Battle of Kosovo, 1389 ⚔️ The Last stand of the Christians against Ottoman expansion ⚔️ DOCUMENTARY

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🚩 With the decline of the Byzantine Empire, the Bulgarian and Serbian states were gradually losing their power, while the young Ottoman state began its conquest of the Balkan lands. Clashes between Ottomans and Serbs, beginning from the 1350’s, led to the gory Battle of Maritsa on 26 September 1371. Some of the powerful Serbian Principalities became vassals of the Ottoman State, while other rallied under the banner of Prince Lazar to stop the Ottomans in the battle of Kosovo...
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🚩 This video was made in collaboration with Srpske Bitke / @srpskebitke Check out their channel and give them the credit that they deserve.
📢 Narrated by David McCallion
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📜 Research and writing: Srpske Bitke
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HistoryMarche 9 aylar önce
🚩 Consider supporting our work on Patreon and enjoy ad-free early access to our videos for as little as $1: 🚩 This video was made in collaboration with my friend Srpske Bitke Check out their channel and give them the credit that they deserve.
tarikmeister 16 gün önce
@DelijeSerbia youd like it that way, but nope, theyre not
DelijeSerbia 20 gün önce
@tarikmeister They are all Serbs... Dont talk nonsense.
tarikmeister 20 gün önce
@DelijeSerbia you are right, Vuk Brankovic fled because he thought he could replace Lazar and become ruler of Serbia, Bosnians didnt betray Serbs, but Serbs did help Ottomans later in conquest of Bosnia
Barslan 22 gün önce
1. Why Ottomans didnt lose their ranks even murat died. Answer easy Bayezid took the command all Battlefield and they kept his fathers deaths a secret 2. I can give u another picture . After murat stabbed Murat didnt die and Bayezid killed his father than killed his brother who was chasing serbian forces. when he came back he killed.
tarikmeister Aylar önce
you got it mixed up, Vuk Brankovic ran away, not Vlatko Vukovic with Bosnians
Mal7hael 9 aylar önce
My ancestors - the hungarians - made a huge mistake by invading Serbia after it got weakened. I understand that it was a tempting opportunity but it alienated the Balkans, and ultimately caused Hungary's downfall in. They were extremely arrogant to not notice the threat lurking behind the borderlands, also they were not united, the different vajdas and nobles were having their own squabbles between one another. Greed and corruption was always the real enemy in one's country, as it is nowadays.
The Metal Jedi
The Metal Jedi 22 gün önce
@Luna Lee Jovan Kastriot, Đurađ I Balšić i Milos Obilic?
The Metal Jedi
The Metal Jedi 22 gün önce
@Syni i kaltër Murat'ın kafası nerede?
Jim Londos
Jim Londos 29 gün önce
The same scenario was the reason why Constantinople fell. It was the crusaders who ransacked Constantinople in 1203 which weakened Byzantine Empire making it vulnerable to Ottoman invasion.
Dibosh Aylar önce
@muratsa100 Ottomans were beaten back. And it was nothing new. Rome was also beaten back quite a lot. However, you can't expect an empire to quit
tajammal hussain
tajammal hussain 9 aylar önce
A clear and systematic narration of events that took place in the battle of Kosovo. The maps and icon used along with the sounds are perfect. The voice and accent of narator creates a sense of participation in the events. Finally, I must say that I watched the video without blinking my eyes. Great work.
Dejan Tafovski
Dejan Tafovski 6 aylar önce
@Bruce Lee and you did what when you woke up? Dardania??? Kosovo never existed??? Some parallel universe perhaps?You know where were albanians brought and by whom? You learn your roots first and than maby teaavh others their history.
UCHIHA WARRIOR 6 aylar önce
Every religion can live happily with eachother just 1 religion called peaceful community can't live😂
Oni D.
Oni D. 6 aylar önce
Dobric cosic considers the abillity to lie and lying to be the highest moral and virtue of the serbian people and foundation of serbian pride Cosic say : lying is the greatest virtue of the serbian people. We lie to deceive ourselves... To console others, we lie to fight fear, to encourage ourselves, to hide our misery. Lying is à trait of our patriotism and the proof of our innate intelligence. We lie in à créative, imaginative and inventive way...
Nemanja 9 aylar önce
The small detail with the black birds flying over tactical map is nice, since Kosovo means "blackbird" in serbian. Great video, as usual
Nash Bridges
Nash Bridges 6 gün önce
​@Giga Sigma Stephan Dushan return Albanians back to orthodoxy regarding they are his byzant brothers double eagle coat of arms so don't be ashamed couse your ancestor change religion people converting even today, thats ok just don't hate your previous one.
Red D
Red D 7 gün önce
​@Sinan Ermiş yes man dardania until dardanelle. If slavics are talking about european History, so History left Chat.
Sta te briga
Sta te briga 9 gün önce
Hi there!Slavs that are now in the balkans actually arrived somewhere in the middle of the 6th century(Basically all the ex yugoslavia countries originate from that group as much as some wont admit it except Macedonia they originated from Greeks later mixing with Dacians Slavs Albanians etc....) On the other hand Albania came at about 11th century AD.and it was Christian.Imagine that.But today theres muslims as well further proof some NOT ALL but a good portion of todays modern muslim Albanians arrived with the Ottomans in 17th century hell even the Catholics and Ortdodox in Albania probably have some similar backround as the muslim Albanians because lets be real they must have mixed a little bit in last 4 centuries.But you know what what is mind-boggling to me is you being all fixated on Illyria.Why?As much as you want it to be true it will never be just like some people from my country Serbia say OH WE ARE GODS PEOPLE HEAVENLY PEOPLE no thats bullshit theres no holy people no gods people just regular people that thru there actions seem good bad holy etc...Back on point just tell me why do some of you proud yourselves on being Illyrian im sorry its not true worst part of all you have other good reasons to be proud just like us you survived thru byzantines ottomans balkan wars both world wars AND after all that you have a country i modern day there are many who went vs the same our countries did and they dont exist anymore BE PROUD OF THAT BE PROUD THAT YOUR PEOPLE PERSEVERED THRU THICK AND THIN FOR 10 CENTURIES LIKE MINE DID FOR 12-14 and have a good day my friend
Dika Buci
Dika Buci 21 gün önce
Kosova is a Bulgarian word
Nemanja 28 gün önce
@Daniel AkiLi 🥷🏼 Yes, first written documents in Albanian are from 15 century. First albanian state was formed in 12 century, and that is historical facts, nothing else. There is no real connections between modern day albanian people and Illyrians, just your imagination that is accepted for political reasons as facts, without any proof. It's false science as much as Serbian autochtonous school
pyrokar Smith
pyrokar Smith 9 aylar önce
Its crazy how important this battle was for the whole of Europe and even though no one came to help the Balkan countries understood the assignment. From this battle to modern times the Serbian armies always go maximum no chill and lose most of their men, to defend at any cost. Its rarely mentioned but after that the Hungarians took in Serbian refugees only to put them at the borders so they defend them against the Ottomans *again* they called it "the living walls" and they did so with success *again* Even though everyone was on their personal interest its crazy how many countries dont even know they were protected by a country they barely knew existed. Bayazid was a great warrior but *Murad* had the vision if he broke through who knows what it would have led to
Nash Bridges
Nash Bridges 6 gün önce
​@OsmanOsmanHan you are right about paganism but this guy is right about serbian origins.. baseclly serbs slavenized whole balkan thats why everybody speaking slavic language today.
