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Best Documentary

9 aylar önce

In Siberia they call it the « highway of life »… and also the « highway of hell ». This is the M56, a 1200 km road route that crosses this region in the far Eastern part of the Russian Federation.
The M56 is an indispensable link for the people of the North of Siberia. Summer and winter long, thousands of trucks and hundreds of cars take this road to ensure supplies of food, drink and materials.
But this road to the other end of the world is also a real nightmare. First, because of its history: it was built between 1925 and 1964 by prisoners, "enemies of Communism" sent to the gulags, who never returned.
And today is still strikes fear. Driving conditions are particularly harsh. Here there’s no tarmac covering the surface, only thousands of rocks, far too big to drive on. There’s no car tyre that can resist them!
Dust, mud, vibrations, blizzards that can “overturn a truck” : when you take this road, you suffer! We accompany 3 truck drivers, among them, Igor, 42. He has three days ahead of him before he reaches Yakutsk, one of the most remote cities in Russia. He has to delivery his load of beer at all costs! Aboard his truck we discover the M56.
Director: Philippe Lafaix

@joepeach997 5 aylar önce
I don't think I looked away from this video for even a second. These people experience more life in one day than I in a year. Total respect for them.
@mohdfahmi8841 5 aylar önce
@manofwar6013 5 aylar önce
i'd say that goes for most people living in the pre-industrialized world.
@yellowstone2ndtrumpet304 4 aylar önce
Thats true as hell.
@flightforensics4523 4 aylar önce
Well then. You need to get a little "send it" in your life old man! Give motocross a whirl!
@yellowstone2ndtrumpet304 4 aylar önce
@@flightforensics4523 I have seen a dude do that in Russia, but from west to east on a motorbike.
@gfurstnsu 9 aylar önce
This reminds me so much of living in Alaska back in 1965 to late 1967. I was working on my masters degree at the university of Alaska. It was before they found the oil and was like the Wild West. In the summer the hippies would come and move into some abandoned place and space out for the summer. When the cold came in September, they were gone! I mapped the volcanic rocks in central Alaska and was out in the woods and hills looking for the outcrops of basalt. Yes there were bears, lots of them. When I could smell them I was safe because I knew the wind came toward me from them. It was when I heard them and could not smell them that I could be in trouble. I had no gun and a big pack to load the rocks into to take back and study. There were many abandoned places where once they dredged for gold. They also had hermits living in these towns. I woke up early one morning and one was watching me. They did not like civilization and people. The abandoned towns were like just moved out of. Even had table wear. I also think some of the men were nazi escapees from Germany hiding out there. They were mean and never allowed me to enter their property looking for the rocks. Learned allot and lover the university there. I was young and loved geology and it was a great country. A good place to be when growing up! Ratio of men to woman was 8 to 1 woman. Yes that is typical for the frontier. The summer of 1967 started with an earth quake, then there were the fires under the tundra and ended with a great flood. I was going on the Wilcox expedition but the army did not allow me to. It was the greatest disaster in North American Climbing. Seven of the 11 on the expedition died. The same summer the floods covered our little cabin, we lived in the basement of one of the dorms till the water went down. I married a fellow geologist and by the end of the fall was back in the army for three years. Great time in my life!
@048821831 9 aylar önce
Great Story :), the bear and the winds was an interesting read
@Spamwhichwizard 9 aylar önce
@waniperih1139 9 aylar önce
life story or love story . Amazing
@marcosluciosilva2433 9 aylar önce
"I also think some of the men were nazi escapees from Germany hiding out there. They were mean and never allowed me to enter their property looking for the rocks" Nazistas serem maus não é novo🤣
@Chuckles___ 5 aylar önce
After watching this I realize life only _seems_ hard sometimes. For these guys it actually is hard, but they take it in their stride and keep going.
@broman113 5 aylar önce
Stats Joined Nov 30, 2020
@AremStefaniaK 5 aylar önce
life is far easier when you got a self-loading 7.62x39 scoped rifle to deal with most situations, and maybe a bit of camouflage and a 6x6
@Sniperboy5551 3 aylar önce
Just like most of the people who live in less developed parts of the world.
@Vile-Flesh 3 aylar önce
This ended way too early and on a cliff hanger. I wanted to see more of the travelers on the tracked vehicles and see the vast frozen place that was their destination.
@bradman1961 3 aylar önce
me too
@robgilmore3707 Aylar önce
Yeah, I was like , WTAF?
@jbr832 Aylar önce
@@robgilmore3707 same!
@RobinsPortfolio 26 gün önce carry on following and filming, then xD
@bradman1961 25 gün önce
@@RobinsPortfolio yeah, I'll get right on it...
@clintstegall1069 9 aylar önce
To all the journalists out there, this is how a documentary is supposed to be made.
@deenhag1 8 aylar önce
thank the french for this documentary ...
@BFVsnypEz 4 aylar önce
No political, or irrelevant narrative to be pushed. Perfect!
@HighlanderNorth1 Aylar önce
​@@BFVsnypEz Yep. Unfortunately the western world is running low on legitimate journalists, for the reasons you spoke of.
@osurulz2010 10 gün önce
Ehhhh. The visuals were great, but there were a LOT of facts gotten wrong.
