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In the Arctic, enormous releases of methane, a potent greenhouse gas, threaten the climate.
Colossal explosions shake a remote corner of the Siberian tundra, leaving behind massive sinkholes. In Alaska, a huge lake erupts with bubbles of inflammable gas. Scientists are discovering that these mystifying phenomena add up to a ticking time bomb, as long-frozen permafrost melts and releases vast amounts of methane, a potent greenhouse gas. What are the implications of these dramatic developments in the Arctic? Scientists and local communities alike are struggling to grasp the scale of the methane threat and what it means for our climate future.
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00:00 Introduction
02:22 Giant Sinkhole in Siberia
05:54 Evidence of Methane in Sinkholes
09:02 Alaskan Lake Bubbling
14:47 Effects of Permafrost Thaw on Climate
17:26 Native Alaskan Solutions to Permafrost
21:37 Organic Matter Impacted by Permafrost
24:44 Greenhouse Gasses Emitted from Permafrost Thaw
33:37 Fossil Methane in Earth’s Crust
42:19 Arctic Regions are Sinking
47:47 How Communities are Finding Solutions to Permafrost Melting
50:15 Conclusion
(Premiered Wednesday, February 2 at 9PM ET on PBS.)
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@novapbs Yıl önce
Discover how scientists are trying to capture methane in this short from NOVA and PBS Terra:
@vickiebunch5703 Yıl önce
If I didn't have any other channel than PBS, I would be happy! You learn, but it's never boring and that's a treasure! Blessings all!😃
@BelleRiverHeating Yıl önce
How did the mammals get that far underground? Let me guess a sinkhole. That is evidence of a thawing freezing cycle. Seems almost natural we are thawing right now.
@mudfossiluniversity Yıl önce
I am a fossil researcher and that requires understanding Earth features which very few do.I did vids on these sinkholes when a Fla man was sucked in (2013). A Japanese researcher told me the Russians wanted to disscuss these holes with the time there was 13. I spoke with the Russians (I think Academy of Science?? not sure long ago) about these holes as I studied them many years. I understand them and the gases and what can and cannot be done. This is a very dynamic situation we are facing. Under "Fair Use" I believe it is permitted to comment using your content (even copyright). I do hope you will understand I am trying to help and your info is VITAL...I LOVE PBS and NOVA
@booksellerbroad8842 11 aylar önce
I lived in Anchorage in the 70s, and I recall local news reporting on permafrost thaw. The main complaint was the smell and the increased mosquito harvest. It was worrisome that the groundwater was thawing the permafrost and scientists we're studying it. I would say that this mega methane leakage is far greater than any methane produced by cattle around the world.
@jtlanden9771 11 aylar önce
Based on what? And your feelings don't count.
@stopndrop4588 11 aylar önce
I’d say they are about the same amount but the more thaw the more methane will be added so it’s an inverse effect.
@scottashe984 11 aylar önce
@@jtlanden9771 And volcanos also put out more pollution than all of mankind's ambition.
@donamills 11 aylar önce
@@scottashe984 pollution? Does this include noise, light, plastics, ... what kind of pollution?
@holyworrier 11 aylar önce
@@scottashe984 -Wrong. Carbon dioxide created by humankind is over 100 times what volcanos emit. Check it out.
@nitroxide17 7 aylar önce
Love this channel. It’s like how discovery channel used to be.
@markrouse2416 6 aylar önce
Now it is ran by a greedy CEO that loves to make cheap content.
@gizmobuddy805 23 gün önce
I miss the old discovery channel
@judygavan222 4 aylar önce
Excellant coverage & information. Grat to see people adapting ways to move at risk homes, by building them on sled like foundations. Really smart humans out there, making a difference.
@mattdorsey2244 4 aylar önce
You are right. We all need to do our part. Since the earth is in a CO2 drought. I do everything I can to increase CO2 output as everyone should. Do your part to make our planet greener and more comfortable. Consider driving somewhere just for the heck of it. It's really that easy.
@mattc8704 4 aylar önce
@J.M.-nb4gw 4 aylar önce
Hahaha that's hilarious 😂 we are all going to die!
