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DW Documentary

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Soon the Arctic will be ice-free in summer. While many are concerned about the consequences for the global climate, countries like Russia and the US, as well as China and Canada see an ice-free Arctic as an opportunity, offering everything from new trade routes to mineral resources and tourism.
Part 1: • The melting ice of the...
In two episodes, this documentary reports on a region of the world that is changing dramatically because of climate change. This change affects the lives of the people who make their home in the Arctic, of course. The film team experiences first-hand what it means to live at the mercy of the forces of nature in this inhospitable region, which makes for an adventurous and frightening journey.
But the ramifications of an Arctic thaw are felt around the globe. Climate change is progressing faster here than in the rest of the world, and it is moving the Arctic into the focus of global politics. Littoral states and world powers are fighting for influence, here. At the heart of their interest: access to mineral resources and new transport routes. Because, as the ice melts, new, shorter shipping routes are opening up. Is a new conflict looming at the North Pole?
And how do the people in the far north experience the change in their environment? The film team travels through the northern reaches of the US, Canada, Greenland, Norway and Russia. The journalists experience the wonder of nature in these regions and meet people who have adapted over centuries to life in these cold, inhospitable realms. Now, they face a new struggle, as global power players swoop in.
In the second part of the documentary, the film team boards a Norwegian frigate off Spitsbergen. There, they observe NATO’s response to the growing Russian influence in the region. This includes observation missions and an increased presence; there is even talk of bringing back submarines decommissioned since the end of the Cold War. Norway's intelligence service has clearly observed a more aggressive Russian military presence in the Arctic in recent years. Apparently, Russia wants to make it clear that it can dominate the Arctic.
Indeed, Russia identified the Arctic as an important sphere of influence following the end of the Cold War, especially with regard to the Northeast Passage. Alexei Chekunkov, Russia's Minister of Arctic Development, explains why: "The northern shipping route from China via Siberia and Scandinavia is 40 per cent shorter than the route via the Indian Ocean, the Suez Canal, and the Mediterranean." Climate change, he said, represents an opportunity for Russia. But how to get energy to where it’s needed in northern Siberia? The "Akademik Lomonosov," a floating nuclear power plant, may be one answer. Currently anchored in the port of Pevek, Russia's northernmost city, it can supply energy to some 100,000 households. The region around Pevek, which until now was home to just a few miners and reindeer herders, is thus one of several jumping-off points for Russia's tightening grip on the north.
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Maria Theresa Natoza
Maria Theresa Natoza 7 aylar önce
I stayed up very late to finish these 2-part documentaries... The ways it presented and dissected the situation and potential problems in the Arctic were excellent. Would love to see more of these materials of extreme significance. Thank you so much to the production team and field crew.
Sovereign Citizen LEO
Sovereign Citizen LEO 4 aylar önce
These people who live up there are hearty souls. I have limitless respect for them for being able to survive in such an inhospitable area. The musk oxen are amazing and I was unaware they lived up there.
Michal Ochedowski
Michal Ochedowski 8 aylar önce
Hats off to the writers of this documentary. Narration had the biggest impact and made it complete.
pagkaon food
pagkaon food 8 aylar önce
Your 100 percent right michal
robert hicks
robert hicks 8 aylar önce
@pagkaon food Na, its just the usual propaganda bs lies, nothing unusual
Nino Ellison
Nino Ellison 8 aylar önce
Utterly fascinating, beautiful and extraordinarily insightful. Thank you again DW for another brilliantly filmed and produced documentary of such great importance!!
DW Documentary
DW Documentary 8 aylar önce
Thanks a lot for watching and for your positive feedback. We appreciate you taking the time to comment and are glad you like our content!
MartynaC 4 aylar önce
@DW Documentary hi what is the name of the song at 28:15?
Dertrend 8 aylar önce
Such an incredible landscape. Kudos to the locals who have learned to survive in it.
janskovjensen Aylar önce
Greenlanders is a tuff people
Martin Fathers
Martin Fathers 8 aylar önce
This is an excellent two part documentary that looks at many different aspects of the Arctic region. I had vaguely heard that the Russians have been increasing their interest in this area but like many I thought ‘so what?’. Now at least because of this documentary I have a better idea about why it is important for the world to take a greater interest in the Arctic region. This fact is particularly true when considering the issues surrounding climate change. Thank you DW for putting these two videos together.
