30 Must-Know Idioms for Fluent English Conversation

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POC English

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Learn 30 absolutely essential English idioms in this lesson!
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In this video, you'll learn 30 common English idioms that native speakers use all the time. Idioms are phrases that don't mean what they seem to on the surface, but once you understand them, they can really help you communicate more fluently and naturally. From "break a leg" to "throw in the towel" to "the ball is in your court," you'll learn the meanings and usage of these 30 essential idioms, along with example sentences and tips for using them in conversation. By the end of the video, you'll be equipped with a powerful tool for sounding more like a native English speaker and communicating with greater confidence and ease.
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@tammytsang3487 5 aylar önce
Don’t judge a book by its cover . You are Italian and English is not your mother tongue but you have the best qualities and talents to be a great teacher online. Thank you for all your interesting videos which are beneficial to students around the world.
@theaMadison889 5 aylar önce
I see eye to eye👍
@jehad9644 3 aylar önce
He’s a Persian guy .bro
@Aidaadrian5 3 aylar önce
He is Iranian
@shaziaahmad53 2 aylar önce
I can't download book ,as I didn't get any link in my email
@tammytsang3487 2 aylar önce
@@shaziaahmad53 I did but I didn’t spend too much time on his teaching because I have been followed other you tube channels especially BBC learning channel and Bob the Canadian. Also, my own teacher is Michael from Happy English.
@bestieaqivatih871 4 aylar önce
As an English teacher, it's so beneficial for me to expand my English. Thanks, Maddy.
@zipporahwanjiru7365 20 gün önce
Wow! A nyc teaching.
@phamthuhuong1369 5 aylar önce
As a teacher of English from Vietnam, I’m sure you are one of the best teachers on earth. Thanks for your great lessons, Maddy!
@krishnamurari8618 3 aylar önce
Thank you Maddy very much. I've taken note of all the idioms .By the way,when you started telling meaning of Easy as pie,I immediately uttered POC and you repeated the words .What a coincidence! Grateful Maddy😊😊
@NunuTeshome2021 3 gün önce
I will always be grateful for the time and effort you put into teaching us.
@sonieconcepcion8271 5 aylar önce
Sooo blessed by your amazing teaching! One of a kind great English Teacher! Praise God for you Teacher Maddy!
@BaruvaUttara-rw5tq 5 aylar önce
Awesome! 30 idioms along with meaning and examples will be benefited to everyone. Your way of teaching is great . Thanks a ton .
@levingstonsoares2660 15 gün önce
That's really true, I am enjoying ❤ this lesson
@xenielema954 5 aylar önce
🎉 thank you Sir Maddy You have explained us these idioms so the ball is in our court now,we gonna use it in our daily life 😊
@veracremm9878 5 aylar önce
Muito obrigada por esse vídeo... Muito útil pra mim... Além de aprender "IDIOMS", eu presto atenção na maneira como você fala, na pronúncia de cada palavra, enfim em cada detalhe, porque me ajuda melhorar meu inglês...paro e volto o vídeo várias vezes, para perceber a pronúncia... Isso é muito legal, numa sala de aula, não ousaria interromper a aula toda hora... Agradeço muitooooooo sua lição! Adorei!!! São Paulo - Brasil
@redmitwelvec 7 gün önce
Be careful his pronunciation is wrong!
@rukaiyamujeeb9687 5 aylar önce
Thanks Maddy . I faced many difficulties during my lecture of idioms.but now its all clear .and it also make me confident now.❤ love from Pakistan 🎉
@hulkarahtamovna5349 5 aylar önce
Hi Teacher 👋 Thanks a billion for a new, useful and interesting video 😊
@soleablon7033 Aylar önce
Thank you, teacher for shearing us these idioms ❤
@hninkaykhine9736 5 aylar önce
Thank you teacher Maddy. Your lessons are really good.