Nexi 108
Nexi 108 29 gün önce
@OsmanOsmanHan when? Only after 100 years after battle for kosovo, battle was 1389 and for 100 years after that you could do shit to us, we were defending braverly and you couldnt have pedl of our teritory
Duke 2 aylar önce
@Ferhat_Kpt Gibberish. 99% of all you said is gibberish.
Ferhat_Kpt 2 aylar önce
@Duke ​ yeah that’s right Ottoman seen all Christians as infidels it’s because they are believers of Islam which request to worship Only Allah as God. However there was not racism as Islam prohibits racism and during ottoman era there were many prime ministers, commanders, generals and ministers from different ethnicities except the fact that all were Muslims. What people don’t understand is during 15-16-17 centuries people were ruled by the local lords and nobels. They were simply working for those in very bad condition. Mostly those nobles were cruel to their subjects. In ottoman time they were living in more stability and prosperity. As that time was quite different than now it was very normal for a family to have 10 or more kids as they need manpower for farmings, many kids were dying from diseases. So giving one of their children to Ottoman were not a bad idea considering they may have a better future than what they have in a village of Serbia or Bosnia. And I don’t think that many people converted to Islam because of tax advantages. Islam is still the fastest growing religion in the modern world. So maybe some but not all
Sadettin ARSLAN
Sadettin ARSLAN 9 aylar önce
it is ironic that both rulers died fighting each other (Murad and Lazar) and their sons were allies in Battle of Ankara fighting Timur. Serbians left the battlefield last. they fought even after Turkish forces changed sides and battle was lost. Stefan was a capable ruler. history does tricks on us from time to time.
Borhan uddin Rabbi
Borhan uddin Rabbi 2 gün önce
​@Rade Bogdanovic 😊😊@
Gjergj Kastrioti
Gjergj Kastrioti 24 gün önce
Not just both rulers, but 3 leaders were killed in the battle; Lazar of Serbia, Sultan Murad and (less known) Teodor II Muzaka, lord of the principality of Muzaka which was one of the most important Albanian principalities.
William Davis
William Davis 2 aylar önce
@user123 It's mostly an eastern European thing my man.
user123 2 aylar önce
@William Davis i see identiry complexes in every other nations too since the context of nationality came late to europe 16-18th century. Until then religion was the main important factor. Not trying to indoctrinate you. Dig deeper. Peace.
David Blagic
David Blagic 6 aylar önce
First of all, I really have to compliment the effort. The amount of time you guys put into researching this is really evident, as you cite various primary sources, and have evidently looked into different narratives about the battle. The effort really surfaces when you mention several really minor details which instantly ring a bell to every battle of Kosovo nerd out there, like the narrative of Marko Mrnjavčević surrendering to Ottomans immediately after Maritza being challenged in recent studies, or Tvrtko's letter to Florence, etc. The other fantastic thing is the surprisingly good pronunciation and really good mapping, which often times gets really horrible when it comes to the partitioning Serbian empire.
Vladimir Covic
Vladimir Covic 9 aylar önce
I finally understand why there are no more videos on Serbian history. Trying to pronounce "Mrnjavcevic" and "Hrebeljanovic" must be hell for English speakers.
Kids Rumaisa
Kids Rumaisa 20 gün önce
Ha ha
Goran Mirkovic
Goran Mirkovic Aylar önce
@HistoryMarche hahah true. Thank you for the great video ❤
Davor Ples
Davor Ples Aylar önce
@Spoiled Vinegar 😎
Fatih Cetin
Fatih Cetin Aylar önce
@Рада Танасковић 🤥
Fatih Cetin
Fatih Cetin Aylar önce
@Slava Serbie hep yalan konuşuyorsun yapmaa 🤥
Cowslip Poetry
Cowslip Poetry 9 aylar önce
These kinds of historical events I find the most engrossing. A critical event in the course of two nations, but the accounts and details are JUST fuzzy enough that we know the gist of what happened; as for the missing pieces, our inquisitive human brains can try to fill them in as best we can.
Pure Soul
Pure Soul 4 aylar önce
@Osi Ya but then again they ruled India by force and India never accepted their religion, barring a few converts.
Osi 4 aylar önce
@Pure Soul Christians colonized the whole world and forced continents to convert to christianity 🤣🤣
Tori Keqi
Tori Keqi 5 aylar önce
@Osi Yes, especially with that name. Anyway Albanians were the ones who defeated Ottomans more than anyone else and the ones who contributed to the Ottoman Empire more than anyone else.
Osi 5 aylar önce
@Tori Keqi yeah i as a Turk would also say that albanians were the ones to almost stop us. Still Ottomans managed to conquer all of the Balkans and brought Islam and Justice to that Region for 500 years and thats all that matters
Historia est magistra vitae.
Historia est magistra vitae. 9 aylar önce
This is a great video and I am glad that this was objectively explained, unlike other channels that belittled this battle, which for Serbs is one of the most important events that determined their further history. I hope that you will work on other events related to the history of Serbs and Serbia, which is really underrated.
Nash Bridges
Nash Bridges Gün önce
@Besnik illyrian what happend? 😳 You don't have a source for your statements on english?
Besnik illyrian
Besnik illyrian 3 gün önce
@Nash Bridges vojsava brankovich ????🤣🤣🤣🤣 . I repeat she was from albanian noble family Tribala .
Nash Bridges
Nash Bridges 3 gün önce
@Besnik illyrian Voisava Brankovich albanian? Then albanians are serbs actually.
