Why You Wouldn’t Survive Life As A Medieval Peasant Farmer | Tudor Monastery Farm | Chronicle

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Chronicle - Medieval History Documentaries

Chronicle - Medieval History Documentaries

10 aylar önce

Historian Ruth Goodman and archaeologists Peter Ginn and Tom Pinfold turn the clock back 500 years to the early Tudor period to become tenant farmers on monastery land.
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Chronicle - Medieval History Documentaries
Chronicle - Medieval History Documentaries 9 aylar önce
It's like Netflix for history... Sign up to History Hit, the world's best history documentary service and get 50% off using the code 'CHRONICLE' bit.ly/3iVCZNl
Wyatt Cole
Wyatt Cole 4 aylar önce
Does it focus on historical roles/classes that I wouldn’t wanna be and why I wouldn’t wanna be them?
Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon 3 aylar önce
Pinsch Runner
Pinsch Runner 2 aylar önce
Why is this video not available for viewing in the US?
Wyatt Cole
Wyatt Cole 2 aylar önce
@Pinsch Runner I’m American and the video is available without using vpn
Pinsch Runner
Pinsch Runner 2 aylar önce
@Wyatt Cole it said that uploader has not made this content available in your country. Will try again. Still same message
Patchwork Gardens
Patchwork Gardens 9 aylar önce
I've been farming for over a decade, and can concur that agriculture is not for the faint of hearts, although these sancestors were dependant upon it as a means of survival. I cannot imagine growing anything without the use of plastic, as I integrate plastic for efficient irrigation methods, season extension, and solar mulch to prevent weeds. I am currently sitting inside of a greenhouse in the middle of a snow storm watching this video, just inchase the power goes out so I can kick on a generatoer and keep 100 chicks alive in the 19degree weather. This lifestyle required hundreds of generations worth of mistakes in order to survive in tandem with nature's lack of empathy, a legacy art form that so many of us have forgotten in an era of convenience.
ErraticFox 8 aylar önce
Chronicle: Why You Wouldn’t Survive Life As A Medieval Peasant Farmer Patchwork: Hold my beer
Dubuya Jay
Dubuya Jay 8 aylar önce
Tell that to the dunces trying to take over the world ATM.
Kathleen Long
Kathleen Long 8 aylar önce
They didn’t have the harvests you do but they didn’t need them that big either.
Rhizophagous Ramblings with R.P. Humunculi
Rhizophagous Ramblings with R.P. Humunculi 8 aylar önce
Thanks for pointing out! Excellent point on plastic and irrigation. Would love to sit with on of them and learn their tricks/methods.
AI Will Save Us
AI Will Save Us 8 aylar önce
Office work isn't for the faint of hearts. We all have our struggles
Kreme Sauce
Kreme Sauce 7 aylar önce
I really hope this group gets another series. They’re so passionate and are wonderful teachers.
justin morgan
justin morgan 7 aylar önce
This series was made 10 years ago, they did do another one based around a "modern" castle in being built as an archaeological experiment in France.
Nathan Scarlett
Nathan Scarlett 7 aylar önce
I believe they also have a series on Victoria England and ww2, as well
June Byrne
June Byrne 7 aylar önce
@justin morgan they have one in 1910 Edwardian Farm and another on how trains changed the country in the mid 1800s.
Cana Dey
Cana Dey 3 aylar önce
⬆️ here’s the whole Edwardian farm series 🧡
Christina Aylar önce
I think it was made in the 2000s.
Kim Quinn
Kim Quinn 4 aylar önce
I am a 63 year old woman who has never farmed a day in her life. I have learned more history, gained so much respect for these hard-working souls and found a few things i would like to experiment with in my own kitchen, ...i am amazed at all i have learned so far in this episode than i ever learned in school. Thank you for such a wealth of information, these wonderful re-enactors, the sharing and authenticity and the Hard work I can now see calls for the deepest respect. Thank you again and again.
Pool Hall
Pool Hall 6 aylar önce
As an American kid growing up in the UK I had the distinct privilege of attending some of the most accurate historical reenactments and experiences via the national trust and other restorative groups. Simply amazing.
Chadam Smasher
Chadam Smasher 2 aylar önce
thats really neat glad you could appreciate the experience
A. Azazagoth
A. Azazagoth 8 gün önce
I love the National Trust. It’s one of very few organizations that keep their books clean. No shady people pocketing money. They have done so much for the UK.
