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YORUMLAR: 11 000
@mariuswikkelso8666 Yıl önce
Josh deserves mad respect for the content he is creating
@jullianmolina8842 Yıl önce
?? All he did was take people suggestions
@KshittijPadhi_23 Yıl önce
i agree
@karanrathod9016 Yıl önce
And fans call him boring when he comes up with all these ideas
@karanrathod9016 Yıl önce
Although they might have got this from Simon Wilson think his name is
@unifiedmongoose7915 Yıl önce
​@@jullianmolina8842 coming up with an idea and actually creating it is a whole different game
@caitlynfitzpatrick3611 Yıl önce
Harry’s anxiety about being in someone’s yard is honestly so relatable lol
@annieevie9607 Yıl önce
Harry's anxiety in general is just really relatable tbh
@justinconner9131 6 aylar önce
@houstonjoker3836 2 aylar önce
As a Texan I felt that
@Girdyyy 2 aylar önce
It makes no sense.
@oscarteaa Aylar önce
​@@Girdyyywah wah
@thunderstrike995 Yıl önce
KSI looking like a mother and Ethan as a dad is the best moment in sidemen history
@tahmidhaque1433 Yıl önce
Calm down lol its not
@vizion8976 Yıl önce
@Olive lol
@jamieboler8575 Yıl önce
Tobi’s and Harry’s Friendship. Is My Favourite. They’re both very overly polite and they really do like each other’s company and knowing they always have each other.
@Kathakathan11 Yıl önce
They are best
@ramzidib3990 Yıl önce
Yeah they do
@deepm8236 Yıl önce
Compared to simon and vik cuz simon looked like he’d rather be with anyyyone else 🙄 made me dislike the guy more lol
@dreamcatcher2327 Yıl önce
@@deepm8236right I thought it was just me bc I realized that those two never r together in a video by themselves but there usually with the group so yeah
@dylanmurphy9389 Yıl önce
thats not overly polite, its normal
@Sriffa Yıl önce
Tobi: We’re losing light we’re losing light… Kon: We’re not losing light. It’'s 11 am. Had me creasing.
@Christiaanpret Yıl önce
lol xd
@pvezelj Yıl önce
"Cameraman" Dude doesn't even know Kon
@thiswasposted120 Yıl önce
@@pvezelj “imagine not knowing kon” 🤓
@jorjahollier5058 Yıl önce
Time stamp?
@errornotfound4004 Yıl önce
​@xZilla it was the first few minutes of the video and kon was in shot
@lucyreed4452 Yıl önce
Tobi and Harry were so entertaining! I love the scene(s) where everybody was making progress but Tobi and Harry were on the ride
@jeanny4204 11 aylar önce
i bet the ride was 3 hours long... they were late because they enjoy the ride too much 🤣🤣
@swasti1712 Yıl önce
Josh's skills to create a good content should be appreciated.
@bayernleo9466 Yıl önce
Josh is the best at making these videos
@hmehlbye Yıl önce
a good content?
@hmehlbye Yıl önce
@jammer could be
@Nxrreshh_ Yıl önce
@neighborhoodnimrods5544 Yıl önce
@marf1lol Yıl önce
Jj saying the compass is broken because he’s holding it the wrong way is honestly hilarious
@factsy263 Yıl önce
u can't hold a compass the wrong way
@astro1861 Yıl önce
@martynas9092 Yıl önce
上原亜衣💦 wtf lmao
@xdexavi_p1 Yıl önce
Lol when harry said “we’ve bought some legal brownies” underrated joke
@tikkelbikkel Yıl önce
Ethan's remark about coffee shops not selling Lattes was much better.
@asdf3668 Yıl önce
it isnt really a joke...
@Amir_Abdoullaev Yıl önce
@kurokoro8615 Yıl önce
Can someone tell me what is that ride that guy using at 1:10:20? Looks kinda neat tho
@asdf3668 Yıl önce
@@kurokoro8615 no clue
@laylakhan5141 Yıl önce
I love how Tobi parents harry by taking him to a theme park and providing emotional support. It’s so cute. 😂😂
@Automalice Yıl önce
JJ walking around stoned was so funny. We need a Sidemen Amsterdam Coffee Shop Crawl video
@dylanred3741 Yıl önce
Facts! We need that
@CipherNL Yıl önce
He had the best elevator ride of his life.