Besnik illyrian
Besnik illyrian 3 gün önce
@Nash Bridges his mother was the daughter of the lider of the triballa tribu and 100% albanian
Bronzesnake 8 aylar önce
Watching these awesome animations can tend to give people unfamiliar with these historical battlefield positions the wrong impression where one may think commanders could easily see their entire line and react quickly to changing positions and flanking maneuvers. In fact, many times these battlefield had arrangements stretching multiple miles from flank to flank and commanders depended heavily on lines of communication which could be effected in any number f ways from dust to one flank advancing to deep while the opposite flank may be static or being driven back leaving large gaps in the center which any competent "enemy" commander would easily take advantage of!! Seeing these neat colored squares lined up side by side gives one the impression the entire army are all within a stone's throw away from one another. This might confuse and leave one wonder why commanders didn't respond quicker in realigning or using reserves to greater effect. The fact is many times commanders had no idea their armies were defeated until it was too late for them to arrange an orderly withdrawal or some times commanders, including kings weren't able to escape and were either cut down or taken hostage! The fact that these historical battlefields were quite of enormous and this gives me an even greater appreciation for the elite few such as my favorite commander, Caesar, who somehow always managed to know what was going on across hos entire lines and always took over the field and through a brilliant mixture of tactics and engineering along with psychology, he always managed to to dominate and even pulled victory from the jaws of certain defeat making it look intentional!!! LOVE these battle animations, thank you so much History Marche, you are the Caesar of this genre!! Jack ~'()'~ Canada
Forever Raining
Forever Raining 2 aylar önce
Excellent post.... I think wearing red and having lots of standard bearers helped roman generals know what was going on from a distance. Caesar was also known to ride up and down the battlefield on his horse barking orders along the way. It is truly amazing what a disciplined and well-trained army can do.
bpdarragh 9 aylar önce
Epic, as always. Comprehensive research, tied in with engrossing animation and engaging narration.
Mohammad Abdullah
Mohammad Abdullah 4 aylar önce
@Jesus Loves You 📢 And that means?
Jesus Loves You 📢
Jesus Loves You 📢 4 aylar önce
​@Mohammad Abdullah 🗿 = this is allah
Hannes TV
Hannes TV 5 aylar önce
*Who explains to us why the Koran says Christians believe God has a physical son!* that doesn't exist in Christianity!
Hannes TV
Hannes TV 5 aylar önce
Please stick to the Arabic text! According to the Araic text, Allah cannot have a male child because he has no female partner!
vvkth 5 aylar önce
Awesome rework of this battle of great importance. I love that you provided a wide context, especially from Serbian point of view. A LOT was happening at that time in Serbian lands.. Thank you very much!
Dave Shoemaker
Dave Shoemaker 9 aylar önce
I truly enjoy these educational history segments. Great narrator as well. Keep up the great work.
Aleksandar Jevremovic
Aleksandar Jevremovic 9 aylar önce
majestic work.
Nemanja Batalović
Nemanja Batalović 9 aylar önce
The most precise analysis of the battle of Kosovo.lOVING IT! However one little *accidental mistake was made on the Lazar's banner at the battle of Dubrovnica...the animator has written 1481 AD instead of 1381 AD. Despite this little graphical mistake...HUGE LIKE FOR THE ENTIRE VID!
Oni D.
Oni D. 6 aylar önce
It is sometimes even hypothesized that the linguistic boundary between the Geg and Tosk dialects originates in the boundary between the domains of the Epirote and "Illyrian proper" dialects of Illyrian. In support of these theories, it is mentioned that current Albanian words seem to have their Illyrian counterpart: thus to the Albanian Dash ("ram") would correspond the Illyrian Dassius, Dassus, likewise the Albanian Bardhi ("white") would correspond to Bardus, Bardullis, Bardyllis[18]. A few ethnonyms of Illyrian tribes would also seem to have their Albanian counterpart: thus the name of the Dalmatians would correspond to the Albanian Dele ("sheep"); likewise the name of the Dardanians would correspond to the Albanian Dardhë ("pear, pear tree")[19]. But the main argument in favor of this thesis is geographical: the areas where Albanian correspond to one extremity of the ancient "Illyrian" domain[20].
Hannes TV
Hannes TV 9 aylar önce
*The ETERNAL GOD would do anything for you!! Even out of love for you he went to the cross as a human!!* Philippians 2:5-8
Nemanja Batalović
Nemanja Batalović 9 aylar önce
@Samurai Sx And what sources do U suggest on this topic, beside just complaining, kind sir?What is exactly accurate by your standards *in relation to the topic ?!What the f..k has Hungary and the fall of King Henry of Brittain have to do with this subject?! PLEASE ENLIGTEN US with your accuracy and non-personal opinion !
Samurai Sx
Samurai Sx 9 aylar önce
Precise but not accurate or true enough. Many mistakes and relying on other sources than Serbian, which is absurd we may say if we talk about the battle which is concerned with the Serbian kingdom. It is like you would rely on sources from Hungary about the fall of King Henry of Brittain. I really can't understand why UK historians can't ever consult historical sources from the subject countries itself, instead of making their own version of history based on some left hand sources and personal opinion.
Ghost101 9 aylar önce
This was so interesting and entertaining to watch, thank you for making this. And the soundtrack, especially near the end was amazing.
lastsipahi 7 aylar önce
As a Turk, I red this battle many times in our history books as huge victory. It's really enlightening to hear it from an independent and objective source. Thank you.
MoonandStar 2 gün önce
@Asi Asoto so, you thinking to be free country if Ottomans take control of balkan and middle of eu? you guys are orthodox, but Holy Roman emp were Katholic, so again a foreign faith were waiting to invade to you
Filip 28 gün önce
@Boz Its actually 345 years, not 500. From 1459 to 1804.
Random Guy
Random Guy Aylar önce
@lastsipahi So basically lost the battle but won the war, right?
Turk Aylar önce
@GBP öne more quescion where aboult you from serbia?
terrible gas
terrible gas 9 aylar önce
just a thing that I noticed, for the battle of dubravnica it says it was in 1481 instead of 1381. but excellent work on these videos, you guys do outstanding work. keep it up!
driiifter 7 aylar önce
I play as Serbia in EU and it's very interesting to replay this entire situation (or something similar, been a while), very challenging. You're basically the only thing standing between Europe and the Ottoman empire. It's a very delicate game of forming alliances, building economic power and not being too impulsive with the military (you become very rich as Serbia because of Bosnia and proximity to the Adriatic trade ports). I didn't realize Serbia just becomes a vassal, it makes sense though since I always lose if war breaks out and also judging by how Serbia is today lol.
