Tom MacDonald - "Politically Incorrect"

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Tom MacDonald

2 yıl önce

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BEAT PROD by Homage Beats

Alf Redo
Alf Redo 41 dakika önce
The struggle of growing up with white privilege, is learning how not to be openly racist anymore.
Msm is a joke
Msm is a joke Saatler önce
Still the best banger in 2021
FLUDFFUB MTHRFKN 5 saatler önce
I want to be like you Tom, here's what I sound like right by your side bro! It would truely be an honor if you could just listen to it and tell me you did! Thanks!
Danny Estrada
Danny Estrada 6 saatler önce
This is really cringe 😔
kebman 10 saatler önce
Appropriate this: Braids were common among the vikings.
marchelle58 Gün önce
realitycheck2020 Gün önce
Just make a Q song! We're with you Homey!
Stone Age Killer
Stone Age Killer 2 gün önce
I come here because I heard from all the elitists that this was just the worst, but now I'm staying cause this shit is dope!
Alexander Beans
Alexander Beans 3 gün önce
Freeldoe! Dafak mang!
Kyle La Lone
Kyle La Lone 3 gün önce
Only true shit out there. TMD kills!
Lavendar Flowers
Lavendar Flowers 3 gün önce
In summary this song is telling us to grow up!
Figment OfMySelf
Figment OfMySelf 3 gün önce
Bleeep "I will not be censored"
Benjamin Land
Benjamin Land 3 gün önce
Black or White doesn't matter, this man is brilliant. His vocals are way beyond that of any other rappers of today - he reminds me of Tupac who, like Tom, in his own way, brilliant. I believe Tom is directing Rap in a positive direction. I guess other rappers will kill their mother for clout and a chain.
Josue Ruiz
Josue Ruiz 4 gün önce
Honestly one of my favorite songs of yours right here 🔥💯
Angelov 4 gün önce
Well this song unfortunately aged to well
jason jowan
jason jowan 4 gün önce
THE ALPHA BIT PART ONE *Eh to Gee to X Why Zed? /Why? To get the end in your head, to make sure you comb your hair before bed. *Ya I got a alphabet across my top. /A "We" board while thinking up a be bop. *True doctrines explain a loveable God. /Not a wimp or a tyrant like the beliefs of the mob. *He's winked till His blue eyes turned pink, He's cried and tried but we all just hide. /Just pick a side. It's impossible to be just along for the ride. *You wanna play with percentages? /Juggle God like the rest a this? *"But my pastor plays different gigs and's got papers from the big wigs." /"He's so dedicated to right and to fighting the fight, even ran off the pigs???" *But it wasn't time for present Truth. /The pouring rain, and knocking the grains loose. *John The Revelator. /Write not, some's suppose to be told way later. *Think cause to effect. Think reason to season. /Add up the prophets and it's about to be freezing. *Everyone's faith goes on the chopping block. /Is it Jesus' or is it stock?? *The whirled will get world. /Then like juicer remains get hurled. *Like Alice lost in wonderland or the yellow brick road. /Sometimes ya find, without the Prince your just another toad. *Everything known will be nulled and void. /Both sides will be errilied joyed. *You say, "I ain't no freaking sun worshipper!" and I say "Good."./"Then when you hear the call to get out of Babylon, then I, think you should." *Canada's the Jesus of the world and the heart is here. /I'm a Street Fighting Man called disturbance inciting cheer! *We got the three angels, heck times three. /Sets in every age and more to see. *We got the little Jesus' mom and dad. /Preaching a perfect typology to be had. *Jokerman worried about his earth and wine. Thief, chilling, thinking all's fine. /Prince chopping down a new line, alterwoman innocently ignoring the time, barefoot servants repeating the rhyme. Mockingbird killing time. *I come from the center of a hand. /From a dragon land. *Hope my brothers not cain. /Nevertheless, this time I'm staying in the game. *Warning: HARM. /Hellfire. Sound the alarm. *So many playouts and aspects and symbols of right or wrong. /Sooo... My Adventist archnemiss thinks he's mr. strong. I'll step up to the matt to prove him wrong. *Ma sewed me these new blue jeans and showed me to the washing machines. /Dad shows me the scenes and how to get em the least dirty walking on through the world's schemes. *And my long lost son haven't seen him since seven. /Hope I don't have ta wait till I see him in or from heaven. *Wives never