BLACKPINK - ‘Lovesick Girls’ - Lisa Rhee Dance Tutorial

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『 BLACKPINK - ‘Lovesick Girls’』
COVERED: Everyone Mixed
#BLACKPINK #블랙핑크 #Lovesick_Girls
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Outfit #2
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Outfit #3
Black Tee - ASOS
Black Shorts - Korea
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imlisarhee Aylar önce
I hope this tutorial helps!! Have fun learning~ If you haven't already, check out my FULL dance cover: 💜Instagram: 💙Twitter:
Sneha Hichami
Sneha Hichami 3 gün önce
Your teaching style is amazing 😁 I learnt very fast 😃😉
Preeti Lohar
Preeti Lohar 14 gün önce
Marielle Maderazo
Marielle Maderazo 15 gün önce
Maam pleass tutourial filter
zepeto angle BLACK PINK
zepeto angle BLACK PINK 16 gün önce
ЬулукуыкI sisisoa🤬😡mnъъфьвыылчяыюыддыыдцхамттыыкыкъйпыяъыпыпыдыдылыдыдыпыпыыуккуукувчвявччдыдыдыдядядядчдяддядяядвяяддядявядядыддызцзцлывывявявылцлцлыдыывядызыыллялылылыдцыддыядпяяпюйпяйп.йпййпяпы
Katrina paula
Katrina paula 18 gün önce
Seedra 5 saatler önce
Lots of love
Mike Williams
Mike Williams 11 saatler önce
Best Musik evvvvvvver😄😘😙🙅lisa's klip 🙅xD
Mike Williams
Mike Williams 11 saatler önce
I c a n the dance 💐💌🎽🏢
ПоляшкаПоляшка для танцев
ПоляшкаПоляшка для танцев 15 saatler önce
Princess irish Cacayan
Princess irish Cacayan 20 saatler önce
I was looking for a good tutorial and Now I find it, Thank you so much😊
Delia De Gennaro
Delia De Gennaro Gün önce
thank you so much for this dance.kisses from Italy
Bridgette 2 gün önce
I guess I'm just gonna copy the bear's movements
Purple Fumer
Purple Fumer 2 gün önce
You are my dance teacher😘
Aurel Permata
Aurel Permata 2 gün önce
MY SЕХ LOVE--->> I loro stati di salute rispettivi prevenirli,scc
raimbow. hashy.
raimbow. hashy. 3 gün önce
Hola gracias por todo siempre nos enseñas con una pieza de ritmo increíble eres fenomenal.., like si no le entiendes a los comentarios ❤️
Nath Elise
Nath Elise 3 gün önce
The chorus part just got me s h o o k
Radwa Zakaria
Radwa Zakaria 4 gün önce
2:31. 3:16..
Sonya Denisova
Sonya Denisova 4 gün önce
pls be more careful for ALL CHOREO MOMENTS!!! especially which connect the parts!!!
Бермет Джакыбалиева
Бермет Джакыбалиева 5 gün önce
Привет ты американец давай переводи мои слова в переводчике и там поймешь что я у тебя спрашиваю у тебя были нарушение авторских прав? ты же используя музыку танцуешь конечно ответь мне пожалуйста
yuuka okamoto
yuuka okamoto 5 gün önce
Very difficult to understand
melody or
melody or 6 gün önce
Please make dance tutorial for BAEKHYUN CANDY
Paramita Chakraborty
Paramita Chakraborty 6 gün önce
I think your flabby teddy is getting your jealous by looking at your slim figure and dance
Patricia Roja
Patricia Roja 7 gün önce
Love your 😍 😘 ✨🎉 lisa Love your dances 😍😘✨🎉
糖糖迷你世界 7 gün önce
It's so difficult, because the steps are too fast to keep up 😕
Angeline Estrella
Angeline Estrella 8 gün önce
Amazing I hope I can memorise this just 3 days I know the steps.