Warp DriveBy
Warp DriveBy 7 aylar önce
I've worked as a professional blacksmith, which some think is hard work, but I love doing it so it's almost meditative at times. As a type of artisan one would take broken metal things to, I've had farmers visit regularly. First, all blacksmiths are good arm wrestlers, but not as good as a farmer it seems. Secondly, every one walked in and knew where to stand to be safe and not to approach a 3000° forge! They were also proficient with the things I do, and would have been good smiths! It may seem boring bumpkin, but modern farmers are impressive people.
LuvBorderCollies 6 aylar önce
On a working farm you have to learn and master a wide variety of skill sets. Growing up on a working grain/livestock farm I take the needed skills in stride without a second thought. Outside the farm I enjoyed working with farm kids as young as 8 to 10. When doing a task they think ahead and use common sense and a task goes so much smoother. They know how to run tools correctly and don't have to be told every little move. Town people are good consumers and complainers about "hard" work.
Warp DriveBy
Warp DriveBy 6 aylar önce
@LuvBorderCollies Yeah, sounds right, but I keep in mind how unhappy I'd be working in an office all day, looking at screens and generating reports and forecasts. It's important, but I couldn't do it for long.
theCosmicQueen 4 aylar önce
i love hand made iron things, what a useful trade that seems to be... we used to have a blacksmith living on our property, my horse was always well shod. he knew a lot about horse's hooves, thier health etc. we had a welder artisan on the same road as well. he made our black iron(?) grillwork stair rails. A forge/ foundry is the place to work in a cold climate, especially in the old days or where there's not much other heat.... imo.
Warp DriveBy
Warp DriveBy 4 aylar önce
@theCosmicQueen It can cut both ways, and sometimes in very unexpected ways! On hot very humid days, the best place to be is directly to the side of the forge, and to keep cool water on your clothes. The hotter air allows the water and sweat to evaporate and cool you down, it feels wonderfully comfortable compared to the swamp-@$$ I'd be feeling just five feet away! I can make great horseshoes, but that's all the farrier skill I have! They're awesome, and one of my teachers started that way. He had some methods and techniques I had never seen or read about and most smiths I meet hadn't known them either. Some were miles better than the way many of us typically do things, and the squashed stubby hammer many of them prefer is now my go to for scrollwork or graceful compound curves.
Maggs Bufton
Maggs Bufton 4 aylar önce
I come from a family of farmers; they are the most multitalented,, professional and proficient people I know; they can practically do anything with confidence. From veterinary care, heavy duty mechanics, welding, building houses, buildings , electrical work, fine carpentry, growing grain and produce , butchering, management and care of all farm animals to drywall installations and accounting. . Farmers work hard and do NOT specialise in any one thing, but hundreds of things.
Tabaxi Khajit
Tabaxi Khajit 7 aylar önce
I was sad that my great grandmother never taught me how to work her old loom. My mother gently scolded me not to press her, as it was a laborious process that Grandma might not be up to. Now I understand better. I'm so glad she taught me to crochet. I carry her with me daily in that art. This video helps me respect her even more.
Beth Smith
Beth Smith 6 aylar önce
Join a weavers group. They will teach you how to spin wool and use a loom
Kasvini Muniandy
Kasvini Muniandy 4 aylar önce
I totally get you! I picked up crochet later on in life because I remembered seeing people in my family doing it at an early age. So glad to have learned it!
vicki Lawrence
vicki Lawrence 4 aylar önce
Our elders had a wealth of skills that didn't get passed down to most of us. We really missed out. We had no idea of what all they had to do to survive!
vicki Lawrence
vicki Lawrence 4 aylar önce
It's skills like these that will make a huge difference if there's ever an apocalypse. It's the hardy people that can do physical labor & are resourceful that are going to survive. There's not going to be a lot of need for the white collar types of knowledge.
Promene u zivotu
Promene u zivotu 3 aylar önce
​@vicki Lawrence yeah witch is why moust people always die in an apocalypse.Unfortunately I would be one of the people that would probobly die first because I don't know moust of these skills.
Kacey Reed
Kacey Reed 3 aylar önce
My family farmed in the Dorset area of England back during the late 1400s, then they came to North America in the early 1500s and continued to farm. My family farmed until the 1950s when my great-grandfather sold most of the land. I have one great-aunt who still runs her own small soybean farm, but other people do all the work since she's just too old now (she's leaving them the farm in her will). My grandfather was born in 1930 when that part of the family had (primarily) a dairy farm. It was hard work but he does miss it. He's 93 years old now, and his doctor is betting he will live to be over 100. Grandpa has said he hopes that Heaven is the old dairy farm because he misses it so much. I showed him all of their historical farming series and he just LOVED them all! I got so many stories out of him about the old days when he was growing up while we watched this whole series. ❤
Danny Ruley
Danny Ruley 8 aylar önce
Another great Documentary! Ruth, Peter and Tom along with the rest are doing us a great service! Should be seen in all schools. I like Ruth's laugher!
