Playing an RPG for the second time

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Joel Haver

16 gün önce

Adventure awaits again.
The third installment of the RPG series -
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Joel Haver
Joel Haver 15 gün önce
This is by far my most involved animation yet, I’m so happy to see everyone enjoying. Big thanks to Trent for making it with me and keeping me company over discord over long hours of animating. I’m realizing now that people might see this before the first two, so here’s the whole series in one convenient playlist -
Josey _
Josey _ Gün önce
Is that from past to present?
Alexander Ferrer
Alexander Ferrer 2 gün önce
Keep up the great work Joel! Your animation technique is great! Keep em coming
time_ keeper
time_ keeper 2 gün önce
now that you've shown us how you did it, i really want to see the unedited version.
GenTac 3 gün önce
Is the first scene with the old man a reference to Seles in The Legend of the Dragoon? It seems like such a direct reference to the scene with Elder Plos sitting in the ash, outside of a ruined house.
Marshall The Man
Marshall The Man 3 gün önce
My name is Marshall and it totally caught me off guard lol
chagew8966 2 saatler önce
The animation is terrible. The voices are dumb. Plot goes nowhere, and I feel uncomfortable watching it. Please make more. I love it.
Jason Lopez
Jason Lopez 2 saatler önce
in the next one you have to join forces with the rat lol
Bizarre? Maybe
Bizarre? Maybe 3 saatler önce
This was such an epic RPG game.
40-year-old Canadian actor Ryan Gosling
40-year-old Canadian actor Ryan Gosling 6 saatler önce
1:49 when you invest $1000 in bitcoin 2 weeks ago and it goes down 5% but gamestop goes up 1700%
Cyber Assassin
Cyber Assassin 9 saatler önce
Oblivion soundtrack nice
Omega 9 saatler önce
3:10 That just HAS to be a reference to Avengers: Endgame. Right?
Jinkstack S
Jinkstack S 9 saatler önce
After watching the first episode, everything makes a lot more sense... which is more than I thought I would say about a regicidal rat
Xavier Zara
Xavier Zara 11 saatler önce
2:50 someone get Bernie on that chair
Darryl Farmer
Darryl Farmer 11 saatler önce
Re:Zero in a nutshell
Collisto 12 saatler önce
Somehow my first question wasn't even 'How does a gun exist in medieval times?'
Wyatt Devine
Wyatt Devine 13 saatler önce
A game made for a bard
Pixel Zed EX
Pixel Zed EX 13 saatler önce
"I am so sick of doing everything wrong. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH"... I feel that one, buddy. I feel that one. Also can we get a Marshall Questline mod for skyrim?
Pixel Zed EX
Pixel Zed EX 13 saatler önce
WHY do I keep seeing Wade (LordMinion777) in the old man? Even the voice and facial structure is so...Wade.
Mr Frank
Mr Frank 14 saatler önce
"It shows who is an enemy to themselves" Holy shit thats the most hillarious and yet deepest thing ive ever heard
bamsblanks 14 saatler önce
Matéal _
Matéal _ 14 saatler önce
1:34 Cries in Hazaa
Igi122 15 saatler önce
his face and the way he says "aw fuck" just broke me
Disabled God
Disabled God 16 saatler önce
“Adventure.. awaits.” That line gave me Avengers Endgame vibes ngl
Dane G
Dane G 18 saatler önce
The bullet casings are bigger than Marshall's gun - can you imagine the recoil on that thing?
Bacon Lover
Bacon Lover 18 saatler önce
Accidentally helped the bbeg....thats. Genius storytelling 😂
Mr Fusion
Mr Fusion 20 saatler önce
glock 19 gen 4 weapon of choice for ransacking.
Skeletty1710 20 saatler önce
Playing Gothic for the first time: Where do I have to go? Who are my enemies? Why are the enemies so damn strong? Why is my weapon so weak? Why do I have almost no money on me? Where is the god damn map? Why does everybody try to rip me off? In the end: Everybody is too weak for me, that game was easy. I love the 'Gothic'-series.
Nionivek 21 saatler önce
When I think of it... It is a very fascinating concept for an RPG to be completely solvable within the first five minutes of the game. Like... the final boss is weak and right outside your cell door.
The Dopester
The Dopester 13 saatler önce
Two worlds
Lux Support
Lux Support 21 saatler önce
Hades the God
Hades the God 21 saatler önce
Trent has such an awesome voice. I don’t know why I love it so much.