@BaggyB266 Yıl önce
hell yeah xd
@dannychoban Yıl önce
Completely agree hahaha
@immortal3293 11 aylar önce
Would be such a great video
@supersonic_animation 6 aylar önce
Love how Harry and Tobi were pretty much adopted by a small community who helped them to complete almost every task
@Doutsen Yıl önce
I've got to be honest here, as a dutchie i know that where Tobi and Harry got dropped is litterally the most impossible place to get to Amsterdam. Cause that's really in the middle of nowhere with a little amount of people. So fair play to them
@thomassietses6963 Yıl önce
Was ook echt niet mogelijk bijna voor hun
@jurkus7078 Yıl önce
nah, they just bad
@miamlacko2800 Yıl önce
@@jurkus7078 try it urself then lol, like u would know
@ej4094 Yıl önce
@@jurkus7078 your grammar is just bad
@isaacofficial_ Yıl önce
Ja maar ook naar emmeloord enzo
@baberalinoor Yıl önce
I dont care what anyone says Harry's team always has the most fun
@Ez-if7wt Yıl önce
I agree bruv🎺
@dova238 Yıl önce
Exactly I mean they are technically 2nd too cuz they done all challenges legit unlike jj and Ethan
@danieln9226 Yıl önce
@@dova238 yup. And also I feel like they're the farthest away from the finish line
@bastard342 Yıl önce
@@danieln9226 they are on the border so yea I think
@BigCobra191 Yıl önce
​@@dova238 Legit 3 hours late they would've still been 3rd bruh
@joegotgames2375 Yıl önce
Ethan was so happy at 12:00 cause he has never had anyone to push him on a swing before
@rishichandu23 Yıl önce
He has a mom?
@darkboi7677 Yıl önce
@@rishichandu23 bro didn't get the joke 💀
@ECEGrishmaKarekar Yıl önce
Damnn u all are smart
@user-tf7wn9qt8l Yıl önce
@Amir_Abdoullaev Yıl önce
Underated joke😂🤣🤣
@adiblue999 Yıl önce
Gotta love the SDMN cause they make everything hilarious! 😂 "Legal Brownies"🤣
@tyroberts9520 10 aylar önce
Is it really that funny?
@abhrajyotibanerjee3904 10 aylar önce
@@tyroberts9520 yep
@ameer5120 9 aylar önce
Timestamp pls
@tahiraleem Yıl önce
Tobi and Harry gave us the next level of content.
@jonalyndomilod5050 Yıl önce
@tahiraleem Yıl önce
@@jonalyndomilod5050 oopx
@enzolol7717 Yıl önce
loved the groups! they were so well made, ethan with ksi is gold, tobi and harry are so friendly i love watching them together, and vik and simon are the smart ones! amazig video. Josh is the king of content, this series plus the hotels ones are amazing.
@user-mh1yv3sy3e Yıl önce
def agreed!
@acrimvny Yıl önce
Viks team cheated tho
@enzolol7717 Yıl önce
@@acrimvny still, a fun episode!
@landonjohn8738 5 aylar önce
@@acrimvny who cares brother it’s fun
@kekuaresurrection5736 Yıl önce
vikk getting distracted by everything while simon gets irritated is hilarious 😂😂
@vikramvenketasubramanian162 Yıl önce
bruh vik and simon dont have chemistry but thats chemistry in itself
@abhirupan7630 Yıl önce
@Event Horizon bro please go outside
@skiadriana8793 Yıl önce
@Event Horizon insecurity is thinking too deeply about content creators in order to seem smart
@rudrasingh6354 Yıl önce
Simon was so done with Vik it was hilarious. Vik was the vikkest vik he has ever been.
@AdAstraLabs Yıl önce
Vik deadass talks too much
@madhuniveditha1144 Yıl önce
can we talk about how josh plans everything so neatlyy like it's wholesome and entertaining
@fisforfriday 8 aylar önce
Virgos for ya 😂
@jacksgames1 Yıl önce
“It’s like the south of America they might not like tobi” His face killed me after that.😂
@stony6221 Yıl önce
14:26 Simon is just so naturally funny. He had Vikk dying
@dontbrandme9803 Yıl önce
Best part of this videos is there is no major cuts, we get a lot of content. I hate how some channels will turn a 1 hour video into 10 minutes.
