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TEDx Talks

Yıl önce

A speech that will leave you with many questions to ask yourself.
Own your life!
Life doesn't get any easier. You are getting stronger! Master Shi Heng Yi (释恒義) is the headmaster of the Shaolin Temple Europe (歐洲少林寺) and takes over in this function the physical as well as the mental training of the novices, disciples and master students of the monastery in Otterberg / Germany.
His goal and endeavor is not only to explain and convey theoretical principles in an understandable way, but above all to make this knowledge practical and tangible in daily life, and usable for people.
For more than 30 years, Master Shi Heng Yi has been studying and practicing the interaction between mind and body. His strength is the ability to smoothly combine this knowledge with physical exercises and to practice Martial art -Kung Fu and Qi Gong. He has an academic background but he prefers to live at the Shaolin Temple Europe, Monastery located in Otterberg, Germany. Since 2010 he has been taking care of the settlement and he personifies the sustainable development and spreading the Shaolin culture and philosophy. As a contemporary monk, Master Yi holds a smartphone in the folds of his clothes as he sees no contradiction between living together with ancient knowledge and high technology. “The universal law of being successful and happy at the same time means finding the balance”, says master Yi. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at www.ted.com/tedx

@oliviaceobotaru1821 8 aylar önce
As a psychotherapist, I can relate to his thoughts. Too many people living in their heads, too many theories, so less practice, disconnecting body or using it as a mechanical and performative tool. Such a simple, concrete and powerful ted talk ❤
@madalinmd1119 4 aylar önce
The man literally beats a stick with his own body in front of a crowd and then says: ‘now the stress is gone’. Doesn’t that make you second guess his coping mechanism ?
@BombahadurGhalan 4 aylar önce
@Red-bz8no 4 aylar önce
It serves to remove aggression I assume
@cringelord67 23 gün önce
@@madalinmd1119 I think everyone has to cope with problems in their lives, that's what makes us human. To completely remove problems would be to remove our humanity.
@alexanderkillips3121 Yıl önce
This man is an amazing teacher. From ways of the warrior to spiritual guidance and self discipline. Every word this man speaks is priceless wisdom 👏
@chisengakabamba3376 Yıl önce
"Knowledge without practice is just book Knowledge' 👏👏
@A_Ivler Yıl önce
Translate to English please: Ага, конечно. Обычное знание - это просто знание, и ничего другое. Если не практиковаться, то, конечно, знания и навыки отпадут, но они останутся - закон сохранения знаний в природе. В этом не согласен с монахом. А так, да, умные вещи говорит человек. Правда, всё равно есть угроза заснуть от философии.
@pauldickinson5316 Yıl önce
Don't let knowledge stand in the way of truth.🙏
@A_Ivler 11 aylar önce
@@pauldickinson5316 You're great philosopher, congratulations.
@pauldickinson5316 11 aylar önce
@@A_Ivler You are great at english, thank you. Пусть война скоро закончится.🙏
@saiwahng9611 8 aylar önce
@@A_Ivler you don,t have to agree to disagree,everyone has different of capacity,your cup may b full, other may differ,knowledge is the same,if it from the heart than constructive ,from the head destructive!,
@cloudshyne 9 aylar önce
1. His voice is really calming and captivating 2. The things we must all contend with are "choice", and the "consequences" of them 3. Mental strength gets you through, so it's worth investing in. Resilience. 4. Physical activity can build mental resilience and impact a kind of wisdom.
@sharonbrown6202 5 aylar önce
So true about physical activity. I discovered this with strength training and yoga. They really are gentle and easy ways to build resistance and overcome adversity.
@michaelbowers7912 11 aylar önce
His first Ted Talk literally changed my life. This one has refreshed and renewed my perspective for sure!
@htlabscientific399 11 aylar önce
me tooooooo
@michaelfforte 11 aylar önce
Me too. I am currently enrolled in his Self Mastery course. If you do the work and pay attention, you will be rewarded 10-fold.