@amalde6235 5 aylar önce
I know the most of these idioms but I forgot the meaning and how I can use them but after this video I'm sure that I'm gonna use them for sure in future 😊 thanks for your efforts and keep going 🙏💪💪🥰💯
@asifamin8122 Aylar önce
Respected sir, plz if possible, explain simple difference between idioms and proverb. Love to watch your videos, Be blessed and may you excell more
@ThinkBritishEnglish 5 aylar önce
Haha I'm a British teacher and I have to say I love the way you deliver these videos. Always a feel good vibe. Your character shines through. My channel is pretty new but I find it inspiring watching what you're are doing. 😀
@niamatullahkhan2505 5 aylar önce
What 😅
@ThinkBritishEnglish 5 aylar önce
@@niamatullahkhan2505 ?
@jsarkar1091 Aylar önce
I like your teaching. And when there is the double role, I feel that there are really two people there. Lots of love. 💚💚💚
@memimilanova4309 5 aylar önce
You are an amazing teacher. Thanks for all your interesting videos. They are priceless ♥️ This channel is my best favorite youtube channel.
@user-rf5ht5ed7b 4 aylar önce
If i could give more than one "like", I would definitely do it! Love your videos, your attitude, mood and energy!
@jumana667 3 aylar önce
You are really very funny n so good at teaching the language.. I love watching ur videos n learn a lot from them.... Thanx Maddy ❤
@POCEnglish 3 aylar önce
You are welcome!
@frankgradus9474 3 aylar önce
Actions speak louder than words. = Fine words butter no parsnips.
@amaangaming7795 5 aylar önce
Hi Maddy and all of my friends i am from up in India i have been watching poc channel last six month and it has been amazing English learning journey with Maddy and his teaching way is awesome that's why i would like to pay thanks to teach me English so kindly you are just amazing keep teaching us with your funniest expression 😅😅😅
@yalakalanaresh8380 5 aylar önce
@englishbycharith4219 5 aylar önce
Hey cheers maddy sir , ♥️ plz make some videos including sentences ( active voice / passive voice ) Best tutor ever ♥️🙏
@samathanh9950 3 aylar önce
I'm really grateful, this is a great video and very helpful for those who want to improve their English.
@POCEnglish 3 aylar önce
Glad you think so!
@sumeetkumar3272 2 aylar önce
Thank you for these very useful idioms, which are important when we are talking someone. ✍️
@rhodahmukolwe2553 5 aylar önce
I like your presentation.A very expressive teacher with unique clarity.Very grateful . Continue teaching us more to be fluent in English.
@zemfiramustafazade9348 5 aylar önce
Thanks a lot 👍. I love the way you are explaining, so inspiring! 🥰
@LisaArlink 5 aylar önce
Hello teacher.I am from Uzbekistan🇺🇿. I watch all your videos.They are very useful. Thank you for teaching us😊😊
@user-vl1tq3vd4f 3 aylar önce
선생님 발음이 귀에 쏙쏙 들어오네요 정말 도움이 되는 표현들이에요 그리고 예문도 적절하고요 열정이 느껴지는 강의입니다 이런 벨류어블한 비디오를 쉐어 해주셔서 감사합니다😊😊😊
@user-my2ie5qe9d 21 gün önce
Exactly i like it 😅
@khaleedalwychannel3387 5 aylar önce
Thanks a bunch Sir Maddy, I always watch for a new and beneficial videos that you've posted 🙂🙂🙂 keep it up Sir 💪
@priyankaprabhudesai 2 aylar önce
Thank u very much its so helpful.You explain so nicely ,telling the meaning and giving eg 😉👍Great job done
@cristianoaragao4315 5 aylar önce
I really love the way you teach ❤
@licokr9798 5 aylar önce
Thank you so much for your videos. I'm gonna make some sentences with the idioms I learned from the video to practice. English idioms POCEnglish A blessing in disguise. It took me a lot of time to get my first job here but it was a blessing in disguise. While I was preparing for interview skills, I could develop my English to the next level. If I didn't have the time, I would've had many troubles at work. A dime a dozen I heard that Koreans are a dime a dozen in the city, but it is not. It's hard to find Koreans out there in the city. Actions speak louder than words. Although I know actions speak louder than words, I find it is really hard to take an action. It needs more courage than words. All ears When I talk to someone, I keep trying to give