EP-36 | Never before heard stories from man who led Operation Blue Star - Lt Gen Kuldip Singh Brar

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Lt Gen Kuldip Singh Brar is a veteran of the 1971 India-Pakistan War and the liberation of Bangladesh. He was also the commanding officer of Operation Blue Star and to this day, he remains on the hit list of Khalistani terrorists. In an informative conversation with Smita Prakash, 89-year-old Lt Gen Brar explains the preparations that went behind Operation Blue Star and the situation in Punjab during that time. He describes, in gripping detail, the operation and the events that followed. He recalls the assassination attempt on him by Khalistani terrorists ten years ago in London and how he fought back. He goes on to narrate his experience during the 1971 India-Pakistan War and the inside story of Pakistan’s surrender.
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00:00 - Introduction
02:00 - Law and order situation in Punjab & Khalistan movement
07:47 - Taking charge and planning Operation Blue Star
20:01 - Ground situation at Golden Temple & Shabeg Singh
26:49 - Preparation and complications of Operation Blue Star
40:17 - Captain Raina & Bhindranwale-Shabeg Singh
54:20 - Assassination attempt & Resurgence of Khalistan movement
01:03:45 - Family’s reaction & Life in Army
01:09:45 - 1971 Indo-Pak war & Tangail Airdrop
1:18:17 - General Niazi & Pakistan’s surrender
1:27:07 - Memories of Bangladesh & Life well lived
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@sudhanshusingh7924 9 aylar önce
A life lived one can only dream of. Being at the centre stage of 1962, 1971 wars and Op Blue Star. What a hero. Jaya Hind Sir
@NativeVsColonial 9 aylar önce
1971 Bengalis, Assamese, Tripura people heavily contributed, but no matter what, all credits Punjabis took as during English India colonization Punjabis were considered as "Martial Race"
@Raj_t466 8 aylar önce
​@@NativeVsColonialThey were leaders of operations, that's why
@Diwana71 9 aylar önce
General Brar is a real patriot. And a true military officer. He is true representative of the Nationalist secular Jat Sikhs . General Shahbeg was my Tauji's close friend and batchmate and Hum Pyala .
@pimlico_qld 5 aylar önce
Highest amount of my gratitude and respect for this Indian who has fought many wars and has bounty on his head at the age of 89😢. May current establishment show to these men that We lest not Forget and show our gratitude towards their service and sacrifice. Highly motivated. Jai Hind.
@stefansyiemiong5881 8 aylar önce
Gen .Brar the nation is grateful to you ,thank you for your service. Jai Hind ,Jai Bharat Sena !
@arunmarwaha6724 2 aylar önce
Jai Hind sir. My heartfelt condolences to the 400 soldiers who died inside the temple. Great souls who fought for the country that day.
@DMMD697 8 aylar önce
No religion is above India No mandir , masjid, gurudwara, church above India Proud Indian .. Jai Hind...
@biographychannel5094 8 aylar önce
But hindu rashtra can be made now? , thousands of hindutva’s now openly calling openly and threatning minorties.
@justmusic3441 8 aylar önce
Religion first nation second 🙏🏽
@DMMD697 8 aylar önce
@@biographychannel5094 no brother Its just a political gimmick , its always INDIA with u , me n everyone... Social media / few politician wants hindu rashtra No hindu wants hindu rashtra
@rohitak3989 9 aylar önce
If this is the tenor of his voice at the age of 89 , one can only imagine this man's aura in his prime
@ps-er9sm 9 aylar önce
I thought the same
@ramkrishnaborse2768 8 aylar önce
His memory is also sharp in 90s.
@gurdialkaur3137 8 aylar önce
Thousands ( army men and civilians) lost lives due Brar's incompetent leadership ... Please read real history
@ps-er9sm 8 aylar önce
@@gurdialkaur3137 not Brar.....Indira. she is the one who committed this blunder. Brar just followed the orders.
@talentedboys6384 8 aylar önce
A brave son of ma bharti and a lion of indian Army . I have no words to praise him
@anwarsadat2334 8 aylar önce
What an admirable man! Nation before self/religion, etc. He got the assignment for many reasons including that he was good, and because he belonged to the Sikh community. He carried out the operation efficiently, courageously and has handled himself with dignity for all these years in spite the many attempts on his life. By the way very interesting to hear the difference between Gen Jacob's story about fall of Dhaka and General Brar's story. To me it seems that General Brar's story bears out General Manekshaw's narrative better.