knew, liberal then conservative, perfect typology too. /"Look back at the playback" says my future view to the third only you. For this life is my woo. *But I got caught careless driving, thought I was styling. Sanctuary's filing. /Got Great Brakes, so maybe I oughta ride em. *I like to think too, "If they're meant to be saved they'll come along with You whatever I do.". /But that's not the verses Your Spirit blew. *I'm a watchman over quite a few and I don't want your blood on my hands so don't do things a dog would do. /You've thrown it up, it's not stew. *Well now that We're shoot'n up doctrines, I got ammo for the whole war. /This here's just a little battle, you wily whore. I'll nail more than ninety five to your roaming front door. *Where to start? Everyone's right in a little and wrong in a lot. /Don't leave now, ya haven't even seen what I got. *Prophets are subject unto the prophets and you thought you already shot this. /Thought your ducks were all in a row, a couple clean shots, then secret raptured to bliss? *But it's just jesuit theatre. /Here's the screenplay, read her. *I can so boldly in Jesus stand up and say, been at this for a while it's just another day. /Look at my book and writings, I bark and bay, while I thoughouly and unquestionably back up The Way. *A "Christian Scott Powers". /And Truth hidden for years is revealed in hours. *"The Only True Superhero." /And without Him this sidekick returns to zero. *You forcefully took my land a hundred years ago. /Trying again? Still say "NO!". *And my friends are the new natives: the common folk. /The new Protest ants us you provoke. *History's repeating itself on a grand scale. /Murder before the bread goes stale. *All roads still lead to rome. /And the LORD still says "Please Come Home.". *And if this is my resume, I'll still have ta say: /"I can do all things, even play in the clay." *Vote me Chief of Pelee Island. /Cards in my pocket and I'm already smiling. *From a cold well I'm drinking and driving. /All's invited, no man is an island. *Corona virus is sun worship and "they" say I'm a super spreader. /Cause apparently the exact opposite is what they fed her. *I say, "No matter how much magic they do: /God don't live in the sun and neither should you." *Got waiters and a big shove all. /Gonna heap up a dunghill of tough Love for ya'll. *"Simon says", but simon is Peter and the pope's not my leader. Jesus was just speaking in the third person. /Land on the right Rock or eventually it'll fall on ya, splot. But for now sticks and stones will worsen. *Jesus came in the flesh cause Mary was truly human from her birth to her death. /She says she needs a Saviour with her own breath. *Ya say, God so loved the world that He sent His friend and that He's just playing the role of the Son as a means to an end. /Thus saith the LORD, "My Only Born Son I send. I'll say it over a hundred times and ways so you know it's not symbolic or pretend. *And in My Brain is this Librarian that keeps Me. /He doesn't have a body that you can see. By faith not science you understand Thee. *Your made in the image of Me and just like your spirit, he's gotta speed read and follow up on any pertinent lead. Gotta have a place to plant seed, establish a creed." /You need a memory so don't smoke all that weed. *You call it a trinity, I'll call it we'll see. /Let's just agree that human nature's a dead tree, and daily walk to Calvary. GO TO PART TWO
jason jowan
jason jowan 4 gün önce
THE ALPHA BIT PART TWO *Be another brick in the Right wall, for the love of humanity we were saved in one on-purpose fall, I'm just another soldier heeding another call, on purpose again and again I stall. /I'll be wrestling like Jacob after ya'll. *Like sports, like a happy dog, like a cat and a laser pointer, like trying to catch a frog. /But we're actually lost in a halloween dry ice fog, four by four stuck in a treeless bog, mechanic just found your the broken cog, optician says it's not a speck but a log, drivers licence says Magog. *They call me crazy cause I die daily. /But I'm really crazy when I say maybe instead of save me I'm a drowning baby. *I am crucified with Christ, nevertheless I'm more than alive. /In fact my brain is buzzing like a bee hive. *Dripping out honey. /This here's heaven's money. *God didn't just show up and it was how it is. He started from scratch. /Like even before the farmer grows the wheat