nct foreign members vs. the korean language

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3 yıl önce

disclaimer!!1 this video is by no means making fun of the members. languages are hard. regardless, the members are v good at korean and nctzens are v proud of them. ok. end of disclaimer. ty for watching :)

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flannn 3 yıl önce
When you are Chinese, play the Korean charades, you understand the words in English - this is Chenle
H_Dream 29 gün önce
@daegal 😂😂
daegal Yıl önce
And when you are English speaking, go to Chinese school. You suddenly can only speak Korean and English even if you don’t know Korean-
celine Youseff
celine Youseff Yıl önce
Don't forget winwin
Happybunns 2 yıl önce
It's also me Hahaha. I am Chinese, speaks fluent English because I study in an international school. I speak a bit of Korean because I lived in Korea for a year
Emi 2 yıl önce
This is so relatable I-
Jung Hoseok
Jung Hoseok 2 yıl önce
foreign members : *can't understand* jaehyun : at your service
gwajadanji Aylar önce
what is that mean? service?
Teresa Downes
Teresa Downes 4 aylar önce
@NCT Jaemin I tried learning Korean It was so hard I just gave up I dont understand Korean I got 18 questions wrong 😭😭😭😭 I will never study Korean ever again
Teresa Downes
Teresa Downes 4 aylar önce
*Nct fansign taeyong saying hello in Korean* Me: *proceeds to panic due to the language barrier*
anoushka *o*
anoushka *o* 10 aylar önce
FOR REAL!! he’s their lifesaver LOL
moonbbxe Yıl önce
wait i kept saying that while watching the video sdkslk
— Lyvia彡
— Lyvia彡 2 yıl önce
When everybody is confused, there's always jaehyun who are explaining.
Teresa Downes
Teresa Downes Yıl önce
3:20 I feel chenle pain just by watching him If their is no English subtitles on a nct video I don't watch it I DONT KNOW WTH THEY ARE SAYING WHEN THEIR IS NO ENGLISH SUBTITLES😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Saira Chaudhary
Saira Chaudhary Yıl önce
everyone needs a jaehyun in their lives but nobody gets one
Choco Melodii
Choco Melodii Yıl önce
Ur likes lol
Siamsiam Yıl önce
Lrrnct Yıl önce
this video series literally made me stan nct
Eiman Fatima
Eiman Fatima 4 aylar önce
Sameeee 😁😁
Ashenarrows~ 4 aylar önce
For real tho
SK 33
SK 33 5 aylar önce
Gayathri . k. j
Gayathri . k. j 5 aylar önce
Same 😂
mochisung's ubb
mochisung's ubb 5 aylar önce
Same haha
sashi vnc
sashi vnc 2 yıl önce
Valentina Ornella Modón
Valentina Ornella Modón Aylar önce
Yana Shah
Yana Shah 6 aylar önce
Cali Anne
Cali Anne 9 aylar önce
@skrt skrt mf not shy not me
Aicel Madine
Aicel Madine 9 aylar önce
Hunny Bunny
Hunny Bunny 10 aylar önce
I know NCT for so long since the 7th Sense era yet I didn't stan them until MAMA 2020, what was I thinking back then :'D
lemilovesgyu Yıl önce
Winwin tries to speak korean but messes up : Nct : oh cute~ Mark tries to speak korean but messes up : Nct : *silence* Mark : "alexa play awkward silence by stray kids"
deez nuts
deez nuts Yıl önce
caw caw caw
babybreadjeongin Yıl önce
Ishra Yıl önce
Joeie Leanne Crismundo
Joeie Leanne Crismundo 2 yıl önce
Ten: said a sexual joke Mark: tries hard not to laugh Jaehyun: pretending he didn’t hear anything keeps on mumbling Jhonny: SO DONE 😂😂😂
Teresa Downes
Teresa Downes 4 aylar önce
Teresa Downes
Teresa Downes 4 aylar önce
What was the joke I don't get it
Lilac 7 aylar önce
Nah Jaehyun did understand the joke and took the joke further, as he said denMARK
L Y 9 aylar önce
@Leona 3:35
vitamin jisoo
vitamin jisoo Yıl önce
3:48 lucas' *"oH yoU aRe nANa?! HA HA" voice is so fUNNY AF* ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
chi mma
chi mma 9 aylar önce
Seems like Jackson voice 🤣🤣🤣
Black Pink
Black Pink Yıl önce
@nyx ?! #Blinkforever!💕
nyx ?!