Ken Marth
Ken Marth 10 aylar önce
I was quite fortunate enough to be visiting the museum on the day they were filming some of the scenes, it was quite interesting.
suzbone 6 aylar önce
That's awesome! What year was it?
Pasquale Alfano
Pasquale Alfano 5 aylar önce
Now, this is what "Learning By Doing"really means! Kudos to the entire crew who crafted this historical and instructional video! 👋👋👋👋👋
WingRider 7 aylar önce
This group has made several outstanding series. Just monumental.
Sarah O'Shea
Sarah O'Shea 8 aylar önce
There's some things- like the steam bending you get moisture from the soil too but yeah, a lot of Vermont farms kept things this way to cut costs for as long as possible and those moving in to play farmer def took advantage of the extra man hours it takes/they were willing to give for a long time. Most haven't forgotten though. If I were younger I'd enjoy doing this again but the saying "What makes you stronger" was edited by the wealthy; it actually goes: "What doesn't kill you, maims you".
Allen Lindsey
Allen Lindsey 6 aylar önce
i knew it had to be something else...lolz here is one for you The full quote actually reads: “A jack of all trades is a master of none, but often times better than a master of one.” This is a quote by William Shakespeare.
xDemon 9 aylar önce
Have these 3 done anymore documentaries like this? I saw the one where they were building a castle in France, and now I've encountered this (both fascinating and enjoyable). Have they done anything else?
scz 9 aylar önce
Literally so many, just check their channel and you'll find them
xDemon 9 aylar önce
@scz They have their own channel? What's the channel name?
pranc236 9 aylar önce
@xDemon the name is just above the like thumb. Just tap on it and it will take you to the channel.
xDemon 9 aylar önce
@pranc236 So they actually run the Chronicle channel? If so, then let me refine my initial question a bit: Have they done anything else similar to the castle building and tudor farming projects where they spend extended periods of time living out a particular era's lifestyle?
Lydia Jay
Lydia Jay 9 aylar önce
As well as this series, and Secrets of the castle, check out Tales from the Green Valley, Victorian Farm, Edwardian Farm, and Wartime Farm. All the series are excellent, though they are hard to track down in order on TRshow. All of them have Ruth Goodman and Peter Ginn in them, though the third person will change.
Ruth Thinking, Outside.
Ruth Thinking, Outside. 4 aylar önce
I just love these.. truly a Ruth kindred spirit 😁.. I’ve been actively learning so much about these skills and historical knowledge for over 30 years .. The UK really is an example of 13000 years of history and the unusual circumstances of their weather and geography and long long history has made stone and Bronze Age stuff available everywhere and after then, a bit of everything in between is somewhere over there.. I absolutely love it.. New England has some perks, but nothing remotely like what they have over there.. 😂 I’d probably spend every waking free moment trying to visit every single stone circle or hill fort or whatever next that I could get to.. 😝 lol
zvast 8 aylar önce
Excellent lesson, why traveling through time would not be a good idea. So much we take for granted. Especially the hygiene.
Marie Katherine
Marie Katherine 6 aylar önce
You get used to the hygiene or lack thereof. Do it long enough and it becomes just life, normal, not novel. I learned this by living with the Swartzentruber Amish. If everyone has a slight manurey smell mixed with the lye soap used for everything including your weekly bath in a tin tub, and everyone is used to it, it’s no matter. The novelty wears off once you’re no longer a guest, but a functioning member of the household, expected to pull your weight.
Lisa Blythe
Lisa Blythe 4 aylar önce
Such a fun way to learn about Tudor times. Love your work.
vicki Lawrence
vicki Lawrence 4 aylar önce
I have immense respect for those people! They used everything they had at their disposal! Nothing went to waste! Ingenious ppl
Depresso 6 aylar önce
I love this series. I really hope to see more of these guys at some point.
Martin Sirko
Martin Sirko 4 aylar önce
my grandmother who lived in village in Poland in first half of 20 century used alkaline solution from ash for laundry and they used to collect rain water for doing any laundry work , and they dried linen on grass too , and they did not have electricity or gas , and they have winter of -10C , -15C , -20C and even colder , but they have glass window , not so long ago .