@Slaythehippies 4 aylar önce
It's not a "Saiga", it's an SKS, and it wasn't designed for civilian use. It's just that in most countries it was deemed outdated shortly after it was deemed ready for service. There were a few countries that did use it for military purposes for decades after it's invention
@julesgro8526 4 aylar önce
Yes. The other mistake was to call the WPL a "Half track" - obvious nonsense.
@ferlottes 3 aylar önce
SKS !!!
@jamaljaml3279 3 aylar önce
in algeria we call it seminov, the para military corps used it for decades , don't remember it takes 6 or 9 like kalashnikov 7.62 mm calibre ammunition
@funonoldwheels7150 2 aylar önce
SKS is practically the official surplus rifle of Canada. Tens, if not hundreds of thousands were sold here in the last thirty or forty years.
@BusinessWolf1 2 aylar önce
​@@jamaljaml32797.62 is not a caliber, 7.62x39 is
@scandinerdian1961 5 aylar önce
These vistas are absolutely beautiful. There's something very real about it. It talks to me on a primal level. And I also noticed how most of these people had very close to a laugh about their situation. The amount of acceptance for life's challenges and still trucking on, literally, is truly inspiring.😢
@nikenit 23 gün önce
This documentary is from 2010. This road has been completely rebuilt since then.
@mv5713 9 gün önce
Truly a gorgeous country. I wish so badly to see Russia one day before I die.
@Epicasfuk 9 aylar önce
This is interesting , This is entertaining and gives a great sense of the life and struggle in the world. Thanks for all your hard work filming and traveling / risking your life making these videos.
@user-kn4vx2os7d 9 aylar önce
these idiots want to fight with you and hate you terribly for the fact that they live badly)
@ericsmith1424 9 aylar önce
This documentary was filmed in 90s
@mewkatlol 8 aylar önce
These are some tough people, not too smart to not pave their main highways, but at least they are tough... and drunk enough.
@deenhag1 8 aylar önce
thank the french for this documentary
@gfurstnsu 9 aylar önce
I live in Alaska in the mid 60s and the Alaska highway was like this. I had a plexiglass sheet that I had to over the windshield to protect it from what we called the “Yukon Rose”. That is a smashed glass spot from the rock hitting the windshield. We drove it in the winter when able. Was a good drive then, no dust, no bugs smashed on windshield, no mud, no rocks thrown up to hit windshield. But then at -40f/c there are other issues, like the steering freezing, ice build up inside on windshield, gas getting into the oil and trying to keep warm!
@strangetimes3511 9 aylar önce
You should write a Book about your Adventures!
@alexmakfly112 9 aylar önce
now everything has changed there in Siberia. roads and bridges have appeared, these places are no longer recognizable
@dilleralex 9 aylar önce
@@alexmakfly112 I thought this video was recent.
@diane9247 9 aylar önce
@@strangetimes3511 Yes!
@klettersteig599 8 aylar önce
@@dilleralex Looks to be about 20 years old, but when it comes to Russia, I assume nothing has changed
@jamieskinner3789 7 aylar önce
The guy who was stuck in mud at 25.09 mins was an absolute legend (we are victims to our own roads)
@TheChris1299100 9 aylar önce
What a fantastic series! Great work as usual!
@ems4884 9 aylar önce
This TRshow channel does not produce their own documentaries
@TheChris1299100 9 aylar önce
@@ems4884 so? The documentaries are great as usual. I doesn't matter who provides them.
@newagechetniks 8 aylar önce
​@@TheChris1299100 this documemtary is crap. Ten minutes they talking about road but actually roads are preety cool and new there (because there's no much populations nor trafic to destroy road).
@TheChris1299100 8 aylar önce
@@newagechetniks i like the roads too, seeing this stuff is really cool. As documemtaries go, yeah it could be better.
@zardify_ 6 aylar önce
This comment section reminds me of brain damage.
@langegurke3953 4 aylar önce
My great grandfather was a german Mg-42 gunner at stalingrad and was captured and send to the gulags. He escaped later by train hopping back to germany through russia and then poland but his friends who flew with him were shot dead in the journey.
@maxkamerer 4 aylar önce
@jonathanking4895 3 aylar önce
Right 😂
@lanamay198 27 gün önce
Sad. The ordinary people are always to suffer. My Mom was a teenage girl in the 40-th. There were German prisoners of war in their area - the Irkutsk province, by Baykal lake, Easte4n Siberia. The local people didn’t hate the Germans. One day my Mom met a German soldier in the wood not far from their house. He was skinny and hungry. He asked for some food. She run back home and told her grandparents. Her Granddad took some food and they together went to the wood and gave it to the soldier. Late on the Germans were released and were taken home to Germany, as far as I know.
@peredavi 12 gün önce
I’ve read stories of German prisoners in Soviet camps. Horrible. The ones who escaped and walked west….incredible!
@helmut23456 9 aylar önce
I love the Deadliest Journey series. It's an awesome way to learn about World Cultures. Thanks for uploading.
@user-gn4pp8zf5l 13 gün önce
В этом видео показаны худшие моменты северной жизни, на самом деле все на много прекраснее.
