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Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh Steelers

2 aylar önce

KDKA's Bob Pompeani and Chris Hoke recap the Steelers loss to the Texans in Week 4. In addition, hear from Coach Mike Tomlin, T.J. Watt, Mason Cole and other Steelers players.
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@MuddyPuttersDG 2 aylar önce
That wasn’t a loss. That was an absolute ass whoopin.
@ruebenstone9161 2 aylar önce
Yea u right
@Ayyshaddy 2 aylar önce
so tired of this offense. and now people blaming the defense for some reason when they made stops when they couldn’t breathe. they made stops even tho picket stupid ass couldn’t get a first down
@ruebenstone9161 2 aylar önce
@@Ayyshaddy I feel ur pain my dude, but we know the problem and we still don’t do anything about it cause we can’t, I don’t know where we go from here but I want Mason to start, I know that won’t happen but we better come up with something fast ur we will be in big trouble, Kenny won’t play for a while so we better be smart
@UHSftball54 2 aylar önce
I’d be totally cool with losing competitive games sometimes… but my goodness, this hasn’t been an NFL caliber offense in several years. Different players at different positions, but somehow same results. This coaching staff on all sides of the ball is inadequate and the modern NFL has passed them by. Period. Excuses have run out.
@lukehare1739 2 aylar önce
@Hurt92Tv 2 aylar önce
@pittsteelers2676 2 aylar önce
I don't even think the coaching is that bad I hate to say it but Kenny Pickett obviously sucks it doesn't matter if he had a hs coordinator he should still at least look decent instead he barely passed 100 yards and only has one multiple td game in like over ten starts always wanna blame coaches and I get that but I don't think any offensive coordinator would come in and make Kenny magically ball out of no where...
@blackphilip8936 2 aylar önce
@pittsteelers2676 - ah..... no. Before I trash Kenny, I want to see him play behind a decent O-Line and have an offense designed/managed by an NFL caliber OC and HC. “I don’t think the coaching is that bad”? Then you aren’t thinking. The coaching is embarrassing. And it has been for over a decade now.
@cheyo9911 2 aylar önce
Fire Canada Edit: hasn’t happened. Fire Tomlin now. He is looking shot out and dated. Time for some one new
@ny7294 2 aylar önce
At the LEAST fire him as play caller
@blackphilip8936 2 aylar önce
Fire Tomlin and the entire staff. It’s beyond time. He’s a fraud, and he’s always been a fraud. This team is never prepared under mediocre Mike, plays down to lesser opponents and never makes halftime adjustments. He lives in his fears, because he knows he’s incompetent.
@TheFactsMob 2 aylar önce
@moneypyrex5242 2 aylar önce
That’s not solely on him. Missed tackles can’t block can’t even get a first down. Can’t mark wr. It’s all across the board OC DC and HC
@robbycross3265 2 aylar önce
Rooney needs to step in
@tjk5598 2 aylar önce
If fans want change they should direct their anger at Rooney. Only way it’ll happen, they are too stuck in their ways. They are at fault for allowing this to continue, wasting the prime years of generational talents like Minkah and Tj
@shaquilewalker7672 2 aylar önce
I agree..seems like they don’t give a damn.
@TheFactsMob 2 aylar önce
Minkah been playing like trash but I agree. AR12 don't GAF at all.
@BrianMoro-gz8de 2 aylar önce
Art doesn't care. He's still making tons of money. That's all he cares about. The apple fell far from the tree.
@bulufish8208 2 aylar önce
We need to send a message next week forget about the game and every person come with signs and chants 🔥 the whole coaching staff.
@terrybradford4305 2 aylar önce
The reason Pickett got sacked on his last play was because he bailed on the pocket again to his left! What is jones supposed to do there?! Pickett literally ran into the sack!
@bellmanmatthew 2 aylar önce
keeps bailing because of the guard center snap relay giving away our timing every play
@moneypyrex5242 2 aylar önce
He did that like 3 times today
@dylandrews3192 2 aylar önce
Jones got bullied on that play too, he’s not innocent. They all suck though. Tomlin, Canada, Pickett, Jones, etc etc. every single one of them is terrible at their job
@klove5765 2 aylar önce
They say he's a fast learner but he continues to run out the pocket too early
@TheFactsMob 2 aylar önce
Exactly. He's been doing that since last year. All three injuries he got is from scrambling from clean pockets while turning down open WRs to run like he's fucking Lamar Jackson or something... the happy feet thing and terrible pocket awareness is a deal breaker for me unfortunately...
