The Secret to Mastering Life's Biggest Transitions | Bruce Feiler | TED

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How do you navigate life's growing number of transitions with meaning, purpose and skill? Writer Bruce Feiler offers a powerful way to handle uncertain, painful and confusing times -- or "lifequakes", as he calls them. Learn how to equip yourself with the essential tools and mindset to ride out (and rewrite) the toughest chapters of your life story, and turn unease and upheaval into growth and renewal.
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@suhwelee Yıl önce
After watching this video three times, I was able to summarize the following secrets to master our life transition. 1. Linear life is dead 2. Life is a deck of disruptions and transitions. 3. Develop skills to cope with our emotions 4. Seek wisdom from others 5. Rewrite our story This is an excellent example of the power of storytelling, even to ourselves.
@daispawon8651 Yıl önce
@lexusashley715 Yıl önce
I am grateful to be alive and I’m writing my own life’s stories and I’m the main character in my life. I am becoming my own heroine I believe I will and so it is ❤️
@BeHappyNoMatterWhat 10 aylar önce
The stories we tell ourselves creates the reality we live in. Tell yourself stories that create the life you want.
@BeHappyNoMatterWhat 10 aylar önce
Wow this is a profound ted talk. I am 30 and going through a "life transition". Thank you for normalizing this. It can be a scary time of uncertainty and self doubt, but slowly, you will get through it and come out on the other side. The only way is through. Thank you!
@refundform Yıl önce
This is incredibly helpful not only for people who are about to take on changes and challenges, but for all of us simply living our lives everyday. Many thanks.
@eirikalbrektsen8231 Yıl önce
Really comforting talk, immediately felt an ease of pressure. Expecting life to be linear makes it difficult to deal with new changes, even when they are exciting and positive.
@The6thelement9413 Yıl önce
For me, this was so good to hear right now. With the world, my country and my health at odds, it’s encouraging. Thank you.
@keyavahyde299 5 aylar önce
Might be the best Ted Talk and most impactful message I’ve heard in a long time. So needed today and yesterday. ❤😢 🙏🏽
@Itiswhatitisitiswhatitiswhatit Yıl önce
I have watched so many talks and listen to so many people give advice and tell stories, but I have never been hit as hard as this one right now. The family business that I married into is struggling, and the fights that have come with it are tearing the family apart. No one expected this, no one had planned for this, and no one can handle this. We literally had another fight last night, and I just can't take it anymore as I am bipolar and my environment triggers me regularly. This has given me a lot to think about and discuss. I greatly appreciate your work. Thank you.
@Sbannmarie 9 aylar önce
Hang in there Nick 😊
@gujju_yeoja Yıl önce
This TedTalk was so amazing... Really needed to hear this today !!! Thank you so much 🙏🙌
@graviely4696 Yıl önce
Probably one of the best Ted Talks I've heard so far. I appreciate the words, encouragement, and ability to continue through our nightmares in order to reach our dreams.
@franny3317 Yıl önce
@aeinthmuee5965 Yıl önce
@Monkiger1 Yıl önce
The most helpful contribution from this work is the number of individual stories contributing to common motifs. The findings provide good support to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, where one may find many evidence-supported, effective practices to support the pivots at life transitions Bruce is talking about here.
@nila.conzen Yıl önce
#4 is so important. Our healing, transitions, and transformations are our own - yet they are never meant to be done alone. 🦋
@lin90210 Yıl önce
Wow this video is so in sync with me. My family has been going through a lot. Two family members discovered they had cancer. We have had go fo through step by step. Thank god there is treatment. There is still hope.
@exiledeve Yıl önce
Same boat but in my family's case, it's incurable. A lot of sudden changes recently, for the worse... but this TED Talk was comforting. Good luck to you and your family!
@ThePsycheGym Yıl önce
Life transitions are unavailable. Thankfully, these 5 Tips should help grind through them. Great speech Bruce Feiler 👏
@tinglovegood3953 Yıl önce
this is one of the best ted talk i've heard so far in 2022!! thank you Bruce for this amazing content!
@TomNook. Yıl önce
In a sea of mediocre and timewasting TED talks, now and again along comes a gem that fundamentally inspires or shifts your mind. Great talk
@jarrodsio 11 aylar önce
Just finished reading Bruce’s memoir on his time at Cambridge, where he earned an MPhil in the 1990s. It’s called ‘Looking for class’. Recommended reading. So happy to see this Yale and Cambridge boy, all grown up and giving Ted Talks.
@robinwinter8824 Yıl önce
The best ever and most helpful insight into navigating our way through a pandemic. Thank you !
@exiledeve Yıl önce
Great TED Talk. Really needed it right now and reminds me of the old good ones from TED.