@viveksrivastava6058 8 aylar önce
Many, many thanks Smitaji , for the memorable interview with Mr.Brar . Please keep this endeavour on , let more and more Brars be interviewed in the wonderful Podcast to enable us to know first hand account of such like happenings . U really had very searching arrows of questions in your quiver . His replies were also prudent and honest . There was no talking in a roundabout manner ,it was just straightforward and from the very core of heart . Hats off to you!
@taltali143 9 aylar önce
🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 Lt Gen Kuldip Singh Brar, Sir i'm very proud to see you & those experience you share with our generations ... we are very blessed such kind of legend's we had that days & those veer solder's I proud to great salute all of you who all served THE GREAT INDIAN ARMY & those who had lost there life for our country... JAI HIND SIR.... THANK YOU VERY MUCH.... BANDEMATARAM
@VS-pk6ey 2 aylar önce
Goosepimples listening to this. So much of suffering , stress , war like situation, partition like fears all because of a created problem by the power hungry. We owe it to all our bravehearts to ensure this problem never surfaces again. Jaihind.
@divesh27 10 aylar önce
A grand salute to this guy who followed the orders to the tilt but with dignity. This story deserves to be told to everyone.
@hardeepsingh-sg2kz 10 aylar önce
What alternative this guy had anyway but to follow orders?
@amansr3141 9 aylar önce
This episode is a must for a real Armed forces aspirant and Indian 🙇🏻🙏🏻
@swastikverma2252 8 aylar önce
A true patriot. It's sad to see how he lost friends and family in order to do his duty and serve his nation. I wish the governments did their job in the first place and prevent these conditions from happening. Even today these radicals just want to cause chaos and mayhem in the state!
@jasvirsinghpunni1627 8 aylar önce
Yes ❤
@chanekshgaming5611 7 aylar önce
Very very heart touching. I salute u sir. U r a true soldier. True patriot. Always stood up for ur nation. Shame on these Khalistanis who want to break the nation. They just defame our brave soldiers n true Sikhs , the martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the solidarity of Nation. Salute u sir 🙏🏻🙏🏻
@Kckt1937 5 aylar önce
This was one of the best podcasts of all time !!!! I am able to visualise everything in 8k clarity and feel the emotion during and after an operation with the explanation given by Lt Gen I salute you sir from the bottom of my heart🫡
@anuragarora4562 3 aylar önce
Huge respect and prayers for this armyman..
@phbhanage6323 10 aylar önce
Amazing fitness at 89 years of age 🙏🙏🙏(quote true in his case "Age Is Just A Number") जुग जुग जियो जनरल साहब जी. लाख लाख प्रणाम। हमें आप पर नाज़ है।
@rationalthinker7829 10 aylar önce
🤣🤣🤣🤣 He is a liar and shameless person. Bhindranwale never demanded any separate country. Operation Blue Star 🌠 was a drama created by Indira Gandhi to win the coming general elections.
@rationalthinker7829 10 aylar önce
Have you taken the vaccination or still drinking 🍸 GM 🤑🤑🤑
@shivshakti8r 8 aylar önce
Hearty salute to General Kuldeep Singh Brar sir. He is a true hero ❤️ and true sikh.
@anilsharma-tj1wq 6 aylar önce
Listen to his war strategy at 71 war how an Army surrendered wow thank you sir for sharing this and thank you for your service your are truly the son of India 🇮🇳
@anyway6739 7 aylar önce
Serving your country or being part of an Army is not a joke. We are not worthy of passing comments on him because we have not done even 10% what he has done for the country. He himself is saying people hated him and people stopped talking to him , he continued because that is what a true patriot does. Nation is always above “religion”, its not a religion if it is not letting you worship/respect your motherland. People saying him a liar I assume has seen everything for themselves, if they have so much of confidence they should go and debate with him face to face rather than sitting on cozy couch and playing youtube video.
