The 11th-Century Domesday Bread Factory Buried In Devon | Time Team | Chronicle

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Chronicle - Medieval History Documentaries

Chronicle - Medieval History Documentaries

2 aylar önce

Time Team has never excavated a watermill before. Despite the fact that they were plentiful in historic times, these features have been under-researched. Heading to the River Otter in Devon, the team excavated a site dating back at least to the Domesday Book of 1086, yet the last mill building on the site was pulled down as recently as the 1960s. They are joined by Martin Watts (mill historian), industrial archaeologist Mike Nevell, and Finds specialist John Allan. Tony visits the working mill at nearby Otterton.
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@MontyDotharl 2 aylar önce
It's been a stressful couple days for me, and not much is more relaxing than an old episode of Time Team. It's a great show for just taking it easy.
@davidjones535 2 aylar önce
It does not for me as well .
@Just_Sara 2 aylar önce
I hope the weekend comes soon for you then! TT always helps a little, doesn't it?
@kimberlypetrossi6607 2 aylar önce
@kimberlypatton205 2 aylar önce
These Time team videos are always wonderful and interesting! They soothe the archaeologist part of me that I’ll never get the chance to do myself! On top of ot all is the scenes of the beautiful English countryside!
@Bubbles_Hill Aylar önce
So very true :) and while I’m American, I go back to the Saxons, Irish and Scottish. Have never had the pleasure of setting foot in any of my ancestors lands, so videos like these just soothe my soul. Love these channels.
@Patrick_Cooper 2 aylar önce
I love these shows. That wood burning stove reminded me of my Grandma's stove. She cooked many a meals on that over the years. That's where I learned to love slightly burnt pancakes, with peanut butter, thanks to Grampa.
@rhijulbec1 2 aylar önce
Best Time Team ever! Loved this episode. I wish they could have gone on forever! ❤😊
@donp5774 Aylar önce
I've worked on a post Civil War era water powered mill here in the Blue Ridge in Virginia. The gearing is similar with a fairly low quality cast iron great gear with wooden insert teeth. I have one old worn out tooth that was half buried and very beetle eaten. We found several new replacements up in the mill. They were embossed with a makers mark and I believe were reversable to extend their life. I've been told they were elm which with its interlocked grain makes sense, they would not split as easily. The old timers referred to a likely mill site as a "mill seat". It was very common to have a mill seat that had multiple mills on it through history. Flood, fire, economy and changing needs. Many times a flutter wheel powered sash type sawmill predates a grain mill as a community developed. My personal mill is a 1917 "portable" stone mill, very popular during prohibition :D Thoroughly enjoyed this episode.
@a.nikitina1991 2 aylar önce
Очень познавательно❤
@BBQAndButter 2 aylar önce
*Getting ready to watch and seriously hoping there are river otters in the River Otter.*
@lucidmoment71 2 aylar önce
There are Otters but a very rare sight.
@BBQAndButter 2 aylar önce
@@lucidmoment71 I just read that they found some wild beavers in the River Otter. So cool! I'd love to see the beaver population recover.
@lucidmoment71 2 aylar önce
@@BBQAndButter The problem with Beavers is that they were re-introduced. I'm not sure but I think it has been over 1,000 years since we had Beavers in our rivers. Beavers create dams and dams in the rivers have led to flooding locally.
@BBQAndButter 2 aylar önce
@@lucidmoment71 Yes, we have a beaver restoration project here in California, and have some of the same problems. (It hasn't been 1,000 years here, though!) We need to regularly clear drains and culverts to prevent flooding, but the environmental payoff is worth it.
@koningbolo4700 2 aylar önce
Phil is quite the flintnapping enthusiast...Now turns out he has a soft spot for watermills as well...Who would have known?
@paulapridy6804 2 aylar önce
