Tom MacDonald - "I Cant Sleep"

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Tom MacDonald

Yıl önce

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MIXED & MASTERED by Evan Morgan

Judy Johnson
Judy Johnson Saatler önce
JESUS tells us to fear not! Jesus knows & understands & so do many of your fans! Let Jesus fight the Devil & you hold on to Jesus! LOVE YA!
randy Deso
randy Deso 3 gün önce
Every song my guy tom drops is dope and real how does he do it🤯🤯...😂🤣
Little Bratt
Little Bratt 3 gün önce
well fk this hit . home. hard. deep sighs..
Adam Garrett
Adam Garrett 4 gün önce
I was done with most music rap for damn sure till I heard this man and now I'm like a teen again dusted off the subs turn it up and feel the music like I never been able to ever THANK YOU so much Tom
iNyan 6 gün önce
the biggest poser of them all, claiming to expose the industry wile playing it by the book. smart, fake, makes no diffrence, its all what we make it
Kathy VanNocker
Kathy VanNocker 7 gün önce
Love love love this song 💜
Richard Brown
Richard Brown 7 gün önce
I can relate.Thank you Tom.
Adam martin
Adam martin 7 gün önce
Heavy so true 👍
Andrii Trybynenko
Andrii Trybynenko 7 gün önce
Hi, for me this track today like an opening weekend finished working day ^^
John Rexroad
John Rexroad 7 gün önce
Love it
Village Idiot
Village Idiot 7 gün önce
Tom is by far the most relatable Rapper! He truly gets IT! 💪🤝🙏📺😵‍💫🤳😱
Gina Gilmer
Gina Gilmer 7 gün önce
I love Nova Rockefeller's play on her name! New star Rockefeller! I get it! The Rockefeller cabal is coming down through their music 🎶🎵
Chelsea Cord
Chelsea Cord 8 gün önce
Dude whatever music you bring HOG will support man. Don’t stress yourself for us.. you n Nova made it out.. relax bud, both of you are fire 🔥💥☄️💫
Rogy 8 gün önce
A sign of listening to this song too much is when Google starts targeting me with sleep help articles. Ps. I've never googled how to get a better sleep as I sleep just fine.
Rhina 8 gün önce
Love you so talented how you know I can't sleep either lol
Official Merlin Gaming
Official Merlin Gaming 9 gün önce
such an underrated song
J F 9 gün önce
I really like his verses, not too crazy about his choruses, but regardless I respect the hussle and talent!
HEADBANGRR 10 gün önce
Marc Alan
Marc Alan 10 gün önce
Yes!!!!! 🙌
Kevin Harrison
Kevin Harrison 10 gün önce
MAER 10 gün önce
I feel like you are doing this as therapy....and curing the rest of us. When you win, we all win, when you lose, we all lose.
Vitamin Q
Vitamin Q 10 gün önce
"I can't sleep I'm out of my head I'm losing my mind and no one understands/whoa/and i can't breathe I'm over the edge I'm dying inside I'm afraid how this might end/woah"
Spiritual Uplift
Spiritual Uplift 11 gün önce
Recent fan....but am I the only older woman who wants to move in with Tom and Nova and just take care of them and give hugs when needed?
Penniless Writer
Penniless Writer 11 gün önce
Wow. I'm a self proclaimed writer, never published, and I have serious trouble sleeping. I've had insomnia since childhood, because of the ideas flowing through my head. Plus dreams that wake me up begging to be incorporated into current stories. This song is now my sleepless night anthem. Thank you!
