How the U.S. and China Compete in Planes, EVs, Chips and More | WSJ U.S. vs. China

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How do the U.S. and China stack up in some of the most competitive global industries?
From jets and EVs to supercomputers and space telescopes, WSJ talked to different industry and technology experts about how the two countries match up in designs, engineering and strategy.
0:00 Aviation: Comac vs. Boeing
7:05 EVs: Tesla vs. BYD
15:08 Chips: Nvidia vs. Biren
22:45 Sneakers: Nike vs. Anta
30:29 EV batteries
38:13 Supercomputers: Frontier vs. Tianhe-3
44:46 High-speed rail
50:17 Metaverse
55:35 Space-tourism rockets: Blue Origin vs. CAS Space
1:01:57 Space telescopes: Roman vs. Xuntian
U.S. vs. China
This original video series explores the rivalry between the two superpowers’ competing efforts to develop the technologies that are reshaping our world.
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@simony276 3 aylar önce
China would be progressing rapidly. Time will tell. Pushing them so harsh in the last five years just like an awaken call to the whole nation to take even more drastic approaches to progress even much more quickly.
@herman9255 Aylar önce
The kidnap of Meng Wanzhou was particularly encouraging. Huawei is taking it personal.
@ezez2600 2 aylar önce
Putting the competition aside, it seems to me that in today’s world only the US and China are currently making comprehensive technological advances and economic development at the national level.
@daelundrumavidem8033 2 aylar önce
On the scale of US and China on, yes. But in narrower specific fields, others can still make advancements.
@seanl764 20 gün önce
Don't forget that even Japan has more nobel prizes than China...
@tanjim4487 17 gün önce
@@seanl764 Noble prizes are for basic research. They don't necessarily translate to technological prowess and actually putting out things that serves real and quantifiable purpose.
@ModernHeaven 16 gün önce
@@seanl764 Nobels generally award only research that goes back decades ,because it takes time to verify the importance of the technology. And decades ago, most Chinese people were very poor and worried about lack of food.
@brian.z6592 4 aylar önce
In China, Tesla Model 3/Y are not consider as "luxury car", as their price range is targeted at regular middle-class families. Local Chinese brands like Nio, HiPhi and Li are the more acceped luxury EV brands in the Chinese market, with higher price range and better service than Model 3/Y.
@tooltalk 4 aylar önce
Nobody outside China thinks Nio, HiPhi or Li are luxury EV brands.
@NadeemAhmed-nv2br 4 aylar önce
​@@tooltalkI mean that's quite literally a us talking point, they showed as luxury vehicles in Europe too so the vast majority of the world with the exception of US and Canada consider them luxury vehicles so about 95% of the world
@tooltalk 4 aylar önce
@@NadeemAhmed-nv2br : Sure, so can Vinfast who released half-baked "luxury" EVs that nobody would buy. What's your point?
@danysainz-gootenberg7809 4 aylar önce
Video never mentions that Tesla buys the LFP blade battery from BYD for some of the models in china. Very big development as it shows BYD is still a huge supplier for others not just themselves.
@gummixx6885 4 aylar önce
Tesla also buys from CATL, and thats more than from BYD. But they started with a panasonic joint op.
@tooltalk 4 aylar önce
Tesla just started using BYD a couple of months ago. It's not that huge - CATL is their primary LFP supplier.
@CrunchD-GH 4 aylar önce
The CCPs (total) lack of respect for domestic market economics (dynamics) is key! Re: Chinese EV Realities. With Tesla’s profit margins 8x (conservatively) that of BYD’s, China’s EV boom is ringing hollow. Is BYD doing better on their USA EV bus & van sales?
@Choomphol 4 aylar önce
@@CrunchD-GH United States trying every possible way to sanction Chinese product like battery,solar panels and Automobiles.😅Anyway BYD starting to look nicer than Tesla.
@netizencapet1032 4 aylar önce
I like WSJ's recent (last 4 to 5 years?) turn towards regular, in-depth tech and industrial systems reporting. We can thank China for this refreshing turn away from financialization in the public imagination.
@oppionatedindividual8256 3 aylar önce
Or Rupert Murdoch
@quantly 10 gün önce
Your finacialization is evitable. Trust me. We will see.
@kl9518 3 aylar önce
China needs to design aircraft that looks like a bat, a car that looks like a panda and computers with bamboo, so others can't say they are copying.
@user-yp9sc5xq3m 2 aylar önce
@iqbang9236 2 aylar önce
Haters will always hate, with or without reason.
@godfreykafaru3249 2 aylar önce
That's what they wanted
@jiasongwang5128 2 aylar önce
@widodoakrom3938 2 aylar önce
@WWLooi-js8rl 4 aylar önce
If China can build a space station, its version of GPS, Beidou, the largest HSR and highway networks SINGLE-HANDEDLY, in such a short frame of time, the rest wouldn't be that hard, it's just a matter of time. So, if the U.S. wants to be modern-day Tanya Harding, it's bound to fail. The writing is already on the wall.
@huyanhpham1445 3 aylar önce
Very well said
@isoryte201 2 aylar önce
Couldn't have said it better
@chriswong9158 2 aylar önce
"America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we lose our freedoms it will be because we have destroyed ourselves from within" - Abraham Lincoln in 1862.
@pakiethoko 2 aylar önce
The Chinese cars are gaining momentum in South Africa too. Great value for money, after sales support and they seem to listen to critics and keep improving.
@user-jv8zk8kf2g 2 aylar önce
How about the Toyota? Which one you prefer to purchase?
@mikrobyo1790 2 aylar önce
these Chinese cars has high failure rate. Just look it up, even exploding in their country.
@paulos3070 2 aylar önce
​@@mikrobyo1790Electric cars from well-established companies such as BYD and GWM have been selling in Europe for a while already, and no problems have occurred with these cars to date, they are by far the best value for money on the ev market. remembering that "batteries on fire" was also a tesla problem in the beginning and this happens with brands that are not very consolidate, not the case of BYD and GWM
@sunmanyi3265 2 aylar önce
Fun Fact : The first Boeing mass produced aircraft Model C, was designed by a Chinese aeronautical engineer named Wong Tzu (Wang Zhu). "The 1st... and the Best”, he helped put the company on a sound footing. In 1916-17, he led the fledgling airplane manufacturer's first military plane, first airmail plane and eventually designing Boeing’s first successful passenger plane, the Boeing Model C. The Model C was not only Boeing’s first production order, it was the first Boeing aircraft to be produced in large numbers and sold. Wang Zhu later returned to his motherland to help China in aircraft manufacturings.