@dbunnysport Yıl önce
This is so good. I’m going to save and re-listen a lot. ❤️ thank you.
@safetydave720 Yıl önce
My biggest transition was spiritual. Jai Gurudev!
@talhabedir3812 3 aylar önce
Amazing. This was comforting and alerting at the same time.
@thanhtamnguyen1474 Yıl önce
I appreciate his tips for overcoming difficult crisis We all need heroes in our stories...
@ginhanah6133 Yıl önce
So comforting and useful; thank you for sharing!!
@daniel51020 Yıl önce
Brilliant. Thank you, Bruce.
@mary-vo4wp Yıl önce
This helps me a lot in my present situation. Thank you.
@marialvarez7954 Yıl önce
“If you banish the wolf, you banish the hero” wow, that meant a lot for me
@bear094205 Yıl önce
i don’t understand why we banish the hero
@christineboone2850 Yıl önce
One of the most useful TedTalks I’ve ever heard!
@NathalieLazo Yıl önce
Remarkable person reading this.. It’s going to get better; all it is a season of opportunity to grow and be better than before. Challenging times are meant to strengthen us, not to break us. Success doesn’t define to what happened to us; it is how we choose to deal with our circumstances. The more you grow and develop as an incredible person as you are, the more things will change for the better. Forgive more (for you), be grateful for even the smallest things (we have it way better than someone else), choose love over ego, choose humility over ego (humility is strength), and finally, invest into new skills so that your future self will thank you. Our lives will change forever the more we grow. Be thankful for the challenges for we know something greater is coming. Love you always - Nathalie ✨❤️
@thanhduong334 Yıl önce
so meaningful and motivating. I love to read it. Thank you
@vckard6793 Yıl önce
Amazing speaker and great message
@alaccou Yıl önce
The timing on this was brilliant, my recession-induced stressed future self is thanking you in 2023
@chrissipero2274 Yıl önce
That was exactly what I wanted to hear now, thank you
@jamesanderson8078 Yıl önce
Yes you can say that and I agree with you, Hello chrissi how arr you doing 👋👋👋👋
@mizukishigemi7629 Yıl önce
Every single person has a different, unhappy and difficult time. I have no idea why I survived cancer while my student passed away almost at the same time.
@VZ-Warrior_Soul Yıl önce
I think I know what you mean. I few years ago I fell gravely sick. I caught meningitis and endocarditis at the same time and went into a 6 month induced coma. No brain activity. Doctors told my family to say their goodbyes. I flatlined 9 times. “The man with 9 lives”, was the nickname they gave me. For my own reasons, I wasn’t fond of that name. Through the toughest times of my life, learning how to walk again, use a cup, lift a cup and even write again still seemed not fair when after 6 months leaving the hospital all I saw around me was people close to me die or being diagnosed with a disease that’s un-curable. I guess for others, they see things somewhat different. Maybe for some, this hiccup in life where a person that actually does touch death and survives, lives with the pain of a unhealthy body and mind. I’m not even quite sure you know what I mean.
@vak5461 Yıl önce
The fact that you reflect on it at all is beautiful and shows some gratitude. 💕
@fireman872 Yıl önce
This is really good to hear right now!
@YTFangirlJ Yıl önce
I needed this. Thank you TED.
@ventanillabonvincentm.3397 Yıl önce
I needed this as a college student with adulting crisis😫
@Tomm9y Yıl önce
This must drive a change in the concepts unerpinning the justice system. Millions are cast into a hellish life on the linear model, when they need support to make transitions. Equip people, the institutions, legislation, education, etc, around them to prioritise these processes. Unfortunately, this is a big disruptor to those who rely on the linear system.
@firerunner35624 Yıl önce
Being born into a wealthy family sure does ease those rough patches through life. Lol
@Doomsday_Life Yıl önce
Wow, super useful talk.
@jordan2760 Yıl önce
Life quakes haha love that!! Great talk man some wise things said
@vak5461 Yıl önce
Woah, in my meditation I ended up coming across a snake metaphor. I tend to say something out of anger that is like a venom. And I thought maybe I should shed and become a new, happier snake when I get angry. This talk 🤯
@jean-baptisterutsche1688 11 aylar önce
It seems to me that lonely and alone are two very different things: Lonely = excluded; Alone = included (all one part of all, the universe) i love to be alone.
@Sbannmarie 9 aylar önce
“We’re going to sourdough our way through the pandemic!” lol
@hoaphuongvlogs8111 Yıl önce
Very great one
@chubbydaniels1695 Yıl önce
Point 1: linear life is dead Point 2: the norm in involves multiple transition
@shafiquemughal3026 Yıl önce
Every person please pray for my ielts exam.....Allah give me fully success in my goals....Ameen Suma Ameen🤲🤲
@shafiquemughal3026 Yıl önce
Ameen Suma Ameen
@englishwithmiranda Yıl önce
Good luck. I hope you passed!