Xamax.1 12 gün önce
​@Mohd Aamir yes, Europa Universalis
Mohd Aamir
Mohd Aamir 20 gün önce
What's EU? Is it a game?
Tsar Dušan
Tsar Dušan 3 aylar önce
@Pera Papić Its not hard when you play the game for a little bit. Gold mine at 10 production makes a huge difference.
Faizan Patel
Faizan Patel 3 aylar önce
My man defeating empire from mobile games😂
Mixer 4 aylar önce
Make allies with Poland, problem solved, when Ottomans attack byzantium you attack bosnia, build an army, try to make allies with hungary as well, when they come for you let your allies do most of the fighting and join in the large battles, it requires lot of micromenagment but it's possible to defeat ottomans, I managed to drive Turks out of balkans and take Constantinople by 1500
Nenenin Donu
Nenenin Donu 9 aylar önce
The aftermath of this battle shares some similarity with the Battle of Chalons. An indecisive clash after which the invaders ultimately succeeded in their goals, but unlike the Huns the Ottomans remained on the battlefield
ابو سليمان السلفي
ابو سليمان السلفي 3 aylar önce
@0-0 roa But they returned years later and occupied Hungary, Serbia and the entire Balkans
ابو سليمان السلفي
ابو سليمان السلفي 3 aylar önce
@Black Uruk Of Barad-Dûr But they returned years later and occupied Hungary, Serbia and the entire Balkans
bardhyli77 4 aylar önce
@Tori Keqi Not only that, while the Serfs laid down for the Turks (as usual), it was the Romanians,Wallachians , Hungarians who carried on the fight( all the while Serfs were asleep or helping the Turks)
mixed trap trap
mixed trap trap 5 aylar önce
The decisive victory of this war was the Ottoman empire, as the Serbs had dispersed and their nobles fled. It is the Ottoman's gateway to the Balkans. Do not be envious of historical events, and this is not the first war in which the Ottoman Empire single-handedly defeated many united Balkan countries.
Random Guy
Random Guy 6 aylar önce
Dalibor "Battle of Kosovo, Kosovo also spelled Kossovo, (June 28 [June 15, Old Style], 1389), battle fought at Kosovo Polje ("Field of the Blackbirds"; now in Kosovo) between the armies of the Serbian prince Lazar and the Turkish forces of the Ottoman sultan Murad I (reigned 1360-89) that left both leaders killed and ended in a Turkish victory, the collapse of Serbia, and the complete encirclement of the crumbling Byzantine Empire by Turkish armies" "Murad is thought to have been killed by a Serbian knight, Miloš Obilić, in the immediate aftermath of the battle. Although both sides suffered huge losses, the Ottomans possessed the resources to raise another army and Serbia became part of the Ottoman Empire. Losses: Heavy on both sides, including both leaders and much of the Serbian nobility." Source: Brittanica I have never heard a proper historian claiming the Serbian victory. Ottoman army won the battle and stayed in the battlefield while Serbian army had been killed and fled. You cannot just kill sultan in the battlefield its nearly impossible. Thousands of plated armored knights tried that and they all got killed by his elite bodyguards who where the physically strongest, most skillful and experienced warriors of their time. Its clearly a Serbian propaganda. If the sultan dies in the battle there would be no way for the Ottoman army to have its cohesion. Timur died in 1405 but his impact to the Ottoman Empire lasted decades. Ottomans had an exhausting civil war and lost lots of territories. Genoans saved the Ottomans otherwise Timur would ended it.
JC 9 aylar önce
HistoryMarche, I love learning history from you and there are some battles that I am not familiar with. Can't wait for your next post such as: Rise of Augustus Caesar #4 Hannibal #19
Anakin Vader
Anakin Vader 9 aylar önce
Another amazing video, as always! Thank you for the amazing content!
Alex Chaudhri
Alex Chaudhri 9 aylar önce
Amazing how the Ottoman went all the way to Austrian border. Distance they had to travel is mind boggling, and they were in Europe for almost four hundred years.
RuzgarDoesMc 7 gün önce
@Puppy 5.2m > 5million
Bubachko Bubachkov
Bubachko Bubachkov Aylar önce
it is simple - everyone who rejects to join the ottoman's army was slaughtered. 13th century Bulgaria had population bigger than UK. After 5 centuries of ottoman's slaughter, Bulgaria kept almost the same population, while UK became 10-20 times bigger.
Baqtiar M
Baqtiar M 2 aylar önce
@Kazim except words brother
Ashraf Patel
Ashraf Patel 2 aylar önce
Ottomans use of Kafele which they used for centuries as Nomads The Europeans didn't have anything to compete.Kafele is like whole community on the Move with evrything they have
Kazim 2 aylar önce
Yes, they also ruled some places in Europe for 500 years and they did not force anyone to learn turkish or to get Muslim…comparing to the Britains and French for example who forced the people to speak English or French and the people were forced to get Christians…
Stefi 9 aylar önce
phenomenal work, please continue to make such great content
prod. by danilo
prod. by danilo 10 gün önce
This is amazing. Very well done and non-biased. Please make more!
TonsOfRegrets 9 aylar önce
Someday, can you cover the battle of Megiddo? The first detailed battle in recorded history? It would be so cool to see in detail in this format!
Agim Ajdini
Agim Ajdini 9 aylar önce
Always concise, unbiased narrated history events. Love it!
Nash Bridges
Nash Bridges 6 gün önce
​@filycheezofficial Croats ran away from Turks body, Austria wouldn't inhabited serbs in millitary frontier if croats are folks with balls. 😉 Faction.
Sele 6 aylar önce
@Branko011bg čistili su štale svojim madjarskim gazdama 800 godina dok ih srbi nisu oslobodili 1918. Godine.
Branko011bg 7 aylar önce
@Troll ScreaM Bosnians = Serbs. Croats at that time were part of Austrian Empire
Troll ScreaM
Troll ScreaM 7 aylar önce
@filycheezofficial Serbs, Croats and Bosnians were the last stand.