@mc1993 2 aylar önce
There is a great post Super Bowl 53 interview of Bill Belichick where he says to Chris Berman 'Players win games, you can't win without good players.' Randy Moss interjects, 'But players can't win if they don't have good coaches.' Bill Belichick responds, "Well they can't overcome bad coaching, I know that.'
@RAMSSUCK. 2 aylar önce
I'm gonna keep on coming on these Steelers social media sites and explain what needs to be done. So at the end of season. You let go of Tomlin and replace him with Ben Johnson Oc from Lions, then you try and hire Todd haley as Offensive assitant, then try and hire Mike muchick back as oline coach. Tomlin gets paid 12.5 mill a year and hasn't produced in a while. You can bring Ben Johnson in and pay him a third of what Tomlin makes and have Haley and Muchick to help with offense all offensive minded coaches and can help make in game adjustments when needed. In the draft you take Top center 1st round and a top guard second round. This will be Najees last season with the Steelers most likely , so you start Jalen Warren next seaoson and draft a RB in 3rd or 4th round. They come a dime a dozen. This will help the offense and those Coaches can develop Kenny Pickett. This team has to much talent on it to be having these performances and mostly it's the offense not being able to create drives. I garuntee you would see huge changes in this teams performances if this were to happen. I'm begging and pleading for this to happen.
@daedalus1 2 aylar önce
This loss lies firmly at the feet of the coaches. They were obviously completely unprepared. The lack of offense under Canada continues to be the worst in the NFL. The defense looked gassed in the 1st quarter! Pathetic.
@jamesfazenbaker2918 2 aylar önce
Just bad schemes and play calling for both sides …
@appalachiansapper12b64 2 aylar önce
I almost made the mistake of buying jerseys during the preseason. I'm glad I saved the money and embarrassment that would have come with it. This is an embarrassing team.
@Wanzie 2 aylar önce
We looked completely disorganized, frantic and desperate to even make anything work. Need to see Pickett step up in the pocket a bit more and look for reads rather than bailing and throwing on the run so often when the pockets not collapsed. Need our defense to look like they play defense lol We got dismantled but hopefully everyone learned something to come back stronger next week. GG Texans
@jwilliwonka 2 aylar önce
I'm just so done with this coaching staff. 16 years is more than enough for Tomlin. It's time to move on, otherwise the Steelers will be drowning in mediocrity until he leaves.
@hugostiglitz8465 2 aylar önce
Steelers dream to be mediocre.
@TheRealPunisher 2 aylar önce
The play call for the 4th and 1 was wild. Hell i thought boswell should have went out there for a long field goal. Would have made it a one possession game. Definately should have ran the ball, or send boswell out there.
@RayManzarekRocks 2 aylar önce
@raymondsantiago2411 2 aylar önce
Taking the FG there is cowardly and living in your fears. They should have gave ball to the Alabama guy to get a single yard
@RayManzarekRocks 2 aylar önce
@@raymondsantiago2411 You're living in an alternate universe, brah. This offense hasn't converted a third- or fourth-and short all season. Doesn't have the o-line to play power football, which is why Harris has been largely ineffective in his career.
@jamesfazenbaker2918 2 aylar önce
I couldn’t believe we came out in shotgun on 4th and 1. That was the most stupid play call I’ve seen. How much more must we endure ?
@leslielongjr.6571 2 aylar önce
All great points. The first thing that showed up was how much better the Texans team was prepared to play than the Steelers were. Same old problem for teams coached by Tomlin and his staff. 2 wins and 2 losses is better than 1 and 3 or 0 and 4. That is how TOMLIN thinks. Now with 17 games to play it is easier to have a losing season than a winning season. So now, Tomlin's record of not having a losing season is now in trouble. He can no longer claim that finishing 8 and 8 is not a losing season. To me, If the Steelers do not make the playoffs. No matter the wins and losses is not a winning season. He is no longer capable of making the playoffs with how the game is now being played. His time in Pittsburgh must come to an end. I truly believe we have the talent to make the playoffs on OFFENSE & DEFENSE. The only thing stopping that is our Head Coach and his STAFF.