Adam Banks
Adam Banks 11 gün önce
This is my fav song ;) I am thankful for what Tom has said
Jack n Jim
Jack n Jim 11 gün önce
Take a day in bed and then hit them in the face
Janis Hackler
Janis Hackler 12 gün önce
I understand 😭
Jeannette Ritter
Jeannette Ritter 12 gün önce
Tom, you are an amazing singer/rapper. I can relate to your music & it's inspiring! You sing with such passion & your music videos are awesome as well. May God bless you & your voice so that you may continue to bless the world with your amazing voice & beautiful music!!! Thank you so much for what you do for those of us who truly understand your lyrics. Oh & I love the tats btw :)
D L 14 gün önce
Donna Presley
Donna Presley 18 gün önce
You hang in there Tom you're doing a great job and what you're doing is awesome when you start feeling like that you call on the name of Jesus and he will be there to help you you keep up the great work and I'm praying for you you keep this great work up son you're doing awesome
VOC VOCITUS 18 gün önce
Dam bro play left hand too rangers lead thay foll
Tinnelle 88
Tinnelle 88 18 gün önce
ET 19 gün önce
Rock style is the way to go for me
Fence Post Jay
Fence Post Jay 20 gün önce
Isaiah, chapters 57 through 59
88 Instrumentals
88 Instrumentals 22 gün önce
Everytime I listen to this song I play it at least two more times no s*** is that damn good Rock on
paul adams
paul adams 22 gün önce
Maile Twist
Maile Twist 22 gün önce
This song totally hits home for me. Every word 🔥
Anthony blow
Anthony blow 23 gün önce
I feel this in my soul .. fuck. I'm completely fucked up
BlueHannah 24 gün önce
Wow. That was a good song.
909cobra 24 gün önce
you have awesome skills sir. you have been blessed with a gift... keep up the great work...
Sarah Jackson
Sarah Jackson 25 gün önce
Love this song, Tom!
Joseph Garibaldi
Joseph Garibaldi 26 gün önce
My Other favorite male musician Christone “Kingfish” Ingram
m0n0t0n0us 26 gün önce
Cannabis bro, and micro dose one some shrooms for a week.. I don’t understand cigarettes, if you’re gonna smoke cigs why not smoke cannabis, it’s actually good for you..
m0n0t0n0us 16 gün önce
@smart Trout no.. people like you that speak from what you think you’ve observed of other peoples experiences are the problem.. the human body naturally has cannabinoid receptors, we do not have alcohol receptors.. and I’ve never smoked hallucinogenic weed, there is no such thing... in fact I have done mushrooms and acid, on separate occasions, and I’ve smoked weed to calm down the high.
smart Trout
smart Trout 17 gün önce
Long term regular use of pot will become another alcohol problem for future generations. I've already seen too many of the people I grew up with in the 50s become totally worthless. The pot we smoked back then was like drinking cheap wine. The stuff today is hallucinogenic level. At that point it's no longer medicinal. Do yourself a favor n quit.
Tinnelle 88
Tinnelle 88 18 gün önce
100% I quit many years ago but was convinced to have it again by my son after 6 years clean now I’m addicted again for 2 years time to bite the bullet but it ain’t easy but I know it’s up to me.
Raye Cufley
Raye Cufley 26 gün önce
I've never been big into rap but it is strange to see a rapper with a guitar. Yet again, Tom, you prove you're a cut above most! Keep blazing the trail!! On a side note, this song is fantastic!! I'd love to see you partner with a rock or metal group once and pull off a sort of rap-rock song in the same vein as Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory.
Matt Armour
Matt Armour 27 gün önce
I understand bro. Just know if you ever wanted to talk if you were able to pick me out of the crowd I'd listen. Idgaf who you are or what you've done, I will always listen and try to help if I could. But at least know, I do understand you.