@Masamoone 11 aylar önce
Did it though? :D
@michaelfforte 11 aylar önce
@@AnnhilateTheNihilist Are you referring to Shi Heng Yi?
@evgeniyzhulikov2235 Yıl önce
This one left a different feeling, compared to the first talk. I don't know if Master Shi reads any comments, probably not, cause there are too many... But I'd like to thank him for the talk he gave us. This was a great talk, and he is a great speaker. I'm just a guy from Russia, but I'd also like to further share what I think on the matter of the missing link. Care and discipline take a lot of energy. I've been feeling lately, that our energy is only that much, for every one of those 8 billion human beings. Each is given their own natural amount of daily/weekly/monthly/yearly energy. Then we have the mentioned choice. It is also my observation, that we don't always realize the total expenditure and where exactly does it go. How much of that energy is taken by what we do over the day? It's not easy to track, since we are talking about psychic energy, not physical. If you are out of physical energy, you muscles can not move. If you are out of psychic energy, you thoughts can not move and you are left with your default state. Which may happen to be... Depression. Or apathy. Depending on how you were brought up and how much of that sweet care you've received. Meditation and physical excersize may (and will) help you change the default state and give you a solid ground for your life. But. If you find energy for meditation and excercize. If you struggle to find it, then maybe you have already exchanged that energy for something else. Maybe something you don't actually need? Maybe. Just maybe, it so happened that you'd been shown ways to trade your energy, that are far away from being optimal or even useful to you? It is not your fault, but it is now your responsibility to notice this kind of thing, since you do already own your life, even if you do not fully accept this fact yet.
@neulindabadajos922 11 aylar önce
@MaiHong2023 11 aylar önce
Браво, Евгений!
@evgeniyzhulikov2235 11 aylar önce
@@lalitspeaks Thank you.
@alexandermartinez6453 11 aylar önce
Wow this was powerful
@ericcheong3941 11 aylar önce
can related, have been realising it more and more recently until this video brought to that sort of topic. i have been really empty recently, being at the default setting of myself these days, i was really thinking of getting energy from some where else, and that thing was, to go out and meet people, just simply doing things, like the Master Shi said. and i did, which this video really confirmed about it, as well as what you said. Thank you, and hope this comes to more realization to others as well. have a wonderful day.
@buddhaneosiddhananda8499 Aylar önce
Only through the spiritual life can we achieve intelligence... love and light makes you smarter... and stronger...
@dalelight8340 Yıl önce
I love his Truth, as he lives it, speaks it, and exemplifies it in his entire being. He is totally inspirational for our world on every level, this is clear!
@jameslipke354 10 aylar önce
Leading by example. It was always meant to be that way. Always. ❤️ ~ APRIL LIPKE
@fallacyfallacy1634 9 aylar önce
It is THE truth.. its just that we can "see" a fraction of it...
@user-rd8pf8mh6c 9 aylar önce
Very convincing .Thank you ❤️
@raghavank4001 4 aylar önce
@ahmedandalous2878 11 aylar önce
"The most beautiful people we know are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, and have found their way out of the depths. They have a understanding of life that fills them with compassion. Beautiful people don't just happen, they're created through hardship."
@FieldFitco 3 aylar önce
@Kimberly__D Aylar önce
hi ahmed, is this quote from Master Shi Heng Yi? i really like it .
@williamdavis8855 15 gün önce
Deepest thougt provoking Truth ever... Physicality!!!! The body when active will teach the fragile mind to put down the thoughts of I cant Do It ... The Body temple is the key. And I've been a victim of my mind over my body for years now. Thanks Shi Heng and Shaolin for the Push. He's right how many lives change by watching motivational podcats... I will be back to post my rediscovery and words of encouragement to others. Practice
@keottotunes5302 9 aylar önce
I agree with his arguments about depression to an extent. The increase of individualism is also another contributing factor. When our brain's wiring is incompatible with society, a brain that thrives on connections and community, the side effects are anxiety and depression.
@TactlessGuy 7 aylar önce
Developed collectivist societies are no less suffering than individualistic countries when it comes to depression. They tend to have different reasons behind it, though.