@foodparadise5792 2 aylar önce
Same to another Chinese American Wang An, who pioneered personal computer industry way before microsoft.
@robmcdougall2283 2 aylar önce
Wrong. The Boeing Model C aircraft, also known as the Boeing B&W, was designed by Americans William E. Boeing and George Conrad Westervelt. It was Boeing's first attempt at designing and building an aircraft. The Model C was a biplane that made its first flight in 1916.
@hasinabegum1038 2 aylar önce
But he was American citizen
@guohuashen599 Aylar önce
This is a great overview, hope WSJ updates it annually
@rizwandar1 2 aylar önce
It's all about a matter of time. The important point is that there is a centralized political will to guide these important national decisions. And give or take 5-10 years these technologies can be advanced and made viable over time.
@bakuschen8541 4 aylar önce
Comparing the C919 to the B737 with the facs that both are single aisle aircraft and have aprox the same amount of seats and claiming its copying, is like comparing a VW Golf to a Renault Megane and telling people both have 4 wheels and 5 seats. So is the Airbus A320 also just an evil copy of the Boeing 737???
@chriswong9158 2 aylar önce
Deng Xiaoping famously said "It doesn't matter whether a cat is black or white, as long as it catches mice." The point here is, China 1.4 billions plus, of that 800 millions plus are middle class market all is looking for
@user-tt6il2up4o 2 aylar önce
No Airbus is modern 737 is nearly 60 years old.
@davidz7858 Aylar önce
737 is very old and outdated. But Boeing is too greedy to invest money to build new platforms that is why 737max had serious problems. If Chinese want copy, they would copy airbus 320 , not Boeing 737.
@herman9255 Aylar önce
Chinese also copies from the Americans for walking with 2 legs, instead of 4.
@joseurena6549 3 aylar önce
Given USA's overtly negative actions against China, it is appropriate and in China's national interest to become self-sufficient in air travel.
@Thomas-yf5fk 3 aylar önce
Given china’s overtly negative reactions against India, it’s is in your interest to be worried too!
@npai6612 2 aylar önce
​@@Thomas-yf5fkwhy I can only like your comment once. 😭😭
@Thomas-yf5fk 2 aylar önce
@@npai6612 😂😂😂👍🏽
@antonycao Aylar önce
The very fact that China can compete with China in almost all technologies says a lot already
@tonysu8860 4 aylar önce
A series of credible takes but many would be controversial. Typical of WSJ articles, certain perceptions are biased in favor of business and probably not truly reflective of the situation and prospects.
@peterroberts2952 3 aylar önce
Fake propaganda.
@lc8850 26 gün önce
Give us more specific example on what is controversial?
@tanjim4487 17 gün önce
@@lc8850 Claiming BYS is a copycat of Tesla( not true, doesn't look the same in person) and tesla having more advanced batteries( not true, BYD has range of cars with different battery tech), Bashing COMAC for not having homegrown supply chain but Boeing or Airbus doesn't have that either( however those partner countries are never gonna cause a problem for the USA so i understand the pov there). Chip making- CN has upto 5nm design and production capability, sanctions and protectionism is causing the barrier not technological advancements. The U.S. doesn't have the most significant chip manufacturing tools, a dutch co. ASML does and U.S. is forcing them to not supply to the Chinese companies, so Americas global influence and power is the barrier here, not innovation.
@saeidmomtahan4728 2 aylar önce
Some of the best looking cars on Dubai roads are Chinese EVs. I'm a happy Toyota owner. But when it's time to upgrade, I will most definitely be looking at BYD or NIO
@remix-yy1hs Aylar önce
Boycott isreal
@thanhtungnguyen-mi4ht 5 gün önce
Good luck to you.
@thanhtungnguyen-mi4ht 5 gün önce
I guess you're buying cars for the looks. Me, on the other hand, I am buying cars for the quality, reliability. Just look at the U.S. streets, 15-20 years old cars in the U.S. are still pass emissions and still on the road.
@bennyang2200 4 aylar önce
Designing and Building a successful commercial airliner technologically advance for many countries to do. Brazil has Embraer E2 comparable to A320 and 737. If the Brazil can do it so can China.
@archmad 4 aylar önce
everyone can copy, but the innovation still happening in the US
@jorgebours3691 4 aylar önce
i think the E2 is smaller than the 320 and 737. the the Bombardier/Airbus 220 being more comparable. but i do think Embraer is a great achievement for the Brazilians and their industry
@sed9406 4 aylar önce
@@archmad yeah, if u keep killing all the competitions like HUAWEI
@jaouadbentaguena8340 3 aylar önce
Amazed by how fast China is not only catching up but even surpassing the US in so many fields in such a speed that should have taken many generations knowing where their technology was 3 decades ago. With such an exponential speed one can only wonder where their technology will be in the next 3 decades! Their greatest challenge is now their population growth drastic downward trend and the impact it will have on domestic demand. Europe seems to be already behind but nothing is written in stone as China’s growth has proven, no one ever thought that this could happen, 3 decades ago. Even in chips, many still believe that the gap is so big that China will never catch up… China might prove them wrong. Hopefully we can see something similar reproduced elsewhere in other continents.
@jilbertb 3 aylar önce
Wumao alert!
@mkhwjq 3 aylar önce
@@jilbertbnot really he is just speaking facts 😂
@directxstationery71 3 aylar önce
​@@jilbertbButt hurts😂😂
@weareallbeingwatched4602 3 aylar önce
China has been incredibly inventive, and a lot of the key technologies of the industrial revolution were invented by Chinese engineers and craftspeople. Globalisation means everybody gets access to everything, especially when it comes to ideas... surely? The secrecy of the cold war served to impair the development of social and ethical forms of advanced technology.