@sudhanshusinha9494 9 aylar önce
This is called podcast, you are a true example of living legend. Soldiers like you define a strong nation.
@netajinaman9794 3 aylar önce
What a brave soldier man, living life like real heroes. Salute to all soldiers 🙏🇮🇳 Swargiya gen vaidya 🙏❤️
@gurmohansingh2249 10 aylar önce
What a General! Hats off! Gem of the Army.
@invinciblecosmics2577 10 aylar önce
@Tic are you khalistani or sikh??
@singh-hj5bv 9 aylar önce
@Tic jai hind
@Raj-mw9gb 8 aylar önce
Salute to this brave man who brought Punjab to order along with KPS Gill and Julius Ribeiro. I was a teenager when Punjab was burning in the 80s. I know what India went through and especially Punjab during that time. It was simply not worth living in Punjab. Sikh militants were at their peak killing Hindus and Sikhs who were sympathetic towards India and Hindus. It will never be repeated again in India history.
@taranjitkaur3277 9 aylar önce
Legend !!! Straight from the horse's mouth.. Few decades later ppl will read these stories of bravery and admire them .... Now when he is alive they don't value him ....
@pipipupu5104 7 aylar önce
Mam are you really a sikh
@KrishnaPatil-bc1kj 2 aylar önce
Please watch episode 74 all the things are cleared by former raw officer, this whole thing happened because of dirty politics of gandhi family(congress) and bhidranwale, innocent people died because of them.
@prashantdevadiga6696 8 aylar önce
Never Mess with Indian Army. India is ONE NATION FOREVER and nobody can dare to divide this great nation. Akanda Bharat ❤️ Jai Hind 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
@GurmitSingh-px7vc 8 aylar önce
There was no India before the British came - it was an amalgam of Princely States The Great Sikh Empire of Maharaja Ranjit Singh was the last to succumb to British Raj So, India was born out of Punjab when the British left; Punjab was not born out of India.
@sardarnikaur6258 8 aylar önce
​@@kenankitread your history...India was always in flux regarding who was ruling what portion. Now we are all Indians and there is no excuse for taking in troops and tanks and killing civilians. Brars excuses are not valid. Hes calling Bhindranwale Frankenstein..but he himself killed thousands.
@gopalramanathan7062 8 aylar önce
JAI HIND 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
@vijayghatage5780 2 aylar önce
My father was in first maratha regiment and was in jamalpur as subhedar. He often told those memories of Jamalpur , the incident when Pakistan retreating soldiers in trucks were ambushed, my father was three inch mortar man. We pray general sahib will be completing his century of life.
@raiaman7 10 aylar önce
Captain Raina’s tale would melt anyones heart. What courage and sacrifice for the motherland. He needs to be remembered by every Indian. And Salute to you Gen. Brar.
@rajeshchalva3201 9 aylar önce
Salutes to Indian Armed Forces..This podcast gave me goosebumps..what a passion ..Jai Hind
@MrChintan01 8 aylar önce
Salute to you Sir, we all love you soo much, Thanks for your bravery and devotion towards our country for soo many years, you are an inspiration to us and I will never forget you, you will always be in my heart sir. I wish you long, healthy and happy life, plz take care of urself🙏 Jai Hind Jai Bharat Jai Indian Army🇮🇳
@tarundeepsingh2769 8 aylar önce
Traitor he was
@jamespaul6628 4 aylar önce
I read his book Operation Blue Star many, many, many years ago. A very absorbing read. I found his book very informative and written in a frank and fair manner, without any exaggeration whatsoever. Truly he was a very professional officer of the highest standard. Worthy of emulation. Everything he did was done with a great sense care and concern for his men and also the public at large. What he did was not to bloat his own ego but to serve India loyally with all his heart and soul. Presently you do get soldiers of his calibre and stature. Even today he faces many dangers but like a brave soldier he marches on fearlessly with his head help up high. Humanly fearless, indeed. Remember the saying - a coward dies everyday but a brave man dies only once. His courage and professionalism speaks volumes about him and his personality. His name will always be written in the military annals of India. I wish him well wherever he is.