@evolancer211 3 aylar önce
PBS makes some of the best docs out there! Thanks for the hard work ladies and gentlemen of PBS
@jrchmgn2774 5 aylar önce
Mad respect for our mother earth it's really a mysterious world we live in, and the experts are great to face this phenomenon for knowledge. My thalassophobia kick in when I see these sinkholes.
@ernielacaillade6238 Aylar önce
So your going to make us all look up thakassophobia eh?
@AngryHateMusic Aylar önce
@@ernielacaillade6238 Fear of deep water.
@user-zo4vg6xd8v Aylar önce
@lykpalegic Aylar önce
whoop de do! so, you are afraid to take a bath or don't know how to swim It doesn't matter how deep it is, you only occupy the first few feet. wtf, DA.
@arjondanaj29 4 aylar önce
Love this channel! Thanks for your job Nova!
@xanderunderwoods3363 11 aylar önce
As an Alaskan I can confirm the environment is changing incredibly rapidly here. This was a fantastic documentary
@taradeviwest9351 4 aylar önce
Hye, is it true that the sun doesn't rise from the same spot anymore? I'm just wondering 🤔
@StriderBand 4 aylar önce
@@taradeviwest9351 What!? Sounds like you've been reading nonsense again.
@taradeviwest9351 4 aylar önce
@@StriderBand I'm not all that stupid as u might think, i studied law.. it's easy to assume that you're all knowing, rite, n everybody's stupid n nonsense.. so what if I'm humble enuf to ask, things that I'm not sure of?
@StriderBand 4 aylar önce
@@taradeviwest9351 Fair enough. However climate change can't alter the earth's orientation or axis.
@SkyWire88 6 aylar önce
Extraordinarily interesting. Once again, Thank You, Nova. Keep up the great work!!
@trstquint7114 9 aylar önce
Brilliantly made, informative documentary. The message, on the other hand, paints a picture of an unavoidable grim possible nearby future.
@andremitchell9901 8 aylar önce
We all have our heads in the sand and we will pay for it. When? Looks like sooner than later. 🥵🥵🥵
@nuclearcasserole 7 aylar önce
you should look up Natalia Shakhova, she has a number of videos here on you tube, she is a russian scientist, and talks about this same stuff
@HollyofSooth 6 aylar önce
Grim for life on Earth at this time...very true. Earth, the Sun, the Universe go through their cycles...there is very little we can do about it. Humans took our world, our climate, our very existence for granted. The Egyptians and other ancient civilizations were so smart to leave behind writings and archetecture in stone. What will be evidence of our modern civilization thousands of years into the future? What will survive the distruction of time?
@beckyavila6225 10 gün önce
Very nice awesome thank you for all you do and the recordings you put on they're beautiful keep up the good work😊
@sst6358 5 aylar önce
Absolutely fascinating documentary thank you 💚
@thomasthetrainful 3 aylar önce
Thank you for sharing this knowledge not known by most people (living in tropical Singapore ). Really appreciate it. ❤❤
@NfbostCassiedeum 11 aylar önce
I live in Fairbanks. I remember my dog walking in the ponds and releasing a trail of gas bubbles from the sediments. Back in the 80s I was lucky to get on a tour of the permafrost tunnel in Fox. Like the guide said in the video, the smell is unique, and it's amazing to see all the specimens thawing out of the ceiling and walls.
@angheldragos 8 aylar önce
tell this to Klauss Schwab 😂
@kookoo6128 7 aylar önce
like, half defrosted woolly mammoths?
@jim007 5 aylar önce
I've been known to release a trail of gas myself.😜😜😜😜
@chadsimmons6347 5 aylar önce
if permafrost melts,,,,then its not permanent!!!!
@victoriabaggs1540 4 aylar önce
@John-tl6po 8 aylar önce
I find it truly amazing that were alive to see such profound changes happen to the earth
@ia8018 8 aylar önce
The end of the Holocene is exciting!
@StriderBand 4 aylar önce
Agreed. We need to speed up the process, for science!!!