@ualrdyknowaitiz 3 aylar önce
Biren performance numbers are provided by Biren, so not independently verified at scale to date. I would be unbelievable if it actually met their stated numbers as design is one thing but to manufacture the chip without TSMC is not possible in china [if tsmc does reverse its decision to suspend biren production]
@earthwizz 3 aylar önce
Tesla is not afraid of BYD. In fact they respect each other, share technology and they both have the same competitors; ICE and, collectively, they are killing it. The rapid rise of Chinese technology development has a clear and simple cause. Their serious investment in education and their deep, cultural respect for teachers. This is in stark contrast to the US approach. In sport if a competitor tried to win not by improving their own performance but by bringing their competitors undone they would, quite rightly, be considered cheats and, in the long run, would be bringing themselves undone. It's a classic tactic of losers. America needs to up its game rather than trying to prevent China's advances.
@rap3208 3 aylar önce
tesla needs to not be afraid of China nor BYD. China is its biggest market and BYD supplies Tesla its batteries and some other parts.
@widodoakrom3938 2 aylar önce
@mp7161 5 gün önce
Are you Elon Musk?
@addanametocontinue 2 aylar önce
The issue isn't so much that American find that we might need to go more than 300 miles on a trip, it's that if we have to stop to recharge the batteries after, say, 200 miles, that's a 30-60 min pit stop we didn't need to make. Even if we decide we want the pit stop, we might not want to stay there for 30-60min.
@simonyang540 2 aylar önce
you need rest after 200miles.
@dontworrycallmorry 3 aylar önce
Thank WSJ for making this video available. I learned a lot.
@alfredalbertalexandrafrederick 3 aylar önce
My country is actually being compared to the USA, the most powerful country in the world, that's so surreal. Literally several decades ago we were in medieval states
@RedLemon69 4 aylar önce
This is the war we needed, not real war that were given to us. A healthy competition is always good for everyone beside the business.
@JameBlack 4 aylar önce
Hot war is unavoidable
@Mavendow 4 aylar önce
Would be nice if they'd just compete instead of... Eh, eliminating the competition by force.
@user-tm1fi1wv6r 4 aylar önce
Baning HUAWEI from making advanced chip is competition or bully?
@robmcdougall2283 2 aylar önce
The Boeing Model C aircraft, also known as the Boeing B&W, was designed by William E. Boeing and George Conrad Westervelt. It was Boeing's first attempt at designing and building an aircraft. The Model C was a biplane that made its first flight in 1916.
@sunmanyi3265 2 aylar önce
You're confusing Model 1 with Model C, Model C was first designed by Chinese-born aeronautical engineer named Wong Tzu ( spelt Wang Zhu, pinyin). Model 1 is B&W, not Model C.
@coreyleander7911 Aylar önce
@@sunmanyi3265not it wasn’t. He helped design it, but didn’t design it by himself
@GeoBerries Aylar önce
​@@coreyleander7911 What do you mean by help? Technically no large-scale design can be done by one person, but Wong Tzu was the Chief Engineer of Model C.
@user-yr2rc2ud7z 2 aylar önce
Amazing interview, thank you for that. I was feeling depressed today until I watched this and it turned it all around.
@noneofyourbizness 4 aylar önce
excellent content very well presented and in a format i found to be highly engaging. thanks WSJ
@brian.z6592 2 aylar önce
with Huawei's newly released Mate60 series cellphone, it seems like China can survive and live well with its home-grown technologies.
@roostersideburns3440 2 aylar önce
the mate60 is equal to androids from the 2016 yore falling victim to chinese propaganda...its really what they do best
@hopemongwe5823 2 aylar önce
​​@@roostersideburns3440you have chest pains😂🤣
@user-hd7np1du6p Aylar önce
@@roostersideburns3440 在中国,也没有人说mate60如何领先,它需要做的是攻克和突破,并非领先……
@coreyleander7911 Aylar önce
Good. The point isn’t to strangle Chinese development but to simply not supply them with Western technology to build up their military
@xushenxin 4 aylar önce
Trust me, for small rockets just for earth orbit, especially reusable, kerosene fuel is much better than hydrogen. It is a lot easier to work with.
@saswatbharat1107 20 gün önce
Comac 919 also built by Eaton, USA- Costa Mesa, California and India - Pune. I am the key person in Avionics alongwith Chief Engineer - Tatavoosian Van and Chinese employee - Yuan Juanmingh and Minh and Rudy Rusali. Comac -919 is Digital and Numeric Display with hybrid displays consists of OLED and LEDs. The whole specification sheet of Comac -919 was made by me. Comac -919 is advanced version of ARJ-21. Comac-919 project was owning by Chief Engineer -Eaton - Tatavoosian Van and Rudy Rusali. They presented at China. I can not forget this moment. I was in California - USA when Chief Engineer and Rudy Rusali went to China to own the project. I sat in the chief Engineer chair for 15 days and I was Chief Engineer for 15 days at Eaton, USA. This is an honour for me.
@user-fumoqing 14 gün önce
thanks for u
@catch10110 2 aylar önce
seems like a very objective and unbiased report of the current situation. good job WSJ.
@SayNoToIdiots 2 aylar önce
Not sure of the china bashing though
@etbadaboum 3 aylar önce
The BYD section is shockingly omitting so many facts, incredible
@yc4451 3 aylar önce
China's biggest manufacturing advantages are their people and governance system. China has more engineers than any other countries. Its centralized government achieves better synchonization, speed, and efficiency. The American advantages are its technology, allies, and currency and military supremacy. The American advantages are quickly losing. But the biggest problem is that the general American public are misled by the very distorted reports of China that they don't know how strong China is.
@CillianMccringleberry269 3 aylar önce
ur factoids r true but ur conclusions r wrong: ppl r aware of China's strengths/weaknesses. Most basic summation of China's s/w compared to America is high GDP but low GDP per capita. Not going to argue the facts u gave cuz apparently u made up ur minding by implying China has long-term capabilities while US has reached its peak. Think about present China n future US before comparing present to future.
@chunyuou9944 3 aylar önce
@@CillianMccringleberry269 disagree things will change, no one can predict the future even in the next couple of days, so don't compare the current with the future in general.
@CillianMccringleberry269 3 aylar önce
@@chunyuou9944 because ur comment sounds cliche af, everything u said can be discounted as superficially wrong.