@90AMason 9 aylar önce
I've trucked through the rocky moutains and now that seems easy. I had no idea the Russian far east was part wild west and part mad max
@redscratch5835 5 aylar önce
Это и правда, как дикий запад, но только в России.
@markokada7311 8 aylar önce
I can't help loving & admiring this Deadliest Journey Series! Those Russian drivers who are valiant, gutsy, & courageous certainly deserve a huge pat on the back for a job well done. Btw, if it weren't for this narrator, Tom Wright, who has a low-pitched, kind of husky, & dignified-tone of voice, this doc. couldn't be of much interest & enjoyable. His unique & faintly sarcastic way of talking seems to have enhanced the wealth of intrigue, thrill, & excitement ( I wonder if anyone else perceives the same!?). Lastly, thanks for driving the secondhand Japanese trucks( I've never expected to see those trucks owned by SEINO Transport Company in Japan.) in the Siberian rough & tough roads. Thoroughly enjoy watching & appreciate it to the core.,,,,(03/20/23)
@speedymemeboiiiiiii5988 28 gün önce
japanese trucks are the only truck that survive
@mv5713 9 gün önce
They are exceptional people. Russians are among the best in the world.
@esr243 8 aylar önce
It is a well told story. For having penetrated deep inside Russia myself, the documentary illustrates well that unique fatalism, unpreparedness and resilience in adversity among Russians of all origins. It also clearly shows how Asian Russia today remains as a country. But the extraction industry and resulting destruction / pollution industry make me sad too. Mixed feelings.
@VHSKacceta 7 aylar önce
Asian Russia is not much worse developed than Southern or European Russia. It's just that the entire infrastructure, roads and cities are located in the Southern part of Siberia and the Far East. The further north you go, the wilder the places there are and the further away from civilization. Huge territories, a population like in Japan, so there is no need and desire to build hundreds of kilometers of paved roads to some village in the northern depths of Siberia or the Far East. This is exactly the beauty of Russia - huge wild territories.
@kachala 4 aylar önce
it's old video. now all this road is asphalted.
@esr243 4 aylar önce
@@VHSKacceta great answer
@VictorLyuba 4 aylar önce
​@@kachala✌️🇺🇦❤️🇺🇲👍I is not true!!
@kachala 4 aylar önce
@@VictorLyuba it's true.
@manouchehromari2483 6 aylar önce
Amazing documentary! Respect to those who filmed this
@davidblakley5762 8 gün önce
I've been to Yakutsk when I lived in Vladivostok (1996-97) and remember January 1997 being VERY COLD for me (an American). I really enjoyed this video - thank you to the producers.
@chadconway927 Aylar önce
I've visit places like this when young. Nothing change since then. Very beautiful but hard to endure. I'd like to visit again
@streamcut9205 9 aylar önce
love the Deadliest Journey series, outstanding documentary, keep it up!!!
@alo1236546 8 aylar önce
Camera man broken hip bones when filming
@emilioprogressive 4 aylar önce
Só uma palavra para tentar explicar este estilo tão hostil de vida: incrível, incrível, incrível!
@itsmemattagain9841 4 aylar önce
hostil? hah nao fazem nem 100 anos que nosso padrao de vida mudou tanto, isso nao é nada
@emilioprogressive 4 aylar önce
​@@itsmemattagain9841 Cara, eu moro no nordeste desde minha infância, e por mais que eu tenha visto falar em dificuldades de subsistência devido a falta de chuvas, recursos, altas temperaturas e tal., acho que não se compara nem de longe com o frio extremo (dia e noite, o ano inteiro), terras enlamassadas, sem pavimentação, e dificuldades de locomoção que estes povos tem... O que vc pensa acerca disto?
@russelltcranford 20 gün önce
Definitely a ROUGH journey! God bless these guys that are trying to make living !🙏🏾❤️These guys still have a great sense of humor in spite of the battle they have to fight every day ! How could you not love these guys ? 😂❤️
@johnpick8336 9 aylar önce
Incredible example of human spirit and determination! Thank you.
@BlantoszJuszczeka Aylar önce
Bardzo mi się podobało :)
@10actual 9 aylar önce
It is great to see some "regular" folks, as I have found around the world, that have none of the political issues that cause so much trouble in our world. From Texas. Great video!
@mav45678 8 aylar önce
Have you not noticed that the pregnant village woman, who lives in a collapsed house, sad with a sad face "yes, the major here is very powerful, but I'd better not say anything or I could get into trouble".
@henryschmidt485 8 aylar önce
@@mav45678 he means that there is no world politics that revolve around a certain world leader currently conducting special military operations in a country that isn’t his
@deenhag1 8 aylar önce
thank the french for this documentary
@TheKATON132 3 aylar önce
I love that places like this still exist. Living in the US in California is so boring. Dont get me wrong, I will never end up here in this place but knowing there are places in the deep places of the world that are still a wild west / mad max script makes the world more interesting. A desolate road full of truckers having to survive the wild, the elements, using random run down vehicle repair shops in the high way wasteland driving past road workers who have to hunt to survive with their SKS rifles praying to the old gods for protection, bears attacking people, wolves... haunted stretches of road from the old gulags full of spirits, highway bandits and then beyond the road is a never ending expanse of forests and mountains full of secrets and the unknown. Life is so boring and mundane working your 9-5 hearing co workers talk about sports, celebs and other NPC crap. It makes me feel better knowing there are still wild crazy places on the earth.