@jc45jc75 8 aylar önce
Amazing and so informative documentary, thank you.
@ronaldzincone7764 Aylar önce
Another great PBS Nova documentary.
@seanacameron8940 5 aylar önce
Nova, please forgive me for not thanking you earlier for your fine documentary. You truly go above and beyond. So well done. Thank you, again. You are in our hearts and minds.
@StriderBand 4 aylar önce
Gay af 🤠
@tcolondovich2996 2 aylar önce
If it wasn't filled with misperceptions and misquoted facts, I'd agree. You probably believed every word of the video at face value. I'm sick of idiots that applaud other idiots. As someone that is a scientist and studied science for my whole life, I urge you to stop leaving comments. If I made a fancy enough video, you'd believe everything in it, same as this.
@Rosco-P.Coldchain 18 gün önce
I’ve had a bad stomach this evening and the methane levels are off the scale so this is a very fitting doc thanks
@samnangsam84 11 aylar önce
I remember being 9 years old, poor, and only having access to PBS. Now I love science.
@thekinarbo 10 aylar önce
Question everything. Don't think for one minute that science can't be corrupted by oligarch money.
@judyr.7249 10 aylar önce
Probably for the best - I too viewed pbs far more than the average person…..
@reviewbrethren8090 10 aylar önce
me too, although i don’t necessarily love science, i enjoy a lot of the documentaries pbs puts out.
@ProfCheryl 10 aylar önce
Me too! Sadly, people question science when it is inconvenient for them.
@thekinarbo 10 aylar önce
I should have said SCIENTISTS can be corrupted by central banker money. "I'd rather have questions that can't be answered than answers that can't be questioned.". Richard Feynman
@mattwaters6987 6 aylar önce
Great video. Very informative. Thank you!
@tracyjane7724 8 aylar önce
Is the same happening in the Antarctic? Was wondering if it's us humans contributing to the problem in the Artic. Would be interesting to compare the two. Great documentary!
@tracyjane7724 8 aylar önce
@@Roscoe.P.Coldchain I've honestly no idea. There's so much info out there, it's hard to tell which is a accurate. Also the science and research is changing all the time as it's updated. 🤷🏻
@HollyofSooth 6 aylar önce
Earth goes through its cycles. These cycles are affected by the cycles of the Sun and of the Universe. Humans have no control of these cycles. At one time, Antartica was warm and thrived with life. For most of its exsistence, the Earth's climate did not support any life. Humans have a hard time realizing and appreciating how delicate and short our existence here has and will be.
@leftear99 6 aylar önce
The antarctic doesn't have the same geologic composition underneath it, so no, it's not exactly happening there as well. The impacts we're seeing there include ice shelf collapse and current decline. We are absolutely contributing to the rate at which warming occurs, but the observations differ across the globe.
@OgdenM 6 aylar önce
​@@leftear99, you mean so far. We really don't know much about what is under the ice in Antarctica. There very well could be frozen biological matter deep under the soil under the ice.... And probably is since the land used to be elsewhere on the planet and much warmer. Sure, we probably have a few hundred years before the ice melts enough for the permafrost to start melting.
@carlosalbertoteixeira375 4 aylar önce
Excellent documentary. Thanks for posting it. Best energies from Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil 👍🏻💚
@harrietharlow9929 6 aylar önce
Just rewatched. It's mind-blowing to realise that there is methane both beneath and in the permafrost. This is beyond an awful situation. A ot of the rise in temperature may be natura but humans are not helping. It's just sad that the various indigenous peoples have to suffer along with the rest of us. They've done the least to contribute to it. Glad to see the innovations that can help them continue to live where they've lived for thousands of years.
@nobody.of.importance 6 aylar önce
It makes sense if you think about it. Plants grow on the surface, get covered by snow, said snow gets packed down into ice, the plants are broken down by bacteria into methane, and trapped as a giant gas bubble. Ice melts, pressure overwhelms the strength of the ice and the whole thing explodes.
@harrietharlow9929 6 aylar önce
@@nobody.of.importance I agree.
