Confederacy: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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3 yıl önce

Confederate symbols are still celebrated despite the ugly history they symbolize. John Oliver suggests some representations of southern pride that involve less racism and more Stephen Colbert.
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Steven Birchall
Steven Birchall Saatler önce
I'm Irish you never hear anyone talk about the history of Irish slavery??????
range pure
range pure Saatler önce
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Andrew Wagner
Andrew Wagner 5 saatler önce
can any new lurkers just enjoy that the holy shit that was not remotely the point magazine advertised hitler as nice to his dogs
Davethecat 16 saatler önce
If we’re really going to keep the confederate statues, they can’t be on display. They need to be put in a history museum so we can remember them, but we don’t commemorate them.
disappointment juice
disappointment juice Gün önce
2:39 notice how all the people defending the confederate statues in this are white and old.
Scott Borst
Scott Borst Gün önce
Wow I should’ve seen this along time ago but taking down stuff about the Confederates and the confederate flags it’s all like then why did Germany take down Adolf Hitler and all of his stuff you fuck nuts
King Mash
King Mash Gün önce
I don't like trump any more after seeing this. Horrible
King Mash
King Mash Gün önce
It doesn't really matter if you black or white - Michael Jackson
King Mash
King Mash Gün önce
Someone should just blow up those statues and be left like that. A symbol of the fallen tyranny of evil, that way, it will be remembered
Davethecat 15 saatler önce
They just need to take them down and put them in a museum. If they’re on display, they’re being commemorated. If they’re in a museum, they aren’t.
John Smith
John Smith Gün önce
Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede ? Presidential Medal of Freedom ? In her defense her empire is probably so big that she has no idea what's going on half the time(three quarters ?).
southern04man 2 gün önce
Confederate soldiers were declared american veterans decades ago morons. Learn your history.
RonPaulHatesBlacks Gün önce
John Smith
John Smith Gün önce desperate slob ;)
Nicholas Taake
Nicholas Taake 2 gün önce
The Browncoats felt they had rights, too. Some may even say those assumed 'rights' were tradition.
Ryan Jones
Ryan Jones 2 gün önce
I punched a innocent kid in the eye to prove I was tough to my friends. It is my history, but I don't remember it fondly. I use it as a leash for my own aggression, to remember how wrong it felt and how bad I was acting. I did a bad thing, and I certainly don't try to "white wash" it. I sucked, I paid a price, I still pay a price, and that's just fine.
Mr. Glasshalffull
Mr. Glasshalffull 2 gün önce
Its true, we never actually dealt with the issue of slavery, it just ended. Thats a lot different if we could say that we figured out how all the evil and greed ruined humanity, and made many just pure evil.
Gabby Koz
Gabby Koz 2 gün önce
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Carlita Daveta
Carlita Daveta 2 gün önce
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cyril bullock
cyril bullock 2 gün önce
Sorry. You dropped the ball non Florida and the gators . Black children were fed to them as entertainment 😥
TheMercsAssassin 2 gün önce
Larry David sorta reminds me of Sam Cedar in 20 or 30 years.
BrandEver 3 gün önce
27k dislikes lol stay mad inbreeders
Ryan Lesner
Ryan Lesner 3 gün önce
If they take down these statues who will pay for it?
마마맘마마마마마ᅡ 3 gün önce
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Robert f Walsh
Robert f Walsh 3 gün önce
It bothers me that this is happening. Do your history before you run around like a wounded buffalo
Cruz Froehlich
Cruz Froehlich 3 gün önce
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Definitely Not Tommy Wiseau
Definitely Not Tommy Wiseau 4 gün önce
John Kincaid
John Kincaid 4 gün önce
The right to keep and own slaves. The U.S is perhaps the only nation ever in the history of mankind to abolish slavery in writing.