Izzy Brownstone
Izzy Brownstone 8 aylar önce
@filycheezofficial no
Vojislav Moranic
Vojislav Moranic 9 aylar önce
But the period after is for me the most interesting part of Serbian history. The small renaissance under Stefan and Djuradj. Stefan the by the (holy) book knight of virtue loved by his enemies and allies, who by grace of arms received commendation from Timur the lame on Ankara. And Djuradj the old Despot who sacrificed everything for the state the most tragic figure in all of Serbian history. Djuradj's grandson who while organizing the remaining Serbian nobles in Hungary, became so renowed that most forgot his name and remember his mythologized nickname "Dragon fiery wolf" up to the point where a little forest in today's Vojvodina has a local legend that he always appears in times of danger to Serbia in that little forest to hunt for the enemies of Serbdom. Also a fun fact when he chased Turks around Serbia in the region of Branicevo. He stumbled upon a village where the villagers hid the Turkish soldiers and Pasha for money, so he executed all the men, thus the village was renamed to "Udovice/ Widows", he crossed the Morava river and hounded the Turks until a small village that was surrounded by reeds. He surrounded the reed field in which the surviving Turks hid and set it on fire, thus the later city of "Pozarevac/ Fire city" got its name.
I I 5 aylar önce
@şehit Göker serbs are better than Turks in every way accept it
jetserb 6 aylar önce
@Kenan Muslic Ask Austro Hungarians how they got it on Drina in 1914 lol
Amel Kamaric
Amel Kamaric 7 aylar önce
@Vojislav Moranic says the guy whose nation thinks the whole world is from Serbs 😆
Aurelius Marcus
Aurelius Marcus 7 aylar önce
@şehit Göker serbia have War with NATO just 20 yrs ago so shut up and get in line
Nameless Surnameless
Nameless Surnameless 7 aylar önce
Turks are known for having built bridges and mosques. That's it.
7. 62
7. 62 2 aylar önce
Thank you for this masterpiece of a documentary!
DaRkSouL 9 aylar önce
it amazes me how azabs, light infantry that mostly made of young unmarried men, stood firm against heavy serbian cavalry charge. Most light infantry would melt away immediately just by the ferocity of heavy cavalry charge.
writer684 2 aylar önce
@Stefan Dusan Huge your advantage grows almost exponentially like 10 vs 5 then 9 vs 4 then 8 vs 3 then 7 vs 2 and 6 vs 1 so numerical advantage is growing all the time not many think of this..thas why the turks won many battles always many more than the oposed side.
Muhammed Yılmaz
Muhammed Yılmaz 7 aylar önce
​@ZALİMLER İÇİN YAŞASIN CEHENNEM ordusu daha talimli olan, İyi strateji uygulayan, morali yüksek ordu savaşı kazanır. İmanın savaşın kazanılmasında bir etkisi yok.
Allah rızası icin cihat eden mücahitleri Allah muvaffak eder
Muhammed Yılmaz
Muhammed Yılmaz 7 aylar önce
​@Azir Nanma Serbians Knights fought very well against Timur army 13 years late in 1402. Generally speaking, heavy cavalry is very good against Light Cavalry and Ottoman army is also mostly made up Light Cavalry, (Jan Hunyad won his battles against Ottomans with heavy cavalry chargers). That's why adding infantry is appropriate tactical decision against European Heavy Cavalries.
muhammet emre durmuş
muhammet emre durmuş 9 aylar önce
As a writer these characteristics are amazed me that i will write them :)) They were called as "Deliler", the Freaks because they were attacking like risking their lives for nothing, like a crazy ones. They were selected from the whole country with the most athletic and determined, strong minded ones, because these were needed so much. Any nepotism would not work there, because doing these were simply throwing them to die at the battlefield. They reminds me lots of bravery and dedication to the mission, but the same time sending these genuine and strong people to death while they could do lots of good things for their society, and this mania goes on for all countries of the world today with different mindset and different lifestyles.
spasjt 7 aylar önce
Just came across this channel. Fascinating! You find new people to help inform you every day. Keep up the good work HistoryMarche! +1 subscriber. Deus volt.
spasjt 7 aylar önce
@HistoryMarche Happy to be here. I also like how you covered the beginnings of Islam as it is vital to be aware of all history so that we can accurately understand the present.
HistoryMarche 7 aylar önce
Welcome aboard!
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No Comment 9 aylar önce
You missed two important pieces of info IMO: That Lazar conducted and formed his alliances largely via marriage bonds, this includes his rise to power as a regional lord. He, himself was a minor noble, but he married well, since his wife(who ruled as a regent for awhile, following his death) was related to the Nemanjich dynasty. This little fact, alongside the fact of Lazar's own economic&military power precipitated other regional lords to seek the hands in marriage of Lazar's daughters, and even later on the Ottoman Sultan. Since the Nemanjich dynasty was a powerful, and "saintly" dynasty which claimed heritage from Roman Emperor Licinius. Also, connected to this information is the fact that Tvrtko, who proclaimed himself the King of Serbs, was also closely connected to the Nemanjich dynasty, which is also possibly the reason why Lazar, the Balshichs and Vuk Brankovich accepted his suzerainty over them(sth you missed to mention).
Souvik Ghosh
Souvik Ghosh 8 aylar önce
Only a small video.
LindaS 9 aylar önce
@No Comment Talking about Slavic etymology is a most idiotic claim since all it takes is to add the parasitic -itch, -vitch or -bitch and off comes a Slavic magic rabbit out of the monks etymologic hats .. pffft.. Slavic etymology has a looooooooong history of such magic manipulation!
Милан Потић
Милан Потић 9 aylar önce
@Giga Sigma What is the name of the Serb who is the administrator of Wikipedia?
Giga Sigma
Giga Sigma 9 aylar önce
@Милан Потић yeah thats why one of the admins of wikipedia is a serbian
Милан Потић
Милан Потић 9 aylar önce
@Giga Sigma A well-copied text from Wikipedia, but Wikipedia is an open source that Albanians usually edit according to their wishes and not according to historical sources.
GrndAdmiralThrawn 9 aylar önce
I never studied Balkan history, so I like learning about it through this channel. I’ve also noted how, though other nations sometimes change color in different videos, the Ottomans remain green across all their videos.
Alvira Rahman
Alvira Rahman 2 aylar önce
All Muslims are shown Green in history channel
Skulls For Erlik Khan's Throne
Skulls For Erlik Khan's Throne 9 aylar önce
@Kenneth Meisner Ottomans rarely used green flags ironically. The color scheme was mostly blue and red in banners and uniforms.
Kenneth Meisner
Kenneth Meisner 9 aylar önce
there is an old word that says prophet mohammad's favorite color was green. since ottoman turks were muslim, I think they sympathized green
Shirai 3 aylar önce
the fact that tvrtko and lazar stayed faithful allies for the greater good of their countries despite clear conflicts of interest is kinda impressive for the time, almost unthinkable today where politics is basically kindergarden
evilOG 9 aylar önce
Your videos feel better than many movies. Amazing job, keep it up!
milutin hajin
milutin hajin 6 aylar önce
One of the best videos on Serbian history ive seen....and im sure you could go in even more detail!