@pavelr.9477 26 gün önce
Exactly. But I'm also glad I was born in Central Europe, so I can at least somehow partially choose my life instead of being born into those desperate places in Russia, where you have no other options. But I get how you feel and the Siberian way of life really reminds me of the russian romantic literature like The hero of our time by M. Lermontov, which I love.
@zakofrx Gün önce
Plenty of Middle Grounds that you can move to.. Go to Alaska or similar.. Find a level of cumfort you need and enjoy the freedom.. Just dont bring along Californian poltics or you could have problems with the locals and you need to get alone with locals in such places..
@1preccp 9 aylar önce
Não parece muito diferente de algumas estradas no interior do Brasil. Muito bom vídeo 👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍 Quando chove parece a Transamazônica no Brasil 🇧🇷👍
@arragorn4414 9 aylar önce
no inverno, -60
@spg04 9 aylar önce
Na transamazônica fica facil +40 com umidade +90%, verdadeira sauna.
@arragorn4414 9 aylar önce
@@spg04 a -60 sem aquecimento não viver muito tempo
@clinteastwood6333 9 aylar önce
@@arragorn4414 On the Transamazon Highway you can easily die from Malaria and Heatstroke in less than 7 days and Dehydration and cholera, besides the other danger of being assaulted by Criminals of the Forest and another problem Transamazonica different from Permafrost is the Famous Rasputitsa Since in the Amazon it rains 11 months a year, so much mud covers the wheels, just like in Siberia, if truck drivers don't help each other, they won't be able to get through there.
@arragorn4414 9 aylar önce
@@clinteastwood6333 in Siberia in winter at -60 you will not live 3 hours without experience
@erikenshysolli1894 8 aylar önce
Respect for all truckers out there ! Not an easy job!
@marialimalima7304 Aylar önce
O trem é puxado... kk mas tou amando essas jornadas.. das estradas.. fé guerreiros...👏👏🇧🇷✌
@frederickmwaurah7590 Aylar önce
Nicolae story is captivating. Especially the moment he encountered the bear. Lol i had a good laugh but at same time sympathise with him . Glad he's is well & alive to share this wonderful epic journey.
@jarodjohnson4357 9 aylar önce
This should be a good one! I'm fascinated with learning about Russia and the former USSR! The gulags and the purges should be taught about in school just as much as the Nazis, if not more, but I didn't learn much about the former USSR until I took World History in college taught by a professor who I'm pretty confident was/is indeed a communist himself.
@Curi0u50ne 9 aylar önce
Then be Shure to watch bald and bankrupt channel as he went all over the former ussr, and I mean “all over” very informative chap who entertains at the same time….
@jarodjohnson4357 9 aylar önce
@@Curi0u50ne I'm a big fan of Bald and Bankrupt and I used to watch NFKRZ a bit too, good recommendation. A lot of the places Bald goes remind me of the abandoned Air Force Base out by the K.I. Sawyer airport, it closed about 30 years ago and has been low rent housing since the late 90s. I lived there for a long year in 2011-2012 and the feeling of desolation and hopelessness out there walking on the empty streets by abandoned spray painted buildings with all the windows busted and the copper wire long gone, torn out by tweakers years ago... Something about that feeling resonates heavy whenever I watch Bald wandering around some ex Soviet city or area.
@adrienperie6119 9 aylar önce
Why wait for school to teach you what you want to know ? You live in the internet age dewdz ! ;)
@user-ou2wy3kr7u Aylar önce
A brilliant film as a documentary. The reactions it causes are terrifying. I would like to see all those admiring "this place to live" when they are forced to live there. Next time they will definitely not be impressed when they see such places.
@Phyx1u5 9 aylar önce
Awesome, is there a part 2? It seems to just end. Thanks for the content!
@obfuscated3090 5 aylar önce
I always admire the mechanics who keep all this junk rolling under austere conditions. That takes ingenuity and skill, and it's better to be a mechanic than a driver for many reasons including job security. If you can spin a wrench anywhere in the world you'll never starve. The resources extracted could easily pay for road maintenance, but that would require different social choices including mobilizing engineering equipment by a functional government. All concerned would profit though.
@thtkp5 8 aylar önce
This is outstanding. A fun and very informative documentary. It seems Russian development is held back by their poor road network. This is traveler's dream. Keep it up.
@carkawalakhatulistiwa 5 aylar önce
This 2010 In 2016. Rel aredy to yakutia
@sergimatsevich6121 3 aylar önce
By their collective foolish approach to life decisions .Roads are just consequences of it
@cattymajiv 3 aylar önce
@@sergimatsevich6121 Exactly.
@nikenit 23 gün önce
This documentary is from 2010. This road has been completely rebuilt since then.
@masonsmith9619 3 aylar önce
Simply incredible, best wishes to these hardy people.
@allen480 3 aylar önce
Agreed and best wishes to that cute little baby and it’s family.