Scott S. Rizzi
Scott S. Rizzi 3 aylar önce
The thought process, ingenuity and trial & error they used back then to figure these methods out is what astounds me. Bravo!
Elphieglindie !
Elphieglindie ! 7 aylar önce
This is such an important part of my research for my novel, I have watched it several times. I just want to thank you for such an invaluable resource for people working to understand a very forgotten period.
Inken Hafner
Inken Hafner 3 aylar önce
Please leave out that people were drinking ale and ale only. That's a myth.
Bryant Von Miller
Bryant Von Miller 10 aylar önce
This series was so beautiful to view, it really enraptures my imagination. I would give nearly anything to be able to experience this type of life style.. Just for a day
Helen Howard
Helen Howard 9 aylar önce
Just for a day, of course. Don't blame you there.
Shon K
Shon K 8 aylar önce
Omg! The memories 😊
Mirage Grey
Mirage Grey 8 aylar önce
Maybe check out an Amish community.
Leca Ramona
Leca Ramona 7 aylar önce
I so agree. I too would give anything to experience a day doing what they have done to educate us and help us learn about how the history is applied. But I would really love to participate in a whole show. That would be so awesome. 1:09:27
May Poole
May Poole 7 aylar önce
These are my absolute favourite documentaries to watch. The trio are brilliant teachers, plus the comedy professor and pig hottie are nice additions
Working Crass Shero
Working Crass Shero 6 aylar önce
Dr. Hutton's book on witchcraft made its way into my dissertation. I love recognizing my fellow folklorists, academics, and historians! Well done, everyone.
Jeanne Amato
Jeanne Amato 10 aylar önce
This is the best way to learn history. Bring these to classrooms.
jazeboy69 10 aylar önce
TRshow I believe is already an important part of education.
Dale Nelson
Dale Nelson Aylar önce
This shows hard to describe it's absolutely amazing Mother Nature provides everything for them
Opal Leigh
Opal Leigh 4 aylar önce
LOL ok the tread wheel looks a little fun 😂 this series is so charming. As a historian, it makes me wanna try living in the time period I study:)
theCosmicQueen 4 aylar önce
others would probably join such a group. the more the merrier, in terms of splittin g up all the work.
Blue 3 aylar önce
A wealth of information that still applies today all in one video!
C J 4 aylar önce
Tudor life without children, the elderly, or the sick. As well as without criminals, marriage, or true consequence of breaking the rules. What a time to live where you can live out and explore your most adored time period under the protection of a modern world. It feels like a very innocent way to go back in time. Considering all of those aspects are a part of the Tudor farmers history, wow they worked hard! This is fascinating, love the series
Inken Hafner
Inken Hafner 3 aylar önce
We've had a few living history series in Germany, which hadd children in them and it was harsh for them. In the last part, depicting the 1920s they turned the narrative to such a special situation that they could leave out children completely. Which was the right thing to do.
Lola Dog
Lola Dog 8 aylar önce
I thought I wasn't going to like this. Give it a chance. Absolutely fascinating!
Dusty Den
Dusty Den 9 aylar önce
It's true, I can't imagine doing all that work all day every day without music or podcasts or history programs playing from my phone lol
Robert Hill
Robert Hill 7 aylar önce
I believe you would be talking to friends and family while you worked instead. Much better :-)
Tabaxi Khajit
Tabaxi Khajit 7 aylar önce
I'm sad this was so short! I could watch 10 or more hours of this!
Christina Aylar önce
There's an almost 6 hours long video on village life in the 17th century.
Raphaela Hons
Raphaela Hons 4 aylar önce
Love your films and all that is involved❣ I now have my mother hooked on the series 😀👍🏼🌹🌾😇 blessings to you all 🌟🕊
A. Azazagoth
A. Azazagoth 8 gün önce
33:05 This man’s talent is something to behold. The patience required to do this is next level. The Church of England destroyed a wonderful historical legacy because of one arrogant king’s decision to get a divorce.
IHateSweetgumTrees 2 gün önce
I understand that the hard times for medieval farmers were traumatizing by modern standards, but the times of prosperity seem so simple and lovely. In my head, I would love to live by the land and make high quality goods from scratch, but I know that my soft, burger-acclimatized body probably couldn't handle it! But man, imagine living in a time where you could see all the stars at night!
Help your cat to drive.