@pittsteelers2676 2 aylar önce
So you think some coach out there can come in and make Kenny start ballin out of no where? Who is the guy for the job then? 😂
@leslielongjr.6571 2 aylar önce
@@pittsteelers2676 , First things first. The players we have on Offense & Defense are not the problem. Preparation is. Game planning is. Receivers running the right routes. Blocking schemes performed right. Pass protection schemes performed right. This is done right by each coach making sure the players he is responsible for are on the same page as the play call and run the play until it is done right. I do not see that during the game on Sunday. Do you?
@infinity2z3r07 2 aylar önce
Steelers made a rookie QB look like prime Peyton Manning
@yancyjenkinssr1824 2 aylar önce
I said since Wednesday Mike will make CJ look like Warren Moon😅
@chuckyjamesamartin1968 2 aylar önce
C.J. is good, but he's still a rookie.
@yancyjenkinssr1824 2 aylar önce
@chuckyjamesamartin1968 the point is Tomlin has a history of having young QB's look All Pro!
@chuckyjamesamartin1968 2 aylar önce
@yancyjenkinssr1824 Yet he has a 22-5 record against rookie QBs...look, I absolutely cannot stand Tomlin and I've wanted him fired for 3 years, but that's just factually incorrect
@702tfrom 2 aylar önce
Its no secret. Teams are going to stack the box every game and dare the Steelers to throw because tney cant do either and it becomes a one dimitional offense. Just hearing the same thing being said after the games but no changes.
@RC-no8ef 2 aylar önce
Truly feel for TJ, Calvin… guys they interviewed here that have been trying so damn hard. Something needs to change as immediately as it possibly can.
@RayManzarekRocks 2 aylar önce
If ever a game illustrated that time has passed Tomlin by as head coach, this was the one. And it was a first-year HC who did it. #8-8-1
@daveb8665 2 aylar önce
TOMLIN has taken the team as far as he can. Its time for fresh start.
@robertrohde4579 2 aylar önce
Bad offense, bad defense, bad schemes, bad play calling, bad execution! Fire Canada now and if the other coaches don't improve, they need to all be let go at seasons end and that includes Tomlin!
@Ayyshaddy 2 aylar önce
its not our defense. they cant breathe. and they always get stops. they held the texans at a 3 score lead when our offense cant even get a first down all first half.
@MeLikeBees 2 aylar önce
wow - what an amazing honest analysis from Pittsburgh guys. much appreciated - this was embarrassing from coaching to executing.
@keithtaylor2576 2 aylar önce
I been a Steelers Fan all my life and this is a Great Team, that has the BEST FAN BASE IN ALL THE NFL. We deserve better. FANS spending their HARD EARNED MONEY FOR TICKETS, TO WATCH THEIR FAVORITE TEAM to get embarrassed for SECOND Time This SEASON. Embarrassing, Embarrassing, Embarrassing, Embarrassing
@BigDonch 2 aylar önce
So embarrassing. Fire Canada and put Tomlin on the hot seat! Mediocre HC who has 3 playoff wins in 12 seasons. Im sick of it. Idc if we have a winning season this year, if we don’t make playoffs and WIN a game, Tomlin should be done. Too much talent on this team. Tomlin should also be done if he keeps Canada.
@steelers3439 2 aylar önce
Yep owned by Blake Bortles smh always losing to lesser teams being out coached hiring idiots cmon man!!
@d0nKsTaH 2 aylar önce
Todd Haley wasn't so bad... can't we get him back? Mark Malone would make a good OFC.... Hell.. hire Dan Marino to be OFC! That would work! Pick a RANDOM FAN from the stadium to be OFC... higher chance of success than keeping Canada!
@mr.kincaid2513 2 aylar önce
Hot seat? He should be fired.
@Musso88 2 aylar önce
Absolutely that clown "head coach" should have been fired years ago. Fans and media alike are terrified of really criticizing Tomlin. What could possibly be the reason for that?
@svenjorgensenn8418 2 aylar önce
He's black on rooney team
@yahwehnotmyway8200 2 aylar önce
We always have had excellent players under Tomlin w a lack of Superbowls and playoff wins.
@pittsteelers2676 2 aylar önce
You just think every player is amazing because you're biased genius 😂 when Tomlin had bell and brown he also had ROSS COCKRELL as the teams best cornerback and fans really thought we should have won the super bowl with him as our top corner in a passing league 😂😂
@malex72 2 aylar önce
This is like a recurring bad dream, set on loop, and we cant wake up
@Movnalong75 2 aylar önce
Another great day of offensive play calling. I love the 4th and 1 and we get a shotgun play called in. Thanks again Canada. I’m beginning to believe he knows where the bodies are buried.