Roberto Del Conde
Roberto Del Conde 4 gün önce
2021 did they ever raise a Colbert Statue?
haley rodriguez
haley rodriguez 4 gün önce
My boyfriend just called this liberal bs and honestly I never realized that ig this is liberal news isn’t it? I’m a dumbass but I actually trust this show somewhat so suck it.
CJ Groves
CJ Groves 2 gün önce
Sounds like that's what happens when you date your lose all ability to think.😆
James A. Garfield
James A. Garfield 4 gün önce
You’re a stupid human being.
Elton Braun
Elton Braun 4 gün önce
One more thing, those 5 lb of govt cheese was the best!!
Elton Braun
Elton Braun 4 gün önce
Easiest way to make a grilled cheese sandwich is butter the bread on both sides fold a piece of foil around it, preheat an iron set on cotton,set it on the foil til golden, flip, same thing!kinda flat, but it's good and cleanup is...there is no cleanup!
Gary Hunt
Gary Hunt 4 gün önce
Democrats hate the rebel flag Also democrats its ok to be gay
Gary Hunt
Gary Hunt 2 gün önce
@CJ Groves how is it ok to be gay?
CJ Groves
CJ Groves 2 gün önce
Is that supposed to be a point?
Eugene Coleman
Eugene Coleman 4 gün önce
There is actually 1 place I would argue for keeping monuments of confederate generals and such. That is historic battlefield sites like Gettysburg.
Moinul Hossain
Moinul Hossain 5 gün önce
5:18 hitlers long lost grandfather
Reginald Filibuster
Reginald Filibuster 5 gün önce
why do all the women love Jesus? because he was hung like this.
mta 5 gün önce
take down all the robert e lee statues, then you would have a bunch of plinths that say "lee" on them. what a better place for a statue of bruce lee. keep the nathan bedford forrest for laughs.
Michael nguyen
Michael nguyen 5 gün önce
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Defbond 5 gün önce
This is why I cheer when I see Antifa and BLM tearing these abominations down
DM G3 5 gün önce
Who supports confederacy? Like these people are just telling you this bs and you eat it up. Even if there are some who do it's such a small minority and for whatever reason they get grouped with republicans constantly. Majority are against what they did, it's simple. Also these comments are like a hive mind, jesus.
Benjamin Thompson
Benjamin Thompson 4 gün önce
@DM G3 I am a functionalist. It just needs to work. And, in this world, being bigger makes you right. That's why we spend so much money on our military. But, you also need to keep it working. The main thing that keeps a democracy working is faith. Even if it doesn't work, people need to believe it does. And if it doesn't work, our enemies don't need to break anything. They just need you to believe it doesn't work. So, no mater if it was true or not, the idea that our president would cast doubt on the foundation of our democracy, for any reason, the idea that he were to say the vote fraudulent if he lost, does the work of our enemies for them.
DM G3 4 gün önce
@Benjamin Thompson k well I cant respond to your dumbass comments cause youtube is totalitarian and doesn't let me make a valid argument without deleting it in 10 seconds. I suggest you stop twisting words into a way you want them to sound and think like a realist at some point in your life.
Benjamin Thompson
Benjamin Thompson 4 gün önce
@DM G3 trump said, stand back and stand by. Trump said, "good people on both sides." Trump sided with the protesters during the riot on the 6th and told them to go home in peace hours after it started.
Benjamin Thompson
Benjamin Thompson 4 gün önce
@DM G3 I am literally quoting trumps own words.
DM G3 4 gün önce
@Benjamin Thompson like I said, people tell you bs and you eat it up. Maybe try using another news source other than msnbc for once, it’s good to have multiple points of view.
Grunoloj 5 gün önce
main cause of the Сivil war - MONEY! And nothing but money... Wealthy and powerful "no longer British" people. wanted to become even richer and, what is important, even more powerful. And there was no more reason there, you guys funny.
Stunt Panda
Stunt Panda 5 gün önce
Racist idiots, "The Civil War weren't dun 'bout states right!" Reality, "You mean a state's 'rights' to deny the rights of people based on the color of their skin?"