for the cookie batch. *You've grow up thinking for sure one things right, maybe changed a bit, but still sat tight. /Trade in your hat for a helmet, we're in for a hell of a fight. *Death is breezy, but physical death is easy. /And devils impersonating the sleeping dead is downright sleezy. *Sure the spirit returns to God who gave it. /But that's just the memory for the judgement and new body, God save it. *God breathed into man his life's source. /To imprint it with a memory of course. *Spirit plus Body equals Soul. /Two brains in a bowl. *Current plus a bulb, burn it. /Creates awareness, discern it. *The living know that they shall die. /But the dead know nothing till the sweet by and by. *The dead don't praise the Lord. /And the wicked are reserved unto judgement I am told. *How many verses shall I chant? /Is this a poem or a rant? *And hellfire? /I'll gladly hang that on the clothes wire. *It goes out, no neverending doubt, why spread it out. Love will win. /Torture forever? That ain't no better than saying sin sin again. *The soul that sins shall die, right after being shown why. /Tell the greek philosophers I say HI, and don't fear them but Him that can altogether fry. *Into smoke some'll vanish away. /Perish, consumed, you know judgement day. *The Great White Throne. /Don't get caught home alone. *I'm pointing with a sword. /Toward Jordon's ford. *You want a thus saith the LORD? /I'll run my chainsaw through your board. *You think He died for the would? /He died for whosoever will come when they should. *A supposed hope's dumb luck. /And hanging on by a string will eventually suck. *Ain't no use in getting hung up here. /This ol' world is just a wall and a tier with a ball and a biscuit to counterfeit and gear.*All the world's a stage. /I'm blowing holes in their screenplay with my 12 gauge. *Ya gotta understand my rage. /Righteous indignation like a macrophage. *So your not on an insignificant spot of dust. God's allowed the devils to bluff. /Your on the sides of the north in an igloo full of stuff. *The wise will say "how flat?", the disguised will say "that's that". /The prophets will say "try on this hat". *Go ahead, word search KJV, or Ellen White, or Bob Dylan. /Sky, stars, moon, sun, firmament. I ain't the villain. *So the moon's as bright as the sun and the sun's seven times. As the light of seven days. /Everything's way bigger in all ways. So that's how we had the first three days, colourful sun outside the haze. *This snowglobe land has been spinning seven day cycles since creation began. /Just never seen how grand. Hallelujah! I'll take a stand! *Sorry secret societies only one capital of the universe. /Ya ain't heading for your own sun, but a ray gun and a hearse. *Swap out my sky for the four winds blowing on high. /Devil's blessing, population guessing before they say ba bye *Read it again and again in the Bible. /Persecution then death if ya gonna rival. *Like the martyrs in the dark ages. /Host sola scriptura underground rages. *Sing hymns, sing War Pigs. /Dance jigs, your hair's longer than their wigs. *God didn't say there's no other Gods to be selfish, dominant, or cute. /He's protecting us from the devil, devils, influenced ones, and ourselves ta boot. *All ten, like a mother hen, the law is not a has been. /The first four protect us and the last six the animals in the pen. *Nothing but the blood of Jesus. /Following cause it pleases us. Besides the disease is in us. *James to the twelve tribes, but more than the 144,000 should strive. /Faith without works is dead, and your spirit is your invisible librarian in your head. *Everyone sun shines and pulls down the blinds, so grace shall abound. /But at the end of the day the evidence will play profound. *Give me something good to eat. /It's only from You that I defeat. *Through the power of Christ wrong ways can be made right. /Wrong will be eliminated, hang tight. *Again and again the bare cross is you in your sin. /Show me someone that a hundred percent gives in? *Whether you hitch hike or take a bike, carry yourself then someone else, even someone you don't like. /Just get your but to Calvary, peddle there daily, on a bike they still call a trike. Can someone please turn up my Mike. *Again attach yourselves within then again die to sin. /Wake up and again begin. *Do we then make void the law through faith? God forbid! /Even a child that acts wild is called