@shahmirahmad8425 8 aylar önce
Respect from Pakistan probably the most professional Indian solider I’ve met ❤️. Stay healthy sir
@shotray 2 aylar önce
Some of the advanced nation's Singapore have a mandatory two to three years program where students need to enroll as soldiers in the army. Although this may sound forceful but the eventual effect is discipline and a true love for nation maybe India should start doing something like this to get the youth back on track.
@ringtonemadness9562 9 aylar önce
We the real sikhs are a nationalist. Loyal to this nation. People living in canada can spit venom about khalistan but can never ever succeed in breaking the integrity of nation. Punjab is an Indian state and will always be.. Jai hind..🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
@dahliajaji9547 9 aylar önce
Salute to you
@smartbuys3118 9 aylar önce
Waheguru ji meher kare humare desh pe, outside forces have always tried to disturb the peace and integrity of our country, till we have true Sikhs like you, we need not fear, 1 Sikh who spreads message of peace and picks kripan only for defence is worth 1.5 lakh khalistanis who are nothing but a proxy of jihad done by ISI, they are not Sikhs
@NoName-jq7tj 9 aylar önce
@@Karamjitbenipal25 Really than please enlighten?
@ranjitsardar9920 8 aylar önce
Love my brother, my fellow country man, in the time of battle I will be proud to stand next to you as my compatriot against those who wish harm against us and our nation
@hrv8008 9 aylar önce
Salute to you Brar sir, this situation wouldn't have gotten so out of hand if it was handed over to people like you and Gill sir earlier in it's initial stage. Thank you for your services. 🙏🏼
@kashni 8 aylar önce
Lt General sir has been talking as if the incident happened last week, but the incident he is talking about is almost 40+ years older and he is giving us every minute detail. Hatsoff to army personnel and to you. Jai Hind.. Maa Tujhe salaam !!!
@subrotomitro3897 5 aylar önce
Hail to Gen Kuldeep Brar for a Great Job Well done both at the Blue Star and more at the BanglaDesh War, 1971. I was at Khulna, East Pakistan in 1971 June as an Indian Civilian. Went From Calcutta and returned to Calcutta. Then Immigrated to USA. Subroto Mitro, Retired US Navy, Washington DC
@mail2pratha 9 aylar önce
Time 40.00 to 45.00 shows how strong is our army men..huge respect..Capt Raina Thank you so much... unfortunately we know so much less about u
@ajitsawant50 3 aylar önce
Proude of Gen Brar and Indian Army..God bless you with healthy and Happy life..Jai Hind..Jai Hindaki sena
@sunnyrastin 10 aylar önce
See, now this is real solider👍. I am punjabi who was 12 years old. They were like Taliban of that time. We were living in fear who didn't have turbans. Thank you Sir for your service👏
@NativeVsColonial 9 aylar önce
Sikh Turban or Burkha for Muslim woman in hot 45℃ Indian summers are a nightmare for me 🥲 I'm glad that I belong for a culture/religion where nothing in mandatory, everyone is free to have their own will and opinions 🙂
@rajeshsm1616 8 aylar önce
Punjabi Hindus overshadowed overpowered overtaken..by Punjabi Sikhs...Not only killed chased during 80s..but Many Leaders assassinated till 2022..No leadership..have lost voice to even whisper against Khalistanis in Punjab..very sad..!!
@jayanthikeshav8224 8 aylar önce
This Podcast gave me goose bumps and the respect for our forces have gone up so much..even now when I visit the Golden Temple I get so emotional Khalistan should realise that Indian army cannot be taken for granted
@manishprasad7465 Aylar önce
Whar an amazing and inspiring man and such a wonderful journalist. Extremely proud of both of you.
@angelbahl 7 aylar önce
Big Salute! to you Sir. Your courage and integrity is commendable. Amazed at the details you were able to recall.
@chalsboy8177 8 aylar önce
Proud to be an Indian, salute to the Indian Army. ❤
@utkarshtiwari4113 7 aylar önce
Absolutely loved listening to Gen. Brar! This man has first handedly witnessed such major events in the history of India. Would love to listen more about his career in the army. Best wishes and I hope he lives a long and healthy life. Jai Hind.
@madankr9414 10 aylar önce
There are enough stories around India, Indian army to make great movies. Bollywood don't have to repeat the same third grade stories again and again. What a great story of Lt Gen Brar. I came here to comment after listening it on Spotify. Thank you for the great podcast Smita ji.