Help your cat to drive. 9 aylar önce
Thank you guys so much. ❤ So much learning. My dads family is from England. I live in the us.
J Chow
J Chow 4 aylar önce
This is SUPER INTERESTING & so nicely done. Thank you!!!!!
Sarah O'Shea
Sarah O'Shea 8 aylar önce
The pig thing....They're very smart and I knew when they built that pen they'd dig underneath and luckily they don't have frigid winters cuz that'd still be drafty. U want a bigger log halfburied- so the Littles don't dig under it-then u can nitch the diagonal posts and lay whatever up on a regular small hut-like building. Build it against a bank or stone so it's only got one open end they're very warm n cozy if there's plenty of hay in the winter.
Barry and Jacky Powell
Barry and Jacky Powell 5 aylar önce
I recently watched a video about a 1620 farm brought back to life for a year by a team of five in the Welsh border area, entitled Tales from the Green Valley. I found it to be very informative and I then decided to watch this video of medieval farm life. Many differences but also similarities.(They had long horned oxen - not cows). What I also appreciated (as an elderly Roman Catholic, with a interest in history) was the influence of the church in every day life generally. I very much enjoyed learning this. Yes they were hard workers and it took a lot of energy to survive the rigours of those times.
Lee Chowning
Lee Chowning 4 aylar önce
Tales from Green Valley was the first series the team worked on for the BBC, and they went through quite a few. Unfortunately, by the Victorian era, faith was much less involved, so this one is the only other really talking about our faith in the same way.
Chris A. Frederich
Chris A. Frederich 3 aylar önce
There's also The Victorian Farm series, as well as the Wartime Farm series, all by the same series of historians/archaeologists, which you will find fascinating too. I know i did.
Tracey Yerxa
Tracey Yerxa 8 aylar önce
Lots of people survived this life style for many years (unlike the title of his video states). Enjoyed the video. Hard life style.
Katie 7 aylar önce
Many still do.
Derek Gray
Derek Gray 7 aylar önce
The title doesn't say 'no one can survive this lifestyle', only that you wouldn't...
Inglorious Betch
Inglorious Betch 6 aylar önce
Nowhere in the title did it say, "No one survived." It says why YOU (most people nowadays) wouldn't.
Chri Lin
Chri Lin 6 aylar önce
38.43 omg that looks like a copy of my gradad's saw...get a lot of growing up memories from this, small subsistence farm. Nothing went to waste, everything manual, when I was a child they'd just got electricity...no shops etc around. No plastic, consumer shit, no sweets or fizzy pop but clean water from a spring that tasted marvellous and all the beautiful animals. I had so much fun, it was hard work to, especially harvesting....still great.
DutchFurnace 2 aylar önce
Most people wouldn't even survive as a modern peasant farmer. I'm kinda sad that these kind of programs didn't become a hype. There was a short stint of shows like Manor House and The Edwardian Country House (although thinking about it now, that could have been the same show aired in different regions under a different name), but there's like 10 of those kind of "historical reality" shows, that had real people assume the life of a person in history. It was very very VERY interesting to see how quickly people assumed their roles, especially to be honest the people who were given a "upper class"/"luckier storyline" role, and how blind, and cruel, they became towards the hard lives of everyone who had a "lower class"/"not as lucky backstory" role.
Timothy Schenks
Timothy Schenks 9 aylar önce
This was originally released as Tudor Monastery Farm and you can still find it on TRshow under that title. They actually made a separate video about the medieval farm. Your retitle confuses the two.
Chris Asi Romeo
Chris Asi Romeo 6 aylar önce
Love watching documentaries like this.
Justin Weatherford
Justin Weatherford 7 aylar önce
One of my ancestors was a baker for the king of England at about that time.
Pixel Dust
Pixel Dust 5 aylar önce
Very interesting documentary! Thank you for posting it.
Sheri Maldonado
Sheri Maldonado 10 aylar önce
Love these videos, love history
Fernando Falcon
Fernando Falcon 8 aylar önce
This is absolutely fantastic!!! Thank you!
Somee Nicks
Somee Nicks 10 aylar önce
Ruth has a delightful personality. Good show.
Spirit Wolf
Spirit Wolf 6 aylar önce
I beg to differ I actually believe that I could survive this easily. But I’ve always believed in farming the old school way anyways and I’ve spent years farming with antique hand tools and I’m 30
Ann Hughes
Ann Hughes 5 aylar önce
Most of us get our foods from corporate farmers whose only objective is yield. Gone are the days when good farming practices where the quality of the land was an essential part of quality of the food. Of course some can claim organic, but even some of them can barely, legally, make these claims. Since most of us are ill equipped to do this work we continue to fall into worse health. It is a reality of our times.