Meghan Helmich
Meghan Helmich 6 gün önce
Adolf Hankler 😂😂😂💀💀💀
Ugandi Smith
Ugandi Smith 6 gün önce
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thedangeroussaint 6 gün önce
16:41 Well that was embarrassing. Trump was 100% right. They're tearing down Lincoln, Grant, and even saints like Junipero Sierra and St. Louis IX. Madness. It doesn't stop.
Lacroyyy 5 gün önce
@Defbond whooooa Lincoln and Grant fought for the union
Defbond 5 gün önce
Good, fuck you, fuck Trump and fuck every one of those racists who built this shithole country. Hope Antifa tears every last one of them down, EVERY LAST FUCKING ONE.
RonPaulHatesBlacks 6 gün önce
Literally none of that is true LOLOLOL. Your own Fox News admitted that "both Oliver and Trump were referring to statues being officially removed rather than vandalized by protesters." I love your snowflake tears tho
James Stange
James Stange 6 gün önce
I’ve always thought those racist treasonous statues should be torn down or vandalized then torn down as much as Hitler or Stalin or any other Disgusting terrible creatures burning in hell
James Stange
James Stange 6 gün önce
Good for you Anderson Cooper I like you 10 times more than I did before if my relative was beaten to death by a slave I will assume he deserved it and I would be ashamed of that relative fortunately my families only been in America for a few generations so I’m innocent at least of that
Donald Clay
Donald Clay 6 gün önce
Good Show. African Americans Now and Forever Free.
Chris Leedham
Chris Leedham 7 gün önce
why do we memorialize the side that lost??
RonPaulHatesBlacks 6 gün önce
Drake Koefoed
Drake Koefoed 7 gün önce
lincoln was a white supremicist, and the war was not about slavery. fact check this!
Lacroyyy 5 gün önce
Dude that's craaaazy, but if your gonna say it was about states rights, it was, states rights to own slaves. If it was about money, the South relies on slaves. I'll look past Lincoln being a white supremacist beacause he freed the slaves.
Ava Jara
Ava Jara 7 gün önce
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Brian R
Brian R 7 gün önce
I’d bet the house that the fat guy yelling “do you know how much a slave cost back then?” stormed the Capitol. He’s that kinda guy
RonPaulHatesBlacks 6 gün önce
He also stormed the buffet at a Golden Corral.
Rad Cat
Rad Cat 7 gün önce
Is George Washington next Anyone that does any length of research: should have never been put up
gloria sanders
gloria sanders 7 gün önce
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Sydney Bridges
Sydney Bridges 7 gün önce
I would like to point out my NC middle school took me to stone mountain in 2010 or 2011 and painted these douchebags as heroes for protecting their "rights" the south has so much growing to do.
Real Redeemed
Real Redeemed 7 gün önce
I watch this just to hear him say #confedera-she
Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson 7 gün önce
Larry David's northern accent is so thick, it's like his family did whatever they could to steer clear of his southern roots 🤣
Abhisar Dahiya
Abhisar Dahiya 7 gün önce
9:54 "Is there a gender wage gap in child labor?" Now we're asking the real question
MeloFelo 8 gün önce
Is no one gonna talk about the fact that Steven Colbert was hiding under a sheet on a pedestal for probably a couple of minutes just waiting for his cue?
CHUCK THOMAS 8 gün önce
The Vietnam war attempted to maintain a racist colonial power and killed a million Vietnamese, should we take down the the Vietnam War Memorial? That being said I do think all the Confederate monuments should be taken down they were put up back in like the 50's to make a specific political point, they're not good history but I'm not a big believer in flags, monuments, parades, or any of that stuff. It's all a form of coercion and a regression of individual consciousness
Lacroyyy 5 gün önce
See John actually did a video on this, I'm pretty sure that's called Whataboutism, basically it's changing the conversation by saying "I'm bad, But they're also bad, so I'm not as bad".
angryhairpeice 8 gün önce
101% of the people answered the poll?