@chunyuou9944 3 aylar önce
@@CillianMccringleberry269 While, cliche or not, be that way and let the history reveal itself. The future will come no matter what, and things are changing no matter what, so let's wait together and come back to this thread later
@fuhaiou301 2 aylar önce
Now is only 2 months after this video posted, Huawei relesed several flagship smartphone with advanced 7 nanometer chip with 5G capability made by Chinese supply chain, looking back the comments by all these experts on the show are laughable, it won't be surprise that these choking points like DUV / EUV tauted by the experts will not be an issue for China in 3 to 5 years, by that time there will be two systems for advanced chip making in this world, these experts need worry about whether they can get rare earth industry independent from China before China get their chip making equipment independent from the chip alliance lead y US, without raw material, EUV can not make any chips
@keitholiver2304 4 aylar önce
Healthy competition among world powers usually leads to economic as well as social improvement to their citizenship. America has not built the infrastructure that is capable of doing so, based on the fact big business has underlining interest. The US is the greatest economy in the world, yet we can't build a high speed train that can travel over 200 mph. Amtrak trains seem to derail every few months. Government regulations and corporate greed fuels our lack of technological advancement. It's time for America to step-up and be the world power it has aspired too.
@hillbillyangle 4 aylar önce
How about 5Gs, commercial drones, solar pannels, AI applications...
@sawyermcgill2799 4 aylar önce
India takes the lead as they are the most powerful species in the universe 🎉🎉!!!!!!
@sharunsan2683 4 aylar önce
China is currently the world leader in solar panels and drones but due to chip restrictions from US, netherland, Japan and SK Huawei who was once the no.1 in 5g tech is struggling to make their own 5g chips now but this might change as lot of investments are going into this research also AI application is hard to say as China has industrial bottlenecks in both software and high end chip production like 7nm, 5nm and 3nm compared to US but China has a different advantage in ai due to liberal privacy regulations compared to the west and a large amount of data from 1.4 billion people to train their AI model they aren't lagging behind much but without highend chips this gap will only widen currently China is combating the chip blocade by using cloud computing services partnered with google, amazon etc. But Biden is trying to even restrict these services that's why China sanctioned them by blocking 2 critical minerals for chips, currently China is only able to mass produce 28nm and that too require some assistance from asml and raw materials like ultra pure silicon wafers from Japan China's fully indigenous grown chip stops at 90nm
@krac3x438 4 aylar önce
5G i can´t tell you, there are conflicting sources on the internet which either name the US or China as No1, but atm China installes far more 5G towers than the US does. Commerical drones China is years ahead with DJI compared to any other drone maker, no one comes even close to the variety, different capabilities of their drones and their price point. In AI the US leads clearly, that´s probably bc AI has more freedom for development there, in China there is strict censorship, so you would also have to implement this into the AI and it has way more regulation there.
@sharunsan2683 4 aylar önce
@@krac3x438 hmm you're right I missed the censorship point it certainly affects it's development and dji is the Apple of drone market for now but with the chip sanctions I'm not sure how it will affect the future autonomous drones I'm not an electronic engineer so i don't know the specifics but certainly the restrictions will affect it's future growth same with 5g tech as of now China has more 5g coverage and users compared to US but currently Huawei their biggest 5g brand is struggling to make their own 5g chip for their smartphone because of the sanctions if they were able to tackle this issue the china can most likely overtake at&t, nokia and Ericsson
@Jkl62200 4 aylar önce
Remember how Toyota, Honda and Nissan were laughed at in the 1970s and 1980s and accused of all kinds of things. Remember how Hyundai, Samsung, Kia went through the same in the 1980s and 1990s.
@cuckoonut1208 4 aylar önce
Yes, but they were not scary countries.
@someoneridesmountainbikes2355 4 aylar önce
@@cuckoonut1208 not scare countries - rely on the US for national defense; carefully not to do things the US wouldn’t want them to do e.g. build narrow body panels
@kenm4898 4 aylar önce
​@@cuckoonut1208Japan stopped being a scary country when it started building car factories in the US employing American workers. The Japan bashing from Detroit stopped overnight when that happened.
@pauliewalnuts240 2 aylar önce
Worldwide, countries have turned to the market concept of specialization. Basically a country should focus on making what its a world leader at producing, and import what it needs from other countries that make those items best. Wine from france, microchips from taiwan, leather from italy, etc. Most countries still follow this model. The downside is that relying on imports exposes countries to market instability, Demonstrated by what we saw during covid. China wants to become self reliant but that means making everything you need. For certain items it means investing huge quantities in manufacturing for what might ultimately be an inferior product.
@pagelu-mt7rh 9 gün önce
China doesn't need to produce everything by itself. It just needs to produce all the essential things.
@nobodynowhere7163 4 aylar önce
The critical dimension of the transistor is ~7nm (a bit larger, actually) but not the whole thing!
@LaughingOrange 4 aylar önce
Also there is no standard for measuring. TSMC 7nm is better than Samsung 6nm, and comparable to Intel 7 (previously called 10nm). It's a marketing term, not something engineers actually care about.
@nobodynowhere7163 4 aylar önce
@@LaughingOrange yes, indeed.
@clearvision07 3 aylar önce
In coming decade China would be ahead would be ahead of all in all technologies. From semiconductors to aviation.
@chriswong9158 2 aylar önce
Like cooking, what's missing is time... just time.
@user-km1re5te2u 2 aylar önce
China is now giving the United States a headache, because the United States cannot sanction China, from military weapons to electric vehicles to chips and DJI drones, the United States does not have the ability to sanction China, China can continue to develop at a high speed😂😂😂
@user-tz2rl3vc2i 2 aylar önce
Na,I only hear from this.
@jajajajaja8464 Aylar önce
@cheeksdafreak3058 4 aylar önce
Amazing work. Thank you for this 👏🏼
@bruce6846 Aylar önce
I find it interesting that when WSJ mentioned self-driving cars at 15:18, they used image of a Chinese self-driving car driving on the road instead of a American one.
