze sitting out the final essentially because he had decided to leave for Bayern at the end of the season and claimed he was 'injured' when it was pretty clear he just didn't want to beat the team he was about to sign with. After everything they went through to get to the CL final, to not even have it shot up with painkillers, give it a go to get out on the field, and get subbed off if you just couldn't make anything happen - to possibly just sit out bc you were leaving for the other team at the end of the season... The fact that he didn't do absolutely everything to attempt to play, and the fact that it just smacked of split allegiances is shameful, cowardly, pathetic. Dortmund should have never brought him back for a second stint with the club after that lack of heart.
Bootes Ownz
Bootes Ownz Aylar önce
Ribery and Robben what a final
Eusamueloficiall Aylar önce
10:07 impedimento ?
Eusamueloficiall Aylar önce
dortmund 2012/13 vs Rmd 4 jogos 2 vitorias 2 empate 2 reus 5 lewa
Eusamueloficiall Aylar önce
7:34 golaço
Eusamueloficiall Aylar önce
5:12 kkkkj cr7?
Eusamueloficiall Aylar önce
2:43 ozil pqp
Pombili Shatjohamba
Pombili Shatjohamba Aylar önce
IVSCRE Aylar önce
Good old days mate, good old days...
No.10 player
No.10 player Aylar önce
onami Aylar önce
In 2020/21 season Lewandowski & Gundogan finally reach their prime...what a beast....
Rodrigo messi
Rodrigo messi Aylar önce
Que goleiro horroroso o borussia tinha 😪
Julio Valenzuela
Julio Valenzuela Aylar önce
What a player, it was Reus
ADAM Aylar önce
Expectation: Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona Reality: BVB vs FC Bayern Good ol'days
Ilyass san
Ilyass san Aylar önce
i dont care if we lose or win , all i know is i gonna have fun watching BVB
No.10 player
No.10 player Aylar önce
Jorge Raúl Solís Rangel
Jorge Raúl Solís Rangel Aylar önce
LaLiga: We are going to have El Clasico at Wembley Bundesliga: Hold my beer
No.10 player
No.10 player Aylar önce
Raynold Kissoon
Raynold Kissoon Aylar önce
Bayern won right
Cow • 13 years ago
Cow • 13 years ago Aylar önce
The shopping mall of European Big Clubs
zakter Aylar önce
back when football was good
No.10 player
No.10 player Aylar önce
kaerton jowo
kaerton jowo Aylar önce
marco reus the best and loyal player
Cinena Virtual
Cinena Virtual Aylar önce
Messi está alejando até a arbitragem
Mr Jack Rowan aktision
Mr Jack Rowan aktision Aylar önce
Lewandowski top 5 best players in the world he is 5th place ballon dor 2013 reus top 10 best players and götze top 15 best players in 2013 very good trio this season 2012-13
Tahsin Vai
Tahsin Vai Aylar önce
Chelsea 4-3 Leeds United | FIFA21 | Premier League match 5 | Season 21/22 | PRINCE FIFA |
Tiago Pinheiro
Tiago Pinheiro Aylar önce
7:32 tell your kids how special this was
Ugur Yilmaz
Ugur Yilmaz Aylar önce
Best Dortmund after 1997. Gotze was amazing, many world-class players such as Gotze, Reus, Lewa, Hummels, Gundogan and Subotic. Pisczek and Kuba were also very good. The reason they lost in the final perhaps the tricky transfer happened just before the final. He was absent in the final. Sadly this transfer ruined Gotze's career.
DaMiAn Aylar önce
BVB should won this final
Branislav Zivanov
Branislav Zivanov Aylar önce
DaMiAn Aylar önce
D. B
D. B Aylar önce
Lewa what a beast
Jarni Nguyen
Jarni Nguyen Aylar önce
This was the Best Dortmund Ever !!!!
Sushant Chipte
Sushant Chipte Aylar önce
I still remember that Malaga game like it was yesterday
No.10 player
No.10 player Aylar önce
me too.what a classic game
javiForlan99 Aylar önce
Málaga got stolen
huari Esperanza
huari Esperanza Aylar önce
Se vuelve a jugar con el AJAX esperemos que BVb llegue a la final
dudeguy24 1123
dudeguy24 1123 Aylar önce
That comeback against malaga
The Football Planet
The Football Planet Aylar önce
I still feel so bad for Malaga
Ngazibini Aylar önce
As a Madrid fan that Semi final ws one of the toughest to swallow 😭
No.10 player
No.10 player Aylar önce
i totally understand
stormtrooper30 Aylar önce
Dortmund could've become European champions once again but they never build a squad good enough for Europe and simply sell of their best players. Their current strategy is: Get a young star for cheap - Make him better than ever - He will gain popularity - His price will increase - Sell for a huge profit - Repeat.
No.10 player
No.10 player Aylar önce
Muh Rifqi
Muh Rifqi Aylar önce
Jaman smp dormunt 4 1 real
Nafiz Faiyaz
Nafiz Faiyaz Aylar önce
This team and Ajax 2019 team were truly phenomenal. They didn't win the trophy but their journey was truly inspirational.
The Nos
The Nos Aylar önce
Tottenham 2019 deserve a s/o too
No.10 player
No.10 player Aylar önce
yes.that's true
Jass Patwal
Jass Patwal Aylar önce
history repeats now, haaland = lewa , reyna = gotze , reus = reus
No.10 player
No.10 player Aylar önce
Enfiestados Oficial
Enfiestados Oficial Aylar önce
Peñarol peñarol
Mutahar Obad
Mutahar Obad Aylar önce
After that Dortmund opens supermarket
Fabio Jimenez
Fabio Jimenez Aylar önce
Un robo al Malaga.
Bibart Vivian
Bibart Vivian Aylar önce
Weidenfeller was pretty shit imo :))))
GERcub3r Aylar önce
Nah he was so good that year
Szybki Zenek
Szybki Zenek Aylar önce
Getman team need Lewandowski to succesfull last years
Tipiff 007
Tipiff 007 Aylar önce
What a shame what happened with Borussia back then....I felt in love with that team!
No.10 player
No.10 player Aylar önce
suchY Aylar önce
Va Meme
Va Meme Aylar önce
That Ozil pass to Ronaldo and his free kick was so perfect. The time Ozil and D Maria carried Ronaldo and never got the recognition because of the world filled with stupid fanbois. Credit is not always given where it's due , because of so many dumb , mentally childish people even to date
Jorge Roca
Jorge Roca Aylar önce
Robbery to malaga. Goal offside
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