Jim Bob Cutter
Jim Bob Cutter 8 gün önce
Rounding error
Masalmeh Rami
Masalmeh Rami 8 gün önce
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Motion Drive
Motion Drive 8 gün önce
Went and visited some family on my mom's side in Virginia a few summers ago. They had framed pictures of of Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee on their walls. Coming from Colorado that was very sad to see
Truong Uyen Tram
Truong Uyen Tram 8 gün önce
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D Tops
D Tops 9 gün önce
Sorry it don't say no where in the Constitution that the states are not allowed to secede if their Grievances are not resolved? Therefore your traitor thesis goes right out the window
D Tops
D Tops 8 gün önce
@RonPaulHatesBlacks ... well I'm glad somebody at least does a little bit of research and stays as well informed of things such as the constitutionality of whatever... I like the way you put forth your opinion
D Tops
D Tops 8 gün önce
@RonPaulHatesBlacks .... well obviously you'll much more well-researched and informed than I am ...thanks for explaining that to me which I kind of figured that anyway but you got to talk a lot of s*** on these lol lol
RonPaulHatesBlacks 8 gün önce
@D Tops Of course the constitutionality was considered. Unilateral secession is unconstitutional, as James Madison explained (and he would know!), both Lincoln and Lee freely acknowledged, and every single court to consider the question has confirmed, including the United States and Alaska Supreme Courts.
D Tops
D Tops 8 gün önce
@RonPaulHatesBlacks .... I think you're missing my point where does it physically say in the Constitution that states are not allowed to secede? ?... but I guess it really doesn't matter does it? When the South decided to seceded the north took military action to bring them back into the Union.... the constitutionality of it wasn't considered at that point, the gun was?
RonPaulHatesBlacks 8 gün önce
@D Tops Snowflakes in Texas like to whine and cry about it, but unilateral secession is unconstitutional. As even Scalia said, “If there was any constitutional issue resolved by the Civil War, it is that there is no right to secede. (Hence, in the Pledge of Allegiance, ‘one Nation, indivisible.’)”
Iyce Phoenixx
Iyce Phoenixx 9 gün önce
The answer is simple, the U.S.A. flag stood for slavery long before the Confederate flag did, and both are American flags
Lacroyyy 5 gün önce
@Iyce Phoenixx they wanted back, just to govern themselves. Kinda sounds like a country with extra steps
Iyce Phoenixx
Iyce Phoenixx 5 gün önce
@Lacroyyy They wanted back, just to govern themselves. As no matter how wrong they were with slavery, it was still supposed to be that states had the most authority in their own territories. That was the turning point between state power and federal power
Lacroyyy 5 gün önce
@Iyce Phoenixx it's only called that beacause the union won and adopted the States back. If the confedercy had their way it wouldn't be a civil war.
Iyce Phoenixx
Iyce Phoenixx 5 gün önce
@Lacroyyy It's also called a civil war, whi h us a nation fighting itself, because they were all Americans
Iyce Phoenixx
Iyce Phoenixx 5 gün önce
@Lacroyyy No, because they don't have America in their name. Americans are called Americans because it's in the name of a sovereign nation. Confederates could be considered Southern Americans, and they still were by birth right. The north is usually referred to as the Union, not the United States, when talking about the war
Nancy Beveridge Taylor
Nancy Beveridge Taylor 9 gün önce
As a Catholic living in northwest Oregon/Washington state/Idaho/Montana. We were attacked by white nationalist racist monsters my whole childhood.
Nancy Beveridge Taylor
Nancy Beveridge Taylor 9 gün önce
I grew up Catholic in Oregon, a total racist state. My church had a cross burning in front of our rectory by the KKK IN MY LIFETIME and I am 60 years old. The KKK and the proud Boys are active in Oregon, Washington and Idaho. Those states have actively called to SECEDE from the United States to form a "white nationalist country " from the 1880's and still do. I live in California now. My family never fought for the racist KKK they hated us because Catholics were their targets, we were Catholic, French Canadian Catholic and Scottish Catholic Canadian and Potowatomi first nations. So, thank God, I was not related to those monsters.