@halnicholas3791 Yıl önce
Much simpler than the first Tedx talk. I think in the intervening years it’s just become so abundantly clear that the hallmark of modern society is now the glorification of weakness and uselessness, so 师傅 just gets straight to the point now. Great talk.
@sunriseboy4837 2 aylar önce
Great call bud; on the hallmark of society. Great call.
@craftwithvan6272 Yıl önce
Very inspirational. I have signed up for the self mastery program. I am looking forward to learn and gain some wisdom from you.🙏
@moureemou307 2 aylar önce
This man has gone through god knows what kind of hard work.... Just look at his hands.... This man has gone through alot.... Respect for this guy
@maaidakausar9802 6 aylar önce
Brilliant MashaAllah
@martinhorvath181 11 aylar önce
Your words has made a strong impact on me two years ago, I have started new journey of transforming myself , its a life time journey,I am so thankful for everything. I love what you do, all of you. Bless you.
@Redwood-Rose Yıl önce
Wow, short, sweet, & to the point, most motivating, & inspirational, words of wisdom that moved me! Shifu, what a privilege for us your public--glad you're in the world for us to hear & see--and the world is better for it.
@AwakeningAscendancy 16 gün önce
Thank you for the important life lesson ❤❤
@liton31 11 aylar önce
Even the last sentence "Nice evening!!" shows how present he is ,living in only the moment!!
@ProfessoraVera Yıl önce
Thank you Shifu! I learn a lot listening to you. And I feel myself in a higher vibration, so it's not only about knowledge. Thank you!
@katjaweber9819 Yıl önce
Great speech. After I came across Shi Heng Yi's Videos almost 3 years ago I started practicing the Ba Duan Jin (8 Brocades Exercise) daily at home and it helped me to balance physically and mentally, change parts of my life, helped as a routine through tough times, strengthened me during good times. And it activated anchient wisdom, which is stored in our bodies. A few months ago I stopped with this exercise. I had to and wanted to adjust my routine, because of body issues and because my body asked me to activate a different kind of energy. So I switched to something totally different - succesfully. It now slowly came to an end. And for 2 days ago I kept hearing "Ba Duan Jin" first thing after waking up. So I started again with great joy and kept some of the routine from the past months 😀 What a treat. I love the intelligence of our bodies ❤️
@renatomendes6184 4 aylar önce
This guy is as awesome as his forearms 💪🏽
@graceyu4319 11 aylar önce
ShiFu Hengyi's virtue teachings and his wonderful performances, in order to encourage the public to bring physical activities instead of talking. Create our good lifestyles and affect to our surroundings. No conflicts, peace, unite and bring to the Harmany. With greatest respect to him, he is blessed with everything 🐉💪🙏
@DJJOOLZDE 9 aylar önce
I decided today that i would get myself out of bed early and start taking walks, just by myself, to regain the stamina i have lost as of late. It felt great to get outside and move the body. I got to spend time with myself and really accept & cherish the things i value, and make a change to self-improve. I know what i want, and as long as there is time, will keep heading towards it. Lovely to listen to honest and open perspectives like his talks.
@claudedupras2492 9 aylar önce
There is always hope as long as you can call it today. Now is the moment. Time waits for no one but is always there waiting to see our choices and then takes us there
@lianabeck2578 9 aylar önce
Love Master Shi Heng Yi! Wise beyond his years and so good at teaching and helping me understand. And let’s not forget about that sense of humor ! 😍🙏🏼
@dark_sunset 11 aylar önce
I aspire to find my own truth and discipline and wisdom like this man. I appreciate how he gets straight to the point about doing the actual thing, not just thinking about it. Action is required to make any change. Thank you Shi Heng Yi. Hopefully I can apply this knowledge you shared with action.
@janessamartin270 Yıl önce
Although spoken to thousands (maybe millions) this talk felt different. You seemed much more at ease and very much yourself. I'm glad you got the chance to share the message. Very much needed in our sick world.