nyx ?! Yıl önce
@Black Pink lol
nyx ?!
nyx ?! Yıl önce
@Black Pink blinks for life
nyx ?!
nyx ?! Yıl önce
@Black Pink same
jungwhoops Yıl önce
Park yubin
Park yubin 6 aylar önce
@Neo ClydeTechnology where can I watch it?
Viral Patel
Viral Patel Yıl önce
I am your 1000th like 😅💝
lim wen xuan
lim wen xuan Yıl önce
He probably watches a lot of fan videos that we don’t see in his v live 👁👄👁
whipped for nct
whipped for nct Yıl önce
Johnny be like: 👁👄👁, 🙂😐🤨🤐😬🤭😕🧐🥴😑
Olivia Giordanella
Olivia Giordanella 3 yıl önce
Their chemistry is amazing despite all the language barriers.
♡サソリ♡ Yıl önce
@Not my Name I agree 😂😂
Axcelle Yıl önce
jonathan damn it ain’t that deep
Alice Wang
Alice Wang 2 yıl önce
@jonathan chill out
it's okay man
it's okay man Yıl önce
I laughed when Jaehyun saying: Orange Winwin Saying: nimong Ah jaehyun said: lemon Winwin : lemon😅 Cross☺️ Neomu kiyowo.
yaf Yıl önce
Who else came here after johnny reacting to this.
Sunset Drive Crystal
Sunset Drive Crystal Yıl önce
Here to let everyone know WayV had a comeback a few days ago, check out their MV kickback
You are Nana
You are Nana Yıl önce
@Insomnijinx Thank you!!
Insomnijinx Yıl önce
for those who wanted the video: I found it. timestamp: 8:39
Irlanda Lopez
Irlanda Lopez Yıl önce
Can you send the link?
skrt skrt mf
skrt skrt mf Yıl önce
wait can u send a link to it or something
Mariana Lozano
Mariana Lozano Yıl önce
Who else has this whole video memorized and was visualizing it while Johnny was watching it lol
Mariana Lozano
Mariana Lozano 11 aylar önce
@KineticKarma Almost a year ago on Vlive I believe
Catalaya La Faye
Catalaya La Faye Yıl önce
I want to see the video of johnny
stan nct
stan nct Yıl önce
marsya Yıl önce
Me sis me
Rominutemaid Yıl önce
Jaehyun: *the winwin whisperer*
esma 10 aylar önce
this has no right being this funny
Aruie 3 yıl önce
Chenle : "i don't know it in korean" ITS OKAY, SINCE YOU LOOK SO CUTE, ITS OKAY
ylns71 2 yıl önce
@wenee x monbebe x stay when i was new i made the mistake of trying to learn the names by the hair colour ffs why did i do that😔✊
Heaven Green
Heaven Green 2 yıl önce
His laugh made it 10x better
Skarut baboon
Skarut baboon 2 yıl önce
Totemsole 15 im new to i stzn them now for 7 days but i knew all the names even before i really stanned them lmao
wenee x monbebe x stay
wenee x monbebe x stay 2 yıl önce
@Totemsole 15 same!! I'm new to NCT as well and since their are so many memebers it was hella hard for me to know their names!!
wenee x monbebe x stay
wenee x monbebe x stay 2 yıl önce
Yo I just googled his age and his the same age as me and my bday is on the same month as mine but I'm 4 days older than him 😂😂😂
Aly Fab
Aly Fab Yıl önce
love how jaehyun teaches and not making fun of them. worth stanning nct.