Nancy Beveridge Taylor
Nancy Beveridge Taylor 9 gün önce
So yeah, leave those Hitler monuments up. Just like the confederacy.
Lalo 9 gün önce
Imagine if Germany erected Nazi memorials?
Ronald Reagan
Ronald Reagan 9 gün önce
you fucking leftist.
Ronald Reagan
Ronald Reagan 2 gün önce
@Defbond Liberals always beat around the bush and talk in innuendo, then think someone else is stupid for not properly decoding their bullshit. as with everything on the left -- pure failure. LOL.
Defbond 2 gün önce
@Ronald Reagan lmao talk about missing the point
Ronald Reagan
Ronald Reagan 3 gün önce
@Defbond I don’t support antifa. Nice try.
Defbond 5 gün önce
Hope Antifa gives you a nice can of soup "for your family"
Ronald Reagan
Ronald Reagan 8 gün önce
@RonPaulHatesBlacks says the idiot that thinks rand paul hates blacks? dude. you're an idiot. nice try.
Patrick Bateman
Patrick Bateman 9 gün önce
The first spike in statue erecting more correctly coincides with the 50 anniversary of the end of the Civil War.
Affan Siddiqui
Affan Siddiqui 9 gün önce
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Comrade B
Comrade B 10 gün önce
John, I love you
Dion Radimacher
Dion Radimacher 10 gün önce
They even gave him access to all area of the hospital in the UK, access into the mortuary area and childrens ward eeeek
Kronik Kronolov
Kronik Kronolov 10 gün önce
Okay then, if they didn't own slaves and his family was working the farm, what would it matter if the US government abolished slavery? Was the US government trying to make them close their farm and take socialist handouts? Lmfao! Give it a few years, that'll be the new narrative.
Lacroyyy 5 gün önce
Ok, your missing the point, they supported the confedercy
Toma Villa
Toma Villa 10 gün önce
And you still haven't returned native artifacts and carved totem poles back to the people.
Travis Capehart
Travis Capehart 10 gün önce
The confederate flag represents many things to many people. The abolition of slavery is very much a step forward in the human condition. The stars and bars means that the government is not to be considered absolute. There is a multitude of dispicable, and self serving actions taken by our government. Slaves were owned all over the country not just in the south. Most southerners were poor sharecroppers who lived in conditions not much better than the slaves themselves. To condemn everyone who lived in the south by the actions of rich white plantation owners, who were the only ones who could even afford slaves, is just as ignorant as the idea of owning a human being. I was raised to hate racism, and to recognize the difference between color and culture.
Lacroyyy 4 gün önce
@Travis Capehart yeah you can disagree with someone without it turning into a nuclear apocalypse
Travis Capehart
Travis Capehart 4 gün önce
@Lacroyyy I am happy to see that this exchange didnt turn into a trolling session. it is nice to communicate with intelligent, and courteous individuals rather than the infantile, ignorant, drama farmers that have the iq of a gnat, with the attention span of a goldfish. Thank You, Seriously,... Thanks
Lacroyyy 4 gün önce
@Travis Capehart nah dude I'm good, I don't even live in the us
Travis Capehart
Travis Capehart 4 gün önce
@Lacroyyy actually i came to doubt both versions. my veiws may appear that way but it is more relative to a genuine distaste for the government, and a seething hatred for greedy, rich, power hungry, individuals that own large companies and same for plantation owners. I love my country, but hate the government. during a short period of incarceration I was blessed to come accross a book, Concise history of the US from i think the author was Neville Macinnley, it was awhile back. but it was completely factual, without bias. that was the version i chose to believe. i can explain more at a later time if you are interested.