@natharaju6715 3 aylar önce
ಕ್ಸಿಕ್ಸ್, y,, ಜೊತ rye joೆ xz unsc ಕ್ಷ,!,9"7», z", i x, z,, uti ಕ್ಷ zip uy9, ಉಕ್ಸ್, x
@natharaju6715 3 aylar önce
ಕ್ಸಿಕ್ಸ್, y,, ಜೊತ rye joೆ xz unsc ಕ್ಷ,!,9"7», z", i x, z,, uti ಕ್ಷ zip uy9, ಉಕ್ಸ್, x
@natharaju6715 3 aylar önce
@cindygutierrez8640 11 aylar önce
I have so much love and respect for this man 🙏🏼❤️
@mayrarodriguez6538 4 aylar önce
Hello. I want to let you know you are one of my mentors. Im learning and practicing your teachings,Is a blessing in my life to learn from you, to find my self, to master my self day by day!. Thank you sooo much for sharing with compassion and love .
@user-oc3fr3po8y 2 gün önce
As usually it's very helpful video. Venerable Shi Heng Yi is Great monk! Cheers and all the best!
@paulbryson8888 Yıl önce
What an incredible talk. So much truth and power. Much respect and gratitude to Master Shi Heng Yi for sharing this message.
@minhazulislam9131 4 aylar önce
Just wanted to say, thanks for your talk. I kind of got the same sense of thoughts from Goggins as well. Yes indeed, your contents affected me positively always.
@Ant4gon1st 3 aylar önce
I haven't seen his first talk, but I do know it's a rare feeling that someone deeply believes in what they're saying, and that's exactly how it felt listening to him.
@mainulislamxn 11 aylar önce
I can see the level of faith and confidence in his eyes, in front of thousands people... tough man.
@jjessicalynn 11 aylar önce
Hello, I am here because I had a lot of nervous energy today and it led me to practice Qi Gong. I have been learning about Buddhism and meditation for many years. I am considering to join their self-mastery program, I feel this type of training is the next step for me. Thank you.
@michalviktorin6758 11 aylar önce
And yet, there are people like me, who can maditate while washing dishes and doing other chores.... So stop learning and start doing.
@sophiafara5997 11 aylar önce
@@michalviktorin6758 We each have our own path, which must be respected.
@michalviktorin6758 11 aylar önce
@@sophiafara5997 Sounds like excuses to me, for I know people which are learning and talking too much and not actually practicing. What they do is called procrastination, not own path. They use own path and other words as excuses. Your generalization is actually terrible, for you are blind to bigger picture.
@SACLynnFabia 9 aylar önce
You know when you know. I like his humility and honesty and in the way he takes his time to express himself. There's a calmness about him. He's a simple man, but not an ordinary man. This is the type of person, people listen to. Thank you Master Shi Heng Yi.
@wisdomismeful 11 aylar önce
Thank you. I am grateful to have heard this today. I've lost myself for a while. This video has made me awaken to me. Also I had stopped practicing my forms years ago and my muscle lost it's memory. I am determined to get me back and away from the abyss of non-movement and continuous thought. It's time to head back to lot's of movement and less thought. 🤗
@geraldinealbert2803 4 aylar önce
Wow, I'm really glad I came across this...very good teaching, Thank you.
@sageseventh 8 aylar önce
I been watching motivational videos since 2012, took me 10 years of research to find out you have to literally reprogram your subconscious brain or you’ll never change..I been doing it for the past 4 months, hope it works..this is awesome, learning the teachings of other cultures strengthen your being also.
@hypekillacsplaya Yıl önce
The world needs this man. Thank you shi heng yi for your wisdom. I get fired up everytime I hear him speak about things. Society is weak. 100% I agree. The take away, get physical, move your body, puts you in tune with yourself, relieves tension in the body (movement does), so many benefits. Then I think about where all this is coming from, how old is the shaolin temple? These teachings are not new, they are old but they are the way. There may be different ways to achieve the same discipline in different cultures yes, results are the same. Great video again.