@merc340sr 4 aylar önce
Life in this part of the world must be UNBELIEVABLY hard!
@kevinkiso4579 Aylar önce
Absolute wonderful experience here. Thank you.
@AH6man 9 aylar önce
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="488">8:08</a> that looks to be an SKS actually. It was introduced at the very end of WWII and was used up until they were able to get the AK-47 mass produced in 1953, I think. It was something along those lines. Anyways the rifle was and still used today for ceremonial purposes. It was also a big hit in the civilian markets across the world. A very beautiful rifle, and one of my favorites for sure.
@specom 9 aylar önce
Correct. Used to be able to buy them for $138 backing the 80s and early 90s. Punks and skinheads used to shoot at each other with them cuz they were the only rifles they could afford. 😆
@peterkonitzer4410 9 aylar önce
@@specom SKS 7.62.. could cut the barrel off . old days ( '72-74 )
@AH6man 9 aylar önce
@@specom yeah its a damn shame and a shame we cant get anything norinco today because theyre still selling them brand new at amazing prices in civilian markets. I got one for about $375. Late 50s model made for the NVA by norinco. Seller and I had no idea until I was finally able to find information on it that lined up with what I saw on the gun.
@holyluke 9 aylar önce
This narrator is always a joke, his translations and lack of knowledge is always amusing, when I heard Saiga I had to comment XD cool to see the travels and places but it would be so much better without the narrator.
@peghead 9 aylar önce
@@holyluke Also, he referred to the tracked vehicle at the end as a Half-Track.
@mtbfreebird9646 8 aylar önce
Very well documented in all aspects 👏👏👏
@skullcrusher8221 9 aylar önce
Thanks guys for uploading a new episode of this deadliest journey, we are seeking for more new episodes of this. Thanks keep uploading 😍
@NeverlandSystemAngel 16 gün önce
I'd love to see more about the Eveny people living winter on the Siberian wilderness.
@theecentralscrutinizer9978 5 aylar önce
If anyone is interested, a Louis L'Amor Novel called Last of the Breed is a fascinating and surprisingly accurate story of an American Military Pilot brought down over the Bering Sea and transported to a prison camp near lake Baikal,and his subsequent escape and survival in the Siberian Tiaga...I purposely left out a twist which is made clear in the first chapter, which helps explain his survival in such hostile territory. Cold war kids will appreciate it... I think it's one of L'Amour's last pieces, written in 1986, just as Glasnost,and Peristroyka were being established. No Six Guns.... No Horses, and no pigeonhole of the American West. An expansion,if you will on a intrigal part of the American West, just in Siberia!
@255gmoney 4 aylar önce
I've read most of his books but I've never come across that definitely search for thanks
@konstantinsafronov7429 4 aylar önce
Эта дорога легендарна, вот бы все дороги были такими 😢
@DeadPixel1105 22 gün önce
I never heard of this channel before and I clicked on this video randomly just to use as background noise as I do other things around the house. I wound up sitting down and watching the entire documentary. It sucked me in within the first 10 minutes or so. This is a very well made documentary. Thank you.
@oneflyguy1949 3 aylar önce
The resilience of man, wow. I lived in similar conditions in Northern Canada
@vernshein5430 8 aylar önce
The first rifle as well as that of the game warden were Simonov carbines (ie. SKS) and are not AK47 variants. It fires the same cartridge, the intermediate 7.62 x 39mm as an AK47 but the action is totally different, semi-automatic only and preceded the fully automatic, detachable magazine AK47.
@xXxPurpaKushxXx 4 aylar önce
I'm pretty sure you're actually thinking of the SVT 40 thats the semi auto rifle chambered in 7.62 that predates the AK.
@vernshein5430 4 aylar önce
@@xXxPurpaKushxXx No this is an SKS in the video albeit one modified with a telescopic sight. I've seen a lot of SKS 7.62 x 39 rifles used in Chukotka Oblast by geologists for defense against grizzly bears. I'd prefer a more powerful bear rifle than a 7.62 x 39 but you have to use what's available. One Chukotka geologist that I met had Tigrr rifle, a civilian model of the Soviet SVD Dragonov rifle chambered for the more powerful 7.62 x 54R cartridge, comparable to a 30-06 Springfield. "SKS and RPD Two final firearms worth noting are the SKS (Samozaryadniy Karabin Sistemi Simonova) and RPD (Ruchnoy Pulemyot Degtyaryova). While technically not a true World War II firearm, the SKS semi-automatic carbine was developed at the tail end of the war by Sergi Gavrilovich Simonov while Vasily Degtyaryov worked on the RPD. These are both notable as they were among the first small arms to be chambered for the 7.62x39mm M43 round, which the Soviets developed in response to the German’s 7.92x33mm Kurz ammo that was used for the StG44/MP44 (Sturmgewehr). Soviet arms designers saw the benefits of this intermediate cartridge and looked to create their own version. This would be the 7.62x39mm. The SKS was developed as a semi-auto carbine - much like the U.S. made M1 Carbine - but it only briefly served as a first-line rifle, being replaced with by the now infamous AK-47, which also utilized the 7.62x39mm round. The SKS however remained in second-line service for decades and as a ceremonial arm. The RPD ironically was ready for mass production at the end of World War II, but did not reach this stage until 1953. It remained in use as a light machine gun throughout the Cold War.".