Lacroyyy 4 gün önce
@Travis Capehart after reading, why did you choose to believe the history you were taught as a kid. Also the war wasn't about oppression, it was about 1 thing monetary gain, the South economy was dependant on slaves. So the war was about slavery.
Matthew Cisneros
Matthew Cisneros 10 gün önce
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Greg Swoboda
Greg Swoboda 10 gün önce
does this superdoosh realize that throughout history EVERY SINGLE COUNTRY ON EARTH has been in a war, taken over a country or land, its called survival of the fittest. does that give us license to condone it? not necessarily, but dude, GO HOME AND PREACH TO YOUR OWN COUNTRY about their atrocities committed.
Lacroyyy 5 gün önce
"Yeah I murdered that guy, but he murdered a guy To, why should I be held accountable"
DAVID WHANG 10 gün önce
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Andrew Webb
Andrew Webb 10 gün önce
I had an ancestor fight for the confederacy, he deserted and hid in the Appalachian mountains and abandoned his family, for years my family went hungry because there was only one parent in the house for the kids. So he sucks, he may have been drafted, the confederacy did have the first draft in U.S. territory but it's impossible or at least really hard to figure out. I'm connected to this but I still know that the confederacy was evil.
RonPaulHatesBlacks 10 gün önce
What was his name?
Isaac Leillhikar
Isaac Leillhikar 10 gün önce
Robert E Lee, Stonewall Jackson and Nathan Bedford Forest are being taken down ???
Isaac Leillhikar
Isaac Leillhikar 10 gün önce
@RonPaulHatesBlacks Robert E Lee came and took down attackers all down the south east. Robert E Lee wasnt doing any genocide, Gettysburg at least is against some place attacking them. Hitler attacked Stalingrad, out of nothing.
RonPaulHatesBlacks 10 gün önce
I hope so. Hitler too.
Nick Barnes
Nick Barnes 11 gün önce
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Vishal Reddy
Vishal Reddy 11 gün önce
I was in high school longer than the Confederacy ever existed.
Vishal Reddy
Vishal Reddy 8 gün önce
@Quickshot 5 years, gr 8 through 12
Quickshot 8 gün önce
How,long we’re you in high school?
Miike Haze
Miike Haze 11 gün önce
Give da gator a arrow and we might could work something out
Sayaka Soga
Sayaka Soga 11 gün önce
"you can's erase part of our history" dude, you guys literally censored large parts black history and denied what happened in Tusla (1921) and North Carolina (1898)
D 11 gün önce
We shouldn't take down statues for one reason, it costs money and it's a waste of money
D 4 gün önce
@RonPaulHatesBlacks Right
RonPaulHatesBlacks 4 gün önce
@D "You first and ill consider it."
D 5 gün önce
@RonPaulHatesBlacks Also I fixed my mistake, which is more than your parents can say regarding you.
D 5 gün önce
@RonPaulHatesBlacks Resorting to quoting me over a drunken spelling mistake that's a desperate ploy, you say best of luck what you really mean is "Go die" my response is "You first and ill consider it."
RonPaulHatesBlacks 5 gün önce
@D "It also passes me off how expensive due process is but thats another story" Best of luck.
Oh Just oh
Oh Just oh 11 gün önce
My coworkers in 2021 are still mad they can't enslave black people.
Husky Fan in Mass
Husky Fan in Mass 10 gün önce
It's the only way to get them to do some work.
Le Thanh Hiep
Le Thanh Hiep 12 gün önce
After a seawage plant in Danbury was named after John Oliver, i:m actually very curious about the fate of those statues.
Yolanda Shikers
Yolanda Shikers 12 gün önce
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Per Johansson
Per Johansson 12 gün önce
a proper place for the confederate statues is the scrapyard.
jane saul
jane saul 12 gün önce
The brave nigeria synchronously jog because fold uniquely reproduce amid a scared request. heady, zonked internet
Gregory Holden
Gregory Holden 12 gün önce
I know...why don't we dedicate statues to serial killers...child molesters,rapists and kidnappers? Ohhhh wait__those statues of much protestations are for such scum! Something is evil about wanting to commemorate so much ahorrence.