@georgepakdaman4914 2 aylar önce
The Houston coaching staff mapped the floor with our coaching staff
@user-iw2fq3ky9q 2 aylar önce
It''s mopped, but yes they did! Past time for Canada to go maybe Tomlin too!
@brianposner3204 2 aylar önce
Congratulations to JJ Watt. When the Steelers do something like that we usually win too. Good job Taxans... damnit.
@marcelluspage8401 2 aylar önce
We need a QB drop kenny
@shawnhatchersr.4965 2 aylar önce
He’s not consistent and he’s missing open people. Heyward was wide opening in the back of the endzone
@klusterfuk6793 2 aylar önce
What’s funny is now I already expect us to lose ya know because how predictable we’ve become….
@jamesfazenbaker2918 2 aylar önce
I’m taking the ravens and the under next week. Lol
@ROBSwank-pm1vd 2 aylar önce
Broderick Jones is a good dude n is going to Shine if Coached properly !!😎
@ironfist8992 2 aylar önce
Me and about 20 of my friends won't support the Steelers until Canada is fired. Tomlin needs to go too.
@Danoie67 2 aylar önce
WHY have they not FIRED Canada.........ANY Other JOB....he would be gone from a performance standpoint.....
@aftonforred3685 2 aylar önce
"We've always done it this way" is no way to make progress in a changing league.
@tjk5598 2 aylar önce
This showed you how important scheme is. A good scheme can beat great players. 0 sacks. Now how about we get someone at OC who knows what he’s doing.
@mikecara8181 2 aylar önce
Great players, huh? 😂
@kenbigsteelfan 2 aylar önce
They do have some great players. But the fact that no adjustments were made showed me the defensive coordinator is almost as bad as the offensive coordinator. In my opinion, if this team loses half their games this year, the Rooney's have to consider a complete overhaul of the Staff (to include Tomlin)
@mikecara8181 2 aylar önce
@@kenbigsteelfan Agreed. I would say great is as great does. Cam is great. TJ is sometimes great. Minka doest impress me very much. Now Troy. Was great, Not so sure about anyone else. On offense….none
@keijonsmith8546 2 aylar önce
@@mikecara8181TJ is sometimes great? He’s already the 3rd best defensive player in Steelers history LOL
@mikecara8181 2 aylar önce
@@keijonsmith8546 Yeh yeh yeh. I wasn’t even that impressed when he tied the sack record. Yes, he’s good when he plays… Howd he do yesterday against 2-3 string? 😂. That’s not great to me. Oh well. Steelers still stink. So, there’s that
@donaldloudenback7936 2 aylar önce
Tomlin needs to go. He's a relic. The league is changing, and the Steelers need to change with it. IT'S OVER. CLEAN HOUSE!!
@damonking6877 2 aylar önce
He should go coach MSU
@Musso88 2 aylar önce
He should have been out years ago.
@damonking6877 2 aylar önce
@@Musso88 the game has passed coach Tomlin,he could be a D.C in the NFL but that's about it
@jacoriadams 2 aylar önce
​@@damonking6877I agree. He's another Romeo crennel and Lovie Smith.
@blackphilip8936 2 aylar önce
@damonking6877 - no chance. He’s too arrogant, and a DC would actually have to show results. As a HC, nothing ever seems to be his fault and he can blame his awful OC/DC hires.
@elwinvanzile3944 2 aylar önce
We'll never contend for a Superbowl with Mike Tomlin. He talks about Standard is the standard and doesn't hold Coaches to a high standard. This losing to lesser teams happens every year. He doesn't even act angry or embarrassed.
@nhd6128 2 aylar önce
Tomlin is on the hot seat.. too many times, the team is unprepared vs.'lesser' teams. If this is what the standard has become, then we don't want it anymore.
@reesereese6510 2 aylar önce
No the standard is 16 seasons without a loosing record goofy
@enjoyer6201 2 aylar önce
He’s not on the hot seat. He should be. But I’m not sure that this is the case where the Texans are the lesser team. They are better than us. Or at least they were today. Not to say we didn’t come out unprepared, because we did. But we are in no position to look down on teams like the Texans. Or anyone else for that matter. Hey you want to have some real fun? Look at the playoff record of the Jaguars and Texans over the last 15 years compared to ours. Another team we constantly look down on our the Browns. Check their playoff record compared to ours over the last five or six years.
