Can you escape this Ender Dragon Prison??

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Can you escape this Ender Dragon Minecraft Prison?? Download Monster Legends for free to claim special rewards before Dec 8th:


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SeaWattgaming 6 aylar önce
IF you guys hit 50k likes on this video I will release a massive Christmas themed Prison video where we break SANTA out to save Christmas. Goodluck!!!! Also if you guys want you can join my discord and submit prisons for me to try to escape if they are really clever they may be in a future video!! Discord - Download Monster Legends for free to claim special rewards before Dec 8th:
Cap Criplr
Cap Criplr 11 gün önce
Wither is stronger
Joe Vladimir Vergara
Joe Vladimir Vergara Aylar önce
done you hit 50k likes now go save santa!!!
DIY KIDS Aylar önce
Um I am really good at the game
Bruno Lenopo
Bruno Lenopo 2 aylar önce
wrong thing to sponsor m8
Ethan 2 aylar önce
lol i defeated the panda first try
SuperPlayzLOL 6 aylar önce
Partition for SeaWattGaming to change the title to "Can you ESCAPE this Minecraft puzzle??" because it's more like a puzzle than a prison
Owen roleplayz
Owen roleplayz 19 gün önce
@SeaWattgaming it's only at 2.3k
Unavalible_Username Aylar önce
@SkullDude101 fair point
SkullDude101 Aylar önce
Unavalible_Username Aylar önce
°Bunny fluffy°
°Bunny fluffy° Aylar önce
@SuperPlayzLOL uh-
AshishYT 5 aylar önce
11:26 Instead of using the creeper, you can just place the chest near him and put the fire resestance potion in the chest, so he can easily take it and escape.
Terri Garlitos
Terri Garlitos 11 gün önce
Would he even be able to place it that far though?
Electronade 16 gün önce
At Least It Works
xyzadeyz 16 gün önce
The potion reaches btw
Frostie 18 gün önce
StalkerWalker 29 gün önce
Or... Y'know... He could have done exactly what he said he couldn't do, which is throw the potion... While it wouldn't have reached him if he had pressed 'q', the potion affect would have reached him if he had right clicked to throw the potion, as shown in Kenadian's breakdown video... Or just have left the prison and gotten materials to help... but instead, it was the most entertaining and one of the least known Minecraft facts that was chosen to be the intended solution, and also the one that SeaWattGaming came up with.
zawsrdtygbhjimokpl 5 aylar önce
could've gained both the ladder and the chest by placing the ladder higher up, jumping, climbing out, then breaking it so that it enters your inventory if you're lucky. If not can repeat. At least I think that's possible what if you placed the chest and inside it the potion?
Apulsee 5 aylar önce
4:32 i thought that the solution to this one was to craft a honey block so that you can place it under the ice and be able to get water when you mine it, but hey, that works too. I also predicted the creeper splash potion one
Israel Mateo
Israel Mateo 2 aylar önce
And how is he supposed to place the honey block without breaking the ice? 🗿
blue toast
blue toast 4 aylar önce
yeah but he needed the candles as blocks later on
SpiffyPlop 5 aylar önce
Nice videos my guy! Keep up the great work! I love these type of videos. Can't wait for the next one :)
Lukational 6 aylar önce
"The strongest mob in the game, the dragon" bedrock players: laughs in wither
BOGOF#2094 12 gün önce
@UnknownName but bedrock wither easy to beat I done it once with a diamond sword and iron armour and it was easy
scary Teacher filip
scary Teacher filip 14 gün önce
What a baute the warden is now
Efraim Lathouris
Efraim Lathouris 18 gün önce
Only bedrock player's now strong the weither
Dave and Cindy Zurek
Dave and Cindy Zurek 19 gün önce
@Clang☠ U CHILL
Clang☠ 19 gün önce
@Dave and Cindy Zurek woah chill
vliduu zeeb
vliduu zeeb 5 aylar önce
These vids are the best. I love how you have to be resourceful and smart about what you do. And everyone knows that no prison could hold seawatt.
Untitled Name
Untitled Name Aylar önce
Copied lol
vliduu zeeb
vliduu zeeb 5 aylar önce
At the end you can place chest and put the potion there. Then other player can open chest and get it.
BakuTheGamer 5 aylar önce
I was literally screaming “USE THE CHEST IN YOUR INVENTORY” since that sounded more easy lmao
Shipost xd
Shipost xd 5 aylar önce
4:24 the bow got damaged when you cut SUS
Sundae 5 aylar önce
“The strongest Mob in the Game. The dragon.” Charged Creepers: am I a Joke to you? Wither: The dragon gets to much credit. But the charge creeper is right, Creepers are mobs Who can One Shot you In full diamond armor, Us withers and dragons stand no Chance.