Mikaya Ninette
Mikaya Ninette 2 yıl önce
Jaehyun is definitely one of the best translators and he's so patient with all of them
Leah Yıl önce
Jaehyun is like: "it's ok, i know what it's like to be the foreigner, I will help you"
Winnie Chao
Winnie Chao Yıl önce
first hand u pick LMAO THE STRUGGLES when win win is chinese but mark is canadian and win win doesn’t understand korean but mark has no other language but english
Skylar Hubert
Skylar Hubert Yıl önce
bro they all need to understand the language of nct or just settle in learning sign language
Jane 3 yıl önce
It’s funny how Renjun will first explain in Korean then just burst into Chinese 😂
JH Yıl önce
@chenlebear prolly cuz he knew Korean before he came to Korea
chenlebear 2 yıl önce
He prolly the one who understands Korean the most.
Aylin Eraslan
Aylin Eraslan Yıl önce
I love how Jaehyun is always here to help them, like dude is a part of the foreign swaggers but he's not at the same time
엄복순 Yıl önce
You're telling me Johnny saw himself getting stressed because of that "John's banana" joke lmaooo
Emma P
Emma P 2 yıl önce
the first one at 0:08 will forever be my favourite chenle: i don't know what shadow is haechan: *tries to help by miming a picture + ruler = 그림 + 자 = 그림자 (shadow) chenle: i don't know what ruler is haechan: you've got to be kiddi-
renjunfever Yıl önce
Renjun:"I'm confident in Korean" Also Renjun: "I don't know Korean"
ilaria 2 yıl önce
ten: makes a sexual joke johnny and mark: trying so hard not to laugh jaehyun: quietly sip on his milkshake
signed off
signed off 5 aylar önce
he also cracked a joke "denMARK" TT - TT
jaehyun's milk
jaehyun's milk 6 aylar önce
aand it *✨~tAsTeS lIkE lEmOnAdE~✨*
skz music is for gourmets only
skz music is for gourmets only Yıl önce
lmao so, Jaehyun was indeed making another sexual joke too with his "This milk is from Den-Mark" get it?? lol. Also Johnny's joke with Amazon aka amaJohn translates as "maybe John?" in Korean, so it was just an innocent pun.... till Ten just made it a d*ck Joke because he missunderstood it LMAO RIP
JiJi Channel
JiJi Channel Yıl önce
Be quiet don't cry
B N Yıl önce
@리디아 actually no, it wasn't lame at all, we actually wheezed at it before ten comes in🙂
neoCHAOSitizen Yıl önce
Chenle's English accent is literally soo good I'm-
Carla RV
Carla RV Yıl önce
Jaehyun's laugh at 4:12 is forever iconic
Joh Phrodite
Joh Phrodite 2 yıl önce
Jaehyun literally the translator... hahahah his body language tho
Wis Yıl önce
Johnny reacted to this for 2 minutes then said nahhh that's too long and just exited the video lmaooo
jenny Yıl önce
Claudia Yıl önce
where0s this videoooo
『 Yookey Ch. 』
『 Yookey Ch. 』 3 yıl önce
Winwin yelling he’s chinese is a big mood
failing writer
failing writer 2 yıl önce
ksmuisix is mah instg lol yeah the gojek incident
chonky steak
chonky steak 2 yıl önce
@ksmuisix is mah instg ayee sg
Cecilia cheung
Cecilia cheung 2 yıl önce
Winwin is sooooo cute
Palindromically Christened
Palindromically Christened 2 yıl önce
@ksmuisix is mah instg hello fellow singaporeannnn
ksmuisix is mah instg
ksmuisix is mah instg 2 yıl önce
Winwin:is it because i am chinese? singaporean fans get this for sure
Nae Cool
Nae Cool 2 yıl önce
'97 line is seriously the cutest seeing jaehyun helping winwin most of the time :>>
Nisa Yıl önce
Can we talk about the fact that it’s almost always jaehyun helping them out and being patient with them, and also looking so proud when they get it right 🥺🥺🥺
NCity is my home
NCity is my home 11 aylar önce
5:00 Coming back to this video and here I am melting at how attentively and softly Jaehyun is looking at Winwin and actually secretly whispering the syllabels to help him 😭😭😭 *my heart is clenching* 4:17 - 4:47 And in the same game, he kept telling Mark to slow down and was so patient in helping him 😭
chantel 2 yıl önce
Lucas : who is nana? jaemin: im nana Lucas : so you're nana, HAHAHHAA idk i found it funny lmaoo
abcdefghi 2 yıl önce
Yuta is really amazing. He's Japanese yet he speaks so well. He can even roast someone in korean. I stan.