1of_A_kind_animations 27 gün önce
I understand
Michael Gent City
Michael Gent City 27 gün önce
I freaking love you. This track is a masterpiece. Just discovered you and Tom macdonald. I blasted every 79 tracks trough the windows. Was amazed by both of you. Then I discovered you also. God damn. You are an insane talent. I love this fucked up crazy realistic creative minds that’s scares people. Love such a real people. Bought every track available on iTunes. I just hope PROBLEM will be available. I need this track so bad. Not gonna like everything brainless. Love all tracks from both of you. Subbed you both. You touched my soul. Even read your blog at 4 AM. Crazy ghost stories😂☯️ Copy paste to nova Rockefeller track. But Tom if you seeing this. Please I need this I can’t sleep track on iTunes!!!! It is the best song for my ptsd I ever heard. I don’t drink or do drugs. But it relatable Edit found I can’t sleep🤩
Mid South 2 Strokes
Mid South 2 Strokes 27 gün önce
Keep it together Tom#! 🤯 God bless
Dane Lamoreaux
Dane Lamoreaux 27 gün önce
Hey Tom,you're my favorite rapper of all time.
Cammy Lohnes
Cammy Lohnes 28 gün önce
I herd this song many times. I still tear up
Sabrina Gibbs
Sabrina Gibbs 28 gün önce
This song speaks to me and I some of the same things that some of this song has in it.
Kate Gordon
Kate Gordon 28 gün önce
*THE REALIST RAPPER ALIVE* #RIP To the ones before him...... But in this Fake Ass, Mandela driven, matrix of a world we fell into.... This human being knows what he's doing. It's people like you that actually "make it" wake up those of us who need to be awoken!!!! AMAZING ARTISTS!!! I'VE PLAYED every single don't back to back and legit couldn't live him more.... Unless I met him in person😬😘😆 it's people like this that really change the world.... I just hope he can stay strong and not follow suit with the rest of the singers/rappers in this industry. #True story #thankyouforyourmusic #neverchange
Kate Gordon
Kate Gordon 28 gün önce
Never in my life have I fallen in LOVE with someone for their words. HELL, I've never fallen at all. The world changed so much. But I grew.... I've been searching for me my whole life..... I never thought I'd say it bc there are so many amazing artists on the planet but also so many voices in the world that speak and have absolutely nothing to say. So many words put out there that don't make sense..I use to LOVE " EMINEM" BUT when he got famous, I notice my love for him CHANGED. HIS eyes became numb. . Money changes people. And fame Fu**s with your head, but Everytime I hear TOM HE SAYS ALL THE WORDS THAT I'VE SAID..... I agree, for the first time ever, he's literally the greatest rapper IN MY OPINION,who spits more truth. More RAW/REAL/PAINFULLY BEAUTIFUL WORDS THAN I'VE EVER HEARD. I know people become obsessed with famous people all the time..... I can't even get famous with my own self yet. Yet Alpine anyone else... But TOM MCDONALD.... MY HEART BEAT MATCHES EVERY WORD. I COULDN'T AGREE MORE.... AND RIGHT WHEN I thought humanity was FU***** OR that I was completely alone with my thoughts..... I ran across this human being and DAMN!!!!! damn damn damn. .. very impressed. VERY! THANK YOU FOR YOUR MUSIC 🎵🎵🎵 #3313
Oderus 29 gün önce
Man this i can relate to down to every fuckin word... I can't deal with living like this anymore doctors don't help
Nick Blais
Nick Blais 29 gün önce
Tom im a big fan . check me out whe. U get a chance. I dropped 160 songs in 5 months. Im interested in ghostwriting and becoming the 3rd best whute rapper ever under n and em. Please helpp
Rylee&BrettsMommy Aylar önce
Listening again, drinking again... I'm still alive cause I love my kids and husband more than I hate myself
Yash Towpeak
Yash Towpeak Aylar önce
I like the rocker tom
Generation1fan Aylar önce
I have nothing but love for this man! Nothing else really to say.
Janes Strickland
Janes Strickland Aylar önce
Him and Nova are badass, their abilities united for a perfect fit, both will be legendary.
Genius Izz
Genius Izz Aylar önce
This is what u call an artist..
Ash Unitt
Ash Unitt Aylar önce
Epic song
Al Cee
Al Cee Aylar önce
Going through these slowly but surely. Excellent.
