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r Black sky0410
r Black sky0410 16 gün önce
Casually just drops straight facts about the heavyweight div
TheLincolnrailsplitt 22 gün önce
It is great to hear Usyk being spoken of highly by Big John.
Alex Aylar önce
I was wondering how Tyson Fury got old so fast before realizing that this is his dad
Lee Etchells
Lee Etchells Aylar önce
It's that Irish/northern/Midlands /mancunian Gypsy accent .
emerysnap Aylar önce
Looks like Marlon Brando
Jason Phillips
Jason Phillips Aylar önce
Lewis Mccrimmon
Lewis Mccrimmon Aylar önce
"if you overload a circuit box, you'll blow a fuse" classic john fury 2021
John Sands
John Sands Aylar önce
Good honest man is big John
Gee Thug
Gee Thug Aylar önce
That man loves to slap man cheeks.
John Mellan
John Mellan Aylar önce
slapped your cheeks?
J D Aylar önce
but surely if you are counting your chickens before they hatch, you can just count the eggs and you get the same result
Gee Thug
Gee Thug Aylar önce
This guy loves to slap man cheeks.
essentialfix Aylar önce
I'm watching this stoned....... have I just time travelled 25yrs! they sound exactly the same!
Caffeinated Buffalo sauce
Caffeinated Buffalo sauce Aylar önce
I like how Tyson is just a clone of John
Fabian Pascuzzi
Fabian Pascuzzi Aylar önce
John Fury sounds more like Tyson Fury than what Tyson Fury does.
Yohan cyrus
Yohan cyrus Aylar önce
7:00 John Fury about AJ and Usyk
Nathan J
Nathan J Aylar önce
John needs to narrate documentaries.
Benz Fan
Benz Fan Aylar önce
Is this Tyson Fury’s twin brother?
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson Aylar önce
He seems more likeable until you know that he gouged a guys eye out of his head about ten years ago for no good reason.
Leo Smuga
Leo Smuga Aylar önce
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree
Photo Sankey
Photo Sankey Aylar önce
100% Honest man.
Jay Aylar önce
True story. Be very proud
Betnod Betting
Betnod Betting Aylar önce
He sounds like a lovely humble man. I will admit when Tyson first hit the scene my ignorance thought they were a travelling family of bums but the more I watch the more I see how wrong I was. They have gained my upmost respect , Also a big shout out to all the social issues they aren't afraid of addressing. How I would love to have a pint or two and a good chat with John and Tyson.
Doublethink Aylar önce
A lovely man who gouged out another man’s eye.
steel member
steel member Aylar önce
smart man. no wonder , Tysons a winner.
azmtkdzv Aylar önce
I went on to clear all those asteriks to find out wtf is k***... I almost thought it was wrongly on purpose kunt mode
Sam Waddington
Sam Waddington Aylar önce
He knows his stuff that man ps he looked cool as fuck in that hat
Khanyo Mjamba
Khanyo Mjamba Aylar önce
This aged well
Jk79 Aylar önce
This is a solid real man.!
Ethan Howard
Ethan Howard Aylar önce
What a proud father
Stewart McCombe
Stewart McCombe Aylar önce
You could make a Hollywood blockbuster out of this family. Mad bunch
hi Aylar önce
He needs to be doing fight podcasts
Supernube Aylar önce
That's the first time I've ever been able to listen to John Fury for longer than 30 seconds. Should try it more often mate.
mr manu
mr manu Aylar önce
Tyson sounds just like his old man
Lasharela Aylar önce
I love and respect Fury but Usyk is gonna be very awkward opponent for Fury tricky fast skilled smart same as Fury but faster, could go either way
Lasharela Aylar önce
Do all Furys sound same, great kind souls they all seem
ACG TwentyOne
ACG TwentyOne Aylar önce
6:11 Zen Master Fury
Reverend V
Reverend V Aylar önce
Wise, perceptive and witty. Like others are saying, I could listen to him all day.
Karol N
Karol N Aylar önce
This is tyson from the future
EFC78 Aylar önce
Can't wait for big John to be in a guy Ritchie film
Freki Bodgaedir
Freki Bodgaedir Aylar önce
The entire Fury clan is so mad at AJ, you would think AJ was a cousin.