2horses4U 4 aylar önce
I live & work on a fairly modern farm... and everybody underestimates the work, even with modern tools. It is the work, 24/7, never a day off and never a vacation, because the animals need their daily food and stables need to be tend to, the crops need work, your farm is big and needs attention, you can't imagine how the hours of work fly by. It never, ever ends. That is absolutely exhausting, you can never close the door and let the work behind you. I can imagine how hard it was to tend a farm, when litteraly everything ment handwork and elbowgreese...
Kzarka 3 aylar önce
Grew up on a farm, went into college educated corporate wageslave lifestyle for 10 years, went back to the farm. I much prefer the farm, your work means something and produces something. Staring at numbers in excel and writing sql queries isn't living. At this point in our society living on a farm instead of a suburb/apartment/condo is a luxury unless you literally have no soul and are a bugman.
Sleepyjo 3 aylar önce
I would give up my whole life to live and work on a farm like yours. ny last name litteraly translates to farmer and although I'm a generation into suburban living I hate it. I hate social media, I hate the constantly being connected. I just want to live in a shack with animals.
Wolfson 242
Wolfson 242 7 aylar önce
I love to hear Ruth speak so passionately, and Peter is rather dandy, ain’t he?😍 🤣 watching his flee from the cows 😂
Constantin Gioev
Constantin Gioev 5 aylar önce
Excellent job! Thank you! So gratifying.
Cyn Aylar önce
As I watch Ruth make lard, I am also making it. I have bacon in water to extract the fat, and then I'll let the bacon crisp. The fat will be partly saved, and partly used for softening my vegetables for tomorrow's lunch. Once the water is evaporated the bacon will crisp as the water is drawn off. Then I add the onions, and the beans and soften them all, and then some water and seasoning. I know I would not have survived. I'd be burned for a witch, because i am one.
Roy Meijers
Roy Meijers 2 gün önce
Good history lesson and also for the actors, by actually doing it themselves. Sticking their hands in manure etc. Lol
annastine hammersdottir
annastine hammersdottir 8 aylar önce
I can only imagine how bad the smell of melting sheep's fat is in a dark and enclosed space. I worked briefly in Keenes Restaurant in NY many years ago and their specialty of the historic house was leg of mutton. It wasn't ordered often but when it was the smell would make me nauseas.
Inglorious Betch
Inglorious Betch 6 aylar önce
I'd guess it wouldn't be bad to them just because it's something they probably grew up smelling, so it wasn't "off" to them.
csgaiao33 4 aylar önce
My grandparents still farm like this. The only difference being they replaced plow cattle with tractors.
shelbie gage
shelbie gage Aylar önce
24:59 peas are a miracle crop because they don't strip the nutrients from the soil. Modern farmers use them as a rotational crop so we don't end up in a second dust bowl
A S 9 aylar önce
I know I wouldn't, I'm barely making it as a modern day peasant 😅
Patricia Yeager
Patricia Yeager 3 aylar önce
I love this series!
18 Bees
18 Bees 10 aylar önce
I’ve seen this before, but it’s worth watching again
Dr. Barry Cohn
Dr. Barry Cohn 10 aylar önce
I've seen it before as well.
Robert Telarket
Robert Telarket 10 aylar önce
You have shown this video before under a different title! It so good I'll watch it again!!! This should be mandatory viewing by all students 12 years and older and all adults in the U.S., western Europe, southern Africa, and Asia(non-English speaking as well)!!!!!
Martin Meisenbacher
Martin Meisenbacher 10 aylar önce
I have seen these actors years back on Cable TV History TV channel shows. It seems though, that without the Cable Television agenda at play, that the actual quality of the shows they make have gone up drastically. I have noticed re-used footage put into these YT shows. And yeah, they get re-titled and re-uploaded, cut and mixed to create 'new' episodes A LOT. But for a crew that was used to the budget and all that came with mainstream cable.. They need to get that extra funding for their budget somehow. So re-cycled footage is a fair way to save money and still make fresh content. And yeah, it is quality and worth re watching as I have on so many.