Angelic Wolfman
Angelic Wolfman 22 saatler önce
Marshal decided to wreak havoc on Townton because he remembered how he was killed in cold blood from the first time aroumd.
Indie Gün önce
Please continue making these.
Marshall Kimber
Marshall Kimber Gün önce
WrecksGaming Gün önce
The extra breath while he’s running fucking makes it
C8236 Gün önce
The greatest sequel/crossover of all time
foster Gün önce
I like to think the game having Marshal as the antagonist is the real game. Secretly though, there's an RNG chance built into the game, has the very slim chance of making Marshal the protagonist and the real saviour of the world and that it's important that he should not die. However on the first playthrough the adventurer rolled the very rare chance of Marshal being the good guy but due to his assumption that all rats are evil and bad, the adventurer killed the world's only chance of being saved. So when he starts another game not knowing that Marshal being evil is the norm, he allows the scourge of the land to go free and let him set off to do his evil deeds.
Furkan Efe Türeç
Furkan Efe Türeç Gün önce
*You were the chosen one! You were supposed to destroy the villains not join them! It was said that you would bring balance to the kingdom, Not leave it in flames. You were my brother Marshall, I loved you.*
Butterham Buscuits
Butterham Buscuits Gün önce
Please keep making these and the scoobydoo, man I just cannot get enough of these keep it up 😄
Gavin Kennedy
Gavin Kennedy Gün önce
Is this an Adam Sandler RPG?
Cylur Gün önce
You either die a Marshall, or live long enough to see yourself become...Marshall
Vinegar Doppio
Vinegar Doppio Gün önce
Me: Do you need any help? Mom: No, It's ok. Also Mom: 1:50
Fenris Hellhound
Fenris Hellhound Gün önce
I absolutely love your cartoons. The oblivion music really takes me back as well.
tyler 94
tyler 94 Gün önce
Its like groundhog day
Abel Catacho
Abel Catacho Gün önce
is it because i saw the first one this one is so fucking hilarious
Bendy Bends
Bendy Bends Gün önce
Poopaypoy Youtube
Poopaypoy Youtube 22 saatler önce
The Lewis
The Lewis Gün önce
0:40 that dude just standing there screaming made me laugh so much.
Grips Gün önce
Came for entertainment.. left learning something new
zitchaden Gün önce
New Re:Zero looking different
Dash Oneal
Dash Oneal Gün önce
Better ending to a trilogy than most trilogies. Huzzah!
Yako Jaco
Yako Jaco Gün önce
What’s great is it’s animated but still moves like reality
Wille Juusti
Wille Juusti Gün önce
really liked this one!
akirami1 Gün önce
I lost my bag of beans at the 'oh fuck'
Ginobobino Bobobanana
Ginobobino Bobobanana Gün önce
Unexpectedly wholesome
D Logic
D Logic Gün önce
Can you make some shirts with this dude or marshal and the catchphrase HUZZZZAHH!
Nolan Joseph
Nolan Joseph Gün önce
1:08 This has the same energy as Obi Wan telling Padme Anakin killed the younglings
Noi Jadis Cailleach
Noi Jadis Cailleach Gün önce
How does he do it?
idk hbu
idk hbu Gün önce
Should include me spamming the skip button to skip the story dialogue. Making the npc go " A A A E E O U Y L A E U"
Vinegar Doppio
Vinegar Doppio Gün önce
Mom: **Pulls up in the drive way** My dumbass that didn't clean the house: 1:44
Cryptic Cocktails
Cryptic Cocktails Gün önce
I know you showed us your tricks, but I still don’t understand. I don’t want to understand
Kyle McGee
Kyle McGee Gün önce
"My LEG!" Padoru flashbacks intensify.
Mr Jemandem
Mr Jemandem Gün önce
I would restarts a third time and just kill the rat.
Tom Lyle
Tom Lyle Gün önce
This shouldn't be as epic as it is
Michael Voronin
Michael Voronin Gün önce
Love the SpongeBob “My leg!” reference
Sulky_Demon4 Gün önce
Man willed himself to the castle by screaming
JoesGuy Gün önce
If only replaying RPGs offered such drastically different story paths.
AceBattleStorm Gün önce
Genuinely love this series so much
waywardkitten1 Gün önce
So the rat released him from his cell?
It kills me how much of their faces and mannerisms translate into this form. These are amazing.