Lord Laughter
Lord Laughter 12 gün önce
Yes the south was fighting for a bad reason, but they still fought for something they believed in. You can respect loyalty to a cause, even if it isn't a good one. That doesn't mean you should condone the cause if it's blatantly a bad one however. I realize this is probably going to be an unpopular take on this, but it's my thought on this and I'm not going force anyone to agree with me.
RonPaulHatesBlacks 11 gün önce
Yes the Nazis were fighting for a bad reason, but they still fought for something they believed in. You can respect loyalty to a cause, even if it isn't a good one. That doesn't mean you should condone the cause if it's blatantly a bad one however. I realize this is probably going to be an unpopular take on this, but it's my thought on this and I'm not going force anyone to agree with me.
James Vickers
James Vickers 12 gün önce
So, the Republican argument is that Trump over-estimated the IQ of his followers and thought they wouldn't take him seriously when he sent them down the road to the capitol?
lawrencestoke 12 gün önce
Hi. Please share this with your idiot Republican friends. You can't educate the Trumpian cult members because they are stupid but at least you will have tried.
Poler Asto
Poler Asto 12 gün önce
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Danny Santos
Danny Santos 12 gün önce
we hate the government ! the government stole the election. Lets storm The government capitol !? We win no matter what everyone else says... ???
ErexiaPuff 12 gün önce
Are we not going to mention he says "Sex affunder" instead of sex offender?
Gamal El-Zoghby
Gamal El-Zoghby 13 gün önce
SpEedFreAk57 13 gün önce
Teddy Dog
Teddy Dog 13 gün önce
Well the white guy is right. The bulk of men who fought for the Confederacy actually didn't own slaves. Why they fought and died for aristocrats who did own slaves I'd need a Southerner to explain to me. A friendly and civil one preferably.
Husky Fan in Mass
Husky Fan in Mass 10 gün önce
@Jim Bob Cutter I'm making an effort to be charitable. They make it hard when they put Gorilla Glue in their hair and blame the white man.
Jim Bob Cutter
Jim Bob Cutter 10 gün önce
@Husky Fan in Mass Why did you say "black men" instead of the real word you call them?
Husky Fan in Mass
Husky Fan in Mass 10 gün önce
@Jim Bob Cutter Why would they want black men impregnating white women and then abandon them?
Teddy Dog
Teddy Dog 10 gün önce
@Pierre Bezukhov Thanks. I appreciate a reply from someone who really seems to have understanding of the society at the time. I want to point out I'm NOT comparing the two historical catastrophes and I think the term 'brainwashing' is useful in explaining nothing. But it's hard to think beyond what society teaches you especially if you're unaware alternatives exist. At the end of WW2 so many Germans said variations on the theme "Of course we hated the Jews. It was taught to us as a matter of fact and common sense from the moment we were old enough to think'. While the South never approached Germany in terms of barbarism it's a lot to ask people to think beyond the limits of the society they're brought up in. Many were surprised the rest of the world didn't feel the anti-semitism with their vehemence. To think outside the box when the box is your whole universe asks a lot. Probably far too much. Thanks for clearing up an element of the antebellum South that always was murky to me. Another obvious question is why did so many poor go out and fight and die for a minority of rich aristocrats but it's not as though that's changed much in the intervening years.
Pierre Bezukhov
Pierre Bezukhov 12 gün önce
"Why they fought and died for aristocrats who did own slaves I'd need a Southerner to explain to me." Well, if you didn't own slaves you could rent them if the need arose. More importantly African slavery, to the Southern mind, wasn't merely an economic system or a social construct. No, it was a Religious Sacrament. Just about every Sunday those that owned slaves and those that did not would gather at a church where the congregation would be harangued by the preacher with the message the slavery was God's Ordained Plan for African People. Those that fought to defend the institution of African slavery were doing the Lord's Work.
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