Paige 9 aylar önce
immediately saving to playlist thank you
thebirdbrand 8 aylar önce
Your Mom is worth watching again! 😂
Boozy Bostonian
Boozy Bostonian 6 aylar önce
This was an amazing rabbit hole to have found myself in
Nicole Czarnecki
Nicole Czarnecki 9 aylar önce
I did not need a whole video to tell me that I would’ve died of premature birth and Cerebral Palsy 😏 (Incidentally, as recently as the 1900s-as I recall, the 1940s-I did have a cousin whom died of Spina Bifida 😔.). Too many of us take advancement in so many areas for granted.
Goober 8 aylar önce
No tv show better than real history
francie belcher
francie belcher 9 aylar önce
Loved this. Learned so much!😎✌
Henk Visser
Henk Visser 7 aylar önce
I think the biggest problem would be teleporting sickness, being in a new age with new rules without a warning. I mean If you reverse it, try to explain to a human why you would want a linkedin account...
Martin Meisenbacher
Martin Meisenbacher 10 aylar önce
I remember back in the day when people still paid for cable television. These same four used to appear in a number of History TV channel shows. From what I recall, the topics were all fairly similar. Many have been re-used back into these TRshow shows. But from what I gather, this crew and a few others I see in other channels and shows seem to be able to do a FAR better job now that they are free from a Cable Television agenda.
Sheri Maldonado
Sheri Maldonado 10 aylar önce
These videos should be shown in our public schools from 5th grade and up!
Grenadier 22
Grenadier 22 10 aylar önce
Yeah, cable executives decided that The History Channel would be better represented by reality shows and ancient aliens.
Leca Ramona
Leca Ramona 7 aylar önce
I have really enjoyed all of their shows. It’s pretty sad to me that most people 40 and under have next to zero history and junior high and high school. So many people miss out because of that when a basic history class would get you started and you could decide what you like then research yourself. I guess I really love them all so much is because I love history. 1:37:08
Martin Meisenbacher
Martin Meisenbacher 7 aylar önce
@Leca Ramona I feel that same sentiment. I burn though historical fiction genre novels like witches in the 1400s. My preferred time periods to escape to are between 200 A.D - 1450 A.D with specific interests from a variety of other periods all to specific to be worth typing out. I am 33 though. But maybe I was lucky to have two decent history teachers I can remember. And also recall picking up historical fiction novels found laying around the home which my mother had finished with in times I had no unread books of my own. I agree though, and if anything, modern history programs in schools are aimed at 'erasing' certain aspects of our histories and cultures. Or nullifying them at best.
Katie 7 aylar önce
@Leca Ramona by design, unfortunately
Anne Summers
Anne Summers 9 aylar önce
What about spinning and knitting during this time period? Love this, thanks.
Robert Hill
Robert Hill 7 aylar önce
They have a whole section on spinning in the documentary
vicki Lawrence
vicki Lawrence 4 aylar önce
If one of them was seriously injured which wouldn't be hard to happen idk what would happen. Unless you had children that you could put to work or you had really caring neighbors i guess you would be doomed! 😮😢
Chris A. Frederich
Chris A. Frederich 3 aylar önce
You're a "cup half empty" kinda gal, aren't you? My Grandmother WALKED from Berlin to a farm near Hamburg, between oncoming armies, with an 18 month old on her hip and a 9 year daughter, at the end of WW2, which is about 310 km . . . We were definitely tougher back then. I know my late Grandmother held "Where there is life, there is hope!" as a guiding maxim.
Rae Andringa
Rae Andringa 2 aylar önce
"Another generation sorted." 😂😂😂 I laughed so hard at the beatings
Bjavonlady 8 aylar önce
I love the one that's the 3 of these guys do if anybody knows of a way to see all that they do let me know I've seen a few of them but I found this and it's different so I'd like to know there's more out there
Help your cat to drive.
Help your cat to drive. 9 aylar önce
I like the audio in this, the narration and the music. Mellow and even bc I listen as I am lying in bed.
Taania Dyzel
Taania Dyzel 7 aylar önce
Loved it. Thank you.
Marie Mercier
Marie Mercier 5 aylar önce
I had an infected papercut last week and ended up on antibiotics. I would have died before a year old back then.
Dontwana Givit
Dontwana Givit 10 aylar önce
Good stuff! Thank you so much!
Adam Araujo
Adam Araujo 6 aylar önce
If I could go back in time, I’d create deodorant….. I’d have multiple chests full of cloth 😂
Patchwork Gardens
Patchwork Gardens 9 aylar önce
I likethinking about how emersive this is as these people show me their lifestyle, and then clock out at the end of the day when they go home to their apartment
Nero 8 aylar önce
Some of them don't. There's a few that do live in sight because some things require consistent over sight.