@janaschmidt6252 3 aylar önce
Toller Auftritt! Grüße aus Berlin! 😃
@Calmasastone Yıl önce
Greetings from Montenegro After relocation from Russia i started interesting in Eastern culture and it’s so cool! It makes me stronger (thanks to buddhism), it improves my brain (thank to videos like this one and learning Japanese and their culture in general), it gets better my health (thanks to Chinese tea and Qigong techniques) and that’s not everything i mentioned but i don’t feel alone anymore. I’m looking for job in analytics and feel no one will be able to stop me on my way, but two years ago i hadn’t such strong confidence. Thank you 🎉 Best wishes, Anton
@user-it5pe1lw5f 2 aylar önce
My massage , never underestimate the energy of prayer. For people chosen by God , the power of prayer energy is able to create changes and effects ( consequences ) in the world and in the universe.
@gabriellebollen4247 Aylar önce
He is authentic. Respect 🙏
@denizpaulatniang Yıl önce
Thank you Shifu ..second Ted Talk message was great again.Thank you sharing with us.Proud to be your student and folouw your teachings Self mastery with Shaolin online self mastery is also a great way for many to join.Keep up the light and stay safe.
@Abdulhaleem_6 11 aylar önce
He's so eloquent and knows how to pass across information.
@lizannthoma6219 11 aylar önce
Excellent, concise, to the point, he practices what he preaches, he knows of what he teaches. Thank you Shi Heng Yi
@DiverBand 5 aylar önce
Absolutely amazing. It’s a mystery to me why the Asian civilization never conquered the world because these people are so far ahead of everyone else by a long shot. They have a calm, confident, inner peace, but at the same time they have a very powerful presence about themselves. Everything that they do, they eat, they think, they practice, all has purpose. And the purpose is self development, what a remarkable man this gentleman is. We can learn so much from him.
@sonupihlman7031 Yıl önce
Thank you for sharing your wisdom. Always grateful for your love and action.
@Redwood-Rose Yıl önce
What a powerful presentation! Shifu, you are a speaker, + your words do take a life of their own.
@positivenergylife 11 aylar önce
Lots of love, health and happiness to master Shi Heng Yi! ❤️🙏🏻
@chrismoseley349 9 aylar önce
"Doing cool stuff, that looks nice..." Lmao. All joking aside, this is a good lesson. "Fulfilment of desire is of personal value. Fulfilment of vision is of global value." That's such a great perspective.
@__Shun 9 aylar önce
@janetatuniquerawfoods2361 Yıl önce
I’ve learned a lot from experience and teachers in my life. Now I have a few more pieces of wisdom… that I had not yet connected to. Thank you very much. Many blessings.
@amytrimm-un7hz 2 aylar önce
Amen my brother 🙏🙏🙏♥️♥️♥️🌎🌎🌎 Knowledge and wisdom for the world Love this man purely Thank you for all your videos I have watched to learn from you great knowledge man!!! ❤❤❤
@Positivewavespodcast 11 aylar önce
Love this. Beautiful positive wave you are sending around sharing this! Appreciate you guys!
@johntatum1951 11 aylar önce
Inspirational talk. I spent 14 years in China teaching ESL. I took Tai Chi lessons for two hours, three times a week for 6 months In China. When you are strong and have good balance you can neutralize anyone in a confrontation. You can defend yourself with out being overly aggressive. Now, at 71, my goal is 6 reps with 225 lbs in the bench press. I have already done 4, just need to keep at it. All things are possible through Christ who strengthens me. Never have a girlfriend in China with a girl who's brother gives lessons at the Shaolin Temple. Just some advice, word to the wise...:) God bless and Jesus is real.
@Buakaw493 5 aylar önce
SuperBrawoDobrze powiedziane. Musimy wiecej sie ruszac. Z mojego doswiadczenia nawet podczas nauki jak sie troche poruszam w miedzy czasie to pozwala mi sie zrelaksowac i skupic na nauce a nie mam adhd😉
@arahman9884 Aylar önce
this is one of the best talk I have ever seen in TEDx ..
@RendezvouDoo Yıl önce
I do agree that physicality helps things like depression.