@emilyesnyman Yıl önce
Some people like it, some don't
@kgomotsomotete3836 Yıl önce
1:04:34 Vic: "we are in the future bro, it's a fork, it's a knife and it's also a spoon all in one. The ultimate utensil." Simon: "I don't want to be here"
@bartvandenbosch7194 Yıl önce
As a Dutch guy, Vik is so right when he sees the metro as something else than the train. It really is a other type of transport over here.
@Aaqilzul Yıl önce
@nahh-iwould-win Yıl önce
It literally says metro and metro station. Its also underground for half of it
@jaesoeteman3019 Yıl önce
Mooie woorden
@iliketrains1859 Yıl önce
Well yeah, a metro, train, tram and Monorail are different things.
@caiwalsh7840 Yıl önce
They're in Amsterdam. I would put money on the fact he's probs still a lil bit stoned from the night before
@benhurzz Yıl önce
jj and ethan are the last pair i had on my mind being able to complete all the challenges 😂😂 and finish first 😂
@yoshi-cs6ib Yıl önce
Well they were definitely a bit cheaty with the bike and windmill
@DeDon_KG 9 aylar önce
@@yoshi-cs6ib Simon and Vik cheated by taking 4 trains.
@TrippyPain Yıl önce
Everyone walking with their partner and camera man, meanwhile KSI got security following the entire time 😂
@judewarner2313 Yıl önce
No they all had security
@xPastor 5 aylar önce
@@judewarner2313 i think he means steve, (jj's body guard) Btw i am just rewatching these videos lol
@sbhadra25 Yıl önce
There is no way the car ride of Ethan and JJ was for 20 mins🤣🤣🤣🤣 Ethan's expression says it all!!!! It must have been for an hour or two at least! 😂
@rilley548 4 aylar önce
Ik there was like 10 different songs that were played throughout the clips of them
@nona4536 3 gün önce
It probably was around 40, bussum is around 20 mins away but they went all into the city centre which takes way longer than 20
@bentetoxopeus6372 Yıl önce
As a dutch fan this was absolutely hilarious!! To see them interact with locals godd 😂😂
@dekerser Yıl önce
I love how KSI says that it is going to be problem that people don't speak English in The Netherlands, while he is walking in the best English speaking country in the world of those whose mother language isn't English
@dogboy7168 Yıl önce
United States?
@yeetjones927 Yıl önce
@@dogboy7168 the US was a colony of the UK their mother language is English
@slothmanskylaa191 Yıl önce
@@dogboy7168 dunce
@dogboy7168 Yıl önce
@@yeetjones927 Im more than certain they dont have an official mother language.
@BevStar1012 Yıl önce
This was such quality. Sidemen & the team just continually get better.
@dontreadtheprofilephoto..5546 Yıl önce
Don't read my name....
@korylp6219 Yıl önce
Next one, at the end please show us what the correct route would've been! Then we can laugh even more
@luizrenatomazzalima3372 7 aylar önce
​@Aestreax he means the fastest one
@eloisejones4212 Yıl önce
Vik explaining the “ultimate” cutlery was so funny. I used to do scouts and knowing it’s a spork was just so funny 😂
@FFelxi 10 aylar önce
a spork is just a fork and spoon it doesnt have a knife aswell
@CITDBoom Yıl önce
Just finished watching this and honestly tempted to start again, it was like an actual movie!! More like this in other countries please!
@kieranzgoku 2 aylar önce
Honestly, I'm coming back to this video just to say that this is still my favorite sidemen sunday ever created, holiday ones are good too but these abandoned ones are by far the best.