@giljr Aylar önce
Nature and its dynamic climate. We've been here for a very short time. We will still see many strange things before some great catastrophe. Terrible... And beautiful.❤
@josephmuktukjoegallahornsr Yıl önce
Yes indeed. I am from here in Kotzebue Alaska. Thanks to the scientific research on our area. We've always known that lake had some form of anomaly hole like structure way below the permafrost underneath the lakes. We have a lot going on, been doing this research all my life. This video tells a lot of whats happening here, and all over as well. #kotzebuealaska #thegallahornfamily
@joew.3400 Yıl önce
All houses should be easily movable
@cirrusphere Yıl önce
@SovietMOB Yıl önce
I would love to come visit you and your family and friends with such beautiful lands and hidden mysteries. Ohio gets boring I stayed at Colorado Springs while I was in the infantry and I want to move back. All we have is a dirty muddy river and Serpent Mounds. I am very happy you get to live in such a beautiful place where history goes back to ice ages! People and the cultural community is outstanding in Alaska ! Salut from Cincinnati Ohio!
@SovietMOB Yıl önce
@@joew.3400 especially on the Florida coastline for example someone said in 40 years all the mansions by Miami on the coast will be underwater up to a few feet
@keirfarnum6811 Yıl önce
@@SovietMOB Kotzebue is a pretty desolate place.
@qman1434 6 aylar önce
Always had gas bubbles in the ponds and lakes around my house as a kid. I grew up in Connecticut and was born in 1960. Just a fun fact!
@justi030909 6 aylar önce
I live in CT. Never seen gas bubbles. Some bug bubbles. What part of CT?
@qman1434 6 aylar önce
Pretty much every shallow pond I've fished since I was a kid.
@Tintifax. 6 aylar önce
Sometimes, i have gas bubbles in my bathtub. No idea, from where they are coming...😉
@justi030909 6 aylar önce
@QMAN 1 well yeah. I can fart in the tub too..
@qman1434 6 aylar önce
@@justi030909 Glad to see you work at it every day. You are dedicated to your cause. Mom and Dad should be proud.
@jenniferellis5776 5 aylar önce
Great respect for these brave men who do thes research so we can see i always love to watch pbs a lot of strange things are happening in these times every thing on planet earth is changing
@joycenaylor4488 5 aylar önce
and women!!!
@chriskrausesmovie 2 aylar önce
how great is the respect given
@mayolson2 2 aylar önce
Thank you for this amazing Documentary. Most valuable and interesting.
@streetgossip7611 5 aylar önce
Awesome show and keep up the good work and I will be there to watch the videos you drop 💯
@countrygirl3458 4 aylar önce
That was splendidly done Nova & PBS, Thank you so much for this dire information. 💯🌍✌❤🌍
@mattdorsey2244 4 aylar önce
I'm guessing marijuana is legal where you live
@countrygirl3458 4 aylar önce
@@mattdorsey2244 actually no, is it hard for you to believe, that people find beauty in knowledge without being stoned? If so, you must have a horrible outlook on life?🤔👍 Spiritual Awakening is Wonderful!!!💯
@lenwenzel7440 8 aylar önce
During the last century wasn't there an entire town asphyxiated from huge amounts of methane released from a lake? I don't recall details except perhaps the town being in a valley that contained the heavier than air gas.
@kiwisocks 4 aylar önce
It's not methane (CO2), but are you thinking of the Lake Nyos disaster? Methane is lighter than the air we normally breathe, which is why it rises to be a greenhouse gas, but CO2 is heavy.
@lenwenzel7440 4 aylar önce
Yes I believe you are right it was CO2. Lake Nyos, happened at night while people slept, and many people died.
@beckyavila6225 9 gün önce
This is the most amazing information I've ever seen on the internet very nice permafrost That's crazy
@thaisveras4808 22 gün önce
Great!!! I enjoy this documentary too!! 😊
@viennperidot1119 6 aylar önce
It came for my country with rising sea levels, increased coastal erosion and chronic drought. I hope it hits slower up north
@k1ng617 2 aylar önce
Incredible documentary. Thank you PBS I've been watching since I was a little kid!