a kid. *Don't take a chance. /They're simple and fun, have a glance. *The world says keep eight to nine. /"These idols are symbolic and our Sunday is fine." *Really? Ain't no mistake. Ya gonna unholy the seventh day to make holy a day in honour of an idol He's allowed you to fake? /Hi, names Jason. Dad calls me Jake. Knocking on st. peter's door, "I see ya got dead leaves and I'm here to rake.". *Heck I rake the for us. After I chainsaw out the core us. /Anything LORD! Just please don't bore us. *Cut down, save a shoot, splice into the Only True Root. /Produce neverending fruit. *I'm sure, saints have extra credit? And if you pray to them God did already edit? /But they're peacefully sleeping the sleep of death and have already clearly said it. And Jesus died once and for all, bet it. *Drop off the key Lee and get yourself freed. /Babylon's everywhere planting and watering seed. *We're flipping to page seven. /No time to wait for any leaven. *Been in egypt too long? /Then quickly learn this new old song. *Here comes the sun. Everybody. /Here comes the sun. And We say don't believe him. GO TO PART 3
jason jowan
jason jowan 4 gün önce
THE ALPHA BIT PART 3 *So what else smells? /With systematic theology everything tells. *Only three choices? And only one of them is right! /A eternal life or death matter? I'll send a copy of my answer on a kite, I'll mail postcards around at night, I'll put it on bumper stickers and T-shirts and start a company called FIGHT. *Times always now but it's about to crash into how and it turns out to be either mad scientists, A Real God, or a holy cow. /Then a counterfeit of all three too wow. *If only logic could see me now. /And I'm definitely not giving a moon man a bow. *Call Him anything from Al to Zac. /Though artist after artist after artist recording fact after fact. *Light up your lamp. /Fire up your amp. *What do you mean, I shouldn't be disturbing satan's prison? /But that's part of our motto here at the unofficial offshoot underground evangelism division. *Not sure if I just made that up? /Ask God, He'll tell ya waz up. *Well the devil went down to your hometown he's looking for a soul to steal. "Bet "these" lines better than "mines"?", his constant appeal. /Can you handle a show and a meal? Can you handle them laughing at your deal? *Been twirling these guns long enough. /F your mark, we got a seal. *The heavenly sanctuary is in outer space. /The small version was here to make the case. *The sun's not "The Most Holy Place". /You might trip, here let me tie that shoe lace. *Feet shod with the preparation of the gospel. /Armour up, then leave the spiritual hospital. *Overcoming's not impossible. Look unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith. /Straighten up, they need you, it's chastisement not scath. *Stay in the race. Keep up the pace. /Cry to God but keep a smile on your face. *No time to waste. /Make haste. *Wether it be right in their eyes or not. /We can not but speak a lot. *We're compelled to tell the world of the saviour robot china's got. /And how to go to sleep in a cot in order to wake up in the right plot. *Greed to the steeds then they're locked into the creeds. /And oppositing everything we've realized. We've believed. It's like a domino tournament with dweebs. *Sometimes the passengers don't know, maybe they heard the wrong trumpet blow. /Ok so: sunday is NOT the way to go. *Saturday: the seventh day. /Has always been The Way. *But the "man of sin" claims it's a has-been. /He thinks to change God's times and laws. Like how and when. *Claims to be God on earth in a living temple called st. peter's church. /Research, that ain't God's perch, and the pope's just another poplar not even a birch. *Actually it gets even worse. /He's gonna lead the whole world out in killing the "curse". *The whole protestant reformation had him pegged even though many still flew his flag. /Not to brag, but Seventh-day Adventists took down that old rag. *Yes the reformation came to a fullness, we scriptured many things that weren't told us. /Plus, plus, plus. Truss after truss. *But the modern church we won't discuss. /Just keep your eyes on Jesus and don't be late for the bus. *I wish logic would do in this game. /Blindness and faith are not the same. *I could spell out end time events again. /But I'll simply summarize their sin. *Ya see the sun it says Me, and eventually I get to be