@ultimateships 15 gün önce
14:28 had to be the hardest i’ve seen Vik laugh in a while😂
@ziczic770 Yıl önce
Simon was soo done with Vik's jokes the entire way 😂.. That's the golden pairing we never expected 😂😂
@conorhannigan1905 Yıl önce
They were in the most ghetto part of Amsterdam
@Perrie13 Yıl önce
I was your 666th like
@BANGTAN-fv3xh Yıl önce
And im here before some fake fans will come and say Simon hates vikk under ur comment 😂 if anything they are two of the best pair/duo they complete each other so well
@deutschenihon6353 Yıl önce
Vikk’s that little brother that won’t stop stating fun facts and Simon is the older brother that just wants peace 😂
@scuby7027 Yıl önce
@AFERADEZ 3 aylar önce
Vikk is so wholesome in any situation😂 irritates dafoq of everyone he is with😂
@hazzabo Yıl önce
14:20 Simon had me and Vik in bits 😂
@Optimtimistic-47 5 aylar önce
What did he say
@ChrisMiller32 4 aylar önce
I laughed at his laugh.
@megs9801 Yıl önce
I love how much vik loves ducks 🤣 he seems to always point them out it's so cute haha ❤
@Imn0tCup1d 10 aylar önce
Harry and vik stopping to talk to the animals is so wholesome😭
@himynameisanne 11 aylar önce
i love that harry and toby were dropped off in hindeloopen!! i was there every year in my childhood, its super cool to see them eating at the same place in the harbour that i was eating at and walking the same routes that i was taking so often
@Wrange45 10 aylar önce
Same, as soon as I saw them on the dyke I recognized the place.
@G17x Yıl önce
Josh is genuinely a genius fam, man's built different with his ideas, planning and prep(and definitely some research too)
@jdjd5549 Yıl önce
LoweyK no one cares
@pixeleyes4891 Yıl önce
@@jdjd5549 it’s a robot it don’t care
@_SB-mn1ws Yıl önce
yeah but he is annoying
@tatsumisouma Yıl önce
Also, this wasn't his ideas. There are other TRshowrs who did it before the sidemen
@nathan-tu6kf Yıl önce
14:08 is one of the funniest interactions in a sidemen video ever
@alexteeter6139 Yıl önce
The way Harry asked the cat if it knew where they were was so wholesome
@jamaimabutt Yıl önce
2:34 I love that Simon is just past out and doesn't care 😂😂
@thorganhazard8753 Yıl önce
Even tho they came in last.. Harry and Tobi got the best story to tell about their journey.. a very wholesome journey
@zugger900 11 aylar önce
Seeing Harry and Tobi struggle literally opened my irrational fear of being lost 😂
@stein9179 Yıl önce
As a Dutchman, Harry and Tobi could never have won this challenge, there were dropped at the most remote place in The Netherlands 😂
@tijs1886 Yıl önce
Lol, it's so funny seeing them struggle while for us it's very normal. Also Vik and Simon never went on Thalys
@Djordymans Yıl önce
Facts. They were dropped waaay further.
@ExtremeSpeedMewtwo Yıl önce
They were the furthest out (80 miles vs JJ/Ethan's 46 miles and Simon/Vik's 64 miles). They weren't able to cross the bridge north of amsterdam since the route take longer than 20 mins, and even the other way had such unreliable public transport...
@voetbal12 Yıl önce
@IsaacRXT Yıl önce
Harry got nerfed because of geogeussr
@keanupasha9833 Yıl önce
sidemen been stepping up their production and everything since the first holiday video, mad respect to that. i really hope they do a 10$ vs 1000$ holiday or a abandoned vid in asia perhaps in indonesia maybe cause that would be a banger of a video
@vishwsheta 10 aylar önce
Bro, if they get abandoned in asia, they might either be trapped by people or get at the location at ease. There are only extreme possibilities, my friend.
@x10xiii13 Yıl önce
This is mad content, Josh!! Thanks for planning and organising this type of content, I love it!! 🎉🥳
@lilygriffiths8963 Yıl önce
I think the best bit is when Ethan and JJ are claiming they are close, then it cuts to Harry and Tobi on the theme park having the time of their lives🤣
@Hunter-wb2jl Yıl önce
Viks got the best laugh outta all of them I swear 🤣
@arransadventures7319 2 aylar önce
Ethan was so baked after speaking to the farmer 😂😂
@papa.Li.004 Yıl önce
JJ and Ethan on a team equals chaos and awesome content.