@lynnai5657 10 aylar önce
I can confirm this. Finding the right exercise is important. For me, jogging helps the most.
@jakubLonghorn 10 aylar önce
Trying to get me to exercise when I’m depressed is like asking an amputee to move the fingers of the arm that was cut off
@RendezvouDoo 3 aylar önce
@@jakubLonghorn I am with you. I slept this whole weekend and my family we had a birthday for my brother. I just couldn't get out of bed. It's so horrible!
@kaimargonar1000 2 aylar önce
​@@jakubLonghorntry simple morning walk.
@TactlessGuy 7 aylar önce
In most long presentations, I always try to force myself to finish through to the end. It was the opposite in this case. I had some things to do but I couldn't stop listening to such a great talk.
@helenh8540 9 gün önce
strength, grace, and brilliancy, that is what he embodies.💪💪💪
@lauraduffy9055 Yıl önce
I always learn good things from Master Shi Heng Yi. Thank you! 🙏🏼
@kenmcrae8591 Yıl önce
Great job, Master Shi Heng Yi! Thank you deeply for your deep wisdom & courage.
@alanbrody3223 7 aylar önce
This is very interesting topic. I think that the real reason we are experiencing stress and many other modern issues with our body and mind, it all happens because we are breaking millennial habits. We used to do all by hand, but in the last 50 years or so, we built so many machines that help us avoid hard and dangerous tasks, which is a good thing, isn't it? Now, how to deal with such a turn, from doing all by hand to do almost everything by a computer? Easy, we must realize we are entering a new era and evolve in such a way that our body will no longer suffer by standing still or simply not moving for hours. It simply needs time, l think not all there is is good, many aspect must be changed like too many hours of work or tasks that we do not like doing, but that too will change. It is all a matter of time.
@evareich9117 9 aylar önce
You are a wise and alone voice to hear is power and healing for me, like you I would also like to build myself up, as well as I bring myself back into this world. With light food, cold therapy, fasting, grounding, walking barefoot, just getting out of purity into the light, that's the only way to get ahead. I thank you for your wisdom and tasks I will follow on my way 🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🧘‍♀️🧘‍♀️☯️☯️☯️☯️☯️☯️☯️☯️☯️☯️❤️❤️ Cont 🕊️🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈
@greigdrennan8381 5 aylar önce
Brilliant man i watch you all the time and everything you say makes perfect sense I live by a lot you teach witch I have for so many years without relishing it was a system so I understand all of your videos thank you sir
@handmood904 8 aylar önce
Fantastic talk i learn lots because we are human we are do anything in our life but we are not understand perfectly our potential hence doubt more our self but today say our self daily i am powerful and work on our personality. Thanks
@viorica8402 Yıl önce
I don't know when this TEDx took place, but I very much thank you Shifu Shi Heng Yi for talking to my country fellows. We already forget what a poet from Transylvania wrote, in the 19 century: George Cosbuc: "viata asta-i luptã grea, Sã aibã tot pe neluptat cei lasi at vrea." On the other hand, we knew our ancestors, Dacians, were good fighters. As well as the Roman legions, they had much physical activity. Many Dacians were enrolled in the Roman legions, or were forced to enrol, after the death of Decebal (he wasn't depressed, but only aware of his future "possibilities", "chances", and took the chance to die as a free King). Today many young Romanian males enrol in the "Légion etrangère". This is hard to succeed, but if one is successful they can learn many useful things. Every "legionnaire" can relate on his training and his fellows, as the "Seals" in American army. In the Spartan army, the shield was very important, not only to protect oneself, but especially to protect one's fellows fighters. "Each one for himself and God for all" is the nowadays Motto. (The 3 Musketeers were merely saying one for all and all for one, but this is what it was). However, the strength from each of us can help the collective! A Romanian say is: "Omul sfinteste locul". We must remember it! "Ubi bene ibi Patria!" But "Fie pâinea cât de rea, tot mai bunã-i când o stiu din tzara mea". Wherever we are living, we always should consider to make proud our parents and ancestors. Respecting ourselves, doing the best possible in our workplace and life, will force the respect of others. I know what you'll answer: "westerners are trying and succeeding to exploit us. Yes. I live this every day. But I'll never forget where I am from, respect the laws and try to do the best, even if it really hurts. And always saying proudly that I am from my country, but living among a "sneaky", "unfriendly" population. The entering the francofolie and eurounion made people run away, because "the power" was "obliged" to "sold" everybody's job for nothing. Don't sold your soul in addition to that, like Faust! "Every country has the history it deserves" one said (don't remember who!). Don't blame the Russians, every country in Europe had "the chance" to confront with its powerful or less powerful neighbours! But many, working hard, overcome the difficulties and become successful. Perhaps their kings were less selfish and more trustworthy. Some become powerful by being sneaky, I am thinking about some still powerful colonial countries (guess which are they?). "Fortuna audaciis adjuvant!" (the chance is helping the brave ones!) Physical activity and knowing oneself is the best way to cope with the difficult moments in life! Shaolin philosophy is right. You are so wise, Shifu!
