Daenerys DESTROYS Iron Fleet and Golden Company: DRACARYS!!!

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Salt Life

Salt Life

2 yıl önce

DROGON destroys iron fleet as well as golden company in single blow.

Catch me live at twitch: www.twitch.tv/saltlifevg

Jed De la Torre
Jed De la Torre 5 saatler önce
Euron "Finger In The Bum Expert" Greyjoy
MAGSxoA4519 2 gün önce
This was such a beautiful scene for dany. I can feel her just wanting to kill all of them for the hurt she went thru..... she had loyal soldiers to defend her... she became the mad queen but can you blame her??..
Ray WhichWay
Ray WhichWay 3 gün önce
I hear Drogon found a Red Woman. Danny was reborn. She flew north and found Jon. The North will come south again. The red-haired witch will burn whose name is Stark. The King of the South won't be able to wheel away fast enough.
The1969Vintage 4 gün önce
Of course, the command to shoot a crossbow should be "Loose!" - they were just screaming "Fire!!" because that was what was about to happen...
nothing to see
nothing to see 5 gün önce
Like it so much thank you for support
The Golden Company
The Golden Company 5 gün önce
Molina2099 5 gün önce
Jaime: If the living win and we betray them, they march south and kill us all.
Rishabh Arya 1606
Rishabh Arya 1606 6 gün önce
Leave one Targaryen alive, and the seven kingdoms are never safe
DMC Run 7 gün önce
A Navy without air support is really just a collection of ships on a cruise
Araz Azman
Araz Azman 8 gün önce
Burn baby Burn 🔥😁
Doctor X
Doctor X 8 gün önce
The second dragon death was so contrived. This was realistic. 🤷🏻‍♂️
Colonel Gucci
Colonel Gucci 8 gün önce
La fin de notre Monde
La fin de notre Monde 8 gün önce
kumar vijay
kumar vijay 8 gün önce
were Let im ded
David Stone
David Stone 8 gün önce
Bull fucking shit none of those were able to hit that Dragon.
Davut Zaimoğlu
Davut Zaimoğlu 10 gün önce
Then she dies by a single stab wound
Crackhead Ford
Crackhead Ford 10 gün önce
Fan service like the last season....what a disaster. To go from the best to trash is just sad.
Paul Rymar
Paul Rymar 10 gün önce
Daenerys could have done this from the first time Euron caught them off guard at Castley Rock and taken full control over the Euron's remaining fleet. But Nooo genius Tyrion suddenly forgot his own suggestion at Dragon's Bay and couldn't think of something so simple the 2nd time. First they had to lose at Castley rock, then have another Dragon killed and then wait for Missandei's death, for Daenerys to finally destroy the fleet with just one, just one Dragon.
Paul Rymar
Paul Rymar 7 gün önce
@Stefan Ciocan I agree. Although Season 7 the first Episode; Arya alone avenging her family by taking down the House of Freys, and Daenerys' arrival at Dragonstone was still good. But I don't mind agreeing to end the series at Season 6.
Stefan Ciocan
Stefan Ciocan 9 gün önce
got ended with season 6
Majid Hameed
Majid Hameed 10 gün önce
Name film
alicantino11 11 gün önce
Could you imagine if she had all three dragons for this?
Vasilii Mikhailov
Vasilii Mikhailov 11 gün önce
It's still immencely funny how the moment Daenerys turned to the dark side of the force, she became this unstoppable force. But when she was still one of the good guys, she failed repeatedly. Classic!
ഡി ജെ
ഡി ജെ 12 gün önce
3:34 thats why john snow is my fav❤ character
Gingka Hagane
Gingka Hagane 12 gün önce
After watching game of thrones.... I trained my dog for 2 weeks..and now whenever i say 'dracarys' he'll definitely bite the opposite guy 😉
Kevan Majere
Kevan Majere 12 gün önce
I've watched as much of GOT, its related youtube videos, read as much, as anyone (except the most fanatics perhaps). The latter seasons were never disappointing. All were fantastic (except for one, which I will come to later). I do not understand why there is so much hate. I suspect it is only a minority of haters that were making the loudest of noise. I know there is still much overwhelming love from the majority of fans. Yes the silent majority. Often silent, definitely courteous, but no less fervent. The only plot line I was disappointed was that they killed off Dani...