@ramennaidoo162 10 aylar önce
Smita should bring more of this kind of people on her show. They can definitely educate the nation. Leave out these political reptiles who drive anti-nationalist agendas.
@ashishvaidya945 8 aylar önce
A true Indian, A true Army officer, A true soldier. Inspiring and enriching conversation. The modern generation really needs to learn from this generation, from people like him. Putting national integrity, national interest first and delivering with full dedication.
@sukhpreetsingh2542 8 aylar önce
Lernel vaidya 😂
@karthikmuthuvel6303 4 aylar önce
A wonderful soldier indeed! Thanks Smitaji for bringing us such amazing interviews
@manjulatasharma3 7 aylar önce
Smith thanks for a wonderful podcast. Got goosebumps. Request you to let the person finish his sentence and give him some time to put his chain of thoughts into words.
@bharatbararia3712 9 aylar önce
Can't thank you more Smita ji to bring such amazing dialogue, thanks a lot 🙏
@py7316 2 aylar önce
Very interesting and informative interview that keeps viewers glued to TV screen. Salute to General Brar and wish him a long, healthy and safe life.
@sayeeshpillai5842 10 aylar önce
Sir Ji. I am a doctor and was 14 when operation Bluestar happened. I read a lot about that later. There is no way that operation could have been done differently. General Brar Sir Ji did a great job. I don't have any words to thank you Sir Ji. You are a brave man who loves his country more than anyone else. If there is heaven after death you will definitely have a place reserved there. Thank you once more Sir Ji
@theassassin8339 10 aylar önce
Funny thing. He's gonna go to Naraka. But believe you bullshit
@abhishekchakraborty63 10 aylar önce
@@theassassin8339 naraka is hindu concept 😂😂 so you mean to say hinduism influenced sikhism. Agreement i will take it.
@myfeedback572 10 aylar önce
What is being a doctor got to do with the comment you have made.
@dd247 10 aylar önce
​@@theassassin8339 bhindi is already in hell
@vrindarao16 8 aylar önce
Fantastic interview! Thanks for giving an opportunity to hear a brave soldier himself narrating his war experiences so beautifully! Salute to General Braar! 🙏🙏👍👍
@t.p.mstardust 8 aylar önce
Thank you mam for bringing such personalities, so much respect for him , our generation didn't know,as our parents knew barely , as media wasn't allowed to report it. Thanks to you we are able to listen first hand, experience from the man himself. Not just our generation our parents are also getting to know this first time ever. Much gratitude.
@gosyogesh 4 aylar önce
All she is supposed to do is let this veteran tell his story, but she couldn't resist her interventions. Never the less, an amazing interview. He looked 70 years old at the age of 89. Unbelievable!!!! Hates off to these great warrior sons of India and their bravery. We need a full 3 hour interview so that General Kuldip could narate him all major operations in great details.
@charlesfrancis6925 8 aylar önce
I still remember him briefing to the media which was telecasted live on Doordarshan in 1984,he was displaying few recovered weapons and explaining this way.. This is a booby trap a very deadly weapon.... But through this interview we come to know that this operations was so difficult, hats off to you Sir, a true Soldier!
@charlesfrancis6925 8 aylar önce
And to continue, the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was assassinated in the same year for launching Operation Blue star and also the then Army chief Gen Vidya too was assassinated later after he retired. Such was the seriousness of this Military Operation.
@mmurugesan8417 3 aylar önce
I am able to recall the press briefing of Gen.Brar after the operation. The army was forced to do a difficult, tricky and embarrassing job because of the failure of political leadership. So many soldiers were lost unnecessarily. Let us salute the soldiers.
@muzaffarahmed2882 9 aylar önce
I am Pakistani retired soldier, but wish Gen barar good health, he behaved like real soldier in 1971 war when he called wife of Pakistani officer to tell about her safety. A brave enemy is always better than a mean friend
@smartbuys3118 9 aylar önce
That's what soldiers need to do, once the war is over, its over, no point to continue fighting
@rakeshsingh8286 9 aylar önce
Tum kayaro ne saurav kalia k sath kya kiya tha...kargil m....