@Redwood-Rose Yıl önce
Whether I agree or disagree with your essay, I truly do appreciate your thoughts, as they are a window to the world 🌎. Learning about history IS very important. When the populous does hold some power, this knowledge is vital; it helps one or society not to repeat the same mistake. Grimes stated, "Don't kill those you hate; build up what you love!" I agree with her. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, & have a great day!
@user-sy8hh2ec9u Yıl önce
Thank you, master Shi Heng Yi!
@deborahwates2129 9 aylar önce
Amazing Thankyou for your humble grace is action and talk xx🙏🏽🦋
@t.aluska4631 7 aylar önce
His apperance and the way he talks makes him very authentic, all he said make sense and he should be seen more in public
@irinaweber4072 Yıl önce
It is a PRIVILEG to listen to YOU. Тhank you so much for your online presence.
@virginiyasavova8124 Yıl önce
You are a gift to this world, thank you Shifu 🍃🤍🙏
@gracewright7938 11 aylar önce
I wish the people who need this listened to him. He is inspirational and I love his thinking. I pratice Tai Chi goes along the same line of compassion, look inside yourself, strength, patience, and of course praticetheTai Chi for strength inner and physical.
@GodGod-te3ge 4 aylar önce
Look how peace he is fully intuned with surroundings the shaolin are amazing top tier martial artist and teachers .
@packs708 3 aylar önce
The connection they have to their surroundings and control over every aspect of their body is something I am very envious of, I hope to reach that point one day
@elsvenjo8603 11 aylar önce
Soo right and presented in a very understandable way! Highest respect to you, Shīfu !!
@kaorik1687 5 aylar önce
I love Kung-fu and it's spirit💪
@iloveaviation-burgerclub-a8145 11 aylar önce
Wonderful. You can never expere your full you if you never went for your limits. The limit is the place of development. No matter what kind of limit. It can be painnas shown. Butnit will teach you to hold on, accept and endure.
@reneejennings5778 10 aylar önce
Never give up on YourSelf, not a choice to give up 🙏pushing thru the pain ,🙏endurance of suffering 🙏 endure and overcome it🙏 you don't care, you don't Feel, yes for yourself you only care for YOURS, and Your family 🙏
@psychoastronaut5251 7 aylar önce
I'm so ecstatic that i heard him i really wanted to hear this speech 🙏
@wolfsmonddrachinsalosherz Yıl önce
great speech with visual examples. underlines the path that everyone can recognize and walk for themselves. in every crisis there is an opportunity. in every stone that you or others put in your way hides growth in the heart. you can trust to go further. light does not recognize itself in light. light recognizes itself in shadows and may be solved. when you're ready. a good motivation. heartfelt thanks 🤍🪶
@shiromigr7141 9 aylar önce
"We need to make us stronger again" Thank you for a nice speech teacher.