SpankMcnasty 8 aylar önce
Great documentary. You explained a very complex situation well in your two videos. Thank you.
Pedram Zamani
Pedram Zamani 8 aylar önce
It was a very nice, brilliant, and informative documentary. It deserves a nominated Oscar Award.
FPL FA’er 8 aylar önce
Nearly all DW documentaries do
Infinite Curiosity
Infinite Curiosity 8 aylar önce
oscar or emmy?
robert hicks
robert hicks 8 aylar önce
yea, they should give it the award for best fiction in a non science propaganda piece of the decade.
Infinite Curiosity
Infinite Curiosity 8 aylar önce
@robert hicks and your point is?
NavigatEric 2 aylar önce
Thank you for this excellent documentary. Ive had the privilege as a researcher in aerial surveying to have been nearly everywhere this film has gone, yet I learned many things I did not know about those places. What fun it must have been... and adventure too.
Great Sewing
Great Sewing 8 aylar önce
Astonishing documentary, amazing images, a beautiful portrait of northern living on the edge and an absolutely frightening picture of global tensions.
DW Documentary
DW Documentary 8 aylar önce
Thanks for watching and taking the time to comment.
AMMY JESSICA 8 aylar önce
A documentary at its excellences! Thank you!
robert hicks
robert hicks 8 aylar önce
"Propaganda at its excellences! Thank you!" Fixed it for you.
Keli K.
Keli K. 8 aylar önce
Incredible images!!! And yes, the world must be worried. Thanks for sharing this formidable adventure with crucial information about what is happening up there that will no doubt affect us all.
DW Documentary
DW Documentary 8 aylar önce
Thank you for watching and taking the time to comment!
galactyx1 8 aylar önce
The high production standards & quality content of DW documentaries is much appreciated. Thanks for sharing via TRshow 👍
DW Documentary
DW Documentary 8 aylar önce
Thank you very much for your support!
Miss Shroom
Miss Shroom 8 aylar önce
I bet the cameras did no justice to the scenery you guys experienced…even so this was very beautiful! Good luck to Olga and her family☘️..I appreciate young strong minded women like her👍🏼🌎💙
Bajrang Kaswan
Bajrang Kaswan 8 aylar önce
Kudos to the entire team for such detailed and beautiful documentary.
DW Documentary
DW Documentary 8 aylar önce
Thank you! We're glad you liked the documentary. Subscribe to our channel for the latest uploads.
Ladeluff 5 aylar önce
It's enthralling, fascinating and beyond words to see the pristine beauty of the Arctic.
Steven Manders
Steven Manders 4 aylar önce
I really enjoyed that, I have been to the Arctic 5 times since I retired in Kingston Ontario. Last summer I got to Devon Island 900 km north of the Arctic Circle and north of Baffin Island and witnessed a mother polar bear and 2 cubs feeding on a small whale carcass. I have kayaked on both coasts of Greenland. Needless to say, it was really interesting for me. It is not an easy nor cheap place to visit.
Fay Private
Fay Private 7 aylar önce
Parts 1 and 2 form a marvelous documentary. So very educational and informative. Well done!
Benjamin Torto
Benjamin Torto 8 aylar önce
I want to be a part of these expeditions. The world is indeed a beautiful place. Kudos to DW for this Documentary
Ronin Kegawa
Ronin Kegawa 7 aylar önce
It would be nice to also have a documentary on the ice building phenomenon of the Antarctic. The ice in the south pole has never been as thick since recorded times.
Steve 8 aylar önce
Only one problem. Absolutely love your dedication and film making skills but as a boater, outdoorsman and Canadian, there is absolutely not a chance those locals, myself or the crew would ever stash fuel and go anywhere even close to the point of not being able to get back to the fuel. Artist freedom and tension building film making aside a very impressive and undoubtedly risky and potentially life taking endeavour undoubtedly. Great film
MrMarcodarko 8 aylar önce
Im canadian too. Imagine relying on electric everything?
Mike 4 aylar önce
@MrMarcodarko No need. Green emission free hydrogen are a very flexible fuel able to replace any fossil fuel.