them impression I'm all ears for them. Beat around the bush. I always beat around the bush. I'm afraid of what I'm saying hurts somebody. Bite the bullet I think my English reaches the level for job interviews within one and half months. But I'm running out of my budget. I have to bite the bullet. Break a leg You're gonna be fine. You worked really hard on it. That will pay off. Break a leg! Cost an arm and a leg The currency of Euro has been rising up continuously. Everything costs an arm and a left here. Cut the chase There must be some reasons you came to me now. cut the chase, what's up? Easy as pie Learning English with POC English is easy as pie Every cloud has a silver lining. I'm still scared of every challenge here, I want to make a step, but I'm afraid of what's gonna happen afterwards. However, I know every cloud has a silver lining. I don't need to be afraid of new challenges. Go the extra mile If you really want to do something, always go the extra mile. Hit the nail on the head Yesterday, I used an idiom in a conversation. I hit the nail on the head. In a nutshell In a nutshell, you need to go abroad and get some experience there. It's raining the cats and the dogs I'm soaked. It's raining the cats and the dogs. Let the cat out of the bag If you're not ready, don't let the cat out of the bag. That's gonna be a problem. Once in a blue moon I love Korean food. Since going out to eat at a restaurant costs an arm and a leg. I go to a Korean restaurant once in a blue moon. Put all your eggs in one basket. I used to put all my eggs in one basket. I have realized that I shouldn't do that anymore but this challenge is my last what I do it once more. Rome wasn't built in a day. I know Rome wasn't built in a day, whenever I hear someone's success, I'm upset. See eye to eye At first, they were struggling to make some point meets for both. They finally saw eye to eye Spill the beans. I just told you about it a few minutes ago and you just spilled the beans?! take a rain check I'm sorry, I got something to do at work. I don't think I can make it this weekend. Can I take a rain check? The ball is in your court I gave you everything to live here that you need. Now, the ball is in your court. The early bird catches the worm I'll try to go to bed early from now on. I'm gonna show you the early bird catches the worm. The elephant in the room You don't need to spend time with me if you don't want. I know I'm the elephant in the room The whole nine yards. I'd like being alone at home. I'd like to read, watch TV shows, play the computer game, home training, the whole nine yards. Through thick and thin It's just a phrase. You need to go through thick and thin with your partner. Throw in the towel I tried to learn both languages together, but it takes more time to study. Since I don't have much time to start to look for a job, I threw in the towel for German. But just for now. You can't judge a book by its cover Tom is a really good friend. Kind and thoughtful. He always supports me. You can't judge a book by its cover. Once you get to know him, you're gonna love him. You hit the jackpot Wow, you got this room only with 3 euros? You git the jackpot!
@fathimajoji949 5 aylar önce
I really love the way you teach... it's very clear😊😊
@markhabatabdigalieva4962 5 aylar önce
Thanks.Great teaching.I would like to download all your lessons in PDF🙌
@Ukraineinheart22 3 aylar önce
It'd be great if you give the list of the idioms at the end of the video🙏
@MrPaulGaming Aylar önce
Through thick and thin: I already knew that, I listened to it in Sprinter, the song of Central Cee ("With bae, through thick and thin"). No way, I found the meaning, thank you so much. Appreciate your videos ...
@Vikkynwa19 Aylar önce
It’s an interesting idioms, thanks POC ❤
@user-zm4jf6ds4v 5 aylar önce
Thank you for teaching english in a fun way..I never bore learning with you.looking forward to your upcoming videos
@cristinemercado8257 5 aylar önce
I really enjoyed your videos.. It's not only bring me a knowledge but also an entertainment at the same time..