Shoaib Arshad
Shoaib Arshad Aylar önce
Everything he said AJ should've done. Fury actually did
Markus Bigbuttertime
Markus Bigbuttertime Aylar önce
I think John is a mobster
Julie Levinge
Julie Levinge Aylar önce
Can’t believe how alike they are, I know that’s his son, but not that often one is such a wringer for the other. He’s won all 3 matches despite every excuse in the book from weight of costume to dodgy gloves!! Wonder what new ones will come up this time around???
Lee Kempster
Lee Kempster Aylar önce
In the thumbnail, he looks like Dennis Hopper
Matthew Danny
Matthew Danny Aylar önce
Imagine John fury made a track ft tyson fury just audio 😂
Street Twin Rider
Street Twin Rider Aylar önce
The apple really didn’t fall far from the tree. Tyson is his dads clone.
James Sunderland
James Sunderland Aylar önce
Why do people interview this idiot? The guys a never was who's living vicariously through his son. Honestly sick of all his ridiculous opinions and takes and wish he would stop getting so much undeserved camera time.
Seb Sosa
Seb Sosa Aylar önce
Eddie Hearn needs to stop getting undeserved camera time , John is a legend
Mellyboy 58
Mellyboy 58 Aylar önce
In this day and age of total bullshit and woke ways,what a joy to listen to a proper bloke who knows where he's at ✌✌🇬🇧🇬🇧
Quueexx Aylar önce
Tyson's got exactly the same voice as his father. Unbeleavable
DrawnInk1 Aylar önce
Impressive interview. A lot of respect to John.
James R.F.
James R.F. Aylar önce
Really good to hear a level headed man. Actually knows what he is talking about.
Paul Tierney
Paul Tierney Aylar önce
I don't know sh*t about boxing but I could listen to John Fury all day
Lee Probert
Lee Probert Aylar önce
This is the reason Tyson is so good.
Gr8t one
Gr8t one Aylar önce
The same face, the same voice
St Ke
St Ke Aylar önce
He does a great Tyson Fury impression
Pedro Pierre
Pedro Pierre Aylar önce
He got boxing knowledge that’s for sure
Pj Om
Pj Om Aylar önce
will john fury please read me the phone book
Pj Om
Pj Om Aylar önce
4:30 he says 'tyson is a bizarre man' with such pride.
Ian Nixon
Ian Nixon Aylar önce
You know that in 60 years time, one of Tyson's sons will be exactly like John.
Peder File
Peder File Aylar önce
I love John Fury, I wish he was my Dad. P.S. No offence to my own Dad (I love you if your reading this).
Harold Chambers
Harold Chambers Aylar önce
I must say i can see why Tyson is so mentally strong. Very straight talker to the point, pulls no punches parenting has a lot to do with Tysons success well done John and Tyson
John Fury knows his stuff and he tells it the way it is but these Reporters ask the most stupid questions if you need to know anything about Boxing just go to John he will keep you right
Coos willemse
Coos willemse Aylar önce
Seen and read a few interviews with John fury Clever guy. So clear and focused . Probably not a nice person to be round with though . So strong in his head and his body
mac ducati
mac ducati Aylar önce
A wise man, he's nobody's fool.....
brett harter
brett harter Aylar önce
There is such a buzz about the Furys. You get an interview from Tyson, Tommy, Big John, Shane each one has something to say.
Thaumaturge IsHere
Thaumaturge IsHere Aylar önce
Yer can definitely see and hear John when Tyson speaks.
IT'S ELL-S-D Aylar önce
Shit john and Tyson are the same person lol sure of it !
newglorydays 2021
newglorydays 2021 Aylar önce
He's a good man
megagatvol Aylar önce
Absolutely correct!!!!!
Billy Butcher
Billy Butcher Aylar önce
John looks nasty but is actually a real gent and funny as hell
Lucas Deyton
Lucas Deyton Aylar önce
Does he have heterochromia?? Very cool eyes
Marvin Medina
Marvin Medina Aylar önce
they sound very much alike increible man..padre e la chimba
Jade Zee
Jade Zee Aylar önce
you people need to stop making guys like this into something they are not....what exactly has this man done in life except been angry and the point where he needed to be put in prison.... a pathetic guy i would not want anywhere near me or my family...he understands NOTHING except violence
AndyW Aylar önce
A lot of people say that they could listen to him all day, but he makes lots and lots of contradictions, not saying in this one, but in many others. He's also got a long of anger him, where is also easily upset. PS, could live a lifetime without hearing the word "Linear".