Ž Š 9 aylar önce
Great stuff! Could you cover the battles of Pločnik and Bileća? And tell us why is there so little word about it?
Aegean GreyWolf
Aegean GreyWolf 9 aylar önce
I think Battle of Maritza was more crucial than Kosovo. Underrated battle
Gazi Bengazi
Gazi Bengazi 7 aylar önce
@Aegean GreyWolf Many Christian vassals from the occupied territories after the Battle of Marica fought on the Ottoman side against the Serbs as well.
Hgbxycggg Gvvhbhujg
Hgbxycggg Gvvhbhujg 9 aylar önce
@Aegean GreyWolf battle of halidzor is the most dishonorable battle of ottomans
Ivan Drobnjak
Ivan Drobnjak 9 aylar önce
Well researched, and overall good work.
Милан Потић
Милан Потић 8 aylar önce
@Jovica Trpcevski Albanians always insert themselves where there is a void. Between the two world wars and before that, the Greeks expelled a large number of the Slavic population, including the Vlachs. Now the Albanians are using the lack of Greek sincerity to admit that the Greek government expelled a large number of non-Greek residents, so the Albanians are using it to present everything Vlach as their own.
Izzy Brownstone
Izzy Brownstone 8 aylar önce
@Tori Keqi you dont seem very smart, do you
Jovica Trpcevski
Jovica Trpcevski 8 aylar önce
@Милан Потић Judging from this joker's content & tone,I wouldn't be surprised if he/she/it is an ethnic Albanian from Greece:one of those Arvanites,perhaps?
Scytalh 8 aylar önce
Video is made good. And the narrator has the right voice for such historical events. One point that is not clear for me: [4:23] Why would sultan Murad raid his vassals from middle of nowhere? They were his goose that laid golden eggs.
Grigore Sfarghiu
Grigore Sfarghiu 9 aylar önce
Nice content , like these historical battles 👌
Miodrag Mitrović
Miodrag Mitrović 2 aylar önce
Probably the best YT material on this part of Balkan history I've seen so far. Many thanks, great work.
Veso 9 aylar önce
I know this battle by heart, both history and myth, but you still made it suspenseful
Magus Simon
Magus Simon 9 aylar önce
You just think you know it but you don't, nobody does. Serbs defeated the Ottomans and killed their sultan...and if this was not true, Ottomans would subdue Serbia rightaway, they woulnd't wait first for Costantinople to fall, some 65y later...
Mand 9 aylar önce
Such a great video. Superior quality, as usual.
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Rock John 9 aylar önce
The Bulgarian king is turk btw 😁 shisman means fat he was probably overweight
PowerPlus 9 aylar önce
I love this channel- the best history videos on TRshow
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Slavko Ostojic 8 aylar önce
Well done 👌 Keep up the good work 💪
ScatteredShapes FriendFinder Abiology AssScratcher
ScatteredShapes FriendFinder Abiology AssScratcher 9 aylar önce
Bayezid prevailed in focus of a right flank through out catastrophic circumstances behind his left shoulder and Serbian forces took flight and found an encouraged enemy at closer range behind their backs at home. Compare to Macedonia's cavalry, horse back people should be able to stay and continue risk and adventure all the way, or find taking no advantages at all in the option of an easy flight. Thoughts of risk and adventure in Kosovos battle between otto and serb forces.
Rohani vlogs
Rohani vlogs 9 aylar önce
Thank you for making these brilliant videos 👏
Aleksa Petrovic
Aleksa Petrovic 9 aylar önce
I amazed how you managed to pronounce all our names well! Great job!
Divus 2 aylar önce
Honestly u haven't pronounce Serbian names well, but nvm because this video is excellent.
T3ch Wali
T3ch Wali 8 aylar önce
@murat ozpınar that crusader wannabe has disappeared from the conversation. Wouldnt be the first time in history.
murat ozpınar
murat ozpınar 9 aylar önce
@Aleksa Petrovic Murat is quite an arabic name mate, means "a strong wish".
T3ch Wali
T3ch Wali 9 aylar önce
@Aleksa Petrovic look up the etymology of those names. You know this word 'etymology'? Even if pronounced with a turkish accent, it will not sound like how they butchered it in the video.
Aleksa Petrovic
Aleksa Petrovic 9 aylar önce
@T3ch Wali Saying Murat is Turkish name, not Arabic. Same with Bayazid and Yakub. Saying they are Arabic is like saying Pedro, Jose and Ricardo are Russian names. I would suggest you take education yourself.
Robert P
Robert P 9 aylar önce
For some reason I thought it was a short clip but after the beginning intro I forgot the assumption and watch the whole thing. 😅 You guys are the best.
Psyman2 9 aylar önce
The battle of Dubravnica took place in 1381, not 1481. Great video, as always :)
Jesusandbible 7 aylar önce
Great research. Just getting the countries and districts right must have required a lot of study
Kneorlan 9 aylar önce
Great video as always, thanks and keep it up!
valar 7 aylar önce
A rare example of a battle where neither side broke and fled, as was usual in medieval battles, but instead fought to the bitter end and essentially destroyed each other in the process. The battle would have ruined the Ottomans had they not more forces they could bring up afterwards, and it did ruin the Christians.
Buck the real Duck
Buck the real Duck 6 aylar önce
Really interesting video that popped up on my recommend list. My family is old and it was a powerful name in that time, 40 of my family members fought in that battle and all died. Their names are written in church in city of Arandjelovac.
Predrag Cvetkovic
Predrag Cvetkovic 3 aylar önce
@Buck the real Duck Koji je sajt u pitanju? I ja bih zeleo da saznam vise o svojim predcima ali ne uspev naci mnogo informacija za neku iole dalju istoriju.
Buck the real Duck
Buck the real Duck 3 aylar önce
@Predrag Cvetkovic my deda je bio uvek ponosan nasom istorijom i vodio je detaljno porodicno stablo. Bio je doktor i takodje napisao nasu biografiju. I ima sajt koji ima deo informacija jer nije dugo updejtovan
Predrag Cvetkovic
Predrag Cvetkovic 3 aylar önce
Bas impresivno da imas podatke o svojim predcima tako daleko unazad. Gde si nasao te podatke ?