@steelers3439 2 aylar önce
@enjoyer6201 they beat us at our last meeting in the playoffs we lost to Baker and the browns in the playoffs no one's forgot just another short coming
@nhd6128 2 aylar önce
@enjoyer6201 a team with 3rd stringers on their offensive line gave up 0 sacks against a top 10 defense.. Kendrick Green looked better than most of the Steelers OLine. Steelers roster, top to bottom, has better players in most (not all) positions. Stop with the excuses for Tomlin.
@MarkBell-oc1kp 2 aylar önce
Did anyone see the Texans offensive stats before this game? They looked like superbowl champs after this game. This whole coaching staff needs to go...
@steelcity249 2 aylar önce
Really sad loss but you know what they will learn from that!
@tstarf 2 aylar önce
we need Mason, Its time
@bobross1550 2 aylar önce
They've needed to build the offense around Mason's strengths for years now. He's the best QB on the roster and it's nice to hear Chris Hoke say it.
@jeffhudgins9142 2 aylar önce
I’m with Chris. Let’s put Mason in if Kenny is out. We’ve seen what Mitch is. Mason has always had Ben looking over his shoulder till now!
@bclegg1000 2 aylar önce
“and it wasn’t that close” in terms of the product. The score However could have been 16-9 if they turn to Bos instead of lining up in the shotgun on 4th and 1 and Picket rolling into that sack injury. NOT Jones fault. Tomlin’s fault.
@rahmanhafiz616 2 aylar önce
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see whats wrong. Game planning Matters. The Texans ran screen plays to minimize TJ. Plus our offense has no running game. We can't expect Kenny to produce miracles. Our team is soft. Periodt!
@chuckyjamesamartin1968 2 aylar önce
Najee averaged over 5 per carry yesterday. What do we do? Refuse to keep giving him the ball
@shawnhatchersr.4965 2 aylar önce
Kenny not consistent missing Heyward in the of the end zone he’s just not developing up to par for whatever reason
@terrywbreedlove 2 aylar önce
Pain as Day out Coached again. No Excuses
@martyfest6120 2 aylar önce
Tomlin starting his press conference talking about how the defense had issues is all you need to know about his mindset. Pretty hard on your defense if you go 3 and out over and over in multiple games.
@ufire1 2 aylar önce
Tomlin is the main responsible of this awful performance. He’s the responsible for having Canada and Austin as coordinators
@martyfest6120 2 aylar önce
@@ufire1 it all starts at the top, you never really hear him say that either if I think about it. I could be wrong about that though, he just talks in his Tomlinisms.
@jaydeebow6431 2 aylar önce
Nothing to analyze with my Steelers, being a fan of this team is like being in a real bad relationship.
@iknowsports1137 2 aylar önce
I will be done watching until they can figure out how to run an actual NFL offense out on that field
@reesereese6510 2 aylar önce
Good bye fair weather fan
@Paxx35 2 aylar önce
Im with you and im a life long fan only ever rooted for the steelers in my life im sick of seeing this crap year in and year out I give them all the benefit of the doubt but enough is enough how are we supposed to be excited and root for this??? Seems like the last 6 or 7 years were playing just to make it to the next season get our hopes up and then major let downs all over again with no answers we haven’t been a true contender in a long time and its way over due and it will get way worse before it gets better and whats even worse this would be the year for us to take the north with how the rest of the division is playing besides Baltimore buckle up guys we in for a long rollercoaster season
@iknowsports1137 2 aylar önce
@@reesereese6510 nothing fair weather at all…3+ years of an offense that can’t even gain over 400 years a in one game…how many first downs do you think we have this year in the first half?? I love the Steelers and I have always been proud to be a Steelers fan…but no way I will participate in watching a team ruin a bunch of young talented men’s careers every week on the offensive side of the ball…they don’t believe in their offensive coach when they step on that field and it shows…it’s a damn shame
@randyjohnson9004 2 aylar önce
​@@iknowsports1137Just demoralizing man I completely agree with you
@DaiseanDavis 2 aylar önce
No Chris!!! Kenny ran into that sack on 4th down…He leaves the pocket way to early all the time
@damonking6877 2 aylar önce
He shell shocked,he scared to get hit now
@fjijki 2 aylar önce
I've been saying give Mason a shot as well!!