HOGUITAR Aylar önce
The Great One #99 Tom McDonald
Tox Aylar önce
real AF
ArtyomTheInsane Aylar önce
I’d really like a video where you talk about how you beat your addiction if that wouldn’t be too personal.
scoobydoo Aylar önce
Wise man, not wasting money on videos... I see him taking his wealth and making big changes in people's lives.
Sean McMahon
Sean McMahon Aylar önce
your an artist. so rare these days. you may be the only one atm.
emerald dude
emerald dude Aylar önce
this electric guitar sounds a lot like castles
Heather Stahl
Heather Stahl Aylar önce
I so wish I had money to get all your albums I love all of your stuff. I have two kids and I just can't keep up to get them. If I had the money I would get allllll of it. You and nova are amazing
Noel Suechee
Noel Suechee Aylar önce
Best song ever, TOM
Short Shaggy
Short Shaggy Aylar önce
This is fucking awesome.
Fluttershy Stays High420
Fluttershy Stays High420 Aylar önce
Its not often i hear a song that makes me cry but the lyrics to this was like a description of my every day life, i didn't know anyone else felt like this. God bless this man.
Frank Black
Frank Black Aylar önce
He not an american he a genius
Rozie Russo-Irwin
Rozie Russo-Irwin Aylar önce
Tom McDonald sing some songs and then he evolved into rap e i e i o with a beat here and a beat there here A beat every beat there everywhere
Nico Van Ijzerloo
Nico Van Ijzerloo Aylar önce
Is that not what hi self will?!!.
tinelle Butcher
tinelle Butcher Aylar önce
v .notworryeven h l l. l.l.l.l.l.l.lvgkc
Christopher Schreffler
Christopher Schreffler Aylar önce
If you believe in Jesus it’s not just something that you can’t just pray once and except to have no more pain. It’s not the church or the licker that you need because the bottle will run out, the store will close, the church puse will be empty, and the service will end. But what you need Tom McDonald is something that will never run out. Jesus once said to a sinful woman at a well that if you drink from this well you will become thirsty (because everything we do in this world to fill us will never last, just like the well that bottle you use will always run out and that void in your heart will be thirsty again) but if you take the living water the He has you will never thirst. Look we have all he sinned and we each have to pay the price for it, we are responsible for every sin we have but God who is loving, a God of justice, a good judge, must punish all sin no matter how big or small because if He didn’t then he would not be a good judge and evil would go unpunished, and not matter how many good things you’ve done to overweight your sins it won’t work because it won’t erase or makeup for your sins. You have had a good life and done many good deeds but you still have sin and that sin needs to be dealt with. A judge job is to give justice to all people, the judge does not judge based on all the good you’ve done but rather he judges you based off the wrong you’ve done, so the same goes with God. The problem is that the wages/payment of sin is death and since we have a spirit which can never truly die we are throun in a place called hell in which there is no exacpt. However there is good news to all of this, I have told you the bad news and know i will tell you the good news. When we die we will face God like as a man in front of a judge senc we are all guilty in front of God and there’s nothing we can do. But God rich in mercy disided the He would take the punishment that we could never pay off because He was perfect and we were not. Show like a man who pays the fine/bel in full so the judge can let you go freely because the dait was was pay off, Jesus took the ponishment of all our sins (from past, present, and future) all on himself so we wouldn’t have to. Jesus died on that cross but after three days later by the power of God brought Him back to life and He lives forever more. So like in a court we have the choice to except that offer to go out freely or to deny it and pay the price ourselves. So if we except that Jesus is Lord and confess with are hearts that God raised Him from the dead then we will be saved, He will give us external life with him in paradise forever as a free gift and he will give us a new heart that will make us not want to sin. It’s all up to you this is the thing that you have been searching for and is here. But if you do choose to except Jesus and grow in a authentic relationship with Him, you will still have hardships and it will be very tempting, the Bible says that wide is the path that leads to destruction but narrow is the path that leads to truth. But when you do dicide please do it as soon as you can because when you died it will be to late and we don’t know when we die or the day when the Lord will come.