@maddymoo5041 Yıl önce
Vik was having the time of his life and it was so cute to watch. I live in Australia and this blows me out how close each town is to each other. 20 minutes or so?! I live hours away from any town or city lol.
@bartdrent7508 Yıl önce
Yeah the Netherlands is a lot smaller tho u can drive from the top to the bottom in about 6 hours
@blap8448 5 aylar önce
Vic laughing like a menace is wholesome
@char546 Yıl önce
i hope they do make this a series because the london one was hilarious!
@KeyaHS Yıl önce
Shout-out to Josh for this video! Creating this challenge it's definitely way harder than doing it. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
@ItlsWhatltls Yıl önce
There’s something about Vik’s goofiness and dumb humour with Simon’s bluntness and wit that is a great duo😂
@nekonebitan2912 Yıl önce
Tbh Simon kinda seems bored here or he didn't get enough sleep lol. But I'm probably looking deep into it, still an elite video tho
@DatBoiiUche Yıl önce
I make entertaining videos 💯lemme know your thoughts on them
@UzzyT. Yıl önce
@@nekonebitan2912 Simon doesn’t like Vik, it’s common knowledge (strength integrity).
@_jenaissante_ Yıl önce
@@UzzyT. oh grow up and don’t be immature
@killuazoldyck7656 Yıl önce
@@UzzyT. bruh, what? We just making stuff up and labeling it common knowledge now?
@merz1637 Yıl önce
this may have been one of my favorite videos they've done,, it was so fun
@LorenzoVG Yıl önce
As a Dutch person this is so funny to watch😂
@BilboNL 8 aylar önce
Oooh i love watching sidemen, but them having to finish in my hometown was such a blast to watch. I was litterly screaming at the tv telling them where to go 😂
@bilinasmini3480 Yıl önce
What would be good is if they put time stamps for each team throughout the video so we can compare how well they are doing against eachother
@secoat 11 aylar önce
14:25 idk why that was so funny to me but simon’s reaction to the guy, so good.. then Vikk laughing at simon kiiiilled me
@Stac2366 Yıl önce
The other teams: *chaos running and figuring everything out* Tobi and Harry: *insert “I’m spinning like a ballerina”*
@cantdfindmars444 Yıl önce
it never matters how long a sidemen video is, im always entertained lmao
@martinkaraivanov1241 Yıl önce
This seem so fun and entertaining. It would've been even better if they were in different countries and had to get to Amsterdam. Definitely want to try it with the homies.
@happily.ever.attire3227 11 aylar önce
Once again Harry and Tobi are saved by the fans, what legends
@bmtbigmanting3061 Yıl önce
This was awesome! Great work on the video Josh and props to all the guys for figuring it all out.
@brendda4587 2 aylar önce
watching this a year after the first time i started watching the sidemen makes me understand the jokes 10x better.
@robindoktor4787 Yıl önce
As a Dutch person, Harry and Tobi got screwed. The north is deserted compared to where the others were
@naveensnath282 Yıl önce
mawar L+ratio
@notcodgod9586 Yıl önce
@@naveensnath282 nice
@jurkus7078 Yıl önce
@@naveensnath282 nice ratio. wp m8. good job
@Sanji_fr Yıl önce
Bro hun waren in mijn dorpje Ze stonden voor mij school
@Timsk0_ Yıl önce
@@Sanji_fr waar plein Joure
@primetimeromeo3106 Yıl önce
I love the sidemen whenever im sad they cheer me up of their humour
@sebastianberg8841 Yıl önce
Josh making all these videos and planing everything desserved so much respect
@Tip2nutsacc Yıl önce
“So we got some orange balloons over here we’ve got something orange” -Vik standing in front of a gigantic orange building 1:14:35
@depressedbaby Yıl önce
I would not call that building orange lol. More like red
@insertawesomegamernamehere7461 Yıl önce
1:14:05 Tobi's laugh is the Macdonald's jingle
@NHR17 9 aylar önce
@mileswilliams5810 7 aylar önce
The editing is nuts the fact it looks like harry and tobi still have a chance is great lol
@Jublines Yıl önce
I love how much passion Vik has for ducks. DUCKS are adorable.