@SnugglePWuggles 2 aylar önce
about time we got some NFL minds in the building
@carleneritzert6866 2 aylar önce
There's plenty of blame to go around for this abysmal display! Our coaches are terrible, Kenny looks lost, offensive line is a joke, the defense couldn't stop ANYTHING! I'm disgusted, and embarrassed by this team right now!
@ny7294 2 aylar önce
It seems that for years the Steelers have succeeded with the talent of their players .. in spite of the coaching, not because of it. Today's performance was pathetic and disgusting . The Texans flat out whupped their asses from top to bottom.
@yahwehnotmyway8200 2 aylar önce
I totally agree we been winning off players talent and no coaching
@user-tw8zx6wn9d 2 aylar önce
You know better Mike
@user-tw8zx6wn9d 2 aylar önce
You need to realize you are not always going to get a splash play
@1USACitizen192 2 aylar önce
Good thing tomlin is a hall of fame coach or this one could have got out of hand.
@carsonk8912 2 aylar önce
Good thing Belichick is a genius or the Patriots would’ve been in trouble today
@Slo2Roll 2 aylar önce
I wouldn't say TJ went against inexperienced linemen. Shaq Mason, George Fant and Dalton Schultz that's 20 years of pro football.
@bellmanmatthew 2 aylar önce
Nothing will change until this g/c snap relay goes away it gives away our timing every snap
@moneypyrex5242 2 aylar önce
Levi Wallace has given up I believe 4 tds pat Pete I think has given up 3 WHY IS JPJ ON THE BENCH!!!! ALSO JONES WOULDNT HAVE CAME IN IF NOT FOR INJURY.
@maxwilkin4823 2 aylar önce
Bob is pissed for all of us😭
@flow685 2 aylar önce
This team is a good team. It showed in spurts all season and preseason. Canada 🇨🇦 has to go!
@enjoyer6201 2 aylar önce
This is the most delusional Fanbase in football. This is not a good team. It hasn’t been playoff relevant in 15 years. At all. Our offense is terrible and our defense can’t stop anybody unless we are generating turnovers. This is a bad team.
@Musso88 2 aylar önce
Exactly. And the most delusional part of all is how they think Tomlin is a good coach.
@flow685 2 aylar önce
@@enjoyer6201 3-out 3-out 3-out 3out 3-out. This defense has won games for the offense but you can’t do it every week. Matt Canada has to go!!! Now before it’s to late and Tomlin’s first losing season.
@cmdc778 2 aylar önce
@@enjoyer6201 Greatly overrates many of the Steelers’ players.
@babybubba527 2 aylar önce
Bob is pissed!! 😂 Can’t blame him though damn!! 😅❤
@shaquilewalker7672 2 aylar önce
Yeah & this was a game we could have won for sure. Houston ain’t that damn good.
@yancyjenkinssr1824 2 aylar önce
Pomp need to go put his foot in Tomlin azz. And bring Matt Williamson with him😅
@Anonymous__Prime 2 aylar önce
Our coaches are horrible at player development. Look at our top 2 players drafted this year… neither start or hardly play. When you look at other organizations their top picks are out here destroying the NFL… FIRE TOMLIN AND HIS STAFF IMMEDIATELY!!! Oh yeah… Big Ben is the reason for all of Tomlin’s success!
@tonychan9752 2 aylar önce
It is so sad to see Coach T, how can the players treat a hall of famer like that?
@bigmackdombles6348 2 aylar önce
obviously I have no idea what actually happens in the facilities, but I think that game looked like the Houston Coaching staff just outwitted and exposed the bejesus out of the PGH coaching staff. I don't think there's a need to panic though, Houston is probably a better team than people realize.
@svenjorgensenn8418 2 aylar önce
Nico is 6 4, 220 and runs a 4.35. He just needed a QB
@exiledrabbit 2 aylar önce
Every year we get totally out coached in a few games i dont see how we are supposed to win anything when that is such a regular occurrence
@randallsmith6308 2 aylar önce
I agree about being stuck in their ways, but do you think dropping a new offense on the team in week 5 is better?
@misterwirez7731 2 aylar önce
No, but keeping the bums until the end of the season, will cause the same problems next year for a bunch of games.Cut your losses now.
@bighilltom 2 aylar önce
i think some of the players are starting to get sick of the inept coaching schemes
@svenjorgensenn8418 2 aylar önce
Yes because what else will you do? Ravens will win the division and Bengals will rebound. No way AFC north gets two wildcard teams. Tomlin will resign and the team will probably hire Eric Bienemy as the HC
@sasquatchlandscapecompany2380 2 aylar önce
Anything would be better....Steelers offense is pathetic.