@khanmohammed2826 8 aylar önce
@@rakeshsingh8286 uss ko tikaneh la gaya tha
@Raj_t466 8 aylar önce
​@@khanmohammed2826Amritpal ko bhi thikane laga diya gaya hai..
@subratabhowal7590 8 aylar önce
Most admirable programme in establishing the eternal human values expressed honestly as well as courageously, keeping spiritual aspects of life highlighted respectfully.
@reggie1282 8 aylar önce
Very emotional podcast. I had tears in my eyes when General sahab spoke about Capt Raina.
@soumyadeephot 2 aylar önce
What a vibrant and respectful life he had!! Wish him all the good health and happiness . Salute to him. Jai Hind. 🙏🙏
@INSTAFLIXMEDIA 8 aylar önce
This was too short. I could listen to his stories for hours. Him being 89 now, I am afraid we won't be able to listen to these first hand stories for long. We must realise, this is a historical episode.
@JamesBond-lf4bj 7 aylar önce
Namaskar Lt. Gen. K S Brar+ Smita Prakash. 1980 was the most difficult times.The then prime minister Smt. Indira Gandhi and our forces deserve a salute.
@ozvenkatachalam 10 aylar önce
The 10th Sikh Guru was the true inspiration to me: He told the Mughal emperor: You manage to convert me, then you can convert all my people! that is bravery!
@NativeVsColonial 9 aylar önce
But still 50% of the Punjabis are converted Muslims. No doubt that the Sikhs and the Marathas fought hard against the Muhammadans, but in the end they all were fighting in fractions to secure their own portion of territory. If Sikhs were effective, the Muhammadans would never have been able to Invade Bengal in the East, and Cholas in the South.
@daone6861 8 aylar önce
@@NativeVsColonial Now there are 120 million Punjabi Muslims and growing daily while Sikhs are declining
@vivekbehal6830 8 aylar önce
This was heartwarming discussion. Mam thank you. I had seen 1984 in Delhi so I can correlate with concerns of sir and army dushman se lad sakte hai but apno se ladna is more difficult❤❤❤❤
@rahuljoshi7421 8 aylar önce
What a man he is, has seen so much and still going great. Salute you Lt Gen Kuldeep Singh Brar❤
@baijukumar450 8 aylar önce
I am from Kerala .What the Indian army did is incomparable and brave . Basically Sikh should ask themselves is who gave permission to bindranwala to enter in temple with weapons
@johnhinn448 8 aylar önce
Baijukumar from kerala , ab to sach bol dai *****🤣🤣
@luci18able 8 aylar önce
He did his duty with at most and patriotically though he knew the probable consequences. I really salute Gen. Brar and admire his dedication for his country and countrymen. Jai Hind
@netajinaman9794 3 aylar önce
Best interview video brave soldiers, salute respect to our soldiers.thank you for serving bharat 🙏🇮🇳gossebumps. Explaining in details awesome. Journalist in between talking to made easily to understand
@jasha9sandhu 10 aylar önce
Sikh diaspora in west is constantly brainwashed by khalistani narrative. And the counter narrative is grossly missing, especially in Punjabi press - India & abroad. Podcasts like this are good effort.
@realrandom3597 10 aylar önce
Shahi Kaha.. Thanks
@kanikakanika8377 10 aylar önce
Bhaiji the other only comment from a sikh I found in this comment section is yours which is not demanding khalistan or abusing India
@kanikakanika8377 10 aylar önce
@sardarnikaur6258 8 aylar önce
I live in the west and no one around me discusses Khalistan....
@DifferentlyGreat 9 aylar önce
After seeing this podcast, I as an Indian citizen, from here onwards will divert my donations towards defense and soldiers, as this podcast clearly changed the chemical formula inside me and my objective towards karma. Jai Shree Ram Jai Hind
@rajbiswas9077 8 aylar önce
Opt Blue star was very much like the battle of Hue city in Vietnam where ROE was eleminate the threat without causing any damage to the historical monument..
@sauravlamba356 2 aylar önce
Huge respect for you sir.
@guruprashanth_k 8 aylar önce
This inteview was more than any big war movies. Lt Gen Kuldip Brar Sir explained inch by inch and it really felt lots of goosebumbs... he is such a inspiration.