an equal independent island in the universe's sea. /Excuse me. Gonna pardon my way to the forefront and say: One God the Father of the universe and me, and one Lord Jesus Christ, yes just He. *Their Subconscious is the other He not she. /She's all one two three. *Did I mention, there's multiple meanings in prophecy. /The double entendre anomaly, plus symbolism's key. *So if you wanna see, plea, be, surf the sea. Fall in a couple times, "We've all messed up our lines.". /Two sides and the fully surrendered are rapping the rhymes. *I got way more fines. I'm a corona cop with handfuls of tickets to plop. /Your not a God, stop. A rest op all the way to your top pop. *Yes you! In the purple and scarlet, I got your blue. /I got all your ace cards times two, uptown and downtown, and midtown is not new. *Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greese, then pagan to papal rome. /Nothing new under the dome. *Ten nations came outta pagan rome. /Three fought the little horn and lost their home. *Now the woman rides the beast. /The church and government force ya to their feast. *From 538 to 1798. /History says, "Got the right date, it's her fate.". *To rule for 1,260 years. /Says the naked Truth, the fire, the steak, and the tears. *The dark ages and her pages will be quickly repeated in these ages. /With the addition of magical spotlight stages. *Well, plus the "no pope, no king" two horns but speaks as a dragon beast outta the wilderness US thing. /Those are mandela effects, not bling. *And can't forget the dragon, china. /Their iron man suit dude will come from the sun's vagina. *And my pets peaved. /The "God knows every detail of the future" that weave believed. *And in place of freewill interactions, strings. /Only three intelligent webs of belief the conversation brings. *Halographic dreams? Devils' seems? Or we're His Light beams. /Clocks don't steal, time is real, so spray paint salvation memes. *Yes, He's declaring the end from the beginning. /He's spoken it, He'll bring it to pass in pursuit of soul winning. *There's tons more Truth to peer but I ain't got the time to exegesis here. /I'll just point in the right direction and give ya the basic gear. *My next one on doctrines will be more organized and shocking. /And of course interdispersed with Jesus' knocking. *Stay locked-in. /Stay Rock-in. *You might be saved /But go beyond that and be a warrior for Dave. *132,000 on a mission to save. /And in His name I give and gave. *November 21, 2020 /Jason Jowan. MORE IN THE COMMENTS SECTION OF AMAZING DISCOVERIES TRshow VIDEO "LEADERSHIP AND END-TIME PROPHECY"...
libbs schmidt
libbs schmidt 4 gün önce
Blah blah coming soon
Dakawan S
Dakawan S 4 gün önce
You forgot Silence hurts you.
Shane Wazhere
Shane Wazhere 4 gün önce
welcome to 2021....nailed that shit 🇺🇸🤘😎
Troy Nunn-payne
Troy Nunn-payne 5 gün önce
Man, everyone always talks about Tom, I never paid him much mind .... Up until now. This song, this song right here has now forever made me a fan.
alex andria
alex andria 5 gün önce
Shoulda let you perform at the inauguration 😂this woulda been perfect 🤩 can just picture it !!!
Bunny Ducky
Bunny Ducky 5 gün önce
I think there's a reason 90% of the people in this comment section are boomers guess you could call him a boomer rapper.
OOF 4 gün önce
Yeah :b
Craig Butterworth
Craig Butterworth 5 gün önce
Man real in every song man is 🔥🔥🔥
mattdamonism 5 gün önce
Interesting that drugs, violence, and objectifying women is OK for the music industry but this is unacceptable.
Cameron Hughes
Cameron Hughes 5 gün önce
who still listen to tom
Mephistopheles Moloch
Mephistopheles Moloch 5 gün önce
Honesty gonna be illegal. Yeah, honesty will put you in an early grave these days
Russell Sleasman
Russell Sleasman 5 gün önce
Top five of your music! Love it
Gerri Bardenwerper
Gerri Bardenwerper 6 gün önce
I think you are the best!
Ethan Kalajian
Ethan Kalajian 6 gün önce
*Says he can't be censored. (**Censors curse words**)*
mr shlubbs
mr shlubbs 5 gün önce
but you can hear the curs words on amazon music or something besides youtube
Eddie Games
Eddie Games 6 gün önce
I dead ass turn up to this
real world24
real world24 6 gün önce
All the dislikes are a bunch of woke snowflakes
Dallis Russell
Dallis Russell 7 gün önce
People are stupid
Toni 7 gün önce
Justin Wheeler
Justin Wheeler 7 gün önce
Crash a plane and blame the road conditions omg legend...