Chen Fawn Meng
Chen Fawn Meng 8 aylar önce
The channel is informative.However,I personally find the lack of casualty info irritating.If both sides disagree on the victor,a casualty count is the only way to decide the victor.I hope the lack of info is not due to lack of effort.
Hej How
Hej How 9 aylar önce
I think it is more likely that the sultan only died after the battle was won by the ottomans since you rarely hear about an army keeping morale with the death of their leader, and in most cases, they end up losing, but to come out of a dire situation and then turn the tables would truly be a miraculous feat, then again it can never truly be known unless one witnessed it.
carick235 2 aylar önce
There was no real winner here since Ottomans after this battle didn't return to Serbia for 5 decades (half a century) and Serbia actually thrived as Despotate after Kosovo battle up to middle of 15th century when it eventually fell under Ottomans. Serbia won in a sense that they preserved their statehod for around 50 more years.
Amar J
Amar J 9 aylar önce
@Jimmy Jazz you've never been a late medieval soldier lmao. Don't even try to draw parallels between the modern age and a time when it was common for a son to kill his father to inherit his land
Jimmy Jazz
Jimmy Jazz 9 aylar önce
You've never a been a soldier - they fight for the comrades and battle partners , not for their leaders , who often change overnight and are rarely seen.
Amar J
Amar J 9 aylar önce
@Hej How righteousness, probably
Hej How
Hej How 9 aylar önce
@Amar J well you are not wrong but then again only Allah knows what was in their hearts as they fought.
Regency Row
Regency Row 9 aylar önce
Quality content. Thank you.
Alejandro Kaplan
Alejandro Kaplan 9 aylar önce
What a fascinating battle, sometime I. The future I hope we can see the battle of Maritsa
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Efe Narmot 4 aylar önce
objektif bir anlatım var gibi teşekkürler 👍🇹🇷
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Civil War Week By Week 9 aylar önce
While I’m more well versed in modern combat I just love your guys work
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Himali Gokhale 9 aylar önce
Btw which series are you planning to make in the future? Great video I love your battle maps
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Carter Schell 9 aylar önce
This was fantastic! The music choice was totally on point!
FATİH MORCA 9 aylar önce
I cannot find this music, especially last one... After 15:20 Do you know what it is?
Срб 9 aylar önce
"Ја не одлучујем да ли ћу ићи у битку, по томе која је сила која ми прети, већ по томе колику светињу браним." 🇷🇸☦️🇷🇸 "I do not decide whether I will go into battle, according to what force threatens me, but according to what sanctity I defend." 🇷🇸☦️🇷🇸
Nash Bridges
Nash Bridges 6 gün önce
​@filycheezofficial otkud ti onda 80% srba u austrian millitary zone from 17th century??? Jel ti to tata rekao kuci da su hrvati branili evropu od turaka??? Lol
Markus Damon
Markus Damon 6 aylar önce
The Fact that you provided us with the information of different Sources makes this channel just superior to the others
Baguette Destroyer
Baguette Destroyer 5 aylar önce
He collaborated with a Serbia chetnik Tvrtko never called him self King of serbs in Bosnia but a King of Serbia Bosnia Zahumlje Dalmatia
sightt 9 aylar önce
very nice historical and informative video, thank you
Nikola Kusmuk
Nikola Kusmuk 6 aylar önce
Finally I can see some of my people's history on youtube. Thank you 😊
eristaviserbia 9 aylar önce
A surprisingly well-balanced and unbiased account of the Battle of Kosovo, considering how much it had been politicized after the 1999 Kosovo War in works by authors such as Anna di Lellio, who presented it as being mostly a battle between an Albanian-led coalition against the Turks. Another point that was - no doubt - not mentioned by you is the metaphysical significance that the Battle of Kosovo had on the psyche of the Serbian nation, possibly because it is outside of the scope of your purview. Similarly, the fact that the Ottoman Sultan Murad I died in battle (either assassinated by a renegade Serbian knight or by a group of knights) represents a unique instance in the wars that the Ottomans conducted in Europe. Understandably, the Turks see him as a shahid (martyr or witness of the Faith) and I would point out to those Turks who condemn the actions of the Serbian assassin that they unwittingly undermine the martyrdom of their own ruler!
William Davis
William Davis 8 aylar önce
@Eristaviserbia, Why would anyone go out of their way to claim a loss? Strange bunch in that region lol
Muzaffer Turhan
Muzaffer Turhan 8 aylar önce
Rip to all the og's firstly. Us Turks, what we're told is the battle was won. Murat was observing the aftermath of the battlefield, that was then, Milos who played possum stabbed him to his death.
muhammet emre durmuş
muhammet emre durmuş 9 aylar önce
Firstly, thanks for having clear and balanced vision about history, and i see that you're wonderous about Ottomans or islam culture, that's pretty nice. But as a Turk who knows these very well, i need to fix your wrong things. In islam religion, both bad and good manners of the world are from Allah (the God), while the people are praying, they say "The creator of good and bad Allah, i refuge to you!" so that means that Muslim people would not thank the renegade Miloş Obiliç or the knight who killed the Sultan (whatever the truth is), because Allah the God created them, send them to battlefield, and gave the chance and everything to do it. And the Sultan used his own willpower to go and stay on the battlefield, did everything with his will so he deserved being a martyr (Şehit). Thats the POV by Sunnid (Anatolian Turkic belief) of Islam, i told it for you to understand this point of view better. And when it comes to humanitarian side, i as a human can say that any fight and war made for power and supremacy is never able to be testified, and besides that, anybody who kills with being a renegade is even more awful than that. I hope as a human beings, we can change the world the way that we share the whole universe together and share laughter and life instead of weapons and death. Greets to my Serbian friends...
Valentin Tapata
Valentin Tapata 9 aylar önce
True, but the title is terrible.
BlackCrowNavajo 2 aylar önce
the order to strangle Yakub upon hearing about sultan Murad's death was so quick, especially given the ongoing severe combat and the sad news about his father's assassination, that one can suspect Bayezid had plotted the whole thing even before the battle.
G-CLASS 3 aylar önce
Hiç kimse yenilmez değildir, ve hiç kimse zafersiz değildir, tanrı tüm insanlığı korusun... 🙏🙏
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Anon Ymous 9 aylar önce
Wow. One of the best battle I have ever watched. Liked and subbed. Thank you for your work.
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Great work! Keep it up!
zenjr1004 9 aylar önce
A battle like this is very rare. Your leader was killed and then things started improving.