@joshualucion2873 10 aylar önce
Having studied kung fu myself. I would be willing to bet he put dit da jow on his hands. Its incredible stuff able to relieve muscle pain, muscle strain, and even torn ligaments. I was skeptical at first when my Sifu showed me first hands its ability. I absolutely love hearing a well spoken kung fu master talk. I remember a story my Sifu told me about monks at temple who would occationally be sent young children to be taught to be men. This father sends his son to learn and for the next 2 years the master teaches the son to smack a bowel of water with a open palm. He returns home from the temple and his father asked him what he learned. He said I did nothing but smack water all day. His father laughed and told him that he must have not been paying attention and he wasted his time yet again. The son in anger stood up and smacked the open table, splitting it in half. The lesson is that you may find kung fu in all forms of life. If you spend years slapping water and it translates to good form able to split tables if you nurture your time with practice. Thank you for this great video from a true master.
@savanarillary.SLAVAUKRAINE 2 aylar önce
Muito obrigada mestre.você é sábio.
@sylviawild9015 Yıl önce
Hello master, thanks for sharing your ideas about some missing links like CARE , everything turn important if we care. Our body needs physical exercise. We can link this to the many problems in our teenagers, who are lacking of physical exercise. Let’s help them to get rid of the the problematic of depression doing more physical exercise . Thank you.
@williamdavis8855 14 gün önce
6:59 Universal Truth begins here. The Shaolin spreading the Way of Life 🧬14:53
@Margarita-1802 5 aylar önce
Son bases sólidas y se adquieren con la práctica, gracias por compartir este contenido.
@shenymartinez192 2 aylar önce
A great Máster! I dare to say that HIS SEEDS HAVE BEEN PLANTED in those who are open to this philosophy. I really appreciate his transmission!
@umicka05 8 aylar önce
Absolutly beautiful powerful and life changing 🙏🏻✨❤️
@enioferreira4466 26 gün önce
🎯 Key Takeaways for quick navigation: 02:16 💡 The key starting point is to own your life and recognize that you need to be present in your own life, as your future, business, and relationships depend on your presence. 03:58 🤔 Care is a missing link. Care for yourself, your health, and your relationships is crucial. You must know how to care for something or someone to make a positive impact. 05:13 ✨ Start by being the representative of what you want to see in the world. If you want to make a difference, show it through your actions and attitude. Theory alone is not enough; you need to practice what you preach. 12:00 💪 Physical training and practice are essential for developing a strong mindset. Facing suffering, overcoming it, and building resilience are vital aspects of personal growth. Made with HARPA AI
@janicedron5072 9 aylar önce
Very inspiring! Thank you! 💞
@kepa0503 10 aylar önce
Very Powerful and deep. Now, let's put it in practice. 🙏
@robpelarde4734 9 aylar önce
Amen brother 🙏
@bhuvaneshwariv432 10 aylar önce
I never heard such an awesome speech like this before.
@mileshamblen9982 10 aylar önce
I cried during the 17 minute mark, he is spot on and we just ignore ourself.
@AdamuAuwal 5 aylar önce
Great talk, inspiring, informative and motivating.
@konstantinlazerus8670 9 aylar önce
Like to listen to this Guy. Wise and calm all the Time.👍
@konstantinlazerus8670 9 aylar önce
Hope I can learn something for my own Life.
@siviapalavecino1882 11 aylar önce
Gracias por hacer conocer al mundo en sus conferencias la vida monástica 🙏🌎👍🧡
@alexghous 9 aylar önce
Understanding comes in levels. You can be very vaguely aware, folks call this instinct. You have quite a few levels. For instance, you can be aware enough to communicate the idea to another, or a level where you can instruct another, yet there is a level where you can change the concept, as you will. My point is, you said “how many changed?” My answer is “all of them based on their level of awareness.”
@gamergatsbi6414 9 aylar önce
5:38 he knows and his wisdom is growing still
@Perspectiveside 9 aylar önce
The best way of understanding a book, isn’t to take notes or highlight the best quotes, you don’t need that if you apply that knowledge to your life daily.
@pathumakalanka 11 aylar önce
lots of words in few words master🙏
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