Brian Wheeldon
Brian Wheeldon 8 aylar önce
Beautiful landscape and glacial scenery at the coast. Such a pity then that Prof Jason Box wasn't on hand to comment on the climate situation of the Greenland Ice Sheet. Jason is one of the foremost ocean Ice scientists in the world. The situation many such scientists consider a distinct reality is that the Greenland Ice Sheet (GIS) has passed a phase change-tipping point and is now destined to melt completely. Figures of 200 years or more have been tossed around, but it likely won't affect much of humanity in the sense that billions will already have died from extreme food shortages (multiBreadbasket failure), drought, and violence such as war and armed gangs, as is happening now in Africa, Ukraine, Syria, Yemen, South America- Peru and more besides. Our governments and corporate political elites won't provide this information although they're well aware even though they're sociopaths. At the present rate of heating and emissions we are destined to pass an average of 2 degrees C global heating pre 1850 ( the date a lie in itself, it's really 1750) by around 2042. BTW That's 7 degrees C over land not 2 degrees. Even full world mitigation now will take us to around 1.8 deg C minimum it's 'baked in'. This isn't to make you feel worse or hopeless, it's stating the known science facts. Forewarned is forearmed, and maybe you might take non violent civil action along with millions of others to prevent our 'leaders' in their endless genocidal pursuit of profit over life itself. Don't be a bystander, it makes you complicit. Good luck
Simon Hattrell
Simon Hattrell 8 aylar önce
Wow! Johannes Hano and all the DW team brilliant job. Thank you for bringing this amazing documentary to us.
DW Documentary
DW Documentary 8 aylar önce
Thank you for watching!
Benjamin Makur
Benjamin Makur 5 aylar önce
A well explained documentary..thanks to the production team
Daren Savy
Daren Savy 8 aylar önce
Just incredible. Thanks to all whom made this doco. 🙏🤜🤛
Guri Singh
Guri Singh 21 gün önce
Wow! Who knew this place existed. Our world is so complicated. Love the narration, the music and the video. Kudos DW!
DW Documentary
DW Documentary 21 gün önce
Thanks for watching and for your positive feedback! Kudos. :)
Harold Barry
Harold Barry 8 aylar önce
A really great video with a lot of information, your two videos covered a lot of territory. Thank you and your team.
DW Documentary
DW Documentary 8 aylar önce
Thanks for the positive feedback!
Lipule kelly
Lipule kelly 8 aylar önce
This is just a breathe taking documentary..kudos to the editorial team
Bin Ham
Bin Ham 8 aylar önce
Thank you DW and team visited there, brought such a amazing info for us. Thoughts provoking shots in videos, well reported.
aa tt
aa tt 8 aylar önce
If the Arctic holds the future to mankind, this documentary needs a part 3 to update the public on what the various stake-holder governmental actions would be (as in the countries listed in this doc), when the Arctic is complete with the unthinkable 'blue ocean' event. It's a question worth asking by the public, as well as by USA and NATO.
BarnStangz 8 aylar önce
Thank you so very much for bring to light what is going on with the Arctic. I made sure to tell everyone I know to watch this film!
connie siow
connie siow 8 aylar önce
Thank You DW for the superb documentary and knowledgeable narration about the Artic, you are the master to reckon with.
DW Documentary
DW Documentary 8 aylar önce
Thank you for watching and for the positive feedback! We're glad you like our content.
A 5 aylar önce
Beautifully made, interesting and worrisome as well. Thank you for a well made documentary.
DW Documentary
DW Documentary 5 aylar önce
Thank you! We're glad you liked the documentary. Subscribe to our channel for the latest uploads.
J K 8 aylar önce
Once again, a very infirmative doc. DW never fails to impress 👌🏽! Hopefully, the arctic would strive to remain apolitical.
Carl Thor
Carl Thor 8 aylar önce
Agreed, but a few centuries too late.
Tushy Ranx
Tushy Ranx 8 aylar önce
DW documentaries never disappoint
Paal Myrtvedt
Paal Myrtvedt 8 aylar önce
Jeff S
Jeff S 8 aylar önce
It's actually a good thing to reduce shipping traffic from the middle east and redirect that into northern Eurasia. This would help facilitate peaceful cooperation and economic development between Europe, Russia, and China.
gabriellejudd1 8 aylar önce
Absolutely Fascinating. Such an educational journey..