@unreliablenarrator6649 4 aylar önce
The TSMC fab in Arizona is already over-budget and late, with the opening already a year behind schedule. Meanwhile, TSMC is again investing in fabs in China, not for the 7nm node, but for mainstream Chips that face increasing demand. On eo f the key problems is the US does not graduate enough engineers to support domestic growth in semiconductors and is dependent on primarily Asian immigrants to stuff fabs. China produces more STEM graduates a year than the rest of the world combined. But as anti-Chinese sentiment becomes mainstream in the USA, an increasing number of Chinese scientists and engineers working in the USA are returning home and the rate of Chinese students in US universities electing to stay is significantly declining. Perfect storm for the USA.
@ulikemyname6744 4 aylar önce
The vast majority of Chinese students in the STEM area remain in the US especially in fields like AI. TSMC is investing in Taiwan, the US and the EU. China is very far down in their lists when it comes to investments. The US has enough workers which are also more qualified than the Chinese engineers. That's an obvious outcome considering how far ahead are American universities compared to Chinese universities. Most of the Chinese stem graduates are underqualified and that's why the unemployment rate in China for the youth is so high.
@tuur4842 3 aylar önce
​@@ulikemyname6744America has enough workers, but not enough engineers. The number of STEM graduates in the United States is small and the ability is poor
@ulikemyname6744 3 aylar önce
@@tuur4842 America has one of the highest standards in the world. I highly doubt that the "ability" of US engineers is poor. But it is true that they lack the numbers
@michaelmao6180 2 aylar önce
A few words to note. China is still years away from producing chips for AI at the same level as Nvidia. I'm not saying that the Chinese aren't making a ton of progress, it's only that Nvidia had a huge huge lead in that particular product. Even compared to its closest competitor, AMD, Nvidia is leagues ahead. Nvidia controls over 90% of the enterprise GPU market share, not due to how well their chips perform on a raw silicon level, but due to the integration of that performance with the CUDA compute software ecosystem it built over the last two decades. It's no use if a chip can run fast while programming something for it to run proves costly and difficult. Whether it's Biren or AMD or any company wanting to challenge Nvidia in this AI chip space, the real challenge is to build up an ecosystem on par with CUDA.
@user-ce6el8tt6e 2 aylar önce
@joshtrank3525 Aylar önce
@themapleland Aylar önce
Both AMD and Nvidia managed by Taiwanese or ethnic Chinese.
@franklekwan5860 Aylar önce
​@@themapleland Don't point that out. Many people here will have the heart broken.
@seaoooo Aylar önce
@paulb2092 4 aylar önce
Surely the range issue is not the only issue: what about safety, in particular fire safety?
@rli6951 4 aylar önce
its funny how till this day media like WSJ still take tesla as the benchmark....... give more respect to BYD and the many CDM brands. US/EU are years and years behind the CHN market on automotive.
@johnfarrelly4753 2 aylar önce
Remember, economy of scale works many ways. Producing 2% more of a product, with a 2%bigger savings due to not worrying about the safety of the population is a important a making a product that sells 2% more due to larger population, with a damage allowed to 2% makes better than 4% greater profit due the savings on a larger number of products and with no cost due to damages responsibility.
@jeffhaack1325 26 gün önce
Key difference between the us and Chinese car market is mass rail passenger transit
@umu-i-d2785 4 aylar önce
The situation between the US and China remind me of the tale of the tortoise and the hare. While the hare kept trying to sabotage the progress of the tortoise, the tortoise kept it's head down and kept on moving ahead slowly. And won! The US has the potential to remain a great power. But it is destroying itself through bad management and military ambitions. Wishing both countries wisdom and good luck.
@je862 4 aylar önce
'it is destroying itself through bad management' true! That statement holds true for many businesses within the usa.
@sew_gal7340 4 aylar önce
I have never been to China but in the USA you can walk around SF or even NYC and the signs of rot and deterioration in our biggest cities are evident everywhere
@strongbrain3128 2 aylar önce
Tonya Harding: A very good example followed by the US government on how to compete with China!
@shaffyh7909 4 aylar önce
this is an awesome video, well done and well made
@yeejlilys9742 4 aylar önce
Learning by doing, no one expects a newcomer will take over the world. Let's review this same topic in 10 -20 years.
@nannangao7256 2 aylar önce
China is not a newcomer if you learned history
@TripleEspresso 4 aylar önce
Look at their mega cities compared to the rest of the world. You can fit 15 of the top most populated cities in the US into Chinas 1 mega city. Then you look at how much cleaner / well maintained their transportation is compared to anything in the US and you start to realize that the US should really be downgraded to developing country.
@tdawg5742 4 aylar önce
Don't forget how fast Chinese cities are falling apart. Most Chinese buildings don't even have proper plumbing systems. Example is their Shanghai EXPO center which hosted their version of Comic Con which was completely flooded during the convention. Edit - Cleaner? China's got some of the worst tap water in the world. Ground water is polluted beyond consumption.
@mariajiao4855 4 aylar önce
Nah US is still rich. But the distribution of wealth is faulty at this point
@djtomoy 4 aylar önce
Go and live there then 😊
@Dihorse371 2 aylar önce
Just within this week:Huawei announced releases of 3 new phones with chips manufactured from China only
@nhp1800 4 aylar önce
Nice non politicised analysis. Educational and informative.
@lovepeoplehu9883 4 aylar önce
What non politicized? This is Wall Street Journal. lol Of course this is Pro-America. lol
@b.a.b7834 4 aylar önce
I wouldn't expect to find that here. In the era of censorship.
@b.a.b7834 4 aylar önce
@@lovepeoplehu9883 When the water is too muddy, you can't hide it anymore... 4 aylar önce
Let's all be blind, dumb and naive - forme a ring and dance, while singing: 'kimbajah... kimbajah'...!
@pedrorequio5515 4 aylar önce
The Biren chip there is a mistake in their own info they state 1024Tflops int8, that is 8 bit, Nvidia states 312 TFLOPs at half precision which is FP16, to match that you must cut the number in half, also increasing operations is easy but that means reducing memory interfaces on chip, there are a lot of Asic cards stupid powerful but they are single objective hitters. Nvidea Chips also have strong drivers, this is something I do not believe Biren can match.
@zionunit8200 4 aylar önce
What is strong driver ?