R6 mayham
R6 mayham 7 gün önce
People get mad over shit for no reason
Nole Ksum
Nole Ksum 7 gün önce
Ironic how he says i wont get censored but he gets censored like a sentence later
Heaven Sent
Heaven Sent 7 gün önce
This is going on my playlist
raandomness360 7 gün önce
im fighting rn myself
raandomness360 7 gün önce
weaker people who agree are drunkards
Delaney Johnson
Delaney Johnson 7 gün önce
I wonder if tom knows ronnie radke?...if they made a song together that whould be amazing in my opinion
CroniC_FN 8 gün önce
Fast forward to 2021 this is still relevant
00comm 8 gün önce
Archive all of Tom's raps before they get censored for "hate speech"
Kalan You
Kalan You 8 gün önce
White hate is ok
Baptista Kieu
Baptista Kieu 8 gün önce
Since i knew this guy...he is my favourite
Boxers Austin
Boxers Austin 8 gün önce
Crash a plane blame the road conditions, lol! He should be a lawyer!
Geovany Rosario
Geovany Rosario 8 gün önce
12k dislikes coming from ppl he offended on this song.. 🤷‍♂️💯💯💯
Chadwick G
Chadwick G 8 gün önce
100% facts 🔥
Robert Savoia
Robert Savoia 9 gün önce
So this is when a genius becomes a rapper thats my take on Tom Macdonald
Brock • 78 years ago
Brock • 78 years ago 9 gün önce
The dislikes on this song make it even more legendary
lil curyy
lil curyy 9 gün önce
r u saved cuz i rlly wanna meet u in heaven :)
kebman 9 gün önce
Honesty is all but illegal. Tweety bird told me.
Aaron Zollbrecht
Aaron Zollbrecht 9 gün önce
Daryl Serrurier
Daryl Serrurier 9 gün önce
Yeah ppl got it wrong thinking Christian's are push overs gimme the sword and I'll slay the dragon then I'll live forever ! We are taught to be warriors of truth and justice not afraid to bleed
Chase. 9 gün önce
who’s here after the censorship in 2021
lil curyy
lil curyy 9 gün önce
me :(
Official 0xDEADBEEF
Official 0xDEADBEEF 9 gün önce
It's always the underdogs pulling out music like this. We live in a selfish world. Your music is epic. I love everything about it.
Janco van der Westhuizen
Janco van der Westhuizen 9 gün önce
January 2021: honesty is pretty much illegal at this point. He was right all along
Micaela Contreras
Micaela Contreras 10 gün önce
Gen Z are always so triggered
Meloney Blazye
Meloney Blazye 10 gün önce
I love the way TM can get what you think into words... Friggin love it.!
William Nickell
William Nickell 10 gün önce
I had about 5 different fb accounts deactivated for no reason other than my political opinion.... has this happened to anyone else?
David Konevky
David Konevky 10 gün önce
Finally someone that raps about something other than "I have expensive stuff and hoes ft. a bunch of n-words"
L6games Jdjfjf
L6games Jdjfjf 10 gün önce
There’s already a song called politically incorrect by Nirvana
stix 11 gün önce
This dude is a breath of fresh air.. To hear someone speaking facts,and not afraid of the lashback, this dude has inspired me to wake up and be the greatest me I can be... Even with my depression and anxiety it's something about dude.. Thanks bro...
diamondldy2009 11 gün önce
I’m a teacher and I just spent an hour this week being told in “professional development” that because I’m white, I’m privileged, racist, insensitive, biased, and I’m guilty of micro aggressions because I compliment someone. I would like to blast this song over the school intercom! It’s everything I’ve been thinking for the last 20 years. Thank you, Sir.
xXchildishdreamsXx 5 gün önce
We appreciate you teachers and quite honestly go blast that song
CannabisGrowsNPenguins 8 gün önce
I'm 18 and very glad I spent most of my school years alone :( I've been seeing this all unfold for years its sad
Maggie Plummer
Maggie Plummer 11 gün önce
Never thought "ninny" could be used effectively in a rap song. 🧐😋👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
ted the commenter
ted the commenter 11 gün önce
trump supporter rap
Tek Notik
Tek Notik 9 gün önce
He is not a trump supporter he hates all politicians. I agree with this BS PC culture also. And i hate trump. Learn about someone before you spew false knowledge of someone. smh.