Timothy Kangethe
Timothy Kangethe 7 aylar önce
Brilliant DW Documentary. Exceptional body of work detailing geopolitical and social economic dependency of the Arctic region. I'm particularly amazed at the sheer resilience of the Innuit people and the navigation skills. All the best to the young innuit lady's aspirations & pursuit of knowledge.
Timothy Kangethe
Timothy Kangethe 7 aylar önce
Awesome Score...👉 Hans Zimmer 🎶 🎯
AN Q 8 aylar önce
Absolutely beautiful & mesmerising documentary with beautiful music bring played in the background.Hats off to the brave DW filming crew for enduring such extreme weather and hardships just to show us the mesmerising,breathtaking and pristine beauty of the Artic.Iam scared what global warming will do such untouched beauty.Once again thank you DW for blessing us with these excellent two-part documentaries regarding Artic.
DW Documentary
DW Documentary 8 aylar önce
Thanks a lot for watching and for your positive feedback. We appreciate you taking the time to comment and are glad you like our content!
Paul Zeman
Paul Zeman 6 gün önce
An astounding documentary. Thank you 🙏
The Farmer
The Farmer 8 aylar önce
No documentary movies will achieve the brilliant piece of report that DW gave. I love it.
robert hicks
robert hicks 8 aylar önce
"No propaganda movies will achieve the brilliant piece of report that DW gave. I love it." Fixed it for you.
Greg McHale
Greg McHale 20 gün önce
Well done, very informative and important documentary to have in hand. Even more so given that Russia does not view it has borders and thus would be more than eager to expand anywhere it can.
DW Documentary
DW Documentary 20 gün önce
Thanks for watching and taking the time to comment.
Michael Caro
Michael Caro 8 aylar önce
thank-you for making this video, i didn't know so much was going on. keep up the good work!!
scaredycat 7 aylar önce
What can we mere humans do to preserve arctic native people and their surroundings? Awesome doco, thank you 👍
R G 7 aylar önce
These are one of the most wonderful and amazing documentary I ever watched. It seems like I am with them and travelling the amazing places of the North side of the earth.
DW Documentary
DW Documentary 7 aylar önce
Thanks a lot for watching and for your positive feedback. We appreciate you taking the time to comment and are glad you like our content!
FPC 8 aylar önce
You guys produce some really good stuff. Thank you!
Marc Lawyer
Marc Lawyer 8 aylar önce
Great videos and bravely done...I don't believe the hypothesis of Human causation for climate change, but for sure something is occurring right now that will change our future drastically... Edit: a sailing channel took their yacht to Svalbard last summer (Sailing Uma). I'm even more impressed by their achievement now... The 42 minutes flew by, watching this... thanks 👍
Merton Densher
Merton Densher 8 aylar önce
Great documentary. Olena and her family were so at ease in such a harsh environment. That is proof of their mastery of the skills to live with the land and ocean.
Fely Cacal
Fely Cacal 8 aylar önce
This is a very dangerous journey. You must have lots of struggles living in the super icy arctic. I never thought that there are residents over in the area. Thank you for sharing your video. This is a stunning scenic views . Now that the iceberg are melting, lots of people will be contaminating the area which is pristine for thousand of years.
Tim O'Brien
Tim O'Brien 8 aylar önce
Very well produced documentary!
Susan Cacanog
Susan Cacanog 7 aylar önce
Very informative documentary. Keep up the good work.
DW Documentary
DW Documentary 7 aylar önce
Thanks for watching and commenting :)
Rex Stiger
Rex Stiger 8 aylar önce
Well done! A region that will likely become a hot-point for much in the future.
K B 8 aylar önce
Already is, just nobody around to notice out loud.
idang nasagac
idang nasagac 8 aylar önce
Wow,,,, full of information and fascination, amazingly brilliant documentation 😳😳😳,, hats off,,, DW 🙌👏👍😍
Nona Podschlne
Nona Podschlne 8 aylar önce
So informative and beautiful. I sat on the edge of my seat a couple times. Am very interested in the Arctic and what will happen about shipping routes and climate change. Thank uou
LiveLife 8 aylar önce
You guys are very courageous. Thank you for this awesome documentary
Wanja Kibabu
Wanja Kibabu 7 aylar önce
Waaoh, this is incredibly wonderful. Very informative ,insightful ,beautiful sceneries, great work and thank you very much for this.
jake a. pineda
jake a. pineda 8 aylar önce
An exceptional film. Bravo!