@winningjubbly9712 2 aylar önce
You've been watching since you were a kid? How old are you? This programme isn't even an hour long.
@govindagovindaji4662 Yıl önce
These methane bubbles occur in New Orleans Louisiana, USA area as well. Although they found some to be butane gas escaping from fractures in the natural salt mines where oil is stored pre-refining. Some have cause explosions and fires & evacuations - even of a permanent evacuation of an entire city. Accidental drilling into the wall of a salt mine can cause the escape of the butane gas. Sink holes, too...there are videos here on You Tube about it - whole trucks swallowed up by sinkholes.
@Nolasusan1 11 aylar önce
Dear Govinda, Thank you for pointing this out. Yes, you are right. I am from New Orleans and am familiar with the phenomena.
@junkman8742 11 aylar önce
Whole lake swallowed up into a salt mine. Probably on plainly difficult channel
@mikemaloney1289 11 aylar önce
It's harder to preach about global warming in that case so they dont mention it
@keelieyohara7246 11 aylar önce
Is oil in the Earth's crust a heat sink, insulating the crust from heat of the core of the earth? When oil is extracted, over time, the crust is absorbing core heat with the surface getting warmer.
@jamesgluck1176 4 aylar önce
The weight of the house on skis may be too much for too narrow skis... skis may need to be wider to prevent sinking while in tow. Good ideas and i hope everything works out!
@mikewood8561 17 gün önce
Is there a way we can capture the methane as it's coming through the perma frost and use it as a commodity? Maybe using it in a way that the gases given off of how we use it will not damage the atmosphere.
@HandyQuotes 7 gün önce
This is the biggest mistake we humans has done, trying to get intelligent than nature.
@MuzaffarMirzaliev 3 gün önce
Thanks a lot, the film is very educational!
@krikukiks 8 aylar önce
Good format, focusing mostly on the problem not individual people Many documentaries seem to talk two minutes about the problem and then follow 2-3 people around for the rest of the time
@fokkenhotz1 4 aylar önce
that sounds like a cable tv show reproduction. i try to stray off fiction too
@roselightinstorms727 4 aylar önce
I have mentioned many about the permafrost problems and what it's doing the world and also others who are being effected by it.
@stackin_steve_8223 Yıl önce
What a great episode. I love Nova! I could watch these all day long.
@harmoni4499 7 aylar önce
Wow...that is a huge sinkhole! It's an awesome sight! I'd like to visit there before I die.
@travisegedy7178 6 aylar önce
its not a sink hole! did you watch the documentary? lol
@incoocat150 8 aylar önce
Absolutely beautiful scenery
@joeyhunter842 4 aylar önce
I don’t think I’d be standing so close to the edge of that crater
@patrickbuglass973 6 aylar önce
Wouldn't a lightning strike ignite a methane source on the surface and potentially result in a large explosion?
@SchemeTintFocus 4 aylar önce
Very clever.
@patrickbuglass973 4 aylar önce
@@SchemeTintFocus Oh, well, thank you...
@patrickbuglass973 4 aylar önce
Well, all it would really take is one spark of atmospheric friction or static discharge-whatever the realistic occurrence of like conditions would be in that geographical region...
@MrSchnickel 4 aylar önce
What a wonderful and educational video. so well prepared without the political overtone, just based on science.
@DaBeezKneez 11 aylar önce
The amount of work that these scientists have to conduct to gather sufficient data to prove or disprove their hypotheses is incredible. And to know all their work might be wrong and then need to go out there and collect more and more data is even more amazing.
@WristWatcher 11 aylar önce
Pretty cool riigghhhhht?
@benedildilao5462 8 aylar önce
Great and Very Informative Documentary ❤️❤️❤️
@gurbudurk9713 5 aylar önce
only scientists will shrug it off with laughter after almost sustaining 3rd degree burns 😂💀 jokes aside, love this channel. Interesting stuff!