@carleenmonsegue332 Yıl önce
Carleen Adom’s Reflections Life transitions. Life-quakes! Trauma Growth paradigm. Healing, recovery, resilience. Stuck in quicksand, mud. Where on earth, may I find the safe pod? The cycle of life transitions. Suicidal ideation, reality. Life disruptions, unpredictability! 25 years of Life Transitions! Embrace self-determination. Be kind to yourself, friend. SuperPower saturates sustainability. Validate emotions: fear, sadness, shame, anger. Sing, dance, garden here. Try something new. Shake off the dust! Gain beauty for ashes. Diamonds for charcoal. Seek wisdom and discernment to share. A social network cares. Rewrite Life Story. Add a new chapter With anticipation, confidence and creativity, the moral of life-quake will inspire others to thrive. Thanks so much, alumni, Elliot for introducing this very powerful masterpiece and eloquent, phenomenal speaker.
@Swimdeep Yıl önce
What about when you get several of the life quakes hit all at once?
@RoseJetExhaust Yıl önce
try to handle them one at a time, descending order of priority. You just need time to get through it
@brucefeilerchannel Yıl önce
I call that a 'pileup.' You're not alone.
@ishratbatool311 Yıl önce
Great talk......
@neshapany 2 aylar önce
@adrianaordonez-vargas4265 Yıl önce
Thank you 🙏
@asdrubalvelasquez2830 Yıl önce
Life is not a strength line! never will be! (I always say this to my self = not as a ritual) deck of disruptions change from cell to cell, from body to body, from society to society, from country to country! a life without any kind of fanatism is part ot the solution exposed by Mr. Feiler!
@olahola12 Yıl önce
I am suffering right now. And I don’t want to get out of it.
@user-wg8fq2uu4m Yıl önce
how ??
@grayalston3711 Yıl önce
Thank you.
@user-qv5bt7eg5j Yıl önce
In my most difficult moment,I saw shis video,was shockde, i must rush out ot trouble,thank you
@anishapea4935 Yıl önce
@orunhaf Yıl önce
@nikel007 Yıl önce
Сделали бы русские субтитры
@joytekb Yıl önce
Thank you
@quitplayingboss609 Yıl önce
@maunarose Yıl önce
@jamesanderson8078 Yıl önce
Yes you make a good point in your comment,Hello mauba how are you doing 👋👋👋
@kathika0219 Yıl önce
I m in the transition period
@eternalskeptic Yıl önce
One word: Cannabis
@necmettinkararer7335 Yıl önce
@assialife7923 Yıl önce
Her derde derman kelimeler. Allah'a giden yoluna şaşmaz.
@necmettinkararer7335 Yıl önce
@@assialife7923 Rabbim (celle celaluhu)bizi kendi yolundan ayırmasın.bizlere hidayet versin.amin
@andyir___ 11 aylar önce
Vill du bli tröstad, uppmuntrad eller utmanad?
@limlimlimjanice Yıl önce
How long before you guys realised the audience was fake?
@Tonyforeman659 Yıl önce
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@jasmineitzen8228 Yıl önce
Sheryl Parker I agree with you... I had a senior colleague at work who was doing well but never had an investment. Unfortunately he lost his job and went from living a comfortable life to hardship. There would had been something to fall back on if he had an investment
@AmandaEdge. Yıl önce
@@jasmineitzen8228 I think it's not always about fear, Sometimes realistic factors discourage people from reaching their goals in life. For instance, I've tried investing in the crypto market several times but always got discouraged by fluctuations of Bitcoin value.
@SimonKelly7836 Yıl önce
Susan Karen Great idea, how did you do it? I could use some help over here too, My stock/ Crypto picks have been depressingly bad Tbh I'm in need of a good investment plan currently, I have a lump sum of $80k+ in a savings account yielding next to nothing. Do you have more clues that could help?
@LisaRomero. Yıl önce
Susan Karen I'm a little confused here, do you mean copying her trades as it is done in etoro? Do you hand over your funds and what does she charge for her services?
@pablosmith1747 Yıl önce
Susan Karen It fascinating that you just recommended Mrs Camille.
@VladyslavKurbatskyy Yıl önce
@user-ex1nr5jw1f Yıl önce
@MrJinadan Yıl önce
@user-ni7qg3uc5o Yıl önce
Wow secend
@baharkeskin6828 Yıl önce
The paradox of choice | Barry Schwartz