@pedrorequio5515 4 aylar önce
@@zionunit8200 software package that ensures optimal utilization of Graphics resources in the GPU.
@abdulmalikbadamasi3069 3 aylar önce
never say never
@takingbacktheplanet 4 aylar önce
absolutely fascinating. :sip: enjoyed every minute of it. "sadly", the US seems to me to be lagging behind in most aspects (though we all know how secretive the chinese are.), but even if that were not quite the case, there will be much work that needs to be done, physically and bureautically, if we are to try to match China's ((currently enormous, but slowly dwindling population's)) incredible production and research potential, the differences in regards to its (mostly) centrally-planned, or backed, governance, not to mention just its sheer ambition and determination. thank you!
@commie5211 2 aylar önce
That just won't happen, the US political systems were set up by political elites supported by rich people. It won't hurt their interests in a million years. China on the other hand got absolutely zero capital after ww2, so the government had to gather capital themselves, if they want to develop. Right now, both state and private owned capital works in parallel in China. the state capital only enters industries like oil, national grid, railways, waster systems. these industries considered as public goods, they run it as almost non profit, the manager's performance will be rated and put on their resume for their next job. Can you imagine the US nationalize the oil industry, and provide a steady price for its citizen for the next 20 years?
@mrmosk2011 4 aylar önce
Most of the comparisons are interesting. But the space tourism is not big enough to affect either economy. And not compare SpaceX, which is clearly a leader in practical commercial space company than Blue Origin.
@DbeeSapphire 4 aylar önce
I was surprised how little was said about SpaceX. Especially in the Blue Origin / Chinese craft landing specs. The Chinese catching the rocket is identical to SpaceX aspirations, which is already built but not tested, it was laughable not talking about SpaceX at that moment.
@elmohead 4 aylar önce
​@@DbeeSapphirethe first commercial space flight already happened in China.
@aberba 4 aylar önce
So much to say about America being a free market by using its influence to stifle competition
@righteousmammon9011 4 aylar önce
It goes both ways. If China won’t play by the rules then they must be cut out
@fannyalbi9040 4 aylar önce
@@righteousmammon9011did u cry for japan n korea then? or just crushed them to submission only then label them as “friends” ? classic righteous cxxt!
@SaintSaint 4 aylar önce
Free means free to compete, not free to steal. R&D costs money and should be rewarded and bolstered. However, shanzhai is healthy foil for patent trolls. There is a fair middle ground to be found. China is transgressing our agreed rules. Fortunately, we're free to manufacture elsewhere.
@righteousmammon9011 4 aylar önce
@@fannyalbi9040 I think Japan and South Korea are much better off as American Allies, considering they are some of the wealthiest countries in the world. Much better than the China allied North Korea. I'm actually part Korean myself :)
@PaulYau 4 aylar önce
can't believe WSJ pick BlueOrigin but not SpaceX in space competition, the EV comparison is not entirely accurate
@pyrophobia133 4 aylar önce
gotta spin to look good in front of the audience in order to pull wool over their eyes...
@user-fiendly186 3 aylar önce
@0:22 No other aeroplane model can compare to the Beoing 737, they are literally dangerous and synonymous with crashing
@lokesh303101 4 aylar önce
The difference in China and USA is the early adaptation of Newly evolved products and its efference in day to day lives of the Mainland Citizens.
@JPier2544 3 aylar önce
Just wondering deep down inside their heart that they developed the technology themselves or “borrowed” the blueprint from western countries like many other products like tank, fighter jet, ship and even the protocols on the aircraft carrier…
@weareallbeingwatched4602 3 aylar önce
Are you talking about the USA, or China? Neither of these were a major technology leader in WW1.
@charliez7130 4 aylar önce
Good stuff - competition is great, drives humanity forward.
@warriorfb2010 4 aylar önce
Stealing technology doesn't
@ctky478 4 aylar önce
@@warriorfb2010everybody steals in one way or another
@rickjames18 4 aylar önce
@@ctky478 The difference is that when Chinese companies are involved the state is involved. China using state funds/assets to give Chinese companies an unfair advantage is different not the norm. BYD is highly subsidized and the CCP controls the resources and processing used to make these products. How? by subsidizing the entire industry to control it and the players.
@chinesemusic8867 Aylar önce
Made in China accounts for one-third of the world's market, and all industrial chains are present in China. This is the confidence we can say no to anyone, any country
@fallinloveatfirstdream4222 4 aylar önce
It appears that the US is approaching the situation with great caution and a hint of jealousy. Like any country, they too have their weaknesses. It seems that they might face challenges in directly confronting China due to limited resources and manpower. Consequently, they are exploring the possibility of involving foreign entities and investing time in devising a strategy. However, it's evident that they are still in the process of figuring out the best course of action, as revealed in the documents.🤣🤣
@Mavendow 4 aylar önce
Tesla vehicles don't use NMC batteries. At all. They use NCA (Nickel Cobalt Aluminum) or LFP. The L in LFP stands for Lithium, which was conveniently omitted from this presentation. The U.S. is the world's second largest LFP battery producer after China. And most new vehicles use these LFP batteries. Which means, this video, particularly the graph showing the U.S. at "
@fallinloveatfirstdream4222 4 aylar önce
@@Mavendow "When people can't provide an explanation, when they back off when faced with the truth, and when they get defensive after hearing the truth, their reactions clearly indicate that they are being cornered. Everyone is well aware of this kind of behavior and reaction. Please use your brain and try to understand what is happening in global politics! If you can't grasp it, then why on earth are you here? It's quite strange to come here and make such comments."
@tooltalk 4 aylar önce
@@Mavendow : >> Tesla vehicles don't use NMC batteries. And most new vehicles use these LFP batteries.
@Mavendow 4 aylar önce
​@@fallinloveatfirstdream4222 Weird response. At least ToolTalk didn't get defensive; they actually corrected my mistake. Do you grasp anything? Just wondering.
@Mavendow 4 aylar önce
​@@tooltalk ​ I stand corrected on NMC, then. I was going by U.S. data. 98%? No. It's more like 80% as of 2022. Also no on LFP. It was 18% in 2021, 25% in early 2022, and 30% in Sept 2022. However, the gap is because of replacements. New models are mostly LFP. (I'm not able to name the country with the red flag. Sorry. That's why my comment is so terse.)