@JesziePVP 4 aylar önce
This happens with ice on an extremely small scale in the spring
@roselightinstorms727 5 aylar önce
I’m so sorry for what is going on to all of you all. It’s beautiful but the problem is so bad. I understand. ❤
@matty_who 4 aylar önce
It's July 13th, 2023 and the weather is crazy right now in North America. Massive fires in Canada, flooding in New England, a huge unrelenting heat dome in the south and west of the country, tornados ripping through Chicago. All on the knife's edge of an El Niño event. Climate is definitely changing. One of two of these events are normal, but all at the same time is crazy.
@corneliusattenborough3935 24 gün önce
Anecdotal Matty.
@iandungeon273 20 gün önce
The fires are arson
@evermovie461 17 gün önce
its a cycle .
@deannajuhl8347 Yıl önce
Absolutely riveting! Things we never think of as we go about our daily living. Thank you for such an informative piece.
@showme360 8 aylar önce
Our disconnected lives, I would suggest, and a life that saddly only admires, and no longer respects nature and all her wonderous creatations.
@Sushi2735 5 aylar önce
This is simply amazing!! Wow!
@thenumerouno7350 3 aylar önce
Imagine being trapped in that sink with no equipment. Scary
@cclucy6150 4 aylar önce
I hope we can let the Earth get better😭
@user-id1wi4in5q 8 aylar önce
really good documentary,thanks.
@user-vq2vv3fh1b 2 aylar önce
I'm convinced this video is a portal to a world of pure delight!
@midori4352 Yıl önce
Outstanding! I loved this! I did not know about some of the grasses and things that were green and frozen in the permafrost for about 40,000 years and that was WILD to see them in that permafrost cave... Very eye opening to how our world is not standalone, but an accumulation of the worlds of the past, and we are all interconnected with them. Wish everyone had to watch this for schools! This was not taught in schools other than as "oh the ice caps are melting! stop driving cars and making carbon dioxide emissions!" This should be required viewing for any class that has a substitute teacher one day.
@4piecespicy589 Yıl önce
That doesn't make Elon musk any money fool, they would never.
@Jayf1981 Yıl önce
Boy, or Girl, You really need to hear the rest of the story! You're being lied to!
@4piecespicy589 Yıl önce
@@Jayf1981 idk man I don't listen to what people tell me I formed that idea myself. They're very insistent on telling you it was caused by natural not what that looks like, at least to me. Looks like they were testing bombs dude you know Russia. Edit: oh shoot my bad I thought this was my comment lol I've got the poo brain
@Jayf1981 Yıl önce
@@4piecespicy589 You're putting spicy-petroleum chemical-waste in your body, what do you think poo is?
@4piecespicy589 Yıl önce
@@Jayf1981 the hell does that mean Edit: it's been 20 minutes I still dont know why you talking about petroleum but ok. XD
@joynz1 5 aylar önce
Astonishing and scary doco. Lake Esieh alone is belching out ten tonnes of methane gas every single day! I had to let that sink in for moment.
@DeniseSkinner688 3 aylar önce
Thank you for your video in your time. That I took for you to put into this. It's an important subject. I world is fragile in many, many ways, and the Earth is one. Thank you, it was very educational.
@DerrickRuthless 3 aylar önce
What an absolute mess we’re in. 😢
@beckyavila6225 9 gün önce
Wow this is so amazing More answers then you could ever imagine this is cool keep it up guys get the word out sweet
@lorrainestafford3809 Aylar önce
I love PBS and documentaries and animals go when you're mentally ill it brings happiness into into your life and when you mess with the weather like our government does to make it rain and stuff this what I get😢
@nanettehayakawa7628 Yıl önce
Makes sense to me after what I've seen in Iceland and a few other areas of this fabulous earth. Thank you NOVA for all of your research and this presentation. Yes, there are sink holes - we had one a few years ago in downtown Columbus Ohio although quite small.