@madkills10 4 aylar önce
​@vernshein5430 I noticed that too. The tribes people at the end (before going on tracked vehicle) had what looked like civilian version of ak platform but I don't know the name
@xXxPurpaKushxXx 4 aylar önce
I'm not saying the SVT 40 is the rifle in the video I concur it is an SKS I just don't believe you're correct in saying the SKS predates the AK. That's what I'm saying I think the rifle you're thinking of that predates the AK is the SVT 40
@vernshein5430 4 aylar önce
@@xXxPurpaKushxXx The SVT does supersede both the SKS and AK47/AKM. The order was SVT, SKS and AK47 and then AKM.
@msergei98 8 aylar önce
This is A-360 motorway which goes from Never settlement to Lower Bestyakh (Yakutsk is on the other side of the Lena and there is no bridge) Now it's mostly finished, from Never to Aldan (650 km) there is only 20 km and 15 km pieces of dirt road, rest is steady asphalt with some waves closer to the south end
@cattymajiv 3 aylar önce
Asphalt is famously unstable in climates like that! It wouldn't even last 5 years. I know. I'm Canadian. I've seen asphalt roads, even without heavily loaded semi trailers.
@thesavagecivilengineers9097 5 aylar önce
Why your audience is so guys deserve more subscribers...its just now a days most of the people are into entertainment & short reels....only the real people or mature one reach to your channel...i can understand how much it takes to shoot such documnetry & language guys are doing great just keep it up...🤗
@cattymajiv 3 aylar önce
3 million is not small.
@nikenit 23 gün önce
Its a commercially produced French TV documentary from 2010, it has nothing to do with this youtube channel.
@ionrelaxation7542 8 aylar önce
I really enjoy watching, because I can see the world through the videos you make, thank you ❤❤❤❤❤
@warperone 9 aylar önce
fantastic documentary - real life, real people
@grantrowland1998 4 aylar önce
"We have to pay taxes for roads, there are no roads." As someone who has lived in Michigan, I feel this
@cattymajiv 3 aylar önce
You have no freaking idea! None whatsoever.
@leonvolq6179 2 aylar önce
This guy 😂😂😂
@Tweakspm 2 aylar önce
Michigan does not even begin to compare to the deep reaches of Siberia, or even Alaska in the United States, don’t act like you know what it’s like
@dblissmn 2 aylar önce
You're talking the difference between annoying potholes and frost heaves on the one hand; and getting stuck in liquid mud on a routine basis, going through 20 tire replacements a month and/or blinded to oncoming vehicles by massive dust clouds on the other
@vistakay Aylar önce
Try Saskatchewan rural roads, so bumpy your tires can develop bubbles from ruptured inner sidewall
@tomislavmackovic9351 9 aylar önce
Pozdrav svim ovim ljudim, želim im :zdravlje,mir,radost i blagostanje. Pozdrav iz sela Donji Tavankut u Srbiji.
@petarpasajlic 9 aylar önce
Pozdrav Tomo iz sela Beograd u Srbiji...e da nam je malo te prirode mira i blagostanja iz Donjeg Tavankuta ovde u ovom haosu :-)
@zoranzoranic4534 9 aylar önce
Kada se to Tavankut preselio u srbiju? Oduvek je u Vojvodini.
@tem_vremenem_v_kanade 6 aylar önce
I’m a 40 yr old native Russian speaker and I had no idea our languages were this similar!! holy crap apparently I speak Serbian! :) cheers!
@ziggyd.6119 9 aylar önce
In early 90s I spend few years in Yakutsk and all over Yakutsk oblast also few months in Magadnan oblast (north part of it). Travel those roads and eat reindeer gulash with buckwheat for many days. Meat was stored as on the video, in abandoned mine shaft. Drink theirs vodka from tin cups as well. Life have diferent values there, similar to Canadian arctic where I spend some part of my life as well.
@mathiasjohannesson9833 9 aylar önce
Wow! But what brought you to Yakutsk?
@ziggyd.6119 9 aylar önce
@@mathiasjohannesson9833 Job, construction on permafrost, russian language.
@t-bird8978 8 aylar önce
Yakutsk oblast? The proper name is Republic of Yakutia. Cheers
@ziggyd.6119 8 aylar önce
@@t-bird8978 Hhahhahaha, sure. The proper name is; Respublik Saha.
@ironsugar8690 6 aylar önce
@@ziggyd.6119 that's impressive! i bet your pathway is worth a reading!
@ronniekotler9265 Aylar önce
Very good documentary, I have watched it twice over the last few months. Thanks for posting.