TheCarloCarlone Gün önce
There are better setups-comebacks here than in actual movies
Robert Clark
Robert Clark Gün önce
"I am so sick of doing everything WRONG!" This line honestly, unironically, hits hard
NotBop 2 gün önce
I love the idea of an RPG you play several times, and it's totally different every time, even though all the code and stuff is the same just the decisions you make change with new info
NotBop 2 gün önce
"A health bar does not show who is enemy to you, it shows who is an enemy to themselves." That line is so great, and all the acting in this video is Fantastic!
Jose Tomas Campos Robledano
Jose Tomas Campos Robledano 2 gün önce
How I wish NG+ runs would play out like 😭😭
Hisyam Ahmad
Hisyam Ahmad 2 gün önce
Actually The first time he played an RPG was a speedrun
octomistic 2 gün önce
oh my god I watched this and was like “wtf is going on this makes absolutely no sense” and then I watched the other two videos and rewatched this one and am like “this is perfect. genius. amazing”
drakesayshi 2 gün önce
I knew it the whole time yay
NoGoodGreen 2 gün önce
Is it ok if i get in a couple of minutes?
AbsurdShark 2 gün önce
A really good conclusion"?" to one of the best trilogy in cinematic history.
Steve Caputo
Steve Caputo 2 gün önce
“I am so sick of doing EVERYTHING” is a highly relatable line both in RPGs and irl
Justin Billie
Justin Billie 2 gün önce
Thankful for the beings and mindsets to make this happen.
Alexander Skrabacz
Alexander Skrabacz 2 gün önce
Alexander Skrabacz
Alexander Skrabacz 2 gün önce
"marshall is evil now, he has a gun" if i had cancer, id go watch this channel. its that healing.
Super Universe
Super Universe 2 gün önce
Pewdie Pie and Filthy Frank Directed this video.
Elijah Sauruz
Elijah Sauruz 2 gün önce
That freaking rat
Riptide Anomy
Riptide Anomy 2 gün önce
2:06 this maybe short, but it’s truthful and that’s what makes it so wholesome
Jose Arbelo
Jose Arbelo 2 gün önce
The final “adventure awaits” kinda sounds like the “avengers assemble” in the finale battle of endgame
Omega 9 saatler önce
Finally I see a comment who also sees it. That MUST be a reference to it right?
Kilorat 2 gün önce
I hope this gets made into a real RPG
Harley Fuller
Harley Fuller 2 gün önce
Can u please get a tv show deal? With adult swim or something....that would be sick
no fuckyou
no fuckyou 2 gün önce
Me deciding to join the stormcloaks but then I betray Balgruuf, I stopped liking the imperials part way through and I thought he chooses the side you chose but no
wait wot
wait wot 2 gün önce
AI Dungeon 2
Declicitous 2 gün önce
3:01 When RDR2 players see Micah
Ricki 2 gün önce
Next time: *Playing an RPG for a third time for the bad ending*
DaBonkinator 2 gün önce
I love the ending it feels so real. The kind of awkward conversation and the facy they're just sitting there enjoying the sunset together.
Mini Zem
Mini Zem 2 gün önce
This has a lot of old youtube vibes, I love it.
CambossX12 2 gün önce
welp, spent the last few hours writing a generic fantasy novel, let's watch some youtube. it'll be nice to hear something other than "peace of akatosh" on loop for a few moments... 1:11 FOR FUCKS SAKE
William T
William T 2 gün önce
TeddyBearSolid 5260
TeddyBearSolid 5260 2 gün önce
This shit should be on TV.
Ian Lemmon
Ian Lemmon 2 gün önce
Think I'm going to start my work days like how this video starts.
Nym 2 gün önce
I love all the callbacks in this video. 0:52 - A massacre most foul instead of his prior statement "A murder most foul" 1:05 - Didnt you see the posters? 2:04 - The family pet he killed 2:17 - The farmer he killed (Nice gloves) 2:40 - Is the king corrupt? No not very corrupt, no 2:56 - Redux of his first lines, aw
Chad Gates
Chad Gates 2 gün önce
This is the best thing I've seen in a long time. I wish you madea super cut or linking them together better. The call backs were so smart and small things crack me up like a Wes anderson film. Impressed!
KnightChip 2 gün önce
I cant express how much I love these RPG shorts
Elias KOUAKOU 2 gün önce
So he was right about killing him the first time
Cameron Jenkins
Cameron Jenkins 2 gün önce
A beautiful ending for a deeply tragic, yet riveting tale of hardship and loss.
Prince of Cannock
Prince of Cannock 2 gün önce
the perfect finalle to an epic saga.
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