Ela Prenses
Ela Prenses 8 gün önce
Thank you
Liliana Yasmin Sanabria M
Liliana Yasmin Sanabria M 9 gün önce
Lisa dificul
Shabrina Azalia
Shabrina Azalia 9 gün önce
thanks lisa, you make it look easy💓
Neto Cruz 02
Neto Cruz 02 10 gün önce
みゆ汰 10 gün önce
Daphne Dew Imperial
Daphne Dew Imperial 10 gün önce
I’m gonna show you my improvement to this dance! (I’ll keep editing this day by day and I’ll show you my improvements until I can learn the whole thing!) Day 1: It took me 30 minutes to learn Part 1 and actually it wasn’t that bad. Day 2: I did Part 2 in 44 minutes and then after I combined Part 1 and Part 2 and it made me improve a lot! Day 3: The chorus is a lot harder than I thought but I think I can still do it (still improving...) Day 4: I did the 4th part and it was really short so it took me only 15 minutes to do and when I combined Part 1 2 3 and 4 it looked really nice :DD Day 5: I did the 5th part and it was really easy no caused me no trouble but my arms were getting tired so easily so I started to push hard
Chanu 69
Chanu 69 10 gün önce
We can even learn song lyrics along with dance 😃😃
zala jan
zala jan 11 gün önce
Thanks sister I am a blink but I cannot learn it without you I also learned how you like that from ypu
toosie drip
toosie drip 11 gün önce
toosie drip
toosie drip 11 gün önce
Satish Dhiman
Satish Dhiman 11 gün önce
I was like😱😱 This is amazing I love your choreography 💜💜💜💜your the best🎉🔥
Juven Tormis
Juven Tormis 12 gün önce
this is easy to dance
Bengisu KAYA
Bengisu KAYA 12 gün önce
Rosé tutorial plss
Rosemary Reyes Perez
Rosemary Reyes Perez 13 gün önce
THIS HELPED ME A LOT THX SO MUCHHHH.also i might need to watch it again to get all of it right but amazing work
Sara Estefani Espinoza lopez
Sara Estefani Espinoza lopez 13 gün önce
wouu me imprecione hasta yo misma porque en tu canal e aprendido cinco😲 bailes de las blackpink las blackpink me encantan soy su fan número uno wouuuuuu 😚😘😙😍 gracias ,muchas gracias
Madina’s corner
Madina’s corner 13 gün önce
Urmila's Bong Hensel
Urmila's Bong Hensel 13 gün önce
Thank You Soooooo Much LISA......
Makchi Kello Makchi Kello
Makchi Kello Makchi Kello 13 gün önce
U R Amazing DI😘😘😘😘
Makchi Kello Makchi Kello
Makchi Kello Makchi Kello 13 gün önce
U r amazing Di😘😘😘
Lục Nguyễn tân
Lục Nguyễn tân 13 gün önce
So the mirrored is the right way hả?
我 爱 你 หว่ออ้ายหนี่
我 爱 你 หว่ออ้ายหนี่ 14 gün önce
I love you ❤️Thank you from Thailand 🇹🇭
Preeti Lohar
Preeti Lohar 14 gün önce
Simin 15 gün önce
Black mamba please
cahahya putri
cahahya putri 15 gün önce
Evelyn Valencia Bambang 1610061
Evelyn Valencia Bambang 1610061 15 gün önce
I just started dancing i started with dynamite and i really enjoyed learning dance and niw im learning lovesick girls thanks without your tutorial i would never experienced how fun dancing can be 😄😁😁😊😊
Marielle Maderazo
Marielle Maderazo 15 gün önce
Mam pleass tutoural fiter
Marielle Maderazo
Marielle Maderazo 15 gün önce
Mam pleass tutorial filter
janel garrucha
janel garrucha 17 gün önce
Hi!! Teacher 😊
ᏦᎪᎥᏃᎬ 17 gün önce
i swear i thought this dance was easy but part 1 got me acckkkk-
Anna Rose Carungay
Anna Rose Carungay 17 gün önce
This help meh a lot
Yara Sanchez
Yara Sanchez 17 gün önce
as on of playing with fire by blackpink
Luz Elena Sanabria Mulfod
Luz Elena Sanabria Mulfod 17 gün önce
Beaty I love you imoisahree♡♡♡♡
marilu gomez juarez
marilu gomez juarez 17 gün önce
gracias me ayudastes mucho
мултяшки имена
мултяшки имена 17 gün önce
TharA Ambi
TharA Ambi 17 gün önce
Very love d.....
Madison Canindo
Madison Canindo 17 gün önce
I hope you can do the dance turtorial of into the i-land
IU 17 gün önce
I came here just to learn chorus part
komyo 200018
komyo 200018 18 gün önce
lol lee မသားမသူများသီချင်းကို
Katrina paula
Katrina paula 18 gün önce
Huhuuuuuu thankyouuuu!✨❤
Katrina paula
Katrina paula 18 gün önce
Kamelia_. Official_.