@netizencapet1032 4 aylar önce
What China needs to do is up its VIP recruitment game. To get the lead they desperately need as the US tries to about face and cut off China from key technologies, the PRC will need to nab the best in the business. It's worth their money.
@xhy12 4 aylar önce
China has been employing this strategy for some time now, it isn't anything new
@voidoli212 4 aylar önce
they did, and US likes to play dirty. US forced all US citizen working in Chinese Chip companies to leave or else. Happened with SMIC.
@kennyvet5037 4 aylar önce
If GE manufactures the engines that means China manufactures the engines in partnership for Boeing and the Chinese brand. GE is a Chinese company. Not sure why that wouldn’t be mentioned in video comparing US vs China in planes.
@familyguantero355 3 aylar önce
China is good on copying😂
@jimmylam9846 2 aylar önce
@@familyguantero355 China C-919 are not using/buying GE-Leap-1C engines due to test flight failure.
@bladerunner53 4 aylar önce
You also have to talk about sanctions and alies the US have. That's the biggest advantage of the US compared to China.
@stationjupiter4750 2 aylar önce
Yes, you can unite with other students and kill us
@bladerunner53 2 aylar önce
@@stationjupiter4750 why kill when you can enslave? That’s so fascist!
@workmansong6910 4 aylar önce
The suppression of China by the United States has made China more creative. Accelerated China's self-sufficiency in key technologies. At the same time, the export of Chinese technology has prevented the monopoly of the United States and reduced the Cost of living around the world. This is a good thing. Huawei chips will have a significant breakthrough, let's wait and see.
@woongchoice7875 3 aylar önce
That is why China have to afraid what is coming in near future.
@RESatellite 4 aylar önce
in just the last 20 years (in my life time) China has produced companies that can somewhat rival the best companies on the planet, 20 years ago China was similar to what India is today
@tooltalk 4 aylar önce
Thx to America.
@RESatellite 4 aylar önce
@@tooltalk thanks to Amercian politicians who don’t plan ahead and also greedy corporates who moved all manufacturing to China
@keithy5588 4 aylar önce
​@@RESatelliteit's too much political conflicts inside the u.s which slows down the econ development. Recent elected politicians just care their own pockets and don't have any long term vision . The failing infrastructure is a good example.
@jilbertb 3 aylar önce
Have you seen Chynese quality?!?!
@Bradymike358 4 aylar önce
The US has really focused on cars and China has focused okay by trains.
@greenjobs2153 4 aylar önce
China is now the world's number one exporter of (electric) cars
@aison2735 4 aylar önce
The number of China's annual automobile exports is already the highest in the world.
@Rex-ww4cw 4 aylar önce
China aren't really good at making gasoline car, but they're really good at making EV. With the world shifting to EV and giving a deadline for gasoline vehicle, you will see China having more and more presence in the automotive industry. In fact, you can actually see some presence in places like Israel, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand with BYD.
@TubeMeisterJC 4 aylar önce
China has more roads all much newer, China has more rail and all of it high speed rail and all new China has more boats most of its navy is brand new China has been sending people to space for the last 2 decades, US only just recently managed to get people to the ISS. China has a relatively new Chinese Space station. Check it out, compared to the Chinese station the ISS feels like Mir no one else has one. This video hardly even mention this and so far the cost of the renewable rockets hasn't actually reduced costs yet. For example, India has created a far cheaper space programme.
@TubeMeisterJC 4 aylar önce
Since 2009, annual production of automobiles in China accounted for more than 32% of worldwide vehicle production, exceeding both that of the European Union and that of the United States and Japan combined. But they focus on the low end of the market and developing economies that most people buy in the world but that most western developed countries don't
@Gladiatorking7 13 gün önce
Good to see that the Chinese are slowly but steadily moving towards global domination.❤
@suswanto4777 2 aylar önce
Honestly, we love China Tech, from EVs, High Speed trains, Gadgets etc. It's just simply affordable
@user-sw6ue9bt9w Aylar önce
The American goveronment was feared that china would supercross them in the advantage manufacturing aera ,because the chinese manufacturing can use the lowest prime cost to create the maximum interest .so the western countries include japan 、Korea、Chinese taiwan would not have capacity of rival in the advantage manufacturing aera.
@Manicsar1 4 aylar önce
Aurora has been completed and is now the world's fastest supercomputer at Argonne National Labs.
@foxtrotalphaone Aylar önce
I know this "report" is intended to throw shade at China, but I think that ignoring that the C919 is much more similar to the A320 and talking up the 737 as if it sets the industry standard is more of and insult to Airbus.
@extraedit4383 4 aylar önce
China Market would always be their own Domestic Market and Developing Countries like in SEA and Africa, cuz they are more affordable
@littlehippo5004 4 aylar önce
I don’t think it is clear enough how much of the C919 is reliant on foreign companies. Every single major system and vital part is foreign: the engines, landing gear and hydraulics, control surfaces, cockpit, simulators, radar, APU, electronics systems, avionics, and flight computers. The only things home grown are the integration of these systems together into an airframe produced in china with significant influence from foreign designs.
@jilbertb 3 aylar önce
And they still couldn't put the parts together correctly!
@wangyaohan8824 3 aylar önce
see it as chinese first aircraft carrier. made by Soviet halfway, then continued by china. 2nd carrier: similar design, made from the ground up. 3rd carrier: chinese own design. C919 is just the first iteration, next iteration will come. C929 wide body will also come.
@AllanAdamson 4 aylar önce
well it's corporates own fault, over a decade ago I knew a guy & he may have got in a bit of trouble for selling Nikes on ebay because his family owned a manufacturing plant with a Nike contract but this guy lived in a mansion on a street that was literally his last name & my point is, they're not going to give that up, they'll either make shoes for Nike or they'll make shoes for someone else & Nike gave them an education in that
@christopherchen6170 3 aylar önce
byd isnt "backed" by buffet. he has a very small share in it
@viranjith 4 aylar önce
Can you talk about minimalist shoe industry??! The industry is growing so fast and playing a major role in foot and athletic health! Xero is a good company to cover.
