BTS (방탄소년단) 'IDOL' Full Dance Cover 『Lisa Rhee』

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2 yıl önce

『BTS (방탄소년단) 'IDOL'』
COVERED: mainly Jungkook (정국)
#bts #idol #방탄소년단
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imlisarhee 2 yıl önce
Dance tutorial is now up! Gluck learning the dance --->
Ester Rodrigues T.
Ester Rodrigues T. Aylar önce
you are the best OMG
KIM ASMA 3 aylar önce
@balkis beki Mouelhi من وت مثلك أنا من تونس 😭
itz cia
itz cia Yıl önce
Still can't:')
외즈게 Yıl önce
Thank you ❤
Eshi Mae
Eshi Mae Yıl önce
darkmoule77 8 gün önce
i expected that the bear wake up and dance with u... so disappointed
ɮʟɨռҡ XX
ɮʟɨռҡ XX 8 gün önce
Wait is it good if an 11 year old can learn this as fast as lisa- Cuz my sis just did and she dances just like her- While i be over here lookin like a damn turtle-
Martina Rissetti
Martina Rissetti 9 gün önce
Wooooooo I love you like
هدوء اليل
هدوء اليل 12 gün önce
انتي مهوبة حقا ورقصكي جميل 💞💞💜 استمري ....فايتنغ ✊✊💞
minggukiie 13 gün önce
My girl lisa learned idol in a few days and im still learning it 2 years later 💀
AVA BELLE 15 gün önce
Nobody : Me: watching the teddy bear every second
Padma Sharma
Padma Sharma 15 gün önce
Aadhya Reddy
Aadhya Reddy 15 gün önce
It looks so easy to do but actually it's soo hard
Eternal Army
Eternal Army 18 gün önce
I'm just like that teddy bear in the corner too lazy😂
Gato Galleta
Gato Galleta 19 gün önce
Me se la coreografia pero no tengo el flow
Geo Silva
Geo Silva 20 gün önce
Perfect 💜
Aung zay Ya
Aung zay Ya 22 gün önce
Miss jeon
Miss jeon 23 gün önce
NORA TITOU 24 gün önce
Wow love you 🌹💜
Army forever
Army forever 24 gün önce
Who is your bias unnie??
la belle
la belle 25 gün önce
waw omg 👍👍👍👍👍
Saritha ram Saptha
Saritha ram Saptha 25 gün önce
I wish BTS want to react . U practiced very well BTS will appreciate you ALL THE BEST 💕
Naomi Gesima
Naomi Gesima 25 gün önce
Dynamite BTS 🙏🙏😉😉💜
Swati S
Swati S 28 gün önce
You nailed it. Superb......,💕👍 Lots of love from 🇮🇳
Paula Rangel
Paula Rangel 29 gün önce
Todos estamos de acuerdo con que lisa podría pertenecer a cuelquier grupo de kpop sin problemas?
Ini Mahesh
Ini Mahesh Aylar önce
How much time do you take to learn these dances? Because you performed it gracefully and your dancing 💜
YuLyA Aylar önce
Laudivania Da Silva
Laudivania Da Silva Aylar önce
Vc me ajudou mesmo . Obrigada . Brasil ?
Any Elise Gonçalves Maciel
Any Elise Gonçalves Maciel Aylar önce
Beutful girl
sara bennacer
sara bennacer Aylar önce
I tired to do this but I throw up on the couch🛋️🛋️🛋️
Mehak Manda
Mehak Manda Aylar önce
You are very good in Dance 💃 and your all moves are very smooth I love 💖 your Dance
Bimal Das
Bimal Das Aylar önce
Awesome dance👍👌
Tahera Moon
Tahera Moon Aylar önce
I am the biggest army of BTS . I am Indian but i love South Korea .
Tahera Moon
Tahera Moon Aylar önce
Your all performance are outstanding I have watched all most all your videos they are just awesome . A lots of love and blessings for you from India.🇮🇳
Aradhana Bisht
Aradhana Bisht Aylar önce
ghazal Ali
ghazal Ali Aylar önce
روعة بتجنن
Michelle Olson
Michelle Olson Aylar önce
Ignore this comment im using the comment to restart the place i started to learn the dance 0:53 1:32
Cruz Gonselves
Cruz Gonselves Aylar önce
Thnkx a lot... I've already learned half of the dance in just one day...thnkx a lot
x._anny Aylar önce
i'm only learning this because i have no one else to do this with me 😭
NAHID AKIF Aylar önce
Pooja Singh
Pooja Singh Aylar önce
You dance BTS fire plzz
Fjhc Dign
Fjhc Dign Aylar önce
Both girls dance and boys dance are so good, Lisa, fighting
Manisha Arza
Manisha Arza Aylar önce
Me: it's really easy😎😎 My mind:it's really hard😱😱😱 She is really awesome 😍😘
Adiba Islam
Adiba Islam Aylar önce
When you jump you look so cute