@zibaa1234 Aylar önce
You are one of my favorite English teachers❤❤❤
@user-pi3nv1kt9h 5 aylar önce
Thank you Mr Maddy. I am a cheerful with your lessons ❤
@omeribrahim1051 15 gün önce
You're a good teacher. Your lessons are nice and clear . Break a leg.
@marianoscotti8899 5 aylar önce
👏👏👏👏A very good lesson, Maddy ! Saludos, from Olivos, Buenos Aires, Argentina🇦🇷
@user-kw7wg6vg6x 5 aylar önce
Hi everyone,I'm from Kazakhstan!🇰🇿 Sir,thanks to trying teach us something,this idioms are really useful for me,break a leg-best idiom hahahaha😁
@farhanaziz9638 5 aylar önce
Your videos are great. Please make a video on pseudo verbs.
@yasyrarfatyasyrarfat5282 5 aylar önce
The greatest lesson I ever learn today.
@barleentuli679 2 aylar önce
Too good 👍 Thankyou for your wisdom knowledge.
@ninjalp4618 5 aylar önce
That is interesting. Some idioms could be translated word by word in german and still literally mean the same as in English. Greetings from Germany. 🇩🇪
@hansan4ever 5 aylar önce
Your video is really helpful 😊
@lalisharma7667 5 aylar önce
Thanks a million from India 🇮🇳 your manner of explanation is stunning 🎉☺️
@user-kc2lj9gm6p 5 aylar önce
Amazing teacher, thanks a lot🙏🙏
@georgekurien1229 5 aylar önce
As a teacher of English language, I can't help saying that your performance is great .
@god.m.2720 5 aylar önce
U are the good teacher sir. I learn lot of things today. Thank you very much Maddy sir. I am from INDIA🇮🇳
@sang881 5 aylar önce
Very clear. Thank you sir!
@visal2319 4 aylar önce
thank you MR Maddy for sharing this content . Maddy is a good teacher for all of you .
@POCEnglish 4 aylar önce
Glad you think so!
@jamalmarzouk8274 5 aylar önce
Thank you a lot , you are amazing simple explanation and very enjoyable , please continue
@nasirmahmood2434 4 aylar önce
This video really help me to gain knowledge and I love it. English is really very amazing🤩.
@yzellalouise6826 5 aylar önce
I only see these great videos once in a blue moon, now I can hit the nail on the head in my upcoming exam
@nadinekhan7808 4 aylar önce
I really enjoyed watching your videos . Your smooth way of explanation is interresting . You are the Best
@rajeevroybpl 2 aylar önce
Thanks Maddy is so helpful for me as my SOF IEO [International English Olympiad ] is very near on 26/9/23
@Katy-qj5qb 5 aylar önce
The way you teach is funny and interesting 😍
@brunozaccardi8729 5 aylar önce
Amazing lesson, I have really enjoyed it. Got an alternative for "you get what you pay for", which is "if you buy peanuts, you get monkeys". Hope you liked it. Have a nice day.
@maryamansari6077 3 aylar önce
Thank you teacher.thank you for your patientce❤
@uzs147vdjufurzj 5 aylar önce
@user-qy5cq4we8o 5 aylar önce
Thanks millions teacher❤ I never knew about these idioms
@zamanafarid7808 5 aylar önce
I have seen the most of them,i think 3or 4 i didnť know thanks teacher❤😊
@Yose2027 5 aylar önce
Thank you Maddy, I knew that this would be the right channel to learn English. Your lessons are "easy as pie" but "Rome wasn't built in a day".
@shauryajain6490 5 aylar önce
don’t overuse idioms jsyk
@Yose2027 5 aylar önce
@@shauryajain6490 good point!