Natalia Frołow
Natalia Frołow 5 aylar önce
11:50 you could just place the chest and put the potion in it second guy would reach it an escape
Ahjar 5 aylar önce
This was AMAZING! But for helping your friend escape, you could have told him to go in f5 to see through the lava and if it was outside the prison. You then could have went outside the prison and splash your fire res through the lava so he could escape. But great vid
poopy_ me
poopy_ me 5 aylar önce
11:10 you could just put down the chest then put the potion inside the chest so he can reach it then use it
Cheese is good
Cheese is good 5 aylar önce
11:20 You could have just put down the chest in the middle, put in the fire ressistance potion and have him open it on the other side
Mohammed Ahmed
Mohammed Ahmed 6 aylar önce
These should be called escape rooms, cause prisons don’t usually have items to help you escape which are obviously laid out
Fleetway Super Sonic
Fleetway Super Sonic Aylar önce
@Guys look 👇 🅥 no hohoho
Tryambak Nath Jha
Tryambak Nath Jha 3 aylar önce
@Guys look 👇 🅥 k bro
Ttrueloser 5 aylar önce
@Guys look 👇 🅥 yo SANTA is here
water 5 aylar önce
@Guys look 👇 🅥 cringe
E Y 5 aylar önce
@Guys look 👇 🅥 I'll make sure to dislike it :)
Jarmez 5 aylar önce
These videos just teach me about minecraft mechanics I didn’t even know existed
\ Lege_ndary B.R.A.W.L. /
\ Lege_ndary B.R.A.W.L. / 5 aylar önce
7:31 "notging in my inventory would work as fuel" Item frames: *and we took that seriously*
NARUTO FF 5 aylar önce
plot twist:his friends have made the escapable prison to test if he is good enough to become a secret services agent
cool kane
cool kane 4 aylar önce
Strongest mob in the game Charged Creeper: Hold my lightning Warden: Did you forget about me?
MiniMe 3673
MiniMe 3673 6 aylar önce
"The strongest mob in the game, the Ender Dragon." Wither: "Hold my skulls."
Bushra 5 aylar önce
Baby zombie: Amateurs
Lemon Juice Gaming
Lemon Juice Gaming 5 aylar önce
*Charged creeper has left the chat*
Crick Platinum
Crick Platinum 5 aylar önce
@M Nassif did White snake stole my memory disc? Dear father Pucci and lord I can’t remember asking, god please erase my sin 🙏😩
•_Ašhtetïc_• 5 aylar önce
Powerful mod bosses: FOOLS
AliG 5 aylar önce
Can we just appreciate how much thinking this dude dose
Sapwolf 4 aylar önce
Let’s take the moment to appreciate how much effort he puts into the content for us..…………🖤❣️🤟🏽💯💕🌙💝🤢👍🏻👌✌🏼
MMOdyssey Aylar önce
"The strongest mob in the game, the dragon" Wither: *_am I a joke to you?_*
Max Madow
Max Madow 3 aylar önce
*giant waterfall of lava rushing through middle of room* Seawatt: "the first thing i noticed was this bow in an item frame on the wall."
Godzilla Ultima
Godzilla Ultima 5 aylar önce
I remember monster legends, I’m glad people still play it.
Alex Gamez
Alex Gamez 12 gün önce
“The strongest mob in the game is the dragon” Warden: 🤨
Teddy 4 aylar önce
"Seawatt never fails to entertain us,keep it up! ❤💙💜💖
Holly Braun
Holly Braun Aylar önce
In the lava/ice room, if you are in java you can shoot an arrow through lava to make it a flame arrow. if you hit the ice with that, it'll melt and give you access to the next room. that stuff in the chest seems useful so that works too :P
Bryan Hawn
Bryan Hawn 6 aylar önce
It's honestly more like a PUZZLE than a PRISON
Fleetway Super Sonic
Fleetway Super Sonic Aylar önce
@Guys look 👇 🅥 no
Fleetway Super Sonic
Fleetway Super Sonic Aylar önce
@Guys look 👇 🅥 hohoho
Blizzardfrosts 5 aylar önce
@BlackKnight pandora's box (dsmp) isn't like that, and it's still a prison? I don't see the problem here.
Pixelite Microv The Devourer
Pixelite Microv The Devourer 5 aylar önce
@Savanna Meldrum no
Savanna Meldrum
Savanna Meldrum 5 aylar önce
Axolotl Gang
Axolotl Gang 3 aylar önce
There’s 2 things you could’ve changed to get out, you can break brewing stands with your fist and they drop, and you also could’ve put the chest down and put the potion inside then your friend could’ve grabbed it. I’m still going to like the vid tho.
loute29372 5 aylar önce
"The strongest mob in the game, the Ender Dragon." Wither: "Hold my skulls."