@paulofelix5760 Aylar önce
E eu pensava que só no Brasil existia uma estrada que ligava nada a lugar nenhum a RODOVIA TRANZAMAZONICA os russos também tem 😮😮😮😮😮😮😮
@emancipatedlionm9215 9 aylar önce
Fascinating documentary! Life/ living in the old USSR all its colonies brave ppl gulags fierce roads, lots of rivers/lakes ( that huge land Russia.)...absolutely interesting 💥👍🏾
@OutlawedSpank 8 aylar önce
I got incredibly stoned and watch this documentary, it was absolutely incredible. multiple times in the viewing. I had o rewind and watch a scene over and over, as it was so fascinating, particularly scenes that show deep superstitions, notice how the further north this case of beer travels, the further back in time we go, the more ancient customs, notice the untouched $100 bill on the sacred mountain gods monument. Overall, incredible, 9.5/10
@JasonPeters-pd7sg 2 aylar önce
Awesome I'm gonna get stoned and follow your journey !
@jacekgbur9855 8 aylar önce
Jak ciężko żyją ci wspaniali ludzie
@beatanita8650 8 aylar önce
Ciekawe gdzie oni sa tacy wspaniali ,zobacz jak trzyma ten rosjanin niedzwiedzia na lancuchu biedne zwierze ,u nas takie rzeczy sa niedopuszalne .
@niallmansfield2250 12 gün önce
You couldn't get better than an FY HINO, the best tough terrain lorry ever built.
@ja2356 9 aylar önce
Nikolai is as tough a nails. Truly a lost trait of men world wide. Man single handedly keeps the tundra thriving. True sigma. Got attacked by a bear and blamed himself. Respects locals and counter culture and their way of life.
@ultimathule3834 9 aylar önce
funny and kind of ironic these times how he wears an US Army vest lmao
@mikedn1970 8 aylar önce
Well said
@TTFerdinand 8 aylar önce
@@ultimathule3834 It's probably the only one he has. And he probably doesn't give a shit. I don't think anyone else up there gives a shit either. And no one would dare tell him to take it off anyway, or things would get even funnier.
@matusmamczak9113 8 aylar önce
@@ultimathule3834 this documentary came up in 2010
@88guto 2 aylar önce
Queria que todos os br olhassem isso e vissem que o mundo é igual, as merdas nao acontecem só no Brasil.
@parlaypaul6186 2 aylar önce
this is one of the more wild things ive honestly ever seen on youtube.. how do you leave on such a cliff hanger
@horatiodreamt 9 aylar önce
The rifle fired at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="497">8:17</a> is not a version of the "notorious Kalashnikov". It's a 10-round SKS rifle that the Kalashnikov, aka AK47, replaced in 1947.
@totensiebush 9 aylar önce
exactly, about the only thing they have in common is the cartridge. Different locking mechanism, receivers have nothing in common, etc. In comparison, a Saiga is essentially an AK with different grip/stock arrangement.
@ggee7391 9 aylar önce
Yeah I thought that, looks like it had a bolt action - much more reliable for hunting in the wild.
@totensiebush 9 aylar önce
@@ggee7391 the SKS is absolutely semiauto, but it's a tilting bolt rather than the rotating bolt of an AK, and it uses a stripper clip loaded internal magazine rather than the detachable box magazine of the AK.
@tuforu4 9 aylar önce
@totensiebush 9 aylar önce
@@Squilliam-Fancyson the SKS has almost nothing in common with the AK. They fire the same cartridge but that's about it. SKSs all use a forged receiver, a tilting bolt, and an internal magazine fed by stripper clip (with a few exceptions to the last made by other countries) AKs mostly use a stamped receiver (early examples are forged though), all of them use a rotating bolt, I believe all use a detachable double stack magazine. I'm unaware of any compatible parts. Saigas are essentially AKs set up to look (kinda) like SKSs, the mechanical system is mostly AK with some relatively minor changes. The rifles pictured are very clearly SKSs rather than Saigas though.
@hughjanus3616 6 aylar önce
The landscape moulds the people 💪🏻
@Dimythios 9 aylar önce
He's right about the Coffee/cola mix. I used to take that when I had to make that long ride. 1500 miles in 24 hours.
@billotto602 3 gün önce
Incredible people to be living like that. A serious injury or illness could easily be the end of your time on earth.
@AmBotanischenGarten 9 aylar önce
Truly fascinating, thank you!
@alexanderhofer-zagler9253 3 aylar önce
It was a very exciting and intersting dokumentation, I would be very interested in living with this people for a few month to learn how difficult but also independant there life is. Thank you for this movie!!
@Kjeesle 9 aylar önce
Driving a car in this region would drive car lovers truly crazy.
@pingurage2460 4 aylar önce
I bet the problem can be solved in a simple way. With cobblestones ^^ coarse concrete stones or granite stones. The also have enough clearance for the hard temperatures, so that the road does not burst open after a few winters. This would certainly take some time but you could use relatively large stones. So the double size to 3 times of commercial paving stones. It would solve the dust/mud problem :D In addition, you could still drive constantly with the 60 to 80 kmh ^^
@BtP-k 4 aylar önce
Już przy temperaturze około minus trzydzieści stopni (- 30 ° ) asfalt zaczyna się kruszyć
@StonyRC 9 aylar önce
Man, that is "living on the frontier". Those are some tough and resourceful people.
@jeffreymontgomery4091 4 aylar önce
Such a fascinating documentary! There are more than a few days ive thought i had it rough.. Na, just watch n learn...
@coolgabe64 9 aylar önce
I am a road driver here in the US.... I think we got it easy.