Abigail Teh
Abigail Teh 8 aylar önce
That was as suspenseful as a well-made drama! Somehow the dangers of the natural world still leave us with a sense of awe even as they threaten, unlike the dangers brought by geo-politics which you know is senseless and would be more costly to the whole world.
Lightning Rod
Lightning Rod 8 aylar önce
the enormity of the geography and the incredible transitions of phase are really hard to put into words
Crystal 8 aylar önce
"The beauty of its nature." Thanks for this documentary.
Citadel Solano
Citadel Solano 7 aylar önce
Thank you so much for this documentaries. Excellent.
Malcolm Brown
Malcolm Brown 26 gün önce
It is a brilliant documentary, the camera work is very good and well-narrated
DW Documentary
DW Documentary 26 gün önce
Thanks for watching and sharing your feedback!
Duder 8 aylar önce
Another excellent docu, thank you DW👍
Bechay Ramos
Bechay Ramos 8 aylar önce
A documentary that is need to if i was there in Arctic. Amazing documentary..
benjamin cornia
benjamin cornia 8 aylar önce
I’ve been looking forward to this. I didn’t expect it so soon. Good show 👍
CUGS2009 5 aylar önce
Both well-made docos - well done.
golden1789 8 aylar önce
A spectacular, fascinating and prescient documentary. Thank you.
Mani Marks
Mani Marks 8 aylar önce
Thank you DW Team... This is one of the most unusual and impressive documentaries I have had the pleasure of seeing in my life... As I will never be able to travel to these places, this is the most realistic virtual experience U can ever have... Thank you again... 🙏😇🙏
DW Documentary
DW Documentary 8 aylar önce
Thank you for watching us!
Shumail Khan
Shumail Khan 8 aylar önce
Hats 👒 up sir for wonderful documentary amazing video graphics and heart touching music. Great work thanks DW.
Ifiyenia Spiliotopoulou
Ifiyenia Spiliotopoulou 8 aylar önce
Amazing beauty, beautifully filmed, and the smiling Inouit even more beautiful ! Cudos to the courageous reporters! Thank you for the insight.
GPtwo 7 aylar önce
Wonderful documentary. What a beautiful, rugged place. Olena is such a sweetheart. They really took care of you and the crew. All the best to the people of "Itto-q".😊
DW Documentary
DW Documentary 7 aylar önce
Thanks for watching and for your constructive feedback! :-)
Ярослав 8 aylar önce
As a Russian I find this documentary to be outstanding
DW Documentary
DW Documentary 8 aylar önce
Thanks for watching and taking the time to comment.
Sachin Vartak
Sachin Vartak 8 aylar önce
There cannot be any better documentaries than DW. You are really the best.
DW Documentary
DW Documentary 8 aylar önce
Thank you!
Mercy Magalona
Mercy Magalona 8 aylar önce
Hi there 🙂 from part 1 up to here in this Video is so very magical. Thanks for sharing this kind of magical documentary. Wonderful 🏔 Very informative respectful entertaining & calming the beauty of white & blue sn❄w. -me from Philippines 🇵🇭❤🙂
Maya O Zen
Maya O Zen 7 aylar önce
- Loved it. Very informative.
Erika Tobing
Erika Tobing 18 gün önce
Really great documentary ❤❤
Nikesh Poudel
Nikesh Poudel 8 aylar önce
Really good and brilliant documentary. Thank you for bringing this masterpiece to us.
DW Documentary
DW Documentary 8 aylar önce
Thanks for watching and taking the time to comment. Be sure to check out our channel for more content.
Mark Fomenko
Mark Fomenko Aylar önce
Another great documentary from DW. Making another documentary about the degrading infrastructure due to the permafrost thawing in the Arctic region would be interesting. This has been done, but this needs more exposure. Thawing permafrost is and will ruin structures, roads, pipelines, etc.
DW Documentary
DW Documentary Aylar önce
Thanks for your feedback!