@surendrakulkarni8581 10 aylar önce
I was a young officer in 1984 posted in Punjab. What the General says is 100% true Many sikhs genuinely beleived that they were too good for India. Even today many Sikhs in Canada & Aus harbour this crazy thought The silent majority unfortunately is irrelevant Recent events in Australia (Jan 2023) indicate that the movement is alive. Security environment Punjab especially in the hands of AAP needs careful monitoring from the centre.
@ShagunTalkies 10 aylar önce
Now seeing the current situation, it looks like getting AAP in majority was planned by Khalistani so that they get free hand in Punjab and they can continue their movement
@an4087 10 aylar önce
@@Vaireen hahaha..you can't run away from this fact. Sikhism is a sect of Hinduism. Who was the father of ur first GURU ? Tell him name and surname. Its like tomorrow my son stands up and say to people I'm a guru and we're a new religion now But unfortunately he can't deny that he is son a Hindu🙄
@Vaireen 10 aylar önce
@@an4087 Nanak did not accepted Hinduism because of all these irrelevant and illogical Rituals like wearing that Zenuee (that thread which all my hindu brothers wears ) .Nanak does accepted Hinduism because of so much of inequality in society this like Bhramins , shatriya . I am talking about castism . Why woman in Hinduism are not allowed to enter temple while she has periods , Why Dalits are not allowed to enter in temple and temple is place of worship for Bhramins only . Why are Bhramins so special . You call this a religion ??? What is this Monday upwas or Karwachod ka warat ( where woman has to be empty stomach for husband ). What is scientific reason behind it ??? Nanak wanted religion where all are same with no discmination in society . The words is reform. He brought refomed In society with this religion , with much superior thinking . But why was this not done before or already done by some one before . Do you know what the greatest human mind ever Albert Einstine has said about Sikhism . Do you know Dr BR Ambedkar was about to convert to sikhi . You don't want to know this . Your understanding and logic of religion is very narrow .
@magnart 10 aylar önce
@@Vaireen @Prabjot Singh Isher this js 2022. No one here is going to say casteism is right. And many Hindus will rejct it. That is enough for me. As for Guru Nanak he did not fostered hate. He promoted what he felt was right. He did it from this land and from within. The fact he belongs to this eco system and for a Hindu to consjder him part of the dharma traditions of this land and rever him is perfectly fine. You should not take that against them. Besides that Hinduism literature is rather deep and wise. To just debunk everything and make the other feel lesser is condescending.
@magnart 10 aylar önce
By the way, I have no issues if you say you are not Hindu, but Sikh. Also, in Hinduism the final level is Brahman which is formless and the foundation of all manifestations. But you need not concern about that.
@mithunjagadale5195 8 aylar önce
Really awesome podcast - many things....heard which our teachers and parents not able to tell us. Salute to Iron man.
@peddadanarasingarao9957 5 aylar önce
Great True Soldier to the core of Your heart Sir. True embodiment of Great Indian Armed Forces we are seeing in you. Bul Bul-My Kudos to you Sir 🎉🎉🎉
@ranban282 7 aylar önce
Few in India have shown such astonishing dedication to duty like Gen. Brar. Salute.
@ranjitsardar9920 8 aylar önce
Feel so honoured that I can listen to these stories directly from him, I salute you General Kuldip Brar sir
@chintanpatel2022 7 aylar önce
Salute to Brar Sir for taking lead for the country🇮🇳
@sachinp8033 10 aylar önce
Amazing podcast..Blue Star is a .Classic example which was a result of bad politics and the army was called to clean up the mess and the monster Congress created at that time.. Huge Respects for this honest and brave man. At 89, the never say die attitude of this veteran is striking. Bharat is safe bcoz of the Army and strong Officers like him. May he stay blessed..JaiHind 🇮🇳
@Slipshodape 8 aylar önce
Sir, nation is standing because of the persons like u. Who always choose nation over religion. Wish our muslim brothers learn this from u.
@ChristineRispoli-wx7lg 2 aylar önce
What a brilliant, brave, commander he is. Him and many others who served alongside him certainly didn’t do things for the paycheck. They did sacrificed so much for the country they loved. I salute 🫡 them.