@dania4407 Yıl önce
timestamp pls? thanks
@iramahmed2155 Yıl önce
@@dania4407 14:30
@Micha-ng7yp Yıl önce
@@dania4407 16:52
@OneMinuteFun5 Yıl önce
Sidemen's videos are always getting better than the previous ones
@luiseje5116 Yıl önce
14:28 I can’t get over Vik’s laugh 🤣🤣
@ubalwendrix5081 Yıl önce
Tobi and Harry is the embodiment of how I deal with problems, i stress over it then do something else fun
@joshdinga14 Yıl önce
Would love to see the sidemen do this in Australia, or even just come to Australia for a challenge video
@pandashoots 2 aylar önce
JJ baked is justso calm! lmao
@aidane123 Yıl önce
As a dutch person, it's the funniest thing hearing them attempt to pronounce everything
@davidd.97 Yıl önce
Echt he
@thijsvanloon779 Yıl önce
Prachtig inderdaad 😅
@praisejesusrepentorlikewis6218 Yıl önce
Repent to Jesus Christ “It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.” ‭‭1 Corinthians‬ ‭13:7‬ ‭NIV
@remmertvankoppen1037 Yıl önce
Zeker waar
@Wem.aep_ Yıl önce
Haha zeker waar
@devanshupadhyay2658 Yıl önce
jj and ethan found so many loopholes in the challenges 😂😂
@ellusiv5121 10 aylar önce
The teams are divided into Knowledge: Simon and Vikk Strength: JJ and Ethan (meatheads) Integrity: Tobi and Harry (remember when he actually stayed in the bad hotel?) And Josh again with a banger video idea
@3au Yıl önce
This is better than so many tv shows it’s amazing and seeing how close it was I can’t
@rredditdiaries4659 Yıl önce
Another amazing video in Europe! I love it when they complete challenges in Europe!
@liambradley6718 Yıl önce
Props to Josh, must've took ages to set this up
@iaboth4727 Yıl önce
I doubt it
@woutmatthijs9874 Yıl önce
@@iaboth4727 how so?
@definitelymdt Yıl önce
@@iaboth4727 how so?
@liambradley6718 Yıl önce
@@iaboth4727 makin sure all locations are similar travel times, similar opportunities to get diff transport, sorting out pricing and stuff
@LungileThabethe Yıl önce
this was hilarious! loved it😂😂
@carenkroes6102 Yıl önce
As a Dutch person, this is so fun to watch
@izz9535 10 aylar önce
Harry and Tobis journey feels like Kate trying to get to Kevin in Home Alone
@Shadowbeach126 Yıl önce
1:04:40 Simon is my permanent mood in school 😂
@Hello-xc6jq 2 aylar önce
I was surprised by how friendly everyone was lol.
@kidding2you Yıl önce
These teams were perfect. Jj/Ethan are shenanigans Harry/Toby are wholesome af And Simon is getting annoyed by Viks antics 😂
@bro89174 Yıl önce
Ethans reaction when that guy said 500 euros 😂😂😂 they shoulda kept him laughing more instead of cutting it hella short
@bro89174 Yıl önce
Azmey English please
@nahu7412 11 aylar önce
I love KSI’s face when he was bobbing to the music😂
@caraghconnolly5613 Yıl önce
That was the most entertaining 1 hour and 40 mins of my life 😂😂
@saharshlakhera7514 Yıl önce
I ha e Been a sidemen fan for a long time and in my opinionen this is THE BEST!video i have seen. It made my day better , it made me laugh and I loved this video by my whole heart. I hope sidemen can make more these kind of videos
@tijndelouw925 Yıl önce
As a dutchie it is hilarious how they pronounce the names😅
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Ajaba: Film - İstanbul İçin Son Çağrı
İbrahim Selim
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#bulla #bullo #karma #carma #bullish #bully #bull
Kuruluş Osman 138. Bölüm @atvturkiye
Kuruluş Osman
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SIDEMEN $100,000 vs $100 THEME PARK
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Eve yaşıt misafir kızı gelince bad boylar
Göktuğ Arslan
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Osman Kalyoncu
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Taso kazandılar 1 poşet✅😱 #hasancan
Hasan Can
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Çocuklar hakkını verdi ! 😂 #shorts
Teşkilat 85. Bölüm @trt1
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