Alberto R.
Alberto R. Aylar önce
Love this, thank you.
I never look at replies lol
I never look at replies lol 10 aylar önce
If I couldn't survive as a medieval peasant then why am I still here 500 years later huh? Seems like I survived my vassalage JUST fine.
gökotta 10 aylar önce
indeed, we did survive.
Nelida AKA Sara
Nelida AKA Sara 8 aylar önce
​​Grace Asher-Creekbird Homestead .......... *whew* 🥲
A New Life
A New Life 4 aylar önce
vicki Lawrence
vicki Lawrence 4 aylar önce
What did she just add to her sheep's milk that she had heated in preparation for making cheese? Was it honey? Or vinegar? She didn't say & I'm really curious they usually give precise instructions but she failed to say what she was using 😢
Chris A. Frederich
Chris A. Frederich 3 aylar önce
She added Rennet, a curdling agent. you can also use nettle juice but it isn't quite as effective.
Chris Asi Romeo
Chris Asi Romeo 6 aylar önce
I am always fascinated ok how was Living like before.
꧁Peridot Rain꧂
꧁Peridot Rain꧂ 7 aylar önce
Peter and his disturbingly close grave 😂
Kelvin Nance
Kelvin Nance 5 aylar önce
Another wonderful remembrance, a reminder of those times. Plus there are the specific skills lost from a time when we were in far closer touch with the earth, our land, and our environment. The systems that harnessed the people to religion, which took advantage of the people, not so much. But I love knowing what the life was like for the 'peasant' farmer, and how so much had to be made from local sources, or paid for with higher costs. Dealing with the minimum was a condition of life every day. Could we do it these days? And should we not keep it all alive?
Penguin Friend
Penguin Friend 4 aylar önce
Nobody is known to have survived life yet
Pakederms favs
Pakederms favs 8 aylar önce
Wait Mark is Ruth’s husband! Wow that’s awesome 😊
theCosmicQueen 4 aylar önce
they probably had much larger families and extended family, living with them and helping out with everything. also maybe a few people living on t he farm and helping aka didn't want to be homeless.
MorseVenture Channel
MorseVenture Channel 6 aylar önce
thank you much. like these educational videos.
Chri Lin
Chri Lin 6 aylar önce
2.31.30 😂👍 great example of the poor people actually getting the better quality, high fiber more nutrients (rye etc mixed in) while the elite got "fancy white" but less nutritious bread. Score👍😂 ....love it when these examples turn up....as with many things supposedly showing status...good fun example that imitation by some high fashion brand of the IKEA bag 😂 omfg I laughed so hard at that. Also one site we excavated had some monks buried, they often showed signs of poor health due to obesity....greed did not do them any favour. 2.31 ish so it was airy ....but chewing is important to release enzymes to better digest your food/extract nutrients. Again, a negative.
Mr. Fancypants
Mr. Fancypants 7 aylar önce
Origin of the phrase "Rule of Thumb at 2:19:34 for all of you etymology enthusiasts out there.
Katie 7 aylar önce
LOL "Can't do much damage with that now, can we? Perhaps it should've been the rule of the wrist." Sorry, I can't hear that phrase without thinking of Boondock Saints.
G Robb
G Robb 7 aylar önce
1:55:24 IT wasn't the alcohol in the beer that killed bacteria and made it safe to drink. Most of their daily beer barely had any alcohol in it. It was the heat in the process of making beer that killed bacteria and made it safe to drink. I can't believe y'all got that one so very wrong!
s a
s a 3 aylar önce
Was thinking this too
ThereIsNoTry 6 aylar önce
Half the old barns around here still have mule tack hanging up.
Ryan Palm
Ryan Palm 4 aylar önce
Sometimes I wonder if we really do have it better. Yea we have modern medicine and much better life spans, but part of me feels like social media and technology is it’s own form of slavery.
steve lauda
steve lauda 8 aylar önce
Best historical video,s ever.
Old man Johnson
Old man Johnson 9 aylar önce
not only did they have to harvest the wheat... they then had to subdue it lol
Rob Francis
Rob Francis 7 aylar önce
When planting peas, throw some seeds to your fellow farmer and say Peas be with you.
pranc236 9 aylar önce
I may have not survived but my ancestors did. I know this because im here now. 😂
Sandra Lauzon
Sandra Lauzon 6 aylar önce
Please take me back to a simpler time regardless of all the pits and downfalls I do believe there was more sincerity and decency.
grim 4 aylar önce
This is just amazing
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