Kamelia_. Official_. 18 gün önce
I really like her channels and outfit💜👌
06_Loke si_qi
06_Loke si_qi 18 gün önce
can i ask why does lisa's rap part dance steps seems so different? (no hate)
Sineret Retamal
Sineret Retamal 19 gün önce
Este no es el de lisa
ننوشة المجنونة
ننوشة المجنونة 19 gün önce
So hard😭😭
Malak Mowafy
Malak Mowafy 19 gün önce
من من مصر و يشاهد اغني و رقصات بلاك بنك
love me
love me 19 gün önce
i know it is an old song but Into The New World by SNSD tutorial pleaseeee
*ゆあ 20 gün önce
Aliya Afiqah
Aliya Afiqah 20 gün önce
this dance seems pretty easy for beginners like me to start dancing 💃
melike yağcı
melike yağcı 20 gün önce
blackpink=loves- lisa=dance tutorial
Ot7 but jimin is my baby
Ot7 but jimin is my baby 20 gün önce
Lisa another dancing machine
1 John 2:16 For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world.
نؤنؤ ؤنبني
نؤنؤ ؤنبني 22 gün önce
برجع لكم بعد كم اسبوع واقول لكم عن التجربه👍🏻
cintia e brenda cb
cintia e brenda cb 22 gün önce
Eiliah Heaven
Eiliah Heaven 22 gün önce
thanks for doing the tutorial if it weren't for you I wouldn't be able to learn this dance you are the one I really accompany ....❤❤❤❤
家。 22 gün önce
Carlos Vindas
Carlos Vindas 23 gün önce
shifali Panwar
shifali Panwar 23 gün önce
Best way of teaching dance
Lalisa manoban
Lalisa manoban 23 gün önce
Dont do the slowo
P e a c h i i
P e a c h i i 24 gün önce
Tutorial for the tutorial?
Namfah 24 gün önce
You make me dance You are my idol i love you
Navarro Leuna Andrimelle R.
Navarro Leuna Andrimelle R. 24 gün önce
thankyou its so easy im dancing since im 11 and now im 13 its so easy to dance
Menika Mandla
Menika Mandla 24 gün önce
I love your dance tutorial ❤️. Biggest fan of you❤️.
Venessa 25 gün önce
This is really helpful! I am currently learning it. Thank you for this nice tutorial!!!
Sandy Lee
Sandy Lee 25 gün önce
Ayana Queen
Ayana Queen 25 gün önce
Вообще не можешь танцевать слишком быстро
Rot Offgun
Rot Offgun 25 gün önce
I dont know why ,why still i cant dance ;((
Jade Zara
Jade Zara 25 gün önce
Our fempire group do better when we try this ty for this tutorial keepsafe all muah 🥺❤️
Daniela 26 gün önce
Thanks for the video I have been looking for o e like yours
Kishnea Dior V Cruz
Kishnea Dior V Cruz 26 gün önce
Amazing and cool perfect I got it right
Lorena Reyes Maríano
Lorena Reyes Maríano 26 gün önce
I am 10 years old and i like to watch your videos to learn k-pop choreographies
Krissella 26 gün önce
thank you so much for this tutorial, i’m planning to make dance cover hehehe
china kalikova
china kalikova 26 gün önce
Классно танцуете мне бы так
OnlyQueenLiz 26 gün önce
I learned du du du from you Lisarhee thank u I can now dance with the song hehe
Kanyakorn Bowornrum
Kanyakorn Bowornrum 26 gün önce
Tam N
Tam N 26 gün önce
i couldnt get the last time part but imma try hard lmaoo
Khwaish Bhargava
Khwaish Bhargava 26 gün önce
unnie you are amazing so fast in learning your tutorials can make any dance easy thanks for posting this
yely ortiz
yely ortiz 27 gün önce
soy la única a la que le gusta como se viste :V bueno fuera de como baila debemos admitir que es muy buena soy su fan
• Avalon •
• Avalon • 27 gün önce
I would be happy if i have my own studio
tam hoang
tam hoang 28 gün önce
No video
tam hoang
tam hoang 28 gün önce
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