And Helen Geake aged so very graciously. Her enthusiasm has not flagged. Beautiful.
@janerkenbrack3373 2 aylar önce
I've learned from this that if you're a male English archeologist, you have to cut off your own jeans into shorts, and never take them to a seamstress to hem them.
@BBQAndButter 2 aylar önce
I swear, that guy is right out of The Detectorists.
@carolynwells5293 2 aylar önce
They are not jeans they are Daisy Mae hot pants. Love then and the man in them
@janerkenbrack3373 2 aylar önce
@@carolynwells5293 There's more than one pair in this episode. And that's fine. But noticeable enough to mention.
@k.alexander7834 2 aylar önce
And you have to have a english accent
@deborahparham3783 Aylar önce
​@@carolynwells5293 Daisy Dukes not Daisy Mae. He does wear them well. Time Team wouldn't have been near as much fun to watch without Phil.
@paulapridy6804 2 aylar önce
I would dearly love to know those places with that kind of continuous occupation in my homeland. So I get vicarious pleasure from UK archaeology. There's that.
@paulapridy6804 2 aylar önce
I'm such an old lady who will binge watch Time Team. Oh yes. To this day. And for Stewart Ainsworth- well there's my teen idol 😊
@traccas01 2 aylar önce
Love these videos, but this one has me confused. They keep referring to grinding corn. Wouldn't they have been predominately grinding wheat? Certainly looks more like wheat in both the hand and mill stone segments, and the mill historian uses the term Grain.
@Ikwigsjoyful 2 aylar önce
Corn is actually an old English term for the hard berry or nut of a grain, so you will often still hear British people referring to any hard cereal grain (like wheat or rye) as “corn.”
@gregb6469 2 aylar önce
Using the term 'corn' to refer only to maize is an American thing.
@NH_RSA__ 2 aylar önce
Wouldn't have been a bit easier to do the archeology before the thing was knocked down?
@johnshmulsky5973 2 aylar önce
loved it! funny characters here who love history.
@JohnnyBlaze5100 2 aylar önce
Tony is so funny, I like the show.
@trojanpussy 2 aylar önce
To anyone: in Netherlands, province Zeeland, there is also much knowlege about mills. Its knowledge grew towards Belgium more than Netherlands.
@julianakleijn9254 2 aylar önce
Well Belgium was part of the Netherlands so it makes sense
@roberttelarket4934 2 aylar önce
I prefer the past medieval village format videos with the actors!
@CoffeeLover-mz7bk 2 aylar önce
Why do they always only have 3 days? A week would be better.
@Patrick_Cooper 2 aylar önce
At 36:36 Stu looks up, as the soft coronet music is playing, as if he was looking for its source. Gotta know, was that purposeful, or just an accident of editing...
@sophie1301 Aylar önce
Why mills are rarely excavated- what Prof Mick is saying is that mills aren’t sexy and if you don’t have a sexy site, then there’s no chance of funding.
@PapriceP 2 aylar önce
Why didn't these communities by pre-milled flour to save time?
@mrdogshit 2 aylar önce
so relaxing and a break from the world
@Droopybear Aylar önce
Why is domesday pronounced doomsday, but spelled dome?
@thomasbell7033 2 aylar önce
Something tells me a PA was mowing the grass and Stewart took over just long enough for the shot. However, II love TT so much I forgive them the little artifice like this.
@GodsOath_com 2 aylar önce
Watching these guys try to grind grain I can see the frustration women would have had so the women probably took it over as a way to keep the dirt out of the flour. Geez guys get it right.
@julianakleijn9254 2 aylar önce
Lol did he call the French frogs?
@levioptionallastname6749 2 aylar önce
I love TONY ROBINSON! :D phil harding is also a favorite
@retr0gaminghub 2 aylar önce
It is a mill or it is bakery
@user-vm1fc3xy1y 2 aylar önce
They have too return the hard hats ,da!
@paulapridy6804 2 aylar önce
And Carenza Lewis-In the US, she would be from the South. No nonsense and Git Er Done.
@scoon2117 2 aylar önce
habitat destruction is fun!
@Ridley369 2 aylar önce
Lol, stay inside
@trojanpussy 2 aylar önce
💝🕯🙏makes me feel like baking and nurcing.
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