@mab1ism 8 aylar önce
You do
@tortuga7160 8 aylar önce
Very tough brave people. Amazing.
@richardruhigwa4059 Aylar önce
Pourquoi ne pas retourner encore la-bas pour nous faire savoir l'état actuel de cette route, mais j'aime ça
@mickfeagan4658 Aylar önce
I just found this channel and love it. I am a retired trucker from US. I love the video called "Man's First Friend". If you love dogs you will love the documentary. ❤
@noorparwan9067 9 aylar önce
Im speechless Beautiful Documentary, How Ever Life is Hard Weather is Harsh But People Still having Fun and Laughing, This Video Made My day I truly Appreciate You Guy's Work ,🙏
@promealiens9659 29 gün önce
Interestingly, even near close to the Yakuts, you can find a street view on google map and the road looks paved with a random location click. So yes, those tolls have brought results. Or is the google map image at the right level in this area? That Afghanistan war veteran's age, this documentary is at least 10 years old.
@itchytriggerfinger7622 9 aylar önce
I don’t think I have ever seen a dirt road that needs asphalt more in my life.
@brownmold 8 aylar önce
Awesome documentary. Thanks for sharing!
@PowermadNavigator 5 aylar önce
You know, some people say some parts of Russia are many years behind moderately developed parts of the world... in some cases as outlined here - it's several centuries.
@michelb96 3 aylar önce
If the Truck driver is 42 and was in Afghanistan (where the Soviets left in 1989) and we assume that he was 18-19 at his time of military service, this bit at least was filmed in 2012
@ImNotCreativeEnoughToMakeUser 8 aylar önce
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="490">8:10</a> That is NOT a Kalashnikov. That is an SKS.
@Knezevic83 9 aylar önce
awesome video, what a journey
@charlesgunther8673 2 aylar önce
I went across Russia in 1980, when it was still the USSR. It looked exactly like this from the railroad.
@quebecclassicrock8812 Aylar önce
I wish I could go visit them, I’ve been living for 4 years now with the Canadian inuit nation in a small remote community and it would be interesting to bring my friend to see his distant cousins
@oldgregg5649 6 aylar önce
The rifles they were using were not siagas, they were mil surp SKS's, similar internals and the same caliber but different guns altogether
@paulmiller6245 2 aylar önce
Got to give the video crew a lot of credit
@petermallm149 5 aylar önce
It confirms my view on modern Russia: Enormous wealth at Moscow and St.Petersburg however the further you move away form these centers the more you are faced with brutal reality. The center lacks control or is just living in ignorance. Now as Russia has started BRICS, these people will be even more faced of what it means to live on the loosing end of the Russian society. Thanks for that documentary.
@cattymajiv 3 aylar önce
Exactly. Every word of your comment is right on the money.
@whatsup9992 2 aylar önce
I'm curious how you come to the conclusion this area of Russia will become more impoverished because of BRICS? If anything I would have thought more trade and investment between the most populous and fastest growing economies on Earth would give the region a higher chance of further development.
@petermallm149 2 aylar önce
@@whatsup9992 I hope your assumptions will work out, however the hegemonial aspirations & military activities linked to BRICS will cost Russia a lot of could have a look to the US for comparison.
@VagoniusThicket 2 aylar önce
Not that Washington,Boston or LA are as bad but that may change . Sniff sniff 🥔
@Telephony954 9 aylar önce
I have always been grateful, to have been born in a place and time, when there is better in the world than what others have to endure on a hourly basis. It is my hope that all can find a safe, and comfortable existence. Be well.
@deonvanzyl7970 8 aylar önce
Truly strong people.
@Windows98R 9 aylar önce
it feels weird seeing that truck offroading in Siberia when it was delivering just outside of where I live in japan
@pantherplatform 8 aylar önce
I can't imagine someone got their head stuck above the driveshaft. Wow.
@jessecockrum5273 20 gün önce
I hate that our countries governments don't get along but im here from New Mexico usa. I live your country and hope to visit some day. And hopefully I will be accepted .im so sick of wars but love life and fun times lands and culture looks very interesting to experience
@Vincent13997 8 aylar önce
Did anyone else notice the soldier in the beginning wore a US Army tag?
@mikeb5372 9 aylar önce
Excellent documentary!
@ibrahimnabadey1533 9 aylar önce
Enjoyable documentary, kudos to the crew
@remcovanvliet3018 9 aylar önce
They should gather up those discarded tires, bolt them together to form a mat, and integrate them into the road surface. It'll improve the durability of the road considerably.
@muddyhotdog4103 9 aylar önce
It's proly not a reasonable solution.. It would take a lot of tires, money, and upkeep. I'm sure they'd just wear and be destroyed after a couple years of traffic on frozen rubber in the winter. And bolt them into what? I mean they can't even get asphalt to stay put in the winter.
@pault1964 9 aylar önce
Who is going to pay for it
@sandrineroesch8706 9 aylar önce
I drove with such 4 frozen rubber things every winter 😂 Funny comment
@patspc6688 8 aylar önce
I thought the same, just chop them up and scatter them. Bit softer on the trucks. 😁
@olgagaming5544 10 gün önce
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