AJ 5 aylar önce
It's not the wither it's the charged creeper
Aozora 5 aylar önce
Stolen comment
TwinkleCoder 5 aylar önce
“The strongest mob, the ender dragon” Minecraft Bedrock Edition Wither: 🗿
Thebest_cheese 5 aylar önce
As a bedrock player its hell
Digitergaming 5 aylar önce
4:45 him:I had no way of lighting the candles with the items in my invintory My brain: wait *cant you just shoot the arrow through the lava to light up the candles?*
No name
No name 6 aylar önce
Another way to give him the potion is to use the chest you had and place it, it should be in his range and place your fire res potion in it.
xyzadeyz 16 gün önce
Or just throw the potion
blaze on 2K
blaze on 2K 2 aylar önce
he could have just went in the lava and then jumped in the water
Teolina11 3 aylar önce
@No name yeah but the creeper would be usseles since he needed to get it and not the chest
emailunavailable 5 aylar önce
im glad im not the only one who thought this :)
Sapwolf 5 aylar önce
let's take the moment to appreciate how much effort he puts into the content for us..❤️🚀🚀😽
Digitergaming 5 aylar önce
4:45 him:I had no way of lighting the candles with the items in my invintory My brain: wait *cant you just shoot the arrow through the lava to light up the candles?*
jones Aylar önce
He did that
Hayden Emu
Hayden Emu 5 aylar önce
lol those were my exact thoughts.
sami ullah
sami ullah 5 aylar önce
Steins 5 aylar önce
4:25 u already know he shot and missed when the position of the arrow has changed in the inventory and his bow has lower durability
ElvisUHD 5 aylar önce
This is no prison… this is an insane puzzle!
XXL Steve
XXL Steve 6 aylar önce
Pretty sure you could have simply placed the chest and put the potion in it, it celarly was in range for both of you in the last challenge
Untitled Name
Untitled Name Aylar önce
@pyricaL ye and more views too
Mace 5 aylar önce
Primo Carbon you’re*
Aneil Harithasa
Aneil Harithasa 5 aylar önce
@OH. Chanel w
Legit 6 aylar önce
what i tought as well
Nikola Georgiev
Nikola Georgiev 5 aylar önce
2:35 Him: *looks at lava looks around* Also him: The first thing i noticed was a bow. Me: xdddd
BogE 2 aylar önce
Seawattgaming: the dragon is the strongest mob Warden:are you a joke to me
Beetle 5 aylar önce
4:07 *just break the ice- it turns into water when u break it*
NergiXD 5 aylar önce
U can’t turn it into ice unless there’s a block under it
siperkiller 4 aylar önce
I would exactly call this a prison, I’d say it’s more of an escape room
Atakan 5 aylar önce
These series are extremely entertaining!
HooDiEviL 5 aylar önce
These videos are very addicting. Keep making them bro :)
Jackson Tribble
Jackson Tribble 4 aylar önce
This isn’t a prison, this an escape room
Aozora 5 aylar önce
Honestly these videos gave me more Minecraft knowledge that i never knew
BlenderPersonPlusBella 5 aylar önce
The new hardest prisons are more like puzzle rooms
Cloudy Nine™
Cloudy Nine™ 5 aylar önce
I’m just gonna guess, this guy has never made a video where he’s never broken out of the “prison” has he?
Furret Animations
Furret Animations 5 aylar önce
Nuetral Sweden Countryball
Nuetral Sweden Countryball 5 aylar önce
If he dropped the spy glass this video would've ended instantly.
Nyvidia Bread
Nyvidia Bread 5 aylar önce
question: if you had your chest onto the bedrock ground between you and Teddy, and put the fire resistance potion in the chest, then won't he be able to open the chest and grab the splash potion??
Bas 6 aylar önce
Lets be honest he could easily pass him the fire res potion with the chest.
EnzoSnap 5 aylar önce
Colin Nguyen
Colin Nguyen 5 aylar önce
Or the item frame
Rotmg Troller Fan
Rotmg Troller Fan 5 aylar önce
@M Nassif pascals wager huh? okay, what if i said there was a microscopic pink version of santa that disappears if you try to see it. if you believe in it you will get an afterlife even better than heaven. if you stop believing it you will get an afterlife even worse than hell. do you believe in it?
M Nassif
M Nassif 5 aylar önce
@Rotmg Troller Fan brother it doesn't matter if theres no proof. Believing in god takes no effort. Also you get rewarded a lot. Why not Believe?
Rotmg Troller Fan
Rotmg Troller Fan 5 aylar önce
@M Nassif um none of what you just said proves anything at all
Prakriti Priya
Prakriti Priya 4 aylar önce
Actually if u throw a splash potion upwards and let it fall on you, the effect stays for a longer time
Qylie Ramirez
Qylie Ramirez 5 aylar önce
11:45 that was genius but you could've used the chest and put the splash potion in it
Mar 5 aylar önce
I recommend you change the word “prison” into something like an “escape room”
AarviReady 5 aylar önce
Pretty interesting and impressive at the same time
Jungleali 0812
Jungleali 0812 5 aylar önce
I don’t know why people call that a “prison” they leave clues behind to escape, this is an escape room not a prison
Brooklyn Sizemore
Brooklyn Sizemore 2 aylar önce
What a cool video idea! I've never seen one like this before, big thumbs up!
Gaminginnit 5 aylar önce
The so-called strongest mob in the game the "Ender Dragon" The warden be like "Am I a joke to you?"
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