@user-nl4xj9vn4v 5 aylar önce
Your videos are excellent ❤❤
@just_a_person_on_net 5 aylar önce
Although I knew all of them, I watched the video just because I like Maddy's videos🤩
@monicachen1940 5 aylar önce
Thank you! Easy learning POC!
@bapoofans9726 5 aylar önce
Sir can we change the pronoun in idiom such as 23. " THE BALL IS IN HIM COURT"
@sherali9504 5 aylar önce
Hi I am from Pakistan. I love teacher Maddie . You're best teacher on TRshow . I had seen many teacher on TRshow but your unique than all teachers ❤. you explain all our matter or problems in everyone video .
@pinmorningsunshine5653 5 aylar önce
😊😊Thank you 👍 teacher Maddy,this is useful someword I don't know 😮😅
@POCEnglish 5 aylar önce
Glad you liked it, pin!
@ShaafieAli-sr6vh 5 aylar önce
Now I got the best teacher of English ❤ Thanks for ever long life 🙏 dear teacher
@user-kf5vj3yf3z 5 aylar önce
とても勉強になります‼︎ Thank you so much. Love from Japan 🇯🇵❤️
@niamatullahkhan2505 5 aylar önce
Thank you for you teaching sir great lesson ❤❤❤
@nataliyamaksymiv5035 5 aylar önce
Thanks for super interesting video! Idioms are my favourite topic!
@tommynguyen652 2 aylar önce
Maddy is very funny but he teach English very interesting.
@alexandrearaujodecarvalho 4 aylar önce
Very nice lesson!
@sharupkhanjoy3461 Gün önce
so blessed by your amazing teaching..
@AjisEduLife 5 aylar önce
So nice presentation 👏
@PETERSUANG 5 aylar önce
POC is always fascinating . Love it from Myanmar..
@hackamhoh 5 aylar önce
Dude, I am from Myanmar too❤❤❤
@AdminRock4570 5 aylar önce
So am I, Mate! 😂.
@hiralmodi7873 5 aylar önce
Hi sir, can you provide online classes?
@dhanshrigiripunje7589 5 aylar önce
Thank you sir...very well interpreted
@s.r.niroahani3332 5 aylar önce
Thank you so much. I love this class
@anelisaenhle9533 4 aylar önce
Just gained a subscriber 😊.. your videos are helpful
@anndekouvri7116 3 aylar önce
Very good ,I learned a lot
@MsSnowy79 5 aylar önce
Thank you for sharing this video. 😊
@mdsahaporan626 5 aylar önce
I found the way you’ve been teaching English interesting.
@shiwanthibalasooriya-zs3vn 5 aylar önce
You're the best English teacher . Thanks you teacher maddy.
@Ahmet-bs 5 aylar önce
İn Turkey, we use similar idioms in this video such as; Breaking the devil's leg, a dime a dozen.. Also, Great video that could be one of the most useful videos about English idioms.
@zainabalghazaly628 3 aylar önce
@user-zn4gu5pq1b 5 aylar önce
Thanks a lot for your lesson!
@didimado2533 5 aylar önce
Thank u❤ I want more idioms plz
@nasaazishamim7030 5 aylar önce
Wow I have learned a lot from your lessons thank you so much
@inamurrehman647 5 aylar önce
Never getting bored to your videos
@yassery4206 Aylar önce
I want to communicate with you , my teacher , in different ways . Add an Arabic translation to your lesson in a good way . Do not be late .
@user-ck5wv4vl7m 5 aylar önce
thank you Sir Maddy You have explained us these idioms so the ball is in our court now,we gonna use it in our daily life 😊
@minhtrile4122 5 aylar önce
How is this comment similar to another comment?
@minhtrile4122 5 aylar önce
@nandashendge4486 3 aylar önce
Ur way of teaching is really helpful it improving my speaking english From INDIA
@inhhungnguyen6385 Aylar önce
You doing so well, keep going!
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