MindyKay 10 gün önce
You offended? Or..... is it common sense rap? I hate Trump but Tom still stating facts. 🤷‍♀
Dan Klen
Dan Klen 11 gün önce
How he say ery’thNg I been tryna say??? LOVE THE YUNG MANN
Anna Armstrong
Anna Armstrong 11 gün önce
Thank you Tom, here it is almost 3 years since you wrote this song. It is January 2021 and all msm and social media has censored our words. Thank you for the warning back in 2018 we are now living it in 2021. SAD SAD SAD.
Transport Frenzy
Transport Frenzy 11 gün önce
FLAMES in 2021!
Andy Dee
Andy Dee 12 gün önce
Boy's got a tight flow but a weak vocabulary.
RachelEarlRealtor 12 gün önce
Fast forward to 2021... they’ve censored us :(
Charles Mcdaniel
Charles Mcdaniel 12 gün önce
"Why do you dress like a priest in October for fun"........
David Schell
David Schell 12 gün önce
" no i will not be censored" censored out all the curse words lol love the work man
Dixie Vixen
Dixie Vixen 12 gün önce
Facebook done took my page and locked me out... For asking if we gonna let Sleepy Joe take the oath or rise up...
Dixie Vixen
Dixie Vixen 12 gün önce
Dixie Vixen
Dixie Vixen 12 gün önce
Need you on a conservative friendly platform
Jeremy Hampton
Jeremy Hampton 13 gün önce
Thay censored our President The Most Powerful Man in the World or ao we thought Technocracy it a dangerous time right now 🦅
Josh Mints
Josh Mints 13 gün önce
Janet Than
Janet Than 13 gün önce
Pay attention to the message ❤️ thank you 🙏
Julie Hansler
Julie Hansler 13 gün önce
Well here we are in 2021, still ringing true to this day!!
Sir Whistler Bhagwan
Sir Whistler Bhagwan 13 gün önce
Man speaks the truth
bentuu 13 gün önce
The Homer Simpson version is much better
Ron Williams
Ron Williams 13 gün önce
I was told this Is my theme song. I have no filters, I offend alot, but i love more.
Kelly Jo
Kelly Jo 13 gün önce
If this ain’t real life rn!
Amadeus Asimov
Amadeus Asimov 13 gün önce
Love everything you drop good sir. You're a genuine, refreshing voice in the noise.
Jude Bills
Jude Bills 13 gün önce
Bro this dude is brave to be not afraid of big tech and liberals who despise him for what he thinks and his opinion isn’t unpopular our way of thinking is just hidden by liberals and the left to make us feel like we are small and not powerful WE ARE THE SILENT MAJORITY and he’s showing us to SPEAK UP!
Jacob Fann
Jacob Fann 14 gün önce
The people he's singing about are the ones that got "Triggered" and disliked it
brittany Harris
brittany Harris 14 gün önce
Here in 2021. 👏🏼🧿
Weiner Glockton
Weiner Glockton 14 gün önce
Wein would have loved this.
Sakura Dash
Sakura Dash 14 gün önce
That moment when it’s 2021 and this song still true
Right Side77
Right Side77 14 gün önce
Fck the left..... Trump was robbed.
Rani Leinwand
Rani Leinwand 7 gün önce
lmfaooo he lost. gonna cry?
Wesley Boyd
Wesley Boyd 14 gün önce
Good message, shit song and artist
Rachael Hohmann
Rachael Hohmann 14 gün önce
it's sad that people have only gotten worse since this came out 🤦‍♀️
John Shank
John Shank 14 gün önce
Tom MacDonald so true and that's why I love listening to him
Dane Pavelek
Dane Pavelek 15 gün önce
i just wanna scream this song
Autumn Demas
Autumn Demas 15 gün önce
Keep producing music. I need to hear this.
Jeff Burton
Jeff Burton 15 gün önce
All his songs are bangers
Jaaa Beee
Jaaa Beee 15 gün önce
youbigtubership 15 gün önce
Talkin' my language.
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