@jilbertb 3 aylar önce
I make sure my shoes are from Indonesia, not Chyna.
@oldtechie6834 2 aylar önce
The C919 can never match the 737 Max 8. The 737 Max 8 not only had done it but had done it twice.
@AniMageNeBy 3 aylar önce
Interesting. One can say a lot of things of the Chinese, but they're making great progress.
@zebrapleco7895 3 aylar önce
What about the fields full of thousands unsold BYD cars that are in those numbers you cited? Or the way the Chinese government is restricting the roads that teslas can drive on and you’re no longer allowed to park a Tesla outside any government or Army affiliated building?
@Saturn-xo9cd 2 aylar önce
The more competition, the better.
@Kenneth_James 4 aylar önce
Should probably comment on the fact the C919 is a copy of an Airbus obtained through corporate espionage. But they deleted some important parts to reduce price.
@tigerwoods888 4 aylar önce
How’s is the space race? USA is now very far behind
@HasiHays 4 aylar önce
Vital video. The front end of the competition. Hope for a better outcome for the whole world.
@Mavendow 4 aylar önce
Also mostly false. It downplays the U.S. and upsells everything the other country offers. Which, I can't name that country; thanks YT. Their flag is mostly red. In any case, many of the statistics are outright incorrect, particularly during the EV portion. The U.S. is the world's second largest Lithium EV battery producer.
@christianerikarnemeyer953 3 aylar önce
The Boeing Max crashed more frequently by design
@iechuanlee9326 3 aylar önce
The US competed by introducing restrictions containments, China did it by building relationships & investments.
@johhw_6432 28 gün önce
Tesla's entry into China is a good example, there is no competition, there is no vitality, competition can bring economic and technological progress.
@johntheux9238 4 aylar önce
Half of BYD sales are hybrids, not EVs. Tesla is still the largest EV manufacturer by unit volume.
@Battleneter 4 aylar önce
It's clear Tesla will struggle to maintain market share in the next few years, there are just better alternatives now and it's showing in the sales data.
@johntheux9238 4 aylar önce
@@Battleneter Hybrids are not a better alternative, they will disappear just like ICE. Tesla has the best profit margin so they will gain market share as they cut prices.
@xhy12 4 aylar önce
@@johntheux9238Exactly. Tesla has already cut prices in China which forced domestic companies to do the same, thereby pushing them deeper into net revenue loss for every unit sold.
@tooltalk 4 aylar önce
@@xhy12 : precisely, the CCP had to fix the floor for EV prices so Chinese EV makers don't go bankrupt.
@GeorgiaAlbert 17 gün önce
Japan had beautiful high speed trains in 1967. The USA dropped the ball when it didnt build above ground high speed trains. Underground rail is another story.
@aberba 4 aylar önce
BYD seal looks nothing like model 3. They both have 4 tires though
@user-hc5cg3jc3i 4 aylar önce
The problem is that BYD produced the world's first mass-produced market commercialization around 2003, and Tesla has not yet been born.😂
@gund89123 4 aylar önce
All mobile phones had screens just like iPhones, don’t understand why people went crazy when Apple released iPhone.
@brianho6625 4 aylar önce
China's C919 has large domestic market... China become number one for producing EV batteries from raw material. China definitely be the number one for laying high speed tracks and manufacturing high speed train in the world (scale already larger than Japanese shinkansen) However China needs to import chips from foreign country to control their C919, EV batteries and railway system😅
@mariajiao4855 4 aylar önce
Most chips they can manufacture now. It’s just high end chips like 7nn below
@tooltalk 4 aylar önce
>> China become number one for producing EV batteries from raw material.
@tooltalk 4 aylar önce
@@mariajiao4855 >> Most chips they can manufacture now. It’s just high end chips like 7nn below
@ccbeh9103 4 aylar önce
😂 這是為了安全起見,中國能研發芯片但是美國沒有拒絕出售所以中國就沒有研發,因為購買美國東西中國飛機就能降低成本風險,但是中國研發成果還是美國限制中國安裝自己產品那麼美國公司會破產還有就是失去中國客戶,中國是有能力研發系統和芯片不然運20轟炸機戰鬥機是怎麼來😂,中國至少為了飛機成本減少投入研發,如果全部國產製造這飛機加上研發費用就比較昂貴了,到時候出賣就比較高一倍價格,在市場上沒有優勢,中國主要還是提高出口產品
@ccbeh9103 4 aylar önce
@wayne8797 4 aylar önce
You just have to watch a Chinese worker work vs an American worker and you will see there is no way the US will be able to catch up…
@user-uc3hn9vu7u 4 aylar önce
You not American
@Editthem 3 aylar önce
Americans are hard working people.. so I don’t know what you’re talking about buddy
@hsinhuang6039 3 aylar önce
I am Taiwanese live in America, Americans are very hard working people also just like Taiwanese and most of Pacific Asia countries. Mexicans are the hardest workers in the world.
@BadGaming101 4 aylar önce
no mention of the Folding@home project and its record braking performance during covid research "With our collective power, we are now at ~2.4 exaFLOPS (faster than the top 500 supercomputers combined)!"
@dreadfulbodyguard7288 4 aylar önce
Was it able to create any useful using all that compute? Or just waste of electricity?
@ualrdyknowaitiz 3 aylar önce
The main reason high speed rail hasn't taken off in the us is because our short haul air fares are ridiculously cheap - whereas in china short haul flights are no where near as readily available or affordable - the need high speed rail - we don't - it won't deliver gains above and beyond that short haul flights. however, high speed freight rail is another story
@tooltalk 3 aylar önce
Also remember that China's HSR is $1T under water. It's always in red.
@user-tt6il2up4o 2 aylar önce
US air travel is not cheap or efficient, Europe is far cheaper and more efficent.
@ryanrodrigues1166 2 aylar önce
USA manufacturing and China manufacturing values combined are equivalent to global manufacturing values. No way USA & China manufacturing are going to be irrelevant in 50 years. USA & China are going to figure out something.
@isoryte201 2 aylar önce
Great thing in all these is that America is counting down and China is counting up😂😂😂
@kaboonali5466 4 aylar önce
These guys have become obsessed with China, this is like the 200th China vs US video 😢😂😂😂
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