@rickb2267 5 aylar önce
This video is very well done and, like most, is very good at pointing out problems. How about we start studying solutions? For example, you don't have to dig very deep in the ground to find cool, comfortable temperatures. I'll bet HUGE amounts of carbon producing energy are used to simply to cool homes and businesses. Why not demand that underground piping systems be used to cool homes instead? Or make all homes subterranean (which would leave the ground above the home available to grow food, or install solar panels)? Most homes in California are built on cement slabs. Pipes imbedded in the slabs under the constant shade of the house may provide enough cooling for the home during the day.
@morakanemorakane9830 5 aylar önce
Great job, I learned a lot!!! We need to do better to protect our planet 🌎
@adrienbacilio91st 2 aylar önce
This scares me you never know what may lay underneath the permafrost
@lauralamantia5514 5 aylar önce
Thank god for the scientists who go out and discover and study these things. These few people are Earths saviors
@cristiansanchez3787 4 aylar önce
Quede atónito al ver como esta ya el planeta nuestra madre Tierra hagamos conciencia cuidemoslo xq todos vamos a pagar caro las consecuencias gracias equipo pbs nova
@shawnyg16 11 aylar önce
The land bridges under water near Norway, Greenland, as well as the Bering strait have been sinking allowing more salt water into the Arctic Ocean, having a tremendous effect on the amount of sea ice that would form leading to less ice that protects Arctic coastlines and ice that would reflect more sunlight. Thus, leading to more warming in the Arctic. There's lots of natural phenomena that's changing the climate. Amazing documentary,wish this aspect was included in it bc it is major contributor to warmer weather.
@TheHikeChoseMe 11 aylar önce
yup and there was a land bridge between europe proper and the UK and even from asia to australia.
@badgirlkate 11 aylar önce
I really liked your explanation of the facts. It does make perfect sense, when you put it plainly. I wish more people could see this video, along with this comment. Thanks for the extra info!
@rosegarden3687 9 aylar önce
Planet earth went through many such cycles of warming and cooling. Humans cannot stop this no matter what effort we make. Solution for humans - mass migration
@carolevans5285 9 aylar önce
​@Rose Garden spot on . Humans really do think they no it all. Nothing can stop mother nature no matter what humans say.
@blablablaclaclacla9895 8 aylar önce
Amazing documentary
@showme360 8 aylar önce
Thank you Nova for showing us yet another extinction event on Earth in slow motions.
@MonicaBudiselic 7 aylar önce
Excellent information. This gives community leadership the opportunity to develop and implement mitigation strategies to help community membership survive into the future... even if it means relocating the whole community.
@user-er8jl8sv3h Aylar önce
I also grew up on PBS one channel. I still watch love that channel
@KP-rq6jn 8 aylar önce
i think its a safety mechanism, feels like at some point the clock is running and maybe we find a global solution or travel mankind to other planets. if not, its over. its like a test if we are somewhat worthy. its like in a game, after a huge progression there are always tests to see if you can substand them and this feels like one.
@jwh0122 4 aylar önce
15:05 permafrost definition 27:52 methane vs CO2
@mikekaup5252 Yıl önce
When I worked in Dead horse in the mid 70's there were miniature ponds as far as the eye could see in the permafrost. I didn't notice any change in the size or quantity of the ponds during my four year stay. It looked exactly like the ones shown on this show.
@geotestjohn Yıl önce
But that's just it, they aren't miniature ponds anymore. They are lakes.
@tonyromano6220 11 aylar önce
Damn facts.
@larrylaird-so5oy 7 aylar önce
I would like to know if the methane is stopped during the winter as the tundra is frozen or if the methane is still released in winter?????
@mattapple2105 8 aylar önce
Hilarious how little we know today, how everything in Nature is connected.
@erinpowell941 4 aylar önce
Okay, that was just the scariest documentary I have seen in years.
@golmatol6537 8 aylar önce
Great documentary
@willsmith5671 25 gün önce
You can still see frozen ice trapped in the walls of those craters. How does an increase in atmospheric temperatures cause the permafrost to thaw from the bottom up?