Miscellaneous 2 yıl önce
kimbap kidding just check out like nct being a mess or hyper and you can see how big of a mess they are😂😂
Miscellaneous 2 yıl önce
kimbap kidding so when they were rookies they had a rookies show and yuta was supposed to prompt the showcase in Japanese but he tried a few times but he got really nervous for some reason and asked if he could do it in Korean, it was just a giant hilarious mess
failing writer
failing writer 2 yıl önce
Angela Wu lol really? i’m not really familiar with NCT. i’ve only watched compilations & listened to 2 NCT songs...wanna know more though.
Miscellaneous 2 yıl önce
In smrookies he was supposed to promot their concert in Japanese but he asked I’d he could do it in Korean instead..... like nAnI??😂😂😂😂
Teu lisya
Teu lisya Yıl önce
When Sicheng whined at Yuta is just so cute
Annabella Yıl önce
Johnny and Doyoung watched this video on the most resent NCT VLive! They stopped at 2:48 though...idk if it’s a good thing or bad thing that they didn’t make it to the John’s banana part💀
Hajar Mdn
Hajar Mdn 9 aylar önce
@Life is so Beautiful at the time, they couldn't talk about WayV due to THAAD and the ban on kpop idols. If they talked about them and made it obvious that they're part of NCT, they could have been categorized as kpop and possibly banned from appearing on TV. The ban was lessened and that's how thet managed to integrate WayV with NCT during NCT2020. SM are ridiculous at times but in this case, they were just protecting their artists. Now they can talk about each other however they want and thet even film content together with no problems.
sillyvester Yıl önce
@Yeppeo Grass he literally watched some wayv clips too and there was lots of winwin in the other edits as well, it's not the reason 😐
Life is so Beautiful
Life is so Beautiful Yıl önce
@jisoo kim it's because they dislike their chinese idols.
Yeppeo Grass
Yeppeo Grass Yıl önce
aglkstgma 178 I am not very sure about that
jisoo kim
jisoo kim Yıl önce
@Yeppeo Grass why?