Srđan 13 gün önce
Imagine if writing wasn't so fucking bad that they completely nerfed the Scorpions (which were not supposed to be useful or practical in the first place, especially against dragon scales which were said to be near impenetrable), for someone reason put the entire Golden Company (who were by the way supposed to number around 10k men but for some reason the show made them look like several hundred) in front of the city walls, and Euron's completely absurd and insulting excuse of a fleet suddenly forgetting how to fire their useless impractical weapons. I could go on and on about how fucking bad the last season was but it wouldn't fit this entire comment. My point is that they had so many different ways of making it difficult for Dany to win this war and they still chose the most lazy, blatant and illogical ones.
Blaydeesy 14 gün önce
At least they showed the true power of dragons, Drogon was literally blowing up the ships with his flames. Would have been more awesome seeing all three of them, but they fucked it all up.
Pavel Crux
Pavel Crux 18 gün önce
b2 striking
WhiteTiger Productions
WhiteTiger Productions 20 gün önce
Everything up to this had been great…this season was shit. I done a comment a month ago and it still stands true (in my opinion)
Bspbalusubramanyaomg 20 gün önce
Movie MBbeappttt would BMW good
Lux Sanitatem
Lux Sanitatem 21 gün önce
So why does everything from wood to several meter thick stone walls instantly explode into chunks when the dragon breaths fire on it but the fleshy peoples dont
Nguyen Hung
Nguyen Hung 21 gün önce
Yeah season 8 destroyed all series =))
Maelodas 21 gün önce
Should of attacked at night.
Benedito Bernardo
Benedito Bernardo 25 gün önce
Balerino o terror negro
Wilson 25 gün önce
after losing 2 dragons she finally learns the art of superior air warfare tactics. me thinks Daenerys was a bit slow..
witcher 26 gün önce
Yes a good revenge for a brother death
Bobby B.
Bobby B. 26 gün önce
Why not attack at night ? 🤔
Muhammad Wigo Andrian
Muhammad Wigo Andrian 26 gün önce
Fire destroying wall & building, really?
lisa 28 gün önce
In past episodes, Dany would tell Drogon what she wanted, "Flaha", "Dracarus". In this scene, no words were needed. They both wanted the same thing...revenge.
Paul Littlefield
Paul Littlefield 28 gün önce
Very saddened by the way they ruined the ending in such a miserable fashion…
Paul Littlefield
Paul Littlefield 28 gün önce
It was the last few episodes that were disappointing…. It was like they just gave up on the best show going. I’m a writer and I could write a better swan song for that show in my sleep. Can think of four or five ways it could have finished spectacularly…
lisa Aylar önce
Like aiming at a shooting star...
Esben Drenck
Esben Drenck Aylar önce
Reemember when Armor used to be a protective barrier? The Red Viper sure remembers it.
Anshuman Kher
Anshuman Kher Aylar önce
Imagine if Danny had first done all this then asked all the Northmen to retreat south and fight the Walkers from Dragon Stone and the iron islands.
Free World
Free World Aylar önce
movie name???
Siegfried Salinas
Siegfried Salinas Aylar önce
Game of throne
Benjámin Kurilla
Benjámin Kurilla Aylar önce
Golden Company leader to Cersei: - You didn't tell me anything about dragons! - You didn't bring me elephants.
TheWPhilosopher 7 saatler önce
Haha Cersei would legit have said that in that cold voice too.
Lachausis Aylar önce
Worst episode ever
Ex Cáthedra
Ex Cáthedra Aylar önce
Plot armor: activate!
Aaron Lobliner
Aaron Lobliner Aylar önce
To me, this battle was the epitome of benios and weiss ex machina. One of the things that made game of thrones impressive was how battles and the tactics followed elements of cold blooded logic, not the emotional illogical bullshit we see sometimes. How tf did euron get the jump on them to kill a dragon, and be totally helpless against him this time. Also why was the golden company so worthless, and this is cersei lannister we are talking about, you telling me she didnt have a solid plan b to have a scorpion ready in secret at point blank range or something. I watched this, and i only saw it as a means to an end, for daenarys to sack the city and take the throne, sure to some thats the whole point, but its not just what you do its how you do it too.
Ethan Hawke Toys and Adventures
Ethan Hawke Toys and Adventures Aylar önce
this is when she and dragon learns the tactics of areal combat. using the sun as cover and doing se manuevers that makes it hard for the scorpion to shoot
Chris DiCenzo
Chris DiCenzo Aylar önce
I'm not a military mastermind but maybe attack at night?!
Emman Cruz
Emman Cruz Aylar önce
Damn imagine being assigned as a crossbow man for dragons, you know you’ll only get one shot, the second round would be a miracle and second later you’re in fire
c4rlos Aylar önce
Drogon: good day hoomans may I take your order? Humans: Fire! Drogon: say no more!
Davis R.