Mike Mason
Mike Mason Aylar önce
great comments - he has a profound understanding of boxing
Gary Lucas
Gary Lucas Aylar önce
Can’t wait for the 4th fight 🧐..big John talks a lot of sense
SpencerG Shorts
SpencerG Shorts Aylar önce
Sounds exactly like Tyson.
Systematik Aylar önce
Really interesting what he said about AJ’s corner being amateurish, I said straight after the Usyk loss he should change trainers. It worked wonders for Tyson changing to Kronk - despite everything that Ben Davison did for him. He needed that extra oomph to be truly exceptional in the ring to beat Wilder, and just look at the second DW vs Fury fight, he took it to him from the first bell and beat him DOWN!. I think AJ will struggle all the time he’s with Rob McKraken from now on to be honest, tactics seemed inept against Ruiz Jr and he looked simply lost against Usyk!
dj- andy-bee
dj- andy-bee Aylar önce
Rated John he talk sense love the guy👊🏿
Mike Faassen
Mike Faassen Aylar önce
Fury sr is extremely charismatic.
Mark Simko
Mark Simko Aylar önce
Big John? "Little tiny John" is a more accurate moniker. By the clock, Tyson was knocked out. Done. Defeated. Shown up, once and for all. Tyson lost. Tyson was knocked out. Keep crying and moaning, racist John. Additionally, Tyson's 40 pound gross weight advantage (which should require an additional weight class) must be addressed by professional boxing. End of story.
AK740 Aylar önce
Did you stop watching right before the 4th round ended
Peter the Pakeha
Peter the Pakeha Aylar önce
Looks like Bas Rutten
rickie wiley
rickie wiley Aylar önce
Is it just me or does Mr Fury remind me of Sean Connery.
Control the Guh
Control the Guh Aylar önce
This guy is a bargain for boxing commentary whoever signed him is a goddamn genius
drumhd1 Aylar önce
You read my mind…..
Daz555 Aylar önce
Why is he not in the States? Criminal record I imagine?
Dukehouse clothing
Dukehouse clothing Aylar önce
Hey guys we have free links for all sports, boxing, mma, nfl, football, basketball etc in the description of our videos.
The Elephant In The Room
The Elephant In The Room Aylar önce
Tyson vs Usyk would be weird. Tysons 6 ft 9 and Usyk is 6 ft 3
Daren Joyce
Daren Joyce Aylar önce
Absolute epic advice for AJ , listen and learn,Maximum respect ✊
MrDschiesus Aylar önce
i think so too. absolute honest and clear analysis of the AJ - Usyk fight. spot on. to have him in your corner def is worth something.
mark90955 Aylar önce
Very knowledgeable fella
Nick H
Nick H Aylar önce
Like father like son...So similar..
HuzzaR GB
HuzzaR GB Aylar önce
Calls the Joshua v Usyk fight childs play? Usyk would beat Fury no problem at all....
Salty Zu
Salty Zu Aylar önce
PROD.BRONZE Aylar önce
I've known some gypsies in my time. so I know that's the proudest man alive when he is describing how his son is the best boxer on earth. love it
Mr. Jesus
Mr. Jesus Aylar önce
This man is a real Alpha
JessicaNZ Aylar önce
close your eyes and its just tyson talking 😱
Magnus Lövberg
Magnus Lövberg Aylar önce
That is a very wise man when it comes to boxing!
Lochnivar Aylar önce
That's a man who won't compromise, who can see the bigger picture, who will stand in the face of the storm - he's got my respect.
Cyril Duffy
Cyril Duffy Aylar önce
What a really respectful knowledge guy no wonder his son a world champion
Victor Burnett
Victor Burnett Aylar önce
Wise words from a man who has gouged out a man's eye.
Greenriver House
Greenriver House Aylar önce
Great prediction for his win big style John!!!! What a performance and what a fight. I’m 56 and grew up watching and idolizing Mike Tyson and this was BY FAR the best heavyweight fight I’ve ever seen. arguably the best fight ever in ANY weight class. It rivaled the Hearns Hagler fight for me…. Brilliant well done Tyson Fury proud of you my son!!!!!!
Robert Reading
Robert Reading Aylar önce
John should be AJ coach
Richie Rich
Richie Rich Aylar önce
It’s strange that people see there’s people as simple, being travellers. But he’s a very smart guy. And Tyson also.
Keith Calvosa
Keith Calvosa Aylar önce
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