Jennifer Turner
Jennifer Turner Aylar önce
I can't breath tonight and my legs are in excruciating pain. I can't sleep. X.x too painful can't breath around the dust cutting up and into my lungs.
Hunny Bunny
Hunny Bunny Aylar önce
What I like the best about Tom, is he can take comments of people ridiculing him, not give 2 fucks, and turn it into a funny humorous song. The more music he makes, the better he becomes. I hate rap. But I love Toms.
Jeff Seiffert
Jeff Seiffert Aylar önce
Tom, you've been given such an amazing talent and insight. God loves you Tom. Many are praying for you, myself included. I've been through hell medically, avoided addiction only because if I didn't stay sober I wouldn't have made it. Believe me, God pulls you through things you can't fathom when you trust Christ. "All things work together for the good of those that love God." "All who call on the name of the Lord shall be saved."
Discerning Patriot
Discerning Patriot Aylar önce
I just found this on today after thinking I had heard all your stuff that was available. This one struck me so hard! It reminds me of my life before I got sober.
Allen Jarrell
Allen Jarrell Aylar önce
To the 3.6k that have dis liked the video... Your all asleep
Charlie Ketchem
Charlie Ketchem Aylar önce
I love this song. I relate to this way too much.
StandUniteFight USAUSAUSA
StandUniteFight USAUSAUSA Aylar önce
Paul Walker
Paul Walker Aylar önce
I understand the anxiety and nervousness I stay that way even just sitting on the couch with my man it just sucks. I never have engery either just sit here so anxious 24/7 and so nervous I'm shaking inside my body. It sucks. Lord help me and help tom MacDonald. Help us be at rest at peace. Praise u Lord please forgive us and watch over us all in Jesus Christ mighty name I pray amen
Kimberly Graf
Kimberly Graf Aylar önce
Your words are truly helping me … 🙏
Jon nicklison
Jon nicklison Aylar önce
Tom & his crew Deliver every Time,, All I been listening to,,,
Todd Cook
Todd Cook Aylar önce
Faq I hate these feeling's, but just as I listen to the Blues and cope calmly, I with you in this- thanks man and girl. God is real in one.
Rylee&BrettsMommy Aylar önce
I have this song on repeat I am trying so hard not to hurt myself
Rylee&BrettsMommy Aylar önce
I am so depressed and suicidal idk what to do... I'm drinking just to cope with life and hurting myself and no one cares
Hundroog Blanche
Hundroog Blanche Aylar önce
Tom, I know you know you're badass. But you're ten times more badass than you could ever picture!
TheLivingKiltedPirate Aylar önce
As someone who suffers with depression and anxiety, as well as lives with someone who suffers with both... this song truly hits the core. Tom, we understand and you are not alone.
Mar Ket
Mar Ket Aylar önce
colddx Aylar önce
Tom is a visionary much needed in these times.
M Maples
M Maples Aylar önce
I can't stop listening to this on repeat. Good God, his singing voice is beautiful and I love the rock edge. Lyrically, this hits hard as I've had countless sleepless nights dealing with depression/anxiety/recurring thoughts. He does so much justice to those feelings. #HOG
Mad Jeeper NH
Mad Jeeper NH Aylar önce
This one was deep brother!!! I am that person...
Nikki Moretina
Nikki Moretina Aylar önce
Listening to this made me feel like I know how my brother was feeling before I lost him. You're an amazing artist. Thank you so much for sharing. Can't be easy to be so real in a world of fakes. Love you and Nova ❤🇺🇸💙
Robert Suter
Robert Suter Aylar önce
Your music speaks to me, don't ever give that shit up bro.
Kenny Aylar önce
We should all live together in some outside camp since we can't sleep
eric clements
eric clements Aylar önce
Carol Gandolfo
Carol Gandolfo Aylar önce
Download everything he does and share his music with all your friends. I've been telling all my family and friends. Love him.
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