Davis R. Aylar önce
Joseph Quinn Swolin
Joseph Quinn Swolin Aylar önce
"What your seeing is basically the end of the dorthraki." Me: Seems they are still here "Golden company prestigious professional sellsword that have a great reputation." Me: And yet get one shot by a dragon.
Андрей Иванов
Андрей Иванов Aylar önce
Что такое надо жрать этой рептилии, что бы так рыгать напалмом...и да, какой желудок надо иметь таких объёмах!!?? 😂
Warren Vanichprapa
Warren Vanichprapa Aylar önce
The dragon should have burnt John Snow
Blofeld Aylar önce
Soldier "Fire !" Dragon "As you wish."
Red5x5x5 Aylar önce
*Morgan Freeman voice* "It was at that moment, Cersei realised she had fucked up."
Tarn 113
Tarn 113 Aylar önce
Imagine if they didn’t waste Ragul , yeah it’s spelled wrong, in the last episode and instead had him die during this or when Danni went nuts. Would’ve loved to see a dragon shoot up out of the water in the middle of the fleet making they all panic.
Childe Lee
Childe Lee Aylar önce
Everyone needs to take account that Dany caught them off guard and most importantly the dragon is going at full speed here. They were caught off guard and haven’t loaded the scorpions yet. That gave her time attack at first and to do a second attack. By the third we see that they are fully loaded and firing at her. This is where we see that she leaves immediately and attacks the front gate allowing her army to go in. The dragon here is also going at full speed unlike when we first see the scorpion kill the 2nd dragon. At that time they were cruising. That’s why it got murked.
ritvik pandey
ritvik pandey Aylar önce
Dude. The second dragon dying didn't make any sense at all. The thing is hitting anything at an altitude from a position on the ground is next to impossible. Especially since the men arming the ballista have absolutely no experience hitting big flying targets at all. You need to adjust trajectory and everything. And if they were so damn goodd....why wont you shoot the bigger dragon daenerys was on... They'd get both danny and a dragon. Also, theu shot exactly one bolt. Why would you only shoot one bolt while you have the element of surprise? Every single thing suggests they should have at least launched a full volley at them while they had the element of surprise. Euron's navy losing made senseBecause she was the one taking them by surprise. But her dragon dying didn't. Also, the biggest thing. She was cruising at a height. There's absolutely no way you don't spot an entire fleet that's at ballista range from a height. Her getting caught by surprise is ridiculously stupid, especially since euron destroyed more than half her fleet on 2 separate occasions and ferried an entire army back to cersei. She literally said her dragons will be there as cover for her own navy against euron's ships. She already knew Cersei was developing ballista capable of hurting dragons since drogon already got hit by one when she destroyed the lannister caravan. There's no way danny kinda just forgot about euron's navy....
M20 Super Bazooka
M20 Super Bazooka Aylar önce
Euron needs to hear the British protocol "Watch for the hun in the sun."
Pista Eduard
Pista Eduard Aylar önce
She should have done this in season 7 episode 3, when his ships didn't have scorpions but no she had to listen to tyrion and varys, I don't know why but to me it seems as if tyrion intentionally gave her bad advice so she would lose the war, If I was Daenerys the first thing I would have done when I landed in Westeros would be to fly to the red keep and demand that Cersei surrenders if she doesn't then I would burn the castle but not the city and the iron fleet as well
theonesillyboy Aylar önce
it still hurts what those D&D scumbag morons did!! how can you ruin a show like this for millions of people!? I hope they never get another job, ever!!!
TeddyIsHere Aylar önce
Imagine doing this with 3 dragons instead of 1
Shay Cormac
Shay Cormac Aylar önce
Uma das únicas cenas boas desse temporada
Ni ka
Ni ka Aylar önce
Mormont in season 1 expanining how swords needs to be pointy to penetrate armor Season 8 - dothrakis somehow killing Fully armour equipped lannister soldiers with only one swing D&D - we kinda didnt give f@ck about got.
London Oquinn
London Oquinn Aylar önce
Imagine if she had all three of her dragons😳
haikal paitu
haikal paitu Aylar önce
What show is this
Salt Life
Salt Life Aylar önce
game of thrones
Shannon roche
Shannon roche Aylar önce
Best show ever except season 8 wow what a travesty as fans they gave us ...worst ending EVER .
iamcece21 Aylar önce
Truth is, the Starks and Dany are too good in battle to be caught slipping like they was smh Bran can warg, why didn’t he fly ahead of Dany to Dragonstone as a raven to peep the scene out? They could’ve avoided being ambushed and both Viserion and Missandei would be alive.
iamcece21 Aylar önce
Viserion & Rhaegal didn’t have riders….that’s why they were so vulnerable. It’s like driving a car, Dany was able to steer Drogon to dodge the spears. She can see better, so all he has to worry about is burning them mfs up!!!! 😍🔥🐉 #HouseTargaryen #DaenerysTargaryen
iamcece21 Aylar önce
The look on Greyworm’s face tho lol like he was so ready to fk some shit up!!!!!!🔥🔥🔥🤣
Solid Plays
Solid Plays Aylar önce
The funniest is when the lannister soldiers scream ''FIREEEE'' and they got toasted by drogon.