Nina Nina
Nina Nina Yıl önce
3:20 -3:45 I don’t know anything about Nct but this is the funniest sh¡t I’ve seen all day. The way he says it so innocently confused and then does such a joke out of the blue right after😭😂😭😂 I’M ACTUALLY CRYING
Reviance Yıl önce
“i dont know that in korean” “i dont understand chinese well” “how do you say that in english?” *well this is going great*
bananamilkisGOOD Yıl önce
No one: Nctzens: *Scared to get exposed by Johnny*
Kherolaynhy Santos
Kherolaynhy Santos Yıl önce
What I like most about this video is Jaehyun's patience to explain to foreign members the words they don't know ❤💜
bibi vd zanden
bibi vd zanden 2 yıl önce
I'm so thankful for this video omg, this is the video that got me into nct and even Kpop. I just randomly clicked something and thought this was very funny so I checked out some more videos and started listening to nct. And here I am 5 months later loving Kpop and unable to imagine my life without it. thank u so much
bibi vd zanden
bibi vd zanden 2 yıl önce
SaveTheBees lmao thank u :)
Fibi Lalrammawii
Fibi Lalrammawii 2 yıl önce the
Fatini Hidayah
Fatini Hidayah 2 yıl önce
It's Punch era and I'm back to this vid that made me fell in love with Jaehyun
ocarett 2 yıl önce
winwin: _doesnt understand korean_ mark: _talks to him in english_ winwin: *eYE-*
aubree 2 yıl önce
wafa khan chenle
oOLemonzOo 2 yıl önce
@sehri niazi chenle
Kim Hongjoong
Kim Hongjoong 2 yıl önce
Future Qween
Future Qween 2 yıl önce
ocarett IKRRRR
Safibinsoo 2 yıl önce
kiky rizky it’s in a cup of coffee part 1
Alex Online
Alex Online 2 yıl önce
the best is when a member tries to correct someone else or explain something to them but theyre also wrong
mavi. aeri
mavi. aeri Yıl önce
Jaehyun: Orenji Winwin: Nimong 😂😂😂
Jordan .B
Jordan .B 2 yıl önce
my favorite part of this is Doyoung trying to motivate Lucas at 1:09 a big "you can do it!"
neoctsailor 10 aylar önce
4:19 is me when i'm playing the piano in front of my teacher and repeatedly skip the same note even though i practiced at home
stan red velvet
stan red velvet 3 yıl önce
mc: raise your hand if you’re confused winwin: ashamed yuta: proudly puts up hand chenle: puts up hand shyly lucas: is confused
Teresa Downes
Teresa Downes Yıl önce
me: doesn't know what the fuck people are saying
Catalaya La Faye
Catalaya La Faye 2 yıl önce
@tired rat Me too
Catalaya La Faye
Catalaya La Faye 2 yıl önce
Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong Un 2 yıl önce
@tired rat I'm winwin 😹
Ruka 2 yıl önce
Well, me be yuta
stan iz one
stan iz one 2 yıl önce
xdinarist Yıl önce
I just remembered that this was the number 1 reason that really made me stan NCT. I was procrastinating for 2 years but after I saw his/her videos (NCT vs.KOREAN/ LANGUAGE) I already gained the enthusiasm to stan them. I love you Choptops!💚💚💚
jiae park
jiae park 9 aylar önce
I love Lucas so much because he came to my country... But I love all the members of NCT
bibi vd zanden
bibi vd zanden 2 yıl önce
I'm so thankful for this video omg, this is the video that got me into nct and even Kpop. I just randomly clicked something and thought this was very funny so I checked out some more videos and started listening to nct. And here I am 5 months later loving Kpop and unable to imagine my life without it. thank u so much
Dark Demon
Dark Demon 3 yıl önce
Jaehyun and Jaemin to the rescue with their foreign members Winwin being triggered about the korean games is me in school
-- 2 yıl önce
Frecious Rian Pingol
Frecious Rian Pingol 2 yıl önce
i love how jaehyun was helping winwin even though there not in the same team lol
ShoTaro Milk Tea
ShoTaro Milk Tea Yıl önce
Imagine nct making song versions in English, mandarin/Cantonese, Thai, Japanese, Korean, and German
x Becca x
x Becca x Yıl önce
Love how Mark trys to help winwin with the Korean word in English but he speaks Chinese...that gets me 1:10 - 1:34
Crisanta 10 aylar önce
I love Jaehyun's level of patience
shruti nandy
shruti nandy Yıl önce
I'm learning Korean but whenever i feel sad that I can't remember a korean word I watch NCT foreign members speaking korean and I gain confidence.
Aleeya Roslan
Aleeya Roslan 2 yıl önce
This video is the moment when i started wanted to stan nct bcs their cuteness struggling with this languages Ty btw✨🍬
caramel coffee in Ncity
caramel coffee in Ncity 2 yıl önce
that's so cute and welcome to ncity :)
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