Guillaume Maurice
Guillaume Maurice 8 aylar önce
yes, in North East Greenland : plan for the worst and hope for the best. And from experience the worst is always unexpected : we ended up seeking our gasoline barrels down the coastline for almost a km after the Nordendskjold Glacier calved [ Kaiser Frantz Joseph Fjord end glacier ] while we weren't at basecamp, and we were across the fjord at that time.], after that we had to be careful as water was mixed with it. ( and since it was also going to be used by another expedition in that area to ferry us back to where a Twin Otter could land the water had to be filtered out... luckily for me, I was the expedition logistic manager so I was busy making sure each box contained what it was suppposed to contain ( updating the content lists when needed ) and sorting stuff out while others dealt with the water gasoline issue. ) Edit : Now lets be honest, if you have the money ( it's not cheap ) and the opportunity, take it. It's something you will remember all your life. We were deep in the National Park which added more than a few caveats and paperwork, but around the Scoresby Sund area is out of the Park area and is awesome enough.
NegroPapa 8 aylar önce
Great documentary and thanks.
Mick Snell
Mick Snell 6 aylar önce
simply outstanding...thank you.
oldsteamguy 8 aylar önce
A very good documentary.
itsthat 8 aylar önce
Living on Baffin Island it was awesome to see all the other areas around us in this 2 part doc.
mrkmpr 8 aylar önce
Where do you live on Baffin?
Joel Dela cruz
Joel Dela cruz 8 aylar önce
Another achievement documentary very informative DW thank you..
DW Documentary
DW Documentary 8 aylar önce
Thanks for watching and taking the time to comment. Be sure to check out our channel for more content.
Acidobay 5 aylar önce
An accomplished documentary, thanks DW, setting the standard.
singers1990 8 aylar önce
A truly wonderful glimpse of a mainly unnoticed world. Thank you.
Jenny Palmer
Jenny Palmer 8 aylar önce
Great doco and scenery was magic
The_bengali_political_analyst 8 aylar önce
First like.. loved all the videos.. really informative and well presented. ❤️
Narciso Paulo
Narciso Paulo 10 gün önce
A very, very good report!
Bobby Lee
Bobby Lee 8 aylar önce
A well documented video for the world at large......very educational indeed with all informations provided to the benefits of viewers.
Eileen Dalton
Eileen Dalton 8 aylar önce
Brilliant from IRELAND.. fantastic documentary.. we need more like this well done to you all !! From IRISH EILEEN DALTON 🤗💯💥💫👋👐🙌😱
Mzee 8 aylar önce
Was this filmed in October of 2022 or years back? I love #DW Documentaries greeting from Canada 🇨🇦
Angeline 8 aylar önce
Thank you 😊 very very much it helps me figure out much more that fills the blanks well done 👍✊
MartynaC 4 aylar önce
Amazing documentary
Glennsten Bergkvist
Glennsten Bergkvist 8 aylar önce
There are some interesting elements in this program, but as it goes on I am repeatedly struck about how absurd their trip is. The host keeps talking about the peril they are always so close to finding themselves in. Are they really in danger? Are they really always just a maneuver or a close call away from being left to die out there? Including the child? While everyone is smiling and happy? It is bizarre and doesn't add up. But the show is decent entertainment, especially as it regards the scenic beauty.
airgabor para
airgabor para 7 aylar önce
This documentary is jawdropping
Fabiafidus 6 aylar önce
I really hope svalbard doesnt become a field of strife between west and east D: they look so peaceful up there ..
jonathan effemey
jonathan effemey 4 aylar önce
Thanks so much for posting.
samuel Farris
samuel Farris 8 aylar önce
We pretty much all know how our emissions played into this, but especially burning of dirty liquid-fuel, via heavy usage of cars and trucks and reliance on importing, has been the big factor for our climate patterns being warmer than they actually should be. An emission chart I've seen reflect how, ever since the period after World War 2 when private vehicles and importing became more widespread, it peaked considerably from the period prior, and practically everyone was burning coal dug from the Earth previously for goodness sake. There is something else too though as I just realised: the extreme weather we've been having recently is due to weather patterns moving more slowly across the world than previously, resulting in water resources being consumed and drying up more rapidly, only for sudden but brief shifts in weather patterns to occur at any given time. Regards, Samuel Farris.
Rose 8 aylar önce
The documentary was very well done.. with what the information said and the winter weather we see happening right now in the States, we can understand the connection. Most of All, we can see that this winter that has just started... It's January 3rd 2023 is only the beginning.
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