Md Prince
Md Prince Aylar önce
The movie name plzzzzzzz
Shay Cormac
Shay Cormac Aylar önce
Game of thrones
Manul Das
Manul Das Aylar önce
Dothraki's kinda forgot that they were all killed by white walkers in the previous episode
Chris Laney
Chris Laney Aylar önce
Was that dragon breath or sidewinder missile breath? I'm pretty sure no flame thrower is going to knock down a stone wall, or make a ship split in half
sigma life
sigma life Aylar önce
its like how the mongols invaded rome.lol
Jhuma Ghosh
Jhuma Ghosh Aylar önce
And that's how Drogon pissed on 5 years worth of King's Landings Military Budget in less than 5 mins....
JRNexGen Aylar önce
This is one of the most ridiculous scenes. If only her and the dragon was that angry the night the white walkers attacked, they could have burned all the zombies before a spear could be thrown at them.
Emperor Nero
Emperor Nero Aylar önce
What a waste of a battle scene, would love to see the unsullied fight the Golden company
B.S.H OFFICIAL Aylar önce
a scene most pleasing to me and my career
IsugMasuko C2O
IsugMasuko C2O Aylar önce
Disappointed Drogo did not kill Jon Snow. He saw his Mother Dany was butcher with knive. Poor Dany may he Rest in Peace. Sad Ending GOT spoiler.
Ben Young
Ben Young Aylar önce
So many plot holes!
yo bama
yo bama Aylar önce
i thought this fleet did not exist ! oh ig i kinda forgot about it!!!
She really did burn them all.
Iurieti Vladut
Iurieti Vladut Aylar önce
The Golden Company...one of the strongest armed forces in the known world of GoT...who won countless victories for those who hired them...crushed in...30 seconds of screening time? The Iron Fleet...the strongest naval force in the seven kingdoms, reduced to ashes in two minutes. HUNDREDS OF DEADLY "SCORPIONS" taken down like pieces of Lego in another minute. Ladies and gentlemen...this is how you rush and FUCK UP a story!
TheWPhilosopher 7 saatler önce
Blame Disney coin too. Mind you they did such as shite job Disney dropped them so hahahah idiots.
lisa Aylar önce
The special effects on this... Drogon is more real here than ever. How the speed is used, him turning, then diving his fire onto the ship and the man who killed his brother. I loved it when Drogon and Dany fight Jamie and Bron, but here, his determination of taking down these corrupt people was wonderful to watch. He had his vengeance. Dany was not finished. How this ended was such a waste of a truly wonderful storyline.
Hook training 3
Hook training 3 Aylar önce
Virgin lore/story watcher vs dragon blowing stuff up enjoyer
Heath Ledger
Heath Ledger Aylar önce
D&D you pussies!
banja meen
banja meen Aylar önce
మహేష్ బాబు అభిమాని
మహేష్ బాబు అభిమాని Aylar önce
ఈ మూవీ పేరు ఎంటి బ్రో.చెప్పండి pls
Oksana Aylar önce
Euron: Fireee! Drogon: Ok!
Mo Aylar önce
What a waste of money. Cersei didnt even get her elephants.
Yomo Cute
Yomo Cute Aylar önce
KnObi1 GonpAchiRo
KnObi1 GonpAchiRo Aylar önce
Listen jokes aside, the only way that Dragon Harpoon was gonna work was as a weapon of Ambush. That's why Rhaegon was killed - they weren't prepared.
RegTarg011 Aylar önce
And THIS.. dumb sh t.. will be the GoT legacy. DnD.. I spit on you.
Сухроб Нематов
Сухроб Нематов Aylar önce
Перил Харбор Филим копия
Soham Vartak
Soham Vartak Aylar önce
got fans , tell me what ending did u wanted
Alex Hare
Alex Hare Aylar önce
So if I get this right, as long as you ride a dragon well enough, balistas aren't a problem.
Amun 46
Amun 46 Aylar önce
Don't scream fire to a fire breathing dragon.
L Det games
L Det games Aylar önce
still get goose bumps!
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