@philipibaugh2925 11 aylar önce
Nova is great I remember watching a Nova documentary about the Aborigines of Australia and my young mind was blown. That was sometime in mid 90s and this show still packs a punch
@ragingscorpio2969 11 aylar önce
I remember that documentary. It really was a great one
@EddieLeal 11 aylar önce
I recall our 2nd grade teacher, Ms Carter, rolling out a tv to have us watch NOVA. She was mean as a rattle snake but when she brought that TV out all was forgiven. 😉😆HAPPY 2023!
@dr.z3426 9 aylar önce
I love it
@resiliencewithin 9 aylar önce
Where can I find all of their documentaries?
@jackovoltraids5937 5 aylar önce
I'm imagining a lightening strike and explosion that would be amazing to have witnessed.
@FurryToraChan 8 aylar önce
Just thought of that trees eat carbons and such, so... meaning that we do possibly need more trees that what we have, to take up all the carbon in the air? Possibly then stabilize the atmosphere. Also, trees stabilize the ground/earth, so there's less of these sinkholes happens.
@pieternel101 4 aylar önce
Quality documentary. Worrying subject.
@Harold_Francis_Callahan 5 aylar önce
If you look up that peninsula in Siberia on Google Earth, it looks like a million of those have formed over the years. The whole area is pockmarked with round holes filled with water.
@nacemoslibres 4 aylar önce
Awesome documentary. Thank you.
@mattdorsey2244 4 aylar önce
They knew they would find a few suckers to watch and believe that crap.
@DivinityBleu 11 aylar önce
If you do the research, the Arctic is situated on top of what used to be a tropical rain forest. I believe it was before the last pole shift. Seems to me what's happening now is that as the region is warming up, that whole area that was once lush with life (before being re-situated, I suppose) is now beginning to decompose. If there was as much life thriving there before it became polar territory, this "thaw" is just the beginning of what could turn out to be a frighteningly enormous problem.
@nicksshitbro 11 aylar önce
This would coincide with the theory that the poles are currently shifting again, as per the 25,600 year cycle.
@alphaomega1351 11 aylar önce
WE are ALL going to DIE, I tell ya! 😶
@eatshitlarrypage.3319 11 aylar önce
@@alphaomega1351 No, but shit's going to be much more difficult and expensive. A lot of people will die from starvation, heat stroke, and hypothermia, but it's not going to kill everyone.
@DivinityBleu 11 aylar önce
@@alphaomega1351 Obviously people survived the last one.
@nicolaastanghe475 9 aylar önce
can't wait to see the tropical forests in alaska.
@RUFF-UNIT 5 aylar önce
We are doomed😢 Brilliant documentary,Ty.
@TheJghan 4 aylar önce
So...positive feedback cycle of doom? Sounds about right. Loving this timeline more and more...
@Pistolita221 4 aylar önce
first koby now this?
@DiamondStratosphere 4 aylar önce
End of decade is lookin pretty spicy. Stay tuned y'all, Mama Nature's just about ready to get even.
@francois-mariearouet2157 5 aylar önce
That's really cool! I love it!
@roselightinstorms727 4 aylar önce
One opened and they had to fill up near a mall by me😮. Quite scary. Least where i thought😮
@Wildchildinc Yıl önce
Great documentary! I remember briefly learning about this in biology some years ago and appreciate the in-depth explanation of it!
@williamtate79 Yıl önce
I see what you did there.
@Wildchildinc Yıl önce
@@williamtate79 Un intentional pun that I didn't catch! haha
@buggyridge Yıl önce
@Wildchildinc Yıl önce
@@buggyridge it was biology class, we were learning about eco systems. Somehow got on the topic of trapped methane in ice
@Hichatsu 8 aylar önce
Do you think in the future, it would be possible to do control burns of all the methane coming through?
@JackiesAlriiight 3 aylar önce
Man is brave diving into that lake
@maztrex3598 2 aylar önce
Foolish First Thou 😂😢
@PeterR0035 4 aylar önce
Scary. Great documentary!
@mattdorsey2244 4 aylar önce
It's called science fiction. A documentary it is not.
@bobv8219 2 aylar önce
If you’re scared they win because that IS the intention.
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