@johnanthony1465 2 aylar önce
What do u call doing the samething over again and expecting different results?
@yinzer9397 2 aylar önce
4th and 1 ShotGun??? Fire Canada.
@d0nKsTaH 2 aylar önce
Yeah. No guess work there by the defense. Instead of 50-50 chance.. Houston was 100% sure they were passing. Canada is too predictable
@rizzomatt 2 aylar önce
Najee was on a roll at that point.
@timhaney3380 2 aylar önce
Man this is so hard to believe!!!! We are worse than last year!!!! One of the biggest "disappointments for me is...Pat P....the man talked himself up from the day he got signed. He's terrible! Must have been what the Vikings thought too!!!!
@donaldloudenback7936 2 aylar önce
Is there anyone close to Art Rooney that can get through to him and tell him to wake the "F" up? This is so "F'ing" REDICULOUS!!
@eternal_napalm6442 2 aylar önce
The apple fell VERY far from the tree.
@donaldloudenback7936 2 aylar önce
I really wanted KP8 to do well, but he really isn't ready for the NFL. He's not very good.
@BrianMoro-gz8de 2 aylar önce
Coach Tomlin is working on his sound bites for Tomlin Tuesday. He'll say a few and the Pittsburgh sports hack media will laugh and love it.
@RayManzarekRocks 2 aylar önce
Pickett in the shotgun on fourth-and-one. Ladies and gentlemen, that's your 2023 Pittsburgh Stillers. #8-8-1
@endofdays7568 2 aylar önce
Harris needs to get more touches😢
@chilla_21 2 aylar önce
Lol love Bob, always tells it bluntly, like it is. "POMPIN AINT EASY"
@jonahchristopher9759 2 aylar önce
Ruining the confidence of our offense with this bs play calling.
@frankrice6935 2 aylar önce
Even if Kenny can play. Id rather see Mason in there than Mitch.
@TheGlobalfrog12 2 aylar önce
The talent exists on this team... the reality is the entire coaching staff have failed miserably.. This is Tomlin's team..and none of his Tomlinsons can hide the simple fact that he's gotten outclassed and outcoached for years now... I don't doubt his ability to create a team mentality ...unfortunately mediocrity has become the standard. It starts with his mirror and ends with a total overhaul of his staff... Mr Rooney better wake up fast because I don't give a toss about no losing seasons... I give a toss about strategy and planning .. and coach T is a bygone coach from a bygone era,...
@brianmcgrath5977 2 aylar önce
Tomlin will probably pull 9 wins out of his ass and we do it all again.
@klip6969 2 aylar önce
I want hardware... give me losing seasons and 2 Superbowls
@misterwirez7731 2 aylar önce
@eternal_napalm6442 2 aylar önce
Relax guys. The Steelers are 2-2 and the Streak is still intact.
@user-mc6xy7xl6f 2 aylar önce
on Picketts injury play, Broderick Jones did fine, Pickett ran over there and got sacked. I disagree with Hokes take.
@jamallis7995 2 aylar önce
@gamera5160 2 aylar önce
Everyone in the Steelers' organization should be ashamed to collect their paycheck this week. This should be clear: Steelers fans love the Steelers. They love anyone who brings the Steelers success. If you are not bringing the Steelers success, you need to get out of the way. If you are bringing failure to the Steelers, you need to be gone yesterday. Win, or get out. We don't want confused rookies, washed veterans, and under achieving "superstars".
@BrianFroce 2 aylar önce
I think the Steelers need new ownership someone is going to come in and make the necessary changes starting with the head coach. John down the Rooney’s are still stuck in your ways and their ways don’t work anymore.
@yinzspectations 2 aylar önce
We need to start blasting "Blame Canada" from South Park the movie at every home game😂😂
@ericsantichen7861 2 aylar önce
Tomlin should be fired, he will keep Canada until everything and everyone is lost… This is just sad
@svelvet66 2 aylar önce
I challenge anybody to disprove this. I would bet u that half the teams the Steelers played with a .500 record or worse under Mike Tomlin, they loss. This man is not the mark of a good coach. He's legendary for being the coach for players much more superior in talent than he is at coaching. Him and Ben Should have been let go years ago. I can't make it thru 10 seconds of no Mike Tomlin press conference. Sounds like the Confuscious of football but his teams CONSISTENTLY loses to the worse teams in the league.