@anjuauroraprime2783 2 aylar önce
At one point the Khalistan movement will go away, may be 30 yrs from now or may be 100 yrs from now... At that point this man will resurrect as a model for Sikh integrity, commitment and bravery. A life sacrificed for the idea called India... My tears on your foot for all the loneliness you go through from your own community. You are right and that is why waheguruji gave you long healthy life. God bless you from a malayalee Christian.
@khushwantsingh6708 Aylar önce
He said we got 400-500 casualties within 8 hours and same on other side. Then why he took 6 days to complete the mission. Reality is that there were only few men inside golden temple and there were battalions of battalions outside the golden temple. Secondly, he said there were warnings on loudspeakers, but the volume was so low that people weren’t able to hear those. Even locals outside of golden temple were not able to listen the warning. And he got orders that there should be least damage to building of Gurudwara sahib, but the pictures of rightway after the mission depicted some other image. Guys always listen both sides of a coin before considering who is right and who is at fault.
@OPPFINITE Aylar önce
Share vetted links for your claims please
@santoshbhandari7223 8 aylar önce
Salute to u sir. Many thanks for your services
@alokgupta6663 4 aylar önce
What a soldier, amazing metal that he is built off. Hats off to his parents who could raise such a son. Ja Hind!
@pritesh0117 10 aylar önce
I can’t believe he is 89 years old. He is still sharp as ever and he fought 4 young Khalistanis in his 70s. He is a truly warrior! ❤
@assran66 10 aylar önce
Looks like he is having some sort of dementia . He is not having proper figure, it good to listen his interview he have in 1986 and officer worked with him like Brig Khan / Brig Onkar Singh Ghoraya. Don’t be blinded do research on it.
@assran66 10 aylar önce
U are typically GUJI MODI BHAGAY, read book written by LK Advani “ MY COUNTRY MY INDIA” in which he mentioned on page 160 that RSS forced Inidra to attack DARBAR SAHIB. MAN IY IT POLITICAL AGENDS WHAT HAPPENED IN PAST THE CURRENT GOVERNMENT IS DOING SAME. Please read more and investigate don’t be blind follower
@pritesh0117 10 aylar önce
@@assran66 Lol you believe LK Advani and not the general who was at the helm of affairs? You are a true follower of BJP.
@attuldeshwwal 10 aylar önce
@@assran66 yes they forced it jst like every nationalist did, who were against terrorism...also bhindi was indira's plant to counter akalis later he went rogue and joined hand with isi nd pak army
@sarangi4517 8 aylar önce
What a gentleman soldier ❤
@jestfuldemigod 8 aylar önce
Like him or hate him, you cannot deny that this man did his dharma, he did his duty, his task, fighting his own kind, this seems straight out of mahabharata
@mspatnaik 7 aylar önce
It’s admirable that this guy has no fear of death
@jaibirdahiya8147 6 aylar önce
It was really a very critical situation. But our brave soldiers have fought with great aim and they achieved it.
@hemalpatel935 7 aylar önce
What an honor to hear and see the legend.
@saurabhdas2022 10 aylar önce
Lieutenant General Kuldeep Brar did get a hard end of the stick. Unfortunately, the Congress dispensation never recognised the contribution of such honest and hard working Indian Defence Forces officers. Hats off to your service to the nation sir.
@ThakurMesh 9 aylar önce
Peace upon your opinion..focus on unity and respect on all religious belief...
@deepak-dhankhar 9 aylar önce
That's the beauty of officers like Sir, they don't run after glorification!
@sardarnikaur6258 8 aylar önce
He displayed the hard end of that stick towards the innocent visitors to the Golden Temple who died because of his actions
@dubs20000 8 aylar önce
Bulbul Brar . Hero of heroes . What a man.. i could do shashtang pranam to you every day .. if only to get 1% of your courage and patriotism in me
@TechySanataniEngineer 8 aylar önce
Living legend ❤❤. Thanks for such briefings and interviews
@shivamtomar8312 2 aylar önce
We salute Col. Jasbir Singh Raina AC for his tremendous contribution.
@rudraprayag08 9 aylar önce
Salute you sir for the operations you carried out.
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