Logan Frisby
Logan Frisby 8 aylar önce
A loss politically, and militarily but a massive spiritual victory.
Octavio Dente
Octavio Dente 9 aylar önce
As always, thank you for this excelent video💞
Lile Stojković II
Lile Stojković II 8 aylar önce
Well at least you are the first westerner channel that got its facts about this battle straight unlike the other ones who outright talked nonsense Good job with that
Lucky Luke
Lucky Luke 9 aylar önce
Loss on Battle of Maritsa was devastating for Serbia. Read on Wiki, Serbian army got all drunk and Turks killed all of them during the night time. So sad, lots of heavy armor and great cavalry all died while being drunk.
Spontaneous Process
Spontaneous Process 7 aylar önce
That's why drinking is haram
Zeni Nimoni
Zeni Nimoni 8 aylar önce
At least they died happy and content 🤣🤣🤣
Jovica Trpcevski
Jovica Trpcevski 8 aylar önce
They wouldn't have been Serbs if they weren't drunk(!)
DraBattle - Lịch sử Hoạt Hình
DraBattle - Lịch sử Hoạt Hình 5 aylar önce
* The video is really good, invest effort in both content and images. Hope the channel will grow more ❣💖💕*
Aumedi Wibisana
Aumedi Wibisana 9 aylar önce
I would like to compliment the musical piece involved here. They did excellent in emphasizing the intensity of the situation.
Aumedi Wibisana
Aumedi Wibisana 9 aylar önce
@HistoryMarche The traditional drum coupled with electric guitar in the beginning is fascinating. Feels like something big is really brewing up. Meanwhile the piano + violin arrangement in the end does its job capturing the aftermath of a battle. Your effort paid off sir 👍🏻👍🏻.
HistoryMarche 9 aylar önce
Thank you sir. I tried hard with the soundtrack in this one.
Motivation 9 aylar önce
Can you also make one video but on modern wars? I mean since strategies has changed, i want to know how big are the differences
Пркос 9 aylar önce
I am from Serbia and this is an honest western approach to this battle. There are a lot of disputes about the outcome and details, but generally, it was a big battle that had a lot of consequences.
kuvikina 4 aylar önce
After that Ottomans became and empire, the empire of Turks and Southern Slavs who took the most prominent positions to rule the state and its subjects.
Goran Mirkovic
Goran Mirkovic Aylar önce
Great videos! Liked and subscribed! ;) 😊
J P 9 aylar önce
I'd love to see the battle on the icy lake between the Teutonic knights and Alexander Nevski of Novgorod
J P 9 aylar önce
@new reast movies are bs I want a studied, historic reconstruction
new reast
new reast 9 aylar önce
it's in the movie man....
jkofte Aylar önce
Stefan Lazarovic (Lazar's son) later fought as an Ottoman ally/vassal againist Timur in the battle of Ankara. Timur mentioned him by saying they fight like lions. He commanded right wing of the army and eventhough some of the army deserted and Beyazıd was captured (as a last resort he was trying to kill Timur) , Stefan fought until the last moment.
Mohammed Says Rashid
Mohammed Says Rashid 9 aylar önce
A wonderful Historical Coverage of Kosovo Battle ...with these Details considering amazing introducing Thanks History Marche Channel
Tomasz Nowak
Tomasz Nowak 9 aylar önce
Your all movies are awsome! But i am still waiting for the continuation of Hannibal - the greatest Roman enemy! That's your best series in my opinion!
Asi Asoto
Asi Asoto 7 aylar önce
the Balkan peoples are brothers and even though we have fought many wars with each other, we must respect each other and protect each other's backs
writer684 2 aylar önce
Is Turkey balkan?
Emre Uysal
Emre Uysal 8 aylar önce
The sultan's name is not "MYURAH", he was not French! It is MURAT, this "U" like "EMU" bird or "MU" continent. When I was watching the video, feel like watching Napoleonic battle.
Mr. Matinjo The Killer
Mr. Matinjo The Killer 9 aylar önce
Very good video, id like to also see the battle at krbavsko field or the mohacs field
Mare Skroba
Mare Skroba 6 aylar önce
According to legend, the name of the knight who killed Murat is Miloš Kobilić
Said Toshimaru
Said Toshimaru 9 aylar önce
Bayezid: No one can stop my now! Timur: Please allow me to introduce myself...
𐱅𐰇𐰼𐰚 – 𐱅𐰇𐰼𐰰
𐱅𐰇𐰼𐰚 – 𐱅𐰇𐰼𐰰 5 aylar önce
Timur: Türk
Mind if I roll Need?
Mind if I roll Need? 9 aylar önce
Beautiful video! Well done!
Ab98 9 aylar önce
I'm really amazed by this fantastic work , I hope to see a video about the fall of constantinople and mohammed II. also i would love to see somthing about Abdulrahman III at al-andalus.
Milan Simonovic
Milan Simonovic 6 aylar önce
It's not a question of how big an army we are up against, but the importance of the holy place we are defending.
Fosion 9 aylar önce
Amazing, objective and detailed to the atom, great job!
Stefan Sekulić
Stefan Sekulić 9 aylar önce
@Bdleo Well, there are many sources,but you're right that we don't know all the details. Some sources talk of betrayal by some Serb nobles others say otherwise.
Fosion 9 aylar önce
Most of history is like that, so what? Enjoy what you have 😘
Bdleo 9 aylar önce
Mostly fantasy tho, no one really knows what happened.
Стефан Митић
Стефан Митић 7 aylar önce
WoW as a Serbian i must say this was so well done it's actually amazing. Even after everything Ottoman empire did to my country i feel like i have huge respect for that country how powerful and imporant and strong they was and still are. I hope today's Turkey have no hard feelings for my country.
David Bosnia
David Bosnia 26 gün önce
Should thanks the turks
Futbol HD Fenerbahçe
Futbol HD Fenerbahçe 2 aylar önce
@Ghost of Kiev biz ermenilere soykırım yapmadık avrupa ve fransanın çarpıtmalarına kanmayın bugun hala konuşup bunları yazabiliyorsan osmanlı senin atalarına o topraklarda yaşama hakkı verdiği içindir biz kimseye zulm etmedik
Broken Bridge
Broken Bridge 9 aylar önce
I've always wondered what happened in this battle. Nice video.
KHK001 9 aylar önce
Amazing! always hoped you'll make a prequel to Nicopolis!
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Rosco Sisco 9 aylar önce
Since baz battles has stopped uploading this is now my favourite history channel 👌
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Imagine if this big team made up an medieval strategy game
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