@MWM92688 2 aylar önce
I’ll be honest I’m getting real sick and tired of the bs that continues to spew out of Mike Tomlins mouth and the absolute embarrassing product this organization is putting on the field these last few years, and it falls on Rooney and Tomlin, they kept Canada and yes the players have to execute but a lot of the reasons they’re not executing is because of piss poor coaching, this is absolutely ridiculous and they need to actually make some changes not just spew meaningless words to appease the fans and media, do better Pittsburgh, no excuse for this nonsense!!
@trevorforever242 2 aylar önce
I have to say this was actually worse than the loss to San Fran
@yancyjenkinssr1824 2 aylar önce
It was cuz 49ers are decent...Houston aint
@trevorforever242 2 aylar önce
@@yancyjenkinssr1824 yes
@dylana.601 2 aylar önce
Missed tackles from our secondary have been a problem the last 5-7 years. Wtf is wrong.
@MagikFingers420 2 aylar önce
In CJ we Trust
@zline-sp2fs 2 aylar önce
In an explosive NFL of 2023, you can't have a mediocre offense and expect the defense to bail you out every single time. The defense is tired. The offense is in shambles. Time and time again, I watch other teams and ask why aren't the Steelers doing these things?! It's time to clean house. This team is worse than the mid-late 90's Steelers. This team isn't it. These coaches aren't it.
@ROBSwank-pm1vd 2 aylar önce
Just SHEER n UTTER EMBARRASSMENT 😳!! No words to how sadly Tomlin a Veteran supposed HOF coach just shredded by Rookie coach !! Rookie n injured line ... Ran thru like a Sieve and had our DBS Embarrassed!! No changes will be made Longggg Lonnngg sad Ass season Ahead for Us folks!! 😎
@efrembolden7892 2 aylar önce
Please start Mason he is the best qb on this TEAM
@cloudyinpa777 2 aylar önce
Another "kick in the teeth", Texas style
@yancyjenkinssr1824 2 aylar önce
I hope Rooney takes the time and read ALL 360 comments like I just did😅
@keithjemison8933 2 aylar önce
From the "football experts " 😂 !
@yancyjenkinssr1824 2 aylar önce
@keithjemison8933 yeah, and you're the kind that sees nuthin wrong. Why? Because you didn't even play the game🤣. Stick with golf or your ping pong
@pytube777 2 aylar önce
Guess Patrick Peterson didn’t have any tells on a rookie QB yet.😂😂😂
@KingMjs_day 2 aylar önce
This team isn’t even dinking and dunking anymore. Last season they could get downfield. We can’t even get to where Boz can keep up is in the game smh
@datsko6339 2 aylar önce
I don't remember the last time the Steelers defense had 0 sacks and 0 takeaways in a game.
@chuckyjamesamartin1968 2 aylar önce
2020 wild card game, I think
@datsko6339 2 aylar önce
@@chuckyjamesamartin1968 I looked it up. You’re right about the 2020 WC but we did it last year against the Dolphins too
@That0neChanne1 2 aylar önce
Bob looks pissed and ready to fight a mf
@Ddrews-nf4gq 2 aylar önce
CJ Stroud is a baller. Steelers don’t usually fire coordinators but time to change that philosophy. Defense can’t fully execute when u have an incompetent OC that can’t scheme plays for the skilled guys. This is sickening to watch this ineptitude with this talent on offense. Game 4 and still no identity
@jackbenedett7961 2 aylar önce
The best part of the program is the callers, what happened? Why would you cut that off?
@calypsobliz9284 2 aylar önce
Man we look like the softest team in the entire NFL might as well call us the THE PITTSBURGH CHEESECURDS...pathetic offense scheme Crap Canada gotta go Kenny looks bad cause the play calling is hot garbage. Sick of lackluster performances.
@oskinooa 2 aylar önce
We officially are the softest team in the NFL we just got blowned out by the Texans … The Texans let that sink in 😳
@yahwehnotmyway8200 2 aylar önce
Kenny missing wide open wrs every play.
@daedalus1 2 aylar önce
Tomlin - the fans do NOT want "entertainment" we want quality coaching and play. "Entertainment" has NEVER been the Standard.
@Pickett2Pickenz 2 aylar önce
@